Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Welke kk zwemles - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Hey. Can I join you?

Go ahead, man.
It's a free country.

Can I ask you something?

I'm busy having fantasies, bro.

I think we're in the same business.


I'm not talking about
you being a taxi driver.

That's the business I'm in, though.

I know, but I'm talking
about that other business.

I saw you doing a deal here.
You've got balls.

Anyway, I'm in that trade too.

Sorry, I don't know
what you're talking about.

Of course not.
But you might be able to help me...

...despite the fact
you don't know anything about it.

I'm going to take a picture
of my kids.

That's not allowed.
They're naked kids, right?

What the hell are you saying?
- Listen, I work for Customs.


You're crossing a fucking line.

I don't know you and I don't know
what you're talking about.

So let me walk away
before I embarrass both of us.

Sir, no pictures.

That's better.


Sorry, did I startle you?
- It's OK.

I need another hour.
- No problem.

Can we use the swimming pool?
- Of course.


Shall I make a drawing?

I don't speak Spanish, honey.


Can we arrange some escorts now?
Yeah? All right.

I think we have a problem.
I'll send you a link.

Fugitive Tevreden hides
under nose police

WTF? Snitch is sleeping.


Let them think I'm in Amsterdam.
Who's next?

Why? Do you have a chick?

Michael Jackson's Blood On the Dance
Floor. When? I want to see blood.

ASAP boss.
I'll send you the photos.

Lay low.

Where you go?

That's Najib's joke.

Where you go?

Bro, this may not be the right timing...

...but I think I have a guy for you
in the port.

He might be useful to us.
Want me to check it out?

Where did you get him?
- Swimming lesson.

What fucking swimming lesson?
- Of my kids.

How are the little ones?

He saw me there once with Mo...

...and he suddenly came up to me.

No stress, bro.
It's safe there.

Mo came to me. He was empty,
so he picked stuff up there once.

And that guy saw you?

Yeah, but not in that way.
- So in which fucking way?

He saw you. Pull over.

The police isn't allowed to solicit.

Solicit? You're a lawyer now?

I didn't tell him anything.

I just acted like he was crazy...

...and as if I was crazy.
- So what happened?

That guy just came up to me, like:

We're in the same business,
maybe we can work together.

I thought you might find it interesting.

I don't know.

Should I check it out?

Be quiet, you ass.

What do we know
about that Goose?

He comes to Diemen
once in a while.

If I catch him,
he'll be dead right away.

No one does anything until I say so.

Where did you get those shoes,
by the way?

I'm talking to you.

I bought them for him.

I want to know where he hangs out,
what he does.

If he visits whores,
I want to know which window.

If he drives a car,
place a tracker on it.

We'll take care of it.

Get out. Mouse will be here any minute.

Move it.

What's wrong?

You have to lie low
and talk to your dad.

The police is getting at him.
We have to keep him quiet.

One of those boys
is going to do the job.

Goose is mine.

End of discussion.

Adil really thinks he's big.

As if we can't get Goose ourselves.

We'll have that idiot on his back
in a few seconds.

What did Adil say?
- Just family business.

What's the plan?

Say to the Silent One
he has to get ready.

Want me to come?

Hi honey, it's like a holiday here.
How is my little one?

She's in the bathroom.
The police is still observing me.

Can I have chips?
- No.

Why not?
- You can have something healthy.

I already had healthy stuff today.

I really want to lick your boob.

I feel like fucking you up the ass.

Your choice:
Something healthy or nothing.


And to massage you
with oil and stuff.

Yes? What?
- So Romano is in Amsterdam.

What is that?
- Go back inside.

Has dad seen you dance yet?
- She's a child, you know.

We're here to help you.

Want to help?
Then don't knock on my door anymore.

Are you going to say something?


Step inside.

Go talk to that port guy, OK?

But I'll record the conversation.


(hip-hop music)

Yo, Goose.

Happy birthday.
- Thank you.

I heard it was your birthday.
- It is.

Look at that.
- Whoa.

You always want to do wheelies.
- What is this?

For me?
- Yes, for you.

Let's start it up.

This is the throttle.
This is the brake.

OK, throttle and brake. OK, man.

Get going, son.
- Thank you.

Don't go on the highway.
- No, I'm staying here.

Hey babe. U like what u see?

Hey, Zina.

Hot whore.

When you're done with her,
give me her number.

OK, man.

Joey, is it nice?
- It is.



Want to make some money or not?

What happened to your hand?
Jerked off too much?

Who molested you?
- About that guy, right?

Comes here every day
at 7:30 and 9:30.

Are you sure?
- Yeah, bro.

Mother and father are dead.
He smokes a joint before dinner.

Got it.
Give that guy his money.

Buy yourself something nice.
- Thanks, man.


He nearly wanted to give you
a blowjob.

Shall I buy you a ticket?


When was the last time
you were in Tétouan... visit the family
and your mom's grave.

I have to go to school.

I don't want anything to happen to you,
my daughter. Understand?


I need to tell you something.

Let's go.

I always did business
with an organization in Bremen.

German Turks. They order their stuff
from a dealer in South America...

...and we press the green button... the container doesn't need
to be checked. It's watertight.

There's a container with 50 kilos
in the port now.

Don't ask me why, but those guys
always did small shipments...

...of 50 kilos at a time.
But it fits a 1000 kilos.

They aren't checked.

This container has been there
for too long.

That's spotted by people...

...we don't work with.
Then they'll break it open.

If they investigate,
they'll trace us.

And if they trace us,
we're screwed.

What has that got to do with me?
- I thought: You're in the business.

You've got balls.
You look reliable.

Maybe you know someone
who can get it out for us.

It's in Rotterdam in the port.
Completely secluded.

The night shift drives past it
every 30 minutes... you've got plenty of time.

Not you personally, but if you
know people who do that kind of thing...

...they'll have plenty of time.

Another thing: It has to be done
within two days.

Two days?
- That's all the time there is.

Listen, I do need those print-outs back.

Wait a minute.
Are you going to help me or not?

Take your time.



Come, let's go home.

- To our house.

Which house?

Our house.

We aren't safe there, dad.

Let the police do their job.

The police? Have they found
Elias' killer yet?

The police wants to help,
but first they want to talk to you.

You're hiding something,
aren't you?

So what will they do?
- What are you going to do?

What's Adil going to do?
And the others?

Are you the police?

The person who killed your brother
will be punished by Allah.

We're all going to die.

We just make sure they can go up
a bit sooner.

This isn't my Youssef.

This isn't the Youssef I raised.

You didn't do anything wrong.

It's all my fault.

I'll put things right.


Where's your big head at?
You're pushing things... a swimming pool.
- A stopgap.

I don't give a shit, pal.

Do you seriously believe this?

I'm supplying us
with a potential gold mine.

No, you're supplying us
the potential fucking police.

See what you think.


Why can't I talk
to those Albanians...

...but he can talk to Customs?

Do those Albanians work
in the Rotterdam port?

I can just go and talk to them.

Good morning.

Good morning.

I was in the
neighborhood, so I thought...

That's nice.

So, what do you recommend?

Well I can make you something
special, if you want.




Is right?

I hear great things about you.

Man your stuff, it's very very good.

Very good quality you know.
You have to thank your bosses.

My bosses?


Come on, not your bosses, not um...

the people you work with.
Your partners.

Who the fuck is this guy?

He is my cousin, Sandro.


Cousin? My ass.


We need more.

You can trust us Mo.

Are you going to Morocco this summer?

I don't know, man.
The house isn't finished yet.

How about you?
- Thailand.

Finally going for sex?

Taxi, there's this chick, man.

I've been selling to her,
but I don't trust her.

Because she hasn't paid you
in kind yet, I guess.

What's wrong?

She isn't using.
She resells it.

Now she asked me for two bricks,

She resells? Who to?
- Just to customers.

Where's your big head at?

Think. She resells?
You're the dealer, not her.

Pope isn't going to be happy.

You can be a fucking retard sometimes.

She resells.
She should work for us, not you.

You can be such a retard sometimes.

Police are gone!
They're not on my doorstep anymore.

They ran out of money. Ha ha.

That isn't funny.
It's my security.

I'm your security. Want me to post
someone in front of your house?


I have to get out of here.

And then what?

Want to be on the run
for the rest of your life?

You don't have the Pope
breathing down your neck.

Neither do you.
- You don't know that.

It's a question of time
before they eliminate each other.

How about you?

I'm like a bad penny.

I was pregnant.


Don't worry. I got rid of it.

I don't get an input?


Do you think I'm a fucking idiot?

What the hell is bothering you?

Hey, weirdo.
- What about us?

Is there an us?

You guys take the trouble.

Do you really think
they're investigating?

They're just happy a foreigner is dead.

You've got a point, young man.

Hey, let Domino take this one.

I'm going to mark this.

It's mine and no one else's.

Snack bar at 20:00. Get fries
and sit by the window.

Want me to give you a hand, daughter?

No, I'm done.

What happened to us...

You wanted to tell me something, right?

It isn't necessary anymore.

Come here.

Don't touch me.

Pope, I hope you didn't get me here
for bananas.

No, my Tonano, you'll get paid.

It isn't going to happen.

Why not?
You know people, don't you?

Too much of a rush.
- Too much of a rush?

I swear it's there.
Come on, man.

Do you think I'm a cop?
Is that it?

You think I'm a cop? Here.

Look, this is for you.

If you take care of it,
it's all yours.

Also if you don't take care of it.


Know what you should do?
Take a long holiday.


Of course. I told you:
Mi casa, su casa.

Well, mi room, su room, whatever.
Anyway, you're welcome.

- You're welcome.

Remember when my parents divorced
in grade six?

I spent the entire summer holidays
at your place.

Hashtag never forget.

Thank you.
- I said: Don't thank me.

I was talking about my fries.

Nice. With mayo and sateh sauce?

Talk to you later, OK?
- OK, sweetie.

Hey, chickie.


I told him to be careful.

They really got to him.

Screw that entire fucking Mouse family.

Calm down.

No stupid moves now.
There's too much at stake.

Pope, we need to talk about Mo.

I know who's buying so much from him.

They ordered two bricks of pure.

That can give trouble.
I thought I'd tell you.

Check it out.

- What?

Bring that Customs guy.
- Did it work out?

What worked out?

What worked out?
- Nothing.

How are you?

It wasn't that guy, was it?
- His ticket is ready for him.

Don't worry.

Who was he?
- That bag in the schoolyard.

Did you see
how that fucking junkie dropped?

I should have stayed to watch.

To see how he breathed his last.

They're all going to die.
All those motherfuckers.

Give this to dad.

Put it away.

Just a little while longer.

Be careful.