Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Made in Holland - full transcript

Today is an important day. If this
goes wrong, you won't see Destiny again.

How did you guys manage
that 1,000 pounds...

has come this way. Chapeau(Cheers).
Europe is at your feet.

Maybe we should go somewhere else
for a while. A cottage.

You don't think that
my child to leave the camp....
(…Think that I’ll leave my child at a Camp…)

to live in a house (somewhere else) with you?

What are you actually coming to do?
Do you know anything about Romano?

We haven't heard from him
heard from him for two months.

You guys don't stop
when we mourn you.

Where is Celine?

What is he going to throw it at?
Member of a criminal organization...

Drug trafficking, incitement to murder.

I have nothing
to do with any of those things.

For the time being, they're bogged down
in their evidence.

In the Netherlands and abroad
business premises and homes have been raided.

In Iceland, the raids have included...

several computer servers

containing sensitive encrypted
information from criminals.

Four ki's? You're stressing about
stressing over four ki's?

Let Pope link me up.
Quick, I need my four ki's.

How do you know him?
-Just indoor soccer.

One of those boys from the Bims.

I don't walk around with a quarter ki
in my pocket.

Stop by the Bims tonight.
Bar Sientje.

What are you going to do at Sientje?
Just some small shopping.

It's been two months now. Have you
heard anything about Mo The Show?


Bro, what the fuck is this?
You need to be careful.

How long do I have to stay here?

Do you think Pope is not going to let me
let me sweep? Call him again.
(Translation: not going to [check] on me)

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You guys are from Eastside, right?

Since Romano went missing, it's dead there.

Millie, how much William these men?
- Quarter of a kilogram.

Do you have any money, brother?

Big money, huh.

How old are you anyway?

Old enough. Old enough
for a scooter or for the casino?

Those boys don't even have
hair on their scrotums.

What's up?


Welcome to the “Cave-Man World” (Grown-Up World), boys.

We don't work with little spotters from the opps.

Let this be a wise lesson

Thank your fucking God that I am not sending you to Him.

Repeat after me: alhamdullilah that I am still alive.

Repeat after him, brother, repeat after him


You are that dog from Romano

Fuck Romano

You guys have done a great job.

Balls of steel.

This shit will be gone in a day.

Then I'll see you tomorrow right?

What do you do with the other bricks then?



Mrs. Sadic?

There are two people here
who would like to speak to you for a moment.

What are you two actually doing here?

In your husband's accident, there were
significant quantities of drugs...

That's not his.
My husband owns a cab company.

Do you know how many people
drive for him?

He drives a different car every day.

The fact remains that he...
Are you not hearing what I am saying?

That's not his, I say, is it?

My husband is a sissy. If he sees blood,
he faints.


Can I go back to him?

He won't wake up until morning.

That's what the doctor said.

Wouldn't you rather go home?

You have children, right?

This gentleman here, he's
in the hospital. Badly injured.

We found a small load of cocaine
in his car, in the cab (front part of car?).

He's probably doing distribution.
Little guy.

This friend is probably also
involved with the group, but we already have him.

Who is really interesting is… this one.

That seems to be the chief
of the new group.

That's linked again
to this man here.

All these liquidations
are all the result...

Of beef between these two males.

We had first
concentrated on this one...

but he's disappeared without a trace
since he escaped from the brig(Jail).

That organization doesn't seem to have
much of a presence anymore.

These three are no more.

But the new group now seems to be
taking over the entire city.

That beef has moved
to the Bijlmer.

You think it's a battle
for territory?

All I know is that these are
the new gangsters in town.

Bring them further into the picture.

What hospital is he in?

I put a male on him.

Is everyone up to speed?

Most of them are.

This afternoon we push that shit,
are we off the hook (get rid of the bullshit)

I want my child.

That's Ferry, man.
I want my child now.


Where is my child?
Ferry, who are you yelling at?

I want my child now. My wife is going
going crazy. Hey, take it easy.

I want my child now. I want my child.

Talk quietly, talk quietly,
what are you yelling about?

You're waking up the whole park.
What's wrong with you?

Listen, Ferry, Taxi had
had an accident.

But I know Taxi,
nothing happened to your kid.

He probably has it
with his wife or something.

Lets go get that kid, yeah?

Come on, take it easy.

You're here among friends and you're
just standing here screaming.

Brother, tonight, huh?

Indoor soccer, right brother? I sponsor
that club, you're the guest of honor.

Brother, is (it) safe?

I have snipers around(covering)
you on the roof like you're Beatrix


On the left, number 27.

Just a moment.

Go ahead.

Salaam aleikum, brother.

Aleikum salaam.

You have quite a reputation in here.

Do you need anything?

We must repent for our deeds, brother.

Come with me tomorrow to morning prayers.

I'm okay, man. Thanks

But that hassanat – points you scored
(Those prayers scores you points for release).

It's going to help you.

I'm here for three more months.
It's going to help you out there too.

Better go fold at someone else's place
(sleep with someone else), got it?

We come for the child. His child.


Is Jaouad still too chicken
to come over himself?

We'll come in for a while.
-You're not coming into my house.

We're gonna have a nice cup of
coffee, right?


Do you need coffee?

We'll wait here, yes?

Are you from the police?

Do I look like police?

Huh? I'm a friend of your father's.
We're here to pick up his baby

But isn't that Uncle Mo’s Kid?

Koter, come stand over here.

So where is Uncle Mo?

Hey, can I please have my child?
First he has to go outside.

All right.

I just need to go to the bathroom.

Get out of my house.

Come with daddy.

Get out of my house.
You shouldn't go touching me, yes.

I just need to go to the bathroom.

Is this where the restroom is?
-Just go. No.

Or is the restroom here?

Just go away.

Ewa, cancer(fuckin) dog.

Koter, watch out.

What did they catch you for?

Silly things just like that (Just stupid stuff).

All of us, bro.

They found a kalash
in my wagon.

Allah forgives everything.

You are one of us. We are going to (set you)
on the right path, inshallah.

Gair inshallah.

See, you're already talking like me.
See how fast that goes.

How long have you not prayed, anyway?

When I came in here, I hadn't prayed in
about five years

Do you remember your verses?

Just the standard stuff.

Alhamdulillah, that's a lot already.

Even if you haven't prayed for 10 years,
the verses stay in your head.


I just don't know
what to say.

If you have to twist your finger like that.
That's not a problem.

It is hereby my personal
mission to teach you again.


How long have I been lying here?

Where is the baby?

Mo has to get out of there

You got to get Mo out of there.

I'm not leaving the camp.

They found a gun
on one of the boys.

When they go to investigate that,
theyll end up at the camp.

How then?

Cameras, phones, satellite.

You watch too many movies. And you think
It's crazy that I never tell you anything.

Yes, because you talk nonsense.

You're talking about protecting your family,
that you're doing it for us.

You're just doing it for yourself.

You're all doing it
just for yourselves.

I'm going with my son
back to the camp.

See for yourself, what your doing.


Come. Come here.

And the hospital?
Silva and I are going there in a minute.

Let's see if we can
out of it.

Anything out of that car yet?
-The bags went to the lab.

They say there are prints on them.
Waiting to see if we get a match.

And this Mo he was talking about?

Haven't found anything yet. God knows
what he's talking about.

God knows,
….and I want to know too.

This is the entrance people, a door. Knock on it.

Knocking in, then. (So step in)

Mister is indeed at it again.
Sometimes. (?)

I don't know if the stress
of something like an interrogation...

is what he can
can have on top of it.
(is what he can have now)

You just go in with him.

Then you can monitor us exactly

If we cause too much stress,
we'll leave. Yes?

I'm sorry, you're not thinking of contacting
my client, I hope?

How does this guy know we were there?
What do you think?

Don't let anyone in except
the family and that fucking lawyer.

And now?

What is the name of your king? Philip, right?
I can buy him now.

Tatta, tonight we play indoor football.

Do you understand me or not?

I have to go now,
You're on the visitors list, okay?

Salaam aleikum, brother. Good
to see that you have changed your mind.

Or didnt you come to pray?

Do they pay you well
to be his bodyguard?

Gair inshallah.

Brother, it's best
if you move out of the way very quickly.


Otherwise we both risk Iso.

Iso is going to be very boring.


Opkankering. (Cancer Up)
(-Could mean Shut the Fuck Up??)

Can I come in for a minute?
Son of a bitch.

Go away.
-Are you okay?

I'm fine. Now get out of here.

I don't know anything about Gladde. In fact,
I want to know who did it.

Fuck off.

I had nothing to do with that murder.

I had nothing to do with that murder.


Who killed Gladde?

-I'm broke (exhausted).

You should stop by the prison where our friend is being

Wife, Taliban?

Yeah, he's been transferred to where KO is.

No Problem, Uncleie.

What is this?

-For what?


How is it going?

What do you need?


Am I here for that?

Couldn't you have
said that on the phone?

They want to talk to you about my case.


Nadira, please.

You're the smartest of us all.
And you're worried about the rest?

Maybe you'll see me later
in that bank. And then?
(Maybe you’ll see me on that couch soon)


What the fuck is he doing here?

Why is he still alive?

Nadira, talk to my mother, please.

I can't remember anything more.

Only that I woke up in the hospital.

I don't want to anymore, bro.

I'm going to serve my time for those weapons.

I'm serving my sentence as a man.


Are you coming up short on anything?
(are you missing something?)

I week again how to perform my salat.

Allah is perfect.


Those are blessings, right?

Tell our brother that he has
no need to worry.

Also not for...
(Not even for…)

Patron. Come, I'll show you
what indoor soccer is. Come.

I have a lot of stash space here.
Ask where?

The director's room.

How was it with that sister of mine?
Still so irritating?

Just bullshit with that baby, right?

You know, women, man.

Yallah, Pope, soon
I'll buy you Chelsea.

For Tatta RKC Waalwijk.

Or not, Tatta?



Hey. If you don't win today…
Are you going to pay out of your own pocket?

I want that doekoe today.
- Turkey or not?

Turkey... It's not India,
not Turkey, not China. Holland.

Made in Nederland.
Okay, okay.

Look at that stitching.
Look closely at those stitches.

I don't want to hear from somebody
that he has an itch.

Come, let's sit down.

Men, I just want to
to win.

Today I want to see what khalaqa is.
Die. Today.

Your team is cancerous.
(Cancerous is used like a profanity. It can mean:
“Your team is ‘the SHIT’” or “Your team is ‘SHITTY’”)

They're going to pay for those jerseys
themselves, Joey.

I'm fucking your mother, dog. (Cursing)

You want me to
go break his legs for you?

Tatta, if we had a player like that,
we'd be playing major league right now.

Not to worry, your soldier is loyal.


Is that ours?

I'm sorry I made you come
to look at these whores.

Play that ball, asshole, play over.

Play. Play that pussy ball.

Ibo. Look over there.


Pope. Tatta.

The fat one (is here more often) sitting in the
grandstand. I don't know the other one.

Tatta, what did the police say?

Taxi has woken up.
They're going to ask some questions.

So they found some shit
in his car?

But you'll be okay, bro, you'll be okay.

Look, this is the last time (for a while)
we’ll be meeting in public.

Next time we meet,
we'll just meet at my place.

From now on you run all the daily operations,

Stop bother me anymore
with that little shit.

And emergencies?

You fix those, bro.


See if you can get something for him.
Maybe he'll win a game someday.

We're just here to
just to congratulate you, boys, Calm down.

You guys won …rightfully so.

You played horribly(gruwelijk), my friend.
I swear, you were the best.
(in context he meant: “you played FANTASTIC,”)

Let me give you a hand.
(Shake your hand)

Horribly played, honestly.
(Fantastically Played, Honestly)

I want to ask you a question,
but better not in the locker room.

Walk with me.
I'm just borrowing it (him) from you, guys.

Yes, come, come.

You gotta come play for him, man.

But... I swear,
if you play on his team...

you'll make them instant champions
next season.

Yes, but I play for GDR.
-What does GDR pay you?

Well, not really (nothing really)...
Not enough anyway.

Not enough anyway. Here.

I'm going to give you serious cash. Yeah?

I can't take this.

But you accepted it, right?
Or didn't you?

But listen, I don't need
nothing in return, right?

I just enjoyed your game.

You know what?
You go take a nice shower...

and then you're going to come for
a drink afterwards. All right?

Okay, cock, come.

What's the problem?

I've seen Pope.

Sit down.

Dwayne Caulo Martina, you're going to take me
to the major league.

I'm going to talk to you a lot.
You're going to be my Balotelli.

You made a good choice,

Seriously, man.

Hey, where do you guys pay for all this

I know, it's Amsterdam, right?
Nothing but crooks here.


You just make sure you score
some goals, Dwayne.

Then everything will be fine, dick. Got it?


Does he have a driver's license?

Ask him, brother. With or without a

Safi, Tatta? Yallah.


I saw you doing a deal here.

Do you think Pope is not going to
sweep me up?
(Sweep me Up = Take me out/KILL)

I swear it's there.
Come on now, man.

What, what...
You think I'm a cop?

Taxi, there's such a chick like that, man.

I've been selling her for a while,
but I don't trust her.

He just saw you.
He just saw you.

Pull this car over, please.

Brother, wollah(WOW). Those are not
allowed to even provoke.
(they may not even provoke?)

Provoke, yes, yes, you're a lawyer.

Do one more thing for me...

Hey, baby.

Did everybody go back home?

-What a cancerous streak.


Why don’t you have them let up?


Just, everybody.

There's no one here. I don't understand
what you're talking about.

Don't lie

There is no one.

Yeah, doesn't matter, doesn't matter
(Its ok, its ok or its alright, its alright)
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They made it, right?


Mo and your brother.

They were standing next to each other

I'll pay for the whole night.

Get some more sleep, okay?

We're going to bed.

We go to sleep

Nice place
you picked out, bro.

Not alone, I see?

It's okay.

Why did you have to do Gladden(Smooth)?
Stupid question.

Why do you think?
Cradling the boss's wife.

Did he tell you to do it?
No, it was my idea.

Are we(you) going to be funny, dick?

I'm going to be honest with you, bro.

We're going to take you,
And it's not going to end well for you.

Thank you for being so honest
with me.

I appreciate that, I really do.

But that's not
what's going to happen.

I'm going to make you a proposition
and you're going to listen to it.

Because otherwise it's going to
end badly with all of us.

Ho ho ho ho.