Mayans M.C. (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Overreaching Don't Pay - full transcript

Seeing an opportunity, Bishop sets EZ's plan into motion.

"Previously on "Mayans M.C."

This was posted 40 minutes ago.

It's already gone viral.

Los Olvidados kidnapped my son.


My brother, he knows Galindo's wife.

They were together
before he went to prison.

Miguel promised there
would be no retaliation

but if anything happens,
will you tell me?

It already has.

Two innocents burned to death.

Dumped in merchant square.

Oh, Jesus.


Rapido, rapido!


Vamos. Rapido, rapido.

Vámanos, vámanos.


There's no signal out there.

We tried to give you a heads up.

I know. We'll give you
our satellite number.

Something you gotta hear.

I got him.

We may have locked down a buyer.

Out of Nevada.

Jimmy Yen.

He's setting up his own thing.

Needs product.

When will you be certain?

Probably make a run to Vegas

next week.

We're gonna have to.


We're running out of
time and places to hide.

I know.

I'm sure he's gonna want
all nine keys you got left.

Tell him we have six.



You run out of firewood again?

He needs his mother.

He needs a clean diaper.

Thought this was about
creating less orphans.

What was that about?

Kid needs a change.

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Our associates at the
CDCR have reached out.

That rebel video has
made people very nervous.

We're gonna meet with
them this afternoon.

Calm shit down.

Let 'em know it's gonna
be business as usual.

We just want to know we're
telling them the truth.

That we'll have their own to deliver

at the end of the month.

Well, I have more poppies
than I can harvest.

You'll have your product.

Thank you.

Where are you meeting them?

Outside Cibola.

San Buho Casino.

The tip was good.


We were too late, Mikey. I'm sorry.

The rebels were already moved.

Was there anything at the camp?

There's another video.

I want my pew full by end of day.

They want us to handle it.

I'm hoping you can.

Okay, so let me be clear.

This all came down from old man Chen?

Yes. Two days ago.

And Miguel is good with the terms.

It's the Chinese whose
shipment got jacked.

Makes sense that we
proxy the cartel message.

Let them know everything's cool.

Chinese supply the
southern parole region

with hashish and horse.

Chen's guys most likely
know our prison suits.


All right. Set it up.

I'll make sure we're up there by 3:00.

Good. I'll call you to confirm.

Keep this between us

until I get confirmation, huh?

Yeah, of course.

We took a stand against evil

and this was the response.

The devil is desperate,
so he tries to silence us.

He wants us to crawl back
into our dirty little holes

and be terrified.

But there is no place left to hide.

No safe holes.

Our mothers and fathers,

our sons and daughters,

the cartel will make orphans of us all

unless we make a
stand for our children

and our children's' children.

We can no longer be forgotten.


Crazy fucking times.

It's too early for a drop.

Just checking in.

A lot's going on on the
other side of the fence.

I want to make sure
our boy's doing okay.

I know it's a rough day.

He's fine.

Hola, Felipe.


If you want to stop worrying...

You contact them.

You can call 24/7.

Tell him to use it.


- Creep okay?
- Yeah.

Horse is taking good care of him.

Everything good with Adelita?

Yeah, we'll set it up.

What are you doing here?

Come to get you.

The run got pushed up. Leaving earlier.

Not sure why.


Let Bishop know we
were checking on Creep.

We'll catch up.

Prospect. He's riding with us, right?



I know this thing with Emily's
kid's gotta be hard for you.

- It's not for you?
- Of course it is.

But you can't let it bleed
into what we're doing.


Strange day, you know?

Shit, I'm sorry man. I forgot.

Doesn't matter.

Drop it!

I didn't think.

Mayans so far up my ass.

It's okay.

Los Americanos, fuck you!

How's Creep?

Feeling up.

Dump that pure 12 scrap?

Hell, no. That drop is over six tons.

Bishop wants to hit the road early.

I guess Galindo invited the Chinese

to our prison sit-down.

- What?
- Why?

Same shit.

Let them know the cartel
will be able to deliver.

That makes it easy.

Hey, buy me a few minutes?

- Yeah.
- Gonna give Jimmy a call.


My brown brothers.

- Adam.
- Bishop.

Hey, sorry about checking the weapons.

It's tribal law.

Booze and bullets have
not been a good combination

for my people.

Ours either.

The other parties get down here yet?

Not that I know of.

But we have the room you requested.

It's private, very quiet.

Thank you.

Well, we've got a few hours to kill.

Me and the Boy Scout.

We're gonna win a little wampum.

Keep him contained.

- I'll catch up.
- Yeah.

How you been, Jimmy?

Getting by.

What do you have?

Six keys.

97% pure guero heroin.

30 per brick.

- Thought you had nine.
- So did I.

I'm just the middle man.

Can you get it to Vegas?


You certain it stays outside the family?

Yep. You?

Mm. Same.

I'm in.


- You?
- Stay.

And you, sir?


The house is over.

The gentleman wins again.


All good. I'll fill you in.

He's got him counting cards?


- Take a break.
- Thank you.

- Ma'am?
- Where the fuck is he going?

Double down.

I'm just trying to
make me some money, man.

You know me, I'm a giver.

Yeah, you're a fucking saint.

Are you in, sir?

Cash him out.


That your badass gang?

Just a motorcycle club, man.

What can I get you?

Whatever light you got on tap.


"Prospect" must
be Spanish for "bitch."

You got something to say, La Bamba?

Say it in fucking English.

Just asking what tables were lucky.

You officers have a good day.

Pussy gangster.

Yeah, you better walk away.



I sent Thiago to the Apple store.

Get you a new phone.

I have to go there.

The square in the video.

- What good would that do?
- He was there.

Today. You don't know that.

You're right. I don't know anything.

That's the problem.

I have to do something.

Miguel would never allow you

to go to Santa Madre.

Not now.

What would you do?

If it was your son?

- I would support my husband.
- No.

That's what you have to do.

What would you want to do?

I know you well enough, Dita.

A still tongue and idle hands

aren't strategies in
your maternal handbook.

If anybody recognized you...

They won't.

I should do it.

You sure?



That was impressive.

I think it was a combination of

Go Mi Tah

and the Boy Scout Oath.

It worked.

How many spies are we
putting on the street?

This group, it'll be an even dozen.

Careful with that shit on your face.

These little fuckers
are oozing with disease.


Good team up, Boy Scout.

That better be a 50/50 split.

My bad.

Here you go.

Those our prison hookups?

Yeah. Maintenance and supply managers.

North and south.

Some of California's
finest civil servants.

Those pretty fucks control
everything coming and going

from 20s to depressants.

All right, you're all set, gentlemen.

The single malt you requested
is in the back cabinet.


Thank you.

- Bishop.
- Chen.


I think you gentlemen know each other?

Always a pleasure.


Did you know he would retaliate?

It wasn't my son. It was Devante.

Yes, but Miguel put it in motion.

He lied to me.

No. You're a smart girl, Emily.

You know it's not that simple.

Miguel made a choice to
come back to the family.

His father and I wanted
a different life for him.

That's why we sent him
to school in America.

Hoping the distance would
settle and change him.

It didn't. You know that.

Now he wants to change the legacy.

Rewrite family history like

John and Bobby did for Joe.

Although the Kennedy model
may not be the best way

to secure a future.


I'm sorry, this was stupid. I don't...

I don't know what I thought I'd find.

You did what a mother does.

Followed your instincts.

Sometimes that's all we have.


We're not privy to everything

that's happening with the rebels, but...

this kind of shit is the
cost of doing business

for the cartel.

It always has been.

2010, we saw the same thing
happen to Galindo's old man.

Lobos Sonora made a
play for the border and

shipments were being clipped every week.

Our business didn't change.

I'll be honest with you, Marcus.

We have a lot of
people rattling our cage

saying this is their chance
to take over the H trade.

I'm guessing the rattling
might quiet down a bit

if we bumped up your cut.

That would send the right message.

We know Galindo's got plenty of product.

We're not worried about the merchandise.

We're worried about the shipping.

These assholes caught us off guard.

That's on us.

But you've got my word it
won't fucking happen again.

Your shipment'll be on time.

Same volume. Same dates.

And we'll bump your rate 2%.

And you'll get your 12 keys
by the end of next week.




Did I hear the Chief mention something

about a single malt?

Yes you did.

Behind you, kid. In the cabinet.

- Only the best.
- Nice.

Come on, brother.


A toast.

To new allies,

and dead traitors.

Oh, jeez!

Holy shit!

Old man Chen found out

about Jimmy running his own drug gang.

He broke the cardinal rule.

Didn't cut the family in.

Or kick anything up.

The Chinese couldn't
kill one of their own.

So Chen reached out to Galindo.

Galindo gave it to us.

Why the fuck didn't we know?

It wasn't a done deal.

Chen asking about the scotch.

That was the confirmation.

And besides,

the look on your faces.

So fucking worth it.

Hey, Prez.


You got unfinished business.

He's a cop.

Not in here he ain't.

Tribal ground.

Buy yourself some fucking manners.

I'm a cop.

I'm a cop.

What the fuck.

The hell are you doing?

Come on, let's get out of here.

They're not worth it.


Who the hell are you?

I'm going for my ID.

"Santiago Martin Himmler."



Your Argentinian
grandmother fuck a Nazi?

Something like that.

Jimenez send you down here?

Get the gun out of my face, please.

Answer the question

or it's gonna be down
your fucking throat.


I'm working with Jimenez.

What the hell is wrong with you guys?

My son's kept up his end of the deal.

Doing everything he's told.

You guys keep crawling up his ass

you're gonna get him killed.

This isn't just about your son.

Galindo's moving a shit
dump of men and money

to the border like
he's prepping for war.

Jimenez is worried about retaliation.

Just wants a set of eyes on you.

Till it settles.

I don't need a babysitter.

Yeah, I get that.

The first major battle
between US ground troops

and the North Vietnamese was in la Drang

between November 14th

and 18th in 1965.

Hey, Pop. You up?


Want a beer?


Thank you.

Get through it all right?


Like we do.

I know where you went today.

Then you know why I had to go.

I'm so sorry.

What do you think?

'Bout here?

I will pass that along
to Miguel, my friend.

Take care.


All good.

Managing the hit,

our help with the rebels...

Our debt from the heist is cleared.

A bullshit debt.

Until things settle on
the south side of the fence

it's on us to keep this
side moving forward.

Bullshit or not.

Why didn't you want me telling

the rest of my charter
about the Chinese hit?

We never found out how

the Samoans knew all the
details to our Vegas run.

Galindo's too distracted to press it,

but I'm still a little worried.

Someone in the MC?

I don't know.

Hey, Pop.

You need me?

Just want to check in on this one.

Make sure he didn't stroke out.


The compassion overwhelms me.

You guys got anything to eat?

I'm fucking starving.


And no problems with the M-16.

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