Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Afscheid - full transcript

A fresh wave of violence engulfs both street and prison. Mo The Show is dragged from Rein's investigation and back into the game.

Get down.

Peace be on you and the mercy
and blessings of Allah.

Allah is great.

Peace be on you and the mercy
and blessings of Allah.

That was the ceasefire.

A pointless ceasefire,
lasting a few hours.

Overturned by a party
that got out of hand.

The guys are all very wary.

Now they know, they could get
a bullet, anytime, anywhere.

These guys don't stick to
any codes or rules.

And in the meantime, they have to keep
their businesses going.

With Romano in jail
and Pencil in hiding...

Adil is number one
on that side of the line.

He has to keep everything on track.

On the other side of the line,
it's more problematic.

Staffing problems since
the deaths of Algerian and Brick.

One more drink, please.

One more drink,
and we'll see what happens...

Your last three words. Now.

Baby, there are only three words for you.

I want you.

Mo the Show.

Hey, fucking fag.

Is everything okay?

Get in, get in.

Get in, lady-killer.

Hey girl, get in, get in.

We are a taxi, we'll take you home,
get in.

You've got yourself a good one.

This boy here, he has a dick...

It's one of the seven wonders
of the world.

Where to?

-Just take me home.

Yeah, dude... Did you hear that, Taxi?

He can't do it.

I... I can't accept this, Taxi.

Come on.

I don't deserve this.
Pope, please.

Just take it back.

The President's suite.

He used to be my neighbour.
He always got teased. Now...

Just look at him now.

Sweet. Here you go.
I'll be able to reach you.

I'll call you tomorrow to test the shit.

Nice, isn't it? About Brick and Algerian.

Did you see the little guy after?

He's hot.
We won't be seeing him for a while.

How many of us were actually there,
at the... bang, bang.

It was just Mouse.

Hey, hello.

How are you?
-I'm fine.

Is Yassin here?
-No, he's not here.

He's not working?
-I don't know.

Okay, thanks.
-It's nothing

Hey, Youssef, I'll pick you up
at 11 o'clock.

I don't want to hear
any complaints about you.

Look at me when I'm talking to you.

Okay, my Moroccan friend.

Use this to clean it up.

This is where you put all of the dishes.

Pull it down, push the button.

The soap's already in it,
so you just have to wait.

Then it comes out,
and you dry it.

And take them to the front.

Thank you.

For fuck's sake.

What's wrong with Pope?

Thanks for coming.

Slick, Doner.

Where is your bookie?

Took some days off.

For his own safety and sanity,
tough times. Well, you know.

Yeah that's all I've heard.

So, you've lost the
money guy and Romano.

But somehow, you're making
more money than ever before.

There is a saying that goes,

"Coke moet gepusht worden"
(Coke must be pushed.)

That's basically what I'm doing.

The war is just a phase.

And now you want more.

Hey, ladies. Ladies.

Sit down here.

Here you go. Let's have a look.
Oh, yeah.

Calm down, calm down.

It's not too bad. Glass of water?

How's things?

It's difficult without you.
-I get it.

The boys struggle without the boss.

She misses you, baby.
You didn't see her that often.

Now she doesn't understand
where the hell you are.

And the nasty brats at school say stuff...

She's got more and more questions.
-Not now, honey.

I miss her too.
-But we all have them, don't we?

Life is an endless set of questions.

And then you die.

And in the meantime...

you get laid.

You drink a milkshake.

Do you fancy a milkshake?

Do you miss me?

Do I miss you? Honey, I've been sitting
in that fucking cell for days...

waiting for you to come sit on my face
so I can lick that lovely pussy of yours.

I want to be inside you, honey.
Till you scream and shout.

What do you mean shush.
No, honey.

A man can dream, can't he?

And so can a woman.

And that's how the white man
still teaches the black man a lesson.

I wanted to teach my daughter chess.

What's she called?


What kind of name is that?

I have a son.

I told him I'd given it up.
But that's not possible, is it?


to the people you love.


It all worked out fine.

For Danny.



Danny junior.


Checkmate, grandpa.

White king is threatened by black queen.


We had a ceasefire, didn't we?
You fucking poof.

He was small.
He was wearing a blue jacket.

And he was cool, man.

He just popped them off, man.

Bad for business, pal.

I'll fix it.

What you going to fix?
What you going to fix?

I'll get him, believe me.

I know who I need to get.

The little guy's in my sights, bro.

No sweat.
-No sweat?

I've just lost 2 fucking good dealers.
No sweat.

If the Dutchies have to wait
half an hour longer they go elsewhere.

Did you get that? Did you get that?

If I get wind of any shit
happening on the street...

Whatever it is...

I'll break your bloody neck.

You got it?

I've got this.

And the new boys?
Have you got that too?

I swear,
I ought to whack you for this, moron.

Hey! Warrior?
We need you, come over here

I'm coming

You want some more morphine?
- No.

Come here.

There's a note on the table.

Under that.

Will you give that to Rein?

When I'm no longer here?

Of course.

Hey, lady-killer.

Did you make the chick
scream and shout?

Crazy little devil.

I pay through the nose for chicks like that.
You just walk out of the club with one.

Yes, man. Thank you.

I could see the whole of Amsterdam.
It was great.

I know. I know.
I got you a terrific suite.

And now? What now? Why am I here?

Buddy, you have to come to our rescue.

We have a small favour
to ask you, man.

You must think I'm stupid.

That I didn't hear about
Brick and Algerian.

Nice of you to think of me, but I...

I can't do this. You'd better
ask someone else...

Anyway, I don't want
the shit and the problems.

Shit? There'll be shit
if you don't do what I say.

I'll get the stuff to you.
-Dutch, I can't...

Taxi will call you.
-Dutch, please.

Are you going to be difficult?

What do you do when Taxi calls?
-Pick up.

Yes, exactly.

Hey, wait, wait...
-Take your time, dude.

Nice, grandpa.

Greetings from The Pope.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Shall I cancel the interview
with the Telegraaf?

Who's it with?

Ewoud... An Ewoud...

-That's it.

Well, bring it on.

The more this is out in the open...

the more protection we have
from these crazy stunts.

If you install yourself in the office...

I'll look up what 'public domain'
means exactly.

Fancy a coffee?
-I'd love one.

Didn't you see me standing here?

What are you doing on the computer?
Looking at porn?

You dirty old man.

Hey, Ali.

I'm talking to you. You only
speak Turkish, or something?

Come with me.

Come on.

You're going to the principal.


What was it with that man?

Oh, he's a complete asshole, man.

He really got on my nerves.

That man you just talked to like an idiot,
that was my father.

You've no respect.

I could crush the life
out of your skanky mother.

Ask around who Mouse is,
and who he hangs with.

Hey, sweetie.
Hearts are red, aren't they?

What colour are you using now?
-Purple and blue.

Purple and blue? Okay, that's creative.

I was frightened we'd lost you, darling.
-They can't get rid of me that easy.

Is that me?
- No, it's Michael Jackson.

Why Michael Jackson?
-Michael Jackson is cool.

Can you make sure Adil
gets this drawing please?

That is a present from Daddy.

Romano has nine lives, Celine.
Don't worry, he'll be fine.

Did he say anything?

He wasn't able to.
-Is he doing okay?

Thanks for this.

Okay, take us home. Come on, Sweetie.

Come here.

How's it all going? With slick?

Is he good to you?

Hey, Celine, thank you.

You still don't get it, do you?

This is our house.

The arm out the window
taps someone on the back.

Someone on the outside.

His other arm points towards a church.
The home of The Pope.

And the stick?
-A stick with a string attached.

-Oh, the post.

No, you stupid Turk. Dynamite.

He wants to hire someone
to off The Pope.


The Pope... is mine.

For Belgian.

They must have stood about here.

You think there was more than one?
-They don't operate alone.

And with 'they' you mean...
-Is intimidation an effective means?

I don't scare easily. I do my job.
I'll keep on doing it, regardless...

Finish your sentence.
-Let's have a coffee first.

It can't leave you unaffected, I think.

It's obviously a message.
-Oh, yeah?

If a few bullets bored into my office
at night, I wouldn't be so relaxed.

Clearly not meant to hit anyone, but...

Tell that to my filing cabinet,
it wouldn't agree.

Come on, Ewoud, coffee.

Taxi is on the way.
What's your location?

Where the fuck are you?

Does the choice of clients
say something about the lawyer?

I defend people indicted
by the public prosecutor's office...

because it's their right.
What else is there to say??

Is it to be that kind of afternoon?

I don't need to speak to you to write
sentences like that.

Well, just go ahead.
-Is that what you want?

Why didn't you cancel the interview?

Do you defend everyone?
-On principle, yes.

Then I repeat: Is the choice of client...
-I can't possibly defend everyone.

There's simply not enough time.

Can you develop a bond of friendship
with your clients?

For example, with Romano Tevreden?

Hurry up,
Taxi's outside.

Why are you wearing sunglasses
at night?

It's Fashion Week. This is a new trend.

Are you okay?

Yes, I'm fine. I'm good.

I'm fine.

-What am I meant to do with this, Taxi?

Sell it to your rich Dutchie friends.
That's the deal.

No, I agreed to call more often
when the Dutchies run out.

Then you might as well take it.

Listen, we've lost Algerian and Brick.

And someone has to push this shit.

That's hundred packets,
fifty euros a piece.

No, man. I can't do this.

You know I can't do it.

I'm not a dealer.
You guys are the dealers.

You're not a dealer.
But if your Dutchie friends ask for it...

you don't need to call us.
That saves you phone credit.

I don't like this.
-It's just one time.

Just once?
-Yes. Off you go.

Mo de Show.

Help me. I can't find my keys.

Where the hell are they?


You're too late.

What do you mean too late?

You're too late.

No, fuck off.

You don't mean that.

Where are my keys?
-Come on, Rein.

That shouldn't have happened.
-I'm here.

I'm coming with you.

I forgive you for everything. Stop crying.
Write your bloody story.

Yours always,

I don't know how long it took. Hours.

Days. Weeks. A month.

I lost all track of time.

I was in another dimension.
Or that's what it felt like.

Of course, it could have been the drink
or lack of sleep.

But it had to come out.
It had to.

I had to finish it.

I'm just a guy who doesn't know
how to deal with his grief.

A guy who's left behind, on his own.

A guy who has to do it by himself.

Who has to prove he can do something.

How can you write
when you drink so much?

Don't you mess up the typing?

The problem is that you can't write
if you stop drinking.

That's fucked up, man.

It'll be an ugly cold turkey.
That's for sure.

Rein, shouldn't you just go to a clinic,
or to A.A.

I'll survive, Mo.

Friends of yours?

They were like brothers to me.
One of them was a wicked rapper.

We were in the same class at school.

He was gonna bring out a few tracks
and I was gonna act in his video clip.

They were dealing for The Pope.

There's something I don't get.

The explosion in the shisha lounge...
-Information was sold on.

By someone close to The Pope?
-Are you nuts?

If the Pope found out it was one of his
own men, he'd kill us all.


Did Adil kill your friends... Stone and...

Brick and Algerian.

Who whacked them?

There was a ceasefire agreed
by Adil and The Pope.

Now they're looking for
a little guy in a blue jacket.

They say he liquidated
Algerian and Brick...

and that he pulled the hit on Osman.

I'm not sure I believe that.

Everyone's scared of him.

He's 16 or 17.

They say he's Adil's number one hitman.

A kid of 16.

The question is,
how long can he keep it up?

Oh I, oh I

Oh I

Oh my son, oh my son

My son, close your eyes

Your heart is at ease with me

Every day I worry about you

Half of my heart, half of my soul

Your heart is at ease with me

Every day I worry about you

Half of my heart, half of my soul

Listen to me, my son

Apple of my eye

Listen to me, my son

Apple of my eye

This world is nothing

Life is nothing