Mayans M.C. (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Cleansing of the Temple - full transcript

War descends on Santo Padre.

I've always worried where
your loyalty stands, Marcus.

Will you kill EZ Reyes?


I guess we figured out
where my loyalties lie.

I'm fucking pregnant.

I am officially off the market.

Coco's gone,

and I'm fucking scared

something happened to him.

Hold on.

Oh, brother. Always
the steep and thorny path.

You ain't my brother,

- Go. Go!

This three king bullshit
doesn't work

if Ramos and Canche aren't
stepping down.

I want you to double the heroin
for the next few months.

Make up for the profit loss.

We mean double
what you used to average.


And fuck you.

How much are we thinking?
- 200 keys.

That's how much we need
to keep Tucson flush

while we ice out
Ramos and Canche

- and give Bishop the throne.
- It's a solid plan.

We're in a bad fucking spot.

Somebody talked to BP,

and I want to fucking know who.

I want to bring this M.C.
back to its glory.

But first, there's got to be
a reckoning.

- Oh!
- Fuck.

- The fuck is that?
- That sounds like that reckoning

- you were talking about.

Fuck your trespasses
and fuck your king.

Give me the phone.

I'm gonna get eyes on him.

- Make sure the kid's safe
before I blow it.
- Dad.

- Fuck!

- Any word?
- Just talked to Solis.

Canche's dead.

The terror you caused my family,

what you did to my baby brother.

I loved David.

Shut the fuck up.

Palo set something in motion.

I don't know what,
but it's coming soon.

You might want to use that.

When you hear what I got to say.


Our fucking brother?

All to cover up...

Do what you have to do.

- ♪

Hey! What the fuck are
you doing? Hey, come on. Hey!

- Let's go, EZ!

- Fuck!
- Fucking go.

- Fuck you!

Fucking go.

- Come on, man! Go!

Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Push it.

Hey! Get the fuck down!

- What the fuck is going on?!
Back down!

- Just get down. Stay away.

Goddamn it.

Do it!
They're here.

I'm not gonna fucking do it!

Let it go! Let it go!

They're here!

- Who?
- Fucking everybody!

Where the fuck are the guns?!


Get the fuck away
from the window!

- Fuck!


I saw you, EZ!

I'm coming for you,
you motherfucker!

Don't come up!
Don't come up!

We got to get back down.

All right, go, go, go.
I'll cover you!

- Shit.

Come on.

- Come on!

- Come on!

- Come on, come on. Got you.
- Stay down.

- Stay down.
There's a fucking
hundred of them.

- And Canche.
- What?

He's outside. He's not dead.

Come on. Come on!

- He's dead, you fucking idiot.
- Stay with me.

Bish, it's his brother.

Come on.

- Get down!

- Go, go!
- Come on, come on.

- I got you, I got you.

Cover the fucking window!


Stay here. Stay there.

Hey, Creep!

Stay down, stay down, stay down!

Fucking help me!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Stay down. Keep your head down.

We got 'em!
Don't fucking let up!


Are you okay?

I'm fine.

- I said I'm fucking fine.

What the fuck?!

They got the fuse box!

Go to the gun case.
Grab the flashlights. Go.


I can't fucking see.

Fuck. Come on.

911. What's your emergency?

Hurry, please.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

We don't fucking call the cops.


We got a problem.

- That's it?
- Where the fuck's the rest?

- Hey. Stop.

Fucking stop, Creeper.

All right, get out your pieces.

What do we got?

Go get your brother's gun.

Go get his fucking gun!

I'll go.

We just can't sit blind.

The bulldogs...

I'm gonna need the genny.

I'll cover you from the roof.

You're gonna burn through
those boxes in 30 seconds.

- How about fire with fire?


They have us and they know it.

They don't have shit.

Let's go.

Gonna need some extra hands.

- I got you.


Handle business.

Who else?

Fuck it.

Wait for the signal.

What's the signal?

Lighting these motherfuckers
on fire.

I'm sorry.

You good?

Good enough.
Keep 'em coming.

What the fuck? Come on.

Fucking come on.

Get these inside.
Come on, come on, hurry up!

Come on!

- Where's Creep?
- Getting the last of it.

- The fuck's wrong with you?

She's scared, motherfucker!

We all are.

We're gonna fucking be
all right!

Yeah, we're gonna be all right.

Light it. Light it, light it,
light it. Light it.

Fuck. Hold on, hold on.
I got you. I got you.

- EZ...

Put it out, put it out!

You're good.


Fuck! Get these in.
Get these in.

Ah, fuck! What the fuck?

Oh, fuck.

Come on, E. Come on, E.
Come on, E!

Come on.


- Oh, shit!

- Get him out!

Get out of there!

- Come on! Come on!

I got you, brother.

Push, push, push!

♪ Sittin' high
in the midnight rain... ♪

You should've stayed
at your house with that chick.


Her name's Hope.

♪ Just wondering
where you've gone... ♪

Got to get right with Bish.

Got to get right with the club.

Roger that.

What the fuck?

♪ I was just born to lose. ♪

- Shit!
- Fuck!

Go, go, go.


What the fuck? Was that Franco?

- Man, fuck Franco.

They're hitting the clubhouse.

The fuck did you guys do?

We blew up Yuma.

All of them?

Not all of them.


We got to get to the guys.

But first got to get
to the van with the guns.

Half our ammunition's in there.

- I'll cover you.
- No, no, I'll cover you.

I just saved your ass

from a tribe of crackhead
murder hippies.



Open it.

♪ Well, it don't matter where
the old wind blows ♪

♪ Ain't nobody gonna
tell me no ♪

♪ Lay my head where
the trouble don't go ♪

♪ Take a little time ♪

♪ To lighten my load... ♪

Oh. Fuck. Fuck! Fuck!

- Shit!
- Let's go! Go, go, go!

What the fuck was that?

Stop wasting ammo.

Only shoot when you have to.

I don't think I can do this.

Fucking burn it, please.

I don't want to bleed out.

How close are we?

Don't know.

It won't fucking start.

Well, fucking come on.
- Fuck.

Get the fuck out of the way.

Give me the light.
Give me the light.


They're getting closer.

Let them fucking come.

Watch the fucking gas.

Let's try that.

Come on.

- All right. Let's go.
- Get up. Go.

- Got it?
- Yeah.

On my count,
you kick those fuckers on.




I'm not with them!

I'm not with them!


I warned you.

I fucking warned all of you.

Shut the fuck up.

You're the last motherfucker
I want to hear from right now.

You had your chance
to shut me up.

Everyone shut the fuck up.


Shh! Shut up.


They're on the fucking roof.

Lights off.

Get that fucking light
out of my eyes.


Fucking idea
how close you just came?

Fucking Franco just tried
to ventilate us.

- Who the fuck is that?

- It's Rabbit.
- Fuck.

How'd you get past them?

Boy Scout's trailer,

hopped the wall.

They got you flanked,
so we went around back.

They're almost to the steps!




Come fucking get it.
Come fucking get it!

I'm out!

Me, too.

Bish, what's the plan?

What's the fucking plan?

We die.

You want to know why
we're fucking here right now?!

Do you want to fucking know why?

Hey! Will you two just
fucking stop?

I ain't trying to die today!


I got too much
to fucking live for!

I got too much
to fucking die for.


What are we gonna do?

I don't know.

You don't know?


The sun's coming up.

Lights won't mean shit soon.

Will she just shut the fuck up?

You shut the fuck up.

She's dying.

Fuck these motherfuckers.

This is our club.

This is all we fucking got.

And fuck any one of you

who thinks we should give
this shit up.

Where the fuck were you?

Where the fuck were you both?

That's on me, Bish.

I know I ain't been around,
and I got to answer up for that.

M-My kid, she's been fucking up.

She got in some trouble.

And I know
I should've come to the club,

I know I should've came
to my brothers.

But Gilly, tonight...

he helped me out,
he helped save her.

Bro, you should've told us.
Man, we would've...

That shit's done!

It's done now!

No, it ain't fucking done!

You fucking better believe
this shit ain't fucking done.


I fucking saw you!

You fucking missed!
Now you're gonna fucking die!


Mayans! Mayans!


Mayans! Mayans!


Mayans! Mayans!

Mayans! Mayans! Mayans!

Mayans! Mayans!

Mayans! Mayans! Mayans!

Mayans! Mayans!

Mayans! Mayans! Mayans!


Mayans! Mayans!

Mayans! Mayans!


Mayans! Mayans!


Mayans! Mayans!

If they come through that door,
I don't know what they'll do.

If we get through this...

Hey, no.

We're gonna get through this.


If we get through this...

- I promise...

Listen, look at me.

Nothing will ever tear me away
from you or the baby.


Take this.

There's one bullet left.

Don't let them hurt you.



I won't be able to do it.

Look, they got to get through me
first, but...

Don't let them hurt the baby.



No, nothing's wrong.

I knew you'd be up.

I-I need you to call
the landlord tomorrow.

Have him come by
and fix the back step.

You're gonna fall, Ma.

And what if I'm not there?

You won't be bothering him.

Call him today.



Me, too.


What are we doing?

What's the plan?

The plan is fuck you.

First one comes
through that door

gets a bullet in his face.

And the next one?

Yeah. That motherfucker, too.

And everyone after him.

We've got enough ammo
to take out what?

Less than a dozen?

Way you motherfuckers shoot,
maybe five.

Shit, I won't miss.

What about the other 50
fucking dudes out there?

This is what
you fucking signed up for.

What about them?

My brother... about to have a kid.

That engagement makes sense now.

Fuck you.

What about their baby?

Do we ask him
to pay the price for our sins?


What the fuck are you doing?

Canche, I'm coming out!

Fuck you are.

I'm the one you want!

EZ, what are you doing?

But you got to
let everyone else go!

You got no fucking leverage,

I'll fucking kill you
and everyone inside!

We got innocent people in here!

My son was innocent!

So let me pay the price!

It was my idea!

All of it!

I pressed that trigger!

We still have enough firepower
to do damage!

And we're all brothers.

Let my blood be the last!

- EZ, don't you go out
that fucking door.
- No!

Canche, I'm coming out!

You want me?!

Here I fucking am.

But you let everyone else go.

Please don't leave!

Angel, please!
Don't do this!

Isn't this fucking quaint?

You fucking come at me?

At my fucking kid?

My boy?

He was looking at me.

At the blast.

His sight...

They don't know
how much he'll get back.

Maybe that was a good thing.

He didn't have to watch
Big Paul crawl

across the floor with...

his lower body gone.

While you ran off
like a fucking coward!

- Hey!
- Stay the fuck down.

They were your brothers!

Your fucking brothers!

Tommy, Ganso, Indio.

Did you celebrate?

Did you celebrate
while they picked up

the pieces of their bodies?

'Cause we celebrated Ibarra.

And now, his old lady's gonna
need to get him a closed casket,

as will all of yours.


- Fuck! Ah!
- What the fuck?

- Hold him.
- Fuck!

Get the fuck off me!

Ramos was our brother.

He only wanted what was best
for the club,

and you shot him in the face.

You're rabid animals.

You need to be put down.

Fucking do it.

You came at my family.

Now I come after yours.

- Look at him.
- No.

Look at him!

What have you done?

You're gonna point a gun
at my primo, ése?

You're gonna point a gun at me,

What have you done, Canche?

Marcus, we didn't start this.

We didn't start this.

What have you done, primo?

This is my fucking club.

You fucking hear me?
You fucking hear me?!

This is my fucking club!