Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Paraat - full transcript

Every war has a beginning.

The moment the
flame hits the pan.

In retrospect it always seems
very logical and explainable.

In reality, it is often
down to bad luck.

But what did Pencil's
wife have to do with it?

Tactical hit, that's what it is.

Now a 24-hour detective
team is going to dive in his ass.

What does Pencil want to do then?
Fucking accountant.

15 K for the head of The
Pope, we must strike back.

Smooth, you already know Celine.
From now on you are her shadow.

Until our problem is fixed.

He snitched us.
That fucking Pope is still alive.

On your knees. Sit, sit.

Fucking seven years?

This is Mouse.

They normally have the
best stuff from Amsterdam...

so befriend him, yeah?

Hello Brother. Become a junkie?

Dad, we need to talk.
About Youssef.

What do I hear? First suspended from
school and now you're dealing drugs.

You have no degree, no education.

Who do you deal with?
Our cousin.

Adil and those hyenas
around him are bad, Youssef.

Roman, welcome.

How are things going?
It's hard without you.

Sure, I get that.

The boys have a hard
time without the boss.

Greetings from The Pope.

So, you're the
new crime reporter.

Who's trying to rip who?

Who's smart
enough to realize it?

If you want to start a fucking
war with Romano, then...

Than what?

He just popped them, man.

Bad for business, buddy.
I fix this.

What are you going to fix?
That little one is on my retina.

No stress. No stress?

I've lost two good dealers.

We need a little
favor from you, man.

There's only shit if
you don't do what I say.

I want to tell the story from the
inside, no longer the observational.

From your perspective.

Why don't you tell me everything?
From your earliest childhood?

The street, your friends.
Did you finish it?

Now that Sanne is
gone, I want you to read it.

Pig, dog. is deprecated, please
implement REST API from

They die or I die.

It's my manuscript, god damn it.

That cockroach made
it up, it's my book.

This has got to stop, buddy.
I'll be the first to die soon.

Surprise, faggot.
Where is it? Where's what?

I'm getting married tomorrow too.
I would have loved to invite you, bro.

Because you like a party.


Everything is headed straight for an
end. And every ending is also a beginning.

Everything is in constant flux
and nothing is ever the same.

In fact, the beginning and
end are completely relative...

because everything just goes
on, changes, grows and dies.

But enough philosophical nonsense.

As a journalist you are faced
with the eternal dilemma:

What do you tell and
what do you not tell?

a book about an
underworld war...

shouldn't cause
any casualties, right?

My name is Rein, and that means clean.

But how do I make that happen?
How do I keep it clean?

I should change everything.
The names, the facts.

I should be silent about my
source. My source is at risk.

But I also have my own
name to keep in mind.

And I'm not talking about
the meaning, but the status.

Yes, tering, who cares?

Who cares that those lads...

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There will come a time for man...

that a person will not care...

for what he takes it from.

Whether it is
allowed or prohibited.

More than 1,000 years
ago, the prophet warned us...

about the current time. The
time when you don't think...

how he makes his money,
as long as he has money.

What started with a
simple house break-in...

moves on to a bomb
raid, to dealing in drugs.

And now even murder, dear brothers.

Do you sleep a little more?


He was also my cousin.
Yes, you were the best of friends.

Elias had nothing to do with it, man.

We're going to destroy those
cancer sufferers one by one.

You and me.

I'm ready.

Good morning. Take off your shoes.

Make yourself at home, fat bastard.

Step aside, motherfucker.
Okay, guys. Ready to play.

How so? We were just
in the last cancer level.

What are you saying to me?

Are you going to tell
me how you got it or not?

Don't stress, man.

A guy like that hit
my face with a glass.

Because his wife was
horny for me, you know?

Nothing to worry about.

So you're not going to say it?

Bro, it's my own fault.
You know how that shit goes, right?

What about The Pope?

Romano is in Morocco. Nobody
says anything, but it is certain.

Stressful I think.
Are you sure or not sure?

They don't tell you anything?

They're talking in those encrypted
cancer things, aren't they?

Not with me, brother. Trade only.

What about that?

Abi, they might have 2
grand in that stashhouse.

So, hey.

Bro, if there's two
millie in there...

then that shit is guarded
like a fortress. Suicide.

My God.
Niffo, what's your problem?

I need money fast, abi.

That cancer chemo
ruined my dad financially.

Take this.

If you know where Romano
is, you get ten this time.

And Pencil?

And Pencil.

Bro. Come on, everyone is waiting.

They don't do anything, they know who you are.

Everything fine?

Bad conscience? No, man, abi.

I thought... I don't know what I was
thinking. You are here in Amsterdam.

Yes of course.
Business is business, right? Sure sure.

Coffee? New.

I thought: I'll stop by.

I heard from your dad. Fucked up.

How are you bro? Fucked up.

And Romano? Where does it hang from?

That luscious action made it to the NOS.

No idea.

But how is your dad now?
Is he out of the hospital yet?

He's home now. Weak and depressed.

He's done here, he
wants to go back to Turkey.

Marrakech, brother? Romano, abi.

You're asking a lot, bro.
Interpol is very much on its neck.

I will come again soon.
Keep an eye on your PGP.

Get well soon for your dad.
Thanks, old man.

If there is anything, you know: Ready.


Would you like to drink something?

How are you? You see it.

It looks like a jilla here.

Does Adil know more?

How's Dad?

Fucked up.

He wants to see you.

Look in that drawer.

What do I have to do with this?
Is for your safety.

Turn up the volume.

Fucked up this, man.

Will never function.
What are you doing cool now?

I'm going to pull, yes?


Oke, it's fine.

Hey, remember what we were
talking about the other day?


Oh yeah? Niffo, right. Yes...

Rein, you can't
publish the cancer book.

Then they'll know in no
time that I've snitched.

You know what will happen then.
I'm just going to sleep, brother.

Hello, do you hear what I'm saying?

I'm going to change everything anyway.

Everything has changed
since Romano escaped from jail.

Where do you think he is?

He's sitting with his black ass
somewhere on a tropical island.

I had heard a few
boys talk recently...

Bro, don't you hear
what the fuck I'm saying?

Scoot that book. Please, Rein.

Antonio Pelle was one of
the capos of the 'Ndrangheta.

When he escaped from prison...

the police chased
him for five years.

They thought he
was in South America.

Do you know where they finally
found him? In his own house.

Where he had lived all along.

Romano is just living in Amsterdam.

Just tap one more. Tap, tap.


Is he still sleeping? Yes man.
Twenty hours a day.

How was it at Doner?
He was concerned.

Bro, you need to get out of here.
As quickly as possible.

Then whither?

By car to Spain and
then on to Morocco.

They don't find us there?
I know exactly how he thinks.

That's exactly what
he's looking for right now.

I didn't come out of Jilla not
to be with my wife and kid.

I want to see them.
Not an option, bro.

Celine has OT on her ass 24/7.

They're posting at
your daughter's school.

They know you're weak there.
How weak?

Your weak spot.

And the trade here?

Don't worry about it.

Are you going to give a big mouth now?

I told you to make a kill squad.

one by one to put those
cancer patients to sleep.

Are they asleep yet?
New. Take it easy.

Calm down, man. We can
coordinate this from abroad.

And if you had wiped
your stupid head...

instead of his wife, we weren't
hiding like a bunch of bitches.

Bro, what the fuck are you gonna do?


Here, motherfuckers.

And now you guys
get me to see Celine.

With your weak spot.

How am I supposed to do that then?

I cannot contact her.

If I do that, they'll know
who I am right away.

There can be no contact.

I know a lot, bro.

Long gone, man.
Watch your face.

You're sorry, horny buck.

Does Romano know?
I do not think so.

Then he also has
that gorilla with him...

who is more sought
after than himself.

I don't know what he's doing.

What does Pencil say?
What will Pencil say?

They are best buddies of each other.

You and I would
rag this shit, man.

Mohim, fix that shit, okay?

I'm going to give you an
injection at your cervix.

It works like a
local anesthetic.

I now enter the uterus
with the thin suction tube.

If your uterus is empty,
you may start to feel cramps…

which are similar
to menstrual cramps.

That is very common.

Come on, petty terrorists.
You are late for every swimming lesson.

Hurry up.

Daddy, come. Otherwise we will be late.

Get changed, I'm coming.

Daddy. Go ahead.

Good, very good.

What is the capital of Italy?

Starts with an R.

Rome? Yes.

You just keep practicing, okay?

Good choice. Maybe
you should go try it on.

Jesus what the fuck? Hey baby.

What are you doing here?
The police are outside.

That's not how you
greet your husband, is it?

I thought you were in Morocco.
Everyone thinks you're there.

Why aren't you there?
How can I go without you?

Everything will be fine.
Why 'everything will be fine'?

If they can't find you,
they're going to get me.

Honey, don't be so... Don't.

Am I seriously supposed to believe what
you said? Do you really want to leave me?

I want the best for Elvira.
What do you think I want?

Do you think I
escaped before Janlul?

You are everything to me.

I'm not dying yet, Romano.
Not for you.

Here, we can text.
Numbers are in it.

Cannot be traced.

Celine, I got you.

Why are you going to smoke
another cigarette? Go inside, man.

Hurry up, bro.

You haven't seen him, have you?
What are you talking about?

He took a fucking picture.
What are you talking about?

That reporter.



He was also at your trial,
then wanted to talk to us.

This motherfucker
is investigating us.

What the fuck is going
on? We're out of here now.

Do you know where that fag's ox is?

Did they see you
take that picture?

No man.

Of course? Yes.

Rein, go to the police.
Why would I do that?

Because that guy is currently the
most wanted man in the Netherlands.

What are you saying?
What do I gain with that?

What do you mean 'what do I gain with it'?
As I say.

Rein, think twice. Report
that guy, go to the police.

Do you know what I do?
I'm pouring you a drink...

and then I'll think about it.

Rein, Rein.
I talk to you later.


Put on your mouth cap.

I'll be back in an hour.

You don't have to say it either.


You guys have a bomb hanging
on our door here by some lunatic.

And then you come and
say we have to live with that?

No, we're not saying that.
We're just saying...

if you refuse to share
information with us…

I can only advise you to
move elsewhere for a while.

Somewhere they can't find you.

It's up to you to
find them, right?

Hello, my brother is dead.

And you still haven't
found the culprits.

Ma'am, we're doing our best.
I see.

The choice is yours.

You can go.

Make sure you have your hood
on when you walk down the street.

Always keep looking down.

once at the top you stole
that shit all over the floor.

And when he's
in, it's pop and go.

Be sharp.

We cannot afford
to make mistakes.

Just un-Dutch.
I have no words for it.

Really un-Dutch practices.

Subtitles: Red Bee Media
Corrections + Synchronization: Bdzzld