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I've set 20k apart.
My cousin will get another 15.

Some of it goes
straight to the Makhloufis.

And Mo?

Mo will work out.

How come
I only hear this now?


I wanted to fix it myself.

It's not your shit, cousin.
-Oh, no? What the fuck did you do?

I rode round all night,
looking for the fucking cunts.

Is that it?

I'm talking to you. Is that it?

What are we going to do now?

What shall we do now?

Yeah, this is our pride and joy.

The EC 120.

A magnificent crate.

It can take 4 passengers.
It's very comfortable.

Is it for sightseeing?
-Yes, kind of.

My dad always wanted to do this.

But he died last week.

So then I thought: I can't do it...

but he would've absolutely loved this.

And are you flying alone?

The old man's coming along.

On a cloud alongside us.

Hey, what's that then?

That's the R 44. A great machine as well.

But a bit smaller.
It only takes 3 passengers.

-And more manoeuvrable.

That's the one. Let's go inside.


You're an aristocrat?

Your name has an aristocratic title.

Yes, that's right. I'm an aristocrat.

I just don't like to advertise it.
I hope you don't either.

Do you accept cash?

Goddammit. The dirty rat.

That piece of shit has got a new number.


'For these cowboys, words like honour...

and loyalty are just punchlines
for their jokes.

It's depraved.'
This is my manuscript.

That worm embellished it
but it's still my book.

He doesn't understand how it works.
One wrong name and he'll be dead.

He'll be dead?

What about me then?

This has to stop, mate.
I'll be the first one to get killed.

How did he get the manuscript anyway?
Did he hack you?

Rein, I'm talking to you.
-I gave it to him.

You gave it to him? What the fuck?
-To read.

Why would you do that, man?
-Just to read, goddammit.

How could I know he'd steal it?

has he got the complete manuscript?


Like animals.
And we gave them civilisation.

They even got gunpowder from us.

Now they treat us like animals.
Whose idea was that?

And this, listen to this.

Mark my words:
They will hunt us down.

In 20 years, there'll be
half as many Muslims in Europe.

Can I have your car keys?

What's on your mind?


Was your woman rough on you?

Just play, will you?

How long is this game with
the Hollandie going to last?



I'd move your bishop up two squares.

Or it'll be checkmate, matey.

Checkmate, matey.

You were right, wannabe.

I'm at your school,
come to the emergency exit.

Where are you going?

To the toilet.

Do you want to help me do it?

Hello, bro.

How are you doing?

They'll stick around
to keep an eye on things.

Adil has a car following your sister.

-I don't smoke.

Where are all the hot babes then?

I fancied my chances here,
but I don't see anything at all.


Don't stress. We'll find your brada.

It'll be fine.

Take it easy. Take it easy.

It's the pain you have to...
you have to do get through.

Yeah. What else can you do?

Time heals all wounds. Yes.

It's a cliché, but it's true.
-Yes, it's definitely true.

Hey, I don't see your intern anywhere.

Which intern?
-Matthijs. Matthijs Hardewijk.

He works with Rob.
-No, he quit. Didn't you know?

Shall I ask around?
-Have you got his phone number?

Uhm... yes.


-03. Yeah, I've got that number already.

Have you got his address?

He's got a book of mine
and I want it back.


Hey, sweetheart. Good to see you.
You've got a shot at two commercials.

The perfume's called Kashmir.

Middle Eastern Gucci.
-Good on you.

What you mean
you don't want to be a snitch?

I think the guys at the garage
know where Adil's cousin is.

You've developed a good style;
that 'I don't give a fuck' look.

Back to the photo. Not everyone
gets this chance, you know.

Do you still hang with Matthijs?
- Why?

I need him.
- Do I need you first?


Here you go.

It's okay..



What's on your mind?

I'm talking to you.

I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow.

Your new school?

It'll be fine. For sure it will.

A new school will be good for you.

Believe me.

Hey, I'll treat you tomorrow.

We haven't been to Osman's for ages.

Take care.

May Allah be with you.

Hey, Mouse. Everything okay, my friend?


Jesus Christ.

That was so good.

I won't be able to walk for a week.

Hey, what are you doing?

Give me the fucking phone.

Is this Matthijs's new number?
-Why do you keep on about Matthijs?

Have you got his address?
-Yes, I do.

Are you jealous, honey?
-Just tell me.

Fuck. Get dressed.

Yo. I've been trying to reach you.
-What are you still doing here?

I... I was waiting for you.

Nobody's waiting for me.
Just go away.

Feeling sorry for yourself, eh?

You're pathetic.
-Get lost, man.

All you do all the time is drink and cry.
-Shut up.

Right, I'll shut the fuck up.

Then you'll have nobody to tell you...
-Shut up, dammit.

Dealing in my house.

In my house...

where my wife...
Self-righteous son of a bitch.

Do you know what Sanne called you?

An angel. Angel.

You're a devil.

Go fuck yourself.

Get lost.

Who fucking snitched?

How did that faggot get my name?

Fuck. Whoever he is,
the whore has sung like a canary.


If someone texts you...

arrange to meet somewhere inside.

Somewhere really safe. Understand?


Are you sure?

Yo, Adil.

I know where your cousin is.

Tough day at school?

You know, when I was
in school, I hated it too.

Now I wish I could go back.

Believe me, you're lucky.

We know where Elias is,
come outside!



Here, put this on.

Where is he?

In some garage. Are you ready?

My grandma had tattoos.

On her face.

All the old women from the village
had tattoos.

A crazy old Berber tradition.

Nowadays they only do henna tattoos.
At weddings.

Untie me.

Untie you? You must be mad.
What a dickhead.

I'm getting married tomorrow.

I'd love to have invited you, bro.

I heard: You like a party.
Weren't you a DJ?

But joking apart.

The girl I'm marrying...

Mamma mia.

I swear, she's a princess.

She looks a bit like your sister.
Doesn't she look like his sister?

She's a bit...

She's much more beautiful
than your sister.

I'm going to marry her.

We'll build a family, the two of us.

That's what life's all about, right?

Or isn't it?


Mate, I'm going to give you a tip, right?

What you should do now...

is say the Shahada.

I testify, there is no god but Allah...

and that Muhammad
is the messenger of Allah.

Piss off, you poof.

What are you like?

How did you like the music?
-It was a gruesome party.

I really enjoyed it.

There'll be two cars for you.
One with a camera.

Four of you in the one car.
Shem, Shem's cousin...

Who will be driving?
-Who do you think?

Okay, I'll go and tell everyone
to get ready.

Take it easy, don't stress.
Holy shit, man.

What? I swear, I'd like to ruin her.

She's my cousin.


Congratulations again.

I have to go.
-What about the procession?

Not my thing. And I have to be at
the council office early.

Yes, you're gonna build a mosque...

if Wilders doesn't object.
-We can wait.

May Allah be with you.
-See you.


First stage accomplished.
Package on the way.

You get it?
Have you had plenty to eat?

It was a lot man.
-Yes, I can see that. Open your buttons.

Maximum speed is 200 km/h, yeah?
-That's right.

And cruising speed? Is that 200 too?
-180 on average.

Oh, yeah. Good.

Have you flown before?
-No, YouTube tutorials.

You can find anything online, mate.

You're usually more talkative.

If you ask me,
you're losing your sense of humour.

That's always a bad sign.

Gallows humour.
-What do you mean?

There was a car set on fire tonight...

with the body of a man in it.

The body had been decapitated.

And the head?

How long can I keep this up?

I've been asking myself that
for years.

Since one of my clients got arrested...

Tevreden. Romano Tevreden.

First the bullets,
and now I'm some kind of gangster's...


I, eh...

Sorry for bothering you with this.

He'll be inside for years.

Well, in principle,
I'm supposed to get him out.

That's what he pays me for.
-That will never happen.



I hope not, no.

Hi, honey.

Surprise, bitch.

Where is it?

Where is it?

The book.
-What book?

Rein's book.


That drunkard?

Now he's sent you?

He's such a stupid bastard.
-Give me the manuscript.

Did Rein teach you how to say that?

He's taught us so much, hasn't he?

We should be so grateful.
Really. Wow.

And you...

You just let him fuck you in the arse.

Calm down. Calm down.

Calm down, bitch.

Calm down.

For the last time, give me the book.

He's using you.
-You've no idea what you've done.

Where is that book?

That book is mine.

I deserve it, not Rein.

And there's nothing you can do
to change that.


Telephone, keys.

What the hell have you done?
That was my son.




Checkmate, matey.

Stinking jungle bunny.

Yeah, now I've got you.

Don't freak out. Drive.


Adil from Arnhem.


Daddy is back.

Who was that?

No one.


What is that?


Is dying the same as going to sleep?

But without a new beginning?

One long, never-ending dream.

Vague combinations,
morphing into a new reality.

Everyone has their own dream world.

Do we have our own death then?

Easy, you're safe.


It started off as a great gig.
Telling this story.

How was I to know
it would almost be the end of me.

Are you ready?

On the other hand...
-Come on.

School has to open.
-what if you do know.

How's it going at work?

Surely we belong to Allah
and to him we shall return.

Remember this, Jaouad.

The Prophet said:

'And you shall kill nobody,
except according to the law.'

'However, if someone is killed unlawfully,
we give a close relative permission.'

'He mustn't go too far with the killing.'

'He will be aided.'

An eye for an eye, Jaouad.

Oh, Allah. Oh, Allah.




You'll be fine.

Let me put it this way.

Just when you think it's all over...

it's only the beginning.

Don't cry.

Be strong.