Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - Episode #4.3 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My nephew has a question about (the) cargo.
(Must be Mocro Maffia: Meltem)

Specifically, about (the) shipment which is nowhere to be seen. (Must be Mocro Maffia: Meltem)

Where is that 50 kilos?
(Must be Mocro Maffia: Meltem scene)

I thought (that) Pope was going to with you guys.

I swear to you, I would never lie to you.

They're in Germany.

We heard that your Mexican friends...
- Are in Düsseldorf.

They're working with Turkish and Lebanese families.

This is Ömer, the eldest son of Mr. Özdemir.

This is Zafer.
-Come, bro.

There's some Mexicans you have yet to meet.

I think it's good if we send the...
- No, Jaouad.

They came for me. It's my problem now.

May I introduce you to Marciano Rozentak.

With those new papers I could quietly cross the border.

Now I'm here.
- Now you're here, yes.

..and on the Interpol list
...on the news.

...And in every newspaper.
- I put some serious money down for you.

Good people are precious, bro. You can't just buy them anywhere.

This is what we do. You go out there. You go with him.

I have a connection there that I can check out.

Bro, why does he have to come along?

The people in your family are and murderers, criminals,

and have peanuts for brains.
(Subtitler Note: that was a corny insult)

Just a minute...That's assault.
- Let go.

Chief, I got something.
- You got something? Cause I got something too.

I got a problem, because you're suspended.

I'm going to report that formal complaint...
- Goddamn it. Take two weeks off!!!

Samira, can we talk for a minute?

- I'm Available 24/7.

Make that appointment, okay?

I don't feel like answering your questions anymore, Mr. El Moussaoui.

Re-Subbed FULL Dialog by Anonymous Subtitler

I'm here now.

Load everything up. Quickly.

Five Turkish pizza, five cokes and five waters.

Is that all?
- Yes.

Would you like something to eat maybe?

I swear, I'll take them all.

They killed Cinqo, dick!!
They've been in my club!!

Bro, you going (to figure out where) these whores are staying...

Where their mothers stay!!...where their fathers stay!! You find all those assholes, understand?

Those 5 kilos are on me. I'll "soak it up"(take responsibility)


Did (Tatta's police friend) say anything to you?


Find out where that (treasonous Policeman) is..

..(whatever Rock he's buried under), where his kids play. Yes?

You saw him at the neighborhood meeting at that school, right?

Which school? Kaoutar's (school)?
- I don't know.

You don't know?

Samira...What do you want? You've chosen this path now.

Everything you know or have known is different. Get used to it.

You should have come to us.

He's in school yards sniffing around.

Asking where Mo is, what he's doing, where he is.

Does that nut-sack think he's Robocop?

And that indoor soccer strip?
- How did they know where you were?

I don't know.
- Who are these hounds?
- Yeah..I don't know

But it's all good.

Zakaria, son of a bitch...

Who is Zakaria?

That cancer(fuckin) Kid!
- Did he do this?

(He was there..AT LAST [Translation: they had finally caught him]) But I intend to find out.

I'm going to find out.
- Okay, find him.

Go to Antwerp. Stay there.

Find us some new people (to help with) the new shipment, okay?

Why did you put the fuckin guns on the bed, huh? What if I was room service?

What took you so long? Were you on a field trip or something?

Were you raised by dogs?
- Dogs? You should know.

I hope that boyfriend of yours has good information.

Eat your pizza. I'll call you when he gets here.

Okay, yes, I'll eat my pizza.

Pussy..give me a Pepsi.
...give me a Pepsi.

Thank you.

This (isn't working out)

Parliamentary questions are being asked about our ability.

The press secretary is being inundated with requests for interviews.

The whole media circus is camped out in front of my door

and I (was) embarrassed by the Minister.

We're all embarrassed. I did lose four men.

Forgive me if I (give) a shit (about the) media.

We can't give a shit (about) the media.

I know that too. But Gerben, listen.

Everybody here is working incredibly hard, day in and day out.. make it right, but I (don't have enough people).

What do you need?
-Sorry to interrupt.

It's as expected...a circus of DNA at that indoor football club.

It's definitely a (front business for) Pope's Gang.

This couldn't wait?

The forensics guys are collecting everything now,

but that will take some time. In addition, I have...

Come on, what do you want?
- I need Rachid.

Can't he come back from his leave? He has a lot of...

No. I don't want to see him again until he's (calmed down)...

...and that's in two weeks.

I only want to see your (face) when you have something meaningful to say. eh?

So go do what you're getting paid to do....Your Job.

So? Our prime suspect Adil is on his way to Dubai...

That indoor football club is a front business..with I don't know how many bodies...

..and an undermanned team doing what it can do...

and you're sending one of our best people on leave? Yes?

Make sure you find Adil.

Aight Check...As soon as Pope's supplier is gone, we'll take back Amsterdam.

Like we never left, bro.
- Bro, I'm telling you straight,

all I break Pope's neck.

Fuck Pope, man. Those Mexicans are taking over from Tia Alvarez.

When they get that Colombian line tilted, we'll take back our spot.

What's wrong with this spot then?
- It's not a Damsco.

From: Scotoe Snitz
Message: I just asked about Moussaoui here, but they don't know anything about shooting. And his address I can't give you.

Hello..The breakfast room is closed.

But you can take your friends in the restaurant.

To: From: Scotoe Snitz
Message: Should I go visit your family for that gift address?

Pencil: How long have they been here?
- Contact: Since last year.

Contact: Those Mexicans are taking over Europe little by little.

First it was only coke.

But they also brought crystal meth here.

They would set up set up a new factory.

What does he say about crystal meth? Ask him where the Mexicans are.

Take it easy.

I want (to be the first to eat from this fuckin Plate!)
- Just take it easy, man.

Your friend is a hothead, isn't he?

The Mexicans killed his little brother.

Can you find out where they are?
- Yes.

But I have to warn you, friend.

I've heard they're working with people from here.


I think I know who.

I'm going to check it out.
- Bro, tell me what's going on.

Otherwise, we're going to have a cancerous(fuckin) feud.
- He's going to make contact with them.

Behave yourself a little, man. Don't (embarrass) me.

Marouane, please find out where the Mexicans are and who they work with.

It's All Good.


Are you okay?

I haven't been okay for a long time.


I'll let you know.

See you around, bum.

(Send my best) to your mother.

Fucking Clowns, you guys.

From: Zafer
Message: Look at the park square.
...a gift from the football club

Welcome me paradise, mattie.
Come and see.

You can get back to work. Three guesses on where they ripped off this stash.

Get the Fuck outta here.
- We're going to destroy those motherfuckers.

We can explain to our German friends how to cut that up.

It doesn't look like they need any help here.

Brown is not white, is it?
- What should I do then?

You're going to explain to Zafer how chemistry works.

In a few days he will be here. Then (we'll) get him to take you on a tour of Düsseldorf.

Under him...(you'll be) responsible for distribution.

(You mean) that brat? (I don't wanna deal with) that Turk...
- Take it easy.

The brat is the boss's nephew.

You work for a boss now?
- I didn't say MY boss.

THEIR boss. We need them to get Pope.

(You mean) that brat? (I don't wanna deal with) that Turk...
- Take it easy.

The brat is the boss's nephew.

You work for a boss now?
- I didn't say MY boss.

THEIR boss. We need them to get Pope.

So bite your tongue. Use that patience that you learned in prison.

This is where a new life begins.
- Is this life?

Tutoring these German Turks?

Don't forget who you have to thank (for you being) here.

Our sportsman doesn't smoke, of course.

Are you going to stand here on the roof all day?

I have to go into town for a while. Come with me.
- Can't.

Why not? Are you afraid that someone will recognize you?


Don't worry...

To those Germans you are just another little Moroccan.

They don't see the difference between one and the other.

- To Do what?

that's a Surprise!


Take a quick shower, get changed.
I'll meet you downstairs. Half hour.

That detective didn't say anything.

What (do you mean)?

...To his colleagues. CID doesn't know anything.

Why not?

I don't know. Maybe you got him bewitched him with those eyes of yours.

Samira. You have to stay here for a while, yes?

Until we know what the situation is.

And the children?

Younes can't take care of them alone.

I'll make sure they go to Younes' parents.


What's going to happen to that detective?

What do you think?

How long were you actually inside?

Too long.

Is it really as fucked up as they say?
- What do you mean?

Are there things you want to talk about? Did the Great Adil often have to whine in his cell?

You sure got a big mouth for such a little girl.

Is this your car?
- Zafer's.

I can drive it when he's gone. As long as my uncle doesn't find out.

Doesn't he trust you?

Seriously, what are we doing here?

You want a life, right? We'll start with a new passport.

- Hello.

Are you okay?
- Yeah, you?

Good, good.

Don't laugh, huh. You're not allowed to smile on passport photos.

But I guess it's not that hard with that little temper of yours.

Don't laugh. Sit still.

Yes, good.

I'll be right back.
- All right.

Yes? Satisfied?

And now?
- (Now, We Wait,) right?

For you.

Hello, Mr. Soufian.

Okay, thank you.

You (better) have a damn good reason to made me come down here.

I know who is behind the murder of Mo Kaddouri.

That's good news. But that doesn't really explain why I'm here and, (to be honest...

Listen…I have witnesses (that will testify)…

…that in the days before his murder he was seen with Samira Al Saddiqi.

The wife of that Taxi driver?
- And the sister of the Pope.

That man and her brother have (her) in a (pinch). She's terrified.

Nice work, kid. But (couldn't you have made that appointment) at your place?

Who are these witnesses?
- They only talk to me.

They don't like the police very much.
- You're the police, right?

Tell that to that team leader of yours.

I don't have to tell you (it’s a criminal offense)

if you’re withholding integral information (involving) in a murder case.

Do you know why he sent me on leave?

Because I was arrested by my own colleagues.

While I was (cleaning up) your your dirty work.

“Let the cunt Moroccan-Cop post in that neighborhood.”

Isnt that (what you were) thinking? (“She’ll surely talk to him”.) And you guys were right…

I've had bullets (flying by) my head.

My mother, my child, my wife…Sent abroad.

What I want, is protection for my family.

- I don't have good news.

Those Mexicans are working for Ömer.
- Özdemir?

That family controls half of Germany.

From Düsseldorf to Bremen.

I'll (be straight with you), you should go home.

Nothing good is going to come of this.

Brother, you're not going to be able to start anything.

Even if you do manage to get those Mexicans.

Because Ömer (would) hunt you to the gates of hell.

You know how they are when it comes to revenge.

Revenge? What revenge?
- Those 50 kilos.

- That boss of yours.

Set up a meeting for me.
- What do you want me to say?

That I want to deal with them. On behalf of Jaouad.


Does he know where they are?

He'll take us tomorrow to their stash house tomorrow.

All right. We'll take care of those “putos”(pussies) and go home.

Done with (these fucking) clowns.

Geusebroek, I just (met with) a detective of yours…

…Looks good on you, tho.

Honestly, I have taste.

Okay, so tell me. What would you like to drink?
- Tea.

Soufian doesn't drink teas, does he...?

We have something to celebrate today.
- I don't drink.

Adil doesn't drink… But Soufian does.

Do you know what Soufian likes?....Vodka.

Two vodkas, please.

No..Wait, Wait...

Don’t you, uhh..need to check his ID?

I mean..look at this baby face, eh. I would check it if I were you.

This was not the fucking deal.

Things change.
- You wanted Tia Alvarez gone.

I told you… I would fix it. We're almost there.

We just want to replace Tia Alvarez. It doesn't matter if she lives or dies.

But if they want to negotiate , we'll negotiate.

We are talking about Jaouad here!!
- They don’t negotiate.

- Everybody negotiates.

He swiped your 50 pounds from the harbor without ever contacting you.

He never showed (you any) respect. And now you're going to negotiate with him?

I know that he is your enemy, and that you want revenge.

I understand that, but there are more important things than revenge.

I put you in touch with Lazaro.

I'm very grateful to you for that. Believe me.

But that's the way things work. And business comes first.

We meet his guy, talk, and everything’s all good.




Hey, Marciano Rozentak. What does your boss say?

You're late. Are you drunk or something?


Still suffering from nightmares?

Every time I close my eyes....

I see Moshin lying there with his mouth open, full of blood.

I can't get it out of my head.

I wish I could scratch out (the thoughts).


How do you do this?

How do you live like this?

I don't know what I should tell you, little sister of mine.

Just take a step forward without looking back.

Go. Go upstairs. Go to your room.

Get into bed. That will do you good.


Don't be afraid.


From: Pope
Message: That hit isn't until tomorrow, is it?

Cancer(Fuckin) Pencil.


Are you sure?

If I don't solve this problem , then chaos will ensue.

Besides, what can happen here?

Its all good. Come.

Salam, Marwan.
- Salam.

So,…. safe enough here?

(And this) must be the mystery negotiator.

Mr. Özdemir, Chaouki.

Thank you for agreeing to speak with me.

(Greatly looking forward to talking. My doors always open).
- That's my business partner.

Good evening.

You can speak German. He will translate it for me.

Good. I'm here for one thing.


Who are they?

Come. Let's go. Come.
- No (3x) Wait, Wait, Wait..we look closer, we look closer, eh.

Shut up, eh. ….Shut the fuck up.

We're going to look closer.

If you guys are (open to a collaboration)..then stop working with Tia…

and buy our product. Then we can talk.

That sounds acceptable.

As long as the offer is good, were always ready to conduct business.

Wait, wait. Look all these people here. What you gonna do?

Where I come from, there's a high demand for what you guys offer.

There's no reason to think that we...

That we all cant eat.

There’s enough for everyone.

That's right. But it also depends on how your table manners are.

Your boss has messy habits... and is extremely unfriendly.

That was a misunderstanding. Apologies for that.

Come on.
- There's that faggot of a Lazaro.

Look, gentlemen, it's like this. My boss didn't know that it was your 50 kilos.

Our Customs Officer hadn’t said anything about this.

You're a good talker, but you don't believe that, do you?

As far as I know , we didn't know anything about it.

However, I'm sure he's willing to make amends.

Look Man, I can't think of any reason why we shouldn't work together.

Let me go back to Amsterdam and explain the situation.

(Explain) the situation?

What do you mean? He’s not aware of it?

It's that piece of shit Lazaro. Come on, man.
- Hey, Shut the fuck up.

Hey, Tranquilo(Quiet) eh!!

Doesn't your boss know about this meeting?
- Uhh…Yea. (**Said nervously**)

Yes? No? Mm-hmm.
- I mean those 50 pounds.

See... That (info) is new to me.

I want to get clarity about that (issue) first, before I make a commitment.

You're both experienced businessmen, and you know

...that an errand boy in a tightly run organization...

...can never make such decisions. Surely, you understand that?

Runner? Wait... You're the errand boy?
- Yes

Until I reach your status… I see myself as an errand boy, yes.

We're going to continue this conversation someplace a little more quieter.

Will you come with me?

They're going, they're going Now!!
- Come on! come on! Let's Go!!

What a bunch of cancerous(fucking) assholes, man.

Those are the Colombians.

Marouane... You dirty traitor, Marouane.

No, Ömer...
- You son of a bitch, Marouane.

No, I didn't know anything about this, Ömer.

Take (him) away.

Dirty snitch.

Welcome to Vodafone voicemail. You have one message.

This message was recorded at 16:27.

Geusebroek, I just had a detective of yours standing by.

Not an easy guy. I have to give him that.

I'm calling to say that I just called him back from leave.

He's going to be leading a shadow unit that's (performing an intensive operation)...

...on the Pope (organization). And he reports only to me.

And in case you were wondering...

this operation is funded (by) the ministry.

If you hadn't had a leak in your group, we would have caught them long ago.

So, just make sure you find Adil, and we'll do the rest.

Have a nice afternoon.

Chief, what's the plan?

Ömer. Listen to me, Ömer.
- Sit down, asshole.

I didn't know anything about the shooting, Ömer. I swear to you.

Let him go. Let him go. He has nothing to do with it, Ömer.

Brother... Brother...

Stay calm, Marouane.
- Where is your boss?

I don't know. I don't know. Swear to God.

Where. is. your. boss?
- He's only in the same place for two days.

Brother, it's over.
- Don't be afraid, Marouane.

Let him go. Take me.

He has nothing to do with it.

No, no.
- May my parents forgive me.

Marouane... Look at me.

What the hell is going on here?

What the fuck?

Do you know him?