Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Jagen - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Did you know we're capable
of following you for a day...

...without seeing you
for even a second?

We see where your phone is.
We see where your car is.

We see where your money is.

We see every digital fingerprint
you leave behind.

Microphones the size of a pinhead

Drones, satellites, trackers,
hackers, data analysts.

We're getting closer and closer...

...without leaving our computers.

It's a cat-and-mouse game
where no one can be easily caught.

One, two.

I'm a man of law.

My life is dictated by willpower
and discipline.

And my thoughts by civil law.

The rules of law
distinguishes us as people...

...from the rest of the world.

Without law we degenerate into animals.

Therefore, every fiber in me
is focused on upholding the law.

Only then law and order can triumph.

That is my credo.


Fill me up there.

I have a viewing this afternoon.
A penthouse.

120 square meters,
near downtown.

From there we can do business
with the whole world.

We need a new shipment.

If we're smart,
that headache is in the past.

Amsterdam is mine
and stays mine.

Matter of principle.

Forget Amsterdam.

Now's the moment
to take that step.

Give me two months
to invest in something here.

To establish shell companies.

We have to exterminate
that cockroach first.

Pope is a short-term problem.

Reigning is looking ahead.

We'll get our money out of Amsterdam
through a hawala guy.

Pump it here into whatever
we want...

...and when it flows back
it's white as snow.

To be honest,
I'm not going to stay here.

Where do you want to go?
- I don't know.

Somewhere where I can really disappear.
- We have to stay three steps ahead.

Let me do this.
- OK, do your magic.

Give me two months, bro.

What the fuck?

They're heading toward the street.

And how much is
she going to send for you?

- A thousand.
- A thousand?

A thousand like a
thousand kilo's?

You think that is funny?

Oh no man.

But you guys think
you're going to do that. I mean...

it's not exactly like you
have a big team...

Yeah well, that's not
your problem, friend.


But you know what?

You and me, we
want the same thing.

Chantal, what did I say?

I told you to stay upstairs.
- Get a grip.

It's my house, fucking moron.


So we will let you
know when you can buy from us.

If you can buy from us. Okay?

Hey, I really don't understand
why you don't trust me.

I bring you this fucking connection.

Mm. You know?

In Italy, if someone...

I mean, we should celebrating this.

But we're not in fucking Italy, yeah?



I get it.

It's time to go.

I'm very happy that
everything went well for you guys.

He's very happy.

Just let me know when I get mine.

I swear, I don't trust
this fucking Italian at all.

He did have a point, though.
1000 ki isn't a joke.

Take it to him.

Tell Mo to watch them closely.

What's with your wife?
- Don't know, man.

Fucking mess.

The cleaner, I saw it
in her fucking eyes.

Our entire fucking line is gone.

Go, go.

I've got everything. Let's go.

Did you see the letter
from the doctor anywhere?

What did the police
want from you the other day?

What can they say?
They're still investigating.

They couldn't do that by phone?


I don't know what they're doing.

Oh, by the way...

Did you report Youssef as missing?
Then they'll have to look for him.

Otherwise they won't do anything.
- They're working on it.

How far along are they?
- Not far.

So why did they want to talk to you?
- No idea.

Did they ask about Adil?

I didn't tell them anything.

That isn't what I asked.

You were never able to lie.

I have to see the doctor now,
but we'll continue this later.

Did you forget something?

When you moved in with us,
you got my bedroom.

When you wanted to see Youssef,
I arranged that.

I asked you for only one thing.
That was it.

I asked you for only one thing.
That was it.

Don't talk to the police.

Who says I talked?
- Liar. Traitor.

You're a liar and a traitor.
You destroyed my family.

I'll get Ilias' killers myself.

Youssef has no business with the police.

Either they'll throw him in jail,
or they'll kill him.

If it weren't for my mother being here,
I would have hurt you by now.

This is the first and last time.

But next time
I'll bury you alive.

Your cousin is stupid.
Two bricks and you can have him back.

Where are you?

The Hague. Why?

Don't move. I'll come to you.

All hell broke loose last night.
Attack on Ian.

Get your coat.
We need to talk.

Hey, man.
- Yo.

Praise be to God.

You've been promoted.

What do you mean
I've been promoted?

You don't have to sell anymore.

- What?


Know what you have to do?

Go and sit in that place
of the Italians.

Drive by the gas station,
buy flowers for that chick...

...and keep an eye on that rat
of a cousin of hers.

How am I going to buy flowers?

How am I going to buy my food?

I swear.
- Here.

Congratulations, son.
- Later, man.


How are we going to replace
the Irish?

We have fucking big problems.
- Yeah.

The fuck is this?
- That isn't the only thing. Look.

No. Seriously, bro?

I already dealt with him,
but it isn't going to stop him.

And I don't know what he knows.

Then you know what you have to do.

Are you insane?

I'm not going to kill him.
I'm not made of stone.

So now what?

First I need two bricks for Mouse.

Two bricks?
- He's family, bro.

Are you kidding?
The stash was already low...

...before those Irish were blown away.

The politicians here
snort like there's no tomorrow.

You saw how much there was still there.

Then cut that shit four times.

I already do that.

If I hadn't done that,
we'd be out by now.

Just give them money.
Tell them it saves them a headache.

There is no other option.

Don't cry, bro.
- I'm not crying.

I just need some drugs.
I'm getting paranoid.

It'll be fine.

If you say so.

I understand.
But are they sure or not?


Yeah, OK.

Yeah, 100% Silent One.

Joey, what are you watching?

- What are you watching?

None of your business.

Get up and go and get Taliban.
- Take it easy, I'm going.

We'll only do things you want, babe.

Does that sound hot?

I was fantasizing.

About what?
About what we were going to do?

What you would do to me.

When are we going to meet?
- You tell me.

I'll let you know. Call you soon.
- OK, babe.

Why are you acting so mental?
- You have to come in. Now.

What did we tell you?

No stupid moves, right?

Sorry, bro.
I'll delete those pics immediately.

I don't show my face anywhere.

Which fucking pics are you talking about?
- On Insta, right?

Or isn't that what you meant?
- This is about that fucking nigga...

...they found along the highway.

Silent One. Are you going to pretend
you don't know?

And that was me?

The ones that are dead
are my brothers.

Brick, Algerian, Goose.

I'd like to be hunting down
those fucking whores every second.

But you said to be patient,
so I waited.

Who then?
- Not me. Not us.

We have to know
who killed that nigga.

We have to know
who killed that fucking nigga.

Taxi, find out who did it, OK?

I know we made you wait
a long time.

This is the moment.

They blew away the Irish
in the South of Spain.

Romano's suppliers.

They're wobbling.
Want to hunt? Go and hunt.


You're going to Adil's mother's house.

You wait until he shows up
with his fat mouth.

Place one of those things
underneath his car and time him. OK?

I've got a flower for you.

Thank you.

No problem.

So beautiful.

- How are you?
- Fine, you?

Yea good, good.

So the money is
rolling, huh?

Yes, a little bit.

So where's your cousin?

Right here.

I'm right here man.

You see, I'm
making white gold...

Don't get too high
on your own supply my friend.


Have you ever visited Italy?

I think it's a little bit early to meet
the rest of the family members.

Fuck you.


I've been trying to get a hold of you
and here you are.

Nice, huh? Everything all right?

- Hi.
- Hello.

- Marcella, nice to meet you.
- Matthijs, hi.

You aren't Dutch?

Not Dutch?

No, I'm Italian.

Oh nice.

Nice, Mo.

So, what do you reccomend for me?

Are you hungry?

Yeah, I could eat.

Well let me fix you
a bresaola, okay?

Thank you, super.

Hey, Mo. How's it going?

Not bad.
- Not bad. Have a seat.

I don't bite.

Are you in a rush?
- I do have to leave in a minute.

It doesn't have to take long.

This is fucking good.

I'm off, man.
- Stay for a while. Come on.

I'm not going to give you
anything anymore.

Just sit down.
What do you think I'm going to do?

Rat you out to your girlfriend?

Listen, Mo, they found another one.

A Surinamese guy.
Leomar 'Silent One' Veldema.

Dumped by the roadside
like cigarette butts.

Any idea?

Honey, can you bring him some water?


I don't know him.
- Come on, Mo.

My blog doesn't fill itself.
Content is king.

People are tired of that Rein story.

They want new stories
about the mocro mafia.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, of course.

Is it hard combining the two?


Uhm, study and work.

I mean if you wanted to work in
an Italian trattoria then you stay in Italy.

Right? Because food is
better there you know.

No, I almost finished my
bachelor in Cultural Studies. So.

Oh, okay.

But it’s actually quite boring.

Well you’re in Holland now. You
can become anything you want.

Ask Mo.

He's a model you know.

Albeit with a defect.

What do you do?


Can you come here for a second?

Excuse me.

- Not here. Let's go outside.

Can I finish my sandwich first?
- Come outside.

How's it going? I want the option.
Access to all PGPs.

I can send you the passwords,
but it's going to be expensive.

It only works with new messages.
Old ones are deleted.

Doesn't matter. I want it.

What's wrong? Did something happen?
- Your son was here.

He threatened me.

He knew I'd been to the police.

You're my brother. His uncle.

He'd never do anything like that.
- How long are you going to go on like that?

Still sticking your head in the sand?
He threatened me.

He said he was going to bury me alive.

How dare you talk about my son like that?

He caused Ilias' death.

Get out of my house. Leave.

Leave my house. Right now.

Pack your stuff and get lost.

I don't know who he is.

Fucking hell, man.
What do you mean you don't know?

OK. Fine, Mo.
I'll write a nice profile about you.

With photos of before
and after the cut.

Do some photoshopping.

When your face is on the internet,
you won't last for a day.

- I have something else for you.

Do you? Come on then.

Listen, do you know Goose?
- No. What about him?

Who was that guy with Mo?

No idea.

But I don't trust him
as far as I can throw him.

- No. Probably a journalist.

But I'm not sure.

OK, try to find out more.

We have to order ham
for tomorrow.

Are we out of it already?

Man, it's cold in this city.

That's all I have for you.
- OK, that's useful.

That wasn't that hard, was it?

Now I know where your girlfriend works,
so when I need you...

...I know where to find you.
I'll see you there.

Hey man, do you still do jobs?
Have one for you.

Rum, please.

Thank you.

Another one, please.

Hey baby, is it busy?

Hey baby, is it busy?

As-salamu alaykum.
- Hey brother, how's it going?

Brother, how are you?
- Good.

Does anyone have a smoke?

Are you smoking again?
- Sometimes. What can I say?

It's dead around here too.
- As if that keeps you awake.

I gave you my number
in case you want a real ride.

I prefer dying in a natural way.

Driving along the highway
and being found on the shoulder, I guess?

Was it a taxi driver?
- No, just a street boy.

What are you talking about?

What? When you rip someone off
you lose.

Who's been ripped off?

A laundromat, they say,
by guys from the Bijlmer.

Says who?

Who's there?

- Hello, honey.

Where's my uncle?

I kicked him out,
because he was talking nonsense.

There's food in the fridge, if you want.
- No, thanks, I've already eaten.

Come and sit with me.

How are you, honey?
What's wrong?

I'm just a bit tired.
Don't worry.

I can't help but worry.
Look at your eyes.

You are so pale.

You don't eat and drink.
You're always running around.

Tell me what's going on.

Nothing. Don't worry, I said.

Know what? I have a proposal.

Let's go to Morocco together.

And stay there for a month.

We'll visit your grandma
and your aunt.

It gives you a break.

I never see your smile anymore.

We can reminisce over there.

Let's do that, please.
- Get some rest now.

All right.

Sleep well.

Where are you going?
- To my room.

I have what you want.
Can we meet?

Bring tomorrow.

What do you mean tomorrow? Now!

Capri-Sun for little boys.

No rush. The boys are
entertaining themselves.

Are we being funny?

Drink, motherfucker.

That's enough.

Want some too? Here.

I'll text you the location tomorrow.

Bullshit. I have everything!
It has to be tonight.

Hey, respond. I fucking mean it.
I have everything tonight.

Hi, Moustafa.

How are you?
- Fine. And you?

Fine too. How are Laila
and the girls?

They're all fine.

I want to ask you something.

Did you fix up our house?

How are you, Mo?
Who's the lucky person?

I have all the info for you.
Don't worry.

No wife and children, right?

Are those your house rules?
- Can you pay, bro?

Can you deliver?
- Funny guy.

I'm serious.
Can you deliver, or what?

Don't worry.
You pay, we deliver.

But the half in advance.


Bring on that info, man.

Don't turn it into a fucking circus.
- Am I a clown?

Hey, check this out.
- Wait.

I know where Adil is.

Is this now?
- Yes, it's live.



Sit down. Sit down, bro.

Want some?
- No.

But he threatened to kill me.

You heard that, didn't you?

Yes, that's what it says here.

That he'll bury you alive
if you continue to talk to us.

But that isn't proof
that your nephew is responsible...

...for the killing of Rein de Waard.

- Van Jaren is here.

Hi, good of you to come.
- Thanks.

How are we doing?
- Come with me.

You can go home if you want...

...but we can also offer you
a safe house.

I want you to arrest him.

He threatened me.
You heard and saw that.

We don't have enough evidence,
not enough time.

Mr. Taheri...

...we don't understand the situation

What are you neglecting to tell me?
Why isn't he protected?

Because his daughter
canceled the protection...

...after an inattention in our team.

He is a witness who you deploy
as an informer...

...without protection.
- What am I supposed to do?

Adil is our prime suspect.

Thanks to you botching up, he knows
his uncle is talking to the police.

You're playing with lives.

This was just posted online.

What is it?
- A crime blog.

Can I get a transcription of this?


There's something else.

This is a conversation
between Adil's mother...

...and a family member in Morocco.

She's talking about the house,
groceries and getting the house ready.


I'll check it out.