Mad Dogs (2015–2016): Season 1, Episode 6 - Leslie - full transcript

The design keeps changing. What poo has the plans? Passports necessitate new contacts. Goats complicate the roadways. Rochelle represents America at the Embassy in Belize. The motto: Give it all for Milo and America.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Come on. This way, please.

Whoa. Right there.

Quickly. Right this way.

Take the family to Nurse Obar.

Watch this.

Okay. Thank you. Cuidado.


Whoa! Who's taking my damn picture?

- It's just procedure.
- Procedure of what?

Okay, headache, back pains,

- stomach ache, rash... anyone?
- Are you the doctor?

- What is this place?
- Quarantine.

You have entered a variola smallpox zone.

- Smallpox?
- We barely left the dock.

We couldn't have entered an infected zone.

Wait. Guatemala has smallpox?

We're trying to stop it
from reaching Guatemala.

Our boats brought you back to Belize.

I thought smallpox was eradicated.

Yeah. Isn't it like extinct?

Tell that to the Chief of Staff.

So we must take your blood samples

because you were in an infection zone.

- You're very lucky.
- How's that?

Because if you have it,

there is still a chance that
we can save your lives.

But more importantly, if you have it,

by being here, you are saving
the lives of others.

What's that for?

Why is mine a different color?

What kind of doctor are you?

- I am a nurse.
- So where are the doctors?

They're very busy. So are we.

Go. Go, go, go.

Please follow the light.

If you have not been
processed, please stay in line.


That little yellow vaccine
book the doctor gave me

is back at the villa.

You got vaccine shots?

Yeah. I think that smallpox was one of

the shots I got. It must have been.

Joel, was smallpox one
of the shots you got?

I don't remember.

Were we supposed to get
shots? Did you get shots?

I can't do needles,
man. I took herbal drops.

Milo never said I needed shots or drops.

Dude, you always get shots.

Haven't you ever been to
a tropical island before?

It's not an island.

But when you're a kid,

isn't smallpox one of
the shots they give you?

That's right. The mark that you get.

That's like the all-purpose

singing and dancing vaccination
deal, right?

That one? Is that it?

- What? Like that?
- Where?

- That mark?
- Right here. Right here.

That's a mark. That's a mark.

I got that mark, too.

I'm like double protected then.

- Dude, that's a mole.
- What?

- That's a mole.
- You gotta get that checked, bro.

No, not that. That's a birthmark.

It doesn't matter. Smallpox has mutated,

and there's no vaccine.

Come with me.

Where are you from?

Like, around here? Belize, Belize City?

Originally, I am from Chile. Why?

Just curious.

Um, don't touch that.

That-that... that belongs to all of us,

so I'll just put all our names on it.

We can only put one name per item.

- Why?
- Because if you have

something of value in there

and not all of you are released,

then you cannot get it back.

So I will write your name on it.

Okay, well, forget
it. Don't worry about it.

We have a pastor who comes in the mornings

if you would like to speak to him.

A pastor? What?

No. Fuck, no.

Please fill these out.

I really do need to use the phone.

We have a pastor who visits every morning.

Oh, no, thanks.

I'm... I'm not religious.


Why did you say it like that?

Because you look like a
guy who has a lot on his mind.

Why do you have to do that?

Random sample.

And you picked me because...

Every 50th patient.

Where does that sample go?

Clinic. You know? Yeah?

Anonymous. No records, just data.

Andre, the father of the
twins that came in with us...


He sneezed on me.

Is he sick?

He sneezed on just
you or also your friends?

Just me, I think.

I'll tell the doctor.

Well, can I tell the doctor?

I mean, when do I get to
see an actual doctor?

- If you have smallpox...
- Uh-huh.

Then you see a doctor.

So you really don't want to see her.

- Sir?
- No.

- I am cooperating with you.
- Sir?

- You are not cooperating...
- I tried to explain to him.

Listen, I have two girls,
and I need to use a phone.

We understand. You need to lower
your volume to a calm level.

- I need to use a phone.
- You cannot call when in quarantine.

- Why?
- It can cause a panic.

Do you have kids?

Not anymore.

We have a pastor who visits in the mornings

if you would like to speak to him.

Does that pastor have a roaming plan?

I must know where you have been

and who you have met with.

Here in Belize, where do you stay?

Belize City.

- Hotel name?
- No, uh, with a friend.

Well, we will need to contact them.

Please write their number.

Uh, he... our friend's gone.

- Where?
- Well, he's just gone.

Uh, he went to Guatemala.

Do you have a contact number for him?

- Sure.
- How did you get to the boat we found you on?

We hitchhiked from Belize City.

Hitchhiked? No, that's not correct.

I don't care what happens.

I gotta tell you the truth.

We got a ride from a woman who worked at...

She was driving us to Guatemala. She died.

- She's dead?
- Yes.

She was sick? What were her symptoms?

She fell. She fell into a very deep chasm.

I'm pretty sure she's dead.

So you're not sure?

We didn't go down there to look.

I mean, we should have, but we couldn't

because it was very deep.

But, no, she's-she's... she's not alive.

So this was close to where we pick you up?

- Yes.
- Did she complain of dizziness?


Then how did she fall?

I don't know. Maybe she slipped.

There were all these goats that...

She's still down there.

Do you understand that?

Somebody's gotta go and get her body.

I have medical authority only, not police.

Okay. Call it a medical emergency.

Just get somebody to go down there.

I can only worry about smallpox for now.

We have a pastor who visits in the morning

if you would like to talk to him.

Yeah, yeah, I would like that.

- Did anyone see a doctor?
- No.

You don't wanna see the doctor.

- Why not?
- 'Cause that means you got it.

That's ridiculous. This is a hospital.

They can't refuse to let... Oh!

- Oh, Jesus Christ!
- What the fuck is that thing?

- What is it?
- Whoa!

- Hey! Don't step on it!
- Why is it following me, man?

- Don't step on it!
- Jesus Christ!

- No! I'm not gonna touch it.
- Oh, shit!

- You fucking touch it.
- Fuck!

- Don't crush him!
- Watch his tail. Watch his tail.

Hold on, hold on! Oh, yeah!

Come on, get the tarp!
Cover him up! Cover it!

Good, good, good.

- Jesus Christ.
- If we're supposed to be

hermetically sealed off from the germs,

how the fuck did that get in here?

More to the point, how
do we get outta here?

Well, why would you want to get out?

If you have the
disease, they can treat you.

- We don't have it.
- We don't know that.

What if Jesús finds out
we're in here with all his money?

- How's he gonna find out?
- He's got connections.

You heard what Rochelle said.

- The staff aren't local.
- Yeah, but the patients are.

Hi. Hi.

Have you seen our father? Our uncle?

No, no. You okay?

We don't know where they are.

My sister's scared.

Yeah. Yeah, I bet.


Has your dad been sick?


Has your uncle been sick?


Hey, everything's gonna be okay.

JOEL, you know, we're
officially missing now.

We were supposed to land
in the U.S. 12 hours ago.

We have to call home.

They won't let us call out.

Apparently, our
voices can cause mass panic.

We can't just sit here.

Hey, what if we bribe someone?

Everybody's got a price.

You do realize that everyone working here

is a volunteer, right?

They're putting their lives on the line.

Not everyone in the world

is motivated by the same things you are.

Okay, why do we keep listening to him?

Hey, don't lay this at my feet.

- Keep the money?
- Hey, we agreed.

- No, we didn't.
- We took a vote.

What vote? Was there a vote? What vote?

What if we actually have it?


Then I guess it wouldn't
matter how much money we have, huh?


You ask me, we deserve to have it.

Have it or not, I'm getting home.

We brought this on ourselves.

Can we stop with the commentary, Lex?

Hey, what's going on? They okay?

What's happening?


What's going on?

Whoa, whoa.

Oh, the black orchids. You found them.

Unfortunately, we are still looking.

But I was told you are seeking

the whereabouts of four Americans.

And you offer payment for this?

Where are they?

My cousin's wife

laid eyes on them in the village yesterday.

Are they there now?

I only have the information I gave you.

Well, you could have told
me this yesterday.

How many times have I told
you to get a telephone?

It brings gossip, bickering.

Amongst the wives two years ago...

Oh, for God's sake, Abram.

And my payment for this information?

Half now, and when you buy a phone,

I'll call you to
arrange delivery of the rest.

Hey, hey!

Don't touch it.

Why? Did you name it?

Don't touch the fucking lizard.

Well, this is a quarantine zone,

and animals carry diseases.

Cobi, I swear to God,

if you touch that fucking lizard...



... agua, por favor!

Jesus. Is anybody gonna help her?

Agua, por favor.

Hey! Can somebody please
get her some water?

Necesito agua.



Joel, what are you doing?

- Um...
- Hey.

Joel, what are you doing? Joel!

- What?
- Yo necesito agua.

- What the fuck are you do...
- Joel... Hey!

Hey! You're letting in all the germs!


- Justnot seeing it.
- Where'd he go?

PTSD. That's where he went.

Oh, please.

The rest of us are handling it okay.

Yeah. How do you think you'd
act if you shot a cop?

Will you please stop saying that so loud?

We can't let him back in.

He might be contaminated.

- She sounded really sick.
- Here he comes.

- No, no, no, no.
- Hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, Joel, Joel.

Uh, go to the nurse and
ask her if you're at risk.

- I'm not at risk.
- You don't know that.

Just go find the nurse and ask.

- Just ask, please.
- Yeah.

- Dude, whoa!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey!

What, are you that selfish?

Just go find the damn nurse!

- Joel, quit it!
- What do you wanna...

Whoa. Jesus.

Jesus Christ. Fucker!

We were all brought in together
in a line, remember?

She was in the line.

So if we were gonna be
infected, we'd be infected.

So chill the fuck out!

What? I went out and gave
water to a woman that was coughing.

You will be charged for this door.


Hey, is there any chance

that he could have been contaminated?

No. She has TB.

- Oh, great.
- Very nice.

- You fucking dick. Thanks, man.
- Thank you.

Well, you guys are okay.

You all had inoculations as children.

We saw the marks on your shoulder.

So... so you have our results?

I will discuss inside privately.

But you have them?

What happened to the
twins and their family?

I cannot tell you about another
patient's results.

Well, we know them. They're
kind of friends.

It's against the rules.

Well, fuck the rules. Why
don't you just tell us?

We only have Joel Cranston's results now.

Please, can we talk?

You are released.


That's good.

So, uh, what's the plan?



Maybe you should take the luggage

and we'll meet up with you.

Our jeeps can take you to the shore

for a boat back to Belize.

Your friends' results will come in soon.

We have a waiting area
for you to wait outside.

Thank you. Thanks.

I'm worried about Joel.

Why? He's the only one

who definitely doesn't have smallpox.

He's not, you know...

He has a tendency to go to darker places.

Do I have to spell it out?

The guy's a depressive.

He's been through something very traumatic.

He's alone. I'm worried what
he might do to himself.

Or what Jesús might do to him.

This is Dr. Levine.

Could we, please?

I know that this is very difficult
news to tell you,

but here's some results.

I'm so sorry.

Oh, my God.

We have a great team of doctors
that can help you.

Oh, God.

That's not me.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

- Hey, wait.
- Uh, I'm so sorry.

- Is that it?
- Mm-hmm.

Okay. I'm okay.

- Yes.
- You had the wrong person.

- I'm so sorry.
- I-I'm released?

Yes, but you have a significant amount

- of Valium in your sample.
- Oh, fuck that. Yes!

Oh. All right.

I'm released. I'm okay, I'm okay.

All right, good.

Okay, okay. I'm gonna meet
up with, uh... with Joel.

We're gonna wait at the nearest bar, okay?

And... assuming you
get out, which you will.

- I know.
- So don't worry about it.


This way?

- Two more to go, man. Two more to go.
- Okay. Yeah, yeah.

We have a waiting area outside.

The vehicles can take you to the
shores for boats back to Belize.

Uh, excuse me. Any idea how long

until my friends are released?

There's no way of knowing.

Minutes? Hours? Days?


Um, is there a hotel or a hostel nearby?

Barranco. It is far.

Well, uh, can you give
me the number of a taxi?

No taxi here. I can give you a map.

Well, how far is it?

Five miles.

Oh, uh, can I get that map, please?

Ha ha!

Uh, Barranco?

Do you... do-do you
know where... where that is?

N-No... no hablo español. Uh...

I-I'm trying to-to get to,
uh... Barranco, walking...

Yeah, sí, uh, and then you
show me the way to Barranco?

Uh, Barranco?

- Chido. Sí.
- Sí.

Isabel, Mateo, Joel.

- Isa... Isabel. Isabel.
- Isabel.

- Uh, Joel.
- Joel.

- Hola.
- Hola.

- Mateo.
- Ma-Mateo.

- Mateo. Mateo.
- Joel.

You ready to get out of there?

It's okay.

At least we can save one life, right?

Yeah. We can save a
lizard, but not Rochelle.

But we could actually do something
about the lizard, Lex.

Come on, man. You have two daughters.

How would you like it

if somebody left one of them in a ditch?

You have no place

to bring my daughters in any conversation.

Why? It's okay for
Rochelle, but not Talia or Reggie?

What did you do for Rochelle?

I was the one who kept
saying we gotta go down there.

- We should call somebody.
- I heard you.

- We can't leave her there.
- I heard you.

- Did I? Yes!
- I heard you!

- Did you?
- I tried.

Nobody else gave a shit.

- You tried? You tried?
- Yeah.

I don't recall seeing your ass

go down there and get her.

Nobody stopped you.

I don't even recall you
making a phone call.

So how is that everybody else's fault?

Okay, you know what? Fuck you.

Congratulations on trying.

Fuck you, because if it was your kid,

we'd still be down there.

Yeah, if it was my
kid, I wouldn't rely on you.

No, no, I didn't say anything, right?

- I didn't do anything. Whatever!
- Tried with your fucking mouth!

You are clear.

We have a waiting area outside,

vehicles to drive you to the shore

to take you back to Belize City.

Thank you.



Thank you.

We need another blood sample.


The doctors requested it.

What's wrong with my blood?

Please, we must do this.

Why do we need another...?

Hey! Hey!

You're okay!

I understand you are responsible

for the Americans who
took my money and my boat.

I expect repayment immediately.

How do I get a message back to Jesús?

Uh, please tell him, with respect,

he's mistaken,

but I'll deal with it nonetheless.

What's the quickest way to Guatemala?

- The quickest?
- Mm-hmm.

Where the smugglers cross
the river at Barranco.

Well, how do I get there?

You would have to walk.

How far?

Nine miles.

Uh, I was wondering,

uh, do you know where
I could, uh, get a taxi?

Taxi gone...

four years ago.

You lost?


I'm just trying to get to Guatemala.

Ya not look Guatemalan.

I'm American.

I'm just... just
trying to get home, that's all.

My brother-in-law coming home soon,

and he can take you.

Oh, really?

That'd be great.

You want some food while you wait?

You really grew all this yourself?

Of course.


We got a garden.

But we don't grow
anything in it, just flowers.

Hmm. Must you spend a lot of
money to buy food to cook.


we usually order, um, takeout.

It's, like, you know, we...

we order in.

We call, they deliver the food.

Oh, your wife no cook for you?

Not very often.

Well... well, she does, um,

make this, like, pasta bake, occasionally.

It's really good, but...

it's nothing like this.


I will teach you
something to show your wife

to cook for you and your family.


- Counterclockwise?
- Mm-hmm.

I'm gonna go clockwise, too.

Check it out.

Going counterclockwise.



Oh, sit here? Okay.

- Oh. My nails.
- Sí.


Oh, no, uh, two... That's...


Perfecto. Yeah.



Oh, uh... no, I'm good.

All right.


- Chido.
- Chido.

So fucking chido right now.

Fucking chido.

You show your wife this,

she can cook this dinner for
you and all your babies.


We don't have babies, though.

Children all grown?

Oh, we don't have kids.


I'm sorry.

Oh, no, no, don't be.

No, we just never got around to it.

No, we both work and did other things

and then ten years goes by and you're...

No cooking, no babies?

She don't sound like one good wife.

- Cut this?
- Mm-hmm.

No, no, no, no, no. No, she's great.


She's, um...

she's kind of funny, you know.

Like if you don't want to do something,

she'll persuade you to do it.

And then after you do it,

you're grateful that you did, you know.

She's, like...

enthusiastic about stuff.

People love her for it, you know.

Does she work a job?

Yeah, she's always worked.

In school, she lied about her age

so that she could work at Mr. Donut.

So she a liar, too, then?

No, no, no, no.

- No, Helena's terrific.
- Mm.

You work?

Uh, wealth management.

I... I manage people's money.


Um... I take people's money,

and then I try to make them more money.

And then in exchange,

my firm gets to keep some of that money,

and then I get to keep some of that money.

You like this job?

Yeah. It's okay.

I need the money.


To pay for all the food to be delivered.

Yeah. And other things.

Which one you prefer?

- What?
- To sleep on.

I thought... I thought
your brother-in-law was coming.

Tomorrow maybe.

Oh, no, no, no. I... I
have to go to Guatemala now.

The only way to go now

is across the river with the smugglers.

- I can't spend the night.
- Sure, you can.

You take my bed,

we'll put a blanket on the porch for me.

No, no, no, I-I can't.

You insult me, if you refuse.

Can I check out the porch?

'Cause that's... that's more my speed.

All right?

It's good to see you, man.

Yeah. Yeah.

Where them other two clowns?

They fucking left us.

- You sure?
- Oh, yeah.

I checked... They're gone.

I went around every single
bar I could find, which was one,

and nothing, nobody's seen them.

They have passports... we don't.

They took half the money.


Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

You need to know I still got
your back, you hear me?

All right, Leslie.


You got pretty close.

That was a, that
was... that was a lucky one.


Muy fácil.

Hey, muchachos!

Uno, dos, tres.


Oh, uh, uh, dónde...
wh-where you... where you going?

Belize City.

- Oh.
- Chido.

I-I can't.

Yeah, I can't.

Thank... It was great to meet you.

Stay golden, pony-boy.

- Ciao, Joel.
- Adios.

Gracias for everything.


The rest of the money?

I'm not sure where it is.

There was a package I gave Milo

and a bag with the rest of the
money that didn't belong to you.

I'd like to know where they are.

The package is in the ocean.

It's in the ocean.

Them be lost.

All right, we are
definitely the gringos around here,

so let's, uh, let's
just find somewhere quiet

to chill until we figure
out what the hell we're doing.


He took the bag! Hey!

- Hey, man!
- Excuse me.

Hey, motherfucker!

Lex! Lex!

Come on.


Hey, Erica.

It's Gus.

- You back in Chicago?
- No.

Are you still in Belize?

I-I believe so. Um...

How are you? Are you okay?

It's not safe for you here.

- Go home.
- I know it's not safe, but, um...

look, I don't have a passport, and, uh,

my friend, Lex, he's with me,

and neither one of us have passports and...

we're lost.

Well, you're smart. You'll find a way.

No, we're really lost.

Like, I-I have no idea what to do.


All right, look around
you... what do you see?

Uh, ocean...

um, P.G. Lionfish Pub.

That's Punta Gorda. You're still in Belize.

All right, give me the address,

and I'll come get you.

Yeah, yeah, you would do that for me?

Of course.

If anonymity is a
priority, we have a minor issue.

Our system is governed by SWIFT.

Yeah, I know all about SWIFT.

You are an accountant?

A financial consultant, wealth management.

Wait, now this is a payment order

from my corporation to my account,

so why would there be an issue?

Well, you made a similar payment order

three days ago in Belize for Angel Gibson.


So our only option here

is to put a hold on my deposit?

- How long?
- Not long.

I will call you
personally when the time comes.


Um... you can reach, let's see...

All right, you can reach me at this number.


Oh, listen, uh,

what's the best hotel in town?



Hi, Helena.

Where are you?

Still here.

I, um...

Helena, it's...


It's been a real nightmare,

but, uh, I'm fine, you know, so...



When are you coming back?

I was supposed to be
back a day and a half ago.

Yeah, you called a few days ago

to wire money for a business opportunity.

I assumed you were
staying longer, and you did.

Joel says hi.

How-how is he?

Have you spoken to him?

Not recently.

Really? When?

- I don't know when.
- You don't remember...

You don't remember

the, uh, the last time you spoke to him?

No. Why?

Oh, 'cause he said that you
guys had... like, lunch.

Actually, lunches.

When he came into town,

he called me for lunch. So what?

- You fucking him?
- No.

Oh, you haven't fucked him yet,

but you want to, is that it?

Is Joel there? Put him on the phone.

Nah, he told me everything.

Well, if he told you we
slept together, he's lying.

Are you unhappy, is that it?

You know what, I'll talk
to you when you get home.

- Okay. Bye.
- Wait.

Like what...


Cobi, it-it's Joel.

I'm in Belize City, at least I think I am.

I've been, uh, uh, taken, um, captured.

Kidnapped, wh-whatever you call it.

I'm serious.

Uh, this guy wants the money, all of it.

He already has what I
took, and he wants the rest, so...


call me-call me back at this number and...

there will be further...

It's, uh...