Mayans M.C. (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - Episode #4.7 - full transcript

You experienced
a hemorrhagic event.

One that made the pregnancy
no longer viable.

- Take the baby, Scott!
- Who is that?

You wanted to see me?

I'm sending you to Oakland.

Oakland got hit last night.

What about Coco?

Fuckers who rolled up

was SOA.

Somebody should probably
check in on Letty.

- Heard about what happened.
- Manny?

Coco was a good soldier.

The Sons will answer
for his death.

But we cannot afford
an all-out war right now.

No, padri we act now.

We all know Packer's
on his last leg at UC Davis.

So we go there,
take out their leadership.

- Me, Angel...
- I'd be honored to join you.

Let's go to war.

Fuck yeah.


It's too dangerous.

She may need help.



Come on. You okay?
Come on.

Get in, get in.
Come on.

Go, go, go, go!

Who the fuck was that?!

I don't know.

Where you want this?

Over there's fine.

Haven't seen
one of these in a while.

I feel like you been
wanting to ask.

It's not my place.

But I saw your tattoo.

Had a pretty good idea
about you, too.

Way you stand like
you're always posting up.

Like you ain't gonna
let no one get the jump on you.

Some shit's hard to let go of.


A cop.


That must've made you popular
with the C.O.'s.

Didn't care much
about their opinion.

Club stuff?

Nah, club came after.


The gateway drug.

My brother, actually.

Older or younger?

Physically older, but...

...emotionally, much younger.

He's all right.

Know what's best
about getting out?


All the constant
fucking yelling.


All of it.



You'd think you'd revel
in the freedom, getting out,

but being locked up
kills something inside you.

Numbs you.

And I don't know if you ever...

ever fully feel again.

How long?

54 months.


I was guilty.

I was the only guilty one
in there.

Everyone else was either
working on an appeal

or swearing they got jammed up.

Every crooked bitch in there
a victim in her own mind.

You didn't fight your case?

No, I told my PD to...

take whatever
they wanted to give me.

I had it coming.


You can imagine
how popular I was.

A crime against my kid.

But they couldn't hurt me.

I was already dead.

You know,
you can't blame yourself...

There ain't nothing to fix here.

You want to see me again?

You need to realize
I ain't a project.

This is what it is.

A good lay and hard abs
ain't gonna magically turn me

into a princess.

That's what I love about men.

We think y'all are
a calculus problem,

but you're just basic math.

Two plus two equals
"please tell me my dick's big."

I feel like now I should
let you know that I minored

in mathematical physics
at Stanford.

So big.

I got to take off
for a bit today.

I don't know how long.

Just got to
take care of something.

Think maybe you could
check in on Sally?

Give her a walk?

Ivy League, huh?

But still not smart enough
to realize

I'm just using you
to get to her?

It's crossed my mind.

I'll drop by after work.

And then if I promise
not to try to fix you?

I thought you were going.

Bye, Sofía.

Leave a message.

Hey, bro.

Been trying to holler at you.

Feels like you're dodging me.

- Not a good idea.
- He's running

this fucking charter
into the ground.

Coco... being gone.

This club needs more unity.

Not division.

He's right, Bish.

We need to come together.

♪ Angel ♪

♪ Ain't you an angel... ♪

Everything I've fucking done
for you.

♪ Ain't you an angel... ♪

For you fucking both.

Any word from EZ or Angel?

Yeah. Got a text an hour ago,

saying they're outside Davis.

You should all go home,
get some rest.

Be some long,
dark days ahead, huh?

♪ Won't you be mine... ♪


Got a minute?

♪ Show me what you like ♪

♪ Be with an angel ♪


Izzy's celebrating
her birthday tonight.

She wants you to come over.

♪ Oh, woman... ♪

You fucking serious?

Maybe you're not aware what's
going on at the moment, padrino.

I'm very aware.

I'm also aware
that Izzy loves you, carnal.

And specifically
asked for you to come

celebrate with us tonight.

♪ Won't you be mine? ♪

♪ Won't you be mine... ♪

I'm gonna have to pass.

♪ Be mine ♪

♪ Oh, be mine... ♪

Whatever issue you got with me,

don't you punish Izzy.

She's been nothing
but good to you.

When you and Antonia were
at your lowest, she was there.

She's a good woman, primo.

And if she wants you
at her dinner,

you're gonna
be at her fucking dinner.

Only three dudes out there.

Yeah, but looks like they
got some friends inside.

So what's the deal?

We go in there
and make right by Coco.

Kill as many high-ranking Sons
as we can find.

Uh, so that's your big idea?

Every time I come up with some
elaborate plan it gets fucked.

So fuck it, here it is.

We walk in,
they don't see us coming,

we find Packer,
Chibs and the rest

and we shoot as many
as we fucking can.

Fuck yeah, it works for me.

Oh, so cool, awesome. Um...

we don't even know
where the fuck they got

Packer at, bro.


What the fuck's oncology?

Cancer ward, bro.

Why-why the fuck you guys
just ain't say that then?

Yo, you got your kutte on
under that?


'Cause if I die today I want
them to know I was a Mayan.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.



Hey, hey, hey. Um...

Estoy buscar, uh...

¿Dónde está el, el, el...

departamiento de, uh...

Uh, de...

Uh... fucking cancer.


How... how the fuck
does everyone know that word?

He should be here by now.

It's all good, man.
He's got this.

Come on.

The fuck is that?

It's called blending in.


Yeah, nah, dawg.

- Whatever.
- All right, where we going?

Seventh floor.
Elevator's that way,

but the place is crawling
with fucking Sons.

All right, let's go.

I say we take it
up to the eighth floor.

Then we cut back downstairs.

We don't want any surprises.

Let's go!

Let's get the
fuck out of here!

Oh, shit.


Hey, get down!

Let's go. Hey, let's go.

Go, go, go! Let's go!

- Go, go, go, go, go!
- Get out of the way!

Move! Move!

Come on, go, go, go.

Move. Move, move.

- Please.
- Wait, wait...

- Lock the door. Lock it.
- Over there!

Go, go, go, go!

We are now on an active Code 3.

- I repeat, we are now
on an active Code 3.
- Aw, shit. Shit!

There's too many. Find an exit.

I'm gonna draw
some of these fuckers away.

Wait, no, Manny, wait!

Hey, we got to go. Come on.

We got to go.

Hey! Stop!

Help! Help! Help!
We're losing him!

- We got to go now!
- EZ?

Fucking hell.

- We got to go. Hey, hey, hey.
- No! No!

- Hey, let's go.
- No! No!

- No! Please, no!
- Come on, come on.

We got to go, bro.

No! Stop!

As you point out in your book,
cats have made

a very rapid evolution
from the solitary animal

and the animal that catches...

Get out of the car! Out!

Open the fucking door.

Hey! I'm-I'm-I'm a doctor!

Get in there!

No, no, get down.

Go, go, go! Go!


Oh, shit.

Fucking Manny, yeah!

Hey, hey, hey!

All right, man. Yeah,
yeah. Yeah. All right, cool.

I don't fucking believe it.

Manny got out.

Yeah. Ditched the jeep.

Made it to Oakland.

Crazy fucker said he's gonna
hang over there for a minute,

then catch a ride back to S.P.

You know what, man,
he might be all right.

What's going on with her?

I don't know.

Bro, make sure she keeps

her fucking mouth shut,
all right?

W-We'll drop her off somewhere,

and then
get the fuck out of here.


You okay?

Back there, what you saw...

I know what I saw, Ezekiel.

I know that man.

Gerald was my friend.

- I'm sorry.
- He was the first person

to talk to me
when I started here.

I know his wife.

His children.

They're waiting for him
to come home right now.

What kind of animal
destroys a family like that?


You can't tell anyone.

I'm going to tell the police.


You can't.

It's Angel.

And he needs to answer
for what he did.

He shot an innocent man, EZ.

Angel's about
to become a father.

Gerald's kids will never
see their father again.

You lost a parent.

You know what that's like.

My-my brother's kid

can't visit him
through prison glass.

Going to the cops
is not gonna change

what happened to your friend.

I miss you, EZ.

You just left.


Your father said awful things.

I should have
never believed him.

- Everything he said is true.
- It's not.



I love you.

I know in my heart,

that in your heart,

you are good.

But Angel?

He needs to answer
for what he did.

Your mother would
want you to do the right...



What did you do?!

EZ, what the fuck did you do?!


What did you do?!

You're late.

Got tied up at work.

Hey, you made it.

- Wouldn't miss it.
- Come here.

Please, have a seat.

- May I?
- Ah, I'm good.

- Brought my own.
- Oh.

Okay, well...

you know, I really appreciate
you making the time, Obispo.

It's been so long, but, hey,

I know you're busy, so...

Actually, I just got a demotion.


My schedule's wide open.

Didn't Marcus tell you?

Not in my home.



Oh, well,

- these look amazing.
- Mm-hmm.


Wait, honey, I got it.

- Oh, hey!
- Oh, hey!

- Happy Birthday!
- Thank you!

I'm sorry, but the cake, it had

to cool before I iced it.

Oh, please, no problem.

- We're just getting started,
come on in.
- Okay.

Gentlemen, this is Maggie.

She's my friend,
and I asked her to join us

for my birthday.

Hope you guys like red velvet.

♪ Love has come to me ♪

♪ My eyes are open ♪

♪ And I see that ♪

♪ Love has come to me ♪

♪ Never knew ♪

♪ How it could really be... ♪

Why are you so quiet tonight?

What should I say?

♪ To be with the one... ♪

Say your favorite word.

We just did that.

- Fuck's a nice choice.
- Mm-hmm.

♪ Love has just come in... ♪

I like "fernweh."

The fuck is that?

Oh, wait, I s-I see
what you just did there.


It's, uh...

it's German for being homesick

for someplace you've never been.

Now you speak German?


Shit, I can barely
speak English.

I just know
what that feels like.

To long to be anywhere else.

♪ For the shape I'm in... ♪

To be anyone else.


Fuck that.

Most of the time,

I have no idea who...
who the fuck I am.

Wherever you go...'re there.

Trust the process.

You haven't said
anything all night

and now you're gonna come at me
with some lazy 12-step bullshit?

If I had wanted that,
I would have fucked Don

in front of
his incredibly sad cat.

You're a trip.


And you got 30 seconds
to bare your soul, motherfucker,

or I'm calling your ass an Uber.

♪ 'Cause I've been
down there below ♪

♪ Many times myself... ♪

What's up?

I guess I'm just worried.

My brothers,

they got something
going down tonight.

I can't stand the thought
of one of them getting hurt

and me not being there.

You can't take care
of everybody.

I can try.

♪ Love is the reason ♪

♪ For livin' girls and boys... ♪

Do they always take care of you?

Are they all shot-up like this?


♪ Everything... ♪

I got fucked-up
a few years ago.

♪ Everything in my life... ♪

Shot point-blank
by these Samoan motherfuckers.

- You want to know what happened?
- What?

Nothing. Those big-ass
ape motherfuckers

are still out there somewhere.

And it was a joke to the club.

♪ I believe in love... ♪

They didn't do
anything about it?


Just let it go.

♪ Proof is my reward... ♪

Which scar was it?

♪ The shape I'm in ♪

♪ And I feel good within ♪

♪ 'Cause, 'cause ♪

♪ 'Cause, 'cause, 'cause ♪

♪ Love has come to me... ♪

Tell me

about each one.

Shit, we'll be here all night.

Oh, yeah?

You got somewhere better to be?

♪ Has come to me... ♪

Fuck no.

♪ So sweet, so sweet ♪

♪ So sweet, so sweet... ♪

Tell me about this one.

♪ Ooh, I said ♪

♪ Love ♪

♪ Has come to me. ♪


We also built shelters in Peru.


The people were so warm
and welcoming.

I saw Machu Picchu.

- Oh, wow.
- It's hard to describe,

but it was amazing.

Wait, but I thought
it was closed to the public.

Yes, but you can
arrange for a guide.

Oh, honey, we should go.

- Definitely.
- Mm-hmm.

Wouldn't you like to go?

- Primo.
- What?

Wouldn't you like
to go to Machu Picchu?

Have you travelled much, Obispo?

Been to Iraq a couple times.


So warm and welcoming.

It was...


Thank you for your service,

Izzy tells me
you're into motorcycles.

Oh, yeah.

You ride?


No, my son wanted one,
but with the babies,

my daughter-in-law
won't stand for it.


You're a grandma.

I am.

Is that a problem?



I'm sure it's great.

I'm sure we got loads
to talk about.

I'm sorry.

- Maybe we should just, uh...
- It's-it's okay.

I love being a grandparent.

When you become one,
you'll see, it's a blessing.

Something about holding
your baby's baby...

It's beautiful.


I think I'm gonna leave.


I'm good.

Been a long day.

I'll show myself out.

Wait, we haven't
had dessert yet.

Happy birthday.

A grandma? Really?

She's three years
younger than you, primo.

Tell her face that.

Izzy was just trying
to do something nice for you.

She's worried about you
and so am I.


Now you're fucking
worried about me?

Our bond, primo,
it runs deeper than the club.

Hey, if you fucking say so, man.

If you don't like
the way I'm running this club,

you can get the fuck out.

You know what your problem is?

Your head is in there.
It's not with the club.

That's why you're scared to
pull the fucking trigger, man.

Nobody wins if our brothers
are dying on the street.

Our brothers are already
fucking dying

in the streets, primo.

Wake the fuck up.

Um... So sorry.

It's fine.

It's fine, Angel.

What's going on?

I thought I wanted this.

That I wanted you.

And I was so happy
that you let me into your life.

And I always knew
something was wrong.

That something was off.

But I thought I could fix it.

- I thought I could
fix you, but...
- Hey, hey, hey.

I know I've been busy.

I've just been...




- No. You don't get to say that!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey...

Not now. It is too late.

Whatever I did...

I am sorry.

I swear to you.

I know I'm fucked-up.

I know this.

But I can change.

I can.

Listen, tonight, it...

It was so fucked-up.
My brother...

Oh, my God!
I am done with that shit.

- I'm leaving.
- Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

- What?
- I am going, Angel.

What about the baby?




He's gone.

What do you... What does
that mean? What do you mean?

What does that mean?

What the fuck did you do?

Your father
took me to the hospital.

My father brought you
to the hospital?

- Yeah.
- And nobody called me?

Oh, and what were you gonna do?

What were you gonna do?

What have you ever done, Angel?


It was a nice dream.

This, this isn't...

Take off your clothes.

Where's Stephanie?


I'm sorry, son.

I know what it's like
to have a child torn...

...from you before you
get a chance to hold them.

You wonder what to do
with that love

that right now feels like pain.

And what did you do?

I had you.

I had your brother.

You move on.

And you forgive.



What the fuck...

did you do?

Why is this family so fucked?


Why do we destroy everything?

Why do we lose everyone?

What did you do
that was so fucking wrong

that God had fucking
rained hell all over us?

What did you do to curse us?

You know what? Get out.

- Angel, son...
- Get the fuck out of my house!

Get out!

Letty, let me in.


Letty. Hey.

What are you doing here?

- What the fuck
are you doing here?
- I had to come see you.

Yo, how drunk are you?

I'm not drunk.

I just, I can't stop
thinking about you.

I can't stop
thinking about yesterday.

Angel, yesterday
was a mistake, okay?

- No. No.
- A terrible fucking mistake.

- No. No, no, no. No, no,
hey, hey. No, no, no.
- Angel, stop, stop.

It's okay. It's okay.

- This is good. Hey.
- No, it is not okay,
it is not good.

Angel, we're fucked-up.

What happened yesterday
will never happen again.

- Okay?
- No, hey, don't say that...

- No, Angel stop
fucking touching...
- What's up?

The fuck's all this?

- You didn't.
- I...

- Stop! Yo!
- His fucking daughter?

- Hey, stop!
- His fucking daughter!

- Stop it! Gilly, stop!
- Fuck... Fuck!

- Get up, Angel!
- Fucking kill you!

- Stop! Get... Stop it! Stop!
- Get up! Get up!

- Stop!
- Fucking fight me! Get up!
- No.

- Get up and fucking fight me,
you fucking bitch!
- No...

- Fuck you, motherfucker.
- I... I'm all fucked-up.

- Get the fuck
out of my house!
- Fuck you!

-Can't fucking believe this.
In his fucking house.
-Both of you,

get the fuck out of my house!

I'm sorry.

- It was, uh...
- Are you here?

Are you back safe with Sally

and me?

Are we safe?

Are you safe?

That's all I care about.


I can't fucking believe it.

Of course you would
show up tonight.

- Angel...
- I don't want to hear

anything out of your
fucking mouth.

You can't keep
doing this shit to me.

You can't!

I can't do this
with you anymore.

I can't.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey, hey.

My boy.

My boy.

My boy.

♪ You put salt in the wound ♪

♪ And a kiss on my cheek ♪

♪ You butter me up ♪

♪ And you sit down to eat ♪

♪ You add insult to injury ♪

♪ You say you believe in me. ♪