Meurtres à... (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Meurtres à Avignon - full transcript


- Inspector.
- Hello, Martin.

- No!
- Julie Ravel.

Inspector Ravel.

- Like Inspector Ravel?
- Yes, I'm her niece.

Let her through, Martin.

Can you watch my case?

- Hello. Laurence?
- It looks like it.

- I couldn't come to the station.
- Yes, I noticed.

Nice welcome.

The workers found it
during the renovations.

It's there.

I'm Abdel.

I love what you do.

You're a big name.
I thought you'd be older.

Ah. Sorry.

You'll have a good first day
with us.

We're in the great chapel.

It dates from the early 1300s.

The shoes don't.

We found this by the skeleton.

We can't read the name.

The librarian says

it might be a badge
that the employees wore.

It's a woman.

How could she have got in here?

The wall hadn't been touched
since it was built.

That's why they were restoring it.

Where are we, here?

- Benedict XIII's stronghold.
- This is Alain Gérard,

the conservator.

He hid in here during the siege.

It may have held
the Papal treasure.

We have a body.

We need to know how it got here.

If this is the stronghold,

the victim must have come in
through a door -

dead or alive.

Benjamin, I want pictures
of the walls, ceiling and floor.

And find the entrance.

Abdel, bring in the witnesses.

We'll go to the institute.

Thanks for taking me in.

Don't thank me.

It was the boss's decision -
not mine.

He thinks I'm a dinosaur

and you're going
to change my methods.

- He likes annoying me.
- He did a good job!

Yes - he's good.


Your car looks great.

Am I supposed to drive a wreck
because I'm an unmarried cop?

How do things work around here?
Do we use

first names?

If you like.

What do I call you?
Inspector? Laurence?

It's up to you.

OK - Auntie.

- You've got a brother.
- And a sister-in-law.

We should have a drink, Julie,
and talk about the Ravel family.

We're not here for that, Bruno.

You're right - unfortunately.

So, it was a woman.

She was about 25.
She died around 30 years ago.

The left cranium
is slightly impacted,

but there are
no bullet or knife wounds,

no broken vertebrae.

So, you can't say
if she arrived dead or alive?

Not for now.

The topologist
says the walls are so thick,

no sound would have got out.

Her screams
wouldn't have been heard.

No, Inspector Ravel.

She was wearing no jewellery,
just a small silver cross.

It seems she was modest.

Her shoes were comfortable.
They must have been work shoes.

No wedding ring.
She must have kept to herself.

Or it was all taken off her.

Or she was a loner,

with no social life,
who'll be hard to find out about.

Yes, Abdel?

I heard from the lab.

The name on the badge
was Isabelle Blanchard.

We were like sisters.

We met in kindergarten.

And you've had no news?

Not since high school.


I've had no news for 35 years.

I don't get it.

She was so shy and reserved.

How could she have ended up
locked in like that?


We're not sure it was her.

We need to do a family DNA test.

She was an only child.

- Abdel?
- Yes?

Find out if Isabelle's parents
still live in Vedène.

OK, I'll check. Bye.

Don't worry, Julie.

Your aunt's solid.
You know her.


But she won't give up.

Sorry, but Abdel's the only one

that knows I'm here.

Maybe you should...

This is Julie Ravel.

You've all heard about her.

She's in charge
of behavioural criminology

in Paris.
- Not for sure.

She's joining our group today

on an open-ended contract.

She's my niece.


If anyone

says anything,
I'll put them on the beat

for the festival -
and it's going to be hot!

- Anything on the Blanchards?
- You were right.

They're still at the same address.

Feeling better?

About what?

Julie said you felt bad
when you heard the victim

was a childhood friend.

It's OK.

Was she reported missing
30 years ago?

If so, who dealt with it?

Come in. Loser...

Hi, Laurence.
I wanted to discuss...

the mayor's son.

Ah, yes!

The little thug
selling weed outside school.

He's a kid.
We all make mistakes.

Could you be discreet?
I know his father.

I haven't had the pleasure.
Mr Bellac.

Julie Ravel.

- Marc's daughter?
- Do you know my father?

We grew up together -
with your aunt.

- How is he?
- Very well.

I'll leave you.
The mayor's son is waiting.

- He seems nice.
- Does he? He's scum.

- Who's that?
- The librarian.

- Was she in the chapel?
- Yes, with the workers.

I'm going to the Blanchards.

Stay with Élise.

You must have lots to teach her

about questioning witnesses.


I don't think you should go
on your own.

I'm sorry?

Isabelle was your friend.
You're too involved.

You can't be objective.

This is a murder.
They're suspects, for now.

Don't you agree?

Are you hungry?

Listen, this is nothing personal:

You're my niece, I don't know you.

Don't expect anything.

You may be a big name in Paris,
but we have rules.

I'm listening.

You shouldn't have mentioned
anything to Abdel.

Private lives stay private.

I understand.

That's why no one knew
you had a brother.

When were you last in touch?
28 years ago?


If you're interested, he's fine.

Do you remember my mother?

She quit work to help dad
with his restaurant.

They're doing OK.

I always knew your mother was great.
Are you done now?

Yes, Abdel?

Isabelle Blanchard
was reported missing

on 15 March 1985.

She'd been a librarian for 5 years.

I chatted to the cop
who worked on it

for 45 minutes.

Getting old is hard.
He hasn't moved on.

OK. What else did you get?

Her dad opened the investigation

and her mother closed it
2 days later.

It looks like her daughter
went abroad.

Case closed.

Was Isabelle's place searched
at the time?

Yes, her flat

was described as "monastic".

- Did they find her bag?
- No.

There was nothing
to suggest foul play.

It's hard to check.

She had no friends,

so there was no information.


Bye. Chin up!

Isabelle left home when she was 17.

In August 1979.

Why did she leave?
Did you have an argument?

She met a man.
She wanted to live with him.

- Do you know who?
- No.

We couldn't let her do it.

Her mind was made up.
She ran away.

Not far.

You know she worked
at the Palais des Papes.

We found out
when her employer called

to say Isabelle hadn't come to work.

He was worried.

It was 6 years after she left.

And that was when you, Georges,

asked the police to investigate.

- Who was her boss?
- René Coutelé.

My husband was worried,
but I called the investigation off.

She was an adult.

She'd made her choice,
against our will.

And you had some good news.

She'd gone abroad.

- That's what you said.
- I lied.

I didn't want
to publicize our private life.


Our Lord was a great help to us.

Can we see Isabelle's room?

No. When she left
we turned it into an office.


But you collected the things

that she left in her flat?


I've got a box
of her personal belongings.

The landlord gave it to us.

Isabelle's things?

I didn't know.
Why didn't you say?

There was no point.
She'd gone. It was over.

Dear Laurence,
this must be hard for you too.

but I've got one last thing to ask.

I know this is difficult, but...

we'd like a DNA sample.

To be sure it's Isabelle.

Certainly not!

Of course, Laurence.

Who are these people?

I've met some weirdos,
but that was too much.

Sleeping over here
terrified me, as a kid.

They belong to a religious group
called "The Sons of God".

Not a model of tolerance.

Come on.

Did you notice?

- Their natural festive nature?
- No.

There were no photos.

You don't need souvenirs

to remember someone.

Funny - there were no pictures
of Isabelle,

but Blanchard remembered
Isabelle's boss's name so easily

after speaking to him once,
30 years ago.

- I agree.
- Thanks.

You're sharp.

Is that a new analytical technique?


It's synergology.


What does that mean?

It's Canadian.
It's the study of body language.

The unconscious codes
of non-verbal communication.

- You don't believe in it?
- Sure.

Experience is what counts, for me.

We work with people, not books.

People write those books.

Private lives stay private.

send Blanchard's DNA to the lab.

- Let me help.
- It's OK.

Get onto René Coutelé,
Isabelle's boss at the library.

I hope he hasn't moved
somewhere else in France.

I'd be surprised.

I'll bet he retired in Avignon.

- Shall I fill you in?
- Yes.

We've got nothing new
from Marion Larrieu, the librarian.

She said it was
Benedict XIII's stronghold.

The workers say
the work dates from the 1300s.

So, no trace of a door.

We need to find the way in.

Julie, get on the case.
Speak to some archaeologists,

experts on the Palais des Papes.
Get some info.

Make some space for her.

OK, I'm on it.

- Is she always so nice?
- You'll see!

Come on, this way.



The skeleton in the chapel

is Isabelle Blanchard's.

The way she died
is like the torture meted out

to Medieval heretics.

What's that?

A blog.

Avignon Eye.

It's all the region's dirty stories.

He must be frustrated.

How could he know?
We don't have the results!

Those bloggers are a pain!

They're messing up our work!
Not for the first time!

What's that? A clue?

No, a souvenir.


we need to know about this Ambroise.

Get someone on it.

You focus on the blogger.

OK, I'm on the case.

The door!

- Can we talk?
- About the case?

- No.
- Then save it. I'm exhausted.

- Thanks for the lift.
- Right!

- Is your guy in here?
- No, my books.

My guy's in Paris.

- Aren't you scared to be away?
- Not really.

We'll see each other
often enough.

- And routine kills romance.
- Oh?

I dream of empting a dishwasher,

catching hell for a crooked shelf,

seeing her in sweatpants.

Really. Who?

- Who?
- The person in sweatpants.

No one.

Hop in.

- Did you find the blogger?
- No, I'm looking...

OK. Come in.

I think that's a sofa bed.
I've never opened it.

Is lasagne OK?
It's all I've got.


Is that you?
You look so cute.

Who's that?

Are you nosy, like your mum?

I've got my aunt's good nature.

Is that Isabelle?

It's Isabelle.

We did everything together.

We knew each other so well.
So I thought.

- What happened?
- We planned to go to Turkey.

Four of us had organized it and...

It was a dream trip.

Then, I was on the platform,
at the station,

Isabelle turned up,

she was livid.



She said
she never wanted to see me again.

Our friendship was choking her.
It was over between us.

I shouldn't try to contact her.

What did you do?

Nothing. I was dumbfounded.

I spent a month in Turkey
then did my studies in Nîmes.

Then I became a cop in Avignon.

I worked hard. I liked it.

- You didn't try to see her?
- What could I do?


Is that you and Dad?

I've never seen you together.




- Hi, it's me.
- Yes, Abdel.

We found a guy
at Saint-Amant chapel.

It looks nasty.
Tell Julie.

OK, thanks.

You've got 2 minutes to get dressed!

I've never been in so many churches
as in the last 2 days.

This way.

It's a man. Aged about 50.

Identification will be hard.

His jaw and teeth are smashed.

Unless his prints are on record...


When did he die?

Rigor mortis has set in.

I'd say at 2 or 3am.

- Any witnesses?
- We've asked around.

What else?

His clothes suggest he was poor.

His hands
show he wasn't an office worker.

No ID, no cell phone.

Just this, sewn into his lapel.

It looks old -
or inspired by something old.

It could be a copy.

The metal's light.

It's not well made.
It's too big for jewellery.

It's not a broach.
It looks like it's religious relic.

It's not the whole thing.

Abdel, send it to the lab.
Get onto it.

Now, the big question:

was this man tortured
before or after death?

That plunges us into the depths
of the human soul.

So, who was he and who tortured him?

Was it
an Inquisition-obsessed psycho,

a jealous ex or just a criminal?

We need that blogger.

- Any witnesses?
- No - nothing.

Not at 2am.

He must have been dead.
If you put a guy's head in a vice,

he wakes people up.

so it looks like it was staged.

The dead body was mutilated
to confuse us.

So this is all we've got?

They're analysing it.

I've seen that in a book

about the Papal treasure.


Maybe the search for the treasure
led to the discovery of the chamber.

Come on Julie, that's just stories.

Give me a chance.

Isabelle and her friends

found the chamber 30 years ago.

They argued, shut Isabelle in
and kept the treasure.

That could've been part of it.

OK. Why not?

So, check if any religious relics

from that era

have come on the market since 1985.

But how did she get shut in there?

What's behind this wall?

The Pontifical Library.

- Yes.
- Inspector Ravel?

You were right.
The lines are scratch marks.


So... Isabelle Blanchard
was walled in alive.

She died of thirst and hunger

and dug into the stone
with her nails,

trying to get out.

The door must be just behind here.

Find out how to open it
and get back to me.

We got lucky.

The dead guy was on our records.

A local antique dealer.

Single. No kids.

Pascal Ledoux.
Here's his address.

Lol, what's up?
What's going on?

I need to know.

We're working together! Tell me!

Laurence, who is it?

Pascal Ledoux
was a childhood friend.

Like Isabelle.

I'm sorry.

Abdel, get on Ledoux's case.

Check his phone, his bank.

I'll go round to his place.


I found René Coutelé.
Isabelle's old boss.

He'll see you.
He wouldn't come in.

- He's quite old.
- Good job.

I'll deal with it.
I get on with old people.

Yes - you like old guys.

OK, Abdel, come with me.

Start the search.

there's been a leak to the press.

Yes. Not from here.
It was a blogger.

- We're on it.
- Just watch it!

The Prefect called three times.
We don't have much time.

- Who's this?
- Julie Ravel.

Thanks for having me
in your team.

Make sure I don't regret it.

Don't screw up, Ravel.
The Prefect wants results.

What's his problem?
Can you explain that?

It's me.

Yes, Théo.

I'm sorry, I can't talk.

I'm in a meeting.

I'll call back later.

I miss you too.
I love you.

Hello, young lady.

René Coutelé.
I think we have an appointment.

Of course I remember her.

She was a shy, retiring woman.

She loved her job.

Did she ever not show up
or arrive late?

No, never.

That's why

I called her father
when she didn't come in.

Did she ever mention
any friends to you?

No, I never saw anyone.

There was a melancholy
that never seemed to leave her.

I remember her
as a very pious young woman,

a bit old-fashioned

and very alone.

Apart from her dad,

I never met any
of her acquaintances.

- Do you know Georges Blanchard?
- Yes - a good man.

I mistook him.

Isabelle had been with me 3 years

when Georges started coming.

He'd hide behind the pillars

and spend hours with one book.

When I saw that,
I wanted to throw him out.

He told me he was Isabelle's father.

He never spoke to her.

- Did Isabelle know?
- No.

Georges made me swear
not to tell her.

Over the months, we grew close,

but then
he suddenly stopped coming.

- Do you know why?
- No.

He never told me
what happened between them.

But I can tell you
he loved his daughter.

Hey! René!

- Duty calls.
- Mr Coutelé,

did Isabelle
mention a man called Ambroise?

A friend, a lover?

Ambroise isn't a man.

Ambroise is a convent.

It was an orphanage.



No news
about what was in his jacket.

Did I mess up?

You've gone cold overnight.

- Tell me.
- It's over.

I don't believe that.

If you don't understand,
I'll move you to Marseille.


It's your life.
You'll end up on your own.

Let it out.

You're so closed off.

You didn't even tell me
you have a brother and a family.

Why did you hide that?

He dropped me, like Isabelle.

He was my brother.
We were close.

We shared everything.

Then he fell in love with Nathalie.

Julie's mother, his wife.

- That was the problem?
- No.

Nathalie was cheating on him.

He thought I'd made that up,
so he wouldn't go.

But he went anyway.

They're still together.
What's the problem?

He's your brother.

And he didn't drop you.

We've searched Ledoux's place.
Let's go!



I'm coming.

I couldn't tell you over the phone.

She had a child.

- Or several, right?
- Yes.

We have to find it.

He or she will be 30 now.

And the father.


- What?
- Ambroise.

- The father?
- No.

René Coutelé
said it was an orphanage.

A child left
at the orphanage 30 years ago?

I can't help.
I've just arrived.

Mother Élisabeth will be more use.

She's been here
for almost 40 years.

- Can we see her?
- No.


Mother Élisabeth is old

and her health is poor.

Her memory's going.

When did the orphanage close?


Do you have the names

of the adopted children?

The orphanage's archives
were destroyed

in a flood in 2002, unfortunately.

Yes, unfortunately,
but maybe Mother Élisabeth...

Thanks, Sister.
Call us

when Mother Élisabeth
is feeling better.

Come on.

The register.

- It was destroyed.
- No, the library register.

If anyone came
on the evening of the murder,

the names will be recorded.

- Are you going?
- Yes, tomorrow.

While your team's here,
we have to close.

A mandatory holiday.

We want to see
the register for 1985.

March 1985.

- Isn't it digitized?
- Are you kidding?

12 March 1985 has been torn out.

I don't understand.
No one has access to those.

We'll bring this back later.

The day of the murder.

Put that with the evidence.


- OK?
- We've got the DNA results.

It's Isabelle Blanchard.

- The blogger?
- No.

I've got an expert,
to open the stronghold.

Ignore his looks.
He's good.

Hi. Do you play video games?

- What do you think?
- That's OK.

In the 1300s,

door systems were sophisticated,

but easy to use.

They worked like dominoes.

The whole system is activated

with one piece.

Your piece was incomplete.

It's part of a cross.


A second part, like the first,
is missing.

Once it's added on,
it'd make a cross,

which is the key.

It's like two people
with halves of a secret code.


if you want to be sure,

you should check on site.

There'll be a notch somewhere.

On a wall, the ceiling
or under the floor.

Good luck. Keep me posted.

- OK. Anything else?
- Yes.

Are you free tonight?

OK. So Pascal only had
half of the key.

We need to find the person
with the other part.

I hear you know how to open
the stronghold.

That's great.

If I'd known cops...

Mr Gérard,
we're just checking an idea.

Yes, of course.

Students have dreamed

of discovering
the Palace's secret rooms

and the Papal treasure, of course.

Will your workers be long?
Our visitors...

It's a crime scene.
Your visitors can wait.

Now, if you could let us work.

So, any news?

We've found the door's position,
but not the mechanism.


Laurence, it's here.

If Ledoux opened the door,
why didn't he say?

The same day,

he'd walled in
his childhood friend.

"Heretics beware

of the Grand Inquisitor.?
What is this?

He knew about the body?
He's making fools of us!

That's not the worst of it.

How did he get the information?

Maybe he's the killer

and we're dealing
with a psychopath.

We have to catch him.

Have you got any other leads?

The piece
was used to open the stronghold

but it's not the original key.

It could have been made from a mould

or a sketch.

It's made of two parts.
We'll find the second.

That's good news.
Well done, Inspector.

What else?

We're analysing
Ledoux's phone and accounts.


Nothing yet.

Get a move on!


OK. We both know
the victims were your friends.

If that's a problem,
it'd be best to tell me now.

I hadn't seen them for 30 years.

So leave it.

OK, but if you mess up,
I can't keep you on.

Does the fact

that I changed your diapers
when you were a baby

affect our relationship?

Oooh! No one knew!

But everyone

would like to know
I was your babysitter.

Get off my case,

or I'll give them
all the juicy details

about your diaper rash.

You wouldn't.


Maybe we should move on.

Lol, we've got news on Ledoux.

Ledoux was part of the Sons of God.

It's all here: posters,
meeting reports, prospectuses...

He was in deep.

When did he get involved?


That's the group
Isabelle's parents belonged to.

When you knew him,

was he a hard-line Catholic?

No. Not at all.
I don't get it.

He was more the opposite.

- The two deaths were linked.
- Julie, come with me.


we found this too.

That's you, Isabelle,
Pascal Ledoux, and Dmitri Bellac.


What about Bellac?

I'll deal with it.


Don't forget.

- We're going out tonight.
- Yes.

How did you meet?

At a Sons of God meeting.

He was different.

He was sensitive and very unhappy.

You'd never met him before?

No, never.

Do you know why he was unhappy?

I could see
he wanted to speak to me.

I thought he was going to unload
whatever was haunting him.

He never did.

He had nightmares every night.

He started drinking

and now he's dead.

I'd have never been able
to save him.

Did Pascal have enemies?
People he was scared of?

- Friends?
- Yes...

He mentioned
a guy called Dmitri Bellac.

A lawyer, I think.
A childhood friend.

But they'd been out of touch
for a while.

They fell out when Pascal got back
from a university trip.


To Cairo,

When Pascal finished studying.

Dmitri Bellac was with him.

- How did you remember?
- They're your favourites.

I told you that a year ago.
And you remembered?

Do you take me for a monster?


is your brother older or younger?

He couldn't be older.

- The same age.
- They're twins.

Like proper twins?

- Yes.
- Who are similar?


We were inseparable.
We did everything together.

The amazing thing was I can
always tell how he's feeling.

Right now,

I can tell you,
my brother's thirsty.

You're very alike.

- He's very thirsty.
- Ah, sorry!

To Élise.

Better not, in your condition.

You don't need to be an expert

to know you're pregnant.

It really wasn't the plan.

What do I do?

- About the baby or the dad?
- Both.

In know Théo's dream
is to have a baby.

He asked me to marry him
last summer.

- And?
- I haven't answered yet.

Whenever an important decision
comes along,

I can never decide.

- So you're not sure.
- I am.

Théo's the man of my life,
he's great, but...

I can't make that commitment.

I don't get it.

You love him, he loves you,

but he doesn't know about the baby.
Is that it?

If I keep the baby,
I can't take the job in Paris.

- What to do?
- I've got no advice,

but in this job,
you see the worst.

You go or you don't.

Lots of women cops have kids.
It was a choice, for me.

- And?
- That's it.

If you were a man, you'd keep it.

They get the choice.
It's easy for them.

What about Abdel? Is it love?

You're good.

- No one knows.
- Are you sure?

It could never work with Abdel,
so why get involved?

I'm going to bed.
I'm not 30 anymore.

Same again.

- Do you want one?
- No.

Pascal and Dmitri left
as the world's best friends.

Then they couldn't stand
each other.

Pascal dropped out
and started getting nightmares.

Something happened on that trip.

Will Bellac tell us the truth?

Do you have an appointment?

Nicole, get the papers please.

Ah! There you are.
This way.

Steady on there.

Dmitri, can we go and talk?

That's Benedict XIII.

It's been in the family
for generations.

Your aunt hates paintings like that.

When we were engaged,
they kept her away.

Dmitri, we were never engaged.

We were 17.

Sorry, I had no idea

it was such a bad memory.

Is this about Isabelle?

No, Pascal Ledoux.

He's dead.

He was murdered.

- When?
- Yesterday.

- We've got no leads yet.
- We'd like to ask...

Could you tell us about
your study trip with Pascal?

Of course.

We were studying history of art.

It was a university trip.

- Where?
- Cairo.


Easy - it was 3 years
after we really go started,

so it was in 1985.


And did Pascal
have some sort of traumatic


Not on the trip.
It was great.

But when we got back,

he changed, he started drinking
and didn't come to class.

We lost touch.

And what did you do?

I followed my father's suggestion
of studying law.

And you've never had
any news from him?

No, never.

What was your dissertation on?

Peysson's architectural influence
on the old palace.

Pierre Peysson.

What were you doing
between 2 and 3am yesterday?

I was at home.
You can ask my wife.

We will.

You ask a lawyer what he was doing
on the night of a murder!

- We'll get sacked?
- Why?

It's the law.
And Bellac's got friends

and influence.

You're worried about your job!

Watch your lip!

You don't know how things work here.

- No one's protecting me.
- Or me.

But if I suspect someone,
I ask questions.

What about you and Dmitri?

It was a year, at high school.

We went to Turkey.

He was horrible.
I dumped him.

- It's irrelevant.
- Maybe.

Thanks for telling me.

Yes? Hello.

OK. Thanks.

That was the convent.
Mother Élisabeth is waiting.

- Mother Élisabeth?
- Yes. Ah!

You wanted to talk
about one of the children.

About her mother, especially.

When a woman gave us a child,

we never asked her name.

And they'd never come back.


Giving up a child is very difficult
for a mother.

I don't think I can help you,

My memory's getting so weak.

Does the name Isabelle Blanchard
ring a bell?

- What was that?
- Isabelle Blanchard!

In the 1980s, she'd come every day.

You must remember.
Or was it too busy?


Do you remember her?
She gave you a child.

I don't remember.

I have to ask you
to let me rest now.

I don't feel well.

How did it go?

- Nothing. We need to move on.
- Wait.

She was lying.
She knows something.

We're dropping a key witness.

Julie, she's got Alzheimer's.

We need results, fast!
Leave it! We're wasting our time.

Maybe we should look for the father.

What've we got?

I'm all ears.

Go ahead - inspire me.


When you last saw Isabelle,
she was 17.

You were both friends
with Dmitri and Pascal.

Isabelle went to live with a man

back then.

wasn't involved with Dmitri.

- Really?
- Yes.

Could Isabelle and Pascal
have been together.

No, I don't think so.

So she met someone else,

when you, Dmitri and Pascal
were away.

It's possible.
I didn't know here that well.

We do know

that no man
ever picked her up from work.

Either the father
left without knowing,

or he left Isabelle
when he found out.

Let's get the team on it.

- Anything on the blogger?
- Yes.

I put two guys on it.

Be quick. He's dangerous.


- Do you want to talk?
- Yes.


Thanks for not mentioning Dmitri.
I'm not very comfortable with it.

- You wanted to talk.
- Yes.

You're making a big mistake
with Mother Elisabeth.

We should go back.

I'm listening.

Her behaviour shows she was lying.

Isabelle often came to the convent
to see her child.

If I can't win her trust,

I'll go back to Paris.


I'm sorry, Mother...

Clothilde, I'll take care of this.

- I told you I can't help you.
- I think you can.

We know you knew Isabelle.

You were close to her.

I'm sick.

- The doctors say it's Alzheimer's.
- Yes.

But that doesn't affect
your long-term memory.

Even if you have it,

you can't have forgotten.

Isabelle was murdered.

We think her child's in danger.

Isabelle came here when she was 17.

Her parents refused her pregnancy.

The poor girl was desperate.

We looked after her
during her pregnancy.

I helped her to deliver her baby.

She didn't want him
to be adopted.

We kept him.

In exchange,
Isabelle came every day

to help us look after the children.

It was her,

Isabelle's daughter,
who said she'd been assassinated.

Like her mother, she became
a librarian at the Palais des Papes.

Marion Larrieu?

- Marion is Isabelle's daughter?
- Yes.

Do you know her?

Do you know the father's name?

No, she said it was
a fleeting encounter.

Thanks, Mother.

She was right under our eyes!

Marion Larrieu
is Isabelle's daughter.

That doesn't mean she killed Pascal.

How did she recognize the skeleton?

She always knew
it was her mother's!

Her mother was a librarian!

She recognized the badge.

She knew when her mother
stopped visiting her.

It was obviously her.

She took her revenge on Pascal.

But how did she know
Pascal shut her mother in.

The register.

Yes! I should have realized.

She knew exactly where it was
and took it.

- Abdel?
- Yes?

We need help with Marion Larrieu.


- She's gone.
- Goddammit!

Get people out looking for her, now.

- Laurence.
- What?

Did you know it was your mother?


I knew she didn't leave me.
She stayed nearby.

Do you know who your father was?

No and I don't want to.

He abandoned us.

Did you know Pascal Ledoux?


What about the register page?

I don't know.

Was Pascal Ledoux's name
on the register?

- No idea.
- Did you kill Pascal Ledoux?


Where were you last night?

I was crying.

I was crying because...

I was imagining my mother, alone,

in the dark,

terrified, trying to call out,

tearing her nails
to get out of her tomb.

It wasn't her - even if
she regrets not having done it.

It wasn't her.

I don't know.
It's our only lead, for now.

Trust me, Marion's not guilty.


OK, let's go.

Something's not right.

If Marion took the registry page,
she must have it at home.

Or at the office.

Let's tell the Blanchards
they're grandparents.

It's good news.



Ah. Right.

I've got something to do.

Have a look in her office.
We need those names.

Julie, see you at the Blanchards.

What did you want to say?

Two of us are dead.

What's going on?
Are we in danger?

I don't know.
We're working on it.

Do you have leads?

A suspect,

who may have some information.

What else? Do I know this person?

I wanted to tell you
something important.

I was alone
the night Pascal was killed.

My wife left me.

I can understand why.
I'm an idiot.

You'd know.

There it is.

I wanted you to know.

Now, do your job.

But, please, be discreet.

A lawyer that can't keep his wife

doesn't inspire confidence.

I understand. Sorry.

We knew she was pregnant.

- Georges!
- Let me speak.

For months, I tailed Isabelle.

I saw her with her daughter,
at Saint-Ambroise convent.

I wanted to say
I loved her and the child.

She didn't know the father!
She was 17!

Is that a reason to kick her out?

Is that the Lord's teaching?


Our Lord
taught love and forgiveness.

To forgive and love your children,

You didn't speak to her.

One day,

I told my wife
that I knew where Isabelle was

and that I'd seen our granddaughter.

I wanted to bring them back home.

She couldn't accept that

and made me promise
never to see them again.

Why did you obey her,

I swore that if he saw her
or her bastard,

or mentioned it...

I'd rather have died
than undergo the shame.

We'd have been banished.

It was her or me.

She betrayed us.

Who betrayed who, Marie?

Our daughter died alone,

walled in, alive.

Our granddaughter
is suspected of killing Pascal,

whom we loved as a son.

Who betrayed who, Marie?

I'd like to see my granddaughter,


That's not possible now,

I'm sorry.

No news on Dmitri's
or Pascal's finances.

No offshore accounts
or lifestyle changes.

Forget about the treasure.

OK, but they still may have
discovered the stronghold.

- Who?
- Pascal and Dmitri.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

We've got the blogger!

- Are you Avignon Eye?
- Thanks!

- Come with us.
- It'd be my pleasure.

Well, he didn't murder Pascal.

- Problem?
- I know you!

He's a regular at our bar.

No one suspects
a man in a wheelchair.

Where better to get information
than the cops' favourite bar?

Take him in.

You're under caution
for obstructing the police.

I hope you've got a good lawyer.

Oh, shit!

He heard everything!

So there was no leak.

We gave him everything!


The most amazing thing
is that you manage to work with her.

Don't mix things up, Julie.

Laurence is a hard work,
but she's a great cop.

She's not easy,

and she tries
to make you hate her.

That's for sure.

So what's going on between you?

No idea.

I don't know why it finished.

But tell me,
what are you doing here?

- You'll laugh.
- For sure, but go ahead.

I came to fix things
between my dad and my aunt.

I know, it's stupid.

And it didn't work.

My dad's always talked about her,
since I was a kid.

- He loves her so much.
- So he doesn't bear a grudge.


I've always dreamed of meeting her.

That's why I went to police school.

And I asked to work in your group.

Is there anything else?

I'm pregnant,

but I'm not sure
motherhood is my ideal job.

To your pregnancy.

To my pregnancy.

What's that?


Yes - the killer's still at large.

And who asked you
to get involved in my life?

But, I...

This is none of your business!

Stop trying to play happy families.
It's not my thing!

Julie, come here.
I've got something to show you.

Come on.

Your father and I were born here,
on the second floor.

Your grandparents lived there.

Your dad called when you were born.

He asked me to be godmother.

And I refused.
I was scared.

And with Abdel?

Abdel, Abdel...

Abdel is 10 years younger.

How long would it be before he left?

Why would he leave?

Do you want to move in?

Don't get excited,

it's only because you can cook.

- What were you cooking?
- Your brother's recipe.



Damn, damn, damn.


Where's my client?


Didn't you say?

The prosecutor called.

Marion Larrieu is to be released.

I'd like to see my client

- What is this?
- I defend people.

It's nothing personal.
I'm just doing my job.

- So what about yesterday?
- You know

the procedure for asking questions.

You scum.

Careful, Laurence.
Don't push me.

I'm Dmitri Bellac, your lawyer.

Go and watch
Marion Larrieu's flat.

- Yes?
- It's Alain Gérard.

- No, I don't have time.
- It's important.

I just remembered,
Pascal Ledoux, the dead guy,

was in my year.

His dissertation was about

Benedict XIII's stronghold.

He went there with his friend,

with the key.

Who was his friend?

I can't remember what he was called.


He became a lawyer.

Ah, Pierre!
Call the Prosecutor.

Get a GPS
on Marion Larrieu's phone.

She's in danger.

OK. Any news?

No proof,
but Bellac's involved in it.

- I'm going to see him.
- Take it easy.

I'll call,

but wait for me to call you back.


I don't like it when you agree.

Do you really not understand

what happened with Laurence?


Her best friend dropped her,

then her brother did the same.

3 years later, her parents died
in an accident.

Don't you think that's a lot,
for one woman?

She needs to be in control,
not to feel weak.

Yes, well, I love her.

But you're 10 years younger.

You have to prove to her
that she's wrong.

Have you decided about your baby?

No, not yet.

I don't want to miss this job.

A kid, a loving guy, a family.

Is that so hard?

You're crazy, in your family.

Is Dmitri there?

No. He's cancelled his meetings
for the day.

When did he take on Marion Larrieu?

Sorry, I can't talk about that.

I'll take you in

for obstructing police inquiries.

There's no file for Marion Larrieu.

There is!

- Where are you going?
- To Marion.

She knows who killed her mother.

- We need that page.
- No.

Not without Lol's say-so.

Don't forget, I'm an Inspector.

- I'll go with or without you.
- OK.

I'll come, but tell me
why you want to save her.

She doesn't deserve this.

She's suffered enough.

I don't want her in jail.

I don't believe it.

A Ravel who's sentimental!

Julie, the page isn't here!

That page links Marion
to her mother!

It's the last thing she wrote.
Her last trace.

Even if the best technicians
searched this place,

I'd still think that Marion
had the page somewhere here.

No way!

- Yes?
- Julie!

Julie, I've got the second part
of the cross.

- I've got the names.
- Great!

Dmitri hid the proof of his crime
in his own office!

He was so cocksure!
It was right under his eyes!

Now, find Marion.

- Where is she?
- Saint-Amant chapel.


Calling all personnel,
we're looking for Dmitri Bellac.

He's in a black car
and potentially dangerous.

He's suspected of kidnapping
Marion Larrieu.

That's Marion Larrieu.

Get back.
Stop looking at me like that.

You're making me do this.

- Why did you do it?
- It was an accident.

We didn't want to.

Pascal and I
had found the stronghold.

We knew how to open it.

We were going to find the treasure.

We didn't expect Isabelle.

It was evening.
The place was empty.

We got her away and opened the door.

But there was nothing inside!
Do you hear! Nothing!

No treasure!

Years of research, for nothing!

She came back

and wanted to call the police.

We'd been drinking,
she fell backwards.

I thought she was dead.
We closed the door.

I didn't know she was alive,
I swear.

We went to Egypt.

- Why did you kill Pascal?
- He was going to tell the cops.

We saw the blog,

the cops had found the body.

I went to speak to Pascal,

but he wouldn't listen.
He went for me.

I was going to kill me.
I grabbed a stone...

I hit him.

It was an accident.

You beat his head in
to make it look bizarre.

I didn't want
to kill my best friends.

Bellac, drop your weapon!

- Drop your weapon.
- Dmitri.

Drop your weapon.

Drop it or I'll kill her.

OK. It's done. I'm not armed.

- Let her go.
- Handcuff him.

Behind his back.


Face down on the ground.

It's OK.

It's all OK.

Let's calm down.

Let's just talk,

nice and easy.

You almost got it.
You've always pissed me off.


That was your fault.

Don't provoke me.

It's all of your fault!

Why did you cross me?

- Why?
- Dmitri!


I didn't mean to.

I swear.

Marion. Don't!
Listen to me.

- Isabelle was my friend.
- You abandoned her.

No. She didn't want to see me.

Your mother was pregnant at 17.
It was too hard for her.

I've got nothing.

I don't know who my father is.

I do.

Tell me or I'll kill him.

Pascal Ledoux.
You mother said so.

I didn't know!

I'll kill you.

You'll go to prison.
He'll have won.

She's right, Marion!
You deserve to live, not me.

Well, go on then. Fire!

You've been bluffing for 30 years.

Drop your weapon!


- Abdel told me to wear a vest.
- Yes.

- OK?
- OK.


You couldn't let him
mess your life up.

My life?

What life? I've got no one.

I always thought my father
would come for me.

There are two people
here to meet you.

They have things to tell you.
They're your grandparents.

It's important.

- Laurence?
- Yes.

- I'm going to Paris.
- Are you sure?

Yes. I'm taking everything.

I'm starting work
before my maternity leave.

That's good.

I hope you've found a godfather.

Yes, you.

- Hey, you.
- Yes?

How about a few days in Paris?

My brothers got a restaurant.

You'll love it.

Subtitles: Eclair Media