Mayans M.C. (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Hunahpu - full transcript

The need for justice ignites tough decisions for the Reyes brothers and the MC.

Previously on
"Mayans M.C."...

The irish have nowhere
to bring their guns.

I'm sorry to be droppin'
all this shit

in your laps right now but...
you wanna bring them south.


We have contacts in tijuana.

The vatos malditos.

Bad blood with you
and the shot caller?

- Palo.
- Something like that.

I think it's in our best
interest to avoid retaliation.

If riz had died,

if what happened
to you was permanent,

I wouldn't hesitate
to strike back.

Forgive me.

- Riz didn't make it.
- We're going to war.

Why is potter texting you?

He's threatening
to deport my dad.

I need to know the truth

about what happened
in the desert...

the rebels, adelita,
galindo, palomo,

all the pieces.

I can get you information
about potter.

I know miguel wants to use it
to save adelita.

If you want to save your
father, let me know.

The money orders,

they match entries I found
in a household ledger.

Same dates,
same amounts.

- Dita galindo.
- It's miguel's mom.

- It wasn't miguel.
- Dita ordered the hit.

I'm so sorry.

- Good morning.
- Morning.



You sleep at all?

What do you think?


You were right, angel.

This obsession buried me
nine years ago.

It's doing it again.

I should have let it go.

What happened nine years ago

should have never landed
on you alone.

I should have been there
with you, ez.

That night...

I'm fucking sorry, bro.
I should have believed you.

Fucking helped you.


Your mother's dead...
Because of what I did.

My sin.

It doesn't matter anymore,

Yes, it does.

I'm gonna talk to dita today...

Get the truth.

Why don't you take that?

It's been ringing
all morning.


We lost riz last night.


We figure this
shit out together.


- Yeah.
- Don't do anything without us.

♪ Mother of exiles ♪

♪ the torch of hope ♪

♪ in the toss of the tempest ♪

♪ threw us madison's rope ♪

♪ but the brazen giant ♪

♪ with limbs astride ♪

♪ blocks the golden door ♪

♪ to the u.S. Of lies ♪

♪ damn your huddled masses ♪

♪ scrub our floors ♪

♪ cut our grasses ♪

♪ I am a wolf ♪

♪ a wild cur ♪

♪ cut from the pack ♪

♪ With blood on my fur ♪

♪ every howl ♪

♪ marks the debt ♪

♪ 'cause a beaten dog ♪

♪ never forgets ♪

♪ Never forgets ♪

Anything you need,
you let us know.

Thank you so much.

Oh, my god.

- Yeah.
- Okay.


Hey, everything cool?


Stayed at my pop's
last night.

How's she holding up?


Riz was her only family
this side of the border.

Uh, just talked
to the hospital.

They have to hold on to
the body for a few days.

Insurance stuff.

Rough morning.


Take your time here.

We'll wait for you
at the clubhouse.

- Wait for me?
- Why?

Riz is dead.

You know how this shit
is going down.

The vatos pay.

Shit is blowing up, bish.

Other charters caught wind
of your call.

- It's not good.
- I don't give a fuck.

This is san pa's business.

We handle shit our way.

Bish, we just wanna talk
to bishop the king.

Make sure he knows
the ramifications

of what bishop the president
is about to do.

You all right, prez?


Why are the kings
still here?


You ready for the vote
tomorrow night?

I'm ready.

For the groundbreaking?

- Yeah.
- Just some notes.

I'm gonna go
to city planning,

talk to ileana.

See what people actually say
at these ceremonies.

How is ileana?

Losing her... her house,
her staff.

So much trauma and suffering.

She could probably use
a fresh start.

No, she's fine.

I guess you were right.

It all worked out for the best.

Your mom
has dr. Luna today,

so I'll have paco drop her off,
wait until she's done.

- Great.
- Thank you.

I know what's at stake.

But you can't force
my hand on this.

You're right, carnal.

But you need to know
what's going down.

Portland and spokane
have been waiting two years

for the gun business.

They set up buyers
from vancouver to montana.

If we blow this vm deal,
they're ready to defect.

- What?
- Split off.

Wear a fringe patch,

take the gun
business themselves.

They're already talking
to chibs.

And you know what happens
to an m.C.

If that shit goes down.

Rocks the faith, brother.

Inside and out.

We lose the unity.

We lose everything.


Just talk to palo,

Hear what he has to say.

He knows he fucked up.


Thank you.


Between tj and tecate.

Palo's abuelita's.

He's there for a few days.

Guess it's her birthday.

I'll take hank.

Don't say anything
to my guys.

Not until I know
what this looks like.

Of course.

We'll be at vicky's.

Let us know
when you're back.

That ain't good.

Trying to get bishop
to change his mind.

Recant the payback.

It's fucked, bro.

Dondo said portland's
threatening to split.

You serious?

What does that mean?

It doesn't fucking matter.

Dude, portland's
the second biggest charter.

They wanna bail,
let them.

We're the ones living
in the fucking jungle, man.

Risking our asses every day.

Those coconut-ass norteños
want shit handed to them?

- Fuck that.
- All right, we get it.

You don't get shit... this
just can't be about the money.

I had that life, and I ain't
gonna live it again.

This shit happened
for a reason.

The next right thing
is an eye for an eye.

Think about that, boy scout,

think about what this means
and why you want it.

And if the reason
ain't something

that you can feel in here,

then do yourself a favor.

Move the fuck on.

Get the fuck out of my way!

- I'm so sorry.
- You okay, chucky?

Oh, I should have been
more alert.

Always in the way.

Don't be in the way!

Be the ball, chucky.

Stay out of the lane,
stay in your lane.

Hey, brother.

I'm sorry.

Come on.

It's crazy.

Crazy couple of days.

Crazy's the easy part.

It's what happens after crazy
that fucks you up.

- Hey.
- You moving offices?

I took another job.


In san diego.

To be closer to my sister.

As a city planner?

Housing authority.

That's not what you do.


Did someone force you
to take this?

- It was the right move, emily.
- No, no, no.

You don't have to do this.

- it's too late.
- It's done.

You and your husband
got what you wanted.


- What did miguel do?
- Really?

Jesus christ, just leave me
and my family alone.

- Hey.
- Thank you for coming.

Everything okay last night?

Dropping you off?

Yeah, it was fine.

Is felipe doing all right?

Um, I don't know.

The information on potter.

She was a witness potter
was involved with.

They had a kid.

I wrote it down,
everything miguel told me,

and it is enough
to knock potter

a few rungs down the ladder,
and at the very least,

declaw him.


Ez, promise me nothing
happens to miguel.

I... I promise.

If we use it,
nothing happens to miguel.

Thank you.

Where'd galindo
get this shit?


To use against potter
to get adelita back.

Why'd emily give it to you?

I got one of potter's
texts last night.

Emily saw my reaction.

I told her potter
was blackmailing us.

Using pops as leverage.

She gave me this and said
I could use it to free pop

if I promised not
to hurt miguel.

We use it to free pop,

galindo won't be able
to use it for adelita.

- It's your call, angel.
- Fuck no.

Yes, it is.

I know how you feel
about adelita,

how much you're gonna
love that kid.

Just say the word, hermano,
and I'll shred all of this.

We'll let galindo play it out,

use it to get adelita back.

But I had to bring this to you,
give you the choice.

No more secrets.

I'm gonna go check on pop.

Let me know what you wanna do.

Call potter.

Set a meeting.



I trust all went well
with lioness and cub.

No complications.


The circle of life continues.

- Have we drawn blood?
- Yes.

If there's a match,
we should know

- by end of day tomorrow.
- Good.

Then we move luisa espina
into the interrogation wing.

Hola, amor.


Did you have her killed?

Did you hire someone
to kill both of us?

Miguel had just made
his first development deal.

Jose and I came out
to celebrate.

We went to the local

You saw marisol and me.

Dita, why?

Almost 20 years had passed.

It was mostly about miguel.

I couldn't lose him, too.

And now he was
in your backyard.

I knew you suspected
he was your son.

I was afraid you would try
to connect with him,

but when I saw you
with isabel,

even after all those years,
I hated it.

I could see how much
you loved her.

Jesus christ.

- There was nothing to share.
- Nothing.

That part of my life was over.

It's time for me to go,

Not by an act of nature.

That failed.

It has to be you.

Ride okay?


Turns 90 tomorrow
and still works like she's 25.

Talk inside?


Sure you wanna do this?

We don't have to do this if...
yeah, we do.

Haven't told me why.

After that day in the desert,

when adelita sent me away...

sent us all away...

I don't know, man,
it fuckin'...

Split me in half, you know?

Like something changed.

I finally saw who she was.

A little bit of who I could be.

So now any time I feel lost...

Fucked up, sad and shit,

I ask myself what
she would do...

And what she would say.

She'd tell you to help pop.

Yeah, and she'd be
fucking proud of me.

And then there's also
the real possibility that

if we use that shit
to free her,

she would fucking
send us home again.

I'm proud of you, angel.

- Tch.
- Shut up.

Can't we just shoot this guy
in the fucking face?

That's plan b.

The gentlemen bikers.

Fate continues to steer,

and all roads lead back to us.

I trust the contents
will be worth my commute.


Everything about
your favorite latina

and all the dirty
little secrets.

Remember her?

What is this?

It's fate, motherfucker.

We know she was a witness
for prosecution.

Capital murder case
that you won.

We also know you were
sleeping with her.

Then this shit happened.

We send this to your
superiors in the doj,

I'm pretty sure
knocking someone up

is considered manipulating
a witness.

Your career is fucked.

Or maybe we just
visit mama.

She's pretty hot.

I'm sure it'd be worth
the commute.



Back... The fuck up.

Back up.

is everything all right?

Just a momentary
flash of passion,

agent smithers,
stand... stand down.

Everything's fine.

I'm waiting.

You're gonna drive back
to your fifth ring of hell

and you're gonna throw out
anything you have

on ignacio cortina.

He didn't exist.
You understand?

Then you're gonna enter felipe
and marisol reyes

into the cis database
and make them us citizens.

You got 24 hours.

Even I can't restructure
the immigration process...

if there is not a letter
from immigration services

on my old man's doorstep
by tomorrow night,

this shit lands
on the d.A.G.'s desk.

And you can hang on to those.

We have the originals.

You've fucked with me
and my family enough.

It's over.

Thank you, grandmother.

Happy birthday.

Bring the offer
to the kings.

Figure out how
to compensate my guys.

It's the best thing
for both clubs.


I'll reach out to charming.

Let chibs know
we're moving ahead.

So how'd it go?

Uh, I played it
the way I had to.


Kings gave you no choice.

- You talked to grandma?
- Yeah.

She's excited about
her party tomorrow.



You okay?

- Yeah.
- Sit down, please.

What's going on?

I talked to dita.

She confessed.


She knew it'd come down
to this.

Come down to what?

She wants to die, son.

Thinks the fire didn't kill her

because that's what
I'm supposed to do.

She's fucking crazy.


You can't do it, pop.

I've been trying to hide from
ignacio cortina for 30 years.

But the things he did,
the violence,

the betrayal...

That's truth that
couldn't be ignored.

So felipe reyes
has to pay the price.

Y... you're not making
any sense.

Go with your brother.
Do whatever you need to do.

Let me deal with the sins
of the past.


Don't argue with me.

I told you,
I can take care of this.

Now go.

- We're not going.
- Stop it!

Don't disrespect me.

My decision.

I'll do what I need to do.

Now get the fuck out of here.
Leave me to it.

Both of you.

♪ Your breath is sweet ♪

♪ your eyes are like
two jewels in the sky ♪

everything okay with galindo?

I wasn't with galindo.

We were on the other side.

- I sat down with palo.
- I fucking knew it!

You caved to the...
you interrupt me again,

I'm gonna gouge your
fucking eyes out myself.

♪ Your loyalty
is not to me but ♪

let ramos and canche
know we're back.


Mamá, permiso?


Thank you.

Good night.

Te quiero, miguel.

Te quiero, mama.

It's not how I planned it.

But the shot caller crown...

It shines a light
on the choices I make.

So I navigate
the best way I can.

I know you hate
doing it this way.

Feels like you're betraying
the patch.

But we'll figure it out.

I promise you that.

Ramos and canche are out there,


Play it smart.

Don't blow shit up.

You motherfuckers
got what you wanted?

We take the bullet,

the rest of the m.C.
Take the prizes?

Fuck you!
Fuck you, huh?

Fuck you!


- Fuck you, homie!
- Straight up fuck you!

Stay in your lane,
stay in your lane.

Hey, chucky, wait.

Hey... Hey, I'm sorry about
what happened.

- No, that's okay.
- No, it wasn't.

I fucking love you, chucky.

We all do.

You made the right call,

Yeah, I did.

Your crew will come

Safe trip.

Yeah, thanks, brother.

You sure about this, jefe?


Si, senora.

you gotta be fucking
kidding me.

That's how we feel about
the santo padre agra park.

It's not just about

the valley's agriculture.

It is about
reinvigorating hope.

Thank you.


Thank you, mayor.

Thank you.


- You talk to pop?
- I called.

No answer.

- Let's head to the shop.
- Yeah.


From a lovely woman.

Older, soft-spoken,
very nice hair.

Thanks, chucky.


Oh, yes.

Uh... uh, yes.

Thank you.


I got dna results back
from cali corrections.


There was a match.
I double checked.

It's his kid.

She's awake if you wanna
talk to her.

No, that... that won't
be necessary.

After the meal is over...

Take the baby.

What are we doing here?

I know this
is difficult for you

but it's the right thing.

No, it's not.


I'm not gonna kill you,

- I can't.
- I know.

I realized that yesterday.

- What are they doing here?
- I asked them to come.

The fuck did you do?

Nothing's gonna happen here.
Go back to your bikes.


The fuck do you want
from us?


One of you reyes men has
to help me right a wrong today.

A mother for a mother.


I left notes
for the people I love.

They'll think it's a suicide.

No blame will fall on anyone.

- I'll do it.
- No.

- She's got a can full of gas.
- She wants to burn.

- I'll do it.
- Ignacio could.

Felipe cannot.

- It's okay, mi amor.
- He's not your love.

I was the one
that pulled this thread.

I have to end this.

Ez, this is not you.

Yeah, pop.

It is.

Take him to the truck.

Come on, pop.

I'm deeply sorry...

this isn't about you
or your fucking karma.

You destroyed my family.


Look at me.

Look at me.

He's definitely made things

a little more interesting
around here.

Had a rocky start,

but finished strong.

That's not a comment
on sponsorship.

Yeah, it is.

Anyone else?

Pros or cons?

I didn't want this for him.

That's why I was
a shitty sponsor.

Ez was supposed to be the one
who got the fuck out.

Fuck, man.
He had it all.

But now...

He belongs to us.

This family.

We need him.

I need him.

Ezekiel reyes...

has he earned the right
to carry the macuahuitl

and take a seat at
la mesa del guerrero?

Come on.

What happened?

Sorry, bro.

Take off the kutte.

On the table.

Congratulations, ezekial.

Welcome to the tribe.

Sew that on.

We got a party to go to.

We good?


This is who we are now, bro.

- You understand that?
- I do.

It's not what
I wanted for you.

There's no one else
I'd rather have by my side.

I love you, angel.

Shut up, ezekiel.

They fucking love me!

Got the sheriffs looking
for the suv.

- She didn't say anything?
- No, sir.

I was gone, like, 20 seconds.

I didn't even know
she could drive.

Miguel, she left us a letter.

♪ Never can a man
get lost ♪

♪ seeking out
a higher grade ♪

♪ marching at an order ♪

♪ given by another to behave ♪

♪ and never can a man
be seen ♪

♪ hidin' in
the willow tree ♪

♪ the pulling
at the branches ♪

♪ always keeping ♪

♪ one eye on the scene ♪

Give them a few minutes,

then pull them away.

I'll call the sheriffs.

♪ The truth kept hidden
for a moment ♪

♪ my brothers of thunder ♪

♪ my sisters of steel ♪

♪ Teach me the ways
of the broken ♪

♪ 'cause together
we run ♪

♪ in pieces we heal ♪

♪ heal ♪

What is it?

Tell paco it's time.

♪ Heal ♪

♪ At every corner
hanging heads ♪

♪ the neighborhood smells
of death ♪

♪ leaving just a street light
only witness ♪

♪ to the killing hand of man ♪

♪ and never can a man
stay then ♪

♪ if the spirit
isn't dead with him ♪

♪ you'll find him in the
garden digging holes ♪

♪ like an angry little kid ♪

♪ In a silent house ♪

♪ where adam lost eve ♪

♪ the truth kept hidden
for a moment ♪

♪ my brothers
of thunder ♪

♪ my sisters of steel ♪

♪ Teach me the ways
of the broken ♪

♪ 'cause together
we run ♪

♪ in pieces we heal ♪

♪ heal ♪

♪ heal ♪

♪ in pieces we heal ♪

♪ heal ♪

♪ heal ♪

♪ Never can a man get lost ♪

♪ seeking out a higher grade ♪

♪ heal ♪

no... no!

I don't see palo.

Find him.


On it.


Congratulations, papa.

Your son was born yesterday.

Healthy and full of life.

You fucking with me?

- On the contrary, angel.
- I'm commiserating.

We share a common bond now.

We both know the...

Unbearable loneliness of
losing the woman we love.

And we both feel the primal,

familial pain...

Every time we realize
that our sons...

Will never know who we are.

Welcome to the tribe.

hey, over here!


Did you find palo?


Found him.

Fuck me.