Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Episode #1.11 - full transcript


Episode 11

You're Kim Do Hyun, right?


And who are you?

You know Lee Tae Chul, Han-Young's
vice president, correct?


What is the matter?

Lee Tae Chul…

has died in an accident.

It appears that you were the last
person he spoke with before he died.

We'd like you to come down to the
station and answer some questions.

Why did you meet with Lee Tae Chul?

I needed to discuss with him the
Han-Young Bank acquisition terms.

But from what I hear,

Lee Tae Chul and the union…

opposed the sale of the bank.

Why you'd be consulting
with him on the terms

is something I can't understand.

It's true, he was opposed to it,

but I was trying to persuade him.

Were you able to persuade him?

That's what I believed.

But, according to witness testimony,

there was quite a bit of discord
between you and Lee Tae Chul.

Were you truly able to persuade him?

Are you… suspecting me right now?

Well, I'm not sure.

Because there are certainly some
points that don't add up.

You know I'm a lawyer, right?

Even if you were a judge or prosecutor,

we'd still have to suspect the suspicious.

We've secured the surveillance
tape of the accident.


It's here.

Can I watch it with you?


He ran into him with intent.

Do Hyun!

Hey man, what's going on?

The bank vice president died.


Suddenly? How?

It was a hit and run,

but it looks like someone
hit him intentionally.

Then, then, you're saying
it was murder?

And why were you questioned?

Do they suspect you?

The last person to speak to him
before the accident… was me.


Are you sure?

Yes. They say it was a hit and run,

but I think the police view it

as an intentional homicide
rather than an accident.

And Kim Do Hyun
was questioned by the police.



Find out the details of the
investigation and report.

Yes, sir.

Suspicion over the source of
Lone Korea's capital,

the lobbying situation,

and on top of that, the death of
the bank's vice president…

this whole thing could be a
completely reversed scandal.

I saw the surveillance tapes
of the accident scene.


was a lot like my accident on
the day of my wedding.

Someone was trying to kill
you in that accident too.

And who is that?

They never caught the guy
so I don't really know,

but I thought that Yu Sung Jun
was suspicious.

Yu Sung Jun has no particular motive
to target the vice president right now.

Why would he have done it?

[CEO Yu In Hye]

Yes, Madam CEO.

Is it true that the Han-Young Bank
vice president has died?


It's a shame that the accident happened,

but it appears that the biggest obstacle
in the Han-Young Bank acquisition is gone.

I suppose it may be a
burdensome situation for you,

but if you consider the work at hand,
you have no time to feel burdened.

Abandon all the conditions you discussed
with the bank vice president,

and start from scratch.

Then, what about the terms
demanded by the union?

I've already promised to abide…

There's no need for you
to keep that promise.

In my experience,

there are no terms that
will satisfy the union.

Rather, it's more convenient to consider
discord with unions as inevitable.

What reason is there for us

to meet all their demands
in taking over Han-Young Bank?

Speaking like this in light of other's
misery could be rather unseemly,

but the vice president's accident is

a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you.

The chance to recover what you've lost…

the final chance.

The vice president's accident is
a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you.

The chance to recover what you've lost…

the final chance.

I don't know how something
like this could have happened.

There's an opinion

among the Board of Directors
that the sale proceedings

should be suspended until suspicions
over the vice president's death has cleared.

That can't happen.

I'm in too much of an awkward situation
to discuss the sale at this juncture.

My situation is difficult as well.

And if my situation is difficult,

yours will become even more so.

All right.

I'll try to persuade the board.

It's me.

Drop the proposal containing the terms
that the vice president demanded,

and start from scratch.

Don't worry about the union.

Get started quickly.

Oh! Welcome.

Aigoo. Thanks for coming.

Please sit.

I know you're busy,
so I'll ask you point-blank.

How far is Yu Sung Jun
going to go?

I'm not sure I know what you're…

I know he's preparing a big bomb.

I'll keep the secret, so tell just me.

It's all right.

It's okay to tell me.

He's gathering evidence…

of Kim Do Hyun's lobbying of
the Han-Young Board

and of the fact that Lone Asia

is the source of Lone Korea's capital.

If this blows up,
obviously Kim Do Hyun will get hurt,

but I believe Yu In Hye
will also be greatly hurt as well.

If I can't have it…

then neither can they.

Even if I self-destruct,

there's no way I'm going to
see that happen.

Readjust all funding schedules around
the Han-Young Bank acquisition.

When should I schedule the sale of
CK Heavy Industries shares?

The shipbuilding market situation is good.
You should hold off as long as possible.

No. The market situation is only
made to look good on the outside.

There are reports that they are losing
bidding wars with China at an alarming rate.

When bid contracts are officially announced,

there will be a big shake-up,
so sell it before that happens.


Sanbong Jungmil's
air conditioning business…

what should we do about
selling off just that division?

We can talk about that next time.


I feel like I'm taking your valuable
time when you're so busy.

I feel like you have
a reason for taking it.

It's about Sung Jun oppa, isn't it?

Do you have my office bugged?
How did you know?

There's no other reason you'd
come over with the urgency to meet me.

I am preparing to mollify
Sung Jun Oppa, so don't worry.

And how are you going to do that?

I'm going to give him Injin Capital.

No, no, no.

That won't even come close.

I've warned you many times, but you
keep considering Sung Jun too lightly.

Sung Jun has lost all rationality.

If he's not stopped,

Kim Do Hyun for certain, and
you too will be greatly hurt.

I'm saying, you will collapse.

The Han-Young Bank
acquisition will fall, of course,

and Injin Group will be
severely shaken as a whole.

I've come to see
Chairman Wu Geum Ji.

We were notified. Please go in.

Thanks to your difficult decision,

it looks like Lone Korea
will easily be selected

as the final bidder.

Thank you.

I'm sorry I pulled such
a stunt on you last time.

Oh no, don't worry about it.

I don't know…

if it would be all right
for me to tell you something.

Of course, please do.

I was wondering, why you and
Nurse Lee broke up.

It was because you don't
fear money near enough,

and Nurse Lee
fears money too much,

that's why you broke up.

Though, for you, a man like fire,

Nurse Lee, a woman like water,
is exactly what you need.

Losing Nurse Lee is something
you will always regret.

Nurse Lee's fear of money
is a problem, it's true,

but you, if you don't know
how scary money is,

you'll get badly hurt.

Keep that in mind.

For you, a man like fire,

Nurse Lee, a woman like water,
is exactly what you need.

Losing Nurse Lee is something
you will always regret.

What happened?

He'll be right over.

But you think anything will come out
if we examine the surveillance tapes?

We'll have to see.

Officer Kim.

Thank you for taking the time to meet me.

I'm sorry for acting so harsh last time.

You have to suspect the suspicious.

The thing I requested…

But I don't know if it will help.

This is the video taken by
the surveillance camera

throughout the day
at the site of the accident.

What is it?

Did you see something?

Ah, no.

Thank you very much.

There's nothing much in it, is there?

You're right.


how's the investigation going these days?

There isn't much progress.

In my experience,

cases like this become hard to solve.

Well then, I need to get back…

Ah, next time maybe we can
get a drink if you have time.

- See you again.
- Ah, yes.

Hey. Earlier on the video,
was it someone you know?

It's CEO Yu In Hye's
personal assistant.


It's a shame that the accident happened,

but it appears that the biggest obstacle
in the Han-Young Bank acquisition is gone.

You don't think CEO Yu In Hye could
have possibly done something like that?

Turn right up ahead.


But the office is straight ahead.

Just do it.


You see that black SUV behind us?

- Yes.
- It's been following us.

Are you sure?

Turn left up ahead.

It's true.

Drop me off at the office,

and track that car.

Yeah, okay.

Have you finished preparing the bid?

- Take a look this
- Yes!

The office is bugged.


Gyu Jin found a bug
just a little while ago.

Who do you think it is?

Initially I thought Yu Sung Jun
is the most likely suspect,

but suddenly it occurred to me
that it could be Lone Asia.


They entrusted us with this big project

and don't feel secure about it.

What do you think?

- Hello.
- Hi.

Nurse Lee.

Oh. Are you not feeling well?

It just felt a little stuffy.
Couldn't I get some air outside?

Of course.
Let me escort you.

Kim Do Hyun was here.

Yes, I saw him.

The man looked like he
still had feelings for you.

But not you?

I thought I'd live a really long life.

You know how they say you'll live a long
life if people badmouth you a lot.

I was really badmouthed a lot.


To make money,

I treated a whole lot
of people pretty badly.

Even now, if you mention
Wu Geum Ji in Busan,

there are lots of people who'd shudder.

And if I die like this, there are
people who'll say I'm getting punished.


It's true.

Aigoo? Why are you looking at me like that?

Because I can't believe it.

It's easy for a person to become like that
when they're crazed by money.

I lived my life crazed by money.

So, I know people like
Kim Do Hyun very well.

He has no idea right now
just how crazed he is.

Poor guy.

Just like you are so good to me,

don't hate the poor guy too much.


Let's go.

Hey! Jeong Ja.

Hey! Jeong Ja.

Come here. Come here.

Hey, no one was following you, were they?

Don't worry.

Look at the state you two are in.

Are you eating?


Let's go eat somewhere for starters.

Ay, punk thug.

Thug, nothing, I'm starving to death.

Let's go eat. Let's go.

How long are you going to go on hiding?

With Pil Do's personality,
he'll chase you to hell.

We're not on the run because
of that punk Pil Do.

Then, what?

There's a guy that wants
to take away my goldmine.


His name is Choi Kook Hwan.

He's Yu Pil Sang's little dog.

They keep flying under the radar,

so there's no way to catch them.

Even if your mouth is crooked,
you should talk straight.

It's not that there's no way,
it's that you're incompetent.

I'm sorry.

Get out.

It's me.

Let me ask you a favor.

Nothing that big.

I need you to catch someone for me.

We'll get the evidence documents
to you through Director Ahn.

All right.

Prosecutor Yoon,
thank you in advance.

We have to redeem ourselves
from the humiliation of last time.

Don't you think?

Let's go.

It's me.

Right now, he's meeting with
Prosecutor Jang Geun Ho.


What is it?

Let's meet for a moment
if you have time.

I don't have time right now.
What can we do?

Come out to Louis Hotel.

Who are you telling to
come and go right now?

Hey. Hey!


Turn the car around.
Go to Louis Hotel.

After you pulled one over on me,
you think nothing can touch you?

Who are you ordering to
come and go?

Please sit down.

All right.

If the Injin Group Successor
and Lone Asia CEO speaks,

a worthless guy like me must obey.

What have you got to say?

I know you're preparing to
explode a bombshell.

Wow, news does indeed travel fast.

That's why a worthless guy like me
is always getting hit from behind.

But, no matter…

how fast news travels,

this time it won't work.


I've already pressed the detonator.

Even now, it's ticking
towards the big bang, and time…

is slipping by.

If that bomb explodes,
don't you know we all die?

I don't know.

You think a thick-headed guy
like me thinks ahead like that?

Why in the world are you doing this?

You started a game that, from the
beginning, you can't handle.

You should be grateful I saved you before you
sank deeper in the mire, gasping for air,

but what am I supposed to do when
you come out like this?

I didn't do anything to you, Oppa.

If I was determined to…

do you think you'd be safe?

Before you get absolutely ruined,

stop what you're doing immediately.

Then, I'll be leaving now.

Just a moment, I've something to say.

I have something…

I'd like show off to you.

This is purely just to show off.

I prepared this hoping that
if you were pleased,

you might have some praise for me.

What is it?

The foundation I'm establishing
will be launched shortly.

What foundation?

One that helps fund pediatric
cancer treatment and surgery.

What do you think?

It's worth showing off.

But not enough to receive praise?

The wealthy should naturally use
their money where it's useful.

Why look for praise for
that sort of thing?

So, I know people like
Kim Do Hyun very well.

He has no idea right now
just how crazed he is.

Poor guy.

Tomorrow we will announce…

to the press that we have
selected a final bid.

Then, was a decision made
at the board meeting?

It was no easy task convincing them.

Anyhow, I feel that

a big weight has been lifted
from my shoulders.

As I promised,

Lone Korea will take
responsibility for your future.

[If it's okay, could we meet for a moment?]

You're probably surprised
that I suddenly contacted you,

since I was surprised myself.

So, anyway…

I hope you won't misunderstand
this to mean anything else.

It's just…

However you've changed,
however you live,

it has nothing to do with me now,

and I felt I needlessly
made some harsh remarks.

So, it's been eating at me.

And your dreams…

your ambitions…

I'm sorry I imposed my own determinations
that they were bad and dangerous,

and that I tried to stop you.

I don't know how that
dream of yours will end,

and it wasn't my place to
say those things.

Jung Yeon…

even now… if you'd only…

As I said,

I hope you won't misunderstand
this to be anything else.

I'm asking because I'm truly curious,

but Do Hyun… you're happy now, right?

And it's true your decision

really isn't dangerous?

Yeah. Yeah.

I'm confident.

Okay, that's all right then.

Forget about my gloomy
foreboding feelings,

and I really wish you well.
I mean it.

I'll go now.

Yes, Madam CEO.

I hear they will be making the final
bid selection announcement tomorrow.


I'll tell you the details when I see you.

This is the wine you brought when
you first came to my okace,

I thought we should drink it together
on a special occasion like today.


back then, it was the first time I'd
ever seen wine this expensive.

I guess I was making a bit of show
to look good in front of you.

I was embarrassed that I popped open
the champagne too early last time,

but I suppose this time we can
truly have a celebratory drink?


I have a question that's bothering me.

Would it be okay to ask?

Go ahead.

The accident of Han-Young Bank's
vice president…

I'm sorry.

[Jin Woo]

Excuse me for a moment.

Yeah, it's me.

Yeah, Do Hyun.

I found out
who was following us.

Who was it?

It was Director Ahn Chang Su
under Yu Sung Jun.

I think it was him
that bugged the office too.

I think we mistakenly suspected Yu In Hye.

All right.

I'm sorry.

Continue what you were saying.

The accident of Han-Young Bank's
vice president…

what about it?

It's nothing.

Never mind.

You've worked really hard.

It should have been perfectly executed.

I just caused you to worry.

No. What you accomplished…

was commendable.

There's something I want
to ask you too.

Please go ahead.


you ever thought of me
as a woman?

I guess not, judging from
your expression.


it's just I've never had…

the confidence to feel that way.


Because I felt I would get lost.


not sure how to interpret that.

I've occasionally wished you…

might cure my terrible disease.

I've put together questions they're likely
to ask at the press conference,

so take a look.

Nice work.

It's CEO Kim!

Please comment on your
thoughts right now.

An official announcement hasn't been
made yet. I'll speak afterwards.

You look nervous.

I'd like to…

announce the final selection of the
acquisition bid for Han-Young Bank.

I'd like to reiterate

that the decision

was based on

the financing plan and

the operation normalization plan

after the acquisition.

The final accepted acquisition bid

comes from IJ Invest.

What does he mean IJ Invest?

What's going on?

Do Hyun.

What in the world was that?

Please say something.

How could the result be
something like this?

It's exactly as I stated in
the press conference.

The evaluation uncovered
issues with Lone Korea's bid.

And IJ Invest

satisfied all of the conditions of the sale.

What do you mean issues?

What issues are you talking about?

Must I spell it out?

There are indications of corrupt lobbying,

and your investment capital,

you cannot clearly detail the
source of a major portion of it.

That's not a situation I can handle.

What about CEO Yu Sung Jun?

There were no issues…
with IJ Invest?

Weren't you aware that they
weren't able to come up with financing?

They already submitted a financing plan.

I'm telling you they satisfied
all of the conditions of the sale!

It's all over.

What do you mean "over"?

How, how can you say it's
over so easily?!


You're not in a position to
do this, are you?

Are you threatening me right now?

Don't sink any lower,

and leave now.

I'll call you back.

What happened?

What did the bank president say?

Yu Sung Jun…

Yu Sung Jun submitted a
financing plan.

Does that make any sense?

Shin Heung Bank and
Puris Savings Bank both pulled out!

How could they have secured that much
capital in such a short period of time?!

[CEO Yu In Hye]

I'm going to Lone Asia
to meet CEO Yu In Hye.

You guys… go to the office.

All right.

Where has the CEO gone?

She went on an overseas business trip
with the reporters from the Round Table.

Overseas business trip?
Where to?

It's my understanding
she went to Hong Kong.

[Authorization failed]

[Authorization failed]

Yeah, speak.

Where are you right now?

Lone Asia. I'm coming to the
office now.

You can't. You can't come here.

Why not?

The prosecutor's office is here
doing a search and seizure.

Do Hyun!

Hey. The prosecutor's office
is looking for you.

Judging from their actions,

I don't think they're doing this based
just on circumstantial indications.

What the hell is going on
around here?

Did you meet Yu In Hye?

She went on a business trip
to Hong Kong.


Going on a business trip without
letting you know on a day like this,

does that make any sense?

Do Hyun, I think you
ought to lie low for now.

Until we figure out what the
situation is, let's lie low

and figure out our next move.

How the hell did we
get to this point?!


Unnie, unnie, unnie.

Did you see this?

They say he's even wanted by the police.
How could this have happened?

He was just recently a total star!
And he was just at our ward.

{\a6}[Lone Korea Large Scale Illegal Lobbying,
CEO Kim Do Hyun Wanted by the Police]

Sorry. I think I need to go.

This piece of…

Nothing's going right, nothing.

Aigoo, really.

Ah, excuse me.

Give me a kimbab and ramen.

Yes, okay.

Ah geez.

Father. Big trouble.

What is it?

Are those guys here?

No, it's not that.

Do Hyun Hyung…
is wanted by the police right now.

What the hell are you talking about?

Why Do Hyun?!

[Lone Korea Wanted by the Police]

What?! How could…

What are you going to do?

Kid, it says he's wanted
by the police!

I gotta find him!


We're basically wanted too right now;
where do you think you're going to go?


Wait a minute.



Aish, really!

Pil Do.

He's been awfully quiet lately.

That makes me even more nervous.

So, has he given up?

You think that persistent SOB
is going to give up?

Then what are we supposed to do here?

We can't just keep waiting
in this ambiguous situation.


do you need to go
back to the cabaret,

and me back to the secret
gambling rooms?

You can't do that!

Why not?

My father said, to watch over the
office until he gets his money back.

Geez, really, this way or that,

it's all so frustrating,
so frustrating, so frustrating.

Crazy. Frustrating…

Ah, Hyungnim.

Hello. H-Hyungnim.

What are you doing calling me…?



All right. Yes.

What did he say?

- Let's go out.
- Huh?

- Tell him to contact my father.
- All right.

- Where are we going?!
- Let's go, quickly!

- Where?!
- Quiet, quiet.

- Hey kid!
- Father, they're here.

- Hey Hyungnim.
- Hey, come here. Sit down.

Are you eating okay?

What is it, Oppa?

Come here.

You guys need to help me.

Find Do Hyun for me.


Your older son, the lawyer?

Yeah, yeah.

A grown man
couldn't have lost his way.

Where are we supposed to find him?

- Punk.
- Hyung is wanted by the police.


Hey, I don't know
how he got in that situation,

but I need to see him quickly.

You stay here…

- Kim Tae Sung!
- Oh my gosh!

What is this?!

- Why…
- Kim Tae Sung,

Bae Jeong Ja, Yang Man Soo.

You're all under arrest for land extortion
through threats and intimidation.

Arrest them.





No, you don't have to go that far.

Just lock them up.

Just go by the book.

All right.

So, I'm thinking of

making an unprecedented
sort of offer.

For starters…

I'll commission you with
a blank check.


considering making you an offer…

you can't refuse.

If there's something in your past

that's blocking you from your dream,
can you throw it away?

I'd have to.

Even if…

it was Jung Yeon?

I've occasionally wished you…

might cure my terrible disease.

Do Hyun!

Have you thought
about how things could have

ended up this way?

I don't know.

No matter how I think about it,

I really don't know.

Don't you think Yu In Hye
used you intentionally

and then discarded you?

There's absolutely no way that
could happen.

If not, then how can
you explain this situation?

Ultimately, Yu In Hye and
Yu Sung Jun were in it together.

The company behind IJ Invest
is definitely Lone Asia, man!!

Stop making such reckless accusations!

Calm down.

Why are we acting like this
among ourselves?

I'm sorry.

We can't hide forever.

I'm going to go into
the prosecutor's office.

What are you going to do?

Until I see Yu In Hye

and find out what happened,

there's no way I'm going in.

This is seriously making me crazy.

You're wanted,

you can't contact her, how the hell
are you going to see her?!

I'm sorry I'm a little late.


Thank you for being
such a big help to CEO Yu.

You can't really call that help.

She did it all with her own skills.

I know you didn't start this
to acquire one bank.

I hope to be a big hand in helping
you achieve your objectives.

And you Bank President Jang,
we'd appreciate your efforts.

I am… at your service.



At last, our family,
true to its reputation,

has conquered the top
financial institution.

This was always your wish.

This is truly a joyful
occasion for this family.

The world really has changed.

I didn't think a day like
this would come before I died.

You guys did a great job.

More than anything,

the fact that you guys joined forces,

I just can't believe it.

Isn't that so, Hyungnim?

Ah, it's a good thing for
Injin Group in general.


Mi Ran…

Myung Jun…

In Hye.

Now if I just got to see you
all paired up,

I would have nothing left to want.

Don't worry, Father.

As eldest I'll take
responsibility for all of them.

What responsibility from a guy
who's failed in mating 3 times?

Just doing nothing on
your part is helping.

Why are… none of you answering?

Can I bring home a good man?

Hey kid,

what's that all about?
You have to look at his family.

When are you going to
keep your promise?

When the Han-Young Bank acquisition
process has been completed,

I will hand over Injin Capital.

I had no choice but
to take one step back,

but don't think that means
you're sitting above me.

I'm your older brother Yu Sung Jun.

You know?

Of course.

If it's for money,

you'll even join forces
with the devil?

You're mistaken there.

I have yet to meet a devil
worth joining forces with.

Then, what happens now to
your poor monkey

Kim Do Hyun?

I'm not sure.

His connection with me
has now ended.

I suppose…

he'll figure out what he'll
do with his life.

Are you still seeing
Lee Jung Yeon these days?

Of course.

It's my only happiness.

Find another happiness.

That won't last long.

I want to show you there are things

that won't go as you intend.


Is there something you
want to say?

Do you know too?

That the kid's in trouble.

Yes, I know.

Wow. They say you can
never know what life brings;

how can things turn in a
single moment?

So, life's truth is easy and simple.

If your greed is excessive,
you will be ruined.

Anyhow, they say he's wanted.
I wonder where he is.

The monkey who walked so well
under the delusion he was a man

suddenly hunched over on all fours,
hurried over and nimbly ate up the peanut.

Ultimately, a monkey is a monkey.

Was this your dream and
what you wanted to do so badly?

I now fully understand
what kind of man you are,

so take off your mask
and live comfortably.

[Unknown number]


Please speak.

It's… Kim Do Hyun.

I hear you're wanted.

Where are you right now?

Are you listening to me?

Let me just ask you one thing.

Why did you abandon me?

People even accused me of
selling my soul as I worked for you.

Why did you abandon me?

When you said you were
going to change my life,

was that all a lie?

How am I supposed to
make sense of this situation?

Please tell me.


don't have the ability
to protect you right now.

If I continued on with you,

I could see imminent destruction for
us both, so what else could I do?

So, I had no choice but
to part ways with you.

That was it?

That was the reason you
abandoned me?

[Unknown number]


This is Do Hyun, isn't it?

Where are you right now, Do Hyun?

Kim Do Hyun… has voluntarily
appeared at the police station.

All right.

Keep an eye on how
the case progresses.


You provided executives at a
financial institution at least

50 million to 200 million won
per person in cash and goods.

So, you know what crime
applies here, don't you?

All the people that received
money from you

brought it in to the police.

You know, right?

If people hand over the money
they receive to the police,

they are not prosecuted
for accepting bribes.

Simply put,

you are perfectly without…
a hole to escape through.

If you have something to say, say it.

I don't.

I see you are quick to
read the situation.

Then… I'll end it with this as well.

Let me just ask you one thing.


IJ Invest, that acquired Han-Young Bank…

where did they get their financing?

Lone Asia.

CEO Yu In Hye's…

Lone Asia.

Thank you.

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