Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Ewa Maghrebi - full transcript

Do you know why they call
sand, sand?

Well, it's between sea and land.

Get it? Sea, land.

Anyone who doesn't belong here,
fuck off.

You stay here. Where's Mouse?

Open up.

Open up.

Couldn't you let me finish?

What the fuck's wrong with you?

What do you mean?
- Shut up.

You're turning this
into a club house?

I don't feel like doing this, bro.

Everyone in town's looking for you.
The more people know where you are...

Those bitches will sell you out
for 10 euros.

I shouldn't be reminding you of this.

Did you rob a bazaar?
- A bazaar? No, man.

Everything I wear is real.
- Real jacket.

Where did you get all that money?

No, it isn't from a bazaar.
It's more like real fake.

Why do you lie to KO?

Do you really want this?

For when I need you.

He fucked up, didn't he?

It's done.
Ian can take care of his own shit.

What are we doing here?

My mom's back is bothering her.

Then get her a massage chair.

It's better to get her a vacuum cleaner.
Spend smartly.

This is handy, isn't it?

While my mom's chilling on the couch...

...this cleans the entire house.

Black, white or red?

I'd go for standard black.

But it's for your mom, right?

Then I'd go for red.
It's more feminine.


- Still getting used to it.

It looks good, babe.

Don't you have anything to do today?
- Want me gone?

It's fine if you want to have
cups of coffee here all day long.

It's safe in there. It is.

See you later.
- Later.

Hey, bro.
- How are you?

Fine. And you?
- God be praised.

Take your container.

Missing Amsterdam yet?

And how. Only fucking civil servants
in this town.

What kind of car is this?

The police are even more racist here
than in Amsterdam.

They pull you over after every meter.

It sucks, man.
- You wanted to tell me something.

Can you keep a secret?
- Of course.

Celine was pregnant.

By you?
- No, by Hakim Ziyech. Happy now?

Of course by me.

She got rid of it.

She's smart. My compliments.
So what's the problem?

Know what it is?
- Leave it.

It saves you a headache.
Can you see yourself pushing a stroller?

We turn people into junkies.
What's your problem?

Show me your spot.

Did you hear anything from Hook?

I haven't heard from him all day.

It's his mom's birthday, isn't it?

That Mocro's mom
is celebrating her birthday.

Use a friend with two hands
if you want to rip!

What's wrong?

Return every fucking penny
if you want to see your brother back.

Or you'll find him like that
asshole friend of yours.

How much money did we spend?

I don't know. 10 or 20K.

Hey, bro, are you finally going to win?

We have to refill faster, bro.
These four bricks won't last for long.

Shouldn't you turn that thing?

We're trained well.

Pass it on, OK?

What was your beef with the

We both run parts of

For a long time,
we've left each other alone.

But ever since the father
and these boys went away,

- They got greedy.
- They're more impulsive.

Crazy is the word I'd use.

We had to draw a line in the sand.

I'm thinking about making
some investment in this area.

Real estate.

Maybe a bar.

What do you think?

Yeah, that would be a
smart move to make.

Should have a chat
with Johnny about it.

I think you two speak the same

If you know your way around, it's
easy to put money at work here.

send it off shore,
and when it returns,

you put it in
anything you want.

We've been on this
coast for five years now.

We get it away with
everything, politicians, police.

Any news about a new shipment?
Slippery is nearly empty.

We don't disturb their siesta.
They don't care.

Down here we own five
hotels, 50 apartments,

we're building 15 more.

If you got a couple of beach bars,
we could run this town.

Fuck this game man.

All you need is
some practice man.

You know what I need?


I’m running low in Amsterdam.

When can we expect
a new delivery?

It's already at sea.
Just relax.

Try again.

Everything all right?

Hey, man.

Kenny. A.K.A. the reason
we have only four blocks left.

- Just like the boy in South Park...

...but I hope this one won't die.

He drives with two of his buddies
throughout Zuid-Holland.

Those Mocros are hot.
Right Kenny?

Always undercover.
- Right.

- Five complete?

Add this one.

OK? I'll see you later.


My money?

It's too risky.

What are you talking about?
- It should go in a stash house...

...without security.
- If you want to be ripped off, yes.

Only we know it's here.
- Why we?

You're too vulnerable
without Romano or Pencil.

How much is there?
- 1.3.

You know that I trust you.

But if this goes wrong,
it's your head.

He lives with his family
in these houses?

Caravans bro. Caravans.

If you look under
it you see wheels.

Right, Tatta?

One day I’m
gonna bring my car,

I'm gonna take
his house away,

just to fuck with
him, you know?

Just kidding, bro.

I love this Dutch culture.
I've said that before.

You love Dutch culture?
Go walk this dog. Go.


Tia Alvarez.

She's a Colombian woman.

She lives in Antwerp.

And she runs a very fancy restaurant.

Yeah, we know who she is.


Yeah? Then you also know
that she's part of 'Il Invisibiles'.

So how do you know her then?

I don't.

But you know my old
friends in Napoli, they do.

Your old friends.


So it's very important that
you don't say anything about me

or about my name, because-

Your old friends, yeah

yeah, just give me the
address of that fucking restaurant, yes?

Okay, you have to go alone.

You go there.
You order a pizza.

And you have to bring
a very big "mancha".

Mancha? What the fuck is mancha?

Mancha is a tip.


Trust me, trust me...

she will be happy to
work with you guys.

Yo, they're here.

Come on.

Where's Hook?

First offer your apologies.

You killed my homie.
Where's Hook?

You're mouthy, bro.

The money isn't all there.
- What?

The money isn't all there.

What do you mean?
How much is missing?

- 30K?

And now?

It's for my homie's funeral.

It doesn't work like that around here.

You steal from me,
you pay back every penny. Is that clear?

Plus we know who you are, brother.

Do you? Then you also know
that you shouldn't joke.

No joke. But you can joke with us?

As if we're faggots.

You steal our shit, you come here
and don't even apologize.

I should blow your brains out, actually.

30K becomes 35K.

Then you've paid your fine.

And you have another option.
You can give me a ki...

...or you give cash.
Your choice.

A ki?
- A liter of pure cocaine.

No mixed bullshit.

I'll kill someone for you, for free.

This guy thinks
we have two left hands.

Brother, 35K cash,
or a ki.

I'll fix it.
- You do that.

How do I know my homie is still alive?

Check that guy.
Go and take a look at your homie.

They're not cold yet.
- That doesn't matter.

When's Goose coming back
from holidays?

Hey, Joey. Be quiet, OK?

Hey, gorgeous. How's it going?
- Fine.

What are you doing?
- Just in my room.

Are you? Where is your room?
- Wouldn't you like to know?

Man, you're a tough guy, aren't you?

You think so?

Is that gun real?
- No, it's from the toy store.

I knew that.
- You're mouthy, aren't you?

Don't you have brothas?
- Huh?

Brothers. Don't you have brothers?
- Oh, brothers. No.

He doesn't have brothers either.

Huh? Who said that?
Aren't you by yourself?

Yes, I'm by myself.
I'll call you later, OK? I have to go.

What the fuck, Joey?
I told you to shut the fuck up.

Take care of Joey, OK?
- Will do.


Yes, thank you.

Pizza tonno, bon apetit.

Was it not good?

It was very good.
It was so good, so so good.

I want to tell
you boss myself.

My boss?
What my boss?

Tia Alvarez.

Listen a second.

You and me, we both know this
place isn't paying the bills

with these three men
here eating your pizza.

Go get your boss.

Otherwise, this is
going to be a long night.

Put that shit in the oven.
This isn't working.

In the oven?
Then it becomes bread, man.

Do you have another stupid idea?
- I'm trying to help you.

Help? Because of you
we're in this shit, pal.

We're in this shit together.
I'm helping you with it.

It's your shit. Who wanted to rob
that phone store, you or me?

My idea or your idea?
- But when we had the money... were happy.
- We're in this shit together.

Yeah, we're...
- Go get a bag of flour.

I'm not your fucking dog.
- You're not my dog?

Shut the fuck up, man. Go home.

Fuck you and choke on that shit.
- Loser.

Fuck this.

What the hell is going on?
We've been waiting for an hour.

So you didn't like the
food? What do you want?

We're from Amsterdam.
In Holland we’re direct people

so I'm going to be very straight to the
point with you. I come for business.

You want to open a restaurant?

Who told you my name?

Let's say you came with big

By who?

It's not important.

I have a guy in the
harbor of Rotterdam in my pocket.

I have customers in all of Europe.

They buy from me.

Now I just need
some more product.

You have product?



It means aunt, right?

In my language we say endi.

I appreciate your courage,
but don't underestimate me.

Next time, you eat your food
and maybe bring a bigger tip.

Next time yeah.
While you lose another shipment in Antwerp.

We read newspapers.

How do you know my name?

If I tell you,

do we have a deal?

There's this guy lives in
Amsterdam, Italian.

He uhm... ran away from
his friends, I don't know.

Sandro, his name is Sandro.

He works for you?

He buys from me. I don't
give a fuck about him.

Thanks for your visit.
Let's go.

I have bigger tip. Hey, hey!


Come on, let's go.

Fucking hell.

Fucking Italians.

Where do we have to go?
I always lose my way... this stupid city.

Are you going to answer or not?
- It isn't my phone.

What's that?



They'll let us know.

My God.

That Italian was right.

Hey, Mocro.
Did you bring me something good?

Your brick.
- My brick? Fast guy.

I'm awake right away, papa.
To tell you the truth:

These are the kinds of things
I want to hear.

Where's my homie?
- Your homie?

Put that brick on the table.
- Take it easy.

He has to put it on the table.
- Take it easy.

Go and get my homie.
- Go and get that fucking guy for him.

Big boy. Cool.

How did you get it so fast?
- I know people.

You know people?
So, a big boy.

Want a sip, brother?
- I don't drink that junk.

So what do you drink?
- I don't drink.

Is it Ramadan?

Look at that tough guy of yours.

Stand over here. Look, your homie.

Where's my brick?

Put it on the table.

We love this, Frenkie.

Are we good now?
- We are.

Later. Move it.

Wait a minute.

Mocro isn't going to screw us over.

Mocro isn't going to screw us over?

That's just fucking sugar.

You fucking rat.

You do this to me?
I should send you to hell.

But I should thank you.
You just increased the price.

Take these fucking rats away.
Put them in that cage.

They can rot in there.
Let them do time.

Breakfast is ready.

Good morning.
- Good morning.


Yes, speaking.

This is Gabriel van Wou
of the National Police.

Is this a good time?


We have information
we'd like to share with you.

Are you able to come
to the station?

Is this about my son Ilias?

OK, I'll be there.

This man was found dead
this morning.

Leomar Veldema.
Does that name mean anything to you?

We have reason to suspect...

...that he and Youssef
have met before.

Do you know this Mr. Veldema?
Have you seen him before?

Or did you hear Youssef mention him?

This crime reporter was killed recently.

Rein de Waard?
Does that sound familiar?

I read about it, yes.

- Yes, that's Youssef.

This photo is from a security camera...

...near Mr. de Waard's home.

At a time of day of which we think...

...that Mr. de Waard was shot in his home.

Mr. Taheri?

Mr. Taheri?
We're looking for your son.

Because we suspect him
of the murder of Mr. de Waard.

It looks like...

...he's heavily influenced
by your sister's son.

We suspect him of giving your son
the order... kill Mr. de Waard.

So why don't you arrest him?

It would help us enormously...

...if you made sure Youssef
cooperates in our investigation.

It's not too late for your son.
He's young...

...he can still mend his ways.

He has more to gain from us
than from the streets.

Investigation? I don't get it.
Just arrest him.

It isn't that simple, unfortunately.

So what can I do to help?


You were to find something
in your sister's house.

Then you should know...

...that we see a lot.

And hear everything.

We have a problem.

Do you understand what I'm saying,
Mr. Taheri?