Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript


Episode 2

[The characters and situations
in this drama are purely fictional]

[Any similarities to real persons
or situations are coincidental]

You didn't study a core
curriculum of law or anything.

Why did you suddenly decide to take
the bar exam?

There were too many outstretched hands
tempting me.

When you say tempting…

The influencers that wanted to use
my investment intuition and skills.

Is money truly dirty and are
the wealthy really bad people?

When law is dominated by money,

all that's left is sordid greed.

It's something my professor at the
institute set up, so I feel I should go.

What kind of place is it that your
professor would set you up with it?

I don't really know either.

I want to recruit you.

For starters, I'll commission you
with a blank check.

I decided on a law firm.

Let's have a good life.

The chairman will be drawing up
his will shortly.

Do my brothers know about this too?

I'm Kim Do Hyun.

Find Mi Ran.

Get out!

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Who is she?

The chairman's daughter.

Episode 2

Mi Ran is okay, right?


This is our new recruit, Kim Do Hyun.

It's nice to meet you. I'm Kim Do Hyun.

I heard about you from Attorney Choi.

Let's have a seat over here.

I've seen you speak at the training institute.

You heard that boring lecture.
I'm embarrassed.

No, your lecture was a big topic among
the students.

Particularly to those who didn't know
much about

the power of hedge funds
and private equity funds,

it was quite a great shock.

That's a relief then.

I have to speak with CEO Yoo privately,
so would you excuse us?


I think it would be better not to
tell my father.


Still, we've found Mi Ran,
so what can I tell him?

While she's in the hospital,

I'll tell him she's overseas somewhere.

What's going on? Why are you here?

It's kind of long to explain. I just…

I have to go now, so I'll explain later.

Don't forget to eat.

Unni, Unni, Unni…

Who is that?

My fiancé.

That successful lawyer?

Oh! He's good looking.

What do you mean good looking?

I'm just with him because he's a good guy.

You asked if it was worth that much
to work for the chairman and his family.

You'll have to be the judge of that.

If you read these documents,
it may help you make that judgment.

What is all this?

Documents outlining the chairman
and his family's assets.

Of course, just as attorney-client
privilege dictates,

you must thoroughly maintain the security
of the information in those documents.

If you read these documents,

you will be filled equally with shock
and doubt.

First, you'll be shocked at how the scale of
the assets surpasses anything imaginable.

After that,

you'll start to wonder how a man
that wealthy could be unknown to the world.

It'll be after you make the judgment
whether or not you'll work for the Chairman

that I'll clear up that question.

[Yu Pil Sang Family Tree]

[First wife, Jung Sook Ja]

[prime inheritance candidate]

[Lone Asia…]

[Registered Deeds]

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were here.

Ah, I was looking over documents…

Aigoo, look at the time already.

I'm sorry but could you get me
a cup of coffee?


Thank you.

Has the president come in yet?




I've looked over all the documents.

Okay. Have you made a decision?

Before that, I'd like to ask one question.

What is it?

You said you worked for the chairman
for the last 30 years.

Then what is it you got out of it?

Now, are you asking me to reveal
my assets too?

What you really want to know
is not what I got out of it,

but what you'll be getting out of it,
I suppose.

That depends on your capability.

You probably know from reading
the documents,

but the chairman has 6 children.

Each and every of them a distinct species.

It's not going to be an easy task just
cleaning up after them.

There will be preposterous situations
like last night,

and at times, messy situations.

Ultimately, your job will be to protect
the chairman and his estate.

When you protect money that holds
a lot of secrets,

the remuneration is appropriately
generous. Hmm?

Myung Jun is here, right?

Yes, in the suite.

Open it.

But there is a guest present…

Open it.

Myung Jun.

Who are you?

Get out.


Oppa, get up.


Get up. Who is that woman?

I think you'd better get out.

Who is she?

Get lost!

Did something happen?

Clean up and come down to Tiffany's.

Do you want something to eat?

No, no thanks.

Isn't it about time you get sick and tired
of playing around like this?

I'll just simply get to the point.

At Father's birthday, he's going to be
drawing up his will.

It's an opportunity for you too.

I don't have any greed.


I'm not telling you for you to get greedy.

I'm just saying properly protect your share.

Mi Ran is in the hospital.


The same reason as last time.

Go and see her.

This is it.

It's normally a lecture hall.

But for students, it's available for use
as a ceremony hall.

Compared to a real banquet hall,
it probably lacks a lot.

I think it's fine.

Ah, if we're to prepare the food,

you have to let us know the number
of attendees beforehand.

About 300 fellow students attend,

so you can just add your family and
friends to that.

I'll let you know the exact number later.

Yes, okay.

Jung Yeon?

I thought that might be you,
and it really is.

It's been a long time.

What are you doing here?

I was looking at the ceremony hall.

What about Do Hyun?

He's busy so I came on my own.

But why is a new recruit like Do Hyun
so busy?

I don't really know either.

That guy, I don't know why he joined
that place.

There was a lot of talk among our classmates
about him going there.


With his grades, he could have gone
to any law firm.

It just seems so weird that he'd go
to such an unknown firm.

I did hear that the offer was extraordinary,

but that's a bit suspicious too.

And frankly,

offering a recent training institute
graduate partnership is weird too.

You know the sort of thing,

when there's something fishy going on,

the treatment gets really generous.

[Economics of the Wealthy -
Economics of the Poor]

[Inheritance and Taxes]

[Currency Wars 2 -
The Wealthy of Korea 2]

Unni, keep up the hard work.

I'll see you later.

I did hear that the offer was extraordinary,

but that's a bit suspicious too.

And frankly,

offering a recent training institute
graduate partnership is weird too.

You know the sort of thing,

when there's something fishy going on,

the treatment gets really generous.

I came to visit Yu Mi Ran in 1914.

I'm sorry, but what is your relationship?

I'm her brother.

I see.

How is she?

I understand that there is no problem
with her, physically.

She's staying until she is a little more
psychologically stable.

Oh dear. She's sleeping right now.

We have to wake her in 30 minutes
when her doctor comes,

so how about waiting until then to see her?

All right.

Please let me know if there's anything
you need.

Sit for a moment.

What a waste.

That nurse's uniform has got to go.

But if you were scrubbed and polished
really well,

I bet you'd look pretty charming.

There's a party this weekend.

If you want to come with me,

give me a call tomorrow.

We'll head to a Cheongdamdong shop and
peel off your signs of being a bumpkin.

And if you want to drape a few name
brands on you, we'll need a little time.

I don't think that's possible.

I'm just about to get married.

No problem.

I'm not asking you to live with me,
just to have a little fun for a moment.

Could that really be a problem?

Right now, you're committing
sexual harassment

and defamation of character as well.

Why wouldn't it be a problem?

My fiancé is an extremely capable lawyer,
you see.

If you don't want me to sue,
watch your mouth.

I'm going to make the final fool's move
in my life with this land.

What do you think?

If it were me, I'd invest in your daughter's
Lone Asia.

With CEO Yu In Hye's talent,

I believe the rate of return would be much
higher than tying your money up in this land.


Let's drop by the Injin Club
on the way back.

Yes, Chairman.

What do you think of the
chairman's plan?

I can understand that land is
the source of Chairman's wealth.

However, the world has changed.

Money doesn't sleep.

Burying it in sleeping land…
seems somehow wrong.


Anyhow, the chairman likes you.

Going forward,

this fellow will be taking
Attorney Choi's place.

I'm Kim Do Hyun.

He will be taking on all of Attorney Choi's
rights and responsibilities,

so let that be understood.


What are you doing here?!

I called him.

Get him out of my sight this instant!



Why in the world are you acting like this?

Are you asking because you don't know?

I've never ever looked back at someone
I've thrown away.

You're so indulgent with my older brothers.

What's the reason you are so cruel
solely to Myung Jun?

What's the point of spelling out the
reason when you know it and I know it?

Mi Ran is in the hospital after trying
to kill herself again.

Are you bent on pushing Myung Jun
to the edge of the cliff too?


I'm Yu Ki Jun, the eldest son
in this family.

I'm Kim Do Hyun.

Eldest son, Yu Ki Jun.

He's the CEO of Injin Construction,

he's been divorced 3 times.

To say that most of his inheritance

has already been spent on alimony
would not be an exaggeration.

This is the second son.

I'm Yu Sung Jun.

I'm Kim Do Hyun.

Second son, Yu Sung Jun.
He's the CEO of Injin Capital.

He's thorough and there are no cracks
in his business management.

He is essentially the successor
to the chairman.

I'll be going now.


You should at least introduce yourself
to Attorney Kim.

He probably won't have any reason to see me.

Why not, kid?

Who do you think has cleaned up
all the trouble you've caused up to now?

You'll just be delivering payment for
negotiated damages, so it won't be too hard.



Hey, hey, let it go.

Attorney Choi is quite a special presence
in our household.

And he's like an older brother to us.

Now that you'll be taking over his role,

I look forward to your guidance.

Though, it's really Sung Jun rather than me.

Enough already.

- I'm just thinking of you…
- Hyung!

I said that's enough.

Okay, all right.

Frankly, I don't agree with
my father's methods.

In a world full of capable lawyers,

a world where you can buy any number
of those lawyers if you have money,

still entrusting someone with everything
like that, that's unbelievable, isn't it?

Why say a thing like that?

The role of Attorney Choi in our household
and the status he enjoyed,

that was only possible during
my father's era.

Let's make that clear. Hmm?

I'll get going.

Hey, stay a little longer.

That's just his personality.

I hope you understand, Attorney Kim.

Going forward, you'll see and feel it

but there's a subtle discord among
the siblings.

The eldest son Yu Ki Jun and second son
Yu Sung Jun were born from one mother.

Yu In Hye and Yu Myung Jun were
from his second wife.

Yu Tae Jun, who's studying in Boston
right now is from his third wife.

And lastly, Mi Ran is from his fourth wife.

Out of those, only the children from
his first wife are on his family registry.

The battle will begin soon as to who will be
his successor,

so your situation will be rather different
than mine.

For me, I just had to serve one person,
the chairman.

But you will have to use your judgment and
decide who the successor is going to be.

I've already mentioned it,

but keep in mind that second son, Sung Jun,
is the strongest candidate.

What do you think?

Wow, my bride looks amazing.

This is nothing.
There's something more amazing.


I bought what I'm going to wear
to bed on our first night.

If you saw that, I bet you'd fall over.

Hey, why are you planning to
wear clothes on our first night?

Just a sec.

[CEO Yu In Hye]

Yes, Madam CEO.


No, it's all right.


Yes, I understand.

I'm so sorry.

But, I have to go right now.

You have to try on your tuxedo too?

I'll try it on later.
This is really important.

I'll see you at home later.

These are documents on Kim Do Hyun.

Good work.

[Father (Kim Tae Sung) - No contact
since June 1987. Whereabouts unknown.]

[Mother (Lee Jin Suk) - Died 2001]

[February 1997, Graduated Korea University
Elementary School…]

[January 2011, Graduated top 1% Law
Training Institute, 40th Class]

[… to be married, girlfriend Lee Jung Yeon,
a nurse… ]

Is there something I can help you find?

I don't know wines very well,

so could you recommend a good one?

In what price range?

Let's not worry about price.

I'd like a high-quality expensive wine.

Even if you don't know wines very well,
you've probably heard of this.

For a 6 bottles set, it costs
30 million won.

Excuse me?

It will likely be hard to find
at any other shop.

Are there people who buy this kind of thing?

Of course.

You sell them by the bottle too, don't you?

Of course.

Okay, I'll take it.

Ah, welcome.

Here, for you…

This is quite hard to obtain.

You must like wine.

Yes, well, a little.

I like wine too,

but frankly, I don't understand
why it can be so expensive.

When there are so many good $20 bottles.

I'm almost all done, so wait just a moment.


What do you think?

Ah, I don't know art very well.

They're by a Chinese painter, Wei Chen,

who's been getting a lot of attention
in New York these days.

It may be rude to ask,

but how much do paintings like these
normally cost?

I bought them for $80,000
when I was in New York,

but they're probably worth about
$2 million now.

I don't know if this will suit your taste.

Ah, well…

It's good.

What do you do in your free time at home?

I don't have any particular hobbies,

but I do like to watch classic films

Like "Ben Hur", "Doctor Zhivago",
"The Godfather".

I especially like "The Godfather" and
I've watched 1-3 several times.

I like "The Godfather" too.

Please eat.


You said you've watched
"The Godfather" several times.


What I enjoyed in "The Godfather"

was that the man who becomes Godfather
Marlon Brando's successor as Don Corleone

was Al Paccino, who had nothing to do
with the Mafia world.

The fact that Michael Corleone, who was always
considered a bookish nerd by his brothers,

becomes Don Corleone for the sake of
the family,

and carries out stone-cold revenge.

Have you heard that my father will be
designating a successor soon?


Father probably has my second eldest
brother in mind.

Yes, well, that is also what I've heard.

If I decided to set my mind to
become Don Corleone,

what do you think would happen?

Anyone who knows my father

would find it unimaginable that
a woman could be his successor.

Do you think you can help me?

The decision is up to what the chairman
has in mind, how could I possibly help?

By making it so that I'm the one
Father has in mind.

Among American favorite movie lines

is a line from "The Godfather".

I'm going to make him an offer
he can't refuse.

I'm going to make him an offer
he can't refuse.

I'm considering making you an offer
you can't refuse.

Aren't you leaving work a little too late?

It's my shift schedule.

Get in. I'll give you a lift.

The buses are still running.

You say your boyfriend is
a successful lawyer

and he lets you keep doing this sort
of hard work?

If you give me some of your time,

I could give you an easier way to live.

It's not hard at all.

I feel energized just seeing his face,
he's that good looking.

Then give me a call when you start
getting sick of that face.

I'll leave my number at the nurse's station.

If I decided to set my mind to become
Don Corleone,

what do you think would happen?

The role of Attorney Choi in our household
and the status he enjoyed,

that was only possible during
my father's era.

Let's make that clear. Hmm?

The battle will begin soon as to who will be
his successor.

For me, I just had to serve one person,
the chairman.

But you will have to use your judgment and
decide who the successor is going to be.

Well, this is interesting.

Oh my head.

You're up already?

I didn't think you'd be able to get up.

What happened?

You don't remember?


So why did you drink so much?

I'm making hangover soup,
so go and take a shower.

Oh, that smells good.

I'll be right back.

Ah, I feel like I might be able to live now.

Ah, this is good.

But that's the first time I've seen you
a drunken mess like that.

There isn't anything wrong, is there?

No, there isn't.

Half of what I do is meeting with people.

This spells trouble.
Drinking is business too.

Are there any classes on how to raise
one's alcohol tolerance?

You're completely unaffected no matter
how much you drink.

That's because I take after my dad.

I'm nothing compared to my dad.

Must be nice, being able to drink like that.

This won't do. We're going to have to
do some drinking training starting today.

The invitations came out.
Have you seen them?

Let me see.

Wow, they came out nice.

[Kim Do Hyun, Lee Jung Yeon]

But, do you really have no family to invite?

- Maybe on your father's side…
- No.

There isn't anyone.

And even if there was,
I don't want to contact them.

All right. I won't bring it up again.

If you're going to rest, why don't you
catch up on sleep, why work out?

I think I'll have to sweat a little
to recharge.

I'll see you later at home.

Okay, bye.

That's it!

Get your gloves up to block.

Put 'em up, put 'em up!

Hey, you!

Do you want have a go at sparring?

Can I?

Yeah, c'mon.


Ah, that's enough.

You're good.

You think you might want to do
an amateur tournament?

A lawyer boxer…

who would really draw some media. Huh?

No, thanks.

Huh? Really?

Nice fight.


Can I talk to you for a second?

Who are you?

I'm Kim Do Chul.

I don't think we've ever met.


My father's name is…

Kim Tae Sung.

He's currently in jail in
Seoul pending trial.

They say if he just has a good lawyer,
he could be acquitted.

What's the crime?

They say fraud and breach of faith.

What is breach of faith?

Please speak comfortably.

You are an older brother, after all.


Do you know what this is?

That there is treasure. Treasure.

Give it to your mom.

Next time I come,

I'll bring one the size of your head.

Until then, be good for your mom,

and be sure to take care of yourself.

I'm going now.

Yes, Commissioner.

I think it will go well thanks to
your management of the situation.

I'm too embarrassed to trouble you
any further.


I believe that's a win-win strategy for
both of us.


Please wait just a moment.

I'm sorry.

Including the business support assistants

and the friends I've worked with
since my days in the US,

there are less than 20 people working here.

And there are branch offices in New York,
London, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

I hear that the you and those
you worked with in New York

are referred to as the Knights of
the Round Table.

How do you know that?

I read an interview of you in the
Wall Street Journal.

I'll introduce you to them too shortly.

I've… essentially made you an offer
you can't refuse.

I'm curious to hear how you'll respond.

How far are you thinking of taking it?

In "The Godfather", after becoming
Don Corleone, Al Paccino,

cold as stone, eliminates his enemies
and traitorous brother-in-law.

In the second film, he even kills
his own brother.

Anyhow, changing the chairman's mindset
is beyond my powers. All I can do…

is eliminate your enemies.

Do as much as you're able to.

And another thing.

Where does Attorney Choi fall into
this plan?

Is it okay to open it up to him?

No. I think it's better that
he doesn't know.

Attorney Choi is amiable towards me,

but ultimately, he follows
my father's wishes.

Can I know how you plan to eliminate them?

Leave that up to me.

What is wrong with me?


Hey! You…

You guys haven't changed at all.

It's been a long time, Sunbae.

Yeah, have you been well?

Hey, pal, you don't call, then you show up
suddenly, what gives?

Call, my foot.

What do I need to call for? I know
you're sittin' around playing poker.


Say hello, guys.

Former Yeoido stock operation legend,

Kim Do Hyun.

- Aigoo, we've heard a lot about you.
- Hello.


You're almost done at
the training institute, right?

I've already joined a law firm.

I hear the Yeoido is a pretty picture lately.

What good is it if things are going well?

When the market is bad, I lose all my money.

When the market is good, everything they
have me do is just good for the client.

But you're probably not here because
you miss poker.

What brings you here all of a sudden?

I just had a favor to ask.

[FSS, Injin Capital, Illegal Loans…]

Sunbaenim, take a look at this.

Hand me that.

How is this?

[FSS, Injin Capital, Illegal Loans…]
No, no, this is too weak.

You know the thing,

a nice big one that can take 'em out
in one blow.

- Aigoo, it's been a long time.
- Yes

Jang Jae Hoon.

3rd generation Hanyoung Group.

And this man is Lee Sung Min,
New World Department Store, 3rd generation.

Finally, the key person,

Yang Seung Chul, head of Seijin Bio,
a public company on KOSDAQ.

If you're talking of Seijin Bio…

Something definitely smells.

Stock manipulation?

It's a hidden card.

A big one that can take 'em out in one blow.

Oh, Unni!

What do you think?

They're pretty.

What I'm asking is which is better?

This is probably better, right?

Um, then are you planning to be discharged?

Hmm? No.

I just want to pop out for a party.

It would be a little difficult for you
to go out.

Are you ready?

Yeah, I'm ready.

Just a minute, please.

Right now, Yu Mi Ran is undergoing
psychiatric treatment.

This will make things difficult.

I think rather than being cooped up in a
hospital room popping anti-depressants,

it would be more therapeutic
to go to a party.

I got permission from the hospital director,

so don't worry about it.

I'd still love it if you were my date,

but since you say it's sexual harassment
and defamation of character,

it's a shame, but I guess there's nothing
I can do about it.


Shall we go?

What's going on with patient Yu Mi Ran?

She just went out.

Yeah, we just got a call from the hospital
director's office.

Even if this is the VIP ward,
isn't this just a little too much?

Doing whatever she likes.

What does that make us who are supposed to
care for the patient?

It's giving me a headache too.

I'm always being summoned by the chief nurse.
The hospital director always calls.

But what can I do?

Anyway, Unni,

you're taking 10 days off for
your wedding and honeymoon.

I'm sure she'll be discharged
before you come back.

[Injin Capital, Yu Sung Jun]

Ah, well, he's supposed to be
drawing up his will soon.

But the old man is so unpredictable
so how am I supposed to trust him.

Ah, well, Ki Jun hyung has dropped out
of favor with the old man long ago.

The variable is In Hye, In Hye.

You know already, but In Hye,
that wench, is hardcore.

She acts like she's not interested
in the inheritance,

but I just can't tell what the hell
she's plotting.

Okay, okay, all right.

Let's talk about the details when we meet.

Where did you catch him?

We found him in Sokcho.



Was there really no other place
to run and hide?

How much has this bastard embezzled?

800 million won altogether, but I think
we can collect back all but 24 million.

I'll hand him over to the police right away.

Why go through all that trouble?

Bite down hard.

Getting a beating is better
than going to jail, right?

Ay, what a piece of trash.

He can't even pay up with a full beating.



Drag him out.


All right.

It appears there is a stock manipulation

going on with Seijin Bio, listed on KOSDAQ.

If my instincts are correct,

the investment capital came from
Injin Capital.

Sung Jun oppa is the CEO of Injin Capital,

but it would be hard for him to use
capital without Father's approval.

He's probably using it secretly on the premise
that the operation will be successful.

He could access that amount of capital
without the chairman knowing.

There are 2 ways to handle this.

Option 1 is to shake the operation,

cause them to lose at least
50 billion won and end it there.

The other option…

is to get the FSS and the
Prosecutor's office move in.

Then he could even go to prison.

What would you like me to do?

Let's just end with option 1.

You said you'd shake the operation.

How would you do that?

An inverse operation.

Betting one operation on another.

But then, we could get exposed.

There's no need to take on that sort
of risk.

Have you ever seen the movie "The Sting"?

Conning someone who doesn't know
he's been conned.

That's a real pro.

I'm confident.

I'll put up the necessary funds.

So go ahead and give it a try.

Yeah. Jung Yeon.

Are you working all night tonight too?

Yeah. I think I'm going to have to.

You're not possibly going to have to miss
the wedding, are you?

Don't worry. I'll attend if it's
at all possible.

Aigoo. You talk as if it's someone
else's wedding.

No matter how busy you are,
make some time tomorrow.

They say that these days men get facials
and skincare too.

I don't have time for that.

Do you know you've become
a little strange these days?

What do you mean?

You seem like someone possessed
by some sort of spell.

You are the only one in this world
that has ever cast a spell on me.

You know?

And, I was just in the middle of a meeting,

so I'll call you back later.

Jung Yeon, I miss you.


Why doesn't the kid show his face
around here these days?

Has he changed his mind?

Oh, Dad.

Do Hyun is super busy.

You may not know it,

but becoming a partner at his age is
unbelievably successful.

Since he's unbelievably successful,
of course he's going to be busy.

No matter how successful he is,

what's the use if he's making you lonely?

You think I'm just living for Do Hyun?

I'm going to become a head nurse,
a chief nurse, and then even a professor.

I'm going to be really successful
and super busy too.

Having cut wires all my life,

I don't know if I have the right to
say this to you successful kids.

Desire and greed have no end.

A person has to look back and glance
around to the sides as he lives.

Racing ahead just looking forward
is an ideal way to trip and fall.


Sending off someone you love first
is criminal.

I, who sent off your mother first,

have been living a life of punishment.

So you live a long, long, good life.

Yes, Dad.

You punk.

Why do something I didn't even
ask you to do?

Anyhow, you got out thanks to me.

How is that thanks to you, kid?

Where do you get your brazen attitude?

Let's go.


Where do you think?

Gotta go and catch the bastards
that got me locked up.

You're not going to see Hyung?

Why would I go there?

I thought he was getting married today.

Are you sure?


[Groom, Kim Do Hyun
Bride, Lee Jung Yeon]

[Law Training Institute]

Hi, Dad.

Oh, Jang Seok, you've come early.


Thank you.

I'll see you later.



Let's go.

I don't think Hyung is here yet.

Hey, hey, Do Chul.

That man must be his father-in-law.

Why don't you go over and
introduce yourself?

Stop talking nonsense, kid.

Whoa, why is that guy here?

What's the matter?

Be quiet, kid.

So pretty.

Let me see.


Ah, right, can you hand me my phone?

Where are you?

I'm on my way.

You should have hurried.
The guests are already arriving.

All right, I'm sorry.
I'm almost there.

Wait just a little bit.


This is Yu In Hye.

Yes, Madam CEO.

What happened?

The preparations of the operation
have been completed.


Once a D-Day has been determined,
we can commence.


Do Hyun?

Do Hyun?

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