Mayans M.C. (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - When I Die, I Want Your Hands on My Eyes - full transcript

(overlapping shouting)

- (panting)
- (grunting)

- (screams)
- (gunshot)




(crying) no!

This Agra park project.

Our competitor bribed a clerk
in city planning,

I just need somebody
to talk to him.



we are here about this man.

Tell me, Mrs. Galindo,

who did you hire to murder
Marlon buksar?

Shouldn't you be home

helping your fiancée
get ready for the kid?

If I ain't there,
I can't fuck it up.

Sofía, right?

I wasn't sure if you
needed this back.

(knock on door)

Turns out we're actually

gonna need that leash back.

Sons, Mayans, we got history.

One wrong move
could start a war.

I found something,

and I don't know what to do.

Boston Terry:
What the fuck's all this?

Show him.

Boston Terry:
What did chibs say?

You got your war.

Fuck you! (indistinct yelling)

you deserve better.
You know that, right?

Words of wisdom
from a junkie piece of shit.

I'm sending you to Oakland.
You get this right,

your bottom rocker
might be waiting

for you when you get back.

Saw something beautiful,

it made me think of you.

I love you, Coco.


I love you, hope.

(cell phone buzzing)

(cell phone unlocks)


Get everybody
to the clubhouse, huh?


Is everything all right?


- Hey, get the fuck up!
- What?

Call him again.
I want fucking answers.

- Yo.
- (door closes)

yo, what the fuck is going on?

Oakland got hit last night.

- What?
- (door opens)

any news?

We're on it. We'll find out
the motherfuckers

-who came at us.
It'll be the last thing...

- ...They ever fucking do.
- Marcus.

What do we know?

We're finding out what we can.

Five dead. Four in the ICU.

What about Coco?


♪ ♪

♪ ♪


He's still icing us out.

What about sons, huh?

Retaliation for that hit
in Berdoo.

You fucking idiots did that
months ago against my orders.

Why would they wait
to hit us now?

Charming knows I'm back
in the fold.

Well, happy is the type
to hold a grudge, Padrino.

Me and happy...

- We got no issues.
- (scoffs)

you got something to say?

Fuck happy.

And fuck every son.

I don't trust any of them.

A brother got hit,

a santo padre brother.

I don't even trust everyone
at this table.

Wait, what the fuck you trying
to say, motherfucker?

- No one from Yuma got hit.
- Canche: Yeah, they fucking did.

The pipe bomb,

your fingerprints all over it.

Blood of four brothers

on your fucking hands...

...And you want
to talk about trust?

No one from Stockton got hit.

Where's dondo?


have consequences.


Dondo went up north
to check on his guys,

which is what I want you to do.

Go home, take care
of your charter.

Keep things tight up there.

Now, until we learn more,

I want everything
locked the fuck down.

Now, go.


What the fuck do you think
you're doing, Ezekiel?

You're a VP.

Your job is to unite,
not divide.

Our next move

could start an all-out war.

All due respect, Padrino,

I think we may
already be in one.

- (door opens)
- mm.

- What'd he say?
- We wait.

We figure out
who's responsible.


my money's
on those reaper motherfuckers.

That came up.

(scoffs) why the fuck would
they hit us now?

Alvarez needs a beat to get
a handle on the situation.

He wants to make sure
the next move's the right one.

Well, so, what?
Do fucking nothing?

- We have no choice.
- No! Damn it!

Fuck the rules.

Caught me.

Think you got
a pretty good view last night.

(laughs softly)

Didn't mean to stay.

I was really beat.

It's all good.

You okay?

You ran out of here.

(sally whines)

she can read you.

(sally whining)

take care of yourself, Ez.

Hey, I'm glad, uh...

- I'm glad that you stayed.
- (sally whines)

jury's still out for me.

(door closes)

- (sighs)
- (sally whines)

(birds singing)

ready to start the day,

♪ ♪

("la llorona" plays
over nails' headphones)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(footsteps approaching)

how you holding up?

(bishop sniffles)

I know what it's like
to lose someone.

It's like...

It's like losing gravity.

You-you get all upside down.

Like you're just gonna...

Like you're just gonna
float away without them.


What the fuck
you talking about?

Nothing. I just...

Just know
that I'm a good listener

if you ever want to talk.

What I want is to sit here,

get very drunk,
and not talk or think

about how I just lost a brother

and there's not a fucking thing
I can do about it.

So if you really are
a good listener, listen to this.

Leave me the fuck alone.


(water running)






(bells tolling)


I pray that's true.

(door closes)

(line ringing)

it's time.

(brakes squeaking)

- what was so fucking urgent?
- (panting)

something's going on.

One of the clubhouses
got shot up.

Someone I know died.


Is that because of me?

Don't act all scandalized
now that shit's getting real.

(Jess panting)

you never said
people were gonna get killed.

I hate to break it to you,

but that kutte you brought us
didn't just fall

into that barrel.

It was put there on a dead son.

And I knew him.

He was... He was a good guy.

The fucking Mayans
started this shit.

Terry's just doing
what he has to.

I don't want to be a part
of this anymore.

I'm done. I'm out.

No, you're fucking not.

Those wetbacks
are gonna want revenge,

and we need you to tell us
when it's gonna happen.

They don't ever
tell me anything.

Just listen, look.

You'll see them
getting guns ready,

talking about certain places.

When they respond,
they're gonna respond big.

You'll know. You'll hear.


What if they find out
it was me?

You ain't nothing but warm,
wet furniture to them.

To the breezes, brother.

Another one.

♪ I should've gone to college ♪

♪ and made a lot of money ♪

♪ and given you everything ♪

♪ that your heart desires ♪

- ♪ I should've been
blue-collar... ♪
- (sniffles)

hey, bro.

- You good?
- (sniffles)

you would think after all this
time, this shit gets easier.

♪ been smarter,
should've been stronger ♪

fucking doesn't.

♪ I should've been you... ♪

(Gilly sniffles)


Somebody should probably
check in on Letty and...

- What's her name?
- Hope.

Her name's hope.

Yeah, her.

I'll do it.

Oh, hey, hey.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, sit down.

- Why don't you hang back?
- (sighs)

I'll handle this.



Hey, Letty's gonna be fucked up.

We got to be there for her.

Hey, we will, man.

♪ in these basement bars
in this rock 'n roll band... ♪

(Gilly sniffles)

we will.

(door opens)

Padrino, you got a minute?

I just spoke to some
of the brothers up in Oakland.

The fuckers who rolled up...
they weren't wearing kuttes,

but they were recognized as SOA.

How sure are you?

One hundred percent.


Didn't even hide their faces.

It's like
they wanted us to know.

You tell anyone else?


Keep that between us, huh?

You know, once the brothers hear

about this,
they're gonna want blood.

Striking back blind
isn't the answer, hank.

We need to know
what's behind this.

I mean, shit.
We're still recovering

from a fucking civil war.

We can't just jump
into a conflict with the sons.

What kind of message
does it send

if we don't hit back?

We need answers.

Then we'll move.


(breathing loudly)

(sucks in through teeth)

(breathing loudly)

(groans, gasps)

it's okay.

(sniffles, exhales)

it's okay.

You're gonna be okay.


(groans softly)





are you okay?

I don't know. (exhales)

- yeah.
- Here. Come on.

- Okay.
- Let me take you. Come on.

sucks in through teeth)

oh, bring it. Bring it.

I think he's coming.

- Okay. Come on.
- (gasps)

(groaning softly)

thank you.

- Come on.
- (sucks in through teeth)

we got a prospect for that.

Man can't be scared
to get his own hands dirty.

Any word?

Everybody's so eager
to go to war.

But after all the funerals,

the old ladies, the kids,

you sometimes forget
why it even started.

'92, Cali patch.

Two years of death.

Every day, getting on this bike,
never knowing

if that ride would be your last.
And for what?

I mean, at the end of the day,

what do we have to show for it?


Except death
over a fucking piece of cloth.

The brothers got angry,
but we pulled back.

Now we wear so cal,
nor cal patches.

Sometimes you got
to make tough decisions

- to save brothers' lives.
- (huffs)

we can't let this slide,

We need to find out
who it fucking was.

I don't got the luxury of seeing
things black and white, Ez.

I don't got the luxury
of emotions.

Now, Coco...

Coco's death is on me.

I sent him up there,
and I'll always carry that.

Blood will be shed.

Don't you worry about that.

But it's on me, on us,

to limit how much of that blood
is Mayans.

(metallic creaking)

- (metallic creaking)
- (tool clicking)


(dog barking)

(dog barking)

you okay?

Is hope around?

(dog barking)

you hungry?

You brought me chicken nuggets.

Am I six?

I got you a cheeseburger, too.

He would have hated
to see it this way.

- (siren wailing)
- (nails moaning)

we're getting you help.

- You're gonna be okay.
- My baby?

We're gonna need a CBC,
PTT and HCG.

- And get the doctor down here.
- What's wrong?

What's going on?

Is she gonna be okay?

Sir, I need you to wait outside.

(nails crying)

just take deep breaths
for me, okay?

In through your nose,
out through your mouth.


is the baby coming?

BP 90/60, pulse 120.


- what's happening?
- We need you to stay calm, okay?

I need someone to tell me
what's going on right now.

De león:
Give her one milligram
of Dilaudid.

- That's to help you calm down.
- I don't need to calm down.

I need someone to tell me
what's going on.

And 25 milligrams of oxytocin.

Yes, doctor.

(electricity crackling)


- (Leticia grunting)
- hey.

Hey, hey, let me do that.
No, I got it.

I got it, I got it, I got it,
I got it, I got it.

I got it.

He's not coming back.

(ragged breathing)

he's not coming back.


It hurts so bad.

♪ ♪


(clears throat)

well, uh...

I guess I should go.

You good?

Good, good.

Well, hey, look, um,

if you need anything,
the club, you know,

we're all here for you.


I'm good, angel.

I'm fine.

Okay. Um...

I'll go.


(engine revs in distance)

(line ringing)

Angel (over phone):
It's angel. Leave a message.


Son, call me.

(monitor beeping steadily)

(Felipe exhales)

de león:
How are you feeling?

Just tired.

Where's my baby?

You experienced
a hemorrhagic event.

One that made the pregnancy
no longer viable.

- I'm sorry.
- (high-pitched ringing)

These sometimes happen...

De león:
Would you like to see him?


he's beautiful.

(phone ringing)



Who is this?

I can't talk long.


Are you okay? Where are you?

I don't have a lot of time,
and I-I don't know

who could be listening...

But you need to be careful.

Careful? Are you in trouble?

Automated voice:
To continue the call,

- please insert more money.
- (stammers)

uh, that... Ez, that favor.

So someone came asking about it.

They found me. I don't know how.

(engine starts)

Emily, tell me where you are.

Ez, I-I... I can't.

- Em.
- Ez, I just wanted
to tell you...

To continue the call,
please insert more money.

Emily, where are you?

To continue the call,
please insert more money.

I don't have more money. Just...

- Be careful.
- Emily.

-Goodbye, Ez.
-To continue the call,
please insert...

- (phone beeps)
- Emily?

(phone ringing)

(line ringing)

(engine approaching)


I heard about what happened.

What are you doing back?

Bro, if y'all gonna kill
some sons, I want in.

Oakland hasn't confirmed
it was sons.

Yeah, they did. I hopped
on my bike soon as I heard.

What you talking about?

The ladder.

I'm sorry?

The ladder. I...

I shouldn't have
moved the ladder.

Santa María, madre de dios,

ruega por nosotros,

ahora y en la hora
de nuestra muerte. Amen.

Dios te salve, maría,

llena eres de gracia,

el señor es contigo.

Bendita tú eres
entre todas las mujeres,

y bendito es el fruto
de tu vientre jesús.

Santa maría, madre de dios,

ruega por nosotros, pecadores,

ahora y en la hora
de nuestra muerte. Amen.

Dios te salve, maría,

llena eres de gracia,

el señor es contigo.

(voices fading)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(engine starts)


it's all I could
scrape together.


I got to talk to Padrino.


I can't believe
Alvarez didn't tell us.

Maybe he needed a minute,

you know, to figure out
what to do next.

No, he's afraid of war.

- (clears throat)
- old-timers had theirs, huh?

And they lost.

Dawg, I'm so fucking tired
of waiting, man.

They don't get
that it's our turn now.

And I don't plan on losing.
What about you?

Fuck no.

Dawg, it's physics, man.

Any vacuum needs to be filled.

All right, that flash on your
chest ain't for decorations.

You gonna lead us or what?

(door closes)

This motherfucker.

Templo in 30.

(ragged exhale)

(music playing softly)

(door closes)

♪ you are my way out... ♪

(hope crying softly)


(soft creaking)

I'm sorry.

I'll leave tomorrow.



(sighs softly)

please don't go.






(engine rumbling)

(shuts off engine)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


(shuddering softly)



(groans softly)

(sniffles, exhales)



(exhales sharply)

♪ ♪

- ling)
- (door opens)

(dog barking in distance)

I can help.

Just go.

Here are your clothes.

Take the bag.

Throw it away.

(door closes)

(sighs softly)

("cold as it gets"
by patty griffin playing)

♪ to the end of the earth ♪

♪ I'll search for your face ♪

♪ for the one who laid all
of our beauty to waste ♪

♪ threw our hope into hell ♪

♪ and our children to the fire ♪

♪ I am the one
who crawled through the wire ♪

♪ I am the one who crawled
through the wire ♪

♪ there's a million sad stories
on the side of the road ♪

♪ strange how we all
just got used to the blood ♪

♪ millions of stories
that'll never be told ♪

♪ silent and froze in the mud ♪

♪ silent and froze
in the mud ♪

♪ I know a cold
as cold as it gets ♪

♪ I know a darkness
that's darker than coal ♪

♪ a wind that blows
as cold as it gets ♪

(breathing heavily)

♪ blew out
the light of my soul ♪

♪ blew out the light
of my soul ♪

♪ I know a cold
as cold as it gets ♪

♪ I fight a war
I may never see won ♪

♪ I live only to see ♪

♪ you live to regret ♪

♪ everything that you've done ♪

♪ everything
that you've done ♪

♪ everything that you've done. ♪

Coco was a good soldier.

A good brother.

The sons will answer
for his death.

But we can't afford
an all-out war right now.


we're too divided.

We're too vulnerable.

I'll backdoor to charming.

Find out what was behind this.

Then we'll call on retribution.

Fuck that.

They need to fuckin' pay.

(inhales sharply)

no, Padrino.

We act now.

Excuse me?

You want to send a message?

Avenge our brother
without putting

a bunch of our guys at risk?

We all know packer's
on his last leg at uc Davis.

Charming or anyone else
who might've greenlit that hit

will be keeping vigil.

So we go there.

Take out their leadership.

Cut the head off a snake
and it dies.

Show these motherfuckers
who we are.

It's a suicide mission.

It is.

That's why I'll go.

That's not the job of a VP.

A man shouldn't be scared
to get his own hands dirty.

I would never ask a brother
to do anything

that I wouldn't do myself.


angel, Gilly.

Smaller the team, the better.

Never see it coming.

Fuck yeah.

Gilly stays here.

Fuck that.

You're not gonna leave this club
shorthanded again.

- He was my brother!
- He was all our brother!

You stay.


shit. Fuck it. I didn't come all
the way down here for nothing.

I'd be honored to join you.

That's it, then.

That's all we need.


This goes wrong...

It affects more than just you.

If it goes right...

It means no one will ever think
about coming after us

ever again.

And it'll mean
we've done right by Coco.

Let's go to war.

Fuck yeah.

(gavel bangs)

("no room to rust"
by brother hawk playing)

♪ well, I'll only let you down ♪

♪ if everything's
all you want from me now ♪

♪ 'cause I ain't got it
to lay down ♪

♪ 'cause you've ruined
one too many nights ♪

♪ with meaningless fights ♪

♪ and worn me to the bone ♪

♪ where I once held ♪

♪ a red-hot fire ♪

♪ is only ash and coal. ♪