Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Wapenstilstand - full transcript

'The Noble Life of the Prophet'

There's some for you at the door.

Take one, if you like.

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Hey, Jaouad, bro.

How's it going?

He's getting married, mate.

His future wife is next door.

There are children here. Eh?

Just calm down, man.

Hey, pal. Have you and I ever had
a problem with each other?

Your problem is with Romano.
He's inside. For quite a while.

What would you rather do?

Set each other on fire,
or make some money?

You son of a...

You tried to off me, mate.

I'm still standing here, what does that
tell you? That I'm a lot smarter than you.

And smarter than Romano.
You can profit from that.

It ends here, right?
We're not going to fight Romano's war.


What about Pencil?
You've been compensated.

His woman is dead.

He'll want revenge.

You let me worry about Pencil.

Then you get your way?
Eh, Mr big man?

One way or another,
you know I can't lose.

I'm going to win.

Pull this shit one more time,
and I'll waste your fucking family.

Relax, will you.
You'll lose half your clients.

Bro, I'll tell you straight:

This is not negotiable.

You want a ceasefire, don't you?

48 hours, then we will talk.
-Make it 50.

It's romantic here, eh?

I did what you payed me for, okay?

It's not my problem
if you don't get what you want.

Hey, I know nothing.

Look at me.

Come on.

Keep your mind on the job.
I don't tolerate mistakes

Okay, my little fawns.

It's time to teach you twats
how to make wraps.

You take two opposite corners, yeah?
And you fold it in half.

Then you take the other corners
and fold them inwards.

And you end up with a wrap.

Then you put it down,
and take a new one.

Fold it. That's right.

That's what you call wraps.

Take a new one. Come along guys,
hurry it up a bit. Keep at it.

Can we trust him?

If we give him a bump now and then.

Did I say you could get up?
Sit down and shut up.

I don't know.

If you have a better plan,
you could have told me.

Was I talking to you? Eh?

You're the bookkeeper.

No documents for a villa?

Yo. Coffee?

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You sure?
-Since when are you a psychiatrist?


I mean a proper psychiatrist.
We all know you've got a screw loose.

All those punches in the ring
can't be good for you.

You had, er...

You could have got rid of The Pope.

Oh yeah, then what?
Wait for them to hit back.

They killed Tamara and Belgian.

And what do you do?

You reward him with a ceasefire.

If you don't agree with it...

Romano always discussed
these things first.

Insufficient funds.
-I've got some more.

Here you go. Keep the change.

Give me your IBAN,
I'll pay you back.

IBAN... Who is that?

Those dogs can't get away with this,
I won't piss.

Mr Yousfi, if you say you've eaten
poppy-seed rolls, you have.

The parole officer doesn't believe it.
- She can believe what she likes.

The case is quite simple.

Do you still have the
packet of the codeine pills you took?

Um, no. Oh, oh, yes I do.

Good. Very good. Hang on to it.
I'll take care of everything.

The woman hasn't got a leg to stand on.

They're going to trap me.

They've been picking on me
right from the start.

Mr. Yousfi, listen to me carefully.
What I'm going to do, is the following.

I'm going to complain to the parole board
that you feel unfairly treated...

because you feel they are profiling you
on the basis of race and religion. Yes?

The indictment will be in the post today.

Meaning you won't have to report
for 2 weeks.

And are therefore not obliged
to provide urine samples.

Are you sure about that?
-Yes, I'm sure.

You won't have to report for a urine test
for at least ten days.

How long does it take
before opiates are undetectable.

What do they want to detect?

Tell them, I'll detect their mothers.
-Mr, Yousfi, just make sure...

you don't eat any poppy-seed rolls
for the next ten days.

And your urine will be as pure as water.

Okay, no poppy-seed rolls for ten days.

Okay, that's what I'll do.
Bye, love. I appreciate it

Poppy-seed rolls?
-First time I've heard of it.

That clever clogs must have Googled it.

Well, talk to me.

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday
to you. Happy birthday dear...

I'm the only one who knows.
-Keep it that way.

Don't forget your date with Arie.
At the Italian restaurant. More presents?

From Arie? I'm under no illusions.

Shall I open it?


His coat's here.


He's here, Dad.

What's that bum doing here?

What did I just hear? You get suspended
from school and now you're dealing drugs.

Dealing drugs?
Whatever makes you think that?

Is that what he says?
- Answer the question.

And you believe him?
- Is it ture?

When's the last time he was here?

Come on.

Did I ask you to do the shopping?

Wait a minute.

The fridge has been empty
for over a week.

How did you get that money?
-I work.

In a shisha lounge.
-He's working?

Hey, break it up.
What are you doing?

Have you lost your mind?

Stop it.

That's enough.

Well, well, well. Who do we have here?
Romano Tevreden.

The ghost from the East.
You're looking good, brother.

Man. What a fucked up sentence.

Seven years. That's fucked up, man.

Yeah, man. Seven years.
Seven long, long, long years.

Hey, but we are over there...
And we have our own stories to tell...

if you catch my drift.



Take a seat.

Um, Romano. Is it true...

what you said
to the feds and to the judge...

that the bag full of money
fell off the bridge...

when you found it?

I was sixteen.


-Is he gonna be like that?

You said: Wot, Sir? Wot?

I was walking on the bridge.

A huge sports bag fell down.

What was I supposed to do?
Just leave it there?

And the feds said:

A huge bag stuffed with money...

happened to fall off the bridge
as you were walking past?

You know what Romano said?

Fuck, yeah.

Fuck, yeah.

Boys of your age are either at school
or stacking shelves in the supermarket.

Don't you want to get any qualifications?
-Who are you dealing for?

He's dealing for our cousin.
-I'm not a dealer.

It talks. You want to go to prison?

Carry on like this, that's where you'll go.
-Tell him to shut his trap.

He makes my head hurt.
-Answer your brother's question.

Question. I've question for you, Dad.

What makes him think I'm dealing?

Has he got photos of me
on a street corner? He's a junkie himself.

Hey, hey, hey.

He's a junkie who needs a wrap.
Since Mum died he hasn't bothered with us.

What the fuck are you talking about?
You don't even know me.

Is that Adil? Give me that phone.

Read it then.

Stop it.

I'm glad your mother's dead.
She doesn't have to see you like this.

We just want you
to get out of that world.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Can't you see, you haven't got the right.

Adil and the hyenas around him
are bad news, Youssef.

It’s bad idea.

Can't you see that?
You're just a pawn in their game.

And that shootout in Amsterdam-Noord...

you shouldn't be involved.
-Are you involved?

Where did you get that money from?
-Scratch card.

Do we know each other?

The past is a bit safer than the present.

And to understand my future...

I have to go back in time.

Is this a riddle?

Old crooks understood the rules.

I don't know anything about crooks.


Danny Kist.

From Mantel's group?

I heard he's a good chess player.

You're going go to Dad's school
in the daytime.

You stay there all day,
so he can keep an eye on you.

After school you go straight to
Yassin's restaurant.

You wash the dishes. Dad will take
you there and bring you home.

We'll do something nice at the weekend,
with the whole family...

go to the movies with me or with Elias.

But no more friends.

At least, no more Adil.

And no more shisha lounge.
You get it?


You get it?

I said yes, didn't I?

And no more of that thing.

And the other phone too.

What phone?
-The Blackberry.

What's this about?
-Your phone.

Go on.

Give it.

Shall we chill sometime, bro?


But not round here.
I don't want to be a laughing stock.

Nice, man.

What the fuck is this?
I asked you to get a HDMI cable.

We need a scart cable.
-What do you mean scart?

Scart. Here, scart.
-I asked you for a HDMI.

Can't you use Bluetooth?

I'm famous too.


Oh, okay, okay.

What are you still doing here?
Go and get a cable.

Do you know Belgian's family?
Shouldn't we do something.

We don't even know where his body is,
or what's left of it.

But if you want to take them
a bunch of flowers, go ahead.

It's just...
-I understand, bro.

Jesus christ, man. Fucking junkie.

Here's a bucket.

You know what it is with heroin?

At first it makes you puke
when you take it.

After a while...

it makes you puke
when you haven't taken it.

But you're going to puke either way.

Actually, when you think about it...

it's not a bad way to go.

I mean, eh...

I could set you alight.

Maybe we should do that.
Yeah, okay.


first you're going to tell me how Adil...

knew you were coming.


Formalities out of the way first?
-Yes, please.

Happy birthday.
-Thank you.

Well, that wasn't so bad, was it?

What are you doing?

What is this?

I love you.

I thought eating out was a big deal.

Ha, ha.

I love you too.

And.. How you doing?

Really very well.

Come on Edith.
-You don't have to worry about me.

How are you?

I have to take this.
-I know.

You talk big,
I've got a whole continent.

Where do I come from? Africa.

It's only logical.
-He's going for Africa again.

What's wrong with that?

Do you know the dealers
they arrested tonight?


It's pathetic.
They keep on nailing the little guys.

Isn't it time they went after the users?

No. They need to catch the big guys.
-She's got a point.

At least, 3 dealers get arrested, but...

their clients just call another number.

Half an hour later they're doing coke.
It's a waste of time.

Now you can use it, but you can't sell it.
Imagine if it was the other way around?

You can't use it, but you can sell it.

That would be a different kettle of fish.


And who are the users?

Not the Mocros. No.

It's our well-off, white fellow men
who are creating the problem.

We just supply you with what you want.

In Sweden, the punter gets punished,
not the whore.

Personally, I don't know one Moroccan
in Amsterdam...

or in the whole country,
who has a problem with selling coke.

Getting it into the country is tricky,
but once it's here...

it's gone in the blink of an eye.

And do you know why?

Because you lot can't do without it.

You can't blame the junkie
for being hooked.

If that shit wasn't here,
he wouldn't be addicted.


Throw the dice.
-Your go.

Oh, fuck.

Okay. We'll go for... China....

Trackers. GPS.
He's got those crazy drones, man.

Are those your brother's too?
-Yeah, man.

I'm going to get a new version week.
Limited edition.

Monk. Monk, brada.
How's life, Monk?

Long time ago. Strong. Strong.

How's life, man?
-Relaxed, man. Relaxed.

How's life.

-How are you, brother?

How's life?
-Long time, no see.

Busy, guys, busy.
It's going fine.

I heard about Belgian, man.

He was a good guy.

He's in heaven.
Be happy, he is with the angels.

How are we going to cheer this guy up?
-We'll take him with us tonight.

I've got chicks.
I've got an awesome party.

I've got booze. I've reserved tables.
What more do you need?

It'll be just like old times.

I'd rather not, man.

Why not?

You know, the ceasefire.

Bro, I'm going for the chicks,
the booze and the tables.

Fuck those punks, man.

You're talking about weapons,
let's have a party. It's a great day.

Life goes on. Be happy you're
still standing. You know?

Right. You have to look at it
from both sides.

In the past, we'd be lighting up
a cigarette now.

In the past,
we'd have finished a whole packet.

Fifteen years ago, the place would be
full of smoke. I loved it.

The urge for a cigarette.
Does it ever go away?

Everything goes away in the end.

The hunger.

It doesn't bother me.
-Not at all?

Not at all?

You're a strange one.

If you weren't defending those little bastards,
we'd still be together.

I wouldn't have left you.
Now it's gone.

Everything goes in the end.

What do you think actually?
-About what?

Elias, with his tattoos on his neck.
His piercing.

If he likes it...

If he likes it.

It's a disgrace.

And it's forbidden.

As if you go to mosque every Friday.


The text on his neck.
-In Arabic?


Isn't he free then?

As if the Dutchies can read that.

If you reason it backwards...

Go back to the explosion...

From the explosion, 5 days back.
Reason backwards.

Then it's obvious that we...

That... I'll put it in a different way.

Everything starts
with the attempted rip-off.

The laddies they gunned down
in Amsterdam-Noord.

But the start.
The start goes even further back.

Who was actually ripping who off.

And who's smart enough to work
it all out. That's the saga.

Brother, if you want to start a war
with Romano...

Then what? Eh?

It's a saga with a trauma. And that...

We're looking at the trauma...

and we're looking at Romano.

Then we've got The Pope.

The Pope is involved, no doubt about it.

I heard he was there too, but he ran off.

He was one of the guys who escaped.
Wasn't he?

Suppose, just suppose...

the bullets were meant for him.

Suppose the bullets were meant for him.
That makes him the rip-off merchant.


He is the rip-off merchant.

And Romano finds that out.

How's it going?

It looks like an accident.
Wrong victim, but no.

It's the money man's woman.

Nobody knows him.
Nobody knows who he is.

But he was there at Romano's trial.

Wasn't he?

Yes or no?


And Romano tries to smoke the Pope
via the money man. In Osdorp.


Think it through to
the shisha lounge, and you know.

The Pope found out, and tried to blow
the whole thing up.

But how?

And above all:
how did these guys escape?

They must have been tipped off.
By who?

Once we know that, we'll know
who's next for the chop.

I got a book from my girlfriend.

The Noble Life of the Prophet.

She says I don't know enough
about my faith.

Actually, she's got a point.

Back in the day, during Ramadam...

I'd sneak a bite to eat,
when no one was looking.

But Allah sees everything.

This here...

Brother, us two, this, he sees it as well.

Your fate in my hands.

He sees that too.

Try it out. Relax.

You're a prince, Monk.

Hey, wake up. Stay awake. Start talking.

Are you gonna talk? Hey, talk, mate.

Who, what? Speak.

Hey. Hey. Hey.

Is there a snitch?

Tell me, please please.
Come, come. Tell me.

I know, I know, I know.

I know you sold a zip,
to who did you sell?



Pencil, hold up a minute.

What do you mean you don't know?
What are you trying to say?

You feel terrible. I get it.

But use that big brain of yours.

I'm not okay, is all I'm saying.

Stop whining. Find solutions.

I must get away.
-Not going to happen.

All we are doing is losing.

Just look around you.

We're in some junkie's shit-hole.
Romano's banged up.

Belgian's disappeared. Tamara...
-Everything is under control.

It's just a question of
getting used to it.

Deal. Business first.
War over.

I can't be here anymore.

So you just run away like a pussy.

My woman was gunned down
on the street.

A bullet in her head.

And two bullets in my kid.

Party in club XXX tonight!

Party in club XXX tonight!

Extracted from
Sync by HCW for Adrenaline release.