Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - Jezus Aan Het KK Kruis - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Did you see how I threw that hand?

The father of Komtgoed,
what does he look like?

You're going to handle this.
- 100 percent, sir. 100 percent.

The market will understand
that you are the boss now.

I'm sending you all the
people that you need.

Hard to see, man.
- Listen, Harry Potter.

Do you see that fucking redhead or don't you see her?

Hey baby.
- I was really worried, man.

I told you I'd come home safely.
- And since this is the vault statement...

can't we use your
statement earlier...

then you have your children.
- That exception about Samira is in it right?

Yes, that's in there too.

What do you mean?
Your man is a snitch?

I sent Selim. He knows
he has to find Taxi. If not...

No, Samira, no.

Yes, stop. You're under arrest.

We have a search warrant.

You know someone in Amsterdam, don't you?

You know what I need is supplies.
We are already running low in Amsterdam.

When can we expect the new delivery?
- It's already at sea.

I'm an acquaintance of Romano.
- Thank you for coming.

And tell him you didn't get me to go with you.

Fucking fighters.

Samira. Samira.

I know where Romano is.

So you want me to...
- Finish Romano.

The ghost of east is dead.

Walk to that fucking door.
We don't show fear, okay?

Bro, I don't know, man.



What's up?
- We're here for Tonnano.

The king is dead.
Long live the king.

Most people here...

are busy figuring out
how to ascend the throne...

that my son left behind.

Oh my boy...


I know we've had our
problems, you and me.

But we've both lost Romano now.

And the battle we
had with his life...

is over.

Are you going with grandma. Okay?


Sorry for your loss.

Thank you. Likewise.

Romano was a real one.

Your man is going to leave a big void.

Do you remember me?

Romano's cousin, right?
- Borsu.

What's his problem?

Lenny was there when
Romano was shot, so...

you understand it's a little
emotional for him today.

Won't you join the procession?

Come check us out.

Here you can find me.

Don't make me visit you too often.

I think it's fucked-up,
but it's not our fault.

That's why we came
here, to negotiate...

to show that there is no struggle.
Maybe we can move a bit, right?

Wait up, I'll be right back.

Hey, listen up.
Two of those little guys are here.

They say they want to see you.
- Bro, why are you calling me about this?

Those are those guys you were looking
for, right? I thought you'd wanted to know.

What do I need you for? Hey?

Do we have a nursery or
do we have a war, bro?

Enough with this nonsense.
No need.

Where's that friend of yours?

We no longer hang around with him anymore.

You know it's better for
you guys to give us info, right?

You went into hiding with him, didn't you?

And now you're coming out of your hole?
To play soldier.

As in, give me something to do, right?

What is it? You're a soldier, right?

Walk. Walk. Hey, go walk.

Don't come back until
you know where that rat is.

Sorry, bro.

Fucking hot here, man.
Checks everywhere.

Bro, how far are we?

Bro, we're not that far.
I'm not gonna lie to you.

Calm down, bro, what do you think?

It's not like I'm just walking into
a supermarket. This is the Dutch state.

What do you want me to do, man?
- If you can't handle it, say so.

Bro, it's not that I can't handle it.
I do have something...

But you wait for the
diamonds to fall from the sky?

Not that, I...
- Ewa?

How am I going to explain it to you
so that you understand, bro?

I have a cousin, she works in the Public Prosecution
Service. She can get into that computer...

she can bring up those
locations, you know what I mean?

Hey bro? Come on man.
What are you doing to me...

Is there a Men in Black
alien inside your head?

Hey? OM? My cousin? Only now?

Bro, it's a bit more complicated than that.
Family problems, this, that.

She is heavily pregnant.
What do you want me to do?

What do you want me to do?
Do you want me to visit her?

Bro, just stay here.
- Does your cousin want me to visit her?

She doesn't want you to visit her.
- Your cousin wants me to visit her.

No, just stay here.
I'll handle that.

I'll handle that, I just
need to check how...

Go, damnit.

Here. Fix that fucking mess.
And I've been really clear.

I will arrange it.
Don't worry.

Hey, take it easy.
- Get on your feet, asshole.

Fuck you.

Enjoy your meal.

Zaka, catch.

Did you hear from
Scennoe's family?

That man is dead.

Behave yourself, stupid.

Isn't it so?
Life goes on right?


What kind of fucking life?

Our life.
Romano is dead, right

The streets are empty.

The opportunities are
on the street, and we're just sitting here.

I know where we can rip stash.

Then we start again.
- I don't need to hear about your fucking plan.

We just saved your ass, didn't we?

What do you mean?

I mean...

that Tonnano is
still looking for you.

And you're still looking for that guy.

There's chaos on the streets. I'm not
going to stay here empty handed.

I have to fill my pockets.

Why are you yelling?

Can't you see that this
game only brings misery?

Where is Ibo?
Where's my father? Gerroe?

Where is Scennoe?

There're all dead, bro.

All dead.

This is what you keep on doing.
When are you going to understand that?

Go cry on that pillow of yours.

Call me again when
this bitch stops crying.

Bitch? - Bitch.

So if I understand correctly...

do you expect me to buy
back my purchase from you?

Why would I do that?
- It's my own coke.

That shit isn't yours, is it?

Yes, friend. You make a deal
with Pope, and he doesn't keep his shit.

Now you're dry, aren't you?

Do you know how many people
are waiting for you to deliver again?

Then what do you suggest?
- I can help you.


Get some of those investors of
yours. I'll give you a new price.

You're going to be much
better off than with Pope.

Cheaper? You're thinking: we don't get
a money-back guarantee from Pope, or what?

You're going to have to fight that out with him.

Are we going to help each other or not?

There is interest, yes.

Good. Talk to your people.
Get back to me. Yeah?


How much of that sweet
shit do you drink per day, man?

Don't get drunk, dude.

How did it go inside?
What did that guy say?

I don't know, dude.

But it will be fine.

What else are those suckers supposed to do?

I do not know. Maybe they're
waiting for a new shipment from Pope.

The question is: What are we
going to do with those 2000 kilos?

Hey, 1900, huh.
One hundred is mine.

Start putting that shit out of your mind.
- Excuse me?

What sorry? Did you forget
you screwed up that shit?

Those Hungarians solved
that for us, right? Ready, friend.

That 100 went to them.
Don't whine, please.

You are safe here in the
car, your family is at home.

Done, all fine, mate.
Better than a week ago. Don't whine.


You are accused of credit card fraud.

They found counterfeit credit
cards on you and also in the house.

And there also equipment
to counterfeit credit cards.

Plus a large number of designer bags
and a large amount of money in the safe.

Is that all?

That roommate of mine.
Does she talk to them?

Listen, I need to know
everything she said to them.

Maybe that will become
clear during the interrogation...

but I don't think they're going
to say anything about that.

So let's keep it with you for a second.
- Listen, it's not just...

OK, you're right. What now?

Now we're going to determine how we're
going to handle that interrogation. Yes?

What are you looking at in your rear view mirror?
- We're being followed.

Don't look, idiot.
Then he knows immediately.

Look at that Renault with the
Belgian license plate. Amateur.

He's going to try to fuck me.
I'll fuck you back, mate.



I don't like for you to be
here. What are you doing here?

Do not whine like that.

Don't pretend I'm the
first to hide with you.

That was once.
This place has changed.

If the police find out you're
here, I'll lose my business.

And who's going to tell the police
that I'm here? Today or tomorrow.

Max one or two
nights, then I'm gone.

Stay, but keep your head down.

We have a number of questions
that we would like answers to.

For example, how did
you get that equipment.

that you used to
clone credit cards.


I use my right to remain silent.

Whose idea was it?

The right to remain silent.

Is that your best advice?
The client to remain silent...

while her co-defendant
is currently making a statement?

As long as we can't see the
co-defendant's statements...

I did indeed advise my
client to remain silent.

I also suggest talking about
my client in this room here.

OK, that's clear.

But maybe you want to say
something about your other roommate?

Your other roommate?

During the house search we found items...

which indicate that you were
not alone in the apartment.

Is my client's personal life
relevant to the investigation?

A safe holding a large amount
of money has been found.

That money could definitely
belong to her roommate.

But as long as we don't
know who that is, we can't ask.

Right to remain silent.
- Of course.

In any case, that amount of money
has been officially confiscated...

until someone can show
how that amount got there.

Ok, was that it? Can I go?
- Go?

You don't get it, do you?

You get caught with a printing
press, stolen credit cards...

wrongfully acquired luxury goods.

You don't walk out that easily.

Unless you have something to tell us.

What are we going to do
when that tank is empty?

Calm. Will be fine, yes?

What a fucked up country, bro.

Where are those
Dutchmen driving to?

Oh, check.

Sick guy. What's he doing?

Drive on.

Nice. Yalla.

Shitty whores. They
think they can flash us.

I must say I was surprised
when I heard about you.

It's a long time ago.
- Yes, it's been a long time.

Listen, I really need your help.

I knew it. - I'm in trouble.

And I know you work at the Public
Prosecution Service and that you...

have access to certain things.
I need to find out a location.

I can pay you for it. Buy something nice...
- Aren't you ashamed?

Listen to me very carefully.
- I don't have to listen to you.

Listen to me very carefully. You will use that
job at the Public Prosecution Service for me.

I'm not going at all.
- You're going to use it for me.

Whatever the cost, because
those guys I have to do this for...

pull that baby out of your belly.
Do you want that?

You enter that computer. Pick up
that phone, there's a text message in it.

If something comes up, you
dial the first number in it.

I actually don't want to do this.

Take the money, buy the
little one something nice.

Think about your belly.

I swear, they're pulling him out.

Say, have we now cleaned up
the people we wanted to sell to?

Those bastards wanted to rob us.

What are you saying?

That those bastards
tried to rip us off.

Put that thing in your pants.


I think it's good
that this happened.

You and your father sent us here
to sell that shit in Holland...

so you don't get into trouble
in your own country, right?

Nobody knew you were here.
Now everyone knows.

They don't mess with us anymore, you know?

Now we're going in tough.

Tough? - Yes, what do you think?

They're going crazy because
they've lost 2000 kilos.

We're going to sell this to the people that Pope hates.
Everthing in one go. Easy peasy.

Is that the plan?

That's the plan.

In all these years I've never seen
a better right arm than yours.

You can stay here today.
But tomorrow you really have to leave.

I got out of this game
with a lot of difficulty.

This gym is the only
thing I let my kids eat at.

I don't feel like this bullshit, man.

I told you two nights, didn't I?

Do not make me angry. As if I
don't have enough on my mind.

Do you want to get rid of me?
Get a fucking weapon.

Jesus. Fuck.

You think that you can cheat people, don't you?

Like I'm stupid.

I know you did something
to my brother Orfeo.

- You think I'm stupid or something.

You better come by soon.
Next time I'm not coming to talk.

Yes, while you're here...

maybe you can tell us a little
more about what you know about...

Thank you for seeing me so quickly.

What can I do for you?
- I need your help.

Certain people are starting
to ask questions that I...

don't want to answer.

About that guy...
- Why do you think I'm going to help you?

Because I solved one
of your biggest problems?

You think you can go back.

But that is no longer possible.

You have decided about life and death.
Not many people have that in them.

Take advantage of it.

You're not a victim, Celine.

And occasionally enjoy it.

Watch Tupac's wife.
You scared her.

Have you heard from Selim yet?
- No. I'm still waiting.

He's close.

I'm done waiting.


Who are you? Who is that?

You wanted a weapon, didn't you?
Okan will bring one.

You busted my whole stomach.

Why didn't you tell me that
it was for Adil K.O.?


What are you actually doing here?

Lie low. - Yes?

In this shit hole, or what?
You are K.O. A legend.

Do you have a better place than?

Hold on, yes.
- Don't do. Just follow him.

Good evening, would you
like to turn off your engine?

And take off your helmet, please?

Could I also see your driver's
license and registration, please?

Is there a problem, officer?
- No, we carry out extra checks...

in connection with the increase
in gun violence in the city.

Oh yes, it's the Wild West
all over here these days.

Thank you.

Good evening. - Good evening.

Do you have something open?
- No man.

Nice thing.
- Thank you. A beast.

Don't I know you from somewhere?

I don't know, dude.
Most Wanted, right?

Hey, it's okay. Good evening.
- Yes? Thank you. Good evening.

You've got balls of steel, brother.
Most Wanted and all that.

Is it safe here?
- Anyway, cousin.

100 percent.
I introduce you to the boys.

You can also relax a bit.

Miss Celine.

Glad you're here.

I don't really appreciate your sidekick
thinking he can just threaten me.

Sorry? - My daughter...

your niece lives there, doesn't she?

Look, a guy was sent to
your house a while ago.

Since then he's like...

- That's what he said. A certain Orfeo, right?


Lenny here was close-close
with him, you know?

So I thought it fair to ask you:
What do you know about this?

Yeah, and I told you I've
never heard of an Orfeo.

And he's certainly
never been to my house.

Bro. She's talking, man.

Here, a picture of your house.
Last message.

Yes, then he didn't ring the doorbell.
Or I wasn't home.

Don't be afraid, Celine.
They think they can stress us...

but we play that game
on a whole different level.

When the leader of a wolf pack
dies, it's always chaos, right?

Until it is clear who
the new leader is.

People who get in
the way, get killed.

But I don't have to tell
you that, now do I, Celine?

Do you actually know how Romano
went from Rolexes to shipping containers?

How do you think
he got those Irish?

Because he loved
going to an Irish pub?

That was me. Through my family.

I was next to it every step of the way.

And every stupid
mistake he made, too.

Let me help you.

Look. I don't need to know
what happened to Orfeo.

I'm more into
looking to the future.

If you're in, you're in, if
you fuck with me, I'll fuck with you.

Do you understand me? - Yes.

Here. If you see me,
don't ever talk to me again.

Good evening.

Spider in the web. - What?

It's all about you, Tatta.
And what you did.

Like a God.

Do you feel like that?

I feel just like
Jesus on the cross.

Jesus is God.

So what do you want?

There is interest.
- Interest?

That's exactly the word that Belgian
used before he started messing with me.

I spoke to Idris.
That's not going to happen again.

I hope so. Otherwise I'll set the
whole of Antwerp on fire.

What do we do?
- It's a big step.

Pope is going to be furious.
And there are other complications.

Because I don't have a steady supply?
- Yes.

Not yet.

I feel in my bones that
something is coming.

A flood.

Things are about to change, boy.

Give me a few days
to talk to those others.

I wish I could give you more.
Those things take time. Sorry.

Then listen, I...

I need something else.
I can pay with this.

Listen, everyone has to die.
That's the plan.

Come on, I'll let you taste real food.

Here, some bread.

Shouldn't you be outside?
- Quick bite, then I'll go outside.


Enjoy your meal.


Quiet, quiet.

there's no one here.


Boys, don't open.

We shoot at three. - One, two...
- Don't.

Right on time.

A week later.

It is a pity that my
predictions are still correct.

Hopefully you haven't
forgotten that other thing.

Here's a prediction, yes?
A nest egg.

Sign of goodwill.

Sign of respect.
I don't know what you call this.

But the money is not there.

You get that, don't you?

This isn't disrespect or anything.
Just a little too much stress.

But don't worry, okay?

That big shipment is
coming, I swear it to you.

I hope so for you.

Otherwise you are in for a surprise.

Are they already responding?

No man. I think those guys
are going to be caught anyway.

I just want to know if they
completed the mission. That's all.

Surrender your weapons.
Guns on the table, now.

What are you up to with that plastic bag trick, man?

Shut up before that fucking Turk dies.

You're making a big mistake.
- You bitch making a big mistake.

Big mistake, yes? Fill it.

Fill that bag.

You know who you're
dealing with, right?

Fill it, you bitch.

Or don't you? - Fill it.

Fill it, you fucking dog.
That's what I'm telling you, right?

Hey, we're going to hunt you.

Shut up. You fucking cunt.

We're going to hunt
and find you, bro.

Shut your mouth.

What are you thinking?

They hit me.

I am hit.

Go, go, go, quickly.

You want war, don't you?
Come on then, faggots.

Get the drugs, get out of here. Now.

Stuiver? Stuiver?

Where's Stuiver? - Just ran away.

What are you lying to me.
Where's Stuiver?

I swear I don't know.
He just fled.

Hey, I'm asking you: Where's Stuiver?

Go cry like a fagot. Fuck off.

Hey, dear friend.

Don't make any weird moves.
I get nervous really quickly.

Don't stress, my friend.

Get your gun very slowly.

Calm now. Drop magazine.

Okay. Give it to me. Calm down,
man, everything's gonna be alright.

You're messing with the wrong
one, that's just what I'm telling you.

Now we're going to wait a while.
- You remind me of someone.

It's your brother, huh?

If you gave me money, Cousin, I'd never
guess that Joey is the prettiest of you.

Ewa, you're still doing
stand-up comedy?

Fuck you, Tatta. - Fuck you.

With your big mouth.
Tie this clown to the steering wheel.