Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript


The following story is fictional and does not
depict any actual person, company or event.

Episode 5

What are you thinking?

I was pondering if all that
happened since I met you…

was nothing but a dream.

One of Warren Buffet's famous rule
of life is "I never look back. "

The higher the goal is, the more
important it is for us not to look back.

If there's something in your past…

that hinders you from reaching your goals,
would you throw it out?

I will.

Even if that's… your Jung Yeon?

What do you mean?

I don't mean anything.
Don't worry about it.

I was just wondering…

what she means to you.

Hi, what's going on?

I'm dying to know how you're doing there.

Did you get to surprise him?

I didn't even get to see him yet.

Why not?

He's not in his room.
He must be still working somewhere.

Then, where are you now?

I'm waiting for him in the hotel lobby.

Without even knowing when he's coming back?

Oh well, what else can I do?

I'll call you later.

Attorney Kim is out and about right now.

Haven't you talked to him?

He doesn't know that I'm here.

This is the key to his room.

Thank you.

Good evening, then.

Excuse me, but…

If you can, please don't tell him I'm here.

I want to surprise him.


I watched the way you handled the last case.

I now know how capable you are.

But for you to reach your goals,

and to accomplish what I ask of you…

you're far from being capable enough.

The game of money and its
battles are fierce and cold-blooded.

You know that, don't you?

To survive the battle… no, forget survive.
To be a winner of the battle…

you need boot training.

You're like a new recruit who doesn't
even know how to handle a gun.

How long will that training be?
To be a winner?

Well? I guess…

that depends on who your drill sergeant is.

But luckily you met me.

So you will soon engage in hands-on battles.

What is it?

Miss Lee Jung Yeon is here at the hotel.


I was thinking about the way
you proposed to me.

So I thought I'd do something like that too.

Well, I feel a little awkward.

First of all, I want to say I'm sorry.

I said you looked like you sold your soul.

I was surprised to hear myself
saying such harsh words.

I apologize.

Then, good night.

Mr. Do Hyun.

Let's have another round.

And another thing.

I've been too proud to say this, but…

now I confess.

When I'm alone and think of you,

I sometimes find myself
grinning with silly smiles…

because I'm so happy that you're my fiance.

Because even though I have nothing to
show for it, I have such a wonderful man.

Oh, well. This ain't going to work.

Jung Yeon, this is lame.

Can I… ask you something?


Why aren't you married?


What do I say to that question?

To make it short, it's too long a story.

To make it long, a night is not long enough.

Then let me ask you a different question.

When one makes a lot of money,

and even if there's no marriage…

can he be happy?

I don't think you understand.

My marital status has nothing
to do with money.

Don't think I couldn't get married because
I was too busy, making money.


don't believe in love.

You can call it my chronic disease.

Money, money, money…
Devil's cash…

My mother sold fish.

And this is the song she hymned
all the time, Money Fuss.

She'd call money a devil's currency.

At the same time, she was
forever obsessed by it.

She had to raise me by herself,
so she probably was left with no choice.

Where was your father?

He lost his mind on gold mines.

So he abandoned me and
my mother when I was a child.

There's still a gold mine here?

I don't know about that.

But I remember he brought a small
metal rock and boasted like a child.

"One of these days…"

"I will bring you a bonanza as big as
your head. Sparkly gold nuggets."

And then he left home.
Like one crazy man.

That was the last time I saw him.

The devil's currency…

trapped my parents, and floored their lives.

So I'm trying to avoid it.

To avoid the devil's trap.

[My love]

The phone you're trying to
reach has been turned off.

[Jung Yeon]

Aren't you cold?

Not at all. It feels great.
You should try too.

Yeah, right.

We have to finish it up by today.

So bring me the list of hot
issues before the meeting.

But the margin is too great.
Do you think they are open to negotiations?

Their pants are on fire, not ours.
They'll eventually accept it.

Okay, ma'am.

Let's go back in.

Do Chul! Do Chul!

Out of my way, you sons of bitches!


Do Chul! Do Chul!
Open your eyes!

- Do Chul!
- Father…

Do Chul…

Motherf… where's Pil Do?

Where is he?!

I asked you a question!

Ah, hyungnim! You came.


{\a6}*Friendly title to address
a younger person

How can you do this?
Just look at him!

Give me a break, hyungnim.

He got it easy because of you.

We could spoon out his eyeballs…

and expose his kidneys.

But I'd rather not do messy
things like that.


Just this once…

Have a heart, just this one time.

I will repay you,
even if I lose both of my hands.

Just this once, please.

Have a heart.

Leave it to me, hyungnim. I will find a
way to recover the money for you.

Kid, did you find out where
Kim Do Hyun lives?

Yes, hyungnim.

Getting 100 million won from a
bright lawyer is a piece of cake.

Not Do Hyun.

Please, don't go bother Do Hyun.


Please, I beg you.

Don't bother him.

I promise I'll repay.

Mr. Buddy here is damn
cloth-eared, isn't he?

It's you, I repeat, you, who put forward
Kim Do Hyun as collateral. Okay?

It's my fault.

Cut me some slack. Please?

Just this once, please.

Wow, what brought you here?

No reason. Just wanted to see you.

You look the happiest
when you're performing.

You got that right.

But then…

we cannot do only the
things that make us happy.

One of Father's investments that I actually
like is the acquisition of this TS Mall.

Injin Group has its base in land
and banking operations,

so this mall is the starting point
of changes to come.

Father made a good move, considering its
growth potential and value appreciation.

Now the issue is,
who will take care of this mall.

I think…

Myung Jun, you are fit for the job.


I'm not telling you to start
managing it today.

But as you learn the business,
you will do well and more.

I'm not interested.

I have no complaint about
the way I live right now.

Remember what I said.

You can't live your life doing
only the things you like.


{\a6}*Friendly title for female to
address older female

You've been preoccupied
at work all day today.

You must have had an
awesome time in Busan!

You should have used your vacation
days and stayed there longer.

He's too busy for me to do that.

I guess that's the downside of being with
a man who's too talented and busy.

You know how Yu Myung Jun is filthy rich
and plays hooky all year long?

He's exactly my type!

Should I try and seduce him?

Oh well, what's the use?

He's attracted to someone else.

Hello, Dad?


Oh! Sit over here!

- How are you, sir?
- Hi, there.

- You came.
- Yes.

You know, I never understood
how nature works.

How can a beast like him have
a beautiful daughter like her?

Silence! What do you mean how?

She's beautiful because she takes after me.

Isn't that right, my daughter?

Dad, you look tipsy. Let's go home.

Tipsy? Who's tipsy?

So, Jung Yeon! Call Do Hyun here!

Why do you want him here?

This ugly buddy says something
about you two broken up!

He says that's why the
wedding was postponed.

Punk, do you know what a partner is?

The best lawyer on a roll is
called a partner, okay?

And that's my son-in-law,
you know, partner!

Hurry and call him here!

This buddy here is so ignorant that
I cannot possibly explain.

We can just show him.

Dad, Do Hyun is on a business trip.


He's been so busy,
staying up several nights.

Now he's on a trip?

Being smart is not necessarily a good thing.

He's too smart and too talented.

Drink up, drink up.

Good night, Dad.


You did make up with him, didn't you?

Of course.

I know he's busy, but soon,

I need to throw a party and
introduce him to my friends.

They didn't even get to
see Do Hyun at the wedding.

So you go tell him that.

Okay, I will.

Good night.


For heaven's sake…

How can he take everything away from
me for one single mistake I made?

It was one mistake, too big.


can you please say something
to my father for me?

After all, he trusts you and listens to you.

He decided that In Hye will
be his successor.

There's nothing else I can do now.

- How did it go?
- We found him.

- Is he good?
- Yes.

We're certain he's one of the best,
but we ran into a problem.

What is it?

We tried to persuade him,
but he kept on turning us down.

Goddamn it. That's how you get the job done?

Where is he? Lead the way.

That's him over there.

You sure he's the expert?

He was the best of the best.

But things didn't work out,
and he went to jail.

Since then he washed his hands off it.

Huh. Look at this.

Your eyes were wide open,
but they were wide shut.

Someone did quite a job there.

I see a counter-party runner with
a reverse strategy, free riders…

and even damn dung flies
jumping in all over the place.

Anyway, what got you bold
enough to push this forward?

Never mind that. It's none of your business.

Can you find the runner who
tackled my business?

I want to find all the
free riders and dung flies, too.


I washed my hands of it a long time ago.

Do you know who I am?

Right. I think I heard.

You won't regret getting
a little blood on your hands.

The pay will be generous.

So now, will you be working with Yu In Hye?

Well, I think so.

Buddy, your dream came true.

Her name rarely left your
lips since college.

Frankly, I knew that you would
turn out to be a lawyer.


Remember the incident four years ago
that could practically end your life?

After that, I didn't think you
would even look at this direction.

I don't know what you'll think
when I say this, but…

well, I brought it up, so I'll just say it.

While working with you in this industry,
there were times I found you intimidating.

At times I felt inferior and insecure.

Then there were other times I thought
you'd cause some big trouble one day.

Now that you'll be working with Yu In Hye,
my hopes for you are running high.

But frankly, I have butterflies
in my stomach at the thought…

that you may throw the world
into a state of confusion.

You're worrying too much.

Compare to CEO Yu, I'm just a toddler.

What a joke.

Has he no shame?

C'mon. He must really be worried,
scratching off these lotteries.

I know how he feels.

I too played these scratchers
millions of times.

Stop barking and wake him up.

Bark? You and your tongue…

Hyungnim! Ugh, he reeks of booze.

Did you eat yet?

What do you think you're doing?


That private lender Pil Do bastard called.

He said if you don't pay up today,
he'll take care of the matter himself.


Spot me a few bucks.
I need to go to a public bath.

[My Love]

Hello, it's me.

Where are you now?

Let's meet today.

I'm at the hospital. Graveyard shift.

I'm busy. I have to go.

Do Hyun.

Is this…

your house?

No. The law firm lets me use it.

Wow, it's a very nice house.

Well, why don't you sit too?

About last time…

well, Do Chul did something…

that he shouldn't have.

But thank you. I got out early,
thanks to you.

I guess Do Chul, or whatever his name was,
didn't pass my message to you.

I wanted that incident to be the
last business that cuts off our ties.

We're a parent and a child.
How can our ties be cut off?

It can. I did.

I hope we never run into each other again.


I know I haven't been a good father to you.

But that's no way to talk to anyone.

I don't care how I'm addressed.

But you, you're a lawyer with
public reputation to uphold-

Never mind my reputation.

That's not your concern.

I'm not being like this because
you didn't give me anything.

I never wanted anything from
you in the first place.

The only thing…

I cannot forgive you for is…

that you made Mother wait for
you for the rest of her life.

Since you left home…

for every meal…

she always had a warm
bowl of rice ready for you.

Do you know what her last words were?

She asked me to go out and see if you came.

She lived her life away like that.

How are you going to repay her?

How are you going to ask
for her forgiveness?

If you didn't hear me,
allow me to repeat myself.

You and I…

our ties were broken long time ago.


consider this the last time we meet.

And I have my last favor to ask of you.


am in money trouble.

If I don't take care of it right away…

your half brother may even die.

Help me out this one time.

Please leave.

This is a new portfolio for China Fund.

You will be able to see that this will yield
13% return in its worst scenario.

Of Lone Asia clients, do you think we have
anyone who'd be happy with 13% return?

Especially for Chinese markets, they usually
expect not just to invest, but to gamble.

The riskier the beginning is,
the higher their expectations are.

Come up with a new one.

Yes, ma'am.

Madam CEO, a call from Miss Lee Jung Yeon.

Patch me through.

It's Yu In Hye.

Of course, I know you.


Sure, works for me.

It's been a while.

I'm sorry to call you out of the blue.

Not at all.

I called you, but…

Do Hyun doesn't know about it.

That makes me a little…

nervous for some reason.

To be honest, I also had something
I wanted to talk to you about.

About the necklace last time,
I just thought it would be beautiful on you.

But I realized that it could make
you feel uncomfortable.

If I hurt your feelings, I apologize.

I know that what I'm about
to say is not exactly polite.

But you're older and wiser.
So I trust you will listen to my worries.

I am older than you,
but I cannot say I'm wiser.

Regardless, I can listen to your worries.

These days…

Do Hyun and I hardly speak to each other.

And the reason is quite delicate.

So there's no one I can talk to,
except for you.

Do Hyun has changed and is
not someone I used to know.

And the reason is…

I think it's you.

Come in.

Come, have a seat.

Is it coming along?

Yes, sir. Per CEO Yu's direction,

we're drafting up details of
each heir's shares.

About inheritance and capital gain taxes…

You need not worry about that.

For chaebol, succession procedures
often take over ten years.

It requires delicate workmanship.

So we already have specialists
looking over it as we speak.

The way the rich protect their wealth is
incredibly elaborate and meticulous…

because the difference between
tax-exempt and tax fraud is paper-thin.

I thought when the successor was decided,

she was getting everything
from the Chairman, but…

I thought wrong.

Would you handle it that way,
if you were him?

He commissioned his successor
now to avoid inheritance taxes.

The real succession doesn't happen
until the Chairman passes away.

Does that mean…

the successor and inheritance details
can be changed before he passes away?

Do Hyun appears to be out of
his mind these days.

He seems to be driving down the road
recklessly, with broken brakes.

I could try and stop him,
but I don't think I can.

We seem to have very different
opinions about the same person.

It's quite surprising.

You said he seems reckless,
with broken brakes.

I beg to differ.

To me, Do Hyun appears to be
a super mobile,

with the best engine there is.

I envy you for having such
a super mobile at your will.

So I don't understand…

what your problem is.

Let go of Do Hyun now.

Are they here?

They're waiting for you.

I'm sorry, I'm late.

We just got here, too. Have a seat.

I don't know if you heard, but…

Father bequeathed Injin Group
management rights,

including our inheritance details, to me.

Judging by your experience and capability,
it's only a matter of course.


Today, we will make…

a few important decisions pertaining to
Injin Group's future management structure.

Brief them for me.


[Injin Group Management Restructure
and Shares of Inheritance]

Allow me to read this announcement.

First, CEO Yu Ki Jun.

You will continue to lead Injin
Construction as a CEO.


You will not just assume the title.
I want you to manage it, hands-on.

After we evaluate your performance,
you will inherit your share.


I will think of this as my last
opportunity, and do my best.

Thank you very much.

Next, Mr. Yu Myung Jun.

You will be in charge of TS Mall.

You will first work in
the Office of Planning,

under the direction of Director Chang.


As for you, Mi Ran, find out what you
want to do and let me know.

If you don't work, all the privileges
and lifestyle you've enjoyed so far…

will be taken away.

Do you understand?


How about me?

Chopped liver?

First of all…

let go of Injin Capital.

As to what you will do…

let's take our time and think about it.

Are you pulling my leg? You fibbing me?

What kind of joke is this?

Hey, what does Myung Jun know anyway?

The only thing he's good at…

is chasing around cheap minstrels,
and dangling after women.

And you're giving TS Mall to him?

Go on. Gang up and bury yourselves.

Sung Jun!

What's wrong?

Oh, right. You were so thankful;
you almost got teary.

You might as well kneel and bow to her.

- You little…!
- Drop it!

If you keep that up…

I won't be able to do anything for you.

Until the Public Office of Persecution
concludes their investigations on you…

restrain yourself.


Did you go mad? What the hell did you say?

Hey, Sung Jun.

And what the hell are you?

Get out of my way!

What do you think you're doing?

In the presence of your siblings?

You seem to think it's game over,

It's not over yet.


Carry on.

Yes, ma'am.

He'd already been over a barrel.

You pushed him a little too far this time.

I didn't even start yet.

I have a gift for you.

Your retirement.

You've taken care of us for very long years.

I will make sure you're adequately
and generously compensated.


I was planning to retire some day.

But being asked by you…

well, I feel quite odd.

I thought I'd be able to work for you, too.

It's not necessary.

Attorney Kim will do.

I talked to Attorney Choi
and let him know…

that you'll be going
to New York for training.

You'll start in New York, then London and
Hong Kong. You'll be gone for about a year.

So clear up your unfinished business
here and get ready to leave.

You are a lawyer, right?

How can I help you?

I need a consultation.

We do not specialize in
personal legal issues.

You need to find someone else.

You know Kim Tae Sung, don't you?

It has something to do with him.

He has nothing to do with me.

You should leave.

Your father has nothing to do with you?

Then I wonder who does?

Wow, that's an interesting question.

Then, goodbye for now.

Let's go.

Go find out who they are and
what it is about.

Yes, ma'am.

What's your business?

Your father borrowed money from me.

He told me to see you and collect the money.

As I said, he has nothing to do with me.

You keep on saying that.

That's the wrong thing to say
about your own father.

He's not my father.

Don't come looking for me again.

Mr. Gentleman, you are a bad child of his.

Stay where you are, kids.

You don't want to be like this.

Or I can't be as polite as I have been.

I am a lawyer.

Do you think you can threaten me?

Before I lock you up,

get lost.

If I was worried about that, I wouldn't
come here in the first place, sir.

Mr. Attorney.
I'm a pro at fighting dirty.

So, would you prefer to wrestle
with me, mister?

Oh, you came?


Did you meet Director Chang?


When do you begin?

Next week.

Did you send for me?

I'll be sending Attorney
Kim Do Hyun to New York soon.

Call Samuel, and tell him to write up a
program to help Attorney Kim learn

our businesses there as quickly as possible.

Yes, ma'am.

Why is Attorney Kim going to the U.S.?

Oh, I plan to assign him Lone Asia tasks.

How long will he be away?

Including London and Hong Kong,
about a year.

I believe he has a fiance.

What about her?


To me, Attorney Kim is quite
a capable racehorse.

If a racehorse loses attention,
and begins to look around…

he'll have a hard time reaching his goal.

I can't bet my money on such a horse.

So, in order for you to bet on him,
you're breaking them up?

If he really is a fine horse,
I don't have to. He will.

How did it go?

Bastard, will you stop groaning? Huh?

Stand up!

Go to the corner, kneel and raise your arms.

You idiot!

You poor kid. Born to a foolish father,
you get to go through all this.

What a pity.

How can we help you?

I believe you have Mr. Kim Do Chul here?

That's me.

- I… I'm Kim Do Chul.

Shut your pie hole.

What do you want?

Hyungnim. We saw this punk
at the lawyer's office.

Did Kim Do Hyun send you?

I will take Mr. Kim Do Chul with me now.

You stupid punk…

Shall we go, sir?

Yes, yes, of course…

Since you left home, for every meal…

Mother always had a warm
bowl of rice ready for you.

Do you know what her last words were?

She asked me to go out and see if you came.

She lived her life away like that.

How are you going to repay her?


Do Chul's coming! Do Chul's here!

Wh… what?

Be careful.

You… Do Chul!

What… what happened?

How did they let you go?


- Father…
- Okay, okay.

It's all right. It's all right.

My son.

To be a winner of the battle,
you need boot training.

You will start in New York, then London and
Hong Kong. You'll be gone for about a year.

So clear up your unfinished business
here and get ready to leave.

To me, you look like you sold
not just your talents…

but your soul, too.

So I'm scared.

If you have something to say, say it.

Do you have anything to say?

I have so many. I don't know where to begin.

I have so many things to say to you.

But they're all useless.

Right now, to you sitting in front of me,
I have only one thing to say.

Everything that has something
to do with CEO Yu.

Clear up your relationship with her and
return to where you were before.

You're running so fast and so busily…

that I don't think I can hold
your hands and run with you.

If something happens,

and if your hand slips out of mine,
then that'll be the end of it for us.

I will never let go of your hands.

Never. Ever.

Please think, Do Hyun.

You're holding CEO Yu's hands
tighter than mine.

If she tugs you and pulls you,
you'll sag and let go of mine.

Jung Yeon.

When you were in Busan,

I was there, too.

I thought…

I wanted to surprise you and make up
for all the awkward times we'd had.


You spent the night with her.

What are you thinking?

CEO Yu is just a mentor who will
help me achieve my dreams.

You probably don't believe me,
but nothing happened between her and me.

"You probably don't believe me, but…"?

What kind of condition is that?

If you said something, I believed it.

Anything. Whatever you said.

That's how I was. That's how we were.


what happened to us now?

Jung Yeon, can you please…

just trust me and come with me?


let go of her hands, and return to me.

So that I can trust you again.


don't plan to look back.

I am going to America soon.

It'll be about a year.

I will be visiting Lone Asia branches
to learn their businesses.

I'm never letting go of this opportunity.

Jung Yeon,

I want you to come with me.

This is it.

Did you find anything?

Yes… we did.

So who was it?

Kim Do Hyun, a lawyer.


You sure?


when you're pushed that far…

everybody talks.

Faster, faster!


Do Hyun! Kim Do Hyun!

Where's Kim Do Hyun!

Attorney Kim resigned.


Where's Kim Do Hyun?

Why? What's wrong?

That SOB screwed me over. Okay?

That damned son of a bitch!

What are you saying?

He and In Hye plotted this mess against me!

Where's that SOB? Where?

Where's Kim freaking Do Hyun?

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