Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript


Episode 4

The following story is fictional and does not
depict any actual person, company or event.

In other words, he'll decide
who the next successor…

Ah, man.
Stop the unnecessary speech.

We all know who the successor is.

Sung Jun will be
heading Injin Group soon.

So here, let's not fight each other
like other chaebol children.

Are you suggesting
that we pledge our loyalty?

If that's why we're all here…

- I don't agree, either.
- You keep your trap shut, bastard!

Why does he have to keep quiet?

What's this? Children of
concubines ganging up together?

- Sung Jun!
- Damn it!

You all listen and listen carefully.

Once Father writes up his will…

you will all be out of my life.

The world calls me you bastards' brother.
I'm sick and tired of it. All right?


Hey, Sung Jun!

Hey, Sung Jun!

Don't cry.

Attorney Kim.


About the project you're on…

You said I have two
outcomes to choose from.

Let's go for the second one.

Episode 4

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Go ahead first.

I'll have a word with Attorney Kim.

Mi Ran, for the time being go
live in our house in Seongbuk-Dong.

I don't like it there…

You'll have to anyway.

Myung Jun, as for you…

Go beg your father for forgiveness.

What would I do that for?

Or try to patch things up, at least.
Call it forgiveness or whatever…

And why should I do
that, all of a sudden?

Unless you want to face this kind
of humiliation again, do what I say.

But let's talk about that later.

I really hate that
place in Seongbuk-Dong.

Think I don't?

But know this.

That if we cross her and
end up falling out of favor,

we'll have no one
else to turn to anymore.

After airing my family's
dirty laundry in that manner,

facing each other like this
does feel a bit awkward.

What you saw today was
merely the tip of the iceberg.

And you'll start witnessing things you
can't even begin to imagine.

That's the kind of
relationship our family has.

I've heard from Attorney Choi that
dealing with such matters is my role.


That's exactly your role.

Regarding Sung Jun Oppa…

ending behind bars.

Would that pose any risk
for you, by any chance?

No, not at all.

I just wonder whether you
might feel burdened by it all…


I was too hasteful in my judgment.

We started this fight, and we must go
all the way once and for all.

It's all right.
Take it.

Then, excuse me just a moment.

It's me.

Where are you?
When will you be back?

I thought you wanted to cheer me up…
Sure it's not the opposite?

I'm still working, so let me call
you again when I'm done.

Just to make things clear…

If you really want to cheer me
up, it better be something special.

Don't even bother
with half-hearted cliches.

All right.

Sorry about that.

Must be Jung Yeon.


I feel a little down so I thought
we could have a drink together,

but I guess you had other plans.

And if I postponed those other plans…

Your face tells me it might not
be the best of ideas.

What if postponing that
gets you into trouble?

Actually, she's been a little sensitive
as of late, so I've been watching my steps.

If my wedding had been cancelled
that way, I would feel the same.

I felt sorry for her myself,
can I give her a present?

- Ohh… Done?
- Yeah.

Where do you want me to go?

Come outside
the gate right now.

Let's go.

Is this supposed to be special?

I didn't even get started.

What do you keep
looking around for? It's corny.

'Guess I finally realized how
much money you make.

But we're the only ones here?!

You didn't reserve
the whole place, did you?

I get you, but I'm afraid
you're jumping the gun a little.

It's true that your
hubby makes good money,

but I'm not there quite yet.

Why are you laughing?

I suddenly feel like a snob.

Seeing how I kept whining
and yet I let all this cheer me up,

money is nice, all right.

Jung Yeon.

You just wait, and I'll make
something special like this happen every day.

Let me show you something fun.

Neither Mi Ran nor I have any intention to
grovel at anyone's feet to gain anything.

It's for my own sake, not yours.

What are you trying to say?

That I'm waging war
against Sung Jun Oppa.

So I can change the assumption
that Injin Group's successor…

is Sung Jun, and take
that spot away from him.

And is that even possible?

Why not?!

Sung Jun Oppa can't even imagine
what kind of cards I'm holding.

So you patching up things with
Dad is a weapon I can't do without.

I better have a drink, too.

What did you talk
about with Attorney Kim?

You mentioned two
outcomes or something.

It's no big deal.
Nothing you should worry about.

How is this Attorney Kim?


What kind of man is he?

I'm still trying to figure that out,

but he seems like quite the catch.

Why are you asking?

Was just curious, that's all.

How was tonight?
Did it cheer you up a little?

Well… Not too bad?!

Let's go in.
I'll come say Hi to your father.

Nah… You must be tired,
so just go get some rest.

All right.

Thanks for today.

That looks nice?!

What are you doing out here in
the cold, when you could be inside?

Dad… You're really something.

- Let's go in.
- Right.

Kim Do Hyun
[ Thank you for helping me
make such great memories ]


Then we'd have to get FSS and prosecutors
involved, wouldn't that be too risky for us?

So our scenario will
have to be much tighter.

Min Chan.

How many shares
did they accumulate yesterday?

1.2 million.

The grand total so far should
be around the 4.5 million shares.

Here… Moving onto stage two.
Let's jack up those shares.

Dad… I don't think this is a good idea.

Why not?

You know how Pil Do settles things.

Just like Jeong Ja Nuna said, if we
end up facing any problems with that money…

What problems could we possibly face?

Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Hey… There it is.

Let's go.

- Come on in.
- Yes… Hello.


Is Pil Do in?

Ahh… What the f…

Is "Pil Do" some
puppy down the street?

How dare you
call him by name, you…

Ahh… You insolent little twats…

Do you even know who I am?

Aigoo… I'm so scared…
Why don't you tell us? Uh?

You little twat, are
you out of your mind?

What's all this damned noise?

Pil Do.

What's with these insolent twats?

Who did it?

We've never seen him before,
and he was just calling you by name, so…

You little prick,
will you wake up?

I ought to just…

How many times must I tell you
that the customer is king, you ignorant pig?

Pil Do.

That's enough.

Ahh… I'll be damned.

Hyungnim, allow me to apologize.

No need to go that far.

[ Kim Tae Sung ]


You're helping my business,
I should be the one to thank you.

I'm sure I don't need to remind you,

but I'll say a word just in case.

Dealing with money…
You can still call it a cinch.

But sometimes you run into little accidents
where you don't even make the principal back.

Yet it never happened to me even once.

There were a few who did commit
suicide after fooling around with my money…

But in the end, I got my
money back one way or another.

I'm sure I made myself clear?! Uh?


No mistakes will be tolerated, naturally.

Now we're talking.

You should at least
give Do Hyun Hyung a call…

Are you out of your mind?

If Do Hyun learns of this,
it'll only mean we failed,

and that's not going to happen.


Take this, open a securities account
and start buying Sejin Bio shares.

Let's go.

[ Sejin Bio ]

- Sung Jun.
- Aigoo… What brings you here?

- This is starting to smell?!
- What?

Take a look at the trend, for starters.

It's climbing much
faster than we expected.

Wow… Look at all these
flies swarming around it?

What if things go wrong?

Nah… We're not at that point,

but the real issue is that we'll need
more capital to buy all the shares we need.

Hitting the ten million
shares at this rate…

It'll take at least
another thirty billion?!

What now? Neither I nor
Sang Min can afford that much.

Don't worry.

I'll handle it.

I need to use some funds
for a couple of months,

so handle it for me quietly.

How much would you need?

About… thirty billion?


What's with that surprised look?

I said it's thirty billion.

I mean… that's…

For every amount larger than five billion,

I'm supposed to report it to
the chairman via Attorney Choi, so…

You smart ass.
Think I don't know that?

It's because I do that I'm
asking you to handle this quietly.

I could understand 300 million…
but how can you handle that amount quietly?

If things go wrong, we'd be looking
at malpractice and embezzlement.

You can't even deal with that? Uh?

Director Jang.

Don't you know my
standing within Injin Group?

So the chairman scares you, but
I'm just… what, nothing to be afraid of?

Of course not, Sir.

Aigoo… Director Jang.
It's been a while.

How can I help you?



How much?

Well… I'm really in no
position to tell you that.

I'll have to leave that decision to you.


The chairman will
soon announce his successor.

Yes… Of course, President
Yu Sung Jun is the leading candidate.


I'll give you a call.

Eonni, it's you?

- You're early today?
- Yes I am.

It's so pretty!

Is this your wedding gift?

No, just a present.

He's no joke.
This is "just a present"?!

How do you know this?

It's really famous,
why wouldn't I?

This is famous?

It's something they
don't just sell to anyone.

Only Hollywood stars or European
princesses get to wear those.

You really don't know?

Ahh… Unless it's a fake, this is really it?!

Want me to check on the Internet?

It's really pretty.

She's in a meeting right now.

- Please wait a moment.
- Yes.

[ Jung Yeon ]

It's me.

Can you talk now?

Yeah… Go ahead.

Where did you get that
necklace you gave me?

Why are you suddenly asking me?

Why would it matter where I got it?
What counts is that you like it.

Why are you asking me?

You could just tell me,
why do you keep talking in circles?

It's not that, I'm just wondering
why you're suddenly asking all those questions.

And I can't be on the phone
for long, so let's talk later.

Are you really not going to tell me?

What's wrong with you, really?

I need to get back to work,
so let me call you later.

Sorry about that.
The meeting went on a little longer.

No, it's all right.

I guess your event didn't
make much of a mark?

Did you have a fight with Jung Yeon?

No… It was just…

President Yu Sung Jun is not
going to give up no matter what.

And what leads you to think that,
even though you don't really know him?

There are quite a few things about
him I can't figure out yet.

For instance, the fact that he'd risk
so much for a few dozen billions,

when he could easily sit back and
wait to become Injin Group's successor,

which in itself would put him in
control of an astronomical sum of money.

That kind of reckless ambition
just betrays common sense.

So someone with that kind of disposition
is not likely to give up, no matter what's at stake.

Also, the additional funds he
used probably come from Injin Capital,

in which case he'd be looking at
stock manipulation and embezzlement,

which would inevitably
lead to an arrest.

I see you're grasping the full picture.

I get the feeling that as
long as you're my partner,

this fight can only end with me on top.

Let's meet. When I'm off work,
I'll come home.

Have a seat.

No matter how hard I try,

I can't really figure this out.

Why that would be so important.

I'll ask you again.

Did you buy that necklace?

And if you did,
where and at what price?

Why can't you tell me?

It's not that I can't tell you,

I just don't understand
what's so important about that.

Turns out that this was handcrafted
by some famous Swiss designer.

Not only it's not
something everyone can buy,

but it's also exclusive enough that
it takes months for it to be made.

And you know how much that sells for?

Over a hundred million!

There is no way you
could buy something like this.

You're right…

It's a gift from Yu In Hye.

And you still don't
understand what I'm saying?

How could you just
accept this and give it to me?

No matter how important
she might be to you,

does our relationship really
have to depend on her?

Give it back right now.

Jung Yeon…

How can I return a gift?

And to be really honest, I had
no idea it was worth this much.

But if that's really the case,
shouldn't it make you even happier?

I said I don't like it!

I don't like her coming
between us this way.

Now I think I'm starting to understand
why you changed so much.

Why you keep
feeling like a stranger.

It's all because of that Yu In Hye.

But you don't even realize
how much all this has changed you,

and is still changing you.

Please, give it a rest.

Will you please stop?

Fine, I've changed.

I finally found someone acknowledging
my talent and giving me the chance of a lifetime,

how could I not change?
Isn't it natural?

Jung Yeon…

I'll become rich.

Not just your ordinary rich man,

but a hundred, a thousand… so many
times richer, you can't even begin to imagine!

And then I'll finally find out.

I'll find out what my mother was so
crazy about and tell her once and for all!

Ever since I met Yu In Hye, I
started walking along that path, running.

Throwing myself into it as
if I was crazy, like a madman!

All you need to do is
hold my hand tight and follow me!

You know what I'm saying, don't you?

If you keep acting like this,

this very hand you're holding…

might even let go of you.

And if that happens,
then what?

Will you just move on and keep going?

The way I see it,

you didn't just sell your
talent to Yu In Hye,

but your soul along with it.

And that scares me.

I'll be counting on you, then.

We're pretty much
on the same boat now,

so I'll have to make
sure it's a smooth sailing.

Min Chan.

- You know this fella, don't you?
- Sure do.

- He's a third-rate thug.
- I guess things are about to get started.

Next up is Sejin Bio.

Here they go… Aigoo…

Sejin Bio has developed an
environmentally-friendly R&D system.

How much do you
think he got paid for this?

It's likely that when their patent
hearing is dealt with,

their shares will experience
an impressive upward trend.

- It turned up in one of the insider sheets.
- What does it say?

"Hanil Group's 3rd Gen. Executive
Rumored to be Major Sejin Bio Shareholder."

It just got started.

They're pushing it on TV
as a hit in the making,

and the sheets even talk of a
possible acquisition by Hanil Group.

All right.

Call me if there's any development.

[ Jung Yeon ]

[ Honey ]

Aren't you answering it?

The number you've dialled…

- Sejin Bio - 23,500 won
+14.91 percent (New High)

How did it go?

Again… Daily upper limit!


So how much is it now?

As of today… 23,500 won.

And since we first bought when
it was at 7,200 won per share,

if you leave out the principal,
we made 600 million in ten days!

Jackpot! Jackpot!!

Man Soo…

It's way too early to celebrate.

So how much longer will it take?
Let's just sell now.


Don't even bother with that nonsense.

Unless we make five
times that, it's no use!

And then Kim Tae Sung's life
will be turned upside down!

Here… Let's go.


I'll treat you for real today.

Get some designer brands
on you for a change!


We still don't have a penny in our hands.

You twat…

We can just spend a little in
advance, what's the big deal?

And you call yourself a gangster…

Let's go!

- Let's go!
- Let's go for it.

- What are you waiting for?
- If you insist…

- Looks nice?
- Yes.


[ Kim Tae Sung ]

Now this is more like it.

Here… Time to wrap things up.

We'll start off our exit
strategy via short selling,

and then hit them with all the
unfavorable factors we set up before.

Then share prices will
begin free-falling in no time.

The success of our entire
counter plan depends on whether…

we can follow our scenario down to
the finest detail in the time we have left.

Have a seat.


You used to work at that trading
firm over there, didn't you?


Why did you quit?

The way I see it, that suited you
a lot more than being an attorney.

I've heard that question many
times, while preparing for my bar exam.

But I lied about it every single time.

Because I had my reasons,
but I couldn't talk about it.

I'm really curious now?!

I'm afraid I still…
I apologize.

Let's make a bet.

I'll bet everything we make
out of this plan…

that you'll end up telling me
without even asking you.

And should I resist to the very end,
would all that money be mine?

Of course.

Our last stage will begin tomorrow.

So I guess we're racing
towards the finish line.


The next three days will decide
the fate of our entire plan.

Then, I'll leave you to it.


If I had known how
much this was really worth,

I would have not accepted it.

It seems it was too
much of a burden for her.

I apologize.


From Jung Yeon's standpoint,
it's perfectly understandable.

I should have thought about it.

I'll have to go for
another present, next time.

- Sejin Bio -
31,050 won (-1.90 percent)


It's me.


Hey… What are you saying?

Take a look.

[ Sejin Bio Plunges to Daily Lower Limit ]

Someone must be behind this.

Looks like quite the plan…

- Any idea who it might be?
- No idea.

- Have you seen the news?
- What now?

[ The Truth Behind Sejin Bio's
Stem Cell Research Hoax ]

How did it go?

It's a mess.

President Yu is about to
have a nervous breakdown.

I bet…

Here… Let's have a drink.

Here… Cheers.

All that's left is our last counter-punch,
and waiting for our hand to be raised.

- Sejin Bio - 8,700 won
-14.71 percent (Daily Lower Limit)

Hey… It hit the lower limit again?

I told you to get rid of them, what
the hell were you waiting for?

They don't even sell, what's the point?

They hit the daily lower limit
right after the opening bell,

and even then nobody is interested.

So, what, are you just going
to sit back and wait until you drown?

Then, what about my money?

What did I tell you?

We should have dropped
out while we still could.

Wait a moment…

Why do I feel so dizzy?

Move, you twat.

Did you find out who was behind it?


You prick!

How much money did I
pay you to find that out?

The hell is that supposed
to mean, you prick?

- President, this is serious.
- What is it, now?

The prosecutors are here.


What are you people doing here?

Here's our warrant.

We ask you to cooperate
with the investigation.

The president is looking for you.


What is the matter?

Yu Sung Jun made a mess.

The prosecutors are investigating on him?!
What are you talking about?

Seems like he used 30 billion in
company assets for other means.

What other means?

Tell me!

For a stock manipulation scheme.


And how much profit did
he do something so foolish for?



Very well.

Time to show what you've got.

What is it?

Need to sort out the mess.
From A to Z.

We need to make sure Yu Sung Jun
is not detained by the prosecutors.

And keep the press in check.

But considering the situation,
I can't put you in charge of everything.

So find out whatever you can
handle, and take care of it. Come.

Aren't you going home?

We better.

Lee Seonsaeng.

Is anything wrong?


Doesn't look like it?!

You don't look all too
well as of late, either.

Doesn't she?

I don't really know.

You stick together all day!
And you don't know that?

Is it written all over my face?

A little.

So you can't help but notice it.


Don't just say it…
If you really are, buy me a drink.

Let's have some fun and cheer up.

I'm not really in the mood?

So you need something
that will change that.

Let's go.

Did your husband cheat
on you or something?

Might actually be the case.

Who did he have an affair with?



It might be someone with plenty of it.

That's great!

So you can answer him by
having an affair with a rich man.

Know any rich man?


I came here with you
to do someone a favor.




His father is the head of the
entire group, how could I say no?

Did he blackmail you?

Not just that, I also got…

a little present.

- Did I make you angry?
- No… Not for so little.

Ehh… Then let's stay a bit longer.

You stay and go see if he's
got more presents for you.

Wait a moment.

I better go.

Let's have a word.

I thought you were
just arrogant and immature,

but you seem
to have no pride as well?!

What were you trying to accomplish
with this childish little ploy?

I'm not exactly in the mood for this,
so I suggest you just go before I get nastier.

I've already been branded as
a childish fool with no pride,

what's there to be afraid of?

If you have
anything to say, just do it.

Right here?

Or just forget it.


I might be arrogant
and immature to you,

but I am good at something.

Thanks to my vast
experience in dealing with women,

I know a thing or two about
lovers' state of mind.

And as for you, there seems
to be a little bit of a crisis in the air.

Should you feel down or lonely,

you can always count on me.

Since I will always be the
same childish fool with no pride for you.

Thanks to President Yu In Hye's
connections at the FSS and prosecutor's office,

we thankfully were able to avert detention.

Also, Attorney Kim
handled the press admirably.

You don't need to worry, Sir.

Is this something you can "handle"?

Who will handle me?

I experienced all sorts of
disgraces because of my children,

but I've never felt so embarrassed before.

Forgive me, Father.

If because of a business deal gone wrong
you had lost ten times that amount,

I would have happily forgiven you.

But my son… Yu Pil Sang's son…

does something so stupid to make
some pocket money on the side?

Get out of my face!


I apologize.

Please, give me another chance.

If I gave you another chance,

you'd render the efforts of a
lifetime vain in a matter of seconds!

Get the hell out!

Ahh… I ought to…

Will you help me figure out
what on earth you just did?

I mean… You could have just
waited and all the inheritance would be yours.

Were you really crazy enough to
embezzle company funds to manipulate stocks?

Unless completely insane,
how could anyone do something like that?

Ahh… I really…

What are you,
pouring salt in my wounds?

Are you in any position to call
anyone crazy, after all you did?

Who are you trying to lecture?

You fool.

I'm your brother!

And honestly, I was only acting
like that because you were set to inherit it all.

Now that's all done and dealt with,
can't I even lecture you?

It's time you wake up, you little fool!

I've heard of your efforts to
sort out the mess Sung Jun created.


I merely helped out Attorney
Choi and Attorney Kim a little.


From now on, you'll have to
take care of our family assets.

Discuss the matter with Attorney
Choi, and prepare to take over.

No… I have no intention of doing so.

Pr… President Yu.

If you want me to inherit Injin Group
and run it as you did,

then I'm afraid I can't.

But if you leave everything to my discretion
and allow me to run things my way,

then I will give it some thought.

What's "your way"?

For starters, I'll halt all your investment
projects dealing with real estate.

And also, although it's not
really a management issue per se,

I'd like you to let me decide on
how the inheritance will be distributed.

If you agree to my terms, I will accept.

Have you seen?

I didn't tell you she gave
me the chills for nothing.

I didn't expect that myself.

How can you push an
old man into a corner like that?

What did he say?

You won.


You're the one who became Don Corleone,

what should I be congratulated for?

I believe half of my
victory belongs to you.

Since your life will change
just as you dreamed and aspired for,

I was congratulating you.

Want a drink?


Don't tell me…
You refuse to drink?

I've had enough these last few days.

You're at odds with Do Hyun, aren't you?

Whenever you've had quarrels,
who would usually ask for a truce?

It was Do Hyun, right?

And how do you know that?

It's obvious…
Little fool, always letting you win…

This time, you make the first step.

Why should I?

It's just that you didn't get a wedding,
but you're as good as married now.

He's not just your boyfriend anymore,
so close an eye for once.

I don't know when you're dating,

but when you're married,
even losing out can mean a win.

You understand what I mean?

[ Honey ]

The number you have dialled
is not in service, leave a message after…

Dae Jung Law Firm.

I'd like to speak with
Attorney Kim Do Hyun, please.

Attorney Kim is in Busan.


Here's our team leader
at Lone Asia, Mister Cha.

Nice to meet you.

Allan Milken, back in his Trust Bank days
he made over 1 billion dollars in arbitrage alone.

He went solo last year and is
now running a hedge fund,

and in two years, the fund passed the
300 percent mark in returns on investment.

What's on your mind?

I was wondering whether everything
that's happened to me since I've met you…

was a dream or reality.

One of Warren Buffett's mottoes is…

"I never look back."

Particularly when you're so eager
to make your dreams come true.

Should anything from your
past become an obstacle,

would you be able to abandon it?

I'll have to.

Even if it was Jung Yeon?