Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript


Episode 6

Hey! Do Hyun, Kim Do Hyun!

Where's Kim Do Hyun?!

Attorney Kim has resigned.


Where's Kim Do Hyun?

Why, what's the matter?

That SOB screwed me over. Okay?

That punk!

What are you talking about?

He and In Hye plotted this mess against me!

Where is that punk?

Where is Kim Do Hyun?!

Yeah, what happened?

Are you positive?

All right.

- Hey, we're going to the airport. Hurry!
- Yes.

Hey, speed it up! Hurry!


Where is Kim Do Hyun right now?!

He's left the country.


[KE 081 New York]



What is this?

Yes, Father, this is…

It's a drug specially created
in a North Korean health lab

for Kim Il Sung to enjoy
a youthful long life.

It was very hard for me to obtain it.

Oh geez.

Do you know how long Kim Il Sung lived?

Um… well, I don't really know.


How old is your father?

I've already lived 3 years
longer than him, man.

So what the hell are you talking about,
"youthful long life?" Pathetic…

Uh, what are you doing here?


I've truly been wronged.

What are you talking about?

I've been totally tricked
by that wench In Hye.

In Hye schemed with Kim Do Hyun
and threw me to the prosecutors, Father!

You've totally gone nuts.

I know you're completely upset,
but that's ridiculous.

Please just shut up, will you?!

Ay, I swear!

What the hell are you guys doing?!

Explain in detail.

It was all a plot from the beginning.

Father, you and I both were tricked by In Hye.


taking part in that stock manipulation
scam or whatever, did In Hye plot that too?

Well, Father, that…


embezzling company funds,
did In Hye plot that too?

You pathetic excuse for a man.

I don't even want to see
your face, so get lost!

You crazy nutjob!


Does it look okay?

Ring this one up too.

Seeing you do things in
real life I only dream about,

I'm finally getting it, that your
boyfriend makes really good money.

I used my own credit card.

Tch, who doesn't have a credit card?

- But, having someone who…
- I've broken up with him.


I'm saying I don't have a boyfriend
that makes good money anymore.

Then, you cancelled the engagement?

Boy, the words "cancelled the engagement"
feels really different from "broke up."

Right. I cancelled the engagement.

Why do you say it like you
were talking about someone else?

Are you all right?

It's been about 2 months now.

It was hard at first,
but I can cope with it now.

Wow, Unnie. You are really hard as nails.

I totally had no idea.

How did you bear it all this time
without showing any signs?

- And why did you break up?
- I dumped him.

For them, March is a slow month for distribution.

Outside of the beginning
of a new semester or graduation…

He's got a totally different feel about him!

Rumor has it that this place is Yu Myeong Jun's.

Is that true?

I don't know.

Ah, I'm hungry. Let's eat something.

What do you want to eat?
Cold soup noodles?



All right.

At present the average number of customers
is 160,000 on weekdays, 280,000 on weekends.

And sales over the last year
was about 1 trillion 100 billion won.

We are ranked number 1 in the
valuation of shopping malls, but--

During the special spring sale period,
an extreme discount event…

Is this the improvement plan?

Well, that…

Referring to events that all other department
stores hold as an improvement strategy,

isn't there a problem in that?

Selling good products at low prices
is an obvious fundamental practice.

But now the concept of "sanda" (means both buy
and live) has now changed from buying to living.

Please give some thought as to how
to make it an entertaining place.

Don't be groaning, trying to wrap
your heads around it all the time.

Go and play a little.

You have to know how to play and be
entertained to come up with a strategy.

Now then, let's end here for today.

Um, the next meeting…

I told you.

Let's meet after playing a little.

And reports like this…
please send via email.

It feels like a waste of time to
meet face to face for something like this.

I thought he was nothing but a playboy,
but he's no ordinary pushover.

Of course not. You think a tiger would
have anything other than a tiger cub?

Let's wait and see.

You're late.

I did some shopping.

Try this on.

I bought a fall jacket and some sweaters.

Wow, looks good.

Why did you buy these?
Where would I wear them?

Don't just wear work clothes all the time.
Be stylish once in a while.

Jung Yeon.


Is there really no hope anymore
between you and Do Hyun?


After all those years you've been with him,
how can you break it off so abruptly?

He's gone too far for us to turn back.

You should forget about him too, Dad.

[New York… Arrived]

I think the investment plan
we're carrying out in London

needs to be completely overhauled.

I want each of you to draw up
a brief and propose something.

Yes, I understand.

Good job, guys.

We'll be off then.

I believe that Yu Sung Jun
has figured everything out.

I know.

It's me.

I've just entered the country.

I know. I really don't know
how to deal with this either.

As you know, with Sung Jun's personality,
there's no predicting what he may do.

Right now, you can almost feel
his murderous rage.

Okay. Right. Let's meet and talk.


Did Kim Do Hyun come back with her?

Where is that wench In Hye right now?

Don't get so excited and listen to me.

You don't know how I feel?

If I don't have those bastards' heads,
I feel like I'm going to go mad!

If you come out like this,
I can't help you even if I want to.

As it stands, with everything
turned over to In Hye,

raging about it will do nothing to benefit you.

And if you let your emotion
rule you like it just did,

you'll get taken again.

I've connected you to New York.


I didn't wake you up, did I?


I just returned today from London,
passing through Singapore.

How are things? Is training tolerable?

I am just getting by.

The roadshow will start shortly. If you're
only getting by, that'd be a problem.

Did you just say roadshow?

Making presentations and proposals

in meetings with large potential investors
is referred to as a roadshow on Wall Street.

Once you meet with these
largest potential investors

and learn what they're interested
in and their funding patterns,

you'll probably look at
the market with different eyes.

I'll do my utmost.

Then, I'll contact you again later.

Ah, just one moment…

I heard that CEO Yu Sung Jun
has figured out everything that we did.

There's nothing we can do now,
the milk has already been spilled.

I'll handle it, so there's nothing
you need to be worried about.

Nurse Lee.

You're going to have to make
a house call, so get ready.

A house call?

- Who would we be…
- The Foundation's Executive Chairman.

You're going with Dr. Kim Su Dong
from Internal Medicine, so hurry please.

So what if he's the
Foundation's Executive Chairman?

He can just come into the hospital.
What's with the house call?

What's happening?

It's not that serious,
so don't worry too much.

Ah, that old man.
Why doesn't he just go to the hospital?

Why is he being so stubborn?

Doctor Kim is going to stay
until he's more stable.

- Shall I go in and see him for a moment?
- No, he just fell asleep.

But, where is Sung Jun, that punk?
Why isn't he here?

He must be intending to
just act recklessly now, aigoo.

Even if I wanted to act recklessly,

I can't move a muscle since
my hands and feet are tightly tied.

You came?

How's Father?

He's all right.

Wow, I called umpteen times
and got no response,

but here you are.

I was on a business trip.

A business trip.

Ah, in your neighborhood, are you
incommunicado if you go on a business trip?


I'm not a CEO.

I think we need to talk.

What are you… the Chairman is…

It's okay.

Do you want to go first or shall I?

Go ahead.

No, you go first.

Let's hear what kind of
explanation you come up with.

And what do I need to explain?


I knew you'd come out like this.


If you admit it with your own lips,

I suppose it would be hard
to handle the aftermath.

But do you think this is something that
will just come to an end if you deny it?

Tell Father everything and put
everything back in its proper place.

If you just quietly restore everything,
I can forget about everything too.

If you don't,

then I don't know what I can do either.

I'm telling you upfront, there probably
isn't anything you can do legally.

Rather, the investigation you barely
managed to get out of will be re-opened,

because like labels,
they will follow you always.

Stock manipulation, embezzlement -
their traces can't easily be erased.

If not by law,
all that's left is physical force.

Well, I suppose…

I don't have a way of blocking that.
You could go ahead and try.


Instead, just accept reality
and ask for my help.

Then, I'll return Injin Capital to you.

Shut up.

You've made a complete fool out of me.

But you know that I'm not one
to easily step aside.


You saw me when I was a kid,
when I didn't get what I wanted.

You saw how I was, didn't you?

I absolutely…

won't be the only one taking a fall.

Wait and see.

What did Sung Jun Hyung say?

It's not a big deal.

I spoke with President Jang and he
praised you, saying you were doing well.

If you run into any difficult issues,
call me any time.


You look a little tired.

Go for a health check-up.

I guess you came with Dr. Kim?


You've been well, I trust?

Of course. There's no reason
why I wouldn't be well.

That's a relief.

Then, I'll leave Father
in your capable hands.

Let's go.

You go on ahead.


I have something to talk to Mi Ran about.

Okay, then.

Just a minute.

I didn't know you make house calls too.

A hired hand like me comes
and goes when the employer calls.

Father just hates being
admitted to the hospital.

He doesn't trust doctors, you see.

To him the hospital is just
a nice packaging for rotten money.

You said you were doing well earlier,
but are you really doing well?

Whether I'm doing well or not,

I don't know why that's of
any interest to you and your family.

If things get hard and you're lonely,

I told you to use me, remember?

That offer is still valid,

so don't forget it.

I really almost killed her.

My fists were clenched several times,
and I barely managed to hold them back.

I know.

I know what you're feeling.

If you know, then come up with a solid plan.

In Hye as a matter of course,

but that Kim Do Hyun too…

Find a way to put an end
to them both at once.

I'm saying this again,

but the people you're battling against,
In Hye and Kim Do Hyun,

you're no match for either of them.

If you rush in and do something heedlessly,

it could backfire on you.
Just keep that in mind.

This may be inappropriate to say,

but frankly,

I don't really understand why
you are standing on my side on this.

If you have some ulterior motive, then…

A real fighter instinctively sorts out
who's definitely on his side.

Watching you grapple with suspicion
and waste your energy getting emotional,

I see you still have a long way to go.

If you really can't trust me, I'll quit now.

Ah, it's not that. What I'm saying is…

I haven't joined forces
with you for your sake.

It's for mine.

Thank you.

How much longer before we land?

We'll be arriving on time.

Welcome back.

Where's Madam CEO?

She arrived from Hong Kong an hour ago.

She says to come to the
negotiation table directly.

All right then.

This is our final negotiation offer.

If we don't reach a settlement today,

I believe she'll forego the deal.

I think we have a good chance of winning,
if we just open our hidden card.

Hidden card.

You have one?

[Lone Asia No! No]
We oppose this M & A that kills off subcontractors!

We oppose it! We oppose it! We oppose it!

Let's stop Lone Asia who's
shaking the national economy!

Stop them! Stop them! Stop them!

{\a6}Let's push out Lone Asia
and stand by Sanbong Jungmil!

There there there…
Isn't that your son-in-law?

Stand by them! Stand by them!

We oppose this M & A that kills off subcontractors!

We oppose it! We oppose it! We oppose it!

Let's stop Lone Asia from
shaking the national economy!

Stop them!

Then, let's get started.

I'm sorry.

Please wait just a moment.

We can wait as long as you need,

but let's just make it clear that
nothing has changed on our side.

Are you ready now?


As you all know, having seen
Sunbong Jungmil's accounting reports,

last year, revenues did decline;

however, we are maintaining
an 8 percent operating profit margin.

We just cannot accept
Lone Asia's proposed purchase price.

Maintaining an 8 percent operating profit margin,

wasn't that because of creative accounting?


It's not creative accounting, but rather,

the difference between subcontracting
delivery dates and financial settlement dates

has likely caused a misunderstanding.

Then, shouldn't there be an increase in
accounts receivable on the balance sheet?

If that point poses a problem,
we can change it.

However, we cannot say that Lone Asia's
offer is fitting based on that one factor.

This document outlines the changes
in expenditures and the current CEO's assets

after he took over the
management of this company.

Is the statement of my personal assets
an issue for discussion at the negotiation table?

At the end of last year,

you signed a 120 billion won parts contract
with Japanese car company Yamato,

and when the news was leaked,
the company's stock went up, correct?

During that same time, you sold
a significant portion of your shares,

and realized about 400 million won
in capital gains.

But the most interesting point here is
that after the contract had been signed,

not one thing has been delivered
up till now.

Then, isn't it true that you've
explicitly made false disclosures?

Uh, that…

is because there were problems with the
contract and we're currently negotiating.

Really? From what I understand,

Yamato is currently negotiating
with a Chinese company.

In other words, the possibility of Sunbong
Jungmil delivering goods to Yamato…

is practically nil.

If this bit of information gets out,

first, the stockholders will
go after you with claims for damages,

then, the FSS will investigate you,

and after that,
the prosecutor's office will investigate you.

Then, you will be stripped
of your current position,

and ultimately, there won't be a company
in existence that will acquire Sunbong Jungmil.

Of course, other than Lone Asia.

Let me re-issue the acquisition offer price.

520 billion won,
20% lower than the standing offer,

is our final offer.

We'll give you a week.

Cheers. Good work all.

Especially Do Hyun.

Thank you.

But where did you get the
information on the false disclosure?

I didn't receive any information.

I was just giving it a stab.


But from the CEO's eyes,
he looked so severely shaken,

I thought "Ah, there's something here",

and just pushed forward with full force.

You saw the subcontractors
protesting in the lobby, right?

It looks like it may be a headache
even if we acquire the company.

No, it won't be a headache.


We just use Chinese subcontractors.

Then we'll see about
15-20 percent cost savings,

and that will effectively raise
the value of Sunbong Jungmil.

Contact Frank and have him
secure something in China.

Then several hundred subcontractors
will immediately go out of business.

And what does that have to do with us?

Anyhow, we have to maximize
Sunbong Jungmil's valuation

and resell it, and in that position,

don't we have to follow
the logic of capital?

I agree.

I was going to give up
on this M & A opportunity,

but thanks to Do Hyun,
it looks like it will pay off big time.

How was it? The year of training.

I feel like I've just barely passed toddlerhood.


From what I see,

you've grown from a new recruit
who didn't even know how to shoot,

to a sniper who can aim accurately
and precisely at the heart of an enemy.

I'm quite curious to see what
your targets will be going forward.

I've already decided on my target.

What is it?

Don't you think your target is too big?

Please entrust me with it.

I'm quite confident I can do it.

I'll look it over.

Until I make a decision, I think
it would be best if you kept it to yourself.

All right.

Today, we're going to look at pancreatic cancer.

Who would like to speak first?

There are many cases where
patients only live for 4-8 months

after the onset of pancreatic cancer.

And, the prognosis isn't good either.

Even if surgery is successful,

the survival rate beyond
5 years is only 17-24 percent.


Most of the time, pancreatic cancer
refers to cancer of the pancreatic duct,

but beyond that, there can be
cystadenocarcinoma or endocrine tumors.

Yeah, what's up?

You know I have a class
at the graduate school today.

No, it's over now.

I don't have much to do,
so I thought I might catch a movie.

Then, how about a blind date?

He's a section chief at Samjin Electronics,
and he's incredibly good-looking!

If he's that great, why don't you go
for him? Why introduce him to me?

He's a little old for me.

I don't like guys that are too old either.

But if you want, bring him to the galleria.

Hey, this is the final match
in this Kim Tae Sung's life.

If you don't back me on this,
who's gonna help me?

Ay, you sure are stingy for a thug.

I just need an office and
some initial development funds.


I'll call you back later.


Ay, punk, doesn't even measure up
to being a thug.



Oh. It's been a long time.

You're well these days, I trust?

Did you ever have that wedding
you couldn't have that time?


Then that…

What has that punk been up to that
you haven't even been able to marry yet?

Do Hyun and I broke up.



Well, I don't know what the reason is,

but if he did something wrong,

couldn't you have let it go?

It's just because I'm inadequate.

Ah, really?

I'll be going then.

That kid.

He takes after me when it
comes to picking the wrong women.

Pathetic punk.


Hey kid, you scared the crap out of me.

You said you were taking us somewhere nice!

This is nice. And the air is good.

Oh, really!

We're almost there.
It's just a little further.

Hurry up.


Hyungnim, slow down.

The old guy is still overflowing with energy.

Ah, this is killing me.

Now then, follow me.

Me too?

Don't, if you don't want to.

Oh, seriously!

If we were coming to a place like this,
you should have told me ahead of time!

Be careful!

Oh, the indignity, really!


How far are we going?

Just wait a second.

Dong Chul, Dong Chul,
shine it on here.

Hey, we're almost there, almost there.

Just a little further.

Be careful.

Oh my feet!

Oh seriously!

Hey, hey, be careful.

Hyungnim, you said it was a gold mine,
so why is it so black?

Man Su, that there

has been blackened intentionally
with pine resin.



…to hide the gold.


The one who first developed
this mine - the Japanese.

After Japan was defeated and as they were
fleeing, they did this, expecting to return.

And I have the luck to find it.

You see,

I spent my life wandering and
looking for gold mines like this,

but this is the first time I've
come across such a treasure bonanza.

I was getting ready to mine it
when Yu Pil Sang took this land.

Oh really!

He basically took my once-in-a-lifetime chance.

But, then why is he just
leaving it alone like this?

Jeong Ja,

those guys don't know that a
treasure is lying asleep here like this!

Oh my!


The owner of this land
is still Injin Construction.

- So, how do you think you'll mine it?
- Kid.

We gotta do it.

Look at this.

Hey, look.

Whatever it takes, we have to mine it, kid!

Kid, we gotta!

This is r-r-real gold?

I thought you were all
but dead, but you're fine.

I may be fine on the outside,
but I'm a rotten mess inside.

What about Min Chan and the guys?

They took off from the Yeoido scene.

Yu Sung Jun, that guy, was seriously vicious.

I'm sorry.

I'll take responsibility
for you and the guys.

Use this to set up an office,
and get ready.

What are you planning to do?

I'm thinking of turning this world
upside down at least once.

You're Kim Do Hyun, right?

What is it?

You know CEO Yu Sung Jun, right?

Mr. Yu would like to see you.

Please come with us.

Come with us quietly, won't you?

These guys are scary fellas.

It's been a long time, Attorney Kim.

Yes. A long time.

For starters,

I think I need to work out some of my
aggression before I can talk to you.

Otherwise, I could break
your head open with this.

You can take a beating pretty good.

Have a seat, Attorney Kim.

Get out.

You've really got some balls.

Frankly, I thought you might cower
a little if I had you brought to me.

But you're fine.

That's why I got pissed.

The game's already over.

If you fuss emotionally
over a game that's already over,

it will just be to your detriment.

I know.

I know I've been crushed in the eyes
of the law, and that the game is over.

I do not intend to make a mess
over a game that's already over.

But, I still have to have my say.

That's why I called you.

You've made a really big mistake.

I'm planning to kill you, you see.

No, it won't be me killing you.

But rather,

there will come a time you yourself will
think death would be a better alternative.

I assure you,

it will certainly happen.

Let me say something as well.

If that's your intention, throw it away.

I still have a long road to travel.

If anyone gets in my way,

I will remove him.

Wow, listen to you.

I get your nerve and
really like the attitude.

How is it we became enemies?

If I'd known earlier,
it would have been so good.


Let's go for it…

to the end.

What are you doing here?

I just dropped by to check on your health.

Since one never knows, did you come
to check if I was dead or alive?

What kind of talk is that?

Anyhow, it's good you came.
I was going to call you anyway.



Right, so how are the kids?

Yes, well no one is having
any particular issue.

They're all time bombs
just waiting to go off.

It's even more worrisome that
there aren't any particular issues.

What is Sung Jun up to?

He's gathered some funds
from his acquaintances,

and is running a small investment firm.

Is he up to some nonsense then?


Why don't you leave the rest
of the cash in Sung Jun's care?

Have you discussed this with In Hye?

I'm doing what I want with my money.
What's there to discuss?

Just do as I tell you.

Yes, I understand.

Excuse me?

Is that true?

How much is it?


Yes, I understand.

Did you get some good news?

Ah, I guess we don't have
to worry about ammunition now.

Ah, Miss Baek, say hello.

I'm Baek Jang Mi.

Miss Baek will be our bookkeeper,

so take note of it and treat her well.

Jang Mi, go on out and see to your work.




But, Hyungnim,

with one little office,
what do you need a bookkeeper for?

Father, who is she?

She's the daughter of Baek In Bong who set up
this office for us and provided initial capital.

He sent her to watch us in case
we waste his money on useless endeavors.

So, be good to her, kid.

- Man Su.
- Yes.

What happened with that thing
I asked you to look into?

The head of Injin Construction is Yu Ki Jun.

He's already been divorced 3 times.

They say he goes nuts over women.

That's fortunate.

Jeong Ja.

You think you can do it?

Don't worry.

I heard he only hangs out with actresses.

You think an aging vixen
will make any headway?

Do you take me as some sort of joke?

If I set my mind to it,
even as soon as tomorrow,

you could be calling me "Mom".

Look here!

What the hell are you saying
in front of the kid?

He's pissing me off.

Never mind.

Plan well,

and let's get it done quickly.


What was that?

Excuse me.

Are you all right?


Listen. Hurry.

Hurry, get her in the car. Hurry. Quickly.


- Hey. Let's go, quick!
- Yes.

I really don't know if this
archaic method will work.

Hey, it seems you don't know this very well,

but that Jeong Ja is really
a scary character.

If she set her mind to it,

it's the end for the men in Korea, the end.

Even the old men in the ICU
would be hopping up out of bed.

Hey, Yong Kook, Yong Kook!

Did you hear the news?


Sunbong Jungmil will be
acquired by Lone Asia.

Maybe it's better that way, huh?

What do you mean better?

I know I took part in the
protest against the takeover,

but Sunbong Jungmil,
how good were they to us anyway?

They gouged us on prices, paid us late.

There wasn't one good thing
they did for us.

Maybe a new owner will mean better terms.

Listen to you, how frustrating you are.

It looks like you and I
will have to close shop.

What are you talking about? Why?

Lone Asia is much worse.

They're going to swap us out
and use all Chinese subcontractors.

Dad, what about dinner?

Ah, don't worry about that.

Dad, don't you think you've
been drinking too often lately?

Is there something you're worried about?

Nah! What worry?

Then sleep well.

Jung Yeon.

That company that Do Hyun went to
work for, it's Lone Asia, right?

Yes. But, why are you asking
about that suddenly?

Ah, I was just kind of curious.

You even used your house as collateral

for that bank loan to
replace your machinery.

If we have to close down right away,
how will you pay back that loan?

Thank you for making the time to meet me.

You really don't have to go
to all this trouble.

Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?

No. I'm really fine.

If it's not rude of me,
may I ask what it is you do?

I run a small construction firm.

What's the name of the company?

It's not a big name.

And you, Yu Bin?

It's rather embarrassing to say,

but I had a failed marriage, and
with the small alimony I receive,

I pass the time at home.

Well, this is a peculiar
connection we have here.

Actually, it's been a really long time
since I've been on my own again.

Oh my, Oppa.

Hey. Yu Bin.

This is my cousin.


And this gentleman is someone
who's making a nice connection with me.

Ah, that's good.

I'm Kim Tae Sung.

I'm Yu Ki Jun.

Please look after our Yu Bin.

Ah, yes.

Um, if you have some time,
please sit with us for a moment.

- It's okay, right?
- Ah, of course.

Then, just a moment.

My cousin does business overseas.


Where was it again?


No matter how many times
you tell me, I get confused.

I'm involved in oilfield
and gold mine development.

I see.

The rose in bloom sighs.

Your face is a rose*.
(*rose = jangmi)

Ah Jang Mi, your name is pretty.

Jang Mi… is it your real name?


Do you have a boyfriend?

Why do you ask?

If you don't have a boyfriend,
how about going out with me?

With you, Ajussi?


Ah, this…

Ah, I'm hurt. Why be like this?

I'm not that old. Aigoo.

Miss Baek. Bring us some water.



How'd it go?

The guy was totally melting.

Seems like if we push it, it'll end shortly.

Should I completely strip him
of everything this time?

Hey, hey.

Don't get greedy.

We just need the land where
we can dig up the treasure.

Thank you!

What are you doing here,
without even calling?

It's my business plan.

You failed twice within one year, and
I thought you were going to give up,

but I guess you put up something again.

If it still doesn't work this time, I'll quit.

Okay, I'll look it over.

[Cosmetic Line Launch Business Plan]

Do you see Myeong Jun very often?

I haven't seen him since
he went to the US that last time.

Maybe he's busy these days, but he
doesn't answer very often when I call.

What about you?

Since I've been travelling for a few months,
I haven't seen him for a long time, too.

Let's get together for a meal soon.


Yeah. Have a nice day.

We're having a meeting.

When should we schedule the sale?

We relocate the production line to China…

I think it would be ready
for sale in a year or so.

It's unnecessarily big, so even
when the operations normalize,

I don't think it will be easy to sell.

Then, our return on investment
will be delayed too long.

What are your thoughts?

Even if we have to delay the sale of the auto
part production line that has to be restructured,

Sunbong Jungmil's air conditioning
and refrigerator manufacturing technology

is on par with major consumer electronic
companies, and has an extremely high valuation.

As such, we can hive off that division,

and I don't think it will pose any
particular problems for the investors.

Please put together a list of
companies that could be potential buyers.


The subcontractor problem has become
more of a headache than we thought.

They are still protesting at the factory.

If they drag this out, it will get tiring.

I'll get that wrapped up.

The phone you are trying
to reach is turned off.

Please leave a message after the beep.

Hey, aren't you Jung Yeon?

Hello. Do you know where Dad went?

You didn't know?

It's been a few days since he closed shop.

What? Why?

We oppose this M & A that kills off subcontractors!

We oppose it! We oppose it!

Let's stop Lone Asia from
shaking the national economy!

Stop them! Stop them!

Let's push out Lone Asia
and stand by Sanbong Jungmil!

Stand by them! Stand by them!

United, we fight!

United, we fight!

United, we fight!

United, we fight!

It's the Lone Asia bastards!

After 'em!

That that that…

- Take it easy, man!
- Whaddya mean take it easy?!

I heard that damn bastard
came up with all of this! Ay!

The company that used your father as a supplier

was bought by a different company.

But, it seems the new company swapped out

all the subcontractors
with companies in China.

So several hundred subcontractors
have had to close their businesses.

Your father took out a loan last year
to replace all his machinery.

He was worried out of his mind
about losing the house.

How could you not have known about it?

Lone Asia! Go away!

Lone Asia! Go away!

Lone Asia! Go away!

Lone Asia! Go away!

Lone Asia! Go away!

Lone Asia! Go away!

Lone Asia!…

I'd like to make a statement.

Just a second. Let's listen
to what he has to say.

First of all,
as a representative of Lone Asia,

I find it deeply regretful

that you all have been put
in a difficult situation.

You all probably already know,

if the company you've been
supplying to for years, Sunbong Jungmil,

hadn't been acquired by Lone Asia,

it would have closed its doors,
since it was in such a critical condition.

Lone Asia's decision to work
with suppliers in China

was a decision made because
there was no other choice for survival.

Here and now, I will make
you all a solid promise.

When operations normalize,

I will put in my best efforts to revive
our supplier relations with you all.

You! Do you think we're fools?!

We know Lone Asia is a corporate raider,
we all know that much!

Your only interest is in
buying and selling companies!

That's not true.

That's not the case.

Whaddya mean that's not the case?

Everyone, don't be fooled!

Lone Asia purchased Sunbong
Jungmil at a low price,

and whatever crap they tell us,
they're going to sell it at a high price!

Right on!

Let's get that conman for starters!

Get him!

Get him!

Let me say this one last time!

Are you choosing personal interest…

or public interests?

Just a minute!

It's been a long time.

As you well know, I've been doing
this for a living for 30 years.

But this is the first time
I've seen something so preposterous!

I'm sure that decision was made by

oh-so-smart people for
some logical reason,

but think about it!

These people here that barely eke out
a living with their little iron businesses,

no different from corner shops…

To cut off their means of living
so cold-heartedly,

can it be any more preposterous?

You people who already have more
than enough, in order to make more…

What the hell are you all doing?!

Even if the company had
made that sort of decision,

shouldn't you have made it right?

It's a decision that has already
been made and is in motion.

I don't believe it can be
reversed at this point.

Are you really the Kim Do Hyun I knew?

Before we take legal steps, please withdraw.

Okay, you punk!
Try and have me thrown in jail!

Yeah! Go ahead and try!

What should we do?

Send them in.

Dad! Dad!

Dad, are you all right?

Dad, are you all right?

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