Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Episode #1.10 - full transcript


Episode 10

Among the directors,

there were some differences,
so the meeting went a little long.

Now then, we'll announce the results
of this board of directors meeting.

Han-Young Bank has selected
its preferred bidder to be…

CEO Yoo Sung Jun's IJ Investments
and Shin Heung Bank.

Thank you for making this
difficult decision.

In your proposal,

there appear to be several inadequate
points in the financing plan.

If the financing plan is uncertain,
continuing with negotiations is difficult.

So, within ten days, please
resubmit a detailed financing plan.

If that isn't successfully executed,
you will be dropped as preferred bidder.

Yes, we will get that prepared
as soon as possible and submit it.

What's with the bank president?

His face looks like he's really
discontented that we were selected.

I think he must have some
connection with Kim Do Hyun's side.

He'll be the first to go after we take over.

Ah, just a sec.


Ah! The game is over.

Why haven't you left? What are you doing?

Wow, the shock must have been extreme.

Well, long ago when you stabbed
me in the back and ran off to the U.S.,

I thought I'd go insane.

If I had caught you back then,

I truly could have gotten myself in trouble.

Your feelings right now…

could they be something like
my feelings back then?

Wait, no.

You're just a puppet president anyway, eh?

The person that would really
be getting pissed would be In Hye.

But does In Hye know about this?

Wow, if she does,
what would her mood be like?

I'm really curious.

What happened?
Has a decision been made?


We didn't get it?


It went to Yu Sung Jun.

Right now, James is in Seoul.


He's been here for two days.

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

He said not to say anything until the
decision had been announced.

[Vice President Lee Tae Chul]



Where do I need to go?

I thought that my sincere feelings
had gotten through.

Even as I put together the bid,

I thought of the promises I made
to you first and foremost.

Why on earth, for what reason…

did you betray us?

Do you really not know?


Right now the only thing I can think is
that you've disregarded my sincerity.

Is this your sincerity?

What sincerity does a man have
that pulls this sort of thing?

What is this?

You see it with your own eyes
and you don't know?!

I could have had locked you away immediately,

but I had pity on your young years.

This is a misunderstanding!

This is truly not something that I did.

Are you denying it,
now that it looks like it won't work?

Don't live your life that way,
lowdown and dirty.

I'm sorry.

In this world, there are so many things that
can be resolved by the words "I'm sorry."

But those words coming out of
people in our line of work…

are truly horrific.

The moment those words "I'm sorry" come out,

then it means… invested money
has already been lost,

or the expected profit for an
investment has already disappeared.

I never thought once,
for a single moment, that we'd lose.

If I had even just a little, the outcome
would have been less of a shock.

How am I supposed to cope with this situation?

I'm truly at a loss.

I'm so very angry and disappointed,

but I don't even have the energy
to spill out that sort of emotion.

I haven't given up yet.

Whatever means I need to use…

I'm going to flip this around.

I guess you have some method
that I can't even fathom?

If you're that confident, you should
have put an end to this earlier!

It was wrong to place our destiny in the
hands of the Vice President in the first place.

We shouldn't have been trembling over the vote,

you should have won over all
eleven board members!

The words "whatever means I need to use",

don't use them carelessly.

They're not to be uttered,

but to be acted on and executed.



It's James.

It's me.

I was very surprised to
hear you arrived two days ago.



How I'm going to handle it,

I haven't decided yet.

Yes. I'll do that.

Hey, for a guy who didn't put up any funds,
you sure are acting as if you did me a favor.


You crazy son of a bitch.

All right, yeah.

Woulda been good if you came and joined us.

Hey, thanks.

Ay, boy news travels fast.


The news reached your neck
of the woods already?


Yeah, yeah.


You really put in a lot of trouble.

Oh, no. You did most of it.

Aigoo, I didn't do anything.

Well, Cha Young Min,
you probably already know,

but Yu In Hye and Kim Do Hyun,
the two of them,

aren't the type to give up so easily.

Let's keep our guard up 'til the end.

- Yes, I understand.
- Good.

What are you doing?

Start pouring.

Now then, let's party!

- On that green meadow
- On that green meadow!

I'm gonna build a picturesque house.
High buildings are cool, but…

Living by the trends is fun too, but…

- I like it, I like it!
- If my beloved lives with me!

If my beloved lives with me. Hey!


Why do you look so tense?

Even though I want to smile,
I can't seem to muster one.

I suppose the situation is that way.

Still, smile a little.

I like it when you smile.

Aren't you putting too much
trust in Kim Do Hyun?

I trusted him because there
was reason enough to trust him.

Probably so.

However, the responsibility for the
outcome is something you'll have to manage.

That's the problem.

With these people, the compensation for success
is massive, but the reproach for failure is harsh.

That's how they've amassed
their fortunes up to now.

If you can't find some
convincing breakthrough,

it will be difficult to face
the accountability.

And in that situation,
there's a limit to what I can block.



I'm here! Sung Jun's here!

Your son!

Sung Jun's here!

Are you asleep?!


What's up with the racket?





Your son, Yu Sung Jun…

is taking over Han-Young Bank.

Not Yu In Hye,

but your legitimate son, Yu Sung Jun,
has won!

The son you so cruelly discarded…
has done it.

When did I discard you, kid?


threw me out of the successor's seat!

I even begged…

I begged for you to give me one more chance.

But you threw me out,

and chose that wench In Hye.

Do you know how heartbroken I was?

To gain your recognition of my capabilities,

do you know how hard I worked?!

Right. You worked hard.

I know what you're feeling now,
so go on home and rest.

Ah, how embarassing.


Who do we have here?!

Isn't it Lone Asia's CEO Yu In Hye?!

What are you doing here…
in the middle of the night?


Ahh, you must be here to hang on Father's
pant leg and beg him for help.

It's too late.

Go home.

Chairman Yu Pil Sang has
acknowledged Yu Sung Jun's victory.


Game over.

I guess you have some method
that I can't even fathom?

If you're that confident,
you should have put an end to this earlier!

What's wrong with all of your moods?

Kim Min Chan.


Is it over?

It's not over for me yet.

That's what this deal means to me.

If I don't succeed,
there's nothing left for me to do.

If I don't win,
it's the same thing as dying.

Do you know what I'm saying?

In the next ten days, they have to submit
a financing plan to Han-Young Bank.

So, we still have ten days.

First off, find out if there are any holes
in the structure of their consortium.

And, find out exactly how Yu Sung Jun bought
off the directors on the Han-Young Bank board.

Bring me everything that shows
some glimmer of a clue.



Yes, sir!

The financing plan required by
Han-Young Bank within ten days,

Cha Young Min, I'd like you to take that.

Yes, well, preparing it isn't difficult,

But, the issue is whether or not Shin Heung Bank
and the other banks in the consortium

can provide the funding
within the required time period.

I'll take care of that part,
so don't worry about it.

I'm going now to see Puriss Savings
Bank to get a definite answer.

If anything comes up, give me a call.


Is it really something we don't
need to worry about?

You probably know already,

but the CEO's character is
such that he talks big,

so it's not something I can guarantee.

Grandmother Wu Geum Ji is looking for you.


I don't know.

"Where's Nurse Lee?
Go and fetch Nurse Lee, would you?"

Are you jealous?


I'd like to research just what it is that
the rich folks love so much about you.

Good luck with that research.

You worthless kids!

You do your job like that and still
eat well off of my money?!

Quit now!

I'm sorry.

Sorry, my foot! I told you to get lost.

Ah, Nurse Lee, what are you
doing over there? Come and sit.

What, were you startled?

Yes, a little.

Aigoo. Those kids' heads just don't
seem to be working, it drives me crazy.

But what did you want to see me for?

Ah, right. Your ex-boyfriend's
name was Kim Do Hyun, right?

How did you know?

I was curious as to who it was that
broke your heart, so I looked into it.

Connections between people are so strange.

There was a little connection
between him and me.

What connection?


I'm Yu Sung Jun from
IJ Investments that called you.

I told you there was no reason to meet.
Why'd you come here for?

Go on back.

Please give me a moment of your time.

You must have already heard, but we
were selected as the preferred bidder.

That means you now have the opportunity
to become a major shareholder,

in a number one financial institution.

That's something that Sang Gu did
without getting my approval.

I don't have any interest,
so please leave now.

How annoying.

What did she want to see you about?

She said that seeing my pretty face is more
effective than morphine as a pain killer.

Oh, you are too much!

As it turns out, if I wanted to,
I could save Kim Do Hyun.

Would you like me to?

Jang Mi.

What about Pil Do?

Has there been any word from Hyungnim?


I'm too scared to come into work anymore.

Still, what can you do?

We need you to watch the office.

Please hold on a little longer.

Man Soo, you little…

Hey, man. Why aren't you taking my calls?

You called?

I never got a call.

Liar. Do you know how many times I called?

Hey, you guys have all planned
to pull one over on me, huh?


And, where the hell is Jeong Ja?

Where'd Jeong Ja go?

Tell Kim Tae Sung very clearly.

I'll let him live at least,
if he shows up soon with my money.

But if he drags this out too long,
and I catch him, I'm gonna kill him.

Got it?

I got it.

Aigoo, you little…

You called?

I didn't get a call, I didn't get one,
I didn't get one!

Pil Do, stop your whining.

Ah! I'm gonna go nuts.

Where is Hyungnim?

Is he even eating?


Father and I might die.

Can you please help us?

Why do I need to do that?

I don't have any connection with you two.

Don't show up in front of me again.

Hey, you soulless bastard!

How can you not even blink when
I'm telling you your father might die?

Are all successful guys like that?

Hyung! Hyung!

- Be quiet.
- Hyung!

Do Hyun Hyung! Hyung!

- Shut up.
- Hyung!

Do Hyun Hyung!

Hyung! Hyung!


Do Hyun Hyung!

What is this?

Who the hell are you?

What the hell are you doing?


Wha… you…

What are you doing here…?

You! Why'd you go and do
something so uncalled for?

Then, what are we supposed to do?

Are we just going to live
on the run forever?

Kid, you…

What is the trouble?

Well, uh…

It's nothing to concern yourself with.
Just go on.

Then you shouldn't have caused
trouble for me to be concerned over.

What the hell is this?!

And how do you know Attorney Choi?

Be careful of that man.

As I lived my life and traveled
to the ends of the earth,

I've met all sorts and types.

But I've never met anyone as scary
and cunning as that fellow.

I'm asking you how you know him.

Just one time in my life, there was a moment
that seemed like spring would finally come.

Choi Guk Hwan took that away.

And Yu Pil Sang, too.

What's up, Do Hyun?

If you snoop around Yeoido,

you can probably find where the Shin Heung
Bank acquisitions working team hangs out.

Approach them, and see if you can
dig up some information.


- Did you find out?
- Yes.

They say you can't see what's
right under your nose…

you know the sauna where we played poker?

The Shin Heung Bank guys hang out there, too.

Start right away.


Yu Sung Jun, right?

IJ Investments CEO.


That guy is a serious head case.

Talking down to you when
he's only just met you.

I wanted to punch him, but I held back.

That's the financing plan of their consortium.

IJ Investments and Shin Heung Bank
are putting in 60%.

A few savings banks are making up the rest.

It's probably not a bad plan to shake
up those savings banks, too.

That's a good idea.

Jang Seok, you gather up
the intel on the savings backs.


Do Hyun!

It looks like we may have a lead.

- What, did you find something?
- Yeah.

You listen to it yourself.

What do you think?

Good work.

There's a problem over at Shin Heung Bank.

What do you mean a problem?

Among the major shareholders of Shin Heung
Bank is a private equity fund in Malaysia.

They are against the acquisition
of Han-Young Bank.

If we can get to them, it looks like we
may be able to make a breakthrough.

- Are you certain?
- Yes.

If you can take care of that side of things,
I can take care of the rest.

I'll look into it.

The words "whatever means I need to use"…
you told me not to use them carelessly.

Right now, I am using all means in my power.

I have absolutely not given up,
and I will absolutely flip this around.

It's me.

Two years ago, when Manhattan's
Tower 67 went through a takeover,

you partnered with a Malaysian
private equity fund, didn't you?


Who was the contact back then?

His name is Michael Wang,
and he's a Chinese living overseas.

Why do you ask that suddenly?

I think I can make a move,
but with the guy's character…

he'll definitely make demands.

You'll have to be responsible for that.

You think you can manage that?

This is no different than missing the timing
on a stop-loss sale and continual dilution.

It is breaking one of the most
fundamental principles of investment.

I know it's a dangerous burden,
but in any case,

I'm in a situation where
I must play out the match.


I'll take responsibility,
so please make a move.

Come talk to me for a minute.


Of the banks that are participating
in the consortium,

there's one called Puriss Savings Bank, right?


They haven't made a definite decision
yet about participating in the consortium.

But they were included in the bid documents.

Yu Sung Jun made it look like
they were definitely in,

but he must still be working on them.

It looks like there's room
for us to make a move.

The Chairman of Puriss is a
woman named Woo Geum Ji.

She's currently a patient at Injin Medical.

Injin Medical.

Moving rooms?


Is it possible?

Hello, Jung Yeon.

Jang Seok. What brings you…?

There's a patient here named
Woo Geum Ji, isn't there?

We came to visit her.

But because this is the VIP ward,
the visitation policy…

We received permission.

Please contact her.

Hello. This is Lee Jung Yeon.
You have some visitors.

Yes, all right.

Go on in.


What do they want to see
Grandmother Woo Geum Ji for?

I don't know, either.

You're even better looking in real life.

Do you know me?

Ah, I've seen you on TV.

Ah, but why did you want to see me?

I wanted to inform you of a problem
with the Han-Young Bank acquisition,

that Puriss Savings Bank is
planning to invest in.

What's the problem?

There is a large chance that the major shareholder
in that consortium, Shin Heung Bank,

will pull out because of internal issues.

In other words, making an investment,
purely on faith in IJ Investments, is dangerous.

Rather, investing in our Lone Korea would be a safer
way to become a shareholder of Han-Young Bank.

I have something to talk
about with this fella.

Could you excuse us for a moment?


Mister Kim.


I understand you and Nurse
Lee Jung Yeon used to date.

Can you tell me why the two of you broke up?

That is a private matter between
Jung Yeon and me.

Why would that be an issue with regard
to making an investment?

Ah. In my entire life, I've never
invested looking at the money.

I've always invested looking at the people.

If I'm going to invest in you, I have to
know what kind of person you are.


Excuse me?

Ah, okay.


Grandmother Wu Geum Ji wants to see you.

Right now?


Ah, Nurse Lee, come in. Sit down.

If you have something you need to talk
to me about, could we do it later?

I have something to say right now.
Come quickly and sit.

I have to make an important
decision right now.

And I need your opinion.

Mr. Kim here has asked me to
make an investment.

Is he someone I can invest in?

Talk to me.

Is he someone I can entrust my money to?

You know him well, don't you?

If it's about investing your money,

I think you can entrust it to him.

When it comes to money,

finding someone who would be as
responsible as that man would be quite rare.

Okay, if you say so, Nurse Lee,

I'll trust him.

Thanks. For saying good things about me.

Now, you don't even understand
the meaning of words?

I badmouthed you.

What I basically said was I wouldn't have faith
in you regarding anything other than money.

You don't even understand that I insulted you
and took it as a compliment.

That's your state of mind right now.

I know I don't have to go as
far as to tell you that,

but I'm telling you,
considering the relationship we once had.

Since you're a busy man,
you probably don't have the time,

but occasionally, take a look in the mirror.

Take a look at how you've changed.

The look in your eyes, your face…

take a good look,

and get a sense of how much they've changed.

Let's go.

Why did Kim Do Hyun come?

He came to meet a patient in the VIP ward.

Do you know that Kim Do Hyun
and Noona are in a crisis?

I heard.

How do you feel?

It's not your revenge,

but how do you feel seeing
them cornered like that?

Let's stop talking about revenge.

Have you decided to give it up already?

It's not already.

It had no meaning to me from
the very beginning.

It's just something I uttered in a
moment overtaken with emotion.

Who am I to take revenge on CEO Yu In Hye?

The same with Do Hyun.

The reason we broke up,

wasn't anyone's fault.

It was because we couldn't
understand each other.

If one of us didn't change,

it was just too hard for us to continue.

Nothing more. Nothing less.


let's not talk about revenge.

Why couldn't I have met you a long time ago?

Instead of wasting all that time.

I find that truly regretful.

As you hoped, Shin Heung Bank
is going to pull out of the consortium.

If in the next four days, Sung Jun Oppa
doesn't find another investor,

Lone Korea will be sitting at the
negotiation table again.

If that comes to pass,
I will take care of everything else.

This is the last chance I'm giving you.
Keep that in mind.

I don't have any more hidden
cards I can use.

Big trouble.

Puriss Bank has said they are not going
to participate in the consortium.

I think they're going to invest
in Lone Korea.


Are you sure?


Kim Do Hyun, that son of a bitch.

If it's the terms of the investment,
I will meet your every demand.

Please reconsider.

When I make a decision,
I never change my mind.

Don't waste any more of your
time and get going.

Please reconsider this one time.

My life is dependent on the
decision you make.

Oh, brother.
Why are you staking your life on me?

Stop tiring us both out and just go.


If you absolutely can't invest in us,

please withdraw your intent to
invest in Lone Korea, at least.

You are really no good.

You're basically saying that if you
can't have it, no one else should?

Isn't that it?

People shouldn't be like that.

If you knew what kind of lowlife
Lone Korea's Kim Do Hyun was,

you would never say such a thing.

I've done my own research before
I made my decision,

so don't worry about me.


What are you talking about?

Suddenly why?

All right.

Now what?

Shin Heung Bank says they're pulling out.


Pulling out at this stage?

What are you talking about?

Among our major shareholders
is a Malaysian private equity fund.

They've continually been opposed
to the Han-Young acquisition,

and suddenly, they sent us a notice that they'd
get rid of all their Shin Heung stock and walk.

If they pull out,
it will be hard for us to finance.

Damn. If you come and tell me this now,
what are we supposed to do? Huh?!

I'm sorry.

Hey, man.

You think an "I'm sorry" can
resolve this issue?!

Hey, prepare a lawsuit.


Please calm down.

If you file a lawsuit now,
we all die.

- Finding another partner…
- Hey.

We have a mere three days to
submit a financing plan.

How the hell do we find
another partner at this stage?!

If the Malaysian private equity
fund pulled out,

the probability is high that Yu In Hye
pulled some strings.

In Hye?

Is there any basis to that statement?


They've made a few joint
investments with Lone Asia.

They have a very good relationship.

They probably didn't comply with
Yu In Hye based just on that relationship.

I'm sure they are involved in some deal.

Damn it!

Hey! Where's Yu In Hye?! Huh?!

- What is it?
- Move!

What is the meaning of this?

Why the hell are you tormenting me?

Why are you so madly trying
to eat me alive?!

Your words are quite funny.

Who's torturing whom right now?

Isn't it a dog eat dog battle
between us, anyhow?

Why don't you stop behaving so
disgracefully in front of your sister,

and if you're angry, find some other method.

Ah, from what I understand,
you still have three days.

That's right. I have three days.

I'm going to stir up some action
in the next three days,

and if it still doesn't work,
let's die together.

We die together.

While I was doing my dirty work,
were you guys innocently sitting back?

You guys reek as badly as I do.

Let's just wait and see.

Don't worry about it.

Let's continue what we were talking about.



Please help me.

If you back me this one time,

I will live up to your expectations,
you'll see.

I've never had any expectations of you.

Father, please.

What did I say?

I told you I would not
get involved in your battle.

Stop with the pathetic talk,
and speak with results.

What did you want to see me for?


Help me out, Hyung.

What are you talking about all of a sudden?

In Hye, that wench,
threw dirt on my all but done deal.

If you just back me with two hundred
billion from Injin Construction,

I can take over Han-Young Bank.

Help me this once.

You must really be desperate if you're asking me,
when you know what my situation looks like.

Hey, I'm just CEO of Injin Construction
in name only. What power do I have?

I can't even spend two hundred
million the way I want.

Two hundred billion?
What kind of preposterous notion…

Ah. If you go and get In Hye's approval,
maybe it could work.

Aigoo, seriously.

Are you kidding me?!

That punk. I'm just stating what's true.
What a temper.

[Han-Young Bank]

When I first met you,

whether it was intentional or not,

you gave me quite a shock.

But the more I get to know you,
the more surprised I am.

In that short amount of time,
flipping around a basically done deal…

Now, it's time for you to step in.

When it is formally announced that IJ Investments
has failed to submit a financing plan,

please convince the board of directors to let
Lone Korea take over the acquisition rights.

So you want to do away with the
unnecessary formalities and procedures.


With IJ Investment's interference,

the plan of action has been
delayed too much.

We feel that time is of the essence.

I understand.

I'll try and persuade them.

You have probably all received the notice,

but the dissolution of the consortium of
IJ Investments and Shin Heung Bank,

they were not able to submit
a solid financing plan.

Then does Lone Korea get the
acquisition rights in succession?

Unless another bidder emerges,
that is what should happen.

It cannot be Lone Korea.

Why not? What makes you say that suddenly?

If IJ Investments must forfeit their bid,

the discussion of the sale must
go back to the starting point,

and we must devise a plan
to stabilize operations.

We have never yet discussed ways
we could possibly save ourselves.

I know what you're trying to say,

but at this juncture,
foregoing the sale of the company

will just create more chaos and confusion.

As soon as we get negative opinions,
we decide on selling.

And as soon as we decide on selling,
Lone Korea makes a takeover bid.

Is this really all a coincidence?

What is it you want to say?

Before the last board meeting,
I received a bag of money.

I am guessing that there are quite
a few here that got a bag like I did.

If at this board meeting,

we decide to accept Lone Korea's bid,

I'm going to expose to the
public prosecutor and the media,

Lone Korea's lobbying methods.

So why don't you reconsider?

Before we sell, we must discuss a
plan to stabilize operations.

I deeply believe that my opinion

is shared not only by labor union,
but also by all Han-Young employees.

I had no idea he would come out so strongly.

When he declared he'd expose the
lobbying methods, I was stunned.

The bank president, of course,

and many of the board members'
faces went blue.

The bigger issue is that the union
is backing the vice president.

If you don't pull some strings soon,
any thoughts of a takeover will be history.

This is the last chance I'm giving you.
Keep that in mind.

I don't have any more hidden
cards I can use.

Vice President.

Please just give me a moment of your time.

I have nothing to say to you.

I just need a moment.

You, who want a takeover,
and me, who opposes the sale…

what could we have to talk about?

Lone Korea and I want this acquisition
for the sake of Han-Young bank.

We have every desire to consult with you and the labor
unions to devise a plan to stabilize operations.

Give us a chance.

Vice President.

Vice President.

Vice President!

Vice President!

Do I really have to let it end like this?

There is no other way.

I can't let it end.

If I give up at this point,

I feel like bitter resentment will
build up within me and kill me.

Look at my face.

Don't you see how it's already
dark and dying?

My insides are rotting.

If I can't have it, then neither can they.

Even if I self-destruct,

there's no way I'm going to
let them have it.

What in the world do you intend to do, then?

You've done all you can do.
And there's no more that I can do, either.

If you keep going, how can I let the
both of us be ruined like that?

Are you all right?


I'm barely hanging on.

So anyway, I need your help.

Don't get hit in the back
of the head like last time.

This time, finish him off for good.

It should be plenty possible,
using the lobbying data I've collected.

Then, Yu In Hye will be hurt, too.

You think that's really okay?

That's what I want.

You still don't know how I feel?

Anyhow, since it's been resolved in
one direction, it's a relief.

I did resent you quite a bit
during that time.

I'm sorry.

I had to uphold my image so that
there would be no talk after the fact.

I know.

I was just grumbling.

The issue is that there are now too many
people who've taken notice of the acquisition.

According to the reports I've heard,

the bank vice president has
been stirring up the union.

If the union steps in,

then there's nothing I can do.

CEO Yu, have you read
The Old Man and the Sea?


At the end of the life or death battle with
the shark who came smelling blood,

all the old man had left was the
head and bones of a marlin.

When I read that book as a youth,

I was really frustrated with the old man.

What could he have done in the face
of mercilessly attacking sharks?

Think about it.

Whether or not he truly had no
choice but to accept it so helplessly.

[We Oppose a Unilateral Sale]

Excuse me.

What brings you here?

I came here to meet your chairman.

Aren't you the CEO of Lone Korea?


I'm Kim Do Hyun.

You think you can waltz right in here?

We have no business with you,
so please leave now.

Just a moment. Please give me
just a moment of your time.

I don't want to hear anything you
have to say, so leave immediately!

We're different than a board of
directors that can be bought with bribes.

Before you face rougher treatment,
get lost.

I didn't come here to talk.

I came here to listen.

I want to hear what it is
that the union wants,

and to make a promise to do whatever
is in my power to promise.

First of all, thank you for
taking the time to meet me.

I hear you met with the union members.


First of all, please take a look at this.

What is this?

This a plan for normalization of Han-Young Bank
operations that includes the demands of the union.

[Han-Young Bank Normalization Plan Proposal]

Can you really make the acquisition,
submitting to these demands?

There is no other way.

Please trust me on one thing.

Lone Korea isn't trying to acquire
Han-Young Bank merely for profit gain.

Have a seat.

What happened?

I have persuaded the vice president
and the union.

This is the proposal I used
to persuade them.

[Normalization Plan Proposal in Conjunction
with Han-Young Bank Acquisition]

I'm sorry I didn't discuss this with you
before moving forward.

However, currently,
that was the best route we could take.

Your judgment is correct.

After we've come this far,
rather than giving up,

it's probably better to suffer
a bit of hemorrhage.

Good work.

Do you have something else to say?

No, I don't.

- Then, go home and rest.
- Yes.


All right.

She's working on it now.

It won't take long.

Yes, sir.
I'll give you a call.

I'm a little late.

Oh, no worries. I just arrived.

Have you thought about it?

If you drag it out any longer,
you'll get hurt, too.



I understand.

You're Kim Do Hyun, right?


And who are you?

You know Lee Tae Chul, Han-Young
Bank's vice president, correct?


What is the matter?

Lee Tae Chul has died in an accident.

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