Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - Episode #4.4 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Did you know the boy lying there?
- No.

I want to retrace my son's last steps.

I want to know how this happened. My son is not a dealer.

I want to know who gave him (this) junk to sell.

Did you know Ibrahim? The guy they found in that drug house the other day?

Ibo? No man, didn't really know him. **said nervously**

Check uhhh Komt Goed.... Zakaria.
- Is he the son of that morgue cleaner?

I want to ask you something.
- What?

Do you know where Samira is? Taxi is worried. He wants to know where she is. Is she with Pope?

Listen, he can't reach me, because he's a bitch.

Okay? And we don't answer to bitches.

I set up that whole network for Pope. My life is ruined.

My life is ruined.

Lie down, dick.

Where's that Kid? hmm Talk.
......where's Zakaria.

Otherwise we'll come back and set this shithole on fire.

Sorry, boys.

It's All Good.
- No, it's not going to be Good at all, Kid.

I (hearing crazy talk) on the street. (That) you guys have something else(/another business) open.

(I've been here.)
- And that indoor soccer trip?

How did they know where you were?

I don't know. eh? I don't know.

But it's All Good.

Zakaria, (that) son of a bitch...

Who is Zakaria?
- The cancer(fuckin) Kid.

Did he do that?
- He was there last.

Ho, ho, don't shoot. Don't shoot.

Re-Subbed FULL Dialog by an Anonymous Subtitler

Hey, hey. He's here, you know. Finally, kid.

One squirt of water, please.


Hey, brother, don't get my head tired(piss me off). It's the weekend.

My head is already full( I already have enough to think about), please.

Thank you. Thank you, my dear.

Keep the change. I only give hundred dollar bills here.

Do you see her?

I just spent a crazy hour and a half with her.

Dominique. My Sunshine, come.

You see this guy? This is a good friend of mine, Selim.

He's a bit shy, your friend.

No, no, he's not shy. What's the matter with you, man?

She's not going to eat you.

She only does that if you pay for it.

Are you free?

Do you have an hour for me?
- I'm talking to her.

Have you paid?

Brother, here in Holland we speak Dutch.

I don't understand you. In Holland we speak Dutch.

You are lucky that you don't all speak German.

Do you understand this joker?

Friend, I don't want to be disrespectful. If she's with you, it's okay.

Friend, (I'm just joking). If you want her, take her. She's not my property.

(You go.)

Let's Go!!
- Hey, hey, Easy Now. Okay.

Do you have time or not?
- Follow me.


(Their drinks are on me)

Stay here, my friend. We'll chat later.

We'll chat later. I'll be here all night, friend.

(They seem like some) good Turks, brother.
- We're getting out of here.

My children are with my parents. My wife has lost her way. I'm not going anywhere.

Everything good?
- Good. (**Taxi is Drunk and slurring words**)

Wanna drink something?
- No, I'm good man, thank you.

Yes, the apple-flavored shisha. A bottle of JD(whiskey) and some water.

Where are you from? Morocco?
- Amsterdam, friend.

The best city in the world.
- I love the whores there.

Do you know Ummet Ozcan?
- Who?

- I don't know him.

He's a Turkish DJ from Holland. One of the best in the world.

A friend had him come for his wedding.

He had him CUM(ejaculate)?

I saw him in Amsterdam. You guys have that festival. It was called Dance...

Amsterdam Dance Festival.
- Bravo!
- Amsterdam Dance Event, pancake.

What do you do?
- I have my own taxi company.

Your here to bring people home??
- I'm here for fun. Just like you.

And you? Are you from Berlin?
- Düsseldorf, dick.

Does he drive a taxi?

He works for me. What do you think?

And you, what work you do???
- Import, export, transportation. (Sometimes something "Different")

How you mean, "Different"?

Ahh so... business is good?
- Why do you ask??

You looking for a new Job??

No, that's not for me.

Are you sure?
- I'll be back, okay?

Yo, bro.
- Where you going?

Hey. Where did Dominique go?

She wasn't feeling well, so she checked out early.

Try again tomorrow.
- Okay.

How's it going?
- Yeah, good, man. What's up?

Bro, I don't trust these guys. Let's get out of here.

Bro, don't be like that. Those are good Turks. What's wrong with you?

Come on, second round.
- Bro, it's six in the fucking morning.

We still have to drop off that money at Tonnano's.

Come with me. I'll get a nice breakfast for you. Come on.

Let's Go.

- Yeah, come on, let's go. Come on.

Come on, Bambi's. Let's Go.

What's the matter with you? Why are you scaring us like that, friend?

You having fun, Penny. (**said sarcastically)
- Come eat, boys.

Extra sambal?
- Like always.


And, is this our new home?

Penny does have a point, doesn't he.

You want to stay in this (Cave) forever like cockroaches??

(Honestly, I'm starting to) miss a hot shower.

It's better if we stay here a while and just let the storm blow over. No one's coming here.

What storm? What storm are you talking about?

Do you think Tonnano is busy on us?

That man's whole cover (has been blown).
- I'm not talking about that.

Then what?

Boys, I know a better place.

There's only Dutch people there...and couples and stuff.

We can hang out there, eat, drink. That's better than here, right?

I'm on your side, Penny.

I have too much energy to sit here. You know how I am.

Where is Gerroe anyway?

Where is my son?

Stay put.
- That's assault. Did you see that?

Hajar, you're my fucking sister.

Old man. (Do you hit Zakaria like this??)
- Calm down, brother. Calm down.

What is this, man? Come on.
- Not in here.

Don't. Don't let yourself be intimidated(instigated). You know better.

Dalil. Look at me.

Do you know who I am?

The Easter Bunny, or (something)?
to bring me a fucking egg.

Why were you dealing coke with my son?

I wasn't dealing anything. I don't know what you're talking about.

Listen, it's not about you or Zakaria

...Or about the rest of your friends. (Who were you Dealing for?)

Talk. (Who's is it?)

Hey, Dalil.

Listen. Listen to me carefully.

There is someone Dead.
- I don't know what you're talking about.

We're Muslims, right?

It's written, right? If you die, then is was gonna happen anyway. Right? Or is it?

What are you all whining about then?

What are you doing, witch?
- Is this how we raised you?

You got (no credibility) at all, bitch.

Go sell yourself down at the Spuistraat.

...with your boring girlfriends.

I'm going, man.
- Hey, where are you going?

To your cancer(fuckin) mothers.
- Hey, what are you saying?

Hey, listen. One of your friends is dead. We're here to help you.

Answer some questions, then you can go.

I don't know anything. I don't know anything. I don't know anything. What don't you understand?

I know one thing.

I'm invoking my right to remain silent.

Brother, what are you doing? What are you doing?

What did you find out?

They don't have anything.

Were the police there?

Just those bums from the community center.

And the parents over there who want to get us off the streets.

..and back into poverty.

Komt Goed's (Zakaria's) father was there too....slappin my face and everything.

Who does he think he is?
- Yeah, who does he think he is, man?

- Yeah, right?


That father of Komt Goed(Zakaria)...what does he look like?

This is the only way I'm gonna reach him, insjallah, isn't it?

Insjallah? Is that all you have to say?

Is that the only word that you learned inside?

In there I learned the hard hand.

Do you think you're going to reach them with compassion?

Well done, you know. So where is he now?

He's better off now than he was an hour ago, isn't he?

Better off...
- Okay... That's enough. Enough.

Emin and I grab the shisha's.
East, New West.

They're going to come out. At this age they are full of energy.

They can't sit still.

I'll contact Detective Moussaoui.

I have his number. I'm sure he can help.

I'd love to help you guys out, but I have to deal with this mess.

Hey, motherfuck...

Now let (him) go. Or the next one goes through your head.

(Subtitler Note: OHHHH SHIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Get it, kid, get it.


Ko, vagrant.

Take it easy. You're in a game hall.

Do you think you're in your mother's house?

Bro, what the fuck is this?
- Bro, (get used to it. Get used to it.)

Bro, what the fuck is this cancer(fuckin) place?

Unclean money belongs in an unclean place.

Thanks, huh.

- Hi.

You'll have to explain (this) to me. Is this the gas?

Yes, here to start and then gas.
- Okay.

Well, give it your best shot.

Hey, man, this is you, right? Nooo, now look.

What are you doing?

That's not fair.
- Sorry, man. Yeah, sorry.

You just threw me off the road.

It's a game, right.

Snapchat me.

Did you see that, dick?
- Nice one, cousin.

Don't puke in my car, kid.

Can you find it or what?
- Bro, open your window.

Bro, open up. That whole car stinks, kid.

Yeah, bro...
- Open up.

Here. This way.

Bro, it's not like to you have to shower in that money.

But a pig farm, bro. Why that?

Pig farm, yeah. Would you rather it go to that barbershop in West?

I telling you, Henk can be trusted.

With some Moroccans, it's better not to share your secrets.


Hi, Mom.

I can't come over right now.
I'm busy with work.

Their mother is...

Yeah, just give it a minute.

Hey, sweetie. Hey, do you like it?? ...Not so much fun at grandma and grandpa's?

Yeah, mommy misses you too.

No, but honey, listen. You know, I'll stop by tomorrow, yeah?

No, I don't need to speak to Grandma. Just tell her I said hi. Yeah?

Okay, bye, bye. Bye. Bye.

What's up?
- It's nothing.

Hey, brother. Don't (try) to get my head, Please.

(I've been) up all night and I don't know.

Let me see that package.

Is this from the Turk at the whorehouse?

Yes, why?
- Look closely at that package.

That's that shit from Pope, right?

(I think that's the shit that didn't make it to the streets.)

Bro. Tonnano needs to know about this.
- Fuck Tonnano.

Fuck Pope.

Fucking flies here, kid.

Did someone shit on it?

Take these to the car already.

Fuck off, you.

Go. Fuck off, dick.

Well, Taxi? What the fuck?
- What's up?

What do you mean, what?
-(Don't know anything huh?)**being sarcastic**

Look. What's between you and your between you and your wife.

But she's not just your wife.

She's the boss's sister.

Understand? The relationship between them is more important than the relationship between you.

So if she asks me something, (I dont)have to consult with you (about it). Understood?

Go to sleep. Go.

Yo, bro.

I think I can find out who's behind that rip.

I ran into some German Turks.
- you hang out with Turks now, Taxi?

I went to pick up Selim somewhere and this guest offers me coke.

All I know is that those kids were the very last ones there.

And we're (finding those kids) and drawing those motherfuckers out. Got it?

Brother, I think it's those Turks.
- Taxi. Now it's time to focus!!

Those five kilo's...It's not about the five kilos!!

There's (no more) trade. Hear what I'm saying to you?!?!?

They tried to put me down!!

They want to fuck up the whole club!! They killed Cinqo!!

They killed Cinqo, Taxi!! Do you want to hear that?!?!?

They tried to fuck me!! They already fucked me!!

Okay. Go check it out. Find out who those people were.


And take it easy, Taxi.

I don't need a "Taxi" that's running around swinging crowbars at people.

You didn't think I knew about that?

Well guess what(...I knew).

Take care of yourself. Sleep a little bit. Eat a little bit.

drink a juice or something, vegetable. Mix it up. Do something, man.

Bro, I don't see any German license plates, though.

Okay, wait here. I'm going in.

Bro, there's nobody here. What are you going to do?

I'm not a therapist.

We can talk again for an hour, but it's the last time, okay?

I don't want to talk about me this time.

We're not going to talk about me, if that's what you're thinking.

What did he do to you last time?

That Turk, from Germany.

Why do you care?

Did he hit you?

So you think if someone hits me... I need a man?
-No, of course not

So why are you here?

Well, I...Im not only a taxi driver.
- You're a hit man too?
- No

The next time they're here, I need you to call me.
- No....No!!

Just take it.
- I don't need your money.

I just want to be there when you finish him.

Okay...we can talk about that.

If he's here, you text me. The code is 0000.

We'll keep in touch.

You don't have to go.




What took you so long, kid?
- The chick was busy.

And now what?
- Row. Row.

They're looking for us, bro.

I swear to you, they're looking for us. I'm telling you guys.

I cant die, brother...I can't Die...

Bro. Please sit down. Calm Down.
- Nothing's calm, kid!!! Nothing's Calm!!!

They killed his father and we're fucking next. I'm fucking 18!!!

I haven't even been to Salou yet.

I still have to get my driver's license, buy a car, everything.

You weren't there when Tonnano held the fire hose on me.

Cinqo breaking my nose....
- Penny.

Get some Red Bull and water from Ali.
- I need to talk to the police.

If I talk to the police, Im a snitch.

I can't snitch.

I need a gun. I swear. I need a gun.

If Tonnano sees me, he'll cut my hands off.

(You Good) now.

You're with us. No one is going to find you here.

Nobody is going to do anything to you. Okay?

And remember, you ratted on us at the community center when you brought up lbo.

So sit your fat ass down and calm down.

Where are you going?

I'm looking for a phone.

What kind of phone?
- Any kind.

Just (one with) Internet.
- I'll take a look for you.

I've got one here for you. I'll turn it on for you.

How much do I owe you?
- This one is 400 euros, brother.

This one is free for you.
- You got it.

What do you need? The same thing?

Yeah, just three, man.

Or four. You know what? (Just) throw in three.

And four Red Bulls and get some water.

Where are those friends of yours?

(I feed them), but I don't see them.

Hey, everything okay? I'm at the snack bar. Just with Ali.

Does Zaka want Turkish pizza or not?

Has she responded yet?

Brother. I'm in love.

I saw it, little brother. How are you going to handle it then?

Ewa. Every day somewhere else.

First in the Netherlands.

Maybe Texel. I think it's crazy there.

Don't take her to the snack bar. Or some express KFC.

Are you crazy?

No, man.

I take her to a restaurant with four-piece cutlery.

A small and large fork on one side

and a big and small knife on the other.

In the middle one of those napkins made of swans.

You know that one?
- Wise, man.

See? I don't have to teach you anything (else).

From: Yousaiddit
Message: You're really not going to do it

From: ZakariaKomtGoed
Message: Yea

From: Youssaidit
Message: I don't believe it

From: ZakariaKomtGoed
Message: You have already given me your address I am almost there.

From: Youssaidit
Message: HaHaHa really

From: ZakariaKomtGoed
Message: Really I'm going to tell you when I get there.

From: Youssaidit
Message: I'll believe it when you get there.

From: ZakariaKomtGoed
Message: I'm at Minerva Square now

From: Youssaidit
Message: OMG that's right around the corner from me hahaha

From: ZakariaKomtGoed
Message: Told you so.

Nice of you. Giving the bum a coffee.

Hey. You need something to eat?

No stress. I'll pay.
- Where is Zaka?

Zakaria? Where is he?

I am the father of Ibrahim. Ibo.

I... I don't know what you're talking about.

Are you drunk or what? Did you put something in his coffee?

You don't have to get up, old man. I just wanted to pay for your food.

Hurry up, I have to go.

Hey, Chaib.
- (You're) coming me with me.

From: Youssaidit
Message: Takes a long time....

***GUNSHOTS - Zak outside getting his ass lit up by Gangsters***

(Subtitler Note: Nevermind)

From: Youssaidit
Message: Go away crazy, my parents are sleep!!!

From: ZakariaKomtGoed
Message: Surprise

From: Youssaidit
Message: Just watch out or someone will call the police

From: Youssaidit
Message: You really are crazy *smiley face emoji*

From: Youssaidit
Message: I'm going to sleep. Thanks for the show *smiley emoji* . Send (me) something when you get home?

Hey, hey.

I forgot your name. Sorry.

- What do you want?

My friend is here. He wants to see your room. Just for an hour.

Can you show him a good time?..huh?


I'll have time in two hours.
- Come.

One person, please.


I swear, you're gonna get your ass kicked.

Bro, I don't know if they're here, lol.

I swear, I thought...

What's this?
- Sorry, boys..uuh.

Come here, rats.
- No, Chaib, listen.

(Subtitler Note: This show is really Good)