Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Staatsvijand Yek?! - full transcript

While Tonnano and Samira hunt 'Tatta', 'Paus' confers with Tia. Meanwhile, the tension between 'Taxi' and Van Jaren rises and Adil and Meltem look for a way forward.

Welcome to Interpol's list, bro.

Hello Mr. Soufian.

You won, Jaouad.
- I didn't win.

I'm winning.
- What exactly do you want?


So you want me to ...
- Finish Romano. Yes.

I don't think you have a
problem with that, do you?

I always do the thing right for everyone.
And now this is what I get. This...

Do you already have a communicatio plan or
are you going to talk to me about Turks, Taxi?

I think I have a guy who
can fix us temporarily.

Have it fixed.

You stay here, Younes.
Why haven't I seen you?

You used to not wanting anything to
do with your brother.

There was only hatred towards him.
And look at you now.

I think he needed it.

Samira. Samira.

When you speak to Taxi, there's
nothing wrong with his wife.

If you don't cooperate, I
can't do anything for you.

Are you deaf?

I told you, my children
need to be safe first.

I know who you are.
I know your brother.

El Moussaoui.
- What about him?

He must be killed.
He's getting too close.

Looking forward to
doing business together.

I am convinced that it will
be a fruitful collaboration.

Maybe he can teach you Spanish?

Don't worry.

With 2000 kilos on its way
to Antwerp, I can't have...

that you are not on top of things.

Honestly, Tatta?
nothing but fuck ups...

time after time, after time, after time.

I shot my uncle in the
head for you, mate.


I missed my own little brother's
funeral for you, ok.

So what are you really talking about, mate?

Listen, I can talk to Jaouad.

You know you're dead if you keep driving.
- Shut up.

Will I get a babysitter?
- As long as I'm not around, yes.

No one can come out of the
woods. I have placed mines.

That guy is also going
to help you in Antwerp?

No, he´s no longer coming with us.
- Then with who are you going to do it?

What are you doing here?
- I'm here to get you out of this shit, buddy.

Who are you again?
- I am his brother.

I have 2000 kilos of cocaine
in the port of Antwerp.

Your men have to rip it for me.
- Nice.

We'll meet eachother again.
Think about this moment.

You think I'm working
with this rat, don't you?

You know what I find funny?
That you're still alive.

Working for him is a punishment.
- You go with him.

It's also the only way
to get close to him.

If I'm around him long enough and
he's not paying attention for a second...

When you have transferred
my money, you´ll tell me where Pope is.

Hey, Adil. Where are you going?

Adil El H. heard a life
sentence demanded against him.

The Public Prosecution Service
has offered a 100,000 euro reward.

Listen up, bitch.

If you don't shut up, you won't make it
until tomorrow. Do you understand me?

You know that I trade. That's what I do.
So what are you going to do?

Do we pick up where we left off?

Or are you going to let
him put a bullet in my head?

He's right.
Just take him with you.

Fuck. How did you get here?

Straight from Ketama.

No man. It's Nepal.

You smoke Nepalese hashish.
It's like swearing in a church.

What are you talking about,
swearing in a church?

Proverb. - What kind...

Hey, you know, pass me that joint.
- Give it, your joint, you dirty jonko.

First you stress out, then you
discriminate my Nepal hash...

and then you start teaching
about swearing in a church.

I'll take your lighter. Give me your lighter.

Listen, what I'm trying to say...
- Shut up, man.

Get those hoods now.
Shut up for one second.

Hey, listen up.
The Ghost of East...



Don't do it. What are you doing?
- Just make a new sandwich.

That was my sandwich.
Make your own sandwich.

Don't touch me. - Ryan.

Give it back. Don't be so annoying.
- Done.

Stop it. Otherwise
I'm going to tell mom.

Don't snitch.
- Whoa. Enough.

Go to your room, please.

Don't argue, okay?


What's it like here?
- Fantastic.

Life is a beach, right?

What am I going to tell you, Willem?
I don't sleep. No hunger, no thirst.

If I didn't have kids,
I don't know whether...

Do you know how it works?

Focus on our work, okay?
It gives something to hold on to. Believe me.

Let's get started right away, boy.

Van Jaren wants to
talk to us this afternoon.

This afternoon?

I think we are starting to
lose control of the situation.

I thought we hit rock bottom...

with the violent outbreak
of Adil El Haddaoui.

What do you mean?
- Shall I give you a summary?

Because one of
your own agents kills...

a colleague and a minor
teenager, both Moroccan...

the body of Romano Tevreden will be
dumped in the middle of Amsterdam.

Which will also have consequences.

And then there's a
drug-related battle...

when the bodies
are swept off the street.

The perception has emerged that
we are no longer calling the shots.

That a few boys from Amsterdam-West...

with difficult surnames are calling the shots.

A line has really been crossed.
Something really needs to change.

If you think anyone could
do it better than I am...

Stop it, Van Jaren.

What we need is a new strategy.

I'm on air tonight...

Yes, your secretariat sent us
the info about the broadcast.

I've seen it. Very bad idea.

If there's one thing criminals
thrive on, it's the spotlight.

That's exactly the problem.

To see Ancharad as just
a criminal is a capital error.

These are narco-terrorists.
No one knows how they react...

on something like a
broadcast with a minister in it.

And besides, we have someone
who wants to break the silence.

A key witness.

This allows us to round up the
entire organization in one go.

Doing this tonight that way
could jeopardize the operation.

A key witness?
Why don't we know anything about that?

Because it would be premature...

to inform you and the
minister about this now.

And that deal is done?

We are still waiting
on a formality.

Get that deal on
my desk by tonight.

Then I consider to get on with the
broadcast or not. After all, I'm reasonable.

Of course.

And do we actually know where Ancharad is
or has he already disappeared?

Do you hear what I say?

I hear you. Tatta ripped our shipment
with a group from the Eastern bloc.

How could this happen?

How this can happen?
We thought: he is on his own.

What can he do? They came with a
whole army, cousin. He looked like Putin.

Snipers, all the bells and whistles.

There, on the other side,
our grandfather is buried.

Our future.

Does it hurt, that brace?

A little bit.

Small price for freedom.

Where is Pencil anyway?

He has an appointment with a doctor.

Appointment? Will you release him?

You know Pencil betrayed you.

You know Pencil is the only one
who knew where that villa was.

As soon as he gets that chance
to get you, he'll go for it. He's a rat.

Who is lying in the street with eight
bullet holes? That Amsterdam guy.

And who is standing here in the sun?

Romano or me?

Pencil can't hurt me.

Don't worry so much.

We can compensate you
well for your time.

Compensate you very well.

So if I understand correctly,
you want me to do facial surgery.

With high priority and
late at night after hours.

You want to pay in cash,
but the client is not here...

and you can't show
me a picture of him?

It will be easy money for you.

You know, you criminals
are really all the same.

I'm a respected doctor,
not a mafia buddy.

And you're lucky I'm not
calling the police right now.

Thank you for your time, sir.

Jaouad, I'm sorry.

You need to talk to those
investors. As quickly as possible.

What am I going to tell them?

And what else?

I'm going to tell you that.
But I need to know something else first.

What about Tonnano?
Can we still rely on him?

Don't know.
He says he is close to Tatta.

Talk, mate.

What do you see?

I see movement, bro.

Hard to see, man.

Listen, Harry Potter. Do you
see that ginger or do you not see him?

Wait, wait. I see someone, wait.

I see his wife and child.
- Let me check, bro.

Ok, I know enough. Go away then.

Away from here.

For what kind of sauce
did I get here for, bro.

What are you whispering, Mate?
- Nothing. It'll be fine. It'll be fine.


What is this?

I have a proposition.

Either you get what
you agreed with Laszlo...

leave fro good and this is
the last time we see each other.


You sell this shipment
for me in Amsterdam.

That is too big of a risk.

Leave, now.


Under the table, now.
And stay there until I say so.

Phew. - Kifesh, what's wrong?

Shitty connection.

It's a good proposal.

Even if I wanted to, I
don't have the people for it.

People understand that you are the boss.
I'll send you the people you need.

For a share of 10 percent.


Those fucking bags again.

We need money, not fucking bags.

Take it easy.
- You said one week, right?

One week and we'd be gone.

Now we've been here for a few
weeks and I'm babysitting that bitch.

I'm going crazy here.

I have to go fix it myself.

Oh, you want to fix it yourself?

Then go.

Please take one step outside
with your headline all over the news.

You should be glad
you're in here, safe.

Here, I take a risk every
day going outside.

My uncle is still looking for me too, isn't he?

Didn't I tell you:
I'm going to fix it?

So let me fix it.

All you have to do is lay low...

and make sure she keeps her mouth shut.
That's is not that hard.

Look at me.

Give me one week.
Then I fixed it.

Then we're out of here and you
can come and go as we please.

By the way, I found
what you were looking for.

Listen, chief. I do not get it.

You already know
exactly what the deal is.

I won't sign until my children
are included in the agreement.

It's not that hard.

This I have told you
from the beginning.

That's what I said to that
detective you guys let die.

Of course we know
you want your kids...

and we've done a
thorough investigation on that...

but I hope you also understand
that not one judge fancies...

giving you, as a criminal, full custody of
your children.

And until then, where are
those kids supposed to go?

Children have to go to school.

They can't hide here
with you in this basement.

But I want to be able to control
where they go when I have to leave.

I know what's good for them.
- Oh yeah?

Maybe, for once, you also have
to make the right decisions.

I think my client
has been very clear...

about the only deal
acceptable to him.

He is ready to declare the
entire organization of Ancharad...

provided that the statements
remain in the safe...

until he gets his kids
back, including custody.

Those kids aren't even
part of the deal for us, Younes.

You can demand anything, but you'll understand
that we cannot promise anything...

that we can't
guarantee 100 percent?

Ancharad is far too
important to us for that.

You know, just
stop this negotiation.

It's no use to me
without my kids.


I don't think that was bluff.


It's Van Jaren.
I don't get that key witness deal...

together today.
I need more time.

Your time is up, Gerben.

We've lost control
for far too long.

That broadcast will go ahead.
I'm sorry.

So he was there
or wasn't he?

His wife was there.
Someone put land mines there.

What the fuck are you bringing there?

Let me focus on my soldiers.

Or do you want to join my army?
- Do you have any news about the other thing?

Is this an in-depth interview?
Are you conducting surveys now?

What do you mean? Your husband snitches?

Since that little cop left, it's been
hard to get to those government dogs.

I sent Selim.
He's under the radar.

He knows he has to find Taxi.
If not...


What's the plan?
Have you heard from your brother yet?


It's about the signal.
There's chaos now, cousin.

People think we are weak.

Now is the time to
show who we are.

Bad plan.

What's he talking now?

Tatta has a whole army
from Eastern Bloc.

If you start making noise there now,
you will soon lose everything.

And then?
What's more important now?

Sweeping Tatta or bringing in
a new shipment? Without bullshit.

The new shipment is on its way.

From that new shipment you will
receive the quantity you ordered.

You also get an extra amount...

as compensation for the wait.
Think of it as interest.

Where is Pope?

Has he become too posh for us now?

Why is some girl telling us all kinds of stuff now?

Where's our brother? - Men.

You are men, right?

You know what trade you are in.

Do you sell prawn crackers?

You sell drugs, don't you, bro.

Drugs are risk.

Yes? Sometimes shipments are intercepted.

The shipment was not
intercepted, it was ripped.

You were fucked, bro.
And by one of your best men.

Letting me get fucked, that's
your brilliant plan?

You've already been fucked by
Tatta. And you by my cousin.

Give me that laptop.
Give that laptop, now.

What if I don't agree?

We don't forget who remains loyal to us.

And we won't forget who's
turning their back on us now.

You are losing the trade,
our trade.

And we must obey as if you
were Mother Superior? No.

Hey mate. - Omar.

Hey, niffo, see that plateau over there?

Keep it up that way and I'm going to throw
your mom off of it three times.


Boss is calling you.

I'll give you one week
to return the money.

If not...

wait what will happen.


if there are other
people who want to go...

Do you see it that way?
- Yes, because it is an extreme enemy.

Jaouad Ancharad
heads one of the largest...

and most violent drug organizations
the Netherlands has ever known.

We suspect him of involvement
in dozens of liquidations...

and the import of thousands
of kilograms of narcotics.

The time when these types of criminals...

being able to hide in
the shadows is just over.

For us, for our ministry,
it's the highest priority...

to get him. Let's call the animal
by its name. Or better, the beast.

These are enemies of the state.

Jaouad Ancharad is an enemy of the state.
Nothing less than that.

Of which hereby deed.
- Excuse me, I just want to say something.

Jaouad, if you look...

we're gonna get you
wherever you are.

You think you are above the law.

No, history is on our side.
We're going to get you.

Shut up, bitch.

Public enemy.

Enemy of the State? You bitch.


It's been a while
since we've spoken.

I just wanted to
say that I'm fine.

Mom, watch out for all the
stories they tell you about me.

Not everything they tell
you about me is true. Okay?

Forgive me.

You're having a hard time because of me.
If only I could turn back time.

But it happened.
And it had to be.

Okay mom. It's fine this way.

My hope is that we can
see each other soon.

But if you don't want that, I understand.


What a house this is, uncle.

That's decoration. Anyone can buy it.

What do you mean decoration?
This is a palace, uncle.

Look, look. That's what it's really about.

A man without family
is a man without wealth.

Right, Chaouki?

This is what I'm going to do later when I'm in Morocco.

Take him to another table.

Maybe they'd rather have us sit in the basement.

Don't worry, uncle.

The money I brought
in for this bitch...

I should be at the
head of that table.

I would like your attention, please.

Thank you for coming.

I'm glad to see you, all
those faces I love so much.

When my father built this house,
we all remembered the power...

and the perseverance
that my father had.

How hard he worked
to lay every brick.

To plant every tree.

Because it was his dream
to bring us all together.

I am happy to see my family reunited,
my friends and business partners.

Let's enjoy it.

Cheers, bon appetit.

To my father, to Don Alberto.
- Your mother's family tree.


Show your hands.
Hands on your head.

Hands on your head.

Those hands on your head. Get up.

On your knees.

OC, send the investigators through. One
person on his knees in the living room.

Hello, Mrs. El Haddaoui. My name is Geusebroek
from the criminal investigation department.

Sorry to barge in on you like
this, but we heard your son in here.

We want to know where he went.

Keep your hands on your head.
- Calm.


Pretty okay, right?

Brother, I know doner places
with better food than this.


Calm down.

What have I done to deserve this?

My aunt puts me at a
table next to an imbecile...

who should be sitting at the children's table.

Why, God? Why?

He reminds me of
a puppy I once had.

Just so small, with those big eyes.

Do you have a problem or something? Come.
- Oh my God, look now.

He even has braces.
He really belongs at the children's table.

I'll kill him, cousin.

Manuel, come on.
We're going to smoke a Cuban sigar.

Does it taste well?
- Hey, Tia, yes, yes.

I was just telling my cousin
we're glad you invited us.


Your cousin wasn't invited.

I don't invite people
that I've held at gunpoint.

But I don't want any tension today.

No tension. This is...

This is fine.

You're pretty calm for someone
who's just lost his shipment.

So you heard that. Okay.

I need a new shipment ASAP.

At the moment I do not send
anything to Rotterdam or Antwerp.

What? Why not?
I'll pay you extra for it.

Why? Because you
don't control your market.

You make a battle out of it.
With corpses everywhere.

The harbor is very closely guarded.
The shipment is lost.

This is bad business for me.

And now your headline is all over the news.
Even more attention.

And yes, I know that too.

Did you forget, Tia?
How much money did I make for you?

Have you forgotten what
I did to those Mexicans?

I paid you well for that.

Why do you think I invited you?

Do not underestimate what this means.

This is business. Not charity.

What should I do?

Wait for it to blow over. Then you
can become a business partner again.

Think first, act later.

Like using your mind.

Why isn't he sitting here next to you?

Tia, I can't wait.
I'll pay you an extra 20 percent.

That's good, right?

25, for the trouble.

And you need to find a new port.

I have two ports. How?

I don't want to hear anything more.

Keep your head down. And finish your dessert.

How are we going to find a new port?
And that new shipment.

And how are we going to pay for it?

Collect as much as possible.

And what if we don't get it together?
- Don't give me a headache.

We'll see. So many questions.

Maybe after this shipment it's
time to say goodbye to Tia.

There are plenty of suppliers.

And something else: That
surgeon needs to change his mind.

Hey. - What is it?

You must stop
the hunt for Tatta.

What? That dog ripped us.

I know. It's just for a while.
Until we get that new shipment.

What are we going to do with her?

We can just keep her here, right?
Until we're gone.

She knows too much.

So? - I don't know.

You're going to act normal, you know.

If you must, you must.

Just stop whining.
Make her an egg or something.

That's an old map.

Yes. Just try this one.

Just stop.

Let me go. - Arms.

Stand up.


Why aren't you listening? Why?

I'll take you home. A little ride.

You have been arrested on
suspicion of credit card fraud.

You go to the office. Come.

Next time you will listen.
We go.

Police. We have
a search warrant.

A word. I know where to find you. Ok?

Congratulations on the broadcast.

I hope it has the
effect you're looking for.

I read it won't be due to
the ratings.

Thank you.
But of course it's about the goal.

I'm glad we both agree on that.

Now that you've sort of
promised half the people...

to take down Ancharad...

this is the moment I assume,
that I enter the picture?

Then I need your help.

Negotiations with the
key witness are stuck.

So the minister is going
to get involved personally...

with his custody, for
the sake of this matter.

It's on the second
page, first paragraph.

And since this is a vault statement...

can't we use your
statement earlier...

than you have your children.
But you already knew that.

You know the consequences
of signing this, don't you?

You cannot go back after this.

You must give us concrete
statements about the entire organization.

Yeah, but that Samira
exception is in there, right?

Because I'm not going to declare anything
about the mother of my children.

Yes, that's in there too.
The last page, last paragraph.


That Parkinson's doctor
wants to turn me into Chucky.


Open your mouth. You want money, right?

Sorry, cousin.
I'm going to fix another doctor.

Calm down.

Okay where can I dump that shit?
- Just find a place, ok.

Scream louder. Scream.

Hey baby.

I said I would come home safely.
- Yeah, glad you're back.

Well done, Gap.

So you didn't you put those mines
for nothing

You will not be bothered by
those guests in the near future.

Is this our money?

This will be our money. - Damn.

That's not the deal, is it, Rinus.
- What deal?

I'm not waging war.
I'm not doing anything.

I'm fixing things, alright.
Have a little faith, please.

What do you want? Just say. Do you want
to live in a flat in Almere Muziekwijk?

Or do you want to live in a
large villa on the beach? Just say it.

Show me that jacuzzi.
Come. Come.

No, please.

Stop whining. Sit still.

Chaouki, you need to
translate for me, yeah?

Hey, jerk, listen up.

I thought I'd get a
new face tonight.

But now it looks like
you're the lucky one.

Maybe we should get you braces.

A brace will help you.

Don't you think?
- Asshole. Asshole.

We're going to play a game.




You are lucky.

Wait. Not right away.

One, two, three.

Give me a minute.

You're in luck, poor dog.


Sit, sit, sit.





heck yeah.


Well done, Chaouki.

I need to go to the toilet.

Otto, Otto.

How are you? Are you by bike?

No. Just like Jesus.
- I know who Jesus is.

Uncle, you scared me.

Did you have a good party or what?

Packing up. I'm done with this country.