Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - We zijn geen snitches - full transcript

Romano can no longer go anywhere in Germany. Adil and Meltem have fled and Ömer has had it with him and seeks a deal seeks Paus. Hassan, Ibo's father, takes Komtgoed to a re-education camp, where he is reunited with Havik, Scennoe and Stuiver. But also there, Komtgoed finds no peace when he encounters an old acquaintance.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Bro, it's no big deal. It's no big deal Being a mama's boy.

Are you going to shut up yet?

They killed his father, and we're next.

I'm 18 for crying out loud. I haven't even been to Salou yet.

Street life is rock hard.

So our alternative must be just that.

That's the only language they understand.

Bro, this is the only entrance and exit.

They won't get out of here, you know.


I'm here for Romano's daughter.
- Romano's daughter?

Just tell him he can can go fuck himself.

Go to that hotel. Get Meltem, and don't come back without her.

Are you sure that's the location?

Pope is there.


What the fuck are you doing? Where are you going?


How's it going?
- I just want to check up with you.

Is that package in yet?
- What about it?

Shit, I can't get a hold of DHL, man. Maybe they already stopped by your place.

Bro, it's your fucking Courier. Why are you asking ME about this?

Fuck, it should have been there a long time ago.

You know when you call me about this, I get nervous, right?

And you know I don't like being nervous.

Bro, how long have you been nagging me for a job?

A Long time, right? Now I give you a job and you call me with this headache. Why?

No stress, brother. I'll take care of this.

Jesus, man. I'm getting a headache.

Who's this?
- Bro?

- Who's this?

Why are you coming into my room like this?

I wanted to ask you the same thing. Why are you coming into my house like this?

You come to me with these Mexicans, and say you want Amsterdam back..

Pope out of the way,

…and that if we win the war in Amsterdam, we’ll take over.

I believed you.

I love Amsterdam, so I'm came with you.

But all you’ve brought me is trouble.

Since I met you...

I’ve lost a brother…

I’ve lost good men in that shooting...

And when I look for my Niece…

I find one of your men in her room like a dog.

You asked me to free your friend.

That was a big risk for me.

Where is Adil now?

I just found out that Zafer has been taken hostage by Pope.

I know where he is.

Are you sure?

Because the other day you said he wouldn't stay more than a week in the same house.

It would be foolish to give him away so easily.

Why should I trust you now?

Romano, I'm done with you.

You're of no use to me anymore.

Pope has offered me a part of Amsterdam.

And you are my life insurance.

Don't be afraid, I'm not going to kill you.

I just came here to to tell you that our paths separate here.

Lock them up.

Ömer. I can explain everything.

Fucking mess.


This is your last chance.

You don’t have to do this either.

Just say it.

I'll start the car right now, drive back to the city, and leave you there.

And you can be the little Rat , everyone mistakes you for.

Then you will have destroyed everything, and Ibrahim died for nothing.


This is for you.


It wasn't easy, but he's here.

Fine Work. Then we can finally begin.

Rise and shine, boys!!

You guys have slept long enough!!

You're making me go Deaf.

Breakfast in ten minutes in the great hall!!

Late is Late!!

Get up!!

Hey, Havik.

Where were you, Sahbi(Companion)?


Just gone for a while.
- What do you mean, gone? You just left us behind.

Tonnano still wants to kill us.

So you thought: “I'll leave my homies alone, they can take care of all that shit themselves.”

That's not how it works.
- Do you think that Bull’s gonna find you here?

You're here now, aren't you?
- Boys.

Take it easy.

Eat your bread.

You know the one in blue one or something?

I'm not standing here for myself.

Believe me.

Standing in front of you the last thing I would do, if I wanted to feel good.

I know you guys. I've been you guys.

I know the streets you walk on and the drugs you push.

You guys didn't invented anything new.

Here, look at this picture.

Check him out veeery carefully.


This is Rachid. He was buried in 2000.

He was the first to go.

For weeks, we were devastated by it.

This is Ali, who followed Rachid in 2001.

It was a hot fucking summer!!

His body was found in the canal.

He was so swollen that his family had to buy the same coffin

they would normally buy, to bury a 300-pound man in.

What are you laughing at?

This is Mo, who...

who hanged hanged himself in his cell in 2015.

This is Khalid. I’ll be visiting him, every first Monday of the month

for the rest of his life.

Actually, for years Ive been visiting him, there’s been nothing to talk about.

But I'm afraid that he's going to chase Mo…

If I don't visit him anymore.

Actually, I'm the only one of the boys I grew up with…

who can still tell about us.

Now I want you to think very hard about your own friends.

How many of them have already left in a coffin for Morocco?

If you guys don't start thinking…

on how to change your life,

I'm sure that in ten years…

one of you will be standing in front of a group of young boys.

That's the one who was lucky.

Are you guys ready for this? Three, two, one...

This is fuckin boring, man.

This is like school.

In school you could still check out girls...

This is one big ball pit.

You still haven't told us where you were.

Just like that, you left us alone.
- Just like that?

Was your father also killed, just like that?

No, right?

Have you thought of any tactics for your game?


We're gonna go over there, grab those balls and throw them at their heads.

Okay, boys, the winner stays put.

The winner stands? So what do we win?

You think you win a game and you're the champion. No friend, that's not how we work.

'Last team standing', is the only the last one gets a prize.

I'm getting tired of this.

Penny, Havik, come on.

We're going to show these guys what dodgeball is.

Are you sure about that? You're going to look like a fool, Smurf.

I'm going to destroy you, Gargoyle.

Listen, bros, we're gonna let them get those balls,

when they miss, we’ll grab them, and destroy Gargoyl's team.


Stand up.

Everyone in place!!

Are you guys ready? Three, two, one.

What's this Bull doing now??!!

What did I say to you?

Yallah, Stuiv, come.

Yallah, Hawk, come on.

Focus, come on.

Penny, get that ball fast. Penny, yallah.

What are you doing?
- Nice, huh, on the ground?

Your girlfriend liked that too.
- What, girlfriend?

I haven't forgotten about you, motherfucker.

What's your problem?
- Hey, hey, hey...

Act normal.
- Just wait, just wait.

Do you know him now? What was he talking about?

Just some annoying guy from prison.

You're here with us.
- Do you understand? We are with you.

You think I'm afraid of this guy?

Come on, play, play, you'll be fine.

My name is Aziz el Ghorfi. I am 38 years old.

I am married. I have two children

…and I'm a Jail Officer.


Police. Slave to justice.

I want to talk to you today about being incarcerated.

How many of you have Sat in Jail?

Yeah, right? Real men have Ass-Meat for “Jail Sitting”, brother.

Okay, okay.

How long?
- Four weeks.

Five months.
- Four months.

Three months.
- Four months.

Three weeks.
- Six months.

Okay, so...

combined…all of you have been in for about two years.

Two years.

That's a lot of time, guys, for juvenile detention.

If you say so, Your Honor.

There's nothing funny about that.

What does prison mean to you guys anyway?

Come on, guys. Work with him...

- Vacation.

Crooks University.
- Hotel.

Free gym.
- Networking, right?

Gym, hotel, university, networking.

I can tell you, it's not all that.

A prison is concrete and steel. Walls and bars around you.

It's me telling you have to go back to your cell

…and who can drop in at any time.

But prison is primarily a system to break you.

I make my rounds every night around the wards.

I can tell you: Sooner or later...

I will hear howling, from every cell.

Also from the cells of great names.

Names that you know.

What, big names?
-Then name them.

Prison always wins.

Those walls drive you crazy.

The crazy thing is, you can walk out of that prison,

but you don't forget those walls.

And even if you do forget them, then your neighbor won't forget...

Or the boss you want to apply to wont forget, the woman you meet...

You know she doesn't forget at all?

Your mother, yes.

- Bro, what justice.

You’re all gonna have a crucifix behind your name.

Boys, just calm down.

Take it easy. Keep your mouth shut.

I put my son under the ground.

He would have turned 17.

You guys are so fuckin selfish that you don't see what we are doing here for you.

This man is standing here in his spare time.

He could have been relaxing with his wife and children. But instead, he’s standing here, in front of you.

Show a little respect.


I'm very curious...

Which one of the guys here, who’s been incarcerated,

can tell me anything about that time?

A difficult time.

Maybe a low point. It can be anything.

That I had to miss that whore from North.

- I've been in juvenile detention.

We weren't allowed anything there. Pussy visitation, Cell visitation, anything.

But you said something about men crying.

With I was in…there was someone like that too, but he was a very small boy.

One that cried a lot.

He cried in the morning, in the evening, when he was making his bread.

Do you know why?

For his mother's sake.

Little boy.

Yo, yo, okay, guys, time for a smoke break.

That's it. Break it up, everybody.

Let's go smoke.

I really don't understand you. You have nothing to do with him.

Take care of yourself please. Just do what we agreed to.

I'm really getting sick of that guy.

I don't know what his problem is.

I never thought that they would be so rotten.

These guys are full of poison. This is cold turkey.

They’re getting used to this whole situation.

What did you think? They would come, walk in here, and suddenly be changed?

This was the plan, bro, and the plan was right.

The boys now think they're in control of us.

That they're in control of us. Let them think that. That's alright.

Hey, Gerroe. Got picked up off the street by your sister, eh?

Shut the fuck up.
- She's going to give you packages.

Ewa, boys.

It was boring without you guys.

Oh yeah?

I heard you did a little squat with Long Moot?

That tip was bad, man. There was nothing there.

Dead shit. Kifesh. Cigarette?

What is this nursery?

I'm in contact with the justice system.

Not about this, they don't know anything about this.

But I think it's time. Otherwise, If we don't...

…this disaster will never end.
- I don't know, though. It's risky.

We really need to think about it, Hajar.

I was thinking, there are a few guys that are probably willing to talk.

They know a lot, don't they. Probably more than we think.

It's tricky, though.

It's too early for that. Those boys have to trust us.

Talking to justice is pushing it to far, Hajar, come on.

Look, put your thumb up for this...

then you move the blade backwards, little by little.

Where did you guys know lbo from?

Just from the square.

And you?

Same thing, man.

What square? Near us? I've never seen you guys there.

Do you work in the parks department? Do you know all these squares or something?

I don't blame you guys.
- For What?

That lbo is dead.

It's not your fault.

I understand how these things work.

You want new shoes, expensive clothes.

Then someone comes up to you and asks if you want to take something somewhere.

Before you know it, you have a month's salary in your hands.

That's how these things go, right?
- Don't you feel guilty then?

Every day. I wish I could have given him everything.

But that's not how these things work.

Do you know who's really guilty?

Those guys you send into town

to spread that shit around. The one’s who put that money in your hand, in the first place.

I don't understand why you protect those guys.

They deserve the punishment here, not you… not us.

Who is your boss?

Who gives you the assignments? You can tell me.

We're not snitches.

Do you think anything is ever going to change in your life?

If you want to take on these men, I wish you luck.

What is your problem?

My problem? Do I have a problem?


Sit back and eat. No pussy jokes now, man.

Take it easy. I said, take it easy.

What are you doing, man?

No pussy jokes now.


Go on and eat. I don't want any bullshit, man. FUCK!!

Hey, faggot, I'm right here. Come on.


Get him, then.
- Gerroe, Gerroe.

Get out of the way. Calm down. What are you doing?

What are you doing, buddy? Act normal.
- Why didn’t you do anything?

What the fuck are you doing? Stay calm. Are you crazy or something?

What are you doing man, what are you doing?

Listen, keep your cool. You're just making more trouble.

Do you guys hear that?


You don't hear anything here, sahib(Companion).

I know such tranquility only from the Rif(Military).

The world is actually a very beautiful place.

But that's hard to see, where we come from.

Sometimes, when I think about it, I zoom out...

then I can suddenly see it.

God be praised.

Where do you feel at home?

Do you feel at home here?

You feel at home here?

I could never feel at home anywhere.

You can't when you grow up everywhere, and nowhere.

Yes, on the street I felt at home, but look what it's done to me.

Now I'm sitting here with two children in a forest, in Holland.

who want to finish each other off.

Instead of living in a villa, overlooking the Atlas.

You can't feel out of place, if you've never had the feeling

that someone in this world is waiting for you, or cares about you.

But now look around you carefully. All this here, is your home.

The world is yours, right?

Bro, the world is what you do with it.

If you break things, then your own world is broken too.

Are you making things, then you are making your own world.

But anyway...

I want you to give each other a handshake, now.

Whatever happened between you, it stays here.

If not, I'll put you in the car tomorrow morning,

and we’ll drive straight to a fuckin police station and then...

…then I don't know anymore either, and I don’t fuckin care.

Ewa, is there going to be anything?

Should I start counting to three?

Hey, hey, finally. Now it's settled. Was that so hard?

- Nothing, man.

Boys, I gotta be honest, I don't know how long I'm gonna stay.

Do you think he's going to act normal?

I don't know.

The only thing I know is that I'm getting paranoid about this place.

I nicked this one. And put it under your pillow.

If he gives you any trouble, stab him.

Put it away.

What's happening?

Yo, boys, can I have your attention for a second?

All of you over there and gather around. Let's go.

Let's go, boys. All of them.

Let's go.

You too, move.

What's this?
- Just grab and listen.

I was just sitting at home.

I hadn't heard from James for a couple of days.

That wasn't surprising…I'd had a bad relationship with my son for a few years now.

I was reading a book when the bell rang.

That was kind of crazy, because it was already eleven o'clock at night.

Who's ringing the bell at your door at eleven o'clock?

I opened the door and there were two Dutchmen at my door.

That was even crazier.

Because we never have any Dutch people in our apartment.

And when we do, it's always for bad news.

The first thing they asked , was if I was Glenn Rustveld.

Then they introduced themselves.

Their names I will never forget.

They did indeed come with bad news.

A young man had been found in a dumpster.

Maybe I had read about it in the news, they asked.

That man was identified as James Rustveld.

My James...

Found in a dumpster.

They asked if I wanted to go to him. Although they also gave an immediate warning.

James had clearly been the victim of a violent crime.

He was lying there like in a movie...

under a white sheet, in a cold room.

As they pulled the sheet away, I had a feeling

that reminded me the most of the feeling I got

when I first held him held in my arms.

But the most negative, darkest version of it.

As if everything disappears into a hole with no bottom.

I was allowed to take James with me and that's how I ended up with Habib.

While we were washing James, we got to talking.

He told me about you guys.

Chaib, can you help me?

I want you to see for yourselves where the street life ends.

It occurred to me that I actually lost him years ago.

When I thought I couldn't help him anymore and he had to do it himself.

I'd like to ask you to help James get through this night...

to watch over him.

I'm going to be quiet for one minute now.

In that minute I would like to ask you to think of your parents.

Try to imagine them standing by your casket.

Wait, don't run away, Zakaria. Sit down.

Sorry, but I'm not going to do this.
- Keep your mouth shut.

Listen up, man.

Show a little respect.

Thank you.

Thank you so much, Glenn. I want to thank you immensely for your strength and your courage.

I hope you guys can have the respect to do this for James.

You don't all have to stay awake.

Go to sleep if you want to.

Just make sure that there is always someone watching over James. Okay?

You guys have to do this together.

Bro, get real.
- Sorry, man, I couldn't resist.

Are you out of your mind?

I had to check.
- Please sit down. Please behave yourself.

Take it easy man.

Sit down, chubby. You're making me psychotic.

Who you think you talking to, Bullhead?
- Holler at your boy about crying.

Why don’t you come holler at me, Retard.

You want to end up in a coffin too?
- Me, end up in a coffin?

Fucking faggot.
- That mattie of yours.

Don't touch me, buddy.
- Brother, get real. Sit down.

We're not going to fight near a dead body.

Talk to that buddy of yours.
- Brother, sit down.

Please help me.

Is it straight?

Get a grip, man.

Open that door.

Are you guys deaf or something?

What is it?

Why is the door closed?
- What do you want?

Let me take a piss.

Also escaped from that corpse?


This is creepy, man. Say something, sahib(Companion).

Listen, dickhead.

You're going to tell me who supplied you with the drugs.

Who your boss is.

I'm done with this tough talk of yours.

You're going to tell me now.

I need to know who fucked up lbo.

It's not that hard. Yes or no?

I can't hear you. Yes or no?


What did you say?



He's the one who gave us that shit to push.

Relax, you did a good job.

You've done well.

What happened?

What do you mean?
- My father.

I'll tell you about that later.
- No. I want to know now.


We were at the community center for a meeting.

Me, Chaib, Hajar...

Habib and Dalil too.

Your father was very upset. He was having a hard time with you

…and the things that happened.

When he had calmed down, he wanted to go home.

Then he was shot in front of the door.

What did you have to discuss?

What do you think we had to discuss, Zakaria?

You guys, of course. What else would we have to talk about otherwise?

It was over immediately. Your father did not suffer.

Let's make sure this stops.

We'll talk more tomorrow.

What did you do? Did you tell on my father?

Snitch. You did it.

Get em!!

Get him, then!!

Come on, get up.

Act normal.

Stab that traitor.

Gerroe. Gerroe. Snitch.

Soufiane, stay here. Soufiane. Soufiane stay here.

Do you have any news from Antwerp… from Ashraf?

Do you actually have any news from Antwerp.. from Ashraf?

Everything is quiet there, brother. Belgica has taken good care of things.

All that port is his.

Here we go again.

You have something that is mine.

And you have something that is mine.

That seems like a good basis to do business.

About the death of your brother...


But I swear to you we had nothing to do with it.

I'm sorry to have disrupted your business.

I hope this makes you happy.


What next?


Now I want you to bring me Romano and those Mexicans that belong to him....

And that Moroccan.

Bring them to me, in one piece.

Can you arrange that?

No, man.

Let him rot here.

I want Zafer back, and I want the deal with Tia Alvarez.

Then we have an agreement.