Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Komt goed - full transcript

Adil tries to save Muis and his friend from the Bijlmer, before it's too late. In the meantime, Mo tries to tie up his loose ends with the journalist, before de Paus finds out. Now that all gears are moving, it is a matter of surv...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I want to ask you something.

Can you bring me 10 cartons
of Marlboro?

- Thank you.

Is that all?
- Yes, that's it.

Say hello to your wife
and children.

This is Abdellah El Moussaoui
of the Dutch police.

I have a question
about passenger lists.

Hi, I'd like to request the passenger lists.

Thank you.

Matthijs Harderwijk, who is that?

Matthijs is a journalist.

A young guy. Very ambitious.
He has a crime blog.

He worked closely
with Rein de Waard.

He started to publish himself
all of a sudden. That was odd.

Know what it is?
He knows a lot.

I can't believe
Rein is his only source.

So he probably has another informant.
But who?

I don't know.
I can't find out.

You think he's in danger?
- I think so.

I overheard a conversation between
Bouchra and her cousin in Morocco.

He asked for ten cartons of Marlboro.

- European Marlboro is a lot better...

...than Moroccan Marlboro.
So when you go to Morocco... always take Marlboro along
for your relatives.

I always do too.

But he's talking about 'them'.

I thought that was suspicious,
so I requested some passenger lists.

And Adil and his mother
are leaving this Friday.

Pick him up today.

Arrival: 3:00pm.
Make sure you're ready.

What happened?

What the fuck happened?
- We ripped off those niggas.

Which niggas?
- From the Bijlmer.

Where are those guns?

Give it to me.

What the fuck are you doing?
Stay here.

Let me help you
to get those faggots.

You don't move an inch.

I can't reach Youssef.
Can we meet?


Jesus, man.
Doesn't look good, tiger.

It smells in here.
- Did you sleep well, boys?

How long are you keeping us here?

Thank you and thanks to God...

...are the only things
you need to say right now.

Did you talk to my cousin Adil yet?

Maybe, maybe not.

Maybe fuck you.
- Yes or no?

Hold on, bro. This guy
still has to learn what respect is.

Well? But to answer your question:

Yes, we talked to Adil.
He said: Keep them.

Come on. Just let these guys
work up an appetite.

A big mouth. A big mouth.

Your fucking mother.
- What did you say?

No mother. I'll turn your brain
into a carpet.

Fucking thief, huh?

Hey, man. I'm sick and tired
of these tramps.

I want my blocks tonight.

It was just starting to be fun
with these clowns.

Fun? It isn't a fucking hotel here.

I'm tired of it.
Send that cousin the location.

Good morning.

So how long does
it take to cross the ocean?

About two weeks.
Depends on the weather.


Babe, haven't heard from you
for a few days. How's it going there?

It's 20 this month.
- 20?

Didn't Romano tell you?

I had to install a new server.

Are you screwing me over?

Don't shoot the messenger.
Ask him yourself.

Mrs. Tevreden.

Pencil is returning today. We have to
get all the money ready for him.


What did that guy want?

Romano wanted a new server.

I don't know. Nerd shit.

Why the fuck does he need
a new server?

Van der Vaart is a camper too,
isn't he?

Is he a relative of yours?

You think everyone is related?

He's a camper, isn't he?
- He's from a kids' camp.

I don't know. I don't understand
that porcelain shit.

You have one too.
- It isn't mine.

I didn't know.
Don't act so insulted.

I ask everyone about their relatives.

In the end, we're all related.

How about Adil?

He drives around all day
like a fucking courier.

So you know where to get him?
- I do.

Go and get that gun
from the shed.

Be careful, though.

How are you?
- Never mind. Where is Youssef?

How should I know?
- I haven't heard from him for days.

He always responds.

I'll call you back later, mom.

I'll come and bring them.

Fine, I'm on my way.

I'm going to tell you something,
but promise me you won't tell anyone.

Mouse and his buddies
stole shit from the wrong people.

Now they're holding him
until I bring him money.

Where is he?
- Your dad talks too much.

Don't worry,
I've got it under control.

The only thing you need to do...
- Where is my brother?

Don't yell. What's wrong?

Make sure your dad shuts up... I can get Youssef out
without any problems.

That's all I ask.




Number 96.

There you go.
- Thank you.

Yes, it's ready for you.

Come and get your nephew
at the Bijlmer parking lot. No police.

We're going after that motherfucker.
It's going to happen any minute.

Let me know when you've done it.

What's wrong
- Nothing.

Nothing is wrong.

I should've kepy my
fucking mouth shut.

Why am I such a loser sometimes?

What do you mean?
Did you talk to somebody?

No, no.
Not talk, talk.

It's a journalist.

It's a fuckin' long story,
but he worked with that famous journalist.

The dead one.

I fed him some
bullshit for that book.

Which was not
supposed to be published.

He's bugging me.

He puts stuff on line,
he don't want to let me go.

Did you tell him about us?

No of course not. Do you
think that I'm fucking stupid or something?


People get shot
for less you know.

After today,
everything will be good.

No more.

Rob Wiel was going to call me back.

Thank you.

Hey, Everything OK?


That makes no sense, man.

Why do people have to wait
45 minutes...

...before they can respond on my blog?

I've never heard that before,
to be honest.

No, you don't understand.

I have to post it every day.

Every day people want
to see my things.

Get out Mo.

I have stuff to do.


Thanks for the coffee.

You're welcome.

Barry, just the man I need.

Take it easy.
- Tell me.

Why does Romano
want a new server?

I don't know.
- Why?

Fucked up with those Irish.

I heard it was a mess
over there.

Why isn't Adil here?
- He said he had to go to his mom.

We're not going to do this.
Want to head to The Hague?


This is you. If you send a message now,
I can read it.

Everything OK?
- I'm alive.

Here. This one.

What the fuck?
- Don't pretend you aren't here... kill me.

Everyone is losing it.

I thought the water in Spain
was to blame...

...but now you're paranoid too?
- Romano knows about me and Celine.

Don't act like I'm stupid.

Romano has access
to all of our fucking PGP messages.

Yours as well.

No, you're not stupid.

But you're acting like
a fucking retard now.

Everyone knows that you were fucking Celine
when Romano was still in jail.

How much money do you bring in?
How much money do you rake in?

Who runs all the lines?
Romano? Adil? Me?

You, bro, you.

We're nowhere without you.
You're too valuable.

Without you, this fucking mess collapses.

He'll be across the ocean soon.

We are here.

Nothing will happen to you, bro,
trust me.

If you don't believe me,
do what you have to.

Do what you have to.

Do what you have to.

It's a fuckin' long story,
but he worked with that famous journalist.

The dead one.

I fed him some
bullshit for that book.

It was never
supposed to be published.

He's bugging me.

Puts stuff online, he...


And how do we know this
is not a set up?

Because I'm right here man.

Doing you a big favor.


There was this man in the trattoria.

Talking, talking, talking.

Asked a lot of questions.

I didn't like him.

I didn't trust him.

So I told Marcella
to keep a close eye on Mo.

I'm so sorry
you had to find out this way.

So now what do you want, hm?

Mo is bad for business.

Because he's weak.

He wants a lot of attention.

He's dangerous.

I don't want to see him anymore.


I want you,

and you want me
as a partner.

Get up.

Thank you.

I'm so sorry man.


Thank you.

What the fuck are you doing?
- Come in.

Fucking loser.

Where are they?
- Somewhere in the Bijlmer.

And you're here?
- Adil said...

If Adil says to eat your mom's pussy
do you do that too?

Have you forgotten that Mouse
took you off the streets?

He paid for those shoes
on your feet.

Now he needs your help
and you just leave him to rot?

What if he's dead already?

What will you do then?
Shame on you.

How will you live with yourself?

Adil said he'd fix...
- Fuck Adil.

If he wanted to help him,
he would have done so by now.

What are you doing?
Smoking fucking joints?

Is that how you act like a man?

If you want to act like a man,
you have to be one. Get up.


What the fuck went wrong, brother?
- The gun jammed.

Jammed? Where did you get
that fucking shit?

From fucking AliExpress?

Relax, bro.
We'll get him tomorrow.

We'll get him tomorrow.
He has to die.

He has to die. Did you hear me?

You don't make the decisions.

I don't make the decisions?

Fucking Turk. Do you want everyone
to know you're amateurs?

No, right? Fix that fucking shit.

I paid you, didn't I?

Message me when that fucking shit
is fixed.


Let's see...

I won.
- Did you win?

Then you can pick dinner.

Come on, honey.
You won again.

You're getting better and better.

Let's get you a nice burger.

Wear your seatbelt.

Romano says hello.

No, no.


I did it, bro.
You should have seen his face.

- Hi.

It's too much to send in one go.

Then we'll do it in stages.

How much at a time?
- 300,000.

Everything to Paramaribo.

Brutal murder shocks The Hague


Ben? Ben?

- Half to Paramaribo...

...and half to Dubai.



You'll come, right?

First I have to finish something
and then I'll come.

Everything OK?
- Yes.

Your medication.
- Thank you.

Better come quick.

Coming now.

I'm off.

Where are you going?
Stay for dinner.

Next time.
I have an appointment.

See you later.

Take care of yourself.
- Don't worry. It'll be fine.

Police. Stay there.


Stay there.

On your knees.

Stay there. Hands on your head.

On your knees. Now.

Adil, you're under arrest.

A firearm is aimed at you.

Any suspicious moves
and we'll fire.

Come on, get up.

Look here, bro.

You take this one.
- I'm ready.

Stay here until I get back.
- OK.

Look. Obviously, your cousin
doesn't give a shit about you.

Know how long we've been waiting?


That's right.
What's going on?

Say no more, man.

Change of plan, boys.
- Fucking hell.

Fuck, man. Why are you in the dark?
You startled me.

This is the storage
for when we get that 1000 ki.

It's safe. There's only one road
to this place. No one comes here.

Pope wants you to do storage
and distribution.

You're moving up fast.
I'm proud of you.

Come on, I'll show you the inside.

It's OK.

It smells weird in here.

It's old junk.


Bit of paint, cover up the windows.

Clean up a bit.
We'll get there.

Two guys can be in here,
I think.

I know exactly
who should do the security.

Do you know that boy from...

Why didn't you shut up
for once?


You don't have to do this.

I'll take the car and I leave.
No one will find out.

I swear, man,
you'll never see me again.

Want money?
Look: money.

Car, look.

Please, Taxi.

Please. I'm your brother.

Yo, bro. I'm here. Where are you?

Yeah, I'm on my way.

This isn't...
- Come on, fucking rats, night walk.

This isn't my cousin's car.
- I'm done with you. Faggot.

Gentlemen, go ahead.

This is what we have:
We have an incriminatory testimony...

...about your client
from a family member.

And we have a recording
on which your client...

...threatens to kill this person.

You drove my uncle crazy.

Where were you when he had to pick up
his son's head from the ground?

There was a bomb...

Your client is the prime suspect
around the murder of Rein de Waard.

We suspect him
of giving the order to kill.

Well, that's quite something.

Hi, man, how are you?
- Good, and you?

Present for you.

Brother, you put a big price
on those guys.

Those motherfuckers
set my nephew on fire.

Those fucking rats robbed me.

How many of you are there?

An entire army, brother.
We own the Bijlmer.

You'll hear from me.
- Call me, OK?

I will.
- Love.


Do you have proof of that?

Or is there just a recording?

In that case the question is
whether it was my client...

...who's on the recording.

It concerns a video recording.

Do you know how the tower of Babel
collapsed in the end?

Because of all that bullshit of them.