Meurtres à... (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 12 - Meurtres à Pont-L'Évêque - full transcript

In the old prison of Pont-L'évêque there is a feast: people disguised as policemen, wardens, judges and prisoners show the life of the "happy" prison.There is now a visit of the prison.And ...


(Big Band caper music)

Welcome to the Joyful Prison!

Come experience the
escape of Rene "The Cane."

Only costumed visitors

can enter the Joyful Prison!


Thank you. This way, madam.

Hello, children!

I am the head keeper of the Joyful Prison.

The cells must be open!
-We can't do that!

Even the front gate?
-Impossible, it's a prison!

Do you agree?

-Rene "The Cane"

has escaped!

Guided tour of the Joyful Prison!
Get out your invitations, please!

Hi, Alex.
-This is the best!

Are you back?
-Yes. Fini, Reunion.

How many years has it been?
-I don't know.

Pass, madam.
-I'll leave you. See you later.

Yeah, later!

Thank you.

This is why I created the
Joyful Prison Association,

to fashion a new look at justice,

as did the keeper of this prison.

I thank you.


I understand your reluctance.
As an investigating judge,

I have to make tough choices.

Let's ask ourselves about recidivism,
because the numbers are dramatic.

Prison is not always the solution.

Thank you all.

Hey, Georges.
-Oh, Julien!

How are you?
-You've become a man.

Well, I had to!

Nice speech!
-Have you seen Marion?

She's here?
-Marion, look who's here!


Georges, we have to go.

I have an announcement to make.
-I was told you came back.

-How are you?

Yeah, the Fifties look good on you.


Your attention, please.

The last visit to the Joyful Prison

will take place in a few minutes.
Theo, our archivist,

-You coming?
and Lucie will guide you.

and Lucie will guide you.

Enjoy your visit!

This prison was built at the
beginning of the 19th century

and was originally planned
to accommodate 40 inmates,

but there were sometimes 100.

And the prison was mixed.

It was following the appointment
of head guard Fernand Billat

that it was known by the
name of "the Joyful Prison."

Indeed, most work was entrusted
to prisoners.

In 1951, the escape of Rene "The Cane,"
the famous gangster,

sounded the death knell of
this beautiful disorganization.

As you can see, the prison had
several floors-

(Scream, exclamations)
-What's going on?

What's going on?
-It's the judge.

My god!

Ladies and gentlemen, as a captain
of the Pont-l'Eveque gendarmerie,

please go back downstairs, please. Calmly!

Take down everyone's identity, OK?
-Yes, Captain.

Go ahead, Georges.


Hello, Commander.
-Yeah, good.

They're up there.

I do what, cancel everything?

Lucie, where are we at?

I released them all, but the
judge's clerk wanted to stay.

Who is it?
-It's Marion.

Ah, okay.

Franck?! What are you doing here?
-You weren't told?

I'm leading the investigation.

Hold on, what are you talking about?

The prosecutor put the Caen SR
on the case.

You're pushing me aside?
-It's not me who decides.

Send me the info you have.

Oh, and it seems a reporter
videoed the party.

I need his recording.

Who's the pretentious guy?

He's my brother.

Good evening, Florence.

It is indeed a death by strangulation,
with that scarf.


Suicide, according to you?

Excuse me, the judge didn't
seem depressed.

It doesn't mean anything, but hey.

He wore two costumes, one over
the other. Strange.

Yes. At the party he was the head guard,
and here, a prisoner.

Could it be a message? Or
he was angry with himself.

It doesn't sound like Judge Daniel.
Why do it tonight?


Look, Commander.

The bruise on the temple is recent.

It suggests he was struck before he died.

With what?

Violent blows. The aggressor had
to be wearing a ring.

Look at this tear.

Or this cane: we found it.

In any case, the suicide theory
is questionable.

We'll see at the autopsy.


I know you're frustrated by this situation,

but I'm leading this investigation. Clear?

(Mobile vibrates)
Excuse me.

Good evening, Madam Prosecutor.

Yes, I'm there.

Ah, OK.

Very well, I'll send it.
Have a good evening.


We're understaffed at the SR,

and the prosecutor has asked me
to collaborate with-


With your brigade.

So, you and me.

Very well.

You should be happy, you're
going to be able to give me orders.

Let's stick to the investigation.
-Right, Commander.

Listen, I'm sorry I was awkward,
I should have asked

how you were doing after all
these years.

Yes, or just say hello.

I'll stop you right now and say I too
prefer sticking to the investigation.

Me too.

So what do you think?

For me, it's a crime, not a suicide.

We can see he was assaulted.
-The two may be related.

What was on his mind?
-Mmm hmm.

We don't know.
And psychology, it's not your thing.

I prefer to stick to the facts.

That's it.

You knew Marion is
Judge Daniel's clerk?

Yes. I have sometimes seen her
on business.


I don't understand.

A year from retirement, everything
was good. Why would he do that?

We don't know what happened yet.

What do you mean?

Do you share the same office?

So you were often together.

You noticed nothing unusual?

Marion, if you want we can do this
tomorrow, it's no problem.

No, this is important.

In terms of his private life;
nothing abnormal?

He was someone very lonely:

not married, no mistress.
Well, I think.

There was only his mother.
-Which means?

They lived together.

With her he was like a boy
in need of affection.

It's complicated when you don't get love.

That's for sure.

Yeah, right!


You haven't changed, eh?

Can I go?

Yes, of course.
-Shall we go, dad?

See you.
-See you.

See you.

See you, Georges.

See you, Georges.

Well. I'm parked there; talk to me.

Is Louise alright?

She's fine.

And the girls?

I'd like to come and see them.
I brought them things from Reunion.


They won't recognize you.

It's been a long time.

Bye. See you tomorrow.
-See you tomorrow.

The scan revealed a release of
blood between the temporal bone

and the cranial dura mater.

And so?
-The victim must have passed out.

He was hit with the cane?
-No. My first conclusion was right:

He was beaten, unsparingly.
With his fists.


Look at the microfissures here.

Can we imagine the person hit him,

and then dragged the body,

tied him to the parapet,

then hanged him from it?
-Yes, it's likely.


Marks left by his shoes.

The victim was dragged up to
the parapet.

Any prints on the parapet?
-No, none.

Did the scarf reveal anything?
-It's difficult

getting prints off of silk.

But it appears to be in good condition.

I didn't see the judge wearing it.
-Therefore it's a staging

and not suicide.

Thanks, Florence.

Judge Daniel's cases were often
in the media.

He must have many enemies.
-According to his speech,

on the evening of the party,

he seemed to express a notion
of lenient justice.

He wasn't lax.

I'll see about that with Marion.

Ah ah ah, no: WE will see
about that with Marion.

The prosecutor was clear: we're a team.

And before that, we must talk to
the judge's mother.

That's the least we can do, no?
-If you say so.

Wait, isn't this where the mayor lived,

who gave you dad's medal?

Yes. Yes.

It was the judge's father.


I remember his speech.

So do I.

He told me that dad died a hero,

trying to save the innocent.

That kind of thing marks you for life.

It was on that day I decided to
become a gendarme.

He would have been proud.
He only had eyes for you.

You're his clone: same character of a pig,
same haughty assurance.


When I think I wanted to be
a gendarme like you.

I wonder if I was right.

Do you know why I took after dad?

Because mom was all
about protecting you.

That's it, yeah.



That's absurd!

Why absurd?

I don't know.

I can't imagine my son as a victim.

He lived here with you?

10 years ago my health started
to decline.

He offered to help me.
I accepted.

And... but... we didn't really
get along very well.

For what reason?

A hen doesn't recognize her chick
because it's foreign to her.

My son was a tough and
uncompromising man,

but he was also fragile.
He needed a lot of affection.

And his relationships with women?
-He has always been single.

Women have always had
need for mature men.

You didn't say how he was killed.

He was found hanged.

He was in prisoner's clothes.

Sorry. We would have liked to
spare you that.



Hanged from the parapet?


indeed. Why?

Does it mean anything to you?

When the prison was still operating,

I was helping the priest with
the prisoners' Masses.

Good morning!

I sang hymns.

(Gasps) My god!


I thought it was a prisoner who had
committed suicide.

But in reality, It was revenge
against a guard.

He was tough on a detainee who was
in solitary confinement,

for weeks, for no reason.

It's the same staging as with the judge.

Could your son have been the victim
of revenge?

A judge has a lot of enemies.
-That's for sure.

Did he sometimes speak to you about
his professional life,

about his cases?
-No, my son was very secret.

But ask Marion, his clerk.

They were close.

Do you recognize this scarf?

Did it belong to your son?

Is that what-

I have never seen him with that scarf.

(Mobile rings)

(Mobile rings)

It's your wife.

(Mobile rings)

You're not answering?

There's no rush.
(Mobile rings)

Good morning.
-Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning, captain.

(Phone vibrates)

Louise, I'll call you back.

I can't talk to you now, like this.

Are you at your parents'?
Where are the girls?

We could have talked about it before.

Louise? Louise? Hello?

-How are you?

Sensitive files? They all are,
more or less.

A judge's job is to run investigations
and send culprits to prison.

That creates enemies.

We're investigating a murder, Marion;
not suicide.

Even if that's what we were
supposed to think.

For me, someone wanted to get revenge
on Judge Daniel.

And maybe it's in one of your files.

Listen, Marion, we know you were
very close to the judge.

But you have to help us.

Has he received threats?
-Threats? Not really.

But a few weeks ago

I asked myself the question.
We were coming out of court, and

Look out, Judge!

He said it wasn't intentional,

someone lost control of their vehicle.

And what do you think?

I clearly saw it coming at us.

What kind of motorcycle?

Motocross type, with colors.


We'll try to find more on that.

Is it true that the judge

helped you to become a clerk?

It was when I wasn't doing well,

you know why.

I was doing a lot of bullshit, it was then
that I met him.

He pushed me to study law

and then become his clerk.

We had been working together for
10 years. Then I realized

that I knew nothing

about his private life.


I have all his files to be passed on
to his successor.

Of course. Thanks, Marion.

Are you still kitesurfing?

Thank you, Marion.

I didn't think our breakup had been
so hard for her.

She did pretty well.

You tell yourself that to have
a clear conscience?


Thank you.

It's good.

I watched the videos from the reporter:

nothing abnormal.

The judge walks around the place,
seems pretty happy to be there.

And according to the timecode,

he disappears a little before 8 pm.

And his death is before 9 pm.

The killer therefore has 1 hour to act.

What caught my attention is him.

Who is he?
-Rene "The Cane." Not the real one.

Rene "The Cane"?

The real one is him.

I went over his history.

He was a figure in post-war
organized crime,

especially the famous heist of the
Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry store.

And for his escape from prison.
-How do you know that?

You missed the puppet show,
that's how.


several guests wore that costume,

but only one had the cane.

The cane you found is genuine.


"RG." It's his.
-Someone found it?

Weird. It's a collectors item.

It's not the ghost of The Cane that
killed the judge.

Where are you at with
the guest interviews?

No one suspicious. But one of them
was assaulted.

His invitation was stolen.

So anyone could enter
thanks to this invitation.


Especially since a few minutes earlier,

another guest witnessed an
altercation at the entrance.

A big guy had been turned away.

Curious, Alex didn't mention it to me.

Yeah, Alex, the mechanic who
works for Georges at Vallon Farm.

He was checking invitations;
he said nothing to me.

Maybe he's covering for someone.

15 years since I've come here.
-Neither have I.

Does that reassure you?

It's courageous on Georges's part to employ inmates

ending their sentences.

Dangerous, yeah.

What are you doing here?
-We've come to talk to Alex.

And you, what are you doing here?
-I never left, I help my father with the work.

Who's that?
-His name is Vladimir.

What does he do here?

My father never asks them about
their judicial past.

They are ordinary employees.

Where is Alex?
-In the workshop.


Hi Alex.

-Why did you hide the altercation you had

at the party from me?
-What are you talking about?

Don't play stupid, Alex.

Do you still ride a motorcycle, Alex?
-Yes, it so happens.

It's yours?

Judge Daniel was assaulted by a biker.
Does that sound familiar?

Someone who does motocross,
like you.

-Yeah, so what?

I think the guy you say you
didn't see at the front gate

does motocross with you.

And now you're stupidly covering it up.

I don't want to take you in, so spill it.



It's Yann Gosselin,

a fisherman who I train with.

I didn't say anything, to protect him.

So tell me.

He was totally upset with Judge Daniel

because of the rape of his daughter.
-What's the relationship to the judge?

The judge freed the rapist, lack of

but the bastard reoffended,
with Gosselin's daughter.

But I didn't let him into the party.

Sadly, a guest had been assaulted,
his costume

and invitation stolen.

I would have recognized him.

With things the way they were that day,
(Text alert)

you had to check the guests,
you had little time to look up.

A moment.

Check with Lucie.


Down there.


Mr. Gosselin?

We have questions for you.

I'm listening.
-Are you coming to the gendarmerie?

No problem.


I swear, I went back to the boat
and didn't see Daniel

I went back to bed, I had to
wake up at dawn.

Why should we believe you?

We know that a motocross rider

assaulted Judge Daniel before his death.

And we discovered that you
ride motocross

with Alex Kardasic from Vallon Farm.

If not for his clerk's reflexes,
you could have killed him.

You missed your shot;
that's why you started over.

I hope you don't have a daughter.

The judge ruined her life and mine.

I don't sleep anymore,
it obsesses me.

I messed up, but I wouldn't
have killed him.

I was hoping to bring him down.

For this rape case?

No. I had no proof.

I was looking for something to
achieve it. I followed him

to winter opening day at the
Deauville racetrack.

I saw him taking a meeting
with a high class type

who threatened to "tell everything."
-To tell what?

I don't know,

but it must have been heavy,
and I hoped to find out.

(Bell ringing)
-Come on, Mandragor, go!

There. Can you stop there?

In the center, is that Judge Daniel?
-Hard to say.

Do you have another angle?
-Yes, with this camera.

We can't see any better.
Can you zoom in?

That's good. He and Judge
Daniel are yelling at each other.

He was right.

Who was the owner
with #11 that day?

#11 was Gladiator. It belongs
to Jerome de Neville.

Who's giving it an injection?
-Is he a vet?

I doubt it.

It's strange, because Gladiator
didn't run that day.

These anti-doping checks aren't justified.

But Neville's horses have won.

Yes, other horses.

Especially without doping.

Where can we find this
Jerome de Neville?


Very well. Thank you.

Doping checks on Neville's
horses turned out negative,

but the federation president knew
Judge Daniel very well.

What a coincidence.

It's okay;

a little house!

Mr. de Neville?

We have some questions to ask you.

You knew Judge Daniel?
-Yes, I knew him well.

I sincerely regret his death.

Judge Daniel was an old acquaintance,

a horse enthusiast, but I'm not
telling you anything you don't know.

And passionate to the point of covering
up your doping shenanigans.

What are you talking about?
-How did you do it?

Exchange blood samples of doped
horses with those of healthy horses?

Such allegations are a pain.

I wasn't spared, but nothing
has ever been proven against me.

I have the competitive spirit,
I'm not afraid of losing,

but I have the best horses.

They've not run much of late.

I only run them when
I know I can win.

Because Judge Daniel let you go.

That's why you had the argument
at Deauville.


He was an old acquaintance.
Friends argue sometimes, no?

Yes. Why?

You have nothing on me, otherwise
you wouldn't be here to talk.

Know that on the night of the party I was
home, we can confirm that for you.

Now if you don't mind, I have work
to do with my horses.

See you soon, Mr. de Neville.
-That's it, goodbye.

His staff confirms

that he was at the mansion on
the evening of the party.

It would have surprised me otherwise!
-I have his file.

Your "Earl de Neville"
ennobled himself.

A title?

His name is Jerome Cauvin, better
known by another name:

The Irishman.
-The Irishman?

That tells me something.

He's been a figure
in organized crime.

He organized the armored
car attack

in Lisieux, in the 80s.
-An altar boy!

It gives credibility to the
doping hypothesis.

We need to find his connection
to Judge Daniel.

I have it. It's Judge Daniel who
caused his arrest.

How much did he get?
-15 years.

He's been reborn from the ashes and
becomes the Earl of Neville.

What a ridiculous name.

I'd like to be ridiculous with a mansion,
race horses, and money.

The money from the armored car?


The loot has never been found.

Would he have wanted revenge?

Why not?
-No. It doesn't fit

with the idea of a deal
between them.

We have to talk to Marion again, right?

Let's go.

(Phone vibrating)


Ah. Yes of course. Right now?

I hear you, I'm coming.


No. The prosecutor wants to
see me right away.

You're going to have to go without me.
-It's not serious.

You surprise me!

You win at gliding!

After 15 years, still happy! Help me.

In Reunion I had to stop
because of sharks.

You still come here?
-According to you it was the best spot.

It's true.

You came to talk about kitesurfing?

Could Cauvin have blamed Judge Daniel
enough to kill him?

The Irishman case launched his career.

But why come back?
To take revenge?

And the story of horses. Did your judge
cover for Cauvin?

There was a ruling on the
doping case,

but the complaint was dismissed,
lack of evidence.

The judge did it all to dispel rumors,

but I always thought he didn't want
to go after Cauvin.

I can't help you anymore.


We should clear the air.

You want to talk about us?


Not me.

If I went so far and long,

it was to try to forget you.

And forget that I slept with
your brother.

Yes. That's for sure.

But you don't think we
should start over?



It's useless, stop.

Something happen?



And you,

something happen?

Are you going to do it too?

Why not?

It was good, for both of us.

Stop it.

Marion, come on-
-Stop. Let go of me!

It's your brother that I loved.

(Mobile ringing)

(Mobile ringing)

(Mobile ringing)

It's Louise. I've called you 10 times.

How do I get organized, with
the girls, if you say nothing?

You only think of yourself!


Feel better?

Neither do I.


Louise left with the girls.

Is that so?

She needs time to think.

You built something solid,
both of you.

-She'll come back.


Well, Gosselin's alibi has been

He was on his boat?

Yes. Stay on the Irishman's trail.

Get dressed, we have to work.

This is why I created the Joyful
Prison Association...

Red hair doesn't go unnoticed.

He might have been disguised
as a woman.

With a wig?

It's not like Cauvin.

The theory of a deal with Judge Daniel
no longer holds up.

And on their accounts I find no
suspicious activity.

It feels like a movie. There's even
a vintage car.

What model?
-A front wheel drive

Front wheel drive?

Can you zoom in on the
license plate, please?

Julien, are you taking notes?
-Mmm hmm.

138 CT 14.

It's Cauvin's.


Jerome Cauvin?

You've come to arrest me
because I changed my name?

No, but for the murder of Judge Daniel
I can be persuaded.

Oh yeah?

That you will have to prove.

The frock coat of Rene "The Cane,"
I'm guessing?

On the other hand, no cane. Where is it?
-I have no idea.

Take him away.

What's going on? My lawyer
hasn't arrived.

We're only talking, Mr. Cauvin.
-Oh sure.

By the way, what should
we call you?

Earl of Neville? The Irishman?

After all, all these patronymic stories
don't matter,

especially when one has been betrayed,
like you, by his best friend.

It must be hard.

Because it was your friend Judge Daniel.

He's the one who took you down.

And when he became famous,

you're in prison.
You must be revolted.

If I had wanted to kill him,
why wait so long?

Revenge is a dish best served cold,
is it not?

It's yours, isn't it? You're a collector.

The myth of the gangster,

it fascinates you.
-I'm not the only one.

And there is this scarf. An authentic
piece from the 1950s.

Do you recognize it?

That? No, it doesn't ring a bell.

And this front-wheel drive parked in front
of the prison on the night of the crime?

Do you recognize it?

According to your staff, you were absent

from the house for at least
an hour. You had time

to kill the judge.

The evening of the party, I went to the prison.

With no invitation?

When I arrived at the crypt,

the judge was already dead.
I ran away, and I lost my cane.

Why enter in secret, if not to
kill Judge Daniel?

Now, if you will allow it, we will
wait for my lawyer.

As you wish. But as soon
as he arrives,

we will tackle the question of doping.

I doubt his guilt. The staging
is not his style.

He's a thug, not a murderer.
-It only takes one time.

Lucie, what have you got?
-Nothing that connects Cauvin to the scarf.

On the other hand, in his full drawers
I found items

which cover the Lisieux
armored car case.

So what?

He was arrested in '84
with his wife,

a certain Ninel.
She got 8 years for complicity.

Bonnie and Clyde?
-Not really.

She lives in the area and still works

in a Calvados factory.

She did 8 years (Mobile
for her husband vibrates)

without getting (Mobile
any of the treasure. vibrates)

She can help us. (Mobile\n\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hvibrates)

LOUISE\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h(Mobile \n\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hvibrates)

-Yes, Louise?

No, I'm stuck with the investigation.

I can't take the girls tonight!


(Scoffs) Fuck!


We've never divorced,

but I didn't see Jerome again
after the 1980s.

My life has been shattered
by prison. So my past

is something I don't like to
talk about anymore.

Why did you say you were innocent?
-Because it was true.

And the robbery of the armored car?

I didn't participate. I was in love
with Jerome, that's all.

You told the press you were trapped.
By who? By Cauvin?

Why are you protecting him?
He wasn't kind to you.

When he got out of jail, he had money.

Today he lives in luxury.
-I refused his help.

Very well. In that case, who
wanted to trap you?

Judge Daniel.

Judge Daniel?

Do you have any proof?

Why would he do that?

To harm my husband at his trial,

to sink him even deeper.

Cauvin, by killing Judge Daniel,
avenges you both.

That's absurd because it's too risky.

Our love is dead and buried
for over 30 years

But you still have his surname.

Maybe out of nostalgia.
-If you know anything,

you have to tell us. You've had
enough of jail, right?

Don't be an accomplice to murder.

Her accusations are questionable.
-Explore Cauvin's past.

We need to find who got him
into the prison,

without showing up in the timeline.

I'm going to go see Marion

to find something on the
arrest of Cauvin's wife.

It's OK, I'm not going for her!


Hi Marion.
I need a file from 1984.

A heist case under the
name of Cauvin.



There's something wrong.

Here, look at these minutes.

In the attack on the armored car,
all the robbers

denied the involvement of
Ninel, Cauvin's wife.

All, but one.

As if by chance, he benefited
from a dismissal.

He is also the only one who testified.
The others were not called.

Result: Cauvin's wife was sentenced
to 8 years, firm.

The witnesses should have been
available to the defense.

Yes, there is a scam, for sure.

Ninel Cauvin told us that Judge Daniel
had manipulated the case

to bring them down.

I think I believe her.


have you met her?


Why would Judge Daniel
have done that?

He may have been hiding
something personal.

Sometimes when we mix personal
and professional,

we'll do anything.

Do you have a photocopier?


Sorry for last night.

Truly. I don't know what
got into me.

I'm lost.

I'll take care of the copies.


Watch out for Julien.

I believe he is still very much
in love with you.

Spectacular armored car heist

in Lisieux. There were no
injuries among the car's crew.

"I'm innocent. I was tricked."

"I'm innocent. I was tricked."

The hunt is over with the arrest
of The Irishman

and his accomplices.
"I'm innocent!"

Stolen were 5 million francs.

She seems sincere.


"I'm innocent."
-That doesn't mean anything.

What became of her baby

when she was in prison?
-What baby?

Only a pregnant woman does *this*.

It's true, you do it all the time.

You can always inquire. And if not,
something else?

No, not much,

apart from the transfer certificate
on the front-wheel drive.

Look who sold it to Cauvin.

The archivist at the Joyful Prison.
-Yes, exactly.

It's necessary to question
the prison archivist.

He may have brought Cauvin
into the party.

That would blow up his alibi.

In any case, if Ninel was indeed
trapped by Judge Daniel in 84,

there has to be a link

to what he was dealing with
with Cauvin today.

It's just as Cauvin planned, in order
to blackmail the judge.

The judge covered for him
on a doping case?

-Why kill him, then?

"I was trapped."

It will be necessary to dig
into Ninel's story.

Did the judge know her
before her arrest?

We must understand why the judge
broke the law in '84.

Can you check that out?

No problem. But first I must
go feed my baby.

Shit, I have to go pick up
my daughters from school!

I'll join you!

Who is this one for?

Here. And for you-

-Han, I don't have yours!


-Oh yes, look!

Thank you.
-Come one, let's go to our rooms.


See you later!

See you later!
-See you later!

They're adorable.

Where are you with Louise?

Nowhere, I think.

She's going to leave me.

It's happening, it's normal, I screwed up.

You looked elsewhere?
-No, but I work all the time,

I'm never there.

I don't take care of the girls
enough, nor her, suddenly

she blames me for it.

You two love each other.
-Yes, yes yes.

Me above all.

I believe she has a lover.
-Oh, I don't think so.

-Stop playing the martyr.

It doesn't suit you.

In any case, don't do like
I did with Marion,

all because I didn't have the
courage to forgive her.

Today, I still blame myself.


Wait. You're in the process of
telling me what, here?

Do you want to try your luck again?
-I don't know.

I don't know if... In any case,
it won't be easy.

But... I believe so.

Are you sure of yourself?

But it's worth it to try, right?

Lea, Julia: to the table!

Theo Regnier?

How did you get in?

Through the back door,

the one by which you brought in
Jerome Cauvin the night of the party.

-The Earl de Neville,

to whom you sold your
front wheel drive.

Why didn't you tell us?

I didn't say anything because,

because I was freaked out.
-Mmm hmm.

Is he the one who killed the judge?
-What time did he come in?

I can tell you precisely,
he texted me before.

9:42 pm.

About 20 minutes before the
last tour of the prison.

That really exonerates Cauvin. Shit.

The death was before 9 pm.
-If I can help you...

Yes. Do you know the story
about revenge on a guard

which took place at the end of 1940?
-Yes. I did some research.

There is a whole story around the
prisoner Balthazar Grainville.

He was in solitary confinement,

tied to his bed, like a madman.
-Was he?

Not at all. Balthazar was a kind
of poet forger.

he complained of the harassment
he suffered.

The prisoners were united

and surely got him revenge

against the guard. Come with me.

This is him.

The day after the escape of
Rene "The Cane" in 1949,

his cell was empty.

After that, no further news of him.

Isn't that our scarf?

Can you show us Balthazar's
cell, please?

Yes, of course.

Over there.

What is this mess?
-What is it?

I don't understand.

I still lock it.
-Has the door been smashed in?

No, it's just open.
-Good. Let's go.

Be careful, the ground has subsided.
This part has been condemned.

There's still the rain where
he was chained.

Someone's been here before us.

Julien; come see.

What is that? A hand?

It's murder. The victim was stabbed
with this object,

a file, and the murder weapon
was buried with him.

Traces are still visible, here
on his ribs.

I see that.

What is the connection with the death
of a judge who wasn't born at the time?

That I don't know.

Wait. Julien? I believe I have
the report. Come see.

What are you reading?

"Balthazar And Francoise."

Francoise, the mother
of Judge Daniel?

We found the body buried in his cell.

On the wall, your first name and his
were carved in the stone.

Yes. I was Balthazar's mistress.

We loved each other.

I met him when I was assisting
the priest, at the prison.

After that, it wasn't difficult for me

to come back to see him.

I got along with the warden.

But your husband knew
about it, it right?

He found out about the affair.

My husband was mayor of Pont-l'Eveque.

He had influence.

That's why Balthazar was in
solitary confinement.

But there was panic on the day
Rene "The Cane" escaped.

The guards had organized a search party

to try to find him.

We must find Rene "The Cane"!


You have to run away.
My husband is berserk.

I'm scared.

Don't worry.
-He's capable of anything.

You have to get out of here.

Come on!


No no no!

Get out. You stay!

I hope you rot in here!

No! Francoise!

Victor, take her.

Francoise! Francoise!

My husband scared me.

Cowardly, I obeyed him.

If I had known what he
was going to do,

maybe I would have found the
courage to prevent it.

You had hoped for Balthazar
to escape

and have him come get you?

Yes, I tried to find a trace of him.

Balthazar told me about his son,

Karl, from his first marriage.
-You met this son?


It was unthinkable for him that
his father abandoned him like that.

Balthazar corresponded a lot
with his son,

and after the escape of "The Cane,"
he received no further letters.

He was sure that the prison administration

was hiding something from him.
-You suspected that your husband

had killed the man you loved.

-This Karl, what happened to him?

After the death of my husband a few years ago,

I tried to contact him again, but
his son told me he was dead.

Karl had a son?

What's his name?

It was a Russian name;
Volodymyr, I believe.


Does that mean anything to you?
The guy from the farm.

-Vladimir, Volodymyr.

It's the same first name.

Thank you, Mrs. Daniel.

Get up.

What's going on?
-We have questions to ask you.

I didn't do anything.
-You sure?

You didn't come here to work
by chance.

You insisted on being part of this
reintegration program.

-To reintegrate into society,

it's my right.
-Stop it.

You're here to avenge your

Balthazar Grainville:

does that name mean anything to you?
-Why? He's been dead for over 60 years.

How do you know?
-It was said in my family.

That's wrong. Your father was
looking for him

and hoped he was alive.

You found him.

That's why you went to
the Joyful Prison.

You have no right!
-Hey, look at me.

You wanted proof, and
you dug him up.

How did it feel to find your
grandfather's skeleton?

That makes no sense: I can't even
get out of here!

"Balthazar Grainville"; what's this?


And this?

It's mine. Give me that, or-
-Or what?! Huh?

Are you going to hit him?


What's going on?
You have a warrant?

You're after the wrong target.

A target who has a motive, Marion.
-What are you talking about?

On the evening of the party,

Vladimir milked the cows.
-At what time exactly?

Milking plus cleaning the barn,
we finish around 9.

Let's go.

I hope you're not covering
for him, Marion.

I'm not sleeping with him.
-He's lying, that's for sure.

If you know something,
speak now. Otherwise-

Are you threatening me?


We're going to check his alibi.

That's nice. For once, you agree.

Hold on.


We're on thin ice here.

But we're not going to risk
letting her go.

Go home without me, I need to
talk to Marion.

I don't think that's a good idea.


What are you still doing here?
-You're in love with Vladimir,

is that it?
-Stop it. He's a friend, that's all.

I must tell you;

I love you.

I've always loved you.

I'm tired of you and your brother.

Why do you say that?

He didn't tell you?

The other night he came to see me,

and tried to kiss me.

He started again?

This time, I won't run away.
-Don't insist.

So be honest and tell me
you don't love me.

Say it and I'm out of your life.

I don't love you.

Hel- hello?

Louise? I wasn't expecting
you to pick up.

I think it would be good
to talk to each other.


I found someone to take
the girls next week.

We could go out to dinner.

Yes, Italian is very good.


Will do it like that.
Tuesday evening. OK.

Yeah. Bye!


You bastard!

You couldn't resist!

Let go of me!



Let go of me!

Excuse me.

I'm a bastard.

I never accepted that Marion
loves you and not me.

I'm really sorry.

If your life is screwed up
because of me,

I beg your pardon.

I wanted it to be your fault.

But I think she doesn't love me.

See you tomorrow.

Balthazar's letters are so romantic!

Another impossible love.

In this one Francoise is worried.

She's had no news of Balthazar
for a while.

She writes to him: "I pray never
to have to collect

the tin box in which you
hid the signet ring

for your son Karl.

It would mean you are dead."

It's not that tin box

Vladimir was looking for? Suddenly,
he stumbled on Balthazar's body.

You have to prove it.

You found the box at his home?

We took the letters, but we
didn't have a warrant.

And the inmates confirmed his alibi.

The inmates...

You switch duty shifts;
Vladimir did the same.

Listen: Francoise was pregnant
with Balthazar.


She told him shortly before his death.

That's why her husband went crazy.

Judge Daniel is the son of
Balthazar Grainville?

Impossible, it was more than
3 years before his birth.

That means Francoise had
an earlier child.

Why didn't you tell us?

Because it was too painful.


the child?

My daughter was the drama
of my life.

I didn't even have time to
get to know her.

She died?

She was taken from me at birth.

My husband never said what
he did with her.

You never saw her again?

That's why your relations with your son

were so difficult?
-I never wanted Antoine,

it was my husband who-

excuse me.

I console myself by hoping
she has been happy.

Maybe she even has the first name
her father gave her.

I had it engraved on a locket.

A Russian first name?

Yes, almost.

Balthazar was a communist,

and he wanted to feminize
the name of Lenin by inverting it,

which became-

You know her? Tell me.

Do you know where my daughter is?

If I understand it correctly, Francoise
Daniel is Ninel's mother.


So Judge Daniel is her half-brother.


And Karl is his half-brother too.

Hold on. If this Ninel is the
daughter of Francoise and Balthazar,

Vladimir is his nephew.
-And there you have it.

Perhaps they know each other.
-We're here to check that out.

Look at his schedule and try to
find out more about her.


Hello, Ninel.

Why did you hide from us that you're
the daughter of Francoise Daniel?

You're mixed up in the death
of your half-brother?

Don't call him that.
-It's the truth.

Judge Daniel was your half-brother.

You knew.

We need to talk.

I can't.

You stopped talking for too long.

Your mother still blames herself

for having abandoned you.
-I spent my childhood

with a woman I thought was
my mother. She told me the truth

just before she died.

You wanted to meet your biological mother,

and you happened on Judge Daniel.

What happened?


What happened?

He didn't react as I had hoped.

Which Francoise are you talking about?
-She's our mother.

You're delirious!

It's the truth. Our mother had
an affair with inmate

in Pont-l'Eveque, and voila:

there I was.

What do you want?
-My husband is on the run,

I'm alone.

Help me.

Help you? My parents fought
because of you.

Because of your father.
-Shut up!

My mother always looked at me
with contempt. It's your fault.

And now I need to protect you? Worse,

is that she would welcome you.
But that will never happen.


But she's my mother!
-And don't come back!

Go away! Clear off!

If only I had known what
it would cost me.

3 days later,

I was arrested as my husband's
accomplice in the robbery.

You knew that Balthazar Grainville

had been killed by Judge Daniel's father.

Vladimir, your nephew, told you that?
-He discovered the truth, right?

Your father was killed by
Judge Daniel's father,

and Judge Daniel sent you to jail.

Why? Revenge?
-I'm too old for that.

I found a letter from Francoise
Daniel in her locker.

Vladimir gave it to you?
-That's not all.

The night of the crime, she left
her post around 6:30 pm,

against her boss's advice.

He said she was upset.

You went to see Vladimir, right?

Why were you upset?

You knew your nephew was going to
pull some bullshit

and get you revenge on Judge Daniel.

Come on, Ninel. Stop lying.

Put pressure on her, see what
you can get out of her. OK?


the prosecutor green lights
a search of Ninel's place.

Will you take care of it?

Perfect. Hey?

Nice job.
-Thank you, Commander.

Why are you arresting me?

You no longer have an alibi.

Your friend did the milking for you.

I'm innocent.
-We know that your Aunt Ninel

came to see you that night.

Put him in.

You have two motives for
killing Judge Daniel.

You wanted revenge for the murder
of your grandfather, Balthazar,

and the wrongful arrest

of your Aunt Ninel in '84.

That makes no sense.

No, everything fits.

You make sure to do the end of
your sentence at the Vallon farm,

to be close to Pont-l'Eveque and

to be able to search for Balthazar:

until you discovered his body

while digging for the box in his cell.

We found it in your stuff.

What happened when Ninel
came to see you? Hmm?

It made you crazy to see
her like that?

When you understood that Judge
Daniel had destroyed your family,

you wanted to get revenge.
-And you went to the prison,

attacked the judge, and
then hanged him.

You're a hitter, eh?

You can't help it. That's how
you were as you entered the party.

Look at me when I talk to you!

You feel strange without Marion, eh?

You feel all alone.

She's no longer there to protect you.

Did you manipulate her?

Is that it?
-Julien. Julien!

You manipulated her?
-Calm down.

Julien! Leave him alone.
-Let go of me!

You stay there.

Piss off, I'm sure he was
going to talk!

I was right: Ninel knew her child well.

What child?
-On the old arrest footage, Lucie saw

that Ninel was pregnant.

Another descendant of Balthazar.

Yes. Ninel gave birth under the name X
at Lisieux Hospital

August 13, 1984. Then the child
was given up for adoption.

Adopted by who?
-You won't believe me.

Say it.
-Georges Hebert, of the Vallon farm.


So Ninel's daughter is Marion?

You knew she was adopted?





Follow me?

How long have you known that
Ninel is your mother?

Was it Vladimir who told you?

It's not worth protecting him, you won't save him.

We won't let go of it.
We're going to search.

And we will find.

But it should come from you.

It's true that I went to see Ninel
at her factory,

the morning of the party.

But at that time I didn't know
she was my mother.

What do you want?
Why are you here?

I know my origins, I've
suffered enough.

I'm a friend of Vladimir.

He's your nephew. He
just found out

while searching for what had become
of his grandfather, Balthazar Grainville.

I'm helping him with his research.

Me too, I looked for him.

Nobody ever knew what
happened to him.


We have discovered he was murdered,

probably because of
the relationship he had with

your mother, Francoise Daniel.

I'm sorry.
-I'm not crying because of my father,

I never knew him.

I'm crying because of all the secrets.
I can't take it anymore.

What secrets?

You're my daughter, Marion.

That's not possible. I did research-

I received your requests to reveal X.

I hesitated.

I went to see you at the farm.


I saw that you looked happy,
so I didn't insist.

I didn't want to look at my past.

I left you to your life.



Understand me.

Understand me, Marion.

How far did you go helping Vladimir?
-Why do you ask that?

Because you had so many reasons
for him to avenge you.

Don't you, Marion?

Maybe more than him.

Tell him it's not true.
-Captain? Vladimir,

he just confessed.



Shit, are you OK?

-The window.

I'm going around!


Give me your hands!

Leave Marion out of this. It's me
who killed the judge.


We should release Marion now.
-What's wrong with you?


Open your eyes.
Marion helped Vladimir.

It's not possible. Not her.

You're sick! I was there,

at the party. She's not a-

A what? Say it.

It's not possible.

Let's ask the judge to organize a
reenactment in Marion's presence.

Are you OK?

Mmm hmm.

Afterwards, he fell. And I
kept hitting him,

over and over and over again.

When I saw him unconscious I dragged him.

Then I decided to dress him
as a prisoner.

Once dressed,

I moved him closer, and
I hung him with his tie.

Wasn't it with the scarf?

No, no. I-

I took his tie, I moved him closer,

I got him-


It's my fault.

That's enough.
-Without me nothing would have happened.

This is all my fault.

It's unbearable not knowing
where we came from.


when Vladimir arrived at the farm,

he told me about his grandfather.

I recognized myself.

It's your meeting with Ninel
that started it all?

In fact, I realized that
Antoine, Judge Daniel,

sent my mother to jail.

My life was collapsing. In fact,
this was it.

When I realized-

that he sent my mother to prison-

It's because of him your mother
abandoned you.

Mmm hmm.

So, I-

told Vladimir that Balthazar
was our grandfather,

that we were cousins. He told me
not to go see him.

But it was stronger than me.

I led him away from the party,

and I told him all I knew.

Who do you think you are? Without me
you would be nothing.

And you can never prove anything.

You were like my father.

Father! I put your father in prison,
and your mother too.

Shut your mouth.
-No, I won't be silent.

You wanted the truth, here it is.
-Shut your mouth!

Stop! STOP!

Let go of me!
-Shut your mouth! Shut your mouth!

Shut your mouth! Shut your mouth!

-Marion, stop.

Shut your mouth!

Holy Nitouche!

Vladimir, stop!

Go away!

Go away! If they find you here
you go back to jail.

Go away!

Come on, Marion.

What are we going to do now?