Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Calabria Dinnemok - full transcript

Gauki? Mr. Brandt is ready for you.

Hi. Nadine.

Cum laude and nearly done
with your Master's.

Yes, after this internship, I hope.

So a gem of an opportunity.

I wouldn't want to call it that.
- Wouldn't you?

I find it an odd expression.

- I didn't get that many opportunities.

I had to grab them myself.

You know, most of the guys
on the shop floor here...

...went to college
paid for by mommy and daddy.

Then they were given an apartment...

...when they got their diploma.

I always had to do everything myself.

So you to?
- Yes.

My parents passed away
when I was five.

So they weren't that useful to me.


- Gauki.

Normally, we don't accept interns.

My partner think the risks are too big.

But Vermeer was born
with a silver spoon up his ass.

So he doesn't get men like us.

When I believe in someone,
I'm willing to go the distance.

But I expect that in return.

I want to know whether my people
have a plan going forward.

A vision.

What is your vision?
What does your future look like?

We need to find out where they
stay, where they meet, where they move.

They're leaving for Dublin next week.

That means this needs to
happen fast.

It will.

Eifel is gonna go with Pencil.

This is just as important
to us as it is to you.

It better be.

You have one week. After that
your villa privileges are revoked.

Thank you. Have a good day.

Yes thank you.


Did you call?
- No.

So call him.

If you want to order someone around,
get a dog.

You're crazy, man.
Look at Pope.

Lunatic. That's why I say to you:

Next time call me
whenever you want.

OK, Pope, Taxi.

See you soon.
- See you soon, brother.

Is this how we do things
these days?

Why didn't you say
you went out?

I saved your life and you treat me
like I'm some fucking whore.

Are you OK?
Show me your face.

What do I hear?
You're doing business with Italians?

No problems. Two small fry.

Two small fry?
What did I tell you?

Use your fucking brain.
Know who you're dealing with.

Oh, come on now.

Those two bricks
are no problem. OK?

I swear, they have to
pick them up themselves.

I want to know
who I do business with.

It'll be fine.

Nice ride.

I just had a car-warming
with two crazy bitches.

Either you're in
and you keep your fucking mouth shut...

...or get a bag, fill it with ten kilos
and you go your way and I mine.

Come on, Chef.

Here he is.

Mo, how are you my friend?

It's fixed.


But you have to pick
it up yourself.


What, what? Is that a problem?

No. No problem.

I'm gonna text you an address.

Mo wait!

I'm sorry. I should have
told you about my cousin.

From now on no
surprises, I promise.


Slow down, man.
What's the rush?

I'm fucking tired.

Mr. Pencil?
- Yes. I'm sorry we're late.

No problem. It's siesta anyway.

Come in.
- Thanks.

What a weird house, bro.

There's only one bedroom,
so one of you has to sleep on the couch.

What did he say?
- Nothing.

If you need anything else,
call me at this number.

I'll take care of it.

- Thanks.

How's that spot?

Butt ugly.
Good hide-out, though.

Maybe I should head your way,
after all?

Stay there. You're of no use
to us here.

I'm sorry.
- Huh?

It's OK.
- I don't have a babysitter.

Coming to the Friaftdri?

To the what?
- The Friday afternoon drinks.

Oh, right. No. I don't drink.

You can have a cola
and pretend it's a rum and cola.

I won't tell anyone.

I'll remember for next time.

I have to go to an appointment.
- Too bad.

I'll come next time
and have a few colas...

...and pretend to be as pissed
as the rest.

It's a deal.

Have fun.
- You too.

Mr. Sinester, your accounts
are a mess.

How are you, uncle?
- Hey, nephew.

How's life?
- Good.

Take it easy.

This is the guy who helps me
with the accounts.

How's it going, Mr. Pencil?
- Chaouki.

Romano, this is Jaouad.

Don't mind him.
He's a bit grumpy...

...because he lost a bet.

Because you're a fucking cheat.

There's no such thing as cheating.
When you win it's always just.

When will you learn that?

Is the Wi-Fi OK?

I don't use Wi-Fi.

It's a bit much.
- Listen:

This time it's going to take
a bit longer.

As long as everything's clean,
it's fine.

Jaouad, come on.

Later, sketcher.

Yo, Pope. Everything all right?

Thanks be to God. We're here.

What kind of a horse did you bring?

Let's sit down.

- What's wrong with him?

OK, pal. Time to go.

I'll bring the keys back tonight. OK?

Go like this.

Hey, man.

Isn't there any Red Bull?

There is tap water.
If you want, I'll pee in it.

Everything all right. Come, come.

If you need me, I'll be downstairs.
- I'll let you know when something's up.


Oh, Europe.
Look how people live, man.

Different from your house, Tatta.

Smile, brother.
What's wrong with you?

Every time you're like...

Teach this guy to smile, please, Pope.

They're on the move.

The first one is on his way.

Thank you for this meeting,

I think we can do
great business together.

Well you want to do business
together so,

you need to tell us
a little bit about you.

Oh yeah, about me?

Oh yeah, about me?

I know my friend, but I think
it's a two way street, you know?



I work for some people in Italy.

They operate from the south of Italy.

Calabria. You know Calabria?

They are businessmen, like you.

He's lying.

I don't understand man.

Get this idiot out of here.

Come on, let's go.

No, no. Wait.

Okay wait.

I'm sorry.
Sorry, I apologize.


I'm serious.


I'm in Amsterdam because
I'm trying to get back up on my feet.

Because my people in Italy,

they put me out
of their organization.

Because they didn't believe in my ideas.

But you see,

I made them big.

I did all the work.

I had all the connections.

What connection?

The name Tia Alvarez
sounds familiar for you?

I can help you. I can help
you with that if you want.

But first I need the two bricks.

What the fuck?
What are you looking at?

I hope you didn't do anything stupid?
- Why?

I love this city.
What do you mean 'stupid'?

We're going to be filthy rich.

They're all insane here.

Choose your fucking station
or switch it off.

They only play fucking reggae here.

That shit makes me nervous.

Did you have to get a car like this?

You could have gotten one
with air conditioning.

Five minutes.

Shut up for five minutes
and I'll get you an ice cream.

You act tough when Romano
isn't around.

Don't forget that he's the only reason
I'm here.

We're not here to become buddies.

I just want that shit
over and done with.


I think they're part of it too.
- Extra team.

That was my MO
when I still did security.

What did you do security for?
- For the Royal Family for a while.

No, I did the security
for American rappers...

...when they performed
in The Netherlands.

Those guys act fucking tough
in their raps, but in real life...

...they're pussies.
So that was my MO.

Rule one: Always have backup
for your backup.

Chaouk, come. It's five o'clock.
Time for a diet cola.

I'll be done in a minute.
I'll be right there.

I'm checking all those backups.

To see if everything's all right
for the transfer.

These should have been
deleted already.

I think half of our client base...

...has these bonds
in their portfolios.

That's right.

They should know about this
right away.

I mean, if we have an IPO
on Monday...

Then we make 4.7 million
in three hours.

If it goes well.

But for the same amount of money
they might lose...

No, no. It isn't the
same amount of money.

Our money is our money.
Their money is their money.

Chaouki, our clients come to us...

...because we deliver.
We have been for 13 years.

I made more people millionaires
than the fucking State Lottery.

When I founded this company,
I was 24/7 in my student room...

...perspiring to get
my foot in the door somewhere.

This is how you do it, OK?
Taking risks.

Sticking out your neck
while other people...

...are peeing in their pants.

It's Friday. The stock exchange is closed.

Those backups have been deleted.


Will you remain a copy boy
or are you going to play with the big boys?

Dammit, I've been freezing my balls off
for 15 minutes.

- What am I supposed to do with it?

Clean the window.
Put it on, moron.


Know what? Get out.
- OK, I'll do it. I'll put it on.

Take it easy.


You got the container's number, right?

That shit has to be taken out of there
as soon as possible.

Or we might as well kill ourselves
right now.

How much are you willing to give?
- You don't get something for nothing.

If you leave that container there...'ll go to jail for five years.
- Fuck.

Which pool will his kids be in by then?

They'll have their C diploma,
swimming certificate... swimming,

That container was exactly
where you said it was.

What do you say?
- Thank you. Thanks.

There's just one more thing,
you need to do for us, Ferry.

Keep pressing that green button.
- No, that's impossible.

My co-workers are done with it.
It's too much of a risk.

This was it. This was great.
But it ends here.

It's done.
- Yes.

Everything turned out fine, though.

This time, yes. But now it's over.
This is great, isn't it?

You now have an extra deal on the side.
You're happy with it, aren't you?

So thank you very much.

Sorry I can't be of service to you

- Later, Ferry.

Mar? Marsha?

The bottle is by the chest of drawers.

I've been thinking.

I think you should too.

This is a great opportunity for us.
For you too.

I understand you're scared,
but all of us are sometimes.

They say that fear
is a bad advisor...

...but that's not always true.

If you want to survive,
fear can be your greatest friend.

It can show you things.

What is really important to you
in life?

He's very good with kids.

So in two weeks
I'll give you a number.

The number of a freighter
with a container on it.

You'll let that container
through for us.

Just press the green button, Ferry.

Just press the green button.

Is that clear?

Tatta, give that guy his kid back.

Ferry, do something about
your backdoor.

It sticks a bit.

Sleep tight.


600 is not enough.

900, it's not for sale under 900.



OK, then let's split the difference.

How's it going, Pencil?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Everything OK?
- Yes, it is.

My uncle hasn't seen you for a while.
Were you on holidays?

No, busy working.
- I can tell.

He misses you.
You did good things there.

Thanks, but I can't help him anymore.

Too bad.
He can really use you now.

His business is doing better and better.

Plus I have some other uncles
that can use help. Get it?

Sorry, man. I have to focus
on other things.

That's OK, man.

Don't forget us
when you're in the Fortune 500.

Drive carefully, Valentino Rossi.

You're not allowed to park here.

Sorry I don't speak Spanish.

You're not allowed to park here.

We have to keep this side of the road
clear for the marathon tomorrow.

You can park your car over there.

Shall we make an appointment now?

Yes, that's a good time for me.

Time of day?
- Gauki.

Can you hang up?
- I have to call you back later.

That's fine.

We found some irregularities... some accounts you managed
a few months ago.

Do you mean that?
- Yes, I do.

You can be fucking happy
I don't take you to court.

Clear your desk and fuck off.

Hey, Romano. It's Chaouki, Pencil.

I've been thinking
about what you said.

Sir, sir.

It hurts, right?

It's fixed.

Babe, how's it over there?

Fine, babe. I was almost asleep.
How are you doing?

I miss you guys. I can't wait
until you come here for Christmas.

Us too.

How's the little rascal doing?

Still bossy. Honey, I'm exhausted.
I have to get a good night's sleep.