Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Episode #4.2 - full transcript

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00:00:00,160 --> 00:00:02,601(I remember you saying you) wanted to run East, right?

Hey. Hey, hello, come.

Your friend ripped me off

and saddled me with a debt.
...and you're still sitting here talking?

Bring Zakaria to my feet, okay?

Hello? Bring Zakaria. Did you hear me?

There's nothing at his mother's house.

(It's All) Good...

What had actually (intervened), man?

Nothing. Just a couple of junkies busted back for that rip.

What do you want Rambo?

Everybody knows who has the balls in your relationship.

Please, (are you gonna calm down, or what?)

Samira. You know who I am, right?

I'm here because tonight we're having a get together

to talk about what happened.

Don't have to go if you don't want to. You can stay here. No one will say anything.

I saw the way she looked at me. She expects me to be there.

I want to know what is being said.
-Everyone knows who your brother is!

Is there anyone else who would like to share his or her story?

Translated by an Anonymous Subtitler

Shouldn't I just take you to your brother's?

Do you want this?

Then talk, pussy boy.


I know where he works.
I know where he works.

Dad. Can I take a walk around the block?

Zaka. Zaka.

Relax, bro. I didn't say anything to the rest of them.

Nobody knows you're here.

What are you doing here?

Don't I even get a "how you doing, bro?

How you doing, bro?

You know, everything with Scennoe always works out for the best.

Okay. What's up? What are you doing here?

That junkie (who got) Ibo? We found him. On one of those junk boats.

And listen, Hawk chopped his hand off.

Okay. Did you come all the way out here to tell me that?

We caught the junkie who killed your best friend and this is (all you have to say?)

What the matter with you, brother? You don't (answer your) phone. You (haven't been in touch).

You (could've been) lying dead
on a street corner.

I had to get away from this shit.
- What about us?

We get all the headaches from Tonnano. We work there for nothing.

Do you know how cut up that is?

Do you think my father just got back from prison, also?

Ibo's father is looking for you.

Where are those guys?

Las Vegas, yeah?
- Las Vegas.

I'm (about to head there.)
I've been awake for 48 hours.

You've seen that (film right? The one where they're all drunk, with Mike Tyson, and that tiger.)

What's that movie called again?

Would you like an autograph?

I want to ask you something.
- What?

I just want to ask you something.

Bro who...
Do you know where Samira is? (Her husband) is concerned, and wants to know where she is.

Go, go. Bring those bags.
- Selim, give your keys.

Why are you asking me that?
- Is she with Pope?

Why do you ask that, man?
Why would you ask me that?

Bro, he can't reach you. He's (been) asking me to question you.


He can't reach me because he's a bitch. Okay?

And we don't answer to bitches...Understood?

Take your two bags and go take them where you need to take them. Okay?

Yeah? And if you talk to Taxi, there's nothing wrong with his wife.

And you, are you going to call your husband or do you want to register here?


Ma'am. Hello. What is it? Que pasa?

Do you have nightmares? Do you have dreams?

You shouldn't let those things play out in your head.

Things happen. You're shooter...I'm a shooter.

Those things happen.
-(Be Quiet, will you)

I have a problem.

I need your help.

To: Tonnano
Message:I can't do this!

No, (I'm not avoiding your answer.) What are you going to do about it? (I need something concrete!)

That's why it's all the more important that we all go out and vote

at the next municipal elections.

That's the only way we can make change.
-Hold on.

We come here (with concerns) about (the liquidation) of our children...

...and you come here to collect votes?

Skip this idiot please. Oh my...

Excuse Me. I should have said that it differently...
-You should've said something ELSE?

Maybe you should not talk for a while, and just listen to what they have to say.

No...As I look around here, I think we've heard enough.

Come back when your not running for office.

Thank you for coming.
-Have a great evening.

What are you smiling at?

Do you think people don't know who your brother is?

What did you say?
-What did I say?

Is it so difficult for you to understand?

People in your family are murderers, criminals,

...and (have peanuts for brains)

Just a minute, you.

That's assault.
- Let go. Let go.

She can press charges.
- What, report?

Do you think she's going to press charges?
Let go. Let go.

That gentleman over there wants to know if you're going to press charges.

Are you going to press charges, Hajar El Koubaki?

Salam aleikum.

Where is Zakaria?

Who is Zakaria?
-That little baby Zakaria, where is he?

Listen, I don't have time to help you.

I'm busy with these people. I can't help you.

Listen, dick. (Is) that man gonna start breathing again if you pay attention to him?

Where's that fuckin whore?

Take it easy. Calm down.

Where were you?

Hello, I'm talking to you.
Hey, Wife, where were you?

(Where have you been sleeping for the past two nights?)

Did you lose your tongue? What's the matter with you?

The guy's on his way to Dubai, man.

Gerben, I already have...
-Someone is leaking (information) here.

...that yesterday four police officers were killed

in the violent escape of top criminal El Haddaoui.

On that escape...

Is everything okay? Good, man.

What are you so happy about now, dick?

Hold on, bro.

Ah, bullshit.

I (have some info) on that taxi driver's wife.

Hey, it's Detective El Moussaoui.
I can't log in.

So what do you have?
-That woman from Al Saddiqi...


First, get your affairs on track.

I have no compassion for incompetence.

Sorry, bro.
- Good luck.

Chief, I got something.

You got something?...(Well) I've got something too.

I got a problem, you see, because you're suspended.

For What? Why?
- Why?

Do you think it's not hard enough (dealing with) those people outside your door?

(Obviously), you don't. (Cause Your "Lordship" here, is filing a formal complaint) against two colleagues.

I was profiled because I am Moroccan.

I was working.
-Yes, you were indeed working.

Undercover, Rachid. And in an area under surveillance, no less.

(But why am I hearing) about this through internal affairs?

This is Nonsense.
- Rachid, listen. If I go undercover,

(investigating) some, I don't know...some soccer hooligans...(and there are riots in which I get arrested)

(then that's the way it is. Even if I had nothing to do with it... because it's part of the job.)

I'm not going to go whining about it.
I'll spend nine hours

sitting on a metal fucking cot, until I'm released.

Then I'll go back to work.

Good. Go home. Take two weeks
rest and withdraw that (formal complaint).

I'm not going to withdraw that (formal complaint)
- (Take the) two weeks rest.

I'm stepping to the...
-Goddamn it. Take two weeks' rest you curly head bitch!!!

(Subtitler Note: He really didn't say the "curly head bitch" part...Sorry, I got excited)

Whenever you have to take a shit, you catch it with your hands first...

or (you'll be wearing hotpants everyday, for the rest of your life)

What are hotpants?
- You don't know what hotpants are?

Brother, I don't know what they are either, but I swear, I'd choose (the hotpants).

Here your hot pants, cock.

I'm not wearing that, brother. Never.
-I take it back.

You've already chosen, friend. You can't go back (on it).

From now on, we'll call you Hotpants.

Are you playing child molester again?

You guys didn't hear it from me, but he's here to play Dutroux(Famous Child Molester) with you.

Come out of that water, show me what's in your "pouch"
- Let me Chill.

I told you. He won't show you right....Pervert.

Go. Fuck off.7

Go ahead and say it.

I need men, not children.

Who are you looking for?

The little one.

Everyone wants to get rid of Pope.

He has to die.

I think I got a guy for you at the docks.

You can't manage to talk to her?

No, man. After that...

Since that incident she
hasn't talked to me.

Does she talk to anyone?
-you mean a Relationship therapist or what?

No, man. We don't do that kind of thing anyway.


Hey, Selim.

What's Up?

How are the rides going?

Bro, (I'm telling you:) It's too many cabs in this town, man.

So... I suppose I could use a little extra money, you know?

You should have finished school then, kid.

School? What (am I supposed to) do with that, man?

Brother, listen. You probably need someone else.

I have a good network and I know a lot of young people.

What is it? Are you deaf or what?
- Shallow dick. Not at all.

You know what? Your Timer. Your Timer.

What are you doing?
Hello, what are you doing, hey!

Bro. Bro, what the Fuck are you doing?!?!?

Taxi. Dude!!

Get out of here.!! Get out of here!!
- Little brat!!

You're pathetic, bro!!

Bro. Leave that guy alone. Taxi!!

Dirty dog! What's his name?!?!

You're going to give me his name now!! I swear to you, this ends here!!

I want his name!!

The whole neighborhood can you...
- Don't give a damn!!

They're testing me. Everyone...!!

Me, who set up that whole network for Pope!!

My life is ruined!! My life is ruined!!

Oh, you want to film?!? You want to film me, dog?!?

You want to film me!?! Film! Film!!

Here, film now!! Film!!

Send it to The Pope and fuck off!!

Send it. faggot...!!

This is what I deserve?!? What I earned?!?

I always do everything right for everybody!! And this is what I get!!

Goddammit, take the two weeks off (you curly head bitch)!!!

Honey, I'm still at work.

I have to finish something.

Yeah, all right. Bye.

Hey, Samira.

Can we talk for a minute?
- No. I'm coming to pick up my kids.

I think we really need to talk.

About that headshot?
- About Moshin, Leila's son.

There's nothing to talk about.
- Good. Though, Last time he was...

Listen, I don't have time for this.

Kaoutar, Rayan.

When did you?
- I don't know how to help you.

Kaoutar. Rayan.

Available 24/7.

All right, whatever you want. Come.

How was school?

(You won't get better tomorrow with new shoes)

From: Tonnano
Message: Has the kid been spotted yet?

Every time you have to go to the bathroom, you should have to piss blood.

To: Tonnano - Message: Nothing Yet.

...or every time you talk, you should have flies coming out of your mouth.

..the little ones, but sometimes Fat Bowflies too.
- Blood pissing man. Say no more.

- Of course.

(If I'm) going to take a piss.
I (wouldn't even) look down anymore.

You (would) get used to it.
- But it (would) hurt.

From: Tonnano - Message: Hurry up I want him here.

No, bro, you didn't say that. You said "pissing blood".

You get what I mean tho, right?
- No, you have be (exact.)

Listen, bro.

To: Tonnano
Message: All Good


Brothers. This isn't necessary.

This is not what Islam prescribes for us.
- Quiet. Sit Down!

Lie down, dick!

Where's the little toddler?

Talk. Zakaria.

No, bro. Just talk.

Where's the Kid? Who was he with?

Ruin this place a bit.

Come talk to me sometime if you want.

I can help you get out of that devilish world.

Shut the fuck up.

The prophet...

You don't make the rules here. Got it?

If we don't find this guy, we're coming back for you.

And then we're gonna burn this place down, (with you in it.) Got it?

Let's Go.

P$LITIE Amsteroarth-Aaas
Rachid El Moussaoui
020-274 12 02
06-58 080615
**and a whole bunch of bullshit writing**

To: Tonnano
Message: Are you at the club?

From: Tonnano
Message: Yea, come hang out.

Hey, mom's going out for a while, yeah? If there's anything...ask daddy. Okay?

I can play soccer better than Jaouad.

That's good, ma'am.
I will give you five chances to score

while I'm also in goal.

Then we'll see if this Ronaldinha...really is a Ronaldinha.

You score, you get 5000.


Hurry up.
- Shut your mouth. I've lost.

(You know that) If you win, you don't (have to make a big deal of it)

What are you looking at me (with that blank pigeon stare)?

Make that Appointment, okay?

Okay, are you ready, guys?

Go get yourselves ready for bed.
- This early?

Mom always lets us stay up later.

Just (Do what I say), yeah.
- Can we watch some more TV?

No, honey. Just go to bed.

Go brush your teeth and take your sister with you.

What can I help you with?

I know that Moshin Kaddouri was at your house.

I pretty much raised Moshin. Yes, he came to our house a lot.

(So what)?
- Samira...I know.

What do you know? ....You don't know anything.

Yes..Mo occasionally came to our home. (But how) am I supposed to know where he is now?

We already know where he is.
In a container in the Industrial Park.

I know who you are.
I know who your brother is.

And Moshin was last seen with you.

I think we're done talking.
- Wait a minute. I have one more question.

I don't feel like answering your questions anymore, Mr. El Moussaoui.

Madam, keep that door open. I am police.

I'm from the police. Cunt.


Do you have a hot spot for me?

Leave me alone. The hotspot is over there or something, ask him.

What are we going to do then?
- Don't know.

Have you spoken to him?
- He won't say where they are.

Why not?
- Exactly, bro.

He's scared.

While Tonnano is'nt going to do anything. Did he do anything to us?

He hasn't done anything to us, but we are slaves to him.

And suddenly, that's our fault?

What's Up, baldy?

Get in.


Brother, I'm sweating, I dunno.
- You don't know.

All I know is that he's at Scennoe's, but where... I don't know.

No, man.

Wait, wait. I got an idea. You have his number, right?

Give me your phone, pal.
- He won't say where he is.

Don't worry about it. Calm down, calm down. Give.

We're going for a ride. Come on, kid.

They're looking for him.

God knows what he did, but they're serious.

Have you gone to the police?
- What are they going to do?

They're putting up cameras, so that next time I have proof.

Do you have any idea where he might be?

Habib, do you need security?
Should I call someone for you?

What is written,
that is written.

When my day has come...
- We need you here badly, brother.

Brother, some of these young people don't want to be saved.

They are hopeless.
- Not so, brother.

The problem is that we Moroccans are too divided.

Whereas if everyone comes together...

You know yourself that's never going to happen.

You know what our people are like, right?

Afraid of people talking about them.
Afraid of the boys themselves.

Some are even afraid of their own children.

Yeah, okay, but even then we have to get more involved.

We're doing our best, bro, but we still need to do more.

You've got to find your son before they find him.

What do you think?

Are they going to come? Huh?

Stay here, you.

You got keys?
- Yeah, man.

You have an hour, otherwise it's
over. For this matti

From: Cingo
Message: That Little One is on the way he he.

How did you get to know Jaouad?

That man pulled me out of the gutter.. where no one could pull me out.

What did you have to do in return?



(I don't know) what's (goin on) between you and your brother or what kind of quarrel you have...

but that brother of yours is a real one.

He made my life miserable.

You're his sister.

Maybe he did that to protect you.

Do you have any sisters?

There's no need to talk about my family.

Okay. I have one sister. She's in Morocco.

Married to a general or a colonel, I don't know who he is.

Your brother... That man's got half of Amsterdam eating.

But these people don't realize it. I swear, they don't realize it.

From: Cingo
Message: The Kid is here.
I'm going to set an example yes?

But (he has to let some of those) whore children starve...

until they don't know how to chew anymore.

Ewa, Chupa Chups.

Your friend here has a BIG hangover. Oh yeah, Hangover.

Sorry, boys.
- You got it.

Its All Good
-No, It's Not gonna be okay at all, kids.

I hear crazy stories on the street, cause you guys still have something open.

I'm here now.
- Right, you're here now.


Speak up.


or left?

Take your pick, jerk.

Sit. Stay here.

Ho... don't shoot. Don't shoot.

Load everything. Quickly.

(Subtitler Note: Damn, this show is getting good bruh)