Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - XPurmerend19 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Were you able to sleep?

A little.

I can tell by your eyes.
Give it to me.

Give me that glass.

Her too. Mumbling to herself all night.
Entire stories.

I have to go to school.
Thank you.

Goodbye, honey.
- Bye.

God keep her safe.
She's sensible.

How's Adil?
- Fine.

When I see him, he always says:
Busy, busy, busy.

Have some breakfast.

Put the cleaning crew to work?

Well, you know.
Clean house, clean mind.

Brought toys?
- Pope, Tatta, Taliban.

They all have to sleep. ASAP.

Taliban first.
- Taliban first.

What do we know?

Oh, right. He fucked the girl-next-door's
cousin for a while.

But that's a few years ago now.

Start there.

- They aren't toys. Focus.

This food needs more salt.

This food is too bland, woman.

It needs more salt, woman.

It needs salt.

This food needs salt.

Explain. Explain.

Call me back when you're done whining.

Did you sleep well?


Just relax.

We're nearly there.
Enjoy the view.

Who do we know in Su?

Don't know.
I think Daryl's still there.

After that crap with that rapper.

Why? Do you think Romano
will go there?

Let those black guys keep their eyes open.
- OK.

Let's pull over to grab some food.

It's just awful.

Rein was a wonderful colleague,
a wonderful person.

I just have no words for this.

It's going from bad to worse.

Is the Netherlands becoming a narco state?

I've never experienced this before.
First I was beaten up badly and now...

Bro, listen...
- I'm not going to repeat myself every time.

I'm not going anywhere without Celine.

I'm not going to let that fucking Pope
blow her brains out.

You know what I mean.

Do you have a new spot
for the stash yet?

I was thinking about Doner's dry cleaner's.

It has a big warehouse and a backyard
where we can put some guys.

Why isn't she responding?
- She's scared.


As if I'm going to hit her.

I'm not a fucking animal.

OK, I need to fuck.
Who'sthe plug to a fine escort?

Is this guy serious?

Romano, tell your homie that if he wants to
know something from me...

...he should just ask.
I don't need a fucking interpreter.

This guy hasn't fucked for three years.

That's why his balls are itchy.

I'll see you tonight.

Keep the curtains closed.

Do they call him Pencil
because he has one up his ass?

Screw you.

So this is how you treat
people's clothes?

Now I know not to bring mine here.

Can we talk?
- Sure.

We need a temporary place
to stash and cut the trade.

We'll compensate your parents,
of course.

Did they put the building up for sale yet?
- No.


Is your dad upstairs?
- Yes.

But he's in bed.
That medication destroyed him.

Can you come back another day?

Friday or something.
- Sure.

Have him gather all his papers.
- OK.

Then we can look at the accounts.
- Thanks, man.

When are they bringing that stash?
- As soon as possible.

Took up those cancer sticks again?

Just tell me if you want to die, Mo.
It can be arranged.

What do you want?

Fucked up about Rein, isn't it?

You loved that drunkard too much.

And the funny thing is
is that I get it.

I'm still a bit in love
with my first girlfriend too.

What am I doing here?

Do you have something juicy for me?
You probably know more.

Listen, motherfucker. I didn't come here
to negotiate with you.

Think your friends will like it when they hear
you and that journalist were buddies?

You think they'll believe you
with your fucking rat face?


Maybe not. Maybe they will.

Is that a risk you want to take?

Just give me something
I can sink my teeth into.

And then I'll leave you alone. OK?

Give me something.

Here. And delete my number right away.

I don't think we have this one yet.

Everything all right?

I shouldn't eat these things,
but they're fucking good.

Viagra is blue, isn't it?
- It's Kamagra.

Works longer and gives you
a much better hard-on.

How many do you have?

A garage full.

By the way, remember that Albanian?

Good news. What time do we meet?
- Dardan. Why?

We may be looking for some powder.
His prices are always good, right?

Haven't seen him in a long time.

I thought you bought from Belgians.
- They were temporary. They're gone.


Let's go.
- We just got here.

I'll send someone next week
to pick up the rest.

I'm off.


No one has to know about
our troubles with the trade.



(hip-hop music)

We should go there.

Those horny bitches are gagging for it.

Do nothing all day but fuck and drink,
fuck and drink.

You have relatives on Aruba, don't you?

I'm Surinamese, idiot.

And plié and stretch.
We're going to the grand plié.

And front and heels off the floor.

Make yourself strong
or you'll topple over. Good.

And up and stretch open.

And down. Good job, ladies.

When will I see you guys?
Miss Elvi.

Welcome, son.

I'll put the food on the table.
- Is anyone home?

Go wash your hands.
The food is ready.

Wait, wait. Here, take this.

Thank you, my son.

They're staying here for a while.

Sit down.

Adil, how's it going at work?

It's going well.

Isn't it tough all by yourself?

You know me, mom. I'll manage.

Heard anything about Youssef?

I'll let you know when I do.

Eat, my daughter.

Why are you here?
Didn't you have police protection?

We did.
- What's happened?

They're only there for you
when you do what they say.

Did you say anything?
- Seriously?

A bomb was placed on our door.

Look how nice it has become here.

Look there.

They left it intact. That's good.

Did you ever go to one of Adil's fight?

I couldn't even handle it when he came home
with a black eye once...

...let alone go to a fight.

Come, let's go.
- Where to?

I want to show you something.
- I have to go to the pharmacy.

Come with me.

Very good.

Good afternoon.
Can I help you?

Is Adil here?

- Yes, the owner.


Do you mean Roeland?

Have it you
fuckin' prick.

To what do I owe
this unpleasant fuckin' surprise?

Nice to see you too, Ian.

You did good.

What can I say?

Beautiful young people
are acts of nature,

beautiful old people,
are works of art.

So, Romano's still here.


How do you know he's here?

Because you guys
still have a lot to learn.

We need a place to stay.

One that's safe.

You have a place in Spain, right?

In Ojén.
Close to Marbella.

That'll work just fine.

Romano needs a place where
he can move around a little bit.

Without somebody calling
Interpol to scoop him up.

Why the fuck is he not
already in Venezuela

or Ecuador or fucking

It needs to be in Europe.


If they catch Romano
and he goes back inside,

this whole thing
will fall apart.

Are you telling me you'se are done
shooting eachother up?

We didn't start that shit.

Not that it matters.
What matters is,

that if you lose Romano,
you lose Amsterdam.

And I'm guessing that's not
something you want.

If I do you this favor,

you have
to do a solid one for me.

I've got problems of my own.

With the Mullan family.

How bad?

There's nothing so bad that it
couldn't be worse.

Just let us know
where and when.

I will.

One more thing...

A little bird told me they spotted
someone of your crew.

He was entering the hospital.

Where your friend was taken in.

The one you're at war with.


The turk.

Mocros look like fighters.

When is he coming by again?
- Friday. To help my dad.

Two birds with one stone.
We get Pencil and the stash. Done.

When's the stash coming?
- ASAP. Smoothboy doing it, I think.

Perfect. We'll put him to sleep
right away too.

They're carrying, bro.
And Smoothboy's OK.

Oh, is Smoothboy OK?

Does he have a big dick, or not?

Pencil is the priority.


This is his number plate.
Be on time next time, OK?

What are you smoking?

Let me have a drag.

Give it here.

- Nothing.

Rode around all day long
like fucking imbeciles.

I swear, those dudes are laughing at us.

What about the girl-next-door's cousin?
- She forgot who Taliban was.

Apparently, he fucks like a faggot.
- Told you. No one knows anything.

So what will we do?
I'm not going to ride back and forth all day.

We should be delivering pizzas instead
and make some money.

Do you think Adil can give us an advance?

Then Domino can get some new shoes.

What do you think?

Muis, what are we going to do?
We have a trunk full of fucking guns.

Let's rob something.
That gas station near the RAI.

I don't know.
- Are you afraid of Adil?

He's not going to find out.

I'm afraid of your fucking mother.
What do you mean 'afraid'.

So let's go and rob something.

I might know something.

So what's it like there?


And your dad?

I don't know.

I don't know what he thinks.

If he even understands
what's going on.

Sometimes I think it would have been better
if we'd grabbed that bag.

I apologize.

You're so beautiful.

Let me get you another one.

I'll get you some wine, OK?
Just one.

Fucking loser.


What was that?

Come on.

What's wrong?

It's good to see you.

You gave me a fright.
What's wrong?

Did you come from work?

Work? First you call me 70 times.

Then you make me come here
to ask if I was at work.

We were at your gym.

Every time I close my eyes
he's there.

I feel his filthy body.

That panting.

I feel so dirty.

I hate it.

I hate that he has that power
over me, or that he's here.

That hatred is even worse than fear.

He destroyed everything.

He destroyed everything.

Why did you lie to me?

No matter how I explain it,
you won't understand it.

So I can't understand anything?

You told me you had a gym.

You told me you're a fitness instructor.

Where does this money come from?
- You know where it comes from.

What will people say about us?
- Which people?

What will they say?

They should mind their own business.

You're lacking for nothing.

I pay for your utilities and rent.
You've good plenty of food.

What have you been telling her?

What do you want? Money.
- I don't need money.

I want my son back.
- Youssef is fine.

Why don't you tell him to come home.

The police wants...
- What did you say? Police?

They want to talk to him.

No one can talk to the police.

Listen, uncle.

I want to be decent to you.
Leave us alone.

Want to see Youssef?
I'll bring him to you.

On one condition. Don't talk to anyone,
especially the police.

No one can help Youssef,
except his family. Understand?

You see that?

It's a laundromat.
- Seriously?

My cousin said that twice a month
someone brings a load of money.

And they have a safe at the back.

Let's go and rob them then.

Who launders money there?
- I don't know.

Niggers from the Crow's Nest.

Sorry, man. I didn't mean it like that.
- They're a bunch of comedians, man.

Let's go. Quickly in and out.
Enough talking.

I don't know.
- Want to wait here until Taliban comes...

...and fucks us up the ass?

Y'all dead-ass.
I thought you were gang-gang.

You're dull.

Don't say anything to Adil, OK?

Start the engine. In and out.
- Chaos.

Where's the safe?

Stay down!

Move it. Move it.

Where's that fucking safe?

- Open it.

Where are your bags?
- I don't have bags.

Get that fucking box.



You're making a mistake, guys.
- Shut up.

Jump, jump, jump.

And turn.

Stand still. Stop.

A lot better. Very nice.

- See you next week. Bye.

You did very well today.

I thought so too.
- Dad.

You're growing too fast.
Take it easy.

Romano, are you insane?
- Why don't you respond to my messages?

The observation team is waiting outside.

If they storm in, I'll go to jail too.
- That's why we have to leave now.

The three of us.
The car is out back.

Do I have to be on the run
for the rest of my life?

Our life.

Suriname doesn't extradite anyone.
So we're safe there.

- Whatever happened to...

...I can't live without you, babe.

Let's go.

Celine, we're going.
- No.

Then the two of us will go.
- Come on. What are you doing?

Let go of me.

Everything OK in here?


Nice to see you here.

Do you see what you're doing?

Somewhere in Italy.

Or Spain.

Where you're safely away from those freaks
and we can visit you during the holidays.


Can I have a word?

You go ahead, honey.

- Well, I'm assuming that you'll...

This is a respected ballet school.

I'm trying to have as fair a policy
as possible.

Yeah, are you seriously going to do this?


Do you want to break her heart?
Go ahead.

Go and tell her
what you want to say to me.

And then go and tell her dad next.

Come on, honey.

See you next week.

What are you going to do
with the money?

How much do you think
I'm holding here?

How much do we divide?

25, 25, 25.

You get ten. You weren't there.

Boys, quickly, quickly.


That rat is nowhere to be found.

Did you swallow your tongue?

Usually, you can't shut up.
- No, man. It's out of respect.

You're the Great Leader, right? Adil K.O.

What are you doing here, cousin?

Those motherfuckers placed an explosive
at your house.

- Your dad and Nadira are at my mom's.

Your dad wants to see you.
I'll let you know where.

I don't want to see him.
- It wasn't a question.

Bro, what did I say?
- OK, we're going.

Amsterdam is done.

So we're going to leave all of it
behind here.

I have to do something first.

What are you doing here?
- How's it going?

- OK.

How's your dad?
- Fine.

Want something to drink?

You were supposed to come tomorrow.
- Tomorrow isn't a good time.

Sit down.

The first time I met you... still had a long mullet. Remember?

That mullet.

Exactly like the one Pope had.

I thought: Who's that nervous Turk
he brought along?

But he was right.

You were a good guy.
And you worked hard.

Loyal as well.


Did you give him my address?

I would never do that.

I would never do that.

Where's Pope?

I can't say.

You can't say?
- No, I can't.

Please, bro.
- Where's Pope?

I can't say.
- Where's Pope?

Please, I can't say.

I can't say where he is. I can't.

I'm asking you one more time.

Where's Pope?

You know exactly what he is like.

Since this tragic death, we're performing
a large-scale investigation.

The team has been reinforced
to 30 detectives.

Politicians are responding
with indignation.

The Prime Minister was firm
in parliament.

We take this very seriously.

We're doing our outmost
to catch the perpetrators.

We suspect this killing has to do
with the decapitation of Elias Tahiri.

We hope that anyone who knows
something comes forward.

There is footage of the potential killer?
- That's right.

Not of the killing but of the moment
he's lying near the schoolyard.

May I please have your attention
for this warning.

The footage can be experienced
as shocking.


I know that motherfucker.
It's Goose.

- Goose.

No one else walks like that. Look.

It's Goose. 100 percent.