Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript


Episode 3

The following story is fictional and does not
depict any actual person, company or event.

When you're done reading these documents,
you'll be filled equally with shock and doubt.

Ultimately, your job will be to protect
the Chairman and his estate.

When you protect money
that holds a lot of secrets,

the remuneration is
appropriately generous.

Going forward, this fellow will be
taking Attorney Choi's place.

I'm Kim Do Hyun.

The battle will begin soon as
to who will be his successor.

But keep in mind that second son
Sung Jun is the strongest candidate.

To him, it's unimaginable for me,
a woman, to be his successor.

I'm going to make him
an offer he can't refuse.

I bought what I'm going to
wear on our wedding night.

You will fall over when you see it.

Why would you want to wear
anything on our wedding night?

My father's name is Kim Tae Sung.

Gotta go and catch the SOB's
that got me locked up.

Do you think you can help me?

Anyhow, changing the chairman's mindset
is beyond my powers. All I can do…

is eliminate your enemies.

I'll cover the cost.
Do as much as you're able.

Can I borrow your phone?

Where are you?

I'm on my way.

I wish you were here sooner.
Guests are already arriving.

I'm sorry. I'm close.
Wait just a little longer, okay?

It's Yu In Hye.

Yes, Madam CEO.

How did it go?

We're ready to execute the plan.


As soon as they come onto
our radar, we can start.


Attorney Kim.

Attorney Kim?!

It's me.

I think Attorney Kim was in an accident.

We were on the phone when the call dropped.
Hurry and find out what happened.

Episode 3

Yeah, it's me.

Hey, do you remember Choi Kook Hwan?

Why, you birdbrain!

Remember the time we were looking for
gold mines in Yongdong, Chungcheong-do?

Right, land that could've been a jackpot for
us, and the lawyer who took it away from us.

Yeah, that's him.

What was the name of the buyer?

Yu Pil Sang?

You sure?

Never mind why. You just stay put.

So, when does the ceremony begin?

I just wanted to have a glimpse of his face.
What's taking them so long?

I think the wedding is off.

What are you saying? Why?

Do Hyun had a car accident on the way here.


- Oh no, where's the bride going?
- This way!

- List… listen. Drive carefully.
- Yes, sir.

And you, stop crying.

What if something happens to him?

Dad, what if?

That will not happen, so calm down.

I said drive carefully, not slowly.
Hurry up.

Yes, yes…

You just admitted a TA patient. Where is he?

Um, what's his name?

Kim Do Hyun.

Kim Do Hyun? One moment.

He's getting a CT scan.

How's his mental status? And vitals?

I'm his guardian.
I'm a nurse at Injin Medical.

Oh, I see.

His vitals are stable, but he's unconscious.
So we sent him for a CT.

What's your prognosis?

Judging by the wound,
there are no internal hemorrhages.

What was all that?

We'll have to see the test results,
but for now it's not serious.

Um, sir.

What about the wedding?
Guests must be still waiting.

It's blown for now.

Hello, it's me.

It won't happen.

No, no. Fortunately, it's not serious,
I think.


Please do apologize to everyone.

Okay, okay.

I know. Some story of life
we've got to tell now.


How is he?

The lab result said he's okay. I saw
him taken to a room before I left.

If he's okay, why's he
staying at the hospital?

Probably for doctors to observe
him for the next several days.

I suggested the VIP ward to him,
but he turned it down.

- I have the room number if you want to…
- That's all right.

If you have a minute, I have
something to discuss with you.

I heard that Father wants to purchase land.

Right. It's the land that belongs to
Korea Land Housing Corporation.

We heard that as a part of
the rebudgeting process,

they decided not to develop it
and sell it off.

What's the lot size?

800 billion won for five million pyeong.*
That's colossal.

{\a6}*Pyeong: a unit to measure land

The Chairman takes it as
the last project of his life.

What is your opinion about it?

He's never been wrong when it comes to
land purchases. So I go with his decision.

If I were him, I wouldn't
invest in that land.

It's meaningless and risky to tie
up that much funding to land.


What I meant is, Attorney Kim said
the same thing you just said.

We took him to see the land,
and he said exactly the same thing.

And what did Father say?

I could tell he was taken aback.

He gave a speech about the
value of estate investment.

Anyway, for now, however
strongly you oppose it,

you can't stop him.

Unless you're commissioned as his successor.

I'm sorry, sir.

Never mind that. It's fortunate that
you weren't hurt more than this.

I hear that you may feel fine
at the time of the accident…

but suffer its aftermath years later.

So don't let anything pass,
and get all the care you can.

Yes, sir.

- And about the new wedding date…
- For now, that's not as important.

Let's talk about that later.

I'll get going. You rest.

- Goodbye.
- Relax there.

- Let me send him off. I'll be back.
- You don't need to send me off.

I know you're upset,
but don't show it to him too much.

Of course I won't.

- Don't worry, and be careful on the road.
- Okay.

Excuse me.

I don't know what others say, but as a
driver myself, I feel it was intentional.

My intuition says something.

You mean someone was trying to kill you?

- Why would anyone?
- I wouldn't know why.

Why didn't you say anything to the cops?

I don't have any evidence. No reason
to complicate things by bringing it up.

Anyway, don't worry about it.

You carry on and get ready for our plan.

First, hurry up and find out their
selling prices and the target value.

Only then can we start
planning to buy them ourselves.

I'll call you again later.

Who were you talking to?

A friend you don't know.

What will you be buying?

Nothing important. Don't worry about it.

Jung Yeon.

I'm sorry.

About what?

About ruining the wedding.
And… everything today.

You don't need to apologize.

Like Dad said, it's fortunate
that you're not hurt worse.

But I'm a bit concerned…

that something's different about you.

You denied this before, but…

you look haunted by something.

It's since you joined that law firm.
I bet you didn't even realize it.

When I went to the Institute to take
a look at the hall, I met Jang Seok.

He also said that he didn't understand
why you'd joined that firm.

That it's strange for a firm to make
an entry-level lawyer a partner.

And there's that unconventional
offer to recruit you.

He said he couldn't even figure
out their specialty, either.

That's why I feel insecure.

I thought I knew everything about you.

But I feel like,
unbeknownst to me…

something is changing on me,

to something upsetting and uncomfortable.

Silly girl.

I have no idea what you're saying.

There's no issue with what I do.

So there's no reason for
you to feel that way.

Jung Yeon.

I just grabbed an opportunity
that others can't even dream of.

So I may appear to be "nobody home" lately.

But there's nothing different about me.

Let alone changed.

Jung Yeon.

Don't worry about anything.


Anyway, how much longer do
I have stay in this neck-thingie?

I am, um… Do Hyun's dad.

Oh… how do you do?

This is Do Hyun's little brother,
um…, from a different mom.

I'm Kim Do Chul.

I didn't mean to show up
like this and surprise you.

But I wanted to know how Do Hyun's doing.

I heard about his wedding today,

so I meant to see the wedding
from the distance.

But I heard about the accident… how is he?

It's not as serious as to get you worried.

- If you would like to come up with me…
- No, no.

It's not the time for me to see him.

You probably know, but it's not like
I've been a father to him, so…

- Nonsense. You should come up and…
- No, no.

Some other time.

Did you say your name is Jung Yeon?

Yes… Father.

I feel awkward being called Father.

I may not be,um… qualified to
ask this of you, but…

I ask that you take care of him.

When I'm a good enough father to
hear you address me as that,

I'll see you then.

What are you doing there, son?
It's time for us to go.

- Let's go.
- Uh, um…

Long time no see, Jeong Ja.


Shall we dance?

When did you get out? I thought
you'd serve at least three years.

I pushed an influential
lawyer into their faces.

The rest was easy.

Everyone knows you're piss-poor. So with
what money did you get the lawyer?

A good wastrel's currency is not money.

So you leave it at that.

Jeong Ja, how are you doing these days?

Bored as hell. It's so hard to
bite a meager pushover.

Well, as of this moment…

your trouble ends…

and your happiness begins.

Just trust me.


I know you.

And I know you know nothing about stocks.

Little girl. Do you know why
people call prison a school?

You get to learn so many things there.

This time, the things I learned
are quite solid.

I learned that the game of life
is in gambling with stocks.

Ha, right.

Had I known that sooner,

my life would've taken off a long time ago.



I didn't even visit you. I'm so sorry.

Bastard, you're embarrassing me.

Get up.

No, Hyungnim.

- I've wronged you. Please forgive me.
- Bullshit, as if.

Stop overdoing it and sit up, son of bitch.

Sit up.


Are you still lurking
around gambling joints?

No, Hyungnim.

They call me a gypper now.
So they don't even let me in.

You're a world renowned pushover.
Gypper my arse.

- Why, you little…
- Enough. Let's drink up.

Life is not that difficult. We just need
one good punch to reverse our luck.


They'll soon start to buy
shares to accumulate.

Right now they're going at
3,200 won per share.

They want to buy one million shares
at 5,000 won per share.

So at least until they reach
the one million goal,

we have to jack up the price to 10,000 won,
not their 5,000 won.

That'll force them to spend three
to four billion won more.


Got it.

I'll call you later.

You didn't even rest after work, did you?
You came so soon.

Look who's talking.

You might as well rest while you're here.
But you've been busy.

No, I haven't been busy at all.

Jung Yeon. When do I get discharged?

Doctors will decide based on
the last tests today.

Come in.

What brought you… here?

My apology for showing up unannounced.

No, not a problem.

This is the CEO of Lone Asia,
a case I'm handling.

And this is my fiance.

You look familiar…

I'm a nurse in the VIP Ward
at Injin Medical.

Oh, right. I remember now.

I didn't think you were somehow
related to Attorney Kim at that time.

You must be upset about the delayed wedding.

Would you like a drink or something?

I'm fine, thanks.

Then, feel free to have a talk.

Oh, it's not necessary…

It must be hectic enough already
to reschedule your wedding.

I'm sorry to ask this of
you at a time like this.

No problem. You need not worry.

I plan to have the wedding after
this task is wrapped up.

I heard that you joined my
father to see the land.


I'm sure you heard its size.

About 800 billion, I heard.

The more I think of that amount
of money tied up in that land…

the clearer the reason becomes
for me to succeed his business.


need that money.

You'll get what you want.

Why did the ANL creditors
change their minds?

It may be that Tae Jong
squeezed their main bank.

Our problem is the high possibility that we
will lose the game, however hard we try.

Suggestions to break through this?

We've been collecting evidence
of Tae Jong's slush funds.

- What if we send evidence to the media?
- Wouldn't that be messy?

It'll be messier if we lose the game.

They started this fight.

We're mudwrestling now anyway. We win,
we get to take a shower in clean water.

We lose, we live our rest of
our lives in dirt and stench.

Well then, let's wrap up the
ANL issue at this juncture.

If you had 800 billion won in cash,
what would you do in this current market?

As for me, I would put them in the
China markets. All in. Everything.

I would stick it in futures and
get Yeoeuido talking.

{\a6}*Yeoeuido: The Korean Wall Street

I'm not kidding.
Get serious and think about it.

There's a possibility that we get to
invest 800 billion won in cash?


Write up investment plans
and bring them to me.

Cancel all my afternoons.

Wow, 800 billion in cash.


- Long time.
- How long has it been?

- How have you been?
- The same and the usual.

How about you? I thought you forever
disappeared from Yeoeuido.

How have you been?

- Lawyer.
- For real?

I think the last time I saw you
was three years ago.

And you became a lawyer
between then and now?

Wow, I'm impressed.

Damn, I should've made you mine back then.

I'm not late, am I?

You didn't know? He's got a fiance.

- Prettier than me?
- You bet.

You know a pretty face isn't everything.

You know how good I am, right?

And between then and now,
you've become quite shameless.

Here. Have a drink.

One of your regulars is CEO
Yu Sung Jun of Injin Captal, right?

How do you know that?

Hyun Jeong.

I need you to help me.


I told you to use up all your wedding leave!

Why are you back so soon?

I'm really bored.

- You sure you're all right?
- Yes.

[Yu Myung Jun]

[Ward 12, VIP Room, 68]

About the patient Yu Myung Jun
in Room 68, is he…?

Yup, the son of chairman of the board.

I learned he's the brother of Yu Mi Ran
who was admitted here before.

But he's not a patient.

Not a patient? What do you mean?

He's worse than Yu Mi Ran.

You can go in now.

- I thought you were off until next week.
- I need to get your vitals.

I heard that there was a
hiccup at your wedding.

I don't believe in destiny and stuff.

But when I heard that your wedding
was broken off, I felt strange.

I wondered if the bad luck that found
your good looking lawyer on a roll…

may mean good luck to me?

Not that your marital status…

can change my mind about you.

Mr. Yu Myung Jun.
Do I look like your doormat?

Why? What made you think I'm your doormat?

Because you're a chairman's son,
and I'm a meager nurse?

Or because you have more money than I do?

It's the most upsetting event in my life.

And you're ridiculing it.

Do I look that petty to you?

You can be an offensive and rude
little thing, but that's your character.

I can't care less.

You trash your life as the rumor said.
I'm not interested in that, either.

But if you keep on offending me.
I will not tolerate it any longer.

You come on to me one more time,
I'll bring it to the hospital officials.

I heard that you're here to rest.
But you do seem to need treatment.

You look old enough, but don't
understand other's mood and emotion.

Unless you're an idiot,
you seem to have mental problems.

You're in the hospital. You might as well
get some help from a shrink.

What do you think?

Congratulations, Chairman!
It is at least 250 years old!

See, I told you.
Even to me, it was more than ordinary.

Surely, Chairman.

I've been an appraiser for thirty years,
but this is the first of its kind.

This is heaven sent.

- This should be eaten raw, right?
- Yes, Chairman. But…

Mystical herbs like this shouldn't be
consumed at any time on any day.

I will find a lucky day and time for you.
I suggest you consume them then.


- Good job. Good job.
- Sure.

Why don't you talk to doctors
before you eat it?

What do those quacks know?

Regardless, Dr. Kim is a noted doctor
and was a presidential physician.

They're just smart wannabe's.
What did they do for me, after all?

By the way, get ready to
push up the date to draw my will.

Any reason you're putting a rush on it?

I decided to let go.
I might as well do it soon.

You know, including the land purchase,
management, and whole nine yards.

Are you considering Sung Jun
as your successor?

He's not the best,
but it's not like I have any other choice.

In Hye…?

I couldn't get ahold of you, so I thought
you may have traveled out of country.

It's the memorial day only
you and I remember.

If I didn't come,
I thought she may feel lonely.

What are you thinking?


used to be sensitive to cold weather.

So why did she choose to go
on a cold day like this?

She must have been cold…

on her way to heaven.

So the reason I'm sensitive to cold
weather is because I take after her?



did she leave home?

I was too young to remember then.

As I grew up,

I could sense that talking about
her was prohibited in the family.

But no one ever told me why.

Everyone probably thought it was
better that you didn't know.

Why not?

Because it is better that you don't know.

Even now?

She didn't leave.

She was kicked out.


Our mother…

with an actor who was sixteen
years younger than she was…

fell in love.

It was a hot topic in weekly newspapers.
The world gossiped about her.

You were only six years old,
and probably don't remember anything.

But I was sixteen.

I had to endure all the noisy attention.


the dreadful way Father looked at us.

The most unbearable were Ki Jun and
Sung Jun oppas. They openly…

doubted if we really were Yu's.

Do you want to hear more?

The interesting thing was that,
at that time…

I didn't hate her or feel resentful of her.

I was only sixteen years old, but love
was a good enough reason for me.

She wasn't kicked out.

Mom dumped Father.

She's so cool. That's our mom.

What is it?

The Chairman may push up the
date to draw up the will.

He may commission CEO Yu Sung Jun to
purchase and manage the land.

Yes. Then I will carry on as planned.

Hello. How did it go?

They started to buy them off today.

The stock went up by 6.2%.

I think they bought about
80 thousand shares.

We didn't do anything yet. We just watched.

It's me.

We'll be there by 5 o'clock,
so get a room ready.

5 o'clock?

That's too soon. How can I get
the staff together by then?

No staff. Just you, okay?

Yeah, okay.

[5 o'clock]

[Meeting scheduled for 5 o'clock.]

Attention. Listen carefully.

This seminar by Do Hyun…

will be your bread and butter
for survival in Yeoeuido.

It's a lecture money can't buy.
You understand?


It's not that good, so don't feel pressured.

But it'll help you understand
the game we're about to play.

Right now there's a concert party to
trade Sejin Bio stocks on KOSDAQ.

{\a6}*KOSDAQ: a trading board
of Korea Exchange

The members are…

Yu Sung Jun, CEO of Injin Capital.

He's heading this accumulation.
Other members are…

Jang Jae Hoon, Yi Sang Min,
and Yang Seung Chul.

They're buying Sejin Bio shares
with 3,000 won par value…

at 5,000 won and about 10 million shares.

Then they plan to sell them once the
price is driven to 40,000 won.

Our strategy is to use their own strategy
to reverse the outcome,

and burn them down to the ground.


It's 5 o'clock right now.

Eight or nine out of ten concert parties
in Korea take place at hostess bars.

By now, these four are sitting in a
private room at a hostess bar.

It's too early for any bar to open.
So why are they there so early?

To do what?

It went smoothly, I assume?

Yeah. It went well, probably
because it's our first day today.

Hmm, good. Then, shall we?

They're checking up on each other to see if
everyone met his own quotas for the day.

And the evidence is burned right away,
right there.

Why do they do this?

All that trouble?

The answer is simple.
They don't trust each other.

They may be friends for life and to death.
But when it comes to money…

friendship doesn't matter.

The success rate for this type of
collaboration is 10%, at most.

Why do others fail?

We can name many variables,
but the most common reason is…

a betrayer within.

The moment someone succumbs to his or
her greed and changes his or her mind…

the collaboration blows up in their faces.

So that's why they're sitting at a
hostess bar, to hold each other in check.

From the moment they start the party,

until the last second it concludes.

I'm sorry. You must have waited long.

Why couldn't I get ahold of you?

I'm so sorry. I didn't have time.

I'm sorry.


What did you want to talk about?

Remember the house we went to together?

Let's move in together.

It will be a while until we set
another date for the wedding.

So, just you and me…

let's move in and live together.


Jung Yeon.

It's you and me. The wedding ceremony
doesn't have to proceed.

We can always have the ceremony later.

I said no not because
I want a wedding ceremony.


Because of the reason you bring this up.

The reason you suggest
we live together is…

Well, you've been so busy and
you've become neglectful of me.

So you probably feel apologetic.

So you…

want to save your skin. Isn't that why?

Once we live together, whether you're
late or not, all can be covered up.

Isn't that why?

Like I said last time…

I feel something's different.

But you denied it.

Then I need you to make me believe it.

I'm sorry.

Since we've dated,

you've never apologized to me.

You never had anything to apologize for.


these days, do you know how
often you apologize to me?

Whenever I talk about how I feel,

can you imagine how upset I become?

I feel like I'm bothering
you just to complain.

Do you have any idea how
petty and miserable I feel?

Let's give ourselves time…

to think about what really
is the problem for us.

Jung Yeon. Let's talk a little longer.

I have nothing more to say.


What are you two?

Do Hyun!

Hand that to me.

Do Hyun!

Do Hyun, Do Hyun! Don't go after them!

I've been meeting her
frequently for work.

Who were those guys?

Why are they staking you out?

Well, I don't know.

And you expect me to feel
fine about everything?

Jung Yeon.

You go home first.

I have something I need to
take care of in a hurry.

I'm sorry, but I can't drive
you home tonight.

Who could they be?

Could it be Yu Sung Jun?

Could it be the guy who tried
to kill you with the truck?

Let's clean out this office.

Can you find a new office to
headquarter our plan?

You got it.

Where, here, um…

Where are we going?

Be quiet and just follow my lead.

Man Soo.

Here they are.

How do you do?

I'm Kim Tae Sung.

Um… I was a roommate with An Se Dol.

Oh, right!

Thanks for taking care of my Se Dol.

Not a problem.

In fact, it's the other way around.

There's a restaurant right
around that corner.

If you can please wait there,
I will meet you there soon.

Of course. I'll see you there.

Who is he?

Oh, well.

When I was in the big house, I took
care of this kid. That's his dad.

He's just a shoe shiner and doesn't seem
like much. Why do we want to see him?

You guys, don't underestimate him.

You're working hard.

- Hi, hello.
- Anything notable?

Not much today.

The information that he picks up from the
security company employees is…

no joke at all.

There's a story,

that a president of the brokerage
firm came to see him…

to ask him what's good to buy!

No way! That's some hairy fib.


That's not a word for a proud wastrel.

Why would I fib?

You can't even imagine how
much money he's got!

You don't know B in business.

You little…


Hello, hello.

I'm sorry that I'm late.
I had to tend something.

Not problem. Please have a seat.

I know you're busy. I'm sorry that
I'm taking time away from you.

Se Dol told me when I went
to see him last time…

that you're interested in stocks.

Oh, well…

If you can please spot me a good product,
your kindness will never be forgotten.

Hey. You two. Outside.


Frankly, I never do this.

But you took such good care of my son.

So please don't tell anyone else.

Of course.

Look up KOSDAQ. You will find Sejin Bio.

Sejin Bio?

Don't get too greedy. When you make a
little money, sell them off right away.

Sejin Bio…

So listen.

This is not even long-term.

We hold out just for a month,
for at least five times the profit.

If we do well, we get ten times.
This is an opportunity!

Ten times? You're making no sense!

Gosh, you frustrate me.

Do Chul. You explain so that
they would understand.

You heard of something called a
concert party in the stock market?

That much I know.

Wait. Are you planning to
manipulate the market?

You, silly!

To manipulate the market, we need
gazillion wons of money! You know we don't!

- That's what I'm saying.
- Then what is it?

Free. Ride.

Free ride?

What's that?

First, we find out what stock
they'll play with.

We ever-so-lightly get on the wave.

And we surf and get out quick
with what we make.

So, kids. Does that make sense now?

From the shoe shiner we met earlier today,

I found what stock they'll play with.

And the shoe shiner already made
his wealth by doing that.

I understand. But we don't have
that kind of money anyway.

- Gosh…
- Well, do you have money?

Of course I don't. That's why I'm sharing
this precious information with you!

You know, to raise seed money!

Jeong Ja. Any help I can get from you?

- Perhaps your noraebang can…
- You nuts?

If it goes south, how will I support myself?

Damn, I'm going mad here.

This is a golden opportunity of a lifetime!
Will we let it go?

Are we going to blow it?

- Oh, hi, Ajusshi!
- Long time!


What are you doing here?

Deliveries! Your lunch!

I could just order a bowl of sundae soup.
You shouldn't have.

It's not like I do this every day.
You're embarrassing me.

Please, have some.

- Sure! Let's eat together.
- Yes, sir!

Is Do Hyun recovering all right?

Yes. I think he's fine.

Well, now that we're past that…

When I heard about the accident at
your wedding, I was so stunned.

I got scared that you inherited my karma.

There's nothing wrong with your karma.

I told you before.

Letting go of your loved one before
you is a type of lifetime punishment.

Think of it as a good omen.

And take care of him.
He seems to be quite busy lately.

Yes, I will. Go on, have your lunch.

Try the egg roll, Dad.

- Is it good?
- Oh, wow. Better than expected.

Since we've dated,

you've never apologized to me.

You never had anything to apologize for.

[My love]

[My love]


Mm, where are you?

I'm off today, so I delivered lunch to Dad.
I'm on my way back home.

Really? Then, how about a date tonight?

What for?

What do you mean what for?
I love you and you love me.

Jung Yeon.

The things you said the other night…

I have no excuse. You're absolutely right.

I upset you. So I'm trying to be cute
and appease you.

You sure that's what you want to do?

You keep that up. I'll begin to sulk.

Okay? So go home and wait for me.
I'll come pick you up soon.



Yes, Madam CEO.


Yes, I know.


Over here! Attorney Kim!

Well, I called him.

Attorney Choi is on his way out now.

And Attorney Kim is like our family,
isn't he?

Come on and have a sit here.

I'm sure you were wondering now.

The reason I called for this meeting is,
as you may know…

that Father may be drawing up
his will very soon.

In other words, he'll decide
who the next successor-

Ah, man.
Stop the unnecessary speech.

Get to the point. The point.

Okay, fine. I'll get to the point.

We all know who the successor is.

You know, both Father's intention and
public opinion say the same.

Sung Jun will be heading Injin Group soon.

So here, I want us to make certain…

that we don't fight with each other
like other chaebol children.

{\a6}*Chaebol: conglomerate of businesses
owned by a family with wealth and power

You know, like,
we support him and his business.

And he'll be vastly generous to us.

- Together like famil-
- Are you…

suggesting that we pledge
our loyalty of some sort?

Father hasn't made any decision yet.

So who's supporting whom and
who's generous to whom?

- But, In Hye…
- If that's why we're all here…

I don't agree, either.

You keep your trap shut, bastard!

Why does he have to keep quiet?

As if you don't know?

That SOB doesn't even have
a right to be in this room.

What gives the right?

Do I have a right?

What's this?
Children of concubines ganging up together?

- Sung Jun!
- Damn it!

Did I say anything wrong?


You all listen and listen carefully.

Once Father writes up his will…

you will all be out of my life.

The world calls me you bastards' brother.

I'm sick and tired of it. All right?


Hey, Sung Jun!

Sung Jun!

Don't cry. Why are you crying?

Attorney Kim.

Yes, Madam CEO.

About the project you're on…

you said I have two outcomes to choose from.

We have two outcomes to choose from.

One is to shake up his plan and bring
about a 50 billion won loss.

Another one is to get the
authorities involved.

That can go as far as imprisonment.

Which one would you like to go with?

Let's go with the second option.

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