Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - Toch, Joey? - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
He got ripped in East.
Fucked up, really?

Don't invite weird people, OK?

I'm not talking to you mate
I'm talking to him here.

Open up.

Abdelhak Taheri.

What are you doing?

Where's Duane?

You flashed me, you cunt.
Wollah, I didn't flash you.

I swear he's coming.

Tell your uncle he can
go and fuck his mother, ok?

Listen Adil, in court tomorrow
you get hard blows ...

to deal with,
because I'm going to nail you.

Yes? We're going to find him.

And we're going to get him back.
He is not only related to you.

We're going to get him.

So, are you finally there?

They have put my father
in an institution.

Completely injected with shit.

He really can't go back.

Who should help him?

MAN: The court.

Take a seat.

I hereby open this session.

We're here to determine ...

whether the pre-trial detention of Mr.
El Haddaoui will be renewed.

That is why I would firts like to give the floor
to the officer.

Thank you, Madam Chairman.

That's right and that's why I'll continue to be direct.

The OM, in collaboration
with the NFI ...

and the national police ...

created a spectacular breakthrough.

It's me. Quiet.

Look here, Dad.

I brought someone.

Do you remember who I am?

OFFICER: Within the organized

is the use of so-called
PGP telephones extremely popular.

Criminals are in the

that the encryption of these devices
is unbreakable ...

and that they can speak freely.

That is a misconception.

Thanks to the relentless

of colleagues at the NFI
we have been able to ...

hack servers seized in Iceland.

Because we have been able to hack
these Icelandic servers...

the Public Prosecution came into possession ...

of more than 6 million written

similar to whatsapp messages
as you and I know them.

We also know that one of the
aliases ...

from Mr El Haddaoui ...

is knockout.

Or K.O.

And that is why I can already
give a teaser here.

Dear Chairman, District Court,
we request...

therefore emphatically
to keep the suspect ...

in custody for
another 90 days...

and give the OM the time ...

to be able to analyze
all these data carefully.

Thank you.

WOMAN: Silence in the court.

Silence please.


Hey, hello.

Come on. Come on.

Where the fuck were you?

Ibo please!

Hey. Hey. Come on.

Come on. Come here.

Do you know Koos?

Koos, Koos?
No man.

'No man. 'You spend every fucking day
with those fucking nutcrackers ...

I do not know him.
Fucking bitch.

What do you want from me?
Do you have 20 balls in your butt or something?

You have seen a corpse
before, right?

Once, man.

Thanks for this favor, brother.
No problem, brother.

Come and talk to the boys sometime
in the community center.


This afternoon a boy comes in,
he needs to be washed.

That's the whole job actually.

Sometimes relatives want
to say goodbye.

That is always possible.

But when it concerns a liquidated

I advise them against that,
to want that.


Ultimately, that is up
to themselves.

Do you like coffee?

Thank you.

And voila.

I think now is the time
for a speech, right?

ALL: Speech.

Today we have dealt organized
crime a first blow.

In a series of blows that
is going to turn the world upside down.

We made it clear,
once and for all ...

that no one can hide ...

and that no one can withdraw
from obeying the law.

We celebrate that today.

We celebrate that,
because there is no life ...

if you can not celebrate
your greatest successes.

To the good cooperation
with the NFI ...

the criminal investigation department and the Public Prosecution Service.

Enjoy this day.

Rinus did not sleep
at home tonight. O.

He's not answering his phone.

Do you know where he is?

Yes cozy.

When Rinus is there.


Your fucking mother, your fucking mother ...

TATTA: Enough, enough. Ho.

Ready. Hey, ready.

Stop. Hey, stop.

Is that the Mexican, or not?

Is that the Mexican, or not?

Bro hold on man.


They can't do anything without us. We have
still that entry in the harbor.

We can work with any
fucking Mexican we want.


Can I hold him for a moment?
He's mine.

How many bullets can it hold then?

18 bullets? Beautiful? Can you
show that? How does that work?

The warehouse?

Let's see how it opens.
Yes, how does that work?

Don't hold it, it's mine.

Lett go.

It's mine, guys.
Can't I just ...

Did it work?

I'm coming.

It's gonna be dangerous.

We followed the tracker under that car
of that footballer.

That car is now somewhere in Brabant,
near a camp.

There is Pope.

Is something wrong?

He must die.

We are not going there
for a cup of coffee.

Don't you think they're expecting us?

I said 'it's gonna be dangerous', right?

No man, no man, no man,
why did you take him?

He hasn't done anything, man.
Leave him out. Hey.

Joey, it's going to be okay.
You don't need to worry.

You're not going to do that.
Listen, you're not going to do that.

He hasn't done anything.

Joey, just stay calm, yeah?
Joey, you'll be fine.

Give that data, man. Bro.

Bro, give that fucking data, bro.

Shut up you bitch.

This is what we are wearing.
Apron, mouth masks ...

and gloves.

But we must first need to
do something else, inshallah.


Hey, have you seen Joey?


Where is Kobus?

I don't know.
You don't know much, do you?

Is everything OK?



Hello Miss.

Ewa boys.



Are you lost, dickhead?


No dude, I'm exactly
where I need to be.

I come for Tatta.

Are you the spokesperson?

You say you don't know Tatta,
what is his wife doing there?

I'm going to talk to her.

Yo, Chantal.

Where's Tatta?

Wasn't he in Amsterdam?

So you know who he is.

Few words for
a spokesperson.

I don't want to offend you at all

Do you know what it is?

Tatta and I have a football club.

And we have bougth
a crazy star player.

This guy, he would take me to Premier League,
you understand?

Duane fucking Martina.
Crazy soccer player.

Only, that guy has been unreachable for a few days

And Tatta and I have a lot of money
invested in him.

Do you understand?

Where the fuck is Rinus?

What do you say?

Grab your bag. I'll send someone
who comes to pick you up.

No stress, ma'am.

On my own?

Did you see that bus just now?


The whole fucking platoon.

I wouldn't believe myself either
if I were you.


Walk along. I will show you.
Come on, come along.

Beh, beh, beh, beh.
You don't know anyone, do you?

Get in that fucking car. Come on.

In that fucking car.

The first to enter her
gets holes in his fucking head.

Did you hear me?
Did you hear me?

When it's over
I don't want to see you again.

As if I still want to see you.
It's on the right here.

Let's go.

The bodies of murdered boys
are being investigated by the police.

It sometimes takes them weeks
to get here to us.

Only when they have checked everything off ...

they come to us.

Are you all right, brother?
Yes Yes.

OK, let's start now.

Easy. Right.

The bottom.

Just put his arm down again.

Take the rest of the day off
then you can process everything for a while.

I'll see you tomorrow inshallah
at half past eight. Inshallah.

Fucking prick.

Just leave Joey out, man.

Act normal, act normal.





Bro, give me that fucking location.
I beg you.



Open that gate.

Please open that gate ...



Twelve. Give that fucking location.
Please. I'm begging you, man.


Ten. Hey, get that fucking thing
off his head.








MAN: Kobus.

MAN: Kobus!
Theyre calling you.

They're calling you, you bastard.

They're calling you, fagot.


MAN: Kobus!

Final step.

The one who's gonna fuck your entire camp
if you don't start acting quickly.

Bring Pope. To trade.

Who the fuck are they?
No idea.

Are they here for him? If that's so,
he is definitely here.

He's in there.
What do we do?

Let them kill each other.



Fuck, follow her.
OK, cover me.

Fucking Pencil.

Your mom!


What the fuck are you doing alone ?!
I'm coming with you.

Hey, untie us.
Untie us.

Get that fucking thing out of his face.
Hey. Hey. Look at me, fucking whore.

Hey. Sit. Don't aim that fucking gun
on him.

Hey, fucking whore.
Look at me, look at me.

He has nothing to do with it.
He's my little brother.

You're just going to leave him alone.
Shoot me then, you whore.

Fucking woman.


Joey, Joey, Joey.

Fucking whore, you're going to hell.
Shoot me.

Shoot me, you fucking bitch.
Hey. Hey.

Joey. Joey.