Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript


Episode 9

What the hell are you?

What the hell is it you do?

I'm Lone Korea's CEO, Kim Do Hyun.

You jerk! I'm asking what you really are!

Please entrust us with the
acquisition of Han-Young Bank.

If you help us, then we will
absolutely guarantee your future.

Shut up, you jerk!

I think we have successfully
etched out Lone Korea's existence.

- Did he acknowledge you?
- No.

He let his emotions get the better of him.

From bank president Jang's point of view,
he must have been stunned.

Now, what's left is the most important
mission to make this project a success.

You know who Han Jin Su is, don't you?

- Chairman of the Finance Reform Committee?
- That's right.

He was once Chief Economist at
the Blue House and Finance Minister.

Even now, he has the most
influence over Korean economic policy

as a close aide to the President.

To complete our acquisition of Han-Young Bank,

getting this man on our side is most important.

We've already lobbied all the people
we felt are needed for the acquisition,

but I think Chairman Han Jin Su is
outside the scope of people I can approach.

That holds true for me too,

but it doesn't mean there's absolutely no way.

Ever since the time he was
the head of the Finance Ministry,

I believe Father went to
a lot of trouble on his behalf.

I think I'll have to ask
my father for some help.

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Acquire a bank?



Whoa! Is she in her right mind?

Chairman. Of course it's not an easy task,
but with CEO Yu, it's not an impossibility.

I did hear you have skills in buying
companies and selling them for a profit.

But, banks are a different matter.

What I'm saying is they aren't merchandise
you can just buy whenever you want.

There's absolutely no reason why we can't.

If you're that confident,
go ahead and give it a try.

I'm curious too to see how in the
world you're going to swallow a bank.

Of course, if we had a bank in the family,
what else could we want?

To do this, I need your help.

I've given you everything.
What more help do you need?

Han Jin Su… please act as a
go-between and help me meet him.

Han Jin Su?

Minister Han?

Yes, he's now Chairman of Finance Reform.

Why? What does he have to do with the bank?

We must get a feel for where
he stands for it to be possible.

Please just help me to meet him.

I'll take care of the rest.

Do you have Minister Han's contact information?


- Put in a call.
- Yes, Sir.


Yes, hello, this is Choi Guk Hwan.

Would it be possible to speak with Minister Han?

It's me.

It looks like In Hye will be able to meet
Chairman Han through your father.

Right. If that man gets involved,
it's completely possible.

You should keep that in mind.

I gotta go.

- Are you leaving?
- Yes.

Things seem to be going well these days.


How's Kim Do Hyun doing?

Is he living up to your expectations?

Surpassing my expectations.

Attorney Choi,
you really are a great judge of people.

That's a relief.

But, you should be careful of one thing.

The reason I was able to
serve the Chairman for 30 years

was, how should I say this?
I'm a little on the thick-headed side.

But, that guy is different.

He's too bright.

I'm saying he has too many ideas
to pledge allegiance to just one person.

If that develops significantly,
it's possible he could betray you.

That won't happen.

I'll be going now.

If it's Chairman Han Jin Su,
isn't he the Mofia Godfather?

What is Mofia?

Mofia* is like the Mafia of economic bureaucrats.
(*Mofia = Ministry of Finance + Mafia)

Present and former finance
officials organize like the Mafia,

and for their own profit,
sway economic policy.

President of Han-Young Bank,
Jang Myeong Guk, is also Mofia.

Thank you for taking the time to meet me.

When was it?

Oh, in the Wall Street Journal,
I remember reading an article about you.

I thought you were pretty impressive then.

I had no idea you were Chairman Yu's daughter.

The problem with our economy

is that its foundation is too
weak to cope with global crises.

The financial industry in particular has a
lot of problems compared to other industries.

I feel that everyone knows it,
but keeps it hush-hush.

It's true. It's a grave situation.

It's time for a revolutionary change.

That's why everyone is looking to you.

I'm just the chairman of
finance reform in name only.

There's nothing I can do on my own.

I need a brain like yours that
has a great intuition for investment

and a sense of worldwide economic trends.

I think we can go ahead
and start what we've prepared.

- Then, have you received approval?
- I don't know.

That may be a stretch,

but depending on what it is we do,

I don't think he'll oppose.

Then, I'll keep that in mind and start.

Do you know how Lee Jung Yeon…
is doing these days?


She's seeing Myung Jun.

I just don't understand
what she's thinking in doing that.

What are you calling for?

Meet me for a moment.
I have something to say.

There's no reason for us to meet.

- If you've something to say, just say it.
- It'll only take a moment.

I'll wait at the café near your house.

What is it you have to say?

This is the last time.

It's uncomfortable for me to sit with you,
so please just say what you have to say.

You… are seeing Yu Myung Jun, I hear.

Do you know what kind of person he is?

- What in the world are you thinking--
- What's it to you who I see?

If that's what this is about,
there's nothing more for me to listen to.

If you're trying to hurt me,

find a different way.

Don't do that sort of thing.

It appears your delusions
have increased quite a bit.

Do you think I'm still living
thinking of you?

Don't delude yourself into thinking
that the world revolves around you.

- That's just absurd arrogance.
- Why is it Yu Myung Jun?

It seems you don't know
what kind of person he is, but …

I know! I know well.

It's the rumors that are strange.

Yu Myung Jun isn't strange at all.

You may be perfectly fine according to rumors,
but to me, he's a much better person.

Here take a look.

[Owner: Jang Pil Do…]

So, it's true.

I've gone " all in " here.

Now, it's your turn, Hyungnim.

If, at this point,
by any chance, something goes wrong,

You can imagine how I might react, right?

I know. Of course I know.

Let's hit the jackpot, little brother.

It better be a jackpot!

Hey, it's been a long time!

Where have you been?

Hey, hey, we're one family now.
Why so startled?

Aigoo, punk…

This is your love line. If you…

P-Pil Do, why is that beast here?

Since you've been running around
doing who knows what,

you don't know what's going on, do you?

Hyungnim and Pil Do are going to mine gold.


When are you going to pay me back
the money you borrowed?

You lent this guy money?!

Why would you lend him any money?

You should be betting on me!

When are you going to pay me back?

Ay, seriously.

Embarrassing a thug like this…


Happy now?

W-what's this money in your wallet?

Go and buy yourself a drink.

And get yourself a wig.

You little…

Hold on.
Did he really seduce her?

We secured another channel.

What about the program?

It's done.

This is the transfer activity of the fund
that BA Asset Management manages.

Have we secured the supply?

No problem. Everything is ready.

Everybody, get ready.

Dump it.

In the final moments of trading today,
1 trillion won in stock was sold,

as the stock index plunged 73 points
in an unprecedented market meltdown.

Let's connect with reporter Kim
Tae Hoon right outside the stock exchange.

Just before the close of the market,
in a headlong vertical dive,

the KOSPI fell 73 points.

This is the biggest drop
since the Lehman situation in 2008.

This is because in the last
10 minutes of market trading,

foreign powers dumped a record
1 trillion 300 billion won in stock.

Wow, they did a solid number on this.

Is there any legal issues with this?

If there were issues, do you think
Do Hyun would have done it?

There's no problem.

Worst case,
there may be some penalties to be paid.

Hey, let's have a toast.

Here's to a jackpot, cheers!


With today's situation that
coincided with option expiration dates,

the concern that the recent rapid flow
of speculative capital could shake up

the domestic financial market…
has become a reality.

You've succeeded perfectly.

Good work.

Thank you.

I've been working in banking for 30 years,

but this is the first time I've
experienced such a preposterous situation.

Who on earth is behind such a stunt?

All they've speculated thus far
is that it is foreign-affiliated capital.

With this, BA Asset Management
will likely be kicked out of the exchange.

BA Asset Management…
Aren't we their guarantor?

What's the amount we'd have to assume?

I think about 200 trillion.

At this rate, we'll be at 6 percent CAR*,
below the financial regulator's requirements.

{\a6}(*banks need minimum 8 percent Capital Adequacy Ratio
to be viewed as healthy)

There is some conspiracy going on here.

Unless someone out there is targeting our bank,

there is no way this could happen.

Conspiracy or not, what's important
now is coming up with a plan.

President, I have Chairman
Han Jin Su on the phone for you.

Yes, Chairman.


I understand.

It looks like we will not be
able to avoid inspection by the FSC.

You won.

The mood here is entirely hopeless.

Yeah, all right.

You were a big help, thanks.

Look at this.

Now then.

All we have to do now
is cut off their windpipe.

Begin the last phase.

Hello, Reporter Kim.
It's Hyun Jin Woo.


I think it's okay to put out now
the press release I sent you.

Yes. Thank you.

Yes, this is Kim Min Chan …

you can move forward now
the thing we spoke about.

Yes, thank you.

- Use this info when you call Park Chae Jang.
- Okay.

Han-Young Bank stock closed
once again today at an all-time low.

{\a6}[FSC to inspect Han-Young Bank!]

In light of recent events,

there's no predicting how low it will fall.

On top of that, citizens fearing bankruptcy
are withdrawing large amounts of savings.

It looks like Han-Young Bank
can expect its crisis to escalate.

- Have you seen the news?
- What?

Han-Young Bank!

There's a big fuss about them possibly closing.

That's where the money
we pulled from Pil Do is!

- Jang Mi!
- Yes.

Run over to the bank and pull out our money!

- How much?
- Pull it all out! Go on!

Hey hey, Man Soo, go with her, hurry.

- Yes, okay.
- Hurry up!

Geez! Of all banks…

What do we do?

What do we do?

Wow! Dang, this is no joke!

Come here.

- Look here!
- Ajussi!

- Go to the end of the line!
- The end of the line!

Never mind, let's go.

Ah, really!

Let's go now.

Chairman. It's Yu In Hye.

When you first spoke with me,
it struck me as a flutter of a butterfly wing,

but it looks as though Han-Young
Bank was hit by an atomic bomb.

Do you think that was because of me?

Wasn't it?

I don't know… whether the
butterfly effect was that extensive.

Any more fluttering and Han-Young Bank
may be completely out of business.

This much is okay.

With the unfavorable conditions over
the past year, and the FSC inspection,

we have regretfully troubled our fellow
citizens, and we offer our apologies.

The entire management staff are
working on an operation normalization plan.

In order to attract investment, of course, and
to absolutely protect our account holders' funds,

I'd like to announce we are also
reviewing the possibility of a sale.

- Yeah!
- Woo hoo!

Did you hear?

Hey Do Hyun. Doesn't this mean it's over?

It's not time to celebrate yet.

The most important decision,

whether or not Lone Korea can make a bid,
still needs to be made.


Just a sec.

It's Sae Chan.


All right.

Your comment about guaranteeing my future…

Can you take responsibility for those words?

Of course.

What you will attain will depend on
how much we can acquire the bank for.

The lower the price,
the more you will take with you.

In regards to bidding for the acquisition,
Lone Korea…

has been selected to submit a bid.


Congratulations to you too.

I've experienced all sorts of things
in the many M&A deals I've executed,

but I've never been as amazed
as I am this time.

And I can't believe an almost impossible
goal has become reality so quickly.

It's all thanks to your skill.

You flatter me.

I just did as I was trained.

If people can achieve what
you did just through training,

I'd already be controlling Wall Street.

As successful as the beginning has been,

you will soon be the empress
of the financial empire.

I wondered what made you so good at lobbying,

but I see your lines are first-rate.

If I'm the empress of the financial empire,
then what are you?

Are you sure you don't have
designs on the empress's position?

I know very well, you are not one
to have that position taken from you.

And I… wouldn't do something so reckless.

- Let's celebrate!
- Yeah!

Dadadadadadada DA DA DA

It's unconditionally, unconditional.

Dadadadadadada DA DA DA

My love for you is unconditionally unconditional.

My love for you is a special kind of love.


Did you see me make it happen today?

I was pretty amazing if I say so myself.

I wanna brag to somebody.

I really wanna brag,

but there's no one to brag to…

aside from you, Mom.

Endlessly, so many nights,

overcome with the pain that…

how much I cried…

Exhausted from longing,

exhausted from crying,

the flower… bruised… red…

Hey! Ah! Aigoo, the pain is killing me!

I'm going nuts!

Are you all right?

What do you mean all right?
the pain is killing me!

Yes, okay. Let me take a look.

Ah! Aigoo, aigoo. It hurts.

Give her 10 cc of morphine
and contact anaesthesiology.

If we can't calm her down,
we'll need to put in a nerve block.

I'm dying. Aigoo, the pain is killing me.

- Hold on just a little longer.
- Yeah, okay.

Just a moment.

What are you doing out here?

Oh hi. Aigoo.

Now I feel a little more like I'll live.

It's stuffy being in bed.

Why don't you sit with me a bit, Nurse Lee?

Patients like me make you shudder, don't we?

Aigoo, if I dropped dead,
your life would be a lot easier.

Please don't talk like that.
Why would you die?

I know it's not too far away.

Please try some of these.

It seems you haven't been able to have any.

What is it?

Aigoo, it's a sweet-filled pancake!

I remembered you saying
you wanted to have one before.

Aigoo, looks tasty.

Aigoo, it is tasty.

But, don't you have any family?

I haven't seen any come by.

There's no one to come and see me,

but there are lots and lots
to come and see my money.

They're all a worthless lot.

To me, our Nurse Lee is the best.

Come on and trust Oppa.

I'll only have eyes for you.

Woo! Kim Do Chul!

I'll hold you.

Why does he party in such a tacky way?

And he talks like an ignoramus.

Because he is tacky and ignorant.

Then why do you hang out with him?

Are educated guys any fun?

He's fresh!

Come on and trust Oppa.

I'll only have eyes for you.

I'll only have eyes for you.

You're Kim Do Chul, right?

Come with us for a moment.

- What are you guys?
- Don't make a fuss and come with us quietly.

Oh, I'm so full, so full.

You're Kim Tae Sung, correct?

What are you guys?

Please come with us.

Why would I go with you guys?

Tell me what you guys want.

That, you don't need to know.

- Why don't we go?
- Ay, these guys are really…

If you respond this way, you'll get hurt.

Whoa, look at this punk.

So… you want to take me on? Huh?

Do you know why you're here?

N-not really.

With what intention
did you approach Yu Mi Ran?

I just liked her.

You should know very well you're not the
sort of person who should associate with her.

When you like someone, do you consider
what sort of person you should associate with?

Of course you should.

A grown man like you should know that.

It's a written promise that
you will never go near Mi Ran again.

If you break this promise,
it won't end as easily as it did today.

How long are you going to make me wait?

Who is it that wants to see me?

I'm not a man with a lot of free time.

Kim Tae Sung.

We've met, haven't we?

It seemed like you were working
hard for a living back then.

But I see you've sunk
way down to the floor now.


You don't seem to know that
if you continue to live like this,

you'll become an obstacle
in Kim Do Hyun's future.

Do Hyun, how did you…

The land you took from Yu Ki Jun,
hand it back.

I want to put Do Hyun out
there in the media spotlight.

Schedule interviews with
the papers and the magazines.

And, look into broadcasts too.

If we get too much exposure,
won't it be dangerous?


It's better to make him a star
and strengthen Lone Korea's brand.

I understand.

After Lone Korea was established,
we didn't know where to initially invest.

Our Lone Korea… could be called
a kind of business fund, but what people…

Hey, you aren't nervous?

Once you're on TV,
won't you be a complete star?

Hey, he's already a star.

On today's Personality of the Week, we follow
the buzz over the Han-Young Bank acquisition,

and meet Lone Korea's CEO Kim Do Hyun.



Lately, you've become probably busier
than anyone. Thank you for your time.

Oh, it's no problem.

Many people are surprised
and curious about you and Lone Korea,

who have come to the aid
of Han-Young Bank in its crisis.

And, I too had no idea you'd be so young.

Thank you.

Yes, well, first off,
please introduce us to Lone Korea.

Lone Korea is a sort of business fund.

The concept of a business fund
is still in the formulative stage,

but the concept is the same as those
of investment companies

run by the world-famous
Warren Buffet or George Soros.

Hurry on in.

Are you in pain again?

Come and sit here.

Here, eat some of this.


It's soondae*.
(*a type of sausage)

Since you got me the sweet-filled pancake
last time, we're even, eh?


- Ay, you're too much.
- What?

You're incredibly rich,
and you're getting us only soondae?

Why don't you buy us something more expensive?

- Something expensive like what?
- You know, food that only the wealthy eat.

Yeah, so what is that food?

What is there?

I like soondae.

Aigoo, you don't even know.
And you give me a hard time.

Can we watch a little TV?

Then from here on out,

will you become a world-renowned investor
like George Soros or Warren Buffet?

I don't know if it's truly possible,

but someday, I think
world-renowned investment specialists…

Uh, uh, look…

will analyze Lone Korea's investments
and look to us for consultation.

And that's the moment I dream of.

Ah yes. Thank you for talking with us.

Today, we've been speaking
to Kim Do Hyun of Lone Korea,

who have been selected to bid
on the Han-Young Bank acquisition.

He says he's going to acquire Han-Young Bank!

Mmm, he's good-looking.

Is it someone you know?

It's okay. Tell me.

It's Nurse Lee's old boyfriend.

Then, did you get dumped?


She dumped him.

Who knew he was going to rise up like that?

Ahhh! What a waste.

If he acquires a bank,
how much money is he going to make?


Kim Do Hyun has even been showing up on TV.

And all the newspapers and magazines,
he's making a huge splash.

Huh, I've seen it too.

Right, he's got to rise like that
for us to enjoy watching him crash.

I think this sort of media play
is also part of their strategy.

I'm sure it is.

For now, they've risen as the selected bidder,

they're probably trying to brand
themselves and solidify their position.

Call Cha Young Min and check
into the situation at Lone Asia.

Set up a meeting with
Shin Heung Bank this evening.

Yes, Sir.

It's me.

Yes, I saw it.

No, I'm not worried.

The game's just beginning anyhow.

What do you think?

It's nice.

I'm thinking of adding some
lyrics and putting out an album.

You're going to be a singer?

It's not that.

I just want to make a gift for people I know.

I want to leave something behind.

But having lived like I did,
there's nothing there.

I'm just feeling a little sense of urgency.

These days, I constantly think about that.

What can I leave behind?

I think I should administer a pain killer.

The fact that all I can
receive from you is a pain killer

makes me angry.

[Lone Korea CEO Kim Do Hyun]

- I'm home.
- Okay.

Did you have dinner before this drink?

Yeah, I had a bit.

I saw that too.

You did?

I heard he's been on TV too.


They say he's taking over a bank.
You think it's true?

I don't really know, but probably.



I'm just kind of thinking
“was he really such a big man”.

I'm just feeling sort of strange.

He's just a puppet figurehead.

A puppet?

Or, a racehorse blindly racing towards a target.

Only people that make money
off a racehorse will cheer for him.

But to us, his racing has no meaning.

So, there's nothing to feel upset about.

We've started to form the
task force team for the sale.

You proceed with it.

Among the shareholders,

there's discontent that a decision
has been made so quickly to sell

without any plans for normalizing operations.

If we have to concern ourselves
over that sort of discontent,

then it will be hard to proceed with the sale,
and we'll sink deeper into the mire.

[Chairman Han]

Yes, Chairman.


Excuse me?

What are you saying suddenly?

I think it would be best that
the selection of a preferred bidder

is the result of competitive bidding.

I was under the impression
that you had intended for Lone Korea…

Who said that was my intention?

Ah, earlier…

Holding competitive bidding
will get rid of the privilege argument

and fits in with public sentiment.
Let's do it that way.

Yes, Sir.

There will be an official announcement shortly

If we want to save time, we should start
by consulting their Bid Committee.

We've already started to coordinate those details.

- I'll put together a report shortly.
- All right.

And, Jang Seok, you take the legal committee.

All right.

This is the beginning.

Don't let down your guard,
and don't miss any little details.

- Okay?
- Okay!

Yes, Bank President.


Excuse me?

What do you mean competitive bidding?
Why all of a sudden?

Can you find out who the other bidder is?

I understand.

I'll call you again later.

Bank President Jang doesn't seem
to know anything about the other bidder yet.

I'll find out who the bidder is for starters.

Bank President Jang is on our side,
so I don't think you should worry.

That's not enough for us to be secure.

There must absolutely not be
any other variable.

All right.

[Articles of Association, Foundation]

The necessary legal documents in establishing a
foundation were sent over from the lawyers today.

Director Jung, please
look over them and proceed.


But, what about the operation of the Foundation?

For the final approval,
I feel I should understand it a little better.

I'm looking into it now,
so please wait a little bit.

Yes, Sir.

Why has he cut off all communication?!

You think he's run off with the money?


How can you say that?

A thug has his loyalty.

Does Hyungnim seem like that sort of person?

Jang Mi.

Has he made any contact with your father?

No, my father is worried too.

Ay, seriously!


Where's Kim Tae Sung?

Where is he, punk?

I don't know.
We can't get hold of him either.

Find him immediately. Find Kim Tae Sung.

Find him, you punk.

Hey! Jang Pil Do!

Aren't you going too far?

Shut up.

I've totally flipped right now.

Right now, I don't care
if you're a woman or what.

Hey, let the boys loose,
and find me Kim Tae Sung.

Yes, Hyungnim.

Don't whimper, punk.


What kind of life is this
that never seems to untangle.

And taking after you, what am I?

What have I done so wrong in my life?

Punk. You need to take
responsibility for your own life.

Why blame it on me?


I'm cold.

If it's this late,
doesn't it mean there are no other bidders?

They say they'll arrive shortly.

I'm sorry. We were a bit delayed.

Lone Korea's CEO, Kim Do Hyun,

and Yu Sung Jun, CEO of IJ Invest, which
has formed a consortium with Shin Heung Bank.

Both parties will be bidding.

The document in front of you outlines
our requirements in the negotiation.

The final decision will rest
on the operation normalization plans

and the final bid price
that each side presents.

First of all…

don't you need to confirm whether
or not Lone Korea has the right to bid?

What do you mean?

For the sake of the future
of Korea's finance industry,

Han-Young Bank shouldn't
be placed in the hands

of a hedge fund when the
nature of their capital is vague.

On what grounds

are you making the claim
that Loan Korea's capital…

is of a vague nature?

That would be clear if we looked into it.

The final decision

will be made at the board meeting in 2 weeks.

We request and anticipate good proposals.

It's been a long time, Attorney Kim.

Wait, no.

It's CEO Kim.

We call a man like you
a puppet president.

Let's engage in fair play,
and not shoot from behind.

You've already…

shot me in the back.

Have I?

Sung Jun oppa?


CEO Yu Sung Jun's IJ Invest has formed
a consortium with Shin Heung Bank.

And on their side of the table,
Cha Young Min was sitting with them.

Nothing changes just because
the other party is Yu Sung Jun.

We have planned and prepared with precision.

I'm confident.

I trust you, but…

this is a family humiliation.

I just don't understand Chairman Han's intention.

For what purpose… could
he be inciting a battle like this?

Hey, are you in your right mind?

You're not a lunatic.

How could you create such family warfare?

Watch your words. Lunatic?!

You're acting like a lunatic, aren't you?!

Shut up.

Give it up.

Give it up?

Can you give it up?

Father, please clear this up.

If we continue to compete like this,

it will only raise the
acquisition price needlessly.

Can you join forces with Sung Jun?

- I can't do that.
- Why not?

There are hundreds, thousands of reasons.

But there's no need to go into that here.

I can't work with you either.

Please stop.

Really, aren't you all ashamed?

For what reason do you have
to continue such an ugly fight?

Hey, shut your mouth.

Who are you to meddle here?

I'm sorry.

Hey, stop right there, okay?


If you kids can't join together,
there's no choice.

I will not get involved at all.

You guys do whatever you want.

There are 11 members, including the
Bank President, in the Han-Young Board.

We can assume the bank's president, Jang
Myeong Guk, is leaning towards Lone Korea.

From the 10 remaining members,
we need at least 5 votes.

No, to be safe and certain,
we need to secure 6 votes.

On Han-Young's Board centered
around Jang Myeong Guk,

is the Mofia set: Ahn Chae Jin,
Lee Dong Su, Ga Deuk Chan.

That's the Mofia line.

Centered around Lee Tae
Chul is the Han-Young Bank set.

This line of people

all began as low-ranking employees
and have worked their way up to the Board.

The votes we have secured to
date is Bank President Jang Myeong Guk,

Ahn Chae Jin, and Lee Dong Su, three votes.

But the problem is that
these people are all Mofia,

and we haven't secured one
person from the Han-Young Bank set.

As you all know, these people have
a stronger solidarity than the Mofia set.

Then, we need to get
Vice President Lee Tae Chul.

- That won't be easy.
- Why not?

On the surface, he may seem like
the Han-Young Bank set boss,

but in reality, he doesn't like factions,

and since he's so rigid,
lobbying won't work with him.

Still, we need to get him.

If we can't get him,
we don't have a chance.

Now then, there's no need
to drag this out too long.

Let's fire.

Let's shoot to kill.

Lobbying with money at a sensitive time
like this could have a reverse effect.

And it won't be easy
to give them money, either.

That's the skill.

Cha Young Min,
you've worked in the US a long time,

so you may not know the situation
in Korea very well when you speak,

but there's nothing you can't
do when you shoot live ammunition.

The issue is

that people fail because
they shoot vague and ambiguously.

Our side will secure the capital.

Your side will turn a blind eye.

Hello, Director.
I'm Hyun Jin Woo from Lone Korea.

Have some water.

Won't you have some?

- This is Director Lee Woo Sang's house, correct?
- Yes.

How is it going?

So far, we have 4 votes for certain
and need one more to be safe.

There's no chance with that.

Seeing how the rest of the
Directors are going with Yu Sung Jun,

I believe the ultimate decision
will rest with Bank VP Lee Tae Chul.

It didn't look like it would be easy.
Do you have something prepared?

There's no choice but to take him head on.

So you're saying it's possible
you won't be able to do it.

It's research on the bank's vice president.

He came directly from a trade high school,

though he later graduated
from a college with night classes.

The Vice President has been a
determined individual for a long time.

I've met with the employees
at the branches he's passed through,

and they all like him,
even respect him.

In my judgment, rather than
taking some other expedient route,

I think the only way to move him
is with sincerity and genuineness.

Have you caught a lot?

Have some.

If you've come about my vote,
don't waste your energy, and just go.

I'm someone who still opposes the sale.

I understand what you must be feeling.


What are you saying you understand?

Do you know how I lived
the last 30 years of my life?

If you all take over the bank,

it's completely obvious what will happen.

So, how could I…

throw in a vote for you?

Actually, I've been a Han-Young
Bank client since I was young.

My mother sold fish at the public market.

On days I got 100 percent for my school work,

my mother would give me a thousand
won note reeking of fish from her pouch.

I took that money and went
to the closest bank to the market.

When I handed the thousand won note
reeking of fish to the lady at the window,

she'd say “Today, it smells like mackerel”
or “Today it smells like cutlass fish”.

That memory sticks with me.

I saved that money and on my mother's birthday,

I bought her a quilted jacket.

It makes me think of my mother
who used to hold me tight and cry.

Don't look at me as just a guy
who acts according to the logic of capital.

I'm not a son of a wealthy
family like Yu Sung Jun.

I'm a guy who knows the value
of a thousand won note that reeks of fish.

Why are you doing this?

I'm not kneeling to grovel.

I'm just showing you my
sincerity in making you a promise.

If you give your permission
for us to acquire the bank,

I promise there will be
no job cuts due to restructuring.

I know that is the most important issue
to you, so I'm telling you this.

Please trust me.

The point that I absolutely want to make

is about the normalization
plan after the acquisition.

I give my promise that there
will absolutely be no job cuts.

Instead of creating a shock
with radical short-term measures,

we will look for a long-term plan
that can be mutually beneficial.

" A long-term plan. "
" A mutually-beneficial direction. "

Who couldn't put such
nice words in a proposal?

The question is do they have any
intention of doing those things in reality.

What I'd like to say

is that the nature of Loan
Korea's capital is still vague.

I'm saying it could be the same
foreign venture capital that has been

recently shaking the Korean financial world.

I ask that you be cautious.

I was watching the
Vice President the whole time,

and the look in his eyes was a little
different when you did your briefing.

I think your sincerity got through to him.

What do you think will happen?

If the votes we secured
just go through, then we win.

Don't worry.

Please come in.

Among the directors,

there were some differences,
so the meeting went a little long.

Now then, we'll announce the results
of this Board's meeting.

Han-Young Bank… has selected
its preferred bidder to be

CEO Yoo Sung Jun's IJ Invest
and Shin Heung Bank.

Synced by Peterlin

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