Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Niet mijn winkel, vriend - full transcript

The search for Romano continues. In the meantime, De Paus is busy getting a large shipment of coke out of the harbor. Tatta is put in charge and runs the operation from a holiday park. Adil...

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I saw you doing a deal here.
You have some balls.

I'm in that (industry) too, so to speak.
I work in customs.

The guy just comes to me:
“We're in the same industry.”

“Maybe we can work together.”

And we’ll press the green button,
As it were…
(Translation: We’ll start doing business)

…so that the container doesn't have to go to
Control. It's watertight.

This is a great opportunity for us, isn't it?!
Just hit the green button.

You Hollanders all think
that you are Badr Hari.

Somebody had to put you in your place,
you know.


I need a new load.

I've got a guy in the port of Rotterdam
in my pocket

I just need a little more product

Take this. If you know where
Romano is, you get ten times this.

And Pencil?
-And Pencil.

Bro, you gotta get out of here, man.
As soon as possible.

And the trade? We can coordinate
all this from abroad.

All right, lets go. Amsterdam is ready.
-We need to get out of here.

And then? Do you want to
keep running away your whole life?

In case I still need you.

They (Raided) the Irish in Southern
Spain, Romano's supplier.

I have everything. Let's go.

They're staggering.
You want to hunt? …Go hunting.

(It feels really good in)
this ass of yours.

Why are you letting my little brother deal?
I don't want him hanging out with you.

Everything he lacked at home,
we gave it to him here. I Gave it to him here.

Make sure you have your hood on
when you walk down the street.

Always keep looking down.

Make sure you’re sharp.

We are looking for your son,
because we suspect him...

for the murder of Mr. De Waard.

It appears that he's being
influenced by your sister's son.

Adil is our prime suspect.

Thanks to your fiddling, he now knows
that his uncle is talking to the police.

Mouse and his pussy buddies have been ripping shit…
(and they) ripped off the wrong people.

I need to send you out yonder, G.
Put 'em in that (cage).

Now they're holding him
until I bring them money.

You need to get your father
keep his mouth shut...

so that I can get Youssef
without any problems. I ask no more.

We have an incriminating statement
about your client from a family member.

Do you know how the tower of Babel
finally collapsed?

Because of all that bullshit from them.
-Be safe

Romano sends his regards.

It's a long story, but he
grew up with that famous journalist.

The boss wants you to do
to do storage and distribution.

I'm proud of you.

Couldn't you just once
keep your mouth shut?

Gift, man.

Hurry up.

(I am. I am)

Come, come, come.

Take, take.

Ready? Bro, are you sure
you got everything hooked up?


Fuck. Fuck.

What the fuck is this?

Give that bag, give that bag.
-You got it.

Here, the bag.

Stupid morons.
-Quick, quick, quick.

On the floor, everything.

What a cancerous(fucking) sound.

Hurry Up…

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If that shit ignites....

Blood poisoning, everything. I have
football game soon....

How am I going to play, friend.

Look, bro.

Its all Good

You gotta take care of that shit man.

Go home. We'll connect tomorrow
at the plaza, okay?

Please, Taxi.

I'm your brother, right?

He's not going to come here.
Don't worry about it.

I don't know what to do.

How long I'm going to keep this shit up.

You were right, wollah.

I never should have worked for your brother.

For him to give ME…. this job.

As if I ever...

Go to sleep, honey.

I'll be right over, yes?

Bro what did I say to you about
smoking inside?

All right.

I am, Joey. Come.

Phone: Spotter 1x64
Message: Pope’s Cousin on the way

Is it a circus here, or what?

Let me. Its mine, Joey.

It's my iPad, isn't it?
So where are those cancer(fuckin) eggs?

We're going swimming later, aren't we?

Nice, right?

Yes, swimming is nice.

What did you say?
-Its fun…. swimming.

Watch out, fucking faggot!
Now give me my iPad. Joey.

Give him that cancerous(Fuckin) iPad.
-Give it here.


Ewa Hollander.

What are you eating, man?
-Haloef. Do you have to?

I'm Joey.

This is Joey.

They didn't have any more work
for you in Antwerp?

My cousin just promoted you and you're already talking (Shit)?


Look, it's important for Jaouad to surround
himself with people he trusts.

Family is important...

I don't have to explain that to you.

But how did you guys manage to get 1,000
kilograms coming this way...??

Chapeau(Cheers). Nothing but respect,
a Hollander.

Bro, eat that cancer(fuckin) shit outside, man.
Look at him.

Joey, if anybody comes, you must
knock on this door, yeah? OK.

I had everything checked.
Cars, license plates, colors, everything.

If Skotoe shows up,
we'll recognize them right away.

You have to meet those boys today
at the Bims. They're out (of product).

Yes, we can do that this afternoon.

Yallah. Take that bag with you.
I'll see you later, yes?

Bro, I'll walk with you for a minute.

You don't have it do you Angelo?

You see it yourself. Klandizie (Patronage) -- I'm busy.

People are going to the supermarket these days.

Sit neatly.

I don't understand how you borrow money but then
don't pay it back? I don't understand it.

Guys, if you have a little more patience.

It's too late.
-What do you mean?

Ouch, let go of me! Let go of me!

Ouch, daddy! Walk on.

Papa! Let go!
-Calm down.

My daughter has nothing to do with this.

Hey, easy brother.

Quiet brother.

My daughter has nothing to do with this

You won’t hear it…..until you hear it.

As of today, bar “Sientje” is ours.

Nothing changes for you.

So no stress, you just stay the boss on paper.

But we'll take over, just go on sick leave or something.

Get it?

Frank, he gets it.

Everything okay?

It's been two months now.

Have we heard anything about Mo the show?

Family grieving?


Oh well.

Well, when this day is over we're
going to have to talk to Taxi.

Do you need anything else here?

Okay, ciao.

Welcome all.
People from the NFI.

Ladies and gentlemen
from the tax department.

Boys from the AT
and the OM (Public Prosecution Service), welcome.

This afternoon at three o'clock...

all kinds of operations will be
rolled out simultaneously.

And also in Iceland there is
an operation taking place.

We're in close contact
with the prosecution there...

and they're just waiting
for the green light from us.

And I want everything.

Everything. All the phones, computers,
money, any usb sticks.

Drugs, weapons, everything.

We're gonna show these guys
that we're here, too.

And that you can't breed(fuck) with us.

I won't be there.

I have a session with Mr.
El Haddaoui.

Good luck today.
Stay sharp.

And I'll be back as soon as I can.

Okay, we have this afternoon
the pro forma hearing.

The prosecution presumably wants to
extend your remand.

I suspect that the judge
will go along with this.

They’ll have to come up with something.
They can't keep saying...

that they're working on an investigation.
in progress.

So Gerben has to come up with facts.
He will.

He knows that otherwise he runs the risk
that the judge will let you go.

So be warned.

Don't give emotional responses,
give away nothing of your thoughts.

If you are asked anything...
-I invoke my right to remain silent.

What do you think he's going to throw at me?

Member of a criminal organization.

Drug trafficking, inciting murder.

I got nothing to do with those things. Any of it.

For the moment, they're bogged down (stuck)
in their evidence.

You behave as long as you're
in detention...

and within one year
you're back on the street.

one fucking year?!!?

That's the risk of the profession.

You're going to behave, aren't you?

She's got it, too.
No way. Hey.

Hi, come on.

I think she's okay, though.

She has a fever. Then you can't go
to the shelter. Call off work.

That's not going to happen today, honey.
Don't nag. Make the call.

Can't you just take an aspirin
or something?

I have to go to work today
and soon.



Come on.

Do you have eyes in the harbor?
It's not easy, man.


No cameras inside.

And satellite?

Yeah, can't you hack a satellite?


Money can buy anything, right?
Or can it?

Hey, Hydrocephalus(waterhead?).

Don't you have to work?

You're getting fat, aren't you?

It's coming to you.

You worked hard for it.

It's Ferry


I have a little problem.

Can you come over?

Cursed devil.

Thank you, husband. Thank you.

If you take her for a ride,
she'll be asleep in no time.

She always falls asleep in the car.
Just keep driving.

You think I have
nothing to do today?

Driving around?

I'll bring her back at the end of the night.

Her bed. Milk.

Just keep driving.
It'll be over in a minute.

Yeah, just go.

Her name is Destiny.


Today is an important day, isn't it?

If this goes wrong,
you won't see Destiny again.

Why do you have to
say these things?

But anyway, never mind, its going to be fine.
No worries, going to be fine.



What the fuck, man?
You Ok?

I'm fine.
Are you sick or something?

No, I feel fine.
Nothing wrong with me.

Get a grip, go home.
I'll finish this day.

I'm telling you I'm fine, right?
You don't look it.

Ewa blue license plate.

This Daddy day…or sum’n?

Its not my child.
-What do you have for me then?

What is this?

I thought you were coming with a kilogram.

Where are the kilo’s daddy?

It's not my store, pal.

So you're a comedian?

Brother, the microphone is up there.

Bro I'm serious, its not my department

I'm from the bags department.

I just come to help you out so
you don't lose customers.

Brother, fix an appointment with Pope.
I shook his hand (made an agreement).

We opened a new bar and he didn't
congratulate me and Frenkie.

What kind of teamwork is that, G?
No respect.

He'll come.

We have invested… SERIOUS MONEY!!

Do you understand?

As long as we don't know what the state of affairs(situation) is…
we're going to think strange things

You understand what I mean right?

How much are you actually in for?


4 ki's? You're stressing about four...


Get that shit baby out of here before
I put it in the fuckin microwave.

My patience is running out.

Have Pope contact me. Quick. I want my 4 ki's.


Come, baby, come

Any luck?

Oompie (Uncle)...

You've given them the check(Slip?). Europe is going to kiss your feet now.


Yes, Coincidentally.

He's coming to you tonight,

Bro, what the fuck is this?

You have to watch it for a while.
I've got a few more runs to make.

I'll come and get her in a minute.

How long do I have to stay here?
Just a little while longer.

Yes, and then?
Where do I go then?

What do you mean?
What, what do you mean?

Do you think (Pope is going to
"Wipe me out"/Kill Me?)

Why am I a snitch, bro?

I swear, I appreciate
everything you do for me.

But you're risking your life
and that of your family.

It's not necessary for me.

Just please heft a gun for me and I'll leave, loesoe.

You're not a shooter.

And neither am I.

I'll go talk to Pope
and explain everything to him.

He's going to forgive you, inshallah.

I'll pick up this little one in a minute, yes?

What are you watchin?



You coming for a swim?
I'm working. Go with Joey.

Don't be so fucking boring, man.
Just come for a swim.

How much longer?

45 minutes.

I'll take another
from you.

If I have to, I'll kick
a whole soccer team.

Do we need
need a bigger car.

Yes, about that.

Maybe we should go and live
live somewhere else for a while.

a cottage.


You don't think that
my kids to(should) leave the camp...

to live in a house with you.
Like I like it.

I'm not going to live in a cancer(fucking) house.

It's for our protection. Well
we suddenly need protection?

Don't act like you're stupid.

Did I ask you
to become a criminal?

Because maybe I didn't want
wanted to be with you otherwise, or something?

Now all of a sudden you don't
don't like it anymore?

I never hear you cry
When you get a new purse.

I'd rather have a good conversation
with you than a hundred cancer(fuckin) bags.

Just pay attention, I'll be right back.

I wanted to congratulate you on
the opening and say thank you.

You're my niece,
but you know what this is, right?

And why you're working up front.
I'm not doing this for your pleasure.

I know what you guys are doing here.

But if there was a bank
that believed me...

then you wouldn't be sitting here either.

In a year I'll be out of here.

Then I opened four cases myself.

I don't need your kind of help

Do you know?

I hope so for your sake.
I really hope so.

But until then I want you
working hard...

to make it look like
like a well-run beauty parlor.


Where were we?

It was Romano’s man.

Smooth fucked his wife

That's why he had him shot.

No man.

Have you heard anything more from Romano?

You've got guts.

I'm a little worried.

You've made the head of my
granddaughter mad.

Are these coloring pages, hers?

You see a coloring page.
I see a trauma.

The kid is fierce.

You think that's gonna help her later…
when she's an adolescent?

Elvira has seen how her father
was arrested.

After that, she saw...

how right before her eyes… a man
was shot through the head.

That man who was shot,
is a friend.

He belonged to us.

With your son.

What are you actually doing?

Do you know anything about Romano?

We haven't heard from him in two months.
That's your problem.

Just stay put for a while. (Sit Down for a sec)

Where is Celine?

I need to talk to her.


You guys don't stop until we you to
mourn. Where is Celine?

Celine is in Amstelveen.

Quick, quick, quick.

'Let's go in. Go, go. '

And he's also the prime suspect
in the murder of the journalist.

This young man has been reported
as missing.

And the prosecution also suspects
that the defendant knows more...

about the situation surrounding
the disappearance of this young man.

Then you will now hear how Mr.
El Haddaoui rages about...

Against the father of this young man,

Who said I’m talking to the police?

Liar, traitor.

The only one who is a liar and traitor is you

You have destroyed my family and my life.

The one who killed Elias I'll get myself.

And Youssef has nothing to do with the police.

Either they put him in jail or they kill him.

It's just that my mother is here....
Otherwise I would have done
something to you a long time ago.

It's the first and last time....

--- KEEP CALM! ---

As the investigation progresses we will
also speak to his family.

... groups within
the criminal circuit.

We suspect Mr. El Haddaoui
of it...

to have given leadership
to one of these groups.

In a major
international police operation...

raids have been made today
in a number of premises.

In the Netherlands and abroad...

business premises and homes have been

The criminal intelligence unit
of the Amsterdam police...

coordinated the action.

Arrest teams were also deployed
from the DSI.

In Iceland, several computer
servers were seized.

They were reported to be secure

containing sensitive, encrypted
information from criminals.

About the exact content of those
messages the police would not disclose.

What is clear is that the police
are striking a major blow with this...

in the fight against organized

Reporter Sander Paulus
is on the scene...

---From: Pope---
---Message: Are those our fucking servers?----.

at the headquarters of the
police. What can you tell us?

---From: Tatta---
---Message: What do you mean ----.

This action is taken by the
police and the national public prosecutor's...

---Message: Are pgp servers seized---.

seen as an unprecedented success.

They assume that everyone who
uses this communications network....

---To: Pope---
--- Message: Not heard from our guy I think we are ok-----.

is involved in criminal

---To: Pope---
---Message: Today is good day relax---.

All indications are that there's going to be a lot of
turmoil is going to happen....

within the criminal circuit.

Yet it is not yet clear
whether the information...

contained on the seized
servers is...

can also be made accessible.

So there are still some snags
and eyes to this action.

But here behind me
they're optimistic.

And they celebrate the day
as a victory.

Okay, Sander Paulus, thank you very much.
More from you later.

Therefore, the court decides
Mr. El Haddaoui.

to remain on remand for another 90 days
to be held in custody.

I do want to note here...

that the prosecution will have to come up with
clear lines of evidence.

In the investigation of membership
of a criminal organization...

and liquidations.

I hereby close the session.

The court.

---To: Taxi--.
---Message: I'm already home,
can you come and bring my child.----.

Where is Destiny? Coming right up.
How are you doing?

What do you mean, coming right up?
Are you going to start now too?

She's with a babysitter.
What babysitter?

I'm not bringing a sick baby
to work.

Where the fuck is my kid?
Just calm down. Go inside.

Thanks bro.


Hey bro.

Okay, ciao.


What are you going to do at Sientje's?

This clown they call Eifel.

So talk.
what are you going to do at Sientje?

That's a good one.
Let's go.

Try one more time.

It's locked again.
I don't know your code.

Hey girl.