Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - You are never safe - full transcript

Taxi has to run for his life as Dominique takes her revenge on Zafer and Paus doesn't trust Al Moussaoui's PGPs. The pressure on Tonnano to silence Al Moussaoui comes to a head. Adil's wild run only causes trouble. And Romano is determined to settle the feud with Paus once and for all.

A team has been set up.

There's a Moroccan prick?
Is he in there too?

El Moussaoui?

He must die.

Why did you ask me in your team?

I need people
that I can trust.

I can trust you, right?

Are you Dalil's sister?
- Yes.

I just found out
that he has been arrested

in connection with a burglary.
I want you to know

that if he gets convicted for this,

he will be locked up for a very long time.

Gift for the boss.

What were you doing in that brothel?

I was tracking that Turk.
What was I supposed to do?

You could smell from a distance those Turks were sitting in the brothel?

Honey, nothing happened.
Please, come on.

So you want me to...
- Finish Romano. He is in Dusseldorf.


Adil? What are you doing? Adil, Where are you going?

You have something that belongs to me.
- And you got something from me.

Those fucking Mexicans
That are with him

and the Moroccan.

Let him rot here.

I want Zafer back
and I want a deal with Tia Alvarez.

Then we have an agreement.

That bitch fucked up everything.

Those Turks are going to freak out, brother.

Yes? Those Turks are going to flip out? Yeah?

Where is Younes?

That bastard got away.

And that bitch?

Do you know what you've done? You idiot.


Do you know what you've done?
- I sent that devil back

to where he comes from.

I saved your life.
- What the hell are you looking at? Shoot.



What happened in there?

He deserved every bullet.
- Between you and my husband.

What happened in that whorehouse?

Is he your husband?

I just let him
chill out a bit.

I think he needed that.

Someone has to do it, right?

Samira, Samira.

Go dig a hole in the woods.
Throw her in, throw that Turk in.

What are you waiting for?

If I get Taxi, huh...

If you get Taxi? Then what?
Where is Taxi now?

And that detective, where is he now?
Why is he still alive?


Brother. What's the plan?
- The plan is for us to finish Pope.

He hides in a villa,
fucking cockroach that he is.

It is a 13 kilometer walk. Come on.

What's wrong with the lock?

So, you kept it nice and tidy here.

Yes, the one who pays, is the one who gets to decide, right?




- Yes?

Where's the money?
- That's finished.

- Yes, finished.

We should have gone to Ankara immediately.

With what money?

I'm going to fix this.
- How?

It's that simple.

Now you.

You can do this much better.

Yes, but someone has to
go and get food.

You can't just go out on the street.

She's in her movie.
Don't be so paranoid.

How long will it last?
- a week, max.

Then we can go
wherever we want to go.

So put those fingers
to work, okay?

I'll be right back.

Be careful, okay?


- Shut the fuck up, man.

Am I speaking Russian or something?

- What do you mean, What?

We've agreed on something, right?
- Talk calmly, man.

Talk calmly?

If you don't bury this man,

I?ll bury you and your family
in the same fucking grave.

We got a problem, man.
We got a problem.

Come on, get up.

Come here. What?s up?

Nothing to worry about.
- We got a problem.

What is it?

That friend of yours, Taxi,
is that a good friend of yours?


I just had that server
from the PGPs checked.

They are well encrypted

but I found weird traces
in the metadata. Look.

Okay, wait a minute.
What am I looking at?

First, the server seemed to be
located in Ukraine.

Then suddenly it was in Lithuania.

And now it seems to be in Moldova.

But are they safe or not?

Younes, I curse your mother.

Hey, honey, how are you doing there?

Oh, nice. where is your sister

Mom is...

Mom is busy.

But take good care of grandma
and Kaoutar, okay? I'm coming.

All right, see you soon, honey. See you soon.

Three tickets to Montreal.

They have been paid in cash.
No one can trace you. Here.

Towards the hotel?

No. Go in direction
of the pig farm.

For that money.

Are you sure?
- Bro, I worked hard for it.

Listen, if you don't want to come,
that's no problem.

You've done enough.

Bro, I've been working hard
for that money too.

Plus, I won't let you go there by yourself.

Where is your little brother?

If you withdraw your testimony
and he stays away,

we are compelled to persecute you.
If I don't withdraw my testimony,

I'll be in a coffin soon,
just like all the others.

Who is that?
- Nobody.

- Give it back.

You just take...
- Hey, sit down.

Hajar El Koubakhi, you are under arrest

for wilfully withholding
information about multiple crimes.

Take her to the police station.
- Fucking bastard.

Go chill out.
It's enough like that.

I'm going into town in a minute, yeah?
- Okay.

Since when do you fancy
on cavemen?

- Your lover.

He's just a sweet man.
- Oh yeah?

That is not really
what they said on the news.

They said that he got
rather loose hands.

Before he escaped
from prison.

All bullshit.
- Do you believe it yourself?

He needs to get out of here.

He has nowhere else to go
and neither can I.

What did you do now?
- It's none of your business, okay?

But when they find me
They?ll kill me. Do you understand?

Bro, please go get that money.
- What?

Yeah, I can't stand those animals.

Bro, can you come inside with me?
- Cannot.

I can't stand that smell.
Brother, come on. Please.

Bro, you arranged this. Go, go.

- I called you 13 times.

Are you backtracking?
- Brother, I'm not backing down.

I'm writing out a warrant and then
your kids go to a foster home.

Relax. Didn?t I tell you that I would
handover Pope to you?

Mind your step.

Where is Taxi?
- He's in the car.

I told you he
had to come in.

What do you want me to do?
He says he can't stand the smell.

And you think, I'm enjoying myself here?

It smells nice to me?

If you don't cooperate
I can't do anything for you.

Are you deaf? I told you that my children
need to be safe first.

I call you later.

That's him. That's him.

Wait till he gets to that door, then he can?t
go anywhere. Then we'll get him.

Yes, go, go, go.

Come on.

Stop. Police.

Put that weapon down. Now. Now.

I got him.

We're going to talk for a while.
You work for Tonnano, right?

What do you do?
- Where is he? Tell me where he is.

You're embarrassing your sister.

She's in jail because of you.

I only have his number.

Give me your phone, now.
- I don't know where he is.

Give me your phone.

Was that so hard?
Let?s have a look. Tonnano.

Sorry, man.


It was either you or me.

Sorry, prick.

Show me your hands, show your hands.

Are you fucking crazy?

Hey, brother, pass me a cigarette.

Brother, lift me up.

lift me up.
- Sure?

- Warrior, bro.

Finished? come.

Adil El H.
Heard he?ll receive a life sentence

in court. According to the Public Prosecuter
there is no doubt

that El H. is guilty of activities
in the underworld.

That he escaped during an extremely
violent rescue attempt,

makes it quite clear for the Public Prosecuter
that El H. is the big shot

in the underworld.

But we will find him.
He will not escape his punishment.

There is an international arrest warrant
issued against him.

And the Public Prosecuter has a 100,000 euro reward
awarded for the golden tip-off

that will lead to his...

Everything fine?
- Yes, sure.

Are you going out?
- No, I'm sleeping at my mom?s place tonight.

Then you have some time
for yourselves.

I think it's better if you stay here
for the time being.

Shut your mouth.

Listen up, bitch.
If you don't shut up,

you don't make it until tomorrow.
Do you understand me?


Show your hands.
Show your hands.

On the ground.
- Watch it, firearm.

Weapon on the right.
- Firearm.

What are you doing?

Dirty rat.

Your very own colleague.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Don?t you?

This was in his inner pocket.
It was still on.

Was that so difficult?
Let?s have a look. Tonnano.

Sorry, man.

It was either you or me.

Sorry, prick.

Okay, wait, wait.

I can give you everything.

You're definitely going to tell us everything.

This is the voicemail of Meltem.

They got me well.

You got to go on by yourself.
- No man.


I'm coming for you, bro.


Take this.


Tia Alvarez?



I left the last Mexican
alive for you.

Thanks man.

So you're the motherfucker who caused us
so many problems?

You came all the way from Michoac?n
to orphan your kids...

Ugly bitch.

Thanks for putting me in that container.

I learned a lot about myself.

Now I hope you will too
learn a lot about yourself.

In your nice new suit.

You did a good job, man.

I'm done here.

Give that Turk what he deserves.

How did you get here?

- Romano, they took me.

- They took me.

Where is Elvira?
- She's not here.

They only took me.

Where's that cockroach?
Where's that cockroach?

He's gone. He's gone.

Come with me. Now.

Okay, where's Zafer?

Where is my husband?

Pencil. Yes, Pencil.

What is this?

He spat on my people, cursed...

We had to calm him down.

What now, Zafer?

Fucking son of a bitch.

I'm sorry that Zafer
didn't make it.

I wanted to tell you, but...

I thought there would be consequences...
- Stop this bullshit, man.

One day they will get to you too.
You don't know what you're doing.

Do you think this will stop if you kill me?

My family will hunt you down
wherever you go.

You will not be safe anywhere.

Walk on.

And you? Do you think
that we forgot about you?

I'm gonna leave this one here too, man.
- It's none of your business.

I know, brother. But I can?t
trust this man.

I also don't understand that you
ever trusted him.

I am standing here.
- Shut your fucking mouth.

If you want to ask me something, if you
want to tell me something, I'm close by.

Do you have anything to say?

What can I tell you?

Something that won't let me run a bullet
through your head.

Like I can talk something out of your head.

If you wanted to kill me,
you would have already done that.


Listen. If Tatta had held that Colombian
in check...

then I had fixed Germany
for you.

Then there would not be
dead Turks lying here.

And then your market had
gone up 100 times.

I didn't screw up that shit.

You know that when you send me to Germany

that I'm not going to sit on my hands
and wait for something to go wrong.

You know I?ll do business.
That's what I do.

So what are you going to do?

Do we continue from where we left off?

Or will you let him run a bullet
through my head?

He is right.

Just take him with you.

Lock him up
and let him rot there.

What? Where to?
- Nobody needs to know.

Only them.

Tonight all contact goes through you.
And no one else.


Take him with you.