Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Ontvoering - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
If I had to give this chapter a name,
it would be: Am I my brother's keeper?

I'll explain later.

There's a story in the Koran
about two brothers. Habil and Qabil.

The sons of Adam and Hawwa.

They got into a fight when Qabil
refused to marry...

a wife less pretty than his brother's.

What could be done?

They decided to make a sacrifice.

One of them sacrificed,
I don't know, an animal.

And the other one sacrificed a harvest,
I think.

The idea was that the one which was
accepted by Allah...

would marry the beautiful one.

What happened?

A fireball crashed down
from the heavens.

And destroyed Qabil's sacrifice.

So Habil was the lucky one.

But Qabil was so pissed off,
he killed his brother.

It is stated in the Koran:
Whoever kills a man, kills all of mankind.

We know that story in the West too.

From the Bible.

Cain and Abel.

Two brothers.

Said white anyhow.

And your nose.

See you.

As you can see, I've found peace here.

I thought I would
never get over this.

But I think I'll manage it.

There are five steps.

I read it somewhere.
Five steps, phases...

Denial, then there's rage...

then sadness, then acceptance.

That's four.

You named four.

Facing your demons, you're right.
Then there's sadness.

And then acceptance, God willing.

Facing your demons?

Yes. The thing that hurt you.

As if...
As if you can do something about it.

As if you can still...
As if you can reverse the loss.

That's not possible.


I once made a list of valuables,
for the home insurance.

You tend to go for 50,000 euros,
but the guy from the firm...

thought that was too low,
so I checked everything.

Apparently this is where
most of the money is.

On the hangers.
Well, it's lifeless.

It doesn't mean shit without her in it.

What's that?

Fuck it.
I'll be right back. Two minutes.

I won this at shooting.
-I didn't know you could shoot.

Gangster, man.

At the fairground?

Hey pretty boy,
sold all your merchandise yet?

Getting there.
Won't take much longer

How many tattoos have you got actually?


Ugly shit, man.
-You think so?


You're making a fool of yourself.

Who am I making a fool of? You?

It's my body, bro.

Yeah, man.

It's ruining my reputation.

And our family's.

So says Mr Dealer.

A dealer is better than
an integrated wannabe.

Listen, I have to go home
to pick up a USB stick.

And after that I'm DJing at a house party.
Want to come along?

A cheese party?

I'd rather die, man.

She brought some structure into my life.


Often I had the idea already...

but she gave it shape.

I wrote 'De Neus' in the first few months
we were together.

I'm sure she's proud of me.

Proud as punch.

Because of her...

I rammed this out.

Because of her...

and because of you, mate.

Have you finished it?

And because Sanne isn't here,
I want you to read it.

I want you to read it with a critical eye.

You're full of shit.
-I'm not, I swear to God.

After the lecture, and I quote:

'Your hair smells of the tropics...

and guess what, I love the tropics.'

Then he took a lock of my hair...

and started to... sniff it.

With his filthy fingers.
-I thought it was charming.

No, stop.
-It doesn't bear thinking about.

Then he sat down among the girls. Yuck.

Do you know who I really...

really like?

Your cousin.


When did you see him?

Last week in the supermarket.

I bet he was wearing that filthy tracksuit.

What are you like?
-I can pick them out.

Hey, kid.

Come over here.

This is my little brother.

Excuse me.

Hello, Dad.

Nadira, is everything okay?
Do you know where the remote is?

Isn't it on the table?
-Oh, on the...

Yes. Thanks.

Are you okay, Dad?
-Oh, yeah it's...

I'm good.


No, Dad. He's with Elias. It's fine.

Are you sure you're all right?

I can come home if you like.

No, no need.

Don't make it late.

Everything is Illuminated

I love your voice (and your willie)
Your Sanne

The dream of being with Brod
for eternity.

I dream this every night.

Even when I can't remember my dream,
I still know I've had it.

As if the head of a lost love leaves
an imprint in the pillow beside you.

I don't dream of growing old together,
but of never growing old.

Neither her...

nor I.

She never leaves me.
I never leave her.

Yes, I admit, I'm scared of dying.

That the world will carry on without me.

And that my absence won't be noticed.
Even worse:

That my death provides an impulse for life.

Is that egotistical?

Is it bad to dream of a world that will
end when I'm no longer here?

I don't mean the thought of a world
without me, but literally.

All eyes closing, as mine do.

Sometimes I dream of always staying
with Brod, and dying together.

I know there's no life after death.

I'm not a retard.

And I know there is no God.

It's not about her company.

I just want to know whether
she can do without me or not.

In my dream, I sometimes see her
without me and it makes me so jealous.

She's getting married
and having children.

Touching on everything
that's beyond my reach.

I just love your booty.

Everything that should've
made me happy.

I can't tell her my dream,
though there's nothing I'd like more.

No, I don't want to.




Piece of shit.

Please, please.

Have you spoken to him, Céline?

How did he react?

He didn't say much.

Isn't it a bit of a hasty decision?

I've thought this through, Edith.
And by the way it's private.

All I want to know about
is child support.

I don't think I'm the right person
to advise you on that, Céline.

I mean, Romano is my client.

Don't be so difficult.
It's not a trick question.

We were together a fucking long time,
and we have a child.

But we weren't married,
so no prenuptial agreement.

To add to that,
he claims he doesn't have a bean.

He must be getting benefits.

No, it's all been cut off.

I want the best for Romano,
but for Elvira too.

His career's in a slump, but that
doesn't mean her future should be ruined.

What are my prospects? Wait 7 years till
he gets out? That's absurd.

I've waited long enough.

-Eh, Céline...

I'll ask around.
My assistant will ring you.

Tell me how it works,
and what I'll get.

Bye, Céline. I'll speak to you later.

You have to answer your texts,
stay in touch.

How are you doing?

That's it?

What you want to know?
-Forget it.

Just be available.
Things are hotting up.

Mea culpa.

Mea culpa.
-What the fuck does that mean?

What are you eating?

A carrot.

-Patience professor, patience.

I'm working my arse off,
the river is overflowing.

What's the problem then?
-My problem is...

I don't know what to do
with all that water.

Buy a new reservoir?
-The reservoirs are driving me mad.

I'm busy centralising.
A big container.

What do you call it again?

-That's it.

It's too...

It's too risky.
-No, man.

Listen, Adil.

That's the way to ruin a business.

The manager always used
several reservoirs.

Fuck Romano.

His lazy black ass is on the bench.

He handed the reins to me.
I didn't ask for it.

This is how I do it. If you
don't like it, come back to Amsterdam.


Everything okay?

The neighbour walked out
of the supermarket...

without paying. Do you want some soup?

Yes, she was in a right state.



Guess what I did yesterday.


Hey, are you sick?
-Go away.

Have you got a fever?

Come and hang out with me tonight
in Noord. 10 o'clock?

What's the deal?

You just got your phone back
and you're on it all day.

Are you hungry?
- What are you eating?

Bread, butter...


-Since when do you eat cheese.

You did the shopping, right?

Anyway, have you looked for a new school?

You have to do it.

I'm going out.

What the fuck are you making?

Wraps. Make them properly.


Straight lines.

Hello, brother.

Come here.

What the fuck are you doing here?

Are you taking the piss?

Do you think you're safe now?
That we are safe?

Everything okay, cousin?
-As you can see, we're in a junkie's pad.

When do you start your new school?

That's not important.

Not important?

You look a mess, cousin.

I had a nightmare last night.
About that shit.

It was a nightmare.

You shouldn't have been there.

Then we'd lost Monk.

And now?

Two of The Pope's dorks are dead.

You're going home. Now.

The quarrel between Romano, The Pope
and Pencil isn't my fight.

If they hurt you, then...

I can't answer for my actions.
It'll be mayhem.

Your leaving present.


you're sixteen.
You're fucking clever.

Go to school, use your head.

Become a lawyer, get me out of jail.


Pay me when I've worked for you.

Go back to the beginning.

To the story about the two brothers.

After he'd killed his brother
out of pure jealousy...

God appeared to him.

Or, in the case of the Koran,
it was Allah.

And he asked: Where is your brother?

And the man answered: I don't know.

Am I my brother's keeper?

Apparently not.

I brought some soup for you.

Go away. I don't want it.

What's everyone's problem today?
What have I done to you?



It's nothing to do with you.

I just don't feel good.

Thank you.

Are you going to eat that, or not?
-I don't like this crap food.

Behave yourself, Nino.

What did you say?
Are you going to eat it or not?

No? Piss off to your room then.
Get lost. Get lost.

If I'd spoken to my mother like that...

Hey, I'd be dead and buried now.

Now he wants a dog.

He's allergic,
so it's not going to happen.

I was in his class at high school.
With Lars.

His father was a policeman.
Lars was always showing off at school.

Then one day he brings his bag to school,
opens it...

and takes out a fucking shooter.
He'd taken his father's shooter.

So he says: Let's go to the woods.
We can shoot there.

So we go to the woods,
shoot at trees and shit.

At some stage, I see a dog tied to a tree.

A little dog. He's shaking.
He'd been there a while.

Poor little fucker.
-This moron here just shoots at the dog.

And hits him in his back.

I swear, I've never heard a dog
screaming like that. It was terrible.

He comes up to me, starts crying,
says: Sorry.

Sorry, I didn't see the dog.

I take the gun off him
and shoot the dog in the head.

Is there desert?

Quitting now would be at odds with why...

I started in the first place.

But a shooting, Edith.

Whoever gives into tyrants...
-It's the people...

who give into tyrants.

It's not a question of principles.
You won't lose by giving up this case.

Did your grandpa think that?
That he couldn't lose?

My grandpa was put on a train.
It's slightly different.

Being pressured to keep quiet,
lost us a lot of family.

I find your comparison of Mocros
and Nazis remarkable. To say the least.

You know...

no person is intrinsically bad.

But these guys get pretty close to it.

Is all of this really worth it?

It's easy to have principles
when everything's going well.

Drop the attitude.

That's the way I feel.

Whoever saves a human life...

saves the whole of mankind.

You're deep tonight.

Did you sell the shit to a bank?
-I don't know what you're on about.

Here, man, bro.

Come on. This wasn't the deal.

First time, last time. You said it.

You think the people you sold to...

will be suddenly cured of it by next week?

Or are you taking the piss.

I'm not asking you to off someone.
Not yet anyway.


You old kiddy fiddler.

Romano and The Pope

...suggesting there may be
some truth to the insinuations...

levelled at Edith Roodschild.

Sure. Everyone has the right to party.

But whether you should combine the two...


I didn't know you were
into this stuff.

Nor did I actually.

Yes, thank you.

Bye, bye.

It's not that I drink a lot.
You take sips.

I take gulps.

Anyway, what does it amount to?

One gulp and it's finished.

In that sense, I don't drink that much.
I never order doubles or chasers.

I love you.

I love you.

Can I get the same again?

You need teaching a lesson.
Shall I teach you a lesson?

I'm doing it for you.
Come here.

Well, come on.

Get your hands off me.

Call the police if you like.

Call the police.

Let go, for God's sake.

I said, let me go. Hey.

Where's my brother?
-I don't know.

Where's my fucking brother, bitch.

Who did this?

What is this?


They're going to die,
or I'm going to die.