Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript


Episode 7

Stock market manipulation mostly
ends in failure.

Even if it succeeds, it is a
criminal act that results in…

serious punitive action,
including life imprisonment.

Episode 7


Silence, please!

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It's been long time.

As you know, I've been in this
industry for 30 years.

And I've never seen anything so
nonsensical and sublime.

We understand smart people did
what they did for a reason.

But think about it!

These are small-time ironmasters who scrape
a living, paycheck-by-paycheck.

And you!

You cut our livelihood, cold-hearted!

Does that even make sense?!

People with enough wealth already!

So that they can have even more?!

What kind of people are you?!

If it's the company that made
such decision…

Shouldn't you be trying to correct them?


It is a done deal and then we moved on.

I don't think anything can be
reversed at this point.

Are you really…

the Kim Do Hyun I knew?

Before we bring the enforcement here,
please advise others to leave.

Fine, you bastard. Try and lock us up!

- Right, try and lock us up!
- Go ahead and try!

What should we do?

Bring them in.

Dad! Dad!

- Damned people…
- Dad, are you okay?

Dad, are you okay? Dad?

Dad! Dad! Dad!

Are you okay?

About your father…

I'm sorry.

Please tell him…

…that I'll make sure he can
continue to subcontract for us.

Am I supposed to say "Thank you" now?

You had your eyes forward and
ran this far.

So now why are you looking back?

Are you taking pity on us?

Is this your dream and what you've
always wanted to do?

Why weren't you honest
and true to who you are?

Why did you pretend to be someone
you weren't and confuse me?

Why did you hurt my father's feelings?

Now I know what kind of person you are.

So take off your mask and feel free
to be who you really are.

In the end, the security staff
came to disperse them.

A few were also injured in the process.

- How serious are the injuries?
- Nothing for you to worry about.

Understood. Good job.

Where are you now?

Steven told me everything…

that they didn't go quietly.

All is handled well.
So why the long face?

I feel…

Well… not so good.

I saw Jung Yeon and her father there.

What was Jung Yeon doing there?

Her father is a subcontractor.

He was at the sit-in protest,
then Jung Yeon came.

She also saw her father getting
injured during the wind up.

But I couldn't do anything…

because of the way she
was looking at me.

I always thought I could go back
when the time comes.

Now I realize…

I crossed the river and cannot go back.

I understand how you feel. But…

as for me, well, how do I put this?

It's good that it happened.

I may not be qualified to
comment on this issue, but…

Think of it as a piece of advise
coming from your trainer.

Jung Yeon will never change.

If you want to go back to her,
you have to change your dreams.

But can you?

It's just your past that you should've
thrown out long time ago.

Let me congratulate you on
closing your book of the past.

I have a gift for you.

I wanted to succeed the Injin Group and make
you an offer that you couldn't refuse.


I do.

It's time that we kick it off.

About your take-over target,
Han Young Bank,

I want you to head the project.

Go for it.

How long have we, Lone Asia,
been in Korea?

This is our 6th year.

And what is our ultimate goal?

To build a financial empire in Korea.

We've done a lot of work to get
ready to do just that.

It's time that we kick it off now.

Our first project is the
Han Young Bank take-over.

As of today, Kim Do Hyun is
a general partner.

He will head the take-over project.

So please support him.

I ask for your kind support.

I don't understand this at all.

I know you trust him, and
he's capable and talented.

But your move this time is too risky.

Especially considering his
lack of experience,

the general partner position you gave him…

The reasons why I have
him leading this project.

Reason number 1

Financial M&A in Korea,

it is not a financial transaction
but a political transaction.

It's possible only with all types of
dirty campaigns and lobbying.

You and my prized roundtable knights
are my pride with the best performance.

But you're not familiar with a type of
lobbying required for this project.

Do you agree with me?

Secondly, Korea is a society run by
ties you have with other alumni.

The roundtable knights
graduated in the U.S.

But Kim's alumni hold many positions in
the political and financial arena.

The person who can maximize
those ties and connections,

is Kim Do Hyun.

Do you need more reasons?

The top priority is to separate
Kim Do Hyun and In Hye.

What is this?

It's a profile on Kim Do Hyun
I ran when I recruited him.

Read it and you will know
where his Achilles' heel is.

Do what you can.

I pooped again! I keep on pooping!*
(*A slang for a card game.)

Damn, you don't know shame.

What's wrong? I'm bored.

Hey, what are you looking at?

What'd you think about her? Hot, huh?

Yeah, fine.

Very fine.

She's fine.

But you are not.

Why you little…

Well, I know a little about her.

You do?
Who is she?

Yu Ki Jun's step-sister.

Yu Pil Sang's youngest daughter.

Yu Mi Ran.

How do you know that?

I know her family like
the back of my hand.

Now you mention it, she does
look like a trust fund baby.

Should I seduce her?

You know, Jeong Ja seduced him
because she's a professional con.

But you? Seduce who?
I don't think so.

What if I do?

I bet my hand and all that I have
on you-can't-do-it.

We got it. Let's go.

- Who is it?
- Room service.

You bitch! Come here!

Wh… what's wrong?

- Did you say what's wrong? Hold her.
- No!

Why you…!

- Let me go!
- Come here!

Damn you!

Who… who are you?

Did you say who are you?

That's the question I have for you.

Who the hell are you?

Yu Bin, who are they? What are they?

Yu Bin?

Jeong Ja, what the hell
is wrong with you?

In the middle of the day?

Is this why we work so hard
and bring you money?

Stop it!

Why are you doing this to me, for real?

Honey, I'm so sorry.

Take a picture of them all.
We will bring them to the court.

- Snap it! Snap and get them all!
- No, don't! No pictures!

- Honey, I'm sorry.
- No pictures! No pictures!

Don't! Don't!

Give that to me! Don't!

I trust your father is well?


But he's asking when you're
mining the gold.

Right. Tell him that we're almost there.
We're there.


So. How did it go?

Yeah? Good job!

How dare you!

You think I'm a pimp scamming
off another con?

Hey, you, stop.

Didn't I tell you over and over again
not to get too greedy?

Listen. Just scare him and withdraw.


Punks, they just don't listen.

Nurse Lee.

The Director of the Hospital wants
to talk to you.

What for?

I'm not sure.
But hurry and go.

Please, have a seat.

I wanted to see you because I want to
assign you this task in person.

Go ahead, sir.

We have a VVIP patient we have to
pay extra attention to.

I would like you to be
his personal, at-home nurse.

He's not in a position to be
admitted to the hospital.

So you need to visit his home
to take care of him.

Ultimately he needs
pain control and IV fluid.

I'll write you a doctor's order.
So do that for us, please.

- Where's the patient?
- Follow me, please.

Excuse me.

I thought you've been quiet for
a while. You're impossible.

Why are you pulling everyone's leg,
and what do you expect from it?

Excuse me!

Go see him now!

How's your pain?

It's better now.

I'm sorry to bother you.

I didn't think they'd send you.

Why don't you admit yourself
to the hospital?

- If you don't now…
- I've tried enough.

I even had a surgery in America.

Besides, I don't look cool if
I'm at hospital.

No one else knows about my condition
except for the Director of the Hospital.

Please keep this secret, too.

I will ask him to send me
someone else…

so that you don't need to come.

If you still need a nurse…

since I know your condition now,
I will continue to come.

Of course, if you feel uncomfortable,
you can ask for someone else.

Not at all.

If I can see you…

like this…

I'd like that.

Attention, everyone.

He's my lawyer friend.
We trained together.

He'll be working with us now.
Meet everyone.

- I'm Han Jang Seok.
- I'm Hyun Jin Woo.

- I'm Kim Kee Jin.
- Nice meeting you.

I'm Kim Gyoung Woo.

I'm Kim Min Chan.

So why are we all here? Tell us.

To shake up a bank.

That's a job for the autumn.
Then you'll at least get some nuts.

What are you going to get by shaking
up the tree in early spring?

You shake the tree.

The tree we'll be shaking up is…

Han Young Bank.

- Shake it up, then what?
- Eat it.

As far as I know…

Hang Young Bank ranks either 6th or 7th
in the nation.

So is it even possible?

Making it possible is our project
and our goal this time.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Han Young Bank is the main bank and the
biggest lender for Dae Sung Auto,

An Young Electronics and
Chung Soo Construction.

So when we take over Han Young,

we will be the biggest and
most influential lender.

First of all, this is the list of
names for us to lobby.

Specifically, what?

Lone Asia can't take over a bank if it
tries to go through conventional way.

But it's a different story if Han Young…

becomes a problem bank.

The people on this list will help make
Han Young a problem bank.

Some with their intelligence capabilities.
Others with their political influence.

So it's imperative that we investigate and
establish contact with everyone on the list.

You understand what I'm
saying, don't you?

Yes, we do.

Jin Woo, pull the final list of names based
on potential and influential leverage.


Min Chan and Kee Jin. Consult membership
directories of alumni associations.


How's it going?

We already have the list of names.

We're doing background check on them.

I know it'll take a lot of work,

and meeting a lot of people
before you start lobbying.

But the final key is…

in the hands of someone
with political power.

I understand well what you mean.

The reason that I wanted to be
Injin Group's successor was…

well, you know why.

The money, the 800 billion won the Chairman
was about to spend to buy lands.

I'm betting the entire 800 billion
on this project.

I'm giving you this project because
I trust you.

So make it a success.

I will not, ever, fail you.

The process has just started.

I made my choice because I trust him.

So there is no need of any dispute.

And of course, I'll take full
responsibility for any consequences.

Long time, no see.

Long time, indeed.

I heard that you're a
bank branch officer now.


You're embarrassing me.
I'm just a bank employee.

- I heard you're doing really well.
- What was that?

Of course he's doing really well.

You know Lone Asia, don't you?
He's their general partner.

We have to work our entire lives to
earn what he makes in a year.

Well, he's way up there in
social status.

Let's go in.

By the way, can you have your
branch manager meet with me?

What for?

For business.

I'm sure my boss would be interested
in meeting you, too.

I will fix you two up. Oh yeah!

What the…!
You're too young to be drunk!

What was that?
Old fart, what did you say?

How dare you take such tone on me?
Let me go, damn it!

You think you're special because
you're older?

You what? Are you trying to hit me now?

Let go!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

That pitiful punk with no manners…!

What the hell?
Off and bolt out of the blue…!

What a damned day…!



Hey, hold there!



I'm not good at beating around the bush.

So let me put a proposition
on the table.

I'll pay you twice the money
Lone Asia pays you.

So come work with me.

Of course the working capital we have is
much smaller than that of Lone Asia

But you'll hold higher position
and more authority.

Did he make a decision?

No, ma'am. It hasn't gone
beyond the offer yet.

What would you like me to do?

Let's wait a little longer and see.

Yes, ma'am.

Just swung by.

Come on in.

- It's been a long time.
- Yes

You don't look well.
You're not sick, are you?

I just don't feel well.

- Did you see doctors?
- It's nothing. Don't worry about it.

When was the last time you
visited father?

It's been very long while.
Why do you ask?

Father gave quite a lot of money to
Sung Jun, all without mentioning it to me.

It implies he may want to
bring Sung Jun back.

Doesn't the last decision he made wrap
up all the inheritance issues?

No, not at all.

The transfer process is still
in progress.

So his last decision can be reversed
at any time until he passes away.

You too need to stay wide awake.

I cannot mother you all the time.

Unless you can prove yourself to him,

you may not inherit TS Mall from him.

- Then I'll let it go.
- Myung Jun!

Frankly, I don't understand you.

All that you've accomplished
is astonishing.

And your share of inheritance
is unimaginable.

So do you want more?

And then have to live a tiring life?

How far do you plan to go?

Did you forget already?

They called us children of concubines.
The contempt. The scorn.

They scarred me so deeply.
To feed all the scar-monsters…

I'm still hungry.

I'm not even close to the end.

Someone may say my desire…

is a compulsive obsessive disorder.
And that's fine by me.

Well, I don't know.

I don't know how far I need to
go before I can stop.

Attorney Kim. Long time, no see.

Oh, hi. Long time, no see.

I got myself into trouble.

Can you handle that for me?

I'm sorry and I don't what to say.

But right now I have to focus on
Lone Asia business.

Why don't you talk to Attorney Choi?
Excuse me.

Rather than Attorney Choi…

I'd prefer if you handled it.

Oh, gee. This Lone Asia project is
keeping me very busy.

I remember this Aesop's Fable
I read when I was a child.

A prince got a monkey and trained it.

The prince dressed the monkey,

and even got it to walk on two
feet like a human.

And this silly monkey started to
think it was a human.

And then one day…

a passerby threw nuts to the monkey.

What do you think happened?

The monkey that thought itself a human
and walked on its two feet…

got down on its four feet, ran to pick
up nuts on the ground, and ate them.

A monkey is, after all…

just a monkey.

And why did you…

tell me that story?

It just occurred to me.

Here, the title has been
transferred as you asked.

Oh, thank you.
I didn't really want to do this.

Stop saying things that you don't
mean to say. And hand them to me.

You'll never be bothered again.
So don't you worry.

[Kim Tae Sung]

Kim Tae Sung.

Did we get it now?

We got it now!

You kids. You did such a good job.

What a great job.

You know, the gold price
keeps on changing.

The flash of hope cannot
be any brighter!

All the rainy clouds are gone!
The sun is about to shine on us!

You, Jeong Ja. What a fantastic job.

Miss Baek!

Miss Baek!

Yes, President!

Hand me over a million won.
We need to celebrate!

Any money over half a million won
needs to be approved by my father.

Then give me 490 thousand won.

Everyone! Let's get out.
Let's go and have a drink!

- Let's go!
- Stop counting. Hand me what you have.

- 490 thousand? Haha!
- Thank you! Let's go!


This is for you.

- What's this?
- The money you wanted to borrow from me.

It's 2 million won.

You? Thank you so very much!

I'll repay you soon.

You can take your time, really.

- And if you have time today…
- I'm sorry, but I don't.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

Anyway, where's Do Chul?

He left for some other engagement.

Did he go to the gambling
house by any chance?

Man Soo.

If you…

…ever take Do Chul to gambling
places, and I catch you,

you'll have to consider yourself dead.

No, never, ever. That won't happen.

Anyway, is the land all you need?

You know, well, what do you call that?

Permit, or something.
Don't you need that?

Man Soo, I gave 20 years of my
life to gold mining.

I have everything ready,
so don't worry about it.

How much did Miss Baek's
father give you?

Is that enough money to get it done?

Of course not.

Then, now what?

Pil Do.

I plan to borrow some from him.

Are you nuts?

After all that you've been
through last time?

That freaking bastard.

He stained my pride.

With poop!

Man Soo. Should I be a proud wastrel forget
that unbearable contempt?

Of course not, but…

You kids…

Just watch and see.

See how I make him pay for
what he's done to me.

- Here, another drink for you.
- Okay, thanks.

That's enough.


Do you know me?

Of course I do. The youngest cutie kid
of the Injin Group family, Yu Mi Ran.

Who the hell are you,
taking such tone on me?

Because I can.

You frequent Paradise Club in
Cheongdam city, don't you.

I booked a room for us. So let's go.

What the hell are you?


A wastrel.

The monkey that thought itself a human
and walked on its two feet…

got down on its four feet, ran to pick up
nuts on the ground, and ate them.

A monkey is, after all, just a monkey.

What is this?

Open it.

I'm sure you know that the Black Card
has unlimited spending limit.

Spend as much as you want.

Lone Asia will pay it.

And that key is…

…a gift. You look tired and I thought you
can use a little help to divert.

Go see it in the parking lot.

It's been my wish to drive a new car
and put the pedal to the metal…

with a woman I love.

You got your wish, then.


Do you have money you can lend me?

How much do you need?

As much as you can?

I can about 5 million won.

Maybe a little more?

Oh my. I worked really hard
to save that much.

But, for what?

I need to take care of something.

I feel sorry for you.

Why did you dump your fiance
who makes good money?

Now you're asking for help
from a poor kid like me.

I'll say.

Do you regret it?


So why did you two break up?

If your boy friend is about to
jump into fire, what would you?

Of course, I'll stop him!

His greed for money reminded me of…

a moth jumping into fire.

He had almost ruined
himself because of that.

Knowing all that, I tried to stop him.

And he tried to tear himself
away from me.

That's all.

I think I understand.

But then, I don't think I do.

That sounds deep.


This is 30 million won.

Where did you get this money?

I closed my savings account and
borrowed money from a bank.

I'll have another 10 million tomorrow.

So for now, use that money to take
care of urgent problems first.

I'm sorry that we got ourselves
trouble without thinking it through.

Please don't. Besides, I have so many
things I want to apologize to you.

I didn't get to be a doctor and
became a nurse.

I don't make much money, so I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I didn't bring a husband
who will be a good son to you.

So, we're even.

What's up this morning?

We've got a problem.

What is it?

Some punks are digging up
that old incident.

Old what?

The thing when you turned Yeoeuido* upside
down 5 years ago. (*Korean Wall Street)

Chang Min called me early in this morning.

Something is fishy.

There's nothing to worry about.

Nothing to worry about?

It almost ended your life.

Don't you remember how
I got away from it?

It's not the kind of case anyone
can poke around.

Nothing's going to happen.
So don't worry about it.

How did it go? Find something?

Yes. The more I dig, the more
interesting that kid, Kim Do Hyun.

I found something that will knock
him down under one blow.

What is it?

Five years ago, there was a stockmarket
crisis that turned Yeoeuido upside down.

It turned out,
it was Kim Do Hyun's doing.


Good bye, then.

About Mr. Kim Do Hyun…

did you know he returned from America?

As soon as he returned…

…he's rolling forward and upward.

It doesn't concern me.

Don't you want revenge?

What made you say that?

He abandoned you.

For money.

That's not what happened.

If I am to take revenge on someone…

that someone is not Do Hyun,

but someone who blinded him with money.

To me, Attorney Kim is
quite a capable racehorse.

If a racehorse loses attention
and begins to look around…

he'll have a hard time reaching his goal.

I can't bet my money on such a horse.

So, in order for you to bet on him,
you're breaking them up?

If he really is a fine horse,
I don't have to. He will.

Someone may say my desire is a compulsive
obsessive disorder. And that's fine by me.

Well, I don't know.

I don't know how far I need
to go before I can stop.

Jung Yeon!

Can we make a deal?

I'd like it if you stay close to me
for the time I have left.

Instead, whatever you ask
for I will pay you with that.

Even if that is revenge on CEO Yu?


I never thought I would get
scammed by one of those cons.

They didn't want much. But I still feel
so angry that I cannot contain myself.

What did they want?

What's weird is, it's not
money they wanted.

They wanted land.

Land? What land?

I looked into it and found land
we acquired years ago to make…

it a golf course but didn't do
anything with it. It's in Youngdong.

- Youngdong?
- Yes.

Don't tell In Hye or father.

But teach them a lesson for me.

Hyungnim! Long time, no see.

Long time, no see.

Ah, don't mind them.

You two! Go get some
drinks for yourselves.

Yes, sir.

I haven't seen you for a while.
Have you been well?

Of course. Thanks to you.

C'mon, hyungnim!
Forget what happened between us!

It's not that I wanted to do all that.
It was just a business…

So, anyway. Why did you want to see me?

Oh, you need money again, don't you?

What's this?

The bonanza.

Wow, this is so cool!

Are you interested…

in mining those with me?

How are you spending your days?

Well, I visit the Chairman occasionally to
go through the rest of inheritance cases.

That's pretty much it.

I bet you've been busy.

I heard that you're working
on a bank acquisition.

Where did you hear that?

Sung Jun told me.

If that's true, you'll have
to be careful.

I'm sure you know well how
he feels about you.

About this bank acquisition,
there's something we forgot.

What is it?

Lone Asia is known for an
aggressive M&A.

I haven't thought about the negative
reputation others give to Lone Asia.

If they see that Lone Asia is in the M&A
process, they'll resist as much as they can.

It means we have high probability that the
project will end in failure.

Then what shall we do?

I will create a new company just
for the Han Young Bank project.

It'll be independent from Lone Asia.

The name of the company is Lone Korea.

As for its CEO…

I want you to assume the position.



Attention, everyone.

About the bank project,
we're starting a new company,

not Lone Asia, and we're
re-starting the project.

The name of the company is Lone Korea.

In other words, the final signer on the
contract will not be Lone Asia,

but Lone Korea.

It means you are no longer Lone Asia's
mercenaries under contract for this project.

You are the official employees
of Lone Korea. Okay?

And who's the owner of Lone Korea?

- Is it Yu In Hye?
- Nope.




So we must lead this project to a success.

Yes, sir!

Will you be okay?

What do you mean?

The implication of you being
the CEO of the company.

If something goes wrong, you will be held
responsible for all consequences…

…including legal consequences.

Of course.

And you're okay with it?

Don't worry about it.

Nothing will ever go wrong.

Did you hear the news
about Mr. Kim Do Hyun?


We're setting up a new company
to handle Han Young Bank project.

The name of the company is Lone Korea.

And its CEO is Kim Do Hyun.

Unless Madam CEO and Mr. Kim
have some kind of personal relationship…

then this…

this just doesn't make sense.


- Wow, it's been forever.
- I'll say.

This is my hoobae,
Prosecutor Yoon Ki Wook.

I'm Yoon Ki Wook.

I heard a lot about you from
Prosecutor Jang here.

Nice meeting you. I'm Yu Sung Joon.

Let's sit!

Do you remember…

the stock market crisis in
Yeoeuido five years ago?

Of course.

I was in the Financial Investigation
Division, so I almost took the case.

Oh. Then…

you must know why such a major case
happened without getting much attention.

I was about to start the investigation.
But it kind of fizzled out.

Folks up there must've made
some kind of deal.

At least that's what I figured.
Well, that was because…

it had something to do with
presidential campaign.

You sure?

That humungous amount of money that
came out from stock market manipulation…

went into slush funds for
a presidential campaign.

Behind that campaign was…

Senator Lee Chang Gook, the ruling
party's heavyweight at the time.

So, of course…

the Prosecution Bureau couldn't
do anything about it.

You know now Senator Lee is nobody
but a toothless gummer, right?

Wouldn't it be fun if you
take a bite on him?

That'll make you a star
prosecutor in no time.

That does sound fun, but…

can it be that easy?

Do you need a suggestion?

I know the guy who
manipulated the market.

His life should've ended
right there and then.

But Senator Lee provided him with
protection and he got away.

You can start with him
and beat it out of him.

- And who's that?
- His name is Kim Do Hyun.

He's a lawyer now.

Did you say Kim Do Hyun?

You know him?

I do. We were schoolmates.

Oh! Then you probably know well,

what kind of person he is.

So, what do you think?

I think it's worth looking into.

He was your schoolmate. Are you sure?

We weren't that close.
Rather, we quarreled most of the time.

So, what's he like?

A kind who's somewhat capable…

but with serious inferiority complex.

He's just that.

Did you think about it?

About the offer you made,

I accept.

That's a wise decision.

Well, then. Let's do this.

First of all, until the Han Young Bank
project sees its conclusion…

stay with Lone Asia.

I need someone to let me
know their activities.

What's going on? Is something wrong?

Do Hyun, a word?

What is it?

We got a call from the
Prosecutors Office.

They want you to be in
their office to testify.

What for?

What do you mean what for?

About that incident 5 years ago.

See, I told you…

that there's someone digging
up that case.

What do we do now?

I told you, already.

It's not something anyone
can poke around.

If something happens to me,
a lot of people will go down.

So don't worry.

Long time.

All the contempt and insults
I had to bear.

I will make them taste them too.

It's not a done deal,
so don't be too confident.

You seem to underestimate me.

This is a done deal.
So you just sit and watch.

Kim Do Hyun walked into
the Prosecutor's Office.

Aha! That scumbag.

He walked into a tiger's trap.

We have a problem.

Mr. Kim Do Hyun has been called in
to the Prosecutors Office.

What about?

You, as a lawyer, probably don't
have enough experience.

When prosecutor takes a case,
we get the sense of things.

Whether my trap is loose or
tight enough, I can sense it.

It works quite strongly when cases with
political interest like this one come to us.

What do you think I'm sensing now?

The traps I have for you are
tight with no holes in them.

Your continued silence
will not let you go loose.


I came to testify.


Isn't this an illegal arrest?

I did better…

…in school than you did.
And I am lawyer.

Guess you forgot.

Of course, I didn't.

That makes me wonder even more
how you will wiggle out of this crisis.

Shall I give you a piece of advice?

You seem to think Senator Lee Chang Gook
will come to rescue you.

He's not in power any more.

You are now finished.

I heard that he's been
called in to testify.

But I don't think that's
why he was summoned.


If he becomes a roadblock
for this project…

we'll snip him off.

It's a shame that all our investments
in him will be in vain.

But it's for the best.

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