Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Wollah meh ik heb iets gezegd - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Tell that fucking idiot that if he
thinks I need a babysitter ...

I don't want to see him.
I haven't seen anyone.

No, you don't have to worry.
I'll send someone to pick you up.

Had an accident?
Brother, what the fuck?

Where are my kids?
Where is my wife?

She went to Pope. I'm going to fix it.
He took them hostage, you pig.

So you have seen Pope?
Keep doing what you do.

As soon as you get closer to Pope,
get in touch.

Come on. Tomorrow you have to
get 1 kilo to the south.

Tatta needs it.
I thought East, right?

You thought, you are going to run it?
I already have someone there.

I work for Pope.
For Pope?

Show them this.

He has gone to Antwerp on business.

Nadira needs help.
Why aren't you with Nadira?

Go home ... open the door,
I have to go home.

This is goodbye, man.
You deserve it.

I'm working on it.


Ewa Kobus.

Everything fine?

Tatta says you want to talk.

Then talk.

What did you say to him?

What are you doing?


What kind of crap is this?

I don't know what you guys are up to
but we quietly get in ...

I'll kill you all. Hakim!


Hey, what kind of crap is this?
You wanted that shipment or not?


I promise, this won't go wrong, we're going to
solve this without bullshit.

Fucking pigs, let me go.
Fucking pigs.

Yeeh what, isn't it so?

I could shoot your whore.

You lived with us for two months
and now you're taking my children hostage.

You're insane, bro.

Everyone wants to get rid of Pope.

He must die.

Let her go to her children.


OK, come then.

You have to see your kids, right?

Let's go.


Untie me.
It'll be fine.

Yallah, you saw them, right?
Walk. Down.

Bro, what the fuck are you doing, brother?
You sit on that couch.

What kind of fucking jokes are that

Hello, this is Nadira.



Why am I only hearing this now?
What exactly happened?

I am his daughter
and I am not allowed to see him?

I don't understand
what he's still doing here.

He doesn't belong here, I'll take him.
We can't let him go.

Certainly not in this condition.
Which condition?

Which fucking condition?

He's delusional, he's very
aggressive towards the staff ...

he was a danger to himself
and maybe for others too.

Fuck you.

100 percent Fucking Pencil.

Fucked up?

You know you have to do everything
to pay back, right? Hm?

Every fucking cent, huh.

Cinqo will let you know
if we need anything.






everything is ours.


Just go in there, there is Joey.

Do not fight.

Come on, I'll show you the rest.

Thank you for being here.

I don't really have a choice, do I.

No, but it's nice anyway
that you are there.

Come over here.

Goddamnit. I just came in, and you're
back on that fucking phone of yours.

Yes, I have to arrange something, right.

You just go and arrange something.

Boys, do you know where Tatta is?

Your dad.


Where's Duane?
He went with Uncle Kobus.

Just now.

Just now?
Yes, just now.

OK, go play.

What are you going to do?

I have to arrange things.

Hey darling, really nice car.

Yes. I told you so.

You would let those kids go.

I need certainty.
They are my children, retard.


He is crying.
I'm not deaf, yes?

What is it? Why are you crying?
I have a headache.

Everyone has a headache, yes.
Just take it easy, yallah.

Where's Duane?
Hey, hey, hey.

Yes, of course, he is a
fucking courier.

Where's Duane?

TATTA: Brother, I swear on my child
man, I ...

I didn't know about this.

I swear they have shit, man.

They went with the Mexicans
in business.

They kill everyone.

Brother, give them those contacts from Tia.

Fuck Tia, we have that door.
Everyone has to get passed us anyway.

We just do business
with someone else, done.

Mo, don't.
Shut up.

Where is that fucking pig then? Hey?

If he's not there by 30 minutes,
do I kill your son, alright?

Please say it now. What do you know?
What do you want to tell?

He's just careful.
You know him. Wollah, please.

Please, please.
Yes? He's coming?

I hope so for your sake.

And I hope so for you too.

And especially for those fucking kids
of yours.

POPE Tell your uncle he can go
fuck his mom, ok?

Please man you're making a mistake.

I would never do that,
you know that right?

Please, brother.

Come and have a chat.

He's not going to say anything.

I swear,
he would rather die.

Two million.


I'll have someone bring it
or I'll go get it myself.

No risk whatsoever.

He's not gonna hurt you, I promise.
I vouch for him, you understand?

You want on that package, don't you?


She is going to import 2000 kilos.

Your place on that cargo
has been reserved.

You know, that place I go
pay for you.

If you're looking for me, I'm at the camp.

Open that fucking door.

Wollah, you are going to regret
dirty bitch whore. Yes?

Yeah, just wait.


He has migraine.

He needs special pills.

Where are those fucking pills, huh?

In the cupboard there.
Which cupboard, I see six cupboards.

In that drawer, the first one.
Which one? The first drawer.

Blue box, white pills.

I only see blue boxes.
You know what, come and get it yourself. Come on.

Make a mistake and I'll shoot you.
Yallah, get up.

Come on, get up.

Yallah, move quickly.

Come on, hurry up, quickly.

Are you succeeding?

Fuck, fuck. Ah.
No, Samira, no.

No, Samira, no!

He must disappear.

Are you still taking this one?

Hafik, keep these with you.

And get Koos, OK?


How are you, brother?
Hamdulillah. Mashallah.

I thought they were just
fed crap in prison.

Thanks, those books
you have sent.

No problem, brother.
Come on, let's go out for a second, man.

Do a round.

Why don't you come for a few evenings
visit the community center ...

talk to the boys
if it's a bit busier, man.

They might learn something from it.
No problem.

I just can't afford you.
Since the municipality ...

has turned off the subsidy tap
I can hardly make ends meet.

I think I have
something else for you.

You just need a strong stomach
for it.

But I think that's okay
for you.

What's your phone number?

You think I bought a phone
right out of prison?

I'll drop by tomorrow, yes?

That's for you, bro.
Thanks man.

We only come here occasionally
put some stuff away, that's it.

Really fantastic,
but where's my old couch?

Yes, gone. What did you expect?
It looked like shit.

You shouldn't have done this.
Think of it as rent.

Because I always sleep here.

One thing Koos, don't you invite weird people

We will go to work for a while.


Sorry, I thought
someone else lived here.


Come on in.

WOMAN: You don't know about how
thing have been here in recent years, Amin.

I did what I could
on my own...

I just lost him
more and more.

It really went all wrong and ...

at some point I could
just couldn't take it anymore.

I had to call the police and then
they took him...

and taken away from home. Since
then I haven't seen him again.

Those young kids from the neighborhood just have
become beasts.

And Zakaria is just ONE of them.

I don't know where he is.
He's not calling me.

I called him, but he did not answer.

Where do you sleep?

I'll be going to the mosque in a minute.
I'll arrange something there.

You can stay here.

As long as you want.

Honey, can I do anything for you?

No, just go home.

OK, have a nice evening.
See you tomorrow, bye.

He's not here.

Is everything OK?

I actually need a ride.

I'm just going to close everything down.

Give me five minutes.


What are you doing?

Wait here. Don't leave.



Open up.

Fuck off.
Fuck off I say.

Don't let anyone in, right?
But what are you doing then? Hey?

Fucking spacer, are you awake or not?

Hey who are you?
Don't come and test me, man.

Hey? Who is this fucking junkie?
I'm asking you something, huh.

I'm not talking to you
I'm talking to him here.

Aaaah! Fuck, no, no.

Fucking pig!

No, no, stop. Fucking pig. No no.

Mr. El Haddaoui,
this is an unofficial visit.

If you don't need that,
you should say that now.

Come on in.

Good. I'm not here on business
as said.

Only for this actually.

I always want the person I'm going to sue
to look in the eye for a moment.

You're human, just a human,
just like me and sometimes we forget that.

And then you become a case and I don't like that,
I want to see the human being.

Listen, Mr. El Haddaoui.
Call me Adil.

Listen, Adil.

I'm going to sue you
and I'm gonna play it hard.

I'm going to do everything I can to
get you life imprisonment ...

because I know what you did.

Sounds logical.

You're a fighter, aren't you, Adil?

Me too.

K.O. right?

They sometimes put a free fighter
and a shaolin fighter ...

against each other. Of course
the free fighter ...

hit that shaolin fighter
knockout with one punch.

One punch.

But a Shaolin fighter fights with
style, he always gets up.

Every knockout is power ...


to live on.

Pure chi that you receive as a gift.

Well, stupid comparison.
I just want to tell you this:

Tomorrow in court you get
to deal with hard blows ...

because I'm going to nail you.