Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - You Know Sacre Coeur? - full transcript

Tell our brother there's
no need to worry.

Not even about ...?

Mom talk slowly, I don't
understand you. What is it?

Well, he really didn't see that bullet

I've seen Mo.
Taxi didn't swipe him.

Mama look, Mo.

All you have to do is
make arrangements with buyers.

Our hands are clean.

Stay in those stands and
see if you can get any closer ...

to Tatta.
And otherwise to that fat guy.

Were you teaching?
They have seen Pope.

Bro, hold on.

Take me to Pope.
This wasn't the fucking deal, bro.

POPE: Yoo Pencil!

I'm going back to the camp with my son.
See for yourself what you are going to do.

I have a lead to Pope.
I need your help.


What is that, brother?

Get rid of that. Quick.

Why do you have that, buddy?

I thought you really
wanted to change.

I doo. But Adil
wants to get me.

Sooner or later he will try.
Then I have to be ready.

My brother, this is not the way.

Bro, you're not gonna help me
when he comes to break my neck.

That is not going to happen anyway.
How do you know that?

You are one of the brothers. We
protect you, I promise.

Nothing is certain.
When that day comes anyway.

But until then, that thing has to go.
That will only cause trouble.

Trust the brothers
and trust in Allah.

I'm going to talk to him.

Salaam aleikum brother.

I've come to ask you for peace.

That boy is his
bettering his life.

He's a fucking psycho
What are you talking about.

And what do you think people will say about you?
Or about me?

I understand you're looking for retribution
but that's not up to us.

That is up to Allah.

The greatest weapon that Allah gives to us
has given is forgiveness.

Just forgive him.

The shit we do is forever.

That does not disappear with
some nice prayers.

Everyone has their own path
to seek relief.

And I hope you find yours.
But until then ...

you stay away from Taliban.
Do you hear me?


I'll be right back.

Doing well.
We are sharp.

Nothing. Will be fine.

I thought East anyway.
You thought you were going to run it?

I already have someone standing there
do not worry.


Show these fools how
these fucking phones work.

You were looking for Younnes?

My husband.

You know that I am Jaouad's sister,


They don't want to give us East.

They want proof, dickhead.

Kifesh, you and your evidence.
Yeah what are you talking about?

I know what he means. Evidence
that we can handle East.

They can get it.

Boys, three o'clock.

No stress.

Stay here.

What's up?

Eiffel is dead.

You have to meet someone.


So you have seen Pope?



At an indoor football match.

What did you do for Eiffel?

Hang out in the neighborhood.
Hanging out in the neighborhood ...

Enter the neighborhood right.

And you succeeded?

I'm an errand boy now.

I hang out in those locker rooms
where they mix everything.

Do you know what killed Eiffel?

He couldn't listen.

Thought he was smarter than anyone.


Zakaria ...

Can you listen?

Can you listen?

Keep doing what you do.

As soon as you get closer to Pope,
do you contact me, yes?

How are you?

What is this?

I am proud of you man.

MUTED: When you realize how we
started seven years ago ...

Salaam aleikum brothers.
IN CHOIR: Aleikum salaam.

Good news, guys: I can
go home tomorrow. Mashallah.

It feels like that, man.
What then?

This is goodbye, man.


You deserve it.
You don't have to worry, huh.

The brothers are there for you.

You will not be bothered by Adil.
He's running his business.

If he does something to you,
he sabotages only himself.

You have to keep that in mind.

When can you leave?

I'll come and visit you if you want.

It' gonna be okay right?

Fancy a last game?
Do your thing, bro.

I'm working on it.


What do you think? Is it a
fucking camp here or something?

What are you talking about?

Do you know everything I did
for Pope?

I'm sitting here in front of him.

Sorry bro.

You know what it's like to be in here,

I fix this, yes?
I'm trying.

Nothing. I just had to
take a break anyway.

Fucking thick.

Nice business you got here uncle.

That was years ago.

Fix me a little box
then I'll send it to Amsterdam.

Should you shoot?

Is it loaded?

Do you know how to do it?
Yes I know.

Shoot when I say so, yeah?

Aim where you want to shoot

Are you ready? Yes.
OK, shoot

Ha, this is good.

Come on. Come here.


Look, you are going into that room now.
Come here. Yes. Sit down. Good.

I have to leave,
so I'm gonna tie you up.

Let's see ... So.

It hurts. No, it doesn't
hurt. Look, like this. Better now right?

Yes? OK. Look what I fixed for you.

Ipad. I'll turn it on.

Here, cartoon. Lasts for an hour and a half
and I'll be back in an hour and a half.

Yes? Don't scream
don't go try to leave ...

because then mommy won't come back anymore.
Yes? OK, yallah.

Be quiet, right?


What are you doing?

He has a gun on my kids.

If Younnes had just done
what he was asked ...

then you didn't have these problems
hey sister.

He didn't hurt a fly.

You destroyed my family.

I have nothing to do with the death
of his brother.

They are boys from your old
fucking neighborhood Jaouad.

Why do you want to ruin their lives?

Because your life has been ruined.

My life is ruined?


If you did that...

If you wanna know how I got that eye
come you have to pay 50 euros, friend.

The harbor?

That shit is easy man.

We import it, we unload it,
we cut it, we sell it ...

That's it.

Yes, I arranged that.

I swear, without him
those thousand kilos would never entered.

It's 25k per kilo times a thousand.

Do the math.


Tell that fucking retard
that as long as he thinks ...

I need a babysitter
I don't want to see him. Ok?

I'm certainly not going to see him.

Are you being bothered, ma'am?


Hey? Darling?


What do you say...?


Yes, sorry, I have poor reception here.

What happened?

I haven't seen anyone ...

What do you mean?

What does it look like then?

No, you don't have to worry.

I'm sending someone
to pick you up, ok?

You get out of there immediately.

I'll take care of it.
I'll take care of it.

I'll call you in a minute.

Fucking rat.

Hey what the fuck are you
dragging that thing around, man?

You have to see this.

What the fuck is this?

Sorry bro, this movie goes round
in my cell block. Everyone has seen it.

Fuck off. Sorry brother,
I thought you should know.

TALIBAN: Fucking bitch

Can't get enough?

From what?
The view.

I don't give a fuck.

Are you going home alone?

I want to surprise
my wife and kids.

Thank you.

For everything.
Do you take care of yourself?

Do you want me to walk with you?
No will be fine.


Had an accident?

Brother, what the fuck?

Where are my kids?

Where is Samira?
Shut up.

Shut up I say.


Brother, I'll say it for the last
time. Sit on that fucking couch.


Strap those strings around your feet.
Completely tight. Tight.

Brother, where is Samira?

Your hands too.

Mo, where's my wife?


She went to see Pope.

I have to go to Amsterdam myself.


He has gone to Antwerp on business.

What do you mean?

Just say.

No problem.

Number of the dealer.

What are you doing?
We had a deal.

exchange at the same time, my friend.

Go to your room or something.

What a crazy guy you are.

We are closed.

It's OK.

PENCIL: Pull, pull.

Do you want to touch it or something?

To locate that little one.

What do you want now?
What do you mean?

You want to get your revenge, right?

I get that.

I will not get in your way.

But then it is useful when
you don't do that with us either.

I hope you understand that.

I'm going to the indoor football.
I thought something like that.

So you too?

He is going to the game tonight.

I want the little one to feel
our prying eyes.

Cinqo! I do not see you.
I'm going into a tunnel, brother.


Look at this chemical crap shit.

Duane, you're gonna go crazy on this,


You have to enjoy life a little,

Boys, I'm going.

Stop, stop, stop. Where are you going?

Tonight I have a party ...

How am I supposed to do this, huh?
I have to play, OK ...

Sssst. Today we play
against 'number lowest'.

Do you know what that means?

If we lose these
I bury all their fucking mothers.

Not kidding, huh.

Nananaa, nana ...

Hello, hello Duane.
I can not hear you.

Duane where are you?



Ewa, are you okay?

Hey, what's this? Hey!

Let me go!

Do you know who I am?
Hey? I work for Pope.

Pope huh? Show him this.

Can you finally get that business of yours
starting, boy.

Ewa Samantha.
You must be called Samantha, right?

Shouldn't you go to bed?
What then?

Why are you throwing with your stuff
should I call your mother or something?

I'm done with this little guy.

Hey, hey, hey, you don't talk like that
to my superstar huh.

Come on Duane, come on.

Space up with me first, come.
What are you watching?

Dad ...

Why didn't you leave from here?


ELIAS: You don't need their help,

There is nothing wrong
with you at all.

And Nadira needs help.

Why aren't you with Nadira?

Nadira is in Amsterdam.

Where strange men
are abusing her.

You ruined your kids, Dad.

You left her.

Like you left me.

And Youssef.

I have to go home...

I have to go home...

I have to go home.

I have to go home...

I have to go home.
I have to go home!

Open the door. I have to go home!

Mr. Taheri ...
You don't have to go home.

No! I have to go home!
Let go!