Mayans M.C. (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - The Righteous Wrath of an Honorable Man - full transcript

The Mayans bring death to SOA's doorstep.

I'm under a lot of pressure.

I'm gonna do whatever it takes.

This everything
you thought it'd be?

Closest thing
I could find stateside.

I was surprised
when you didn't re-up.

What happened

in Mosul...

that wasn't you.

Who the hell?

Take the baby, Scott!

- I've called the police!
- I've called the police!

Here's your mercy.

My boy.

They just spoke to some
of the brothers up in Oakland.

The fuckers who rolled up...

they weren't wearing kuttes,

but they were recognized
as SOA

One of the clubhouses
got shot up.

Someone I know died.

The fucking Mayans started
this shit.

Terry's just doing
what he has to.

We walk in,
they don't see us coming.

We find Packer,
Chibs and the rest,

and we shoot as many
as we fucking can.

Let's get the fuck out of here!


- We got to go now!
- EZ?

I'm going to tell the police.

You can't. It's Angel.

Your mother would want you to do

the right thing.

What did you do?!

EZ, what the fuck did you do?!


♪ Little one got
to heed my warning ♪

♪ Devil is fine ♪

♪ I can't do him no wrong ♪

♪ Devil is fine ♪
♪ Oh ♪

♪ Little one better
find your way out ♪

- ♪ Devil is kind ♪
- ♪ Oh ♪

♪ Little one better run
for your life ♪

♪ Devil is fine ♪

♪ Oh, little one gotta heed
my warning ♪

♪ Devil is kind ♪

♪ He come in early morning ♪

♪ Devil is fine. ♪

Good morning, Ezekiel.

Three, two, one.

Take off!



Oh, you're so good, yeah.

He needs to eat, Angel.

I'll just make
some more formula.


He's not latching because your
oxytocin levels probably ain't

high enough to lactate anymore.

I've been reading those.

I'm his mother.

I know. It's just,
you probably just been too...


I'm his mother.

I'm his mother.

This is it.

You guys are just gonna be
staying over here.

I-I, uh...

made some room
for you in the closet.

Um, where are you gonna...?

Couch. I'm good.

We'll, we'll be out
of your hair soon.

Just want to give Paul
some space and...

Stay as long as you like.

It's cool.

You like the Dodgers?

This one's signed by El Toro.

Fernando Valenzuela?

When are we going home?

Soon, baby.



It's good to see you.

I wanted to tell you and Angel

about the shop, but...

It's time to let the ghosts go.

Move on.

I spent my whole life
listening to you.

Believing something was
wrong with me.

Allowed you to try
to make me something else.

But Goya, the painting.

I see it now.

I'm not the dog drowning.

I'm the ocean.

What happened, son?


What about her?

You couldn't save her.

What are you talking about?

Where is she?


Under dirt and branches.

What did you do?

I know who I am now.


What the fuck did you do?

You couldn't save me.

I'm glad your mother's
not here to see you.

Me, too.

The violence.

The war that's playing out
in the street right now.

It ends today.

The only way we stop more
bloodshed in the street

is by wiping San Bernardino
off the face of the earth.

Send that message to Charming.

You come after ours?

We'll bring death
to your doorstep.

I know some of us have families.

What we're asking of you today,

I don't take lightly.

But like every nation,

for our people to be safe,
for there to be peace...

...we must annihilate
our enemies.

I thank you.

You be careful out there, huh?



...sit this one out.

My men go to war,

I go with them.

We can't afford
to take the risk.

There ain't no club without you.

I'll ride with Santo Padre.

I'll make sure they don't
fuck this one up.


We're old men.

We had ours.

This is their war.

Their time.

Let 'em have it.

Let 'em earn it.



Are you avoiding me?

Nah, uh...

I just been, um...

She was gonna
turn you in, Angel.

- I didn't have a choice.
- I know!

Bro, it's just...

It's fucked-up.

You don't think
I fucking know that?

You don't think I know that?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry you had to do that.

- Bro, I just...
- Hey, hey, yo.



I know.

I know, bro.

You sure you're up for today?

It's all shifted now.

Wave's rolling.

Nothing's gonna stop it.

Do you know

if she's worked today?

I think she's about
to start her shift.


- What the fuck, Jaz?
- They shot him!

They fucking shot Terry.

And now he's in the fucking ICU

hooked up to machines.

You knew they were coming,
and you didn't tell us.

You didn't fucking tell us!

I didn't know, I swear!

I swear...


Look, Terry's sponsor
is back now.


he's fucking scary, Jess.

- Terry's sober?
- No, you fucking idiot.

His club sponsor, okay?


Even Terry's terrified of him.

It's bad.

All of this is so fucking bad.

Leave Terry, Jaz.

He cheats on you.

Treats you like shit.

He's my soul mate,
you fucking asshole.

What are they planning next?

What do you know?

Fucking tell me.

On our blood,

tell me.


I swear.

If you're lying to me,
I'm gonna tell them.

I'm gonna come back
and I'm gonna tell the Mayans

what you did.

You're gonna make it up to us.

To me.

You fucking owe us.

You're gonna do
whatever the fuck we say.

Aw, she's growing so fast.


Already crawling.

Daughter can't keep up.

Chasing her around the house.

She's a handful.

Wonder where she gets that from.

Oh, fuck.

♪ I'm gonna live forever ♪

♪ I'm gonna cross that river ♪

♪ I'm gonna catch tomorrow now ♪

♪ You're gonna want to hold me ♪

♪ Just like I always told you ♪

What the fuck?!

♪ You're gonna miss me ♪

♪ When I'm gone ♪

♪ Nobody here
will ever find me ♪

- Fuck.
- ♪ But I will always be around ♪

♪ Just like the songs
I leave behind me ♪

♪ I'm gonna live forever now ♪

She's beautiful, huh?

♪ You fathers and you mothers ♪

♪ Be good to one another ♪

♪ Please try to raise
your children right ♪

♪ Don't let
the darkness take 'em ♪

♪ Don't make 'em feel forsaken ♪

♪ Just lead 'em safely
to the light ♪

♪ When this old world is
blown asunder ♪

♪ And all the stars
fall from the sky ♪

♪ Remember someone
really loves you ♪

♪ We'll live forever,
you and I ♪

♪ I'm gonna live forever ♪

♪ I'm gonna cross that river ♪

♪ I'm gonna catch tomorrow now ♪

♪ I'm gonna live forever ♪

♪ I'm gonna cross that river ♪

♪ I'm gonna catch tomorrow now ♪

♪ I'm gonna live forever,
I'm gonna cross... ♪

If you even fucking flinch...

♪ I'm gonna catch tomorrow now ♪

Got my cigarettes, prospect?

♪ I'm gonna live forever ♪

♪ I'm gonna cross that river ♪

♪ I'm gonna catch tomorrow now ♪

I said hard pack, motherfucker.

♪ I'm gonna cross that river ♪

♪ I'm gonna catch
tomorrow now. ♪

They're in the ba...

- Let's go!
- Shit.

Come on.

Let's go, let's go.

I got this.

- Let's go!
- Come on.

What the fuck?!

Come on.


Hey, get down!

Get on your fucking knees now!

Get the fuck down!

Hey, hey.
Stay with me, brother.

You cool?


Get it off.

Get that shit off.

Stop moving.

Get the fuck up, let's go!

- Let's go, get up.
- Get off me.

Hey, get your ass over there,
get down!

Let's go, get up.

You okay?

Poor fucker.


I caught you slipping.


I'm sorry.

Shit happens, you know?

I remember this one time...

I know y'all might not have seen
eye to eye, but...

he was a good man.

He was a good big brother to me.

All this, man,

just to end up a fucking bullet
on a table once a year.

Bunch of drunk dudes
sitting around,

talking about your character.

He was a dad, man.

He had a little boy.

But I know you know that, huh?

If you'll excuse me, bro,
I think I lost my appetite

for this shit tonight.

Otero will become president.

You should move
to become Yuma VP.

Oh, yeah?

It's physics.


You would've done
the same thing.

I would've stood there,

watched him put a bullet
in your head.

So that night, in there... had your chance
to stand back, do nothing.

But you didn't.

Look, I'm not saying
we're all...

I'm not asking
for us to be good.

But I'm telling you
what we are...

is square.

I don't owe you anything

You've inherited a path

that has taken
a lot of brothers.

And today
we lost another good one.

So, tonight, when you drink,

you drink to him.



As Mayans,

we don't mourn our soldiers.

We celebrate them.

To Canche.

To Canche.

Right there.

Right... there.

Yep. Yep.

Almost there.

Almost. Uh...

Oh. Okay. I'll get it for you.

I'll get it for you.




You look exhausted.

Oh, I can't.

I'm scared
they've done so many...

bad things to me
that now I'm...

You're his mother.

I'm a monster, Angel.

I did to him

the same thing
those monsters did to me.

I made him see

what I saw as a child.

His family.

We're his family.


I broke in him
what's broken in me.

There's so much bad out there.


Maybe we're both fucked-up.

But he's good.



Now it's our job
to protect that.

Not let him...

end up broken like us.

I love you, Luisa.

But if you leave again...

...he stays.

Our baby stays.

He's in bed.

Want a beer?


Earth to Lopez.

Yeah, sorry.

Don't be sorry.

It's your house.

How was your day?



Just hung out with the fellas.

How's he doing?

Loves his dad more
than anything.

It's tough.

I just need Paul to...

How do you do it?

You have your shit so together.

How'd you leave it all
over there?

We just did our job,
then we came home.


It's a gift.

You know?

Way you've always seen the world
so black and white.

I get so...


I don't get to be fucked-up.

I have to keep my shit together
for Jacob.

But I saw all the same things.


was on me.

Don't say that.

It's not true.

Ultimately, I made the call.

I was your commanding officer.

Anything that happened,

everything that did happen...'s on me.

Does he think
it doesn't haunt me?

That I don't see that...

little girl's face, too?

Her mother?

Her grandmother?

You know...

if that first car had just...


You okay, sweetie?

Everything's okay.

Yeah, little man.

Everything's okay.

It's just...

it's been a long day.

We've had a...

long day, too.

Let's go, baby.


That's intense.

Uber driver asked me,
like, five times

if I was sure
this was the right place.

It's definitely the wrong place.

But that,
that's just for security.

There's no safer place to be.

I'm nervous.

Meeting the family
is a big step.

They're gonna love you.

Come on.

Who do we have the pleasure?

This is Kody.

Hello, Miss Kody.

Damn. "Miss Kody"?

What am I,
a kindergarten teacher?


Have a seat, sweetheart.

Thank you.

Hi. I'm Dondo.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

I'm Hank.


I can already tell
she's too good for you.

Hmm! Ah.

I like him.

Wow, look at this dude.

Come here.

Come here.

After today,

you might still be a prospect,
but you ain't no bitch.

Thanks, man.

Fuck your thanks.

Get me a drink, prospect.



Snap it up.

Fucking emotional.


That's very rare.

Please put it down.

For too long

I have adhered
to this insane arrangement.

To think that s-someone like you

telling someone like me
what to do.

But no more.

Our mom wasn't the only thing

died today.

If you were going
to show up drunk,

- you shouldn't have bothered.
- Shut up!

Shut the fuck up
for once in your life!

Things are gonna change here.

I'm through with this...

- pathetic charade.
- This is

how Father wanted it.

Dad's dead.

Mom is dead.

The old ways are dead.

I'm in charge now.

I may let you live.


Amongst all the ghosts.

Just another... oddity,

locked safely away
from public view.

But the family business... mine.


He's beautiful.

That was pretty dope.


My brothers.

They mean the world to me.

And for them to know my girl...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Am I your girl?

Your girl?

I told you they would love you.


I mean, I could, like...

I could maybe...

I mean, at some point.

I mean, I know it's too soon.

I mean...


Maybe me, too.

One day.

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Our sins...

♪ Mm-mmm ♪

..we're paying with bloodshed..

♪ Mm-mmm ♪

I need to know
where everybody's
loyalties lie.

♪ Off, off with your head ♪

We learn from our past.

♪ Off, off with your head ♪

We can protect our future.

- ♪ Heads will roll ♪
- ♪ Heads will roll ♪

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No way. No.

That is parenthood
in a nutshell.

- The anxiety.
- Ava!

The insomnia.

Making hundreds
of decisions every day.

And hope to God
they're the right one.


Pretending you know
what's right.

And you don't?

Uh, no. No.
I would say not.

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