Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Saïd Aouita - full transcript

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RECHERCHEUR: That new group(gang) seems to be
taking over the whole city by now.

And that beef has moved
to the Bijlmer.

You think it's a battle for territory?

And those dark-skinned guys,
who were they suddenly arguing with?

TATTA: How many did they rip off?
-Four blocks.

This shit will be gone in a day.
-Then I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Mo has to get out of there.
You have to get Mo out of there.

TATTA: Taxi has woken up,
they're going to ask him some questions.

They found some shit in his car.

From now on you run the daily operations.
Don't bother me with little shit anymore.

SAMIRA: Is Jaouad still too
shy to come by himself?

SAMIRA: We'll come in for a minute.
-Get out of my house.

Cancer(Fuckin) rat.

If we had a player like that,
we'd be playing in the Premier League.

I'm going to give you serious cash.

You're one of us. We're gonna set you
on the right path, inshallah.

What the fuck is he doing here?
Why is he still alive?

Peace be upon you, brother.

Who killed (Smooth)?

I'm going to make you a proposition.
You're going to listen to it.

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To: Adil
Where are you, call me?

To: Adil
Where are you, call me?
Hello are you going to respond?



May Allah have mercy.

May Allah reward him.


Adil was on his way to deliver(free) him.

But then the police caught him.



Who was there?


Youssef is no longer there.

(Literal Translation means: Dead)

Dad, did you get Adil...

Did you report Adil
to the police?

Adil was on his way to
Youssef, to free him.



Help her. She's sick...

Help her,
help her out. Please.
3300:05:02,960 --> 00:05:04,520
Help her, help her.

She's sick.

This is my wife.

Come here daddy.
No! I can't live without her.

Daddy? Daddy?

911 operator, what's your emergency?


Brother, it's just a matter
of opening the locker...

with a screwdriver.
Believe me, is so souped up (Staged).

He's definitely going to be 60.

Just buy a fucking
motorcycle, get your license.

Where am I supposed to buy a fucking motorcycle

Especially in this neighborhood...

I know you guys were with Mouse.

Who knows where they kept him
in the Bijlmer?

I'll pay for whoever says it (tells me).

See this bambi, friend.

I have a better suggestion…
I'll pay you.

If you take me around the corner
and Give me a good blowjob.

Relax, it's just a joke.

Isn't anyone going to say it?


Calm yourself down.

Aren't you ashamed?

Sit down.


Nadira, I know exactly
where they held your little brother.

I spotted there
When we were trying to free him.



Who the hell are you?
I never saw you, man.

Who is this one? Who are you?

I live here.
Who are you? I've never seen you.

Start talking then.
Who are you? What are you looking at?

EIFFEL: Hey there you are. Why did you
run away from home?

What the fuck are you doing?

What the fuck? Relax.

I don't know what your problem is in that apartment,
But your shitting in my pond, eh?

Things are happening here that are not
intended for little girls.

Get Out!

Otherwise what? (Or What?!?) (Provoking him)

You can hear me, right?

Listen, forget
that you ever saw me. Yeah?

I know who you are.

Your Big Ass Head was on the

after that action with the helicopter.

Do you know who I am, too?

Do you know Youssef and Elias Taheri?

Were my brothers.

All you fucking pigs
Killed them.

You're going to teach me what I need to know
To be able to help you.

Or I swear to you,
I'll snitch on you to everyone.

Listen, you're going to do what I say.

I'm not in the mood for bullshit.
Bitching is dangerous.

Do you have a gun for me?
A gun?

You need to learn how to handle a gun first.
As soon as it's light I'll pick you up.



Hold on.

Through your legs.

That's just Mouse's sister.

Sick, huh?

I'll tell you:
She wanted to kill us all.

But most of all she just likes the ones
who killed off her brothers.

And for that she needs us.

And don't think she's missing.
I trained with her.

Trust me...
00:14:57,990 --> 00:15:01,630
This chick can handle the recoil
Of that pistol.

The blocks in this bag were stolen by me
from those Bijlmer guys.

I can get you a whole bunch more
and you can sell it.

Because I don't hear from Romano anymore.

Neither do you, I think.

And what if I say no?

Then everyone goes their separate ways,
no hard feelings.

But no settlements
(But Noone Gets PAID).

But yes: I obviously can't
say what she's going to do.

Maybe she'll tilt (Kill)
all of us.

A collaboration.

Is good.

Okay then.

Nice future.


Look at this, please.

Are you drinking your milk?


Where is he?
I don't know.

Do you know how much trouble
you cause me?

You still haven't
told Jaouad.

What do you think he's going to do?

If he finds out that you hid Mo here.

I don't know where he is. You know
that whole cancer(fuckin) family, don't you?

You figure out where he is.

We have a problem.

The white guy came by and made
Threats in front of our kids.

I gotta go.
You don't have to do anything, donkey.

You're such a stupid idiot.

Sorry, honey...

Go away with your sorry,
I have the(an) idea...

like I'm here raising three kids.

What did you say to them?

That you were just up and down
(back and forth) -to Morocco.

And the police?

What do you think?

You have to watch out for Tatta.

I don't trust him.

Tss. I have to watch out?

He has to be careful. He doesn't know how hard
my slipper hits him when I throw it.


Message: Yo
Message: Ey bro what's up there?

Message: Ey bro how is it there?
Message: You know. Coming Right(Itll be Fine)

Message: You know. Coming Right(Itll be Fine)
Message: How's your friend doing in there? He's in a hurry.(?)

Message: How's your friend doing in there? He’s in a hurry.(?)
Message: Is difficult bro. Little room to move, you know.

Message: Is difficult bro. Little room to move, you know
Message: Make it happen. its not a question

Ok. Will do.

DETAILED: Trained and everything.
I was 140 pounds...


Salaam alaikum, brothers.

You are one of us now,
what are you worried about?

The ones I watch...
-What? Powerful ghosts?

Something like that.

The Maghreb prayer is like this.
Come pray, come.

Go ahead, do your thing.


If you need anything...

I have a cell phone in my cell.

If Allah pleases.

Is he clean?
-mmmm-hmm (Agreeing)

Who are you going to shoot with that gun?

Does Pope know about it?

Let me hunt with you, dick.

You've seen how steady my shot is.

I'm like John Wick, mate.


Ray and Frank are gone from the Bijlmer.

And someone stole their four kilos.

I want to know who did it
and where they're going to sell it.

What difference does it make to you?
They paid for it right? Risk...

No risk, I don't want them to sell it in
our area, you understand.

What I don't understand is:
Why all the trouble?

For what?
They can get those four pounds in any city....

Did I ask your cancer(fuckin) opinion?

I’ll ask: I’ll Find out whos gonna sell it.
What don't you understand?

Doesn't matter to me how you get the info.

Every kid who wants to work for us
is going to hire you.

And you're going to see if they can be trusted.
I don't want clowns, you understand.

With your cancerous bullshit.

Do you know what the difference is
between your cunt face and Pope....?

Why you're (never) going to be just like Pope?

He'll never talk to me like that.

Towards others...
To me: Never.

But you. You play a director of Hilton...

And treat me like a retard who
people to lift luggage inside for.

But is good (its Ok), Captain.

Any other important agenda items?

How is Duane doing? The soccer player.

Couple of years and we're playing in
the Premier League.

I'm telling you. Kobe.

This club is an awesome cover.

In every locker room, there are people
folding envelopes and selling them.


A farm road. I make a turn,
gravel on the road, no lights.

I drive straight into the ditch.
Shit man.

He's going to sleep well
these days, though.

Yeah, nice. Shit, man.


Said Aouita.

Yallah, yallah, yallah.

Are you seeing this?

TATTA: This is temporary.

And what am I doing here?

Do you have work, or not?

I'm not going to lie for you, man.
I'm in between jobs for a while.

I can't see myself making coffee

Or selling pre-made.

As of now, you have work.

If theres a mocro of twenty,
pretty boy, walks through that door...

you contact me. Here.
The password is daleyblind.

Lower case, consecutive.

Bro, wait a minute. This is really not
my thing, I don't know...

Not your thing?

This 5000, is not your thing either.

If you do your job right,
this is yours.

Get behind that cancer(fucking) wheel.


Come on, let's go back
to your room.

Can you sleep well.

KEES: I don't want to sleep.

Can we just please sing the song
one more time?

Kees, it's the middle of the night.

You need to go to sleep.

Sing one more time, one more time.

Come on, very softly then.

♪ A man from Amsterdam has died ♪

♪ He was just sitting in his cafe
playing cards ♪

♪ He got a glass of beer
from Auntie Sjaan ♪

Work them.
Thank you very much.



Hi, honey. What are you doing here?

I heard you.
Shouldn't you be asleep?


Eggs up.
I'll go.(Gotta Go)

No, you don't have to.
Honey, just get your rest.

I won't fall asleep right away.


You're Kamal, right?
Mo's brother.

Where is Mo?
We don't speak to him anymore, man.

You're his brother right?
But you don't know where he is.

No way, man. Sorry.

No problem.


Drive, Fucking mongoloid.

That's a nice cancer(fucking) sandwich,
isn't it?


Duane, get in that
cancer car. Come, yallah