Mad Dogs (2015–2016): Season 1, Episode 7 - Ice Cream - full transcript

Spread out and separated across the country, the Mad Dogs must weigh their personal desires against those of their friends' lives in order to recover all of the missing money and save a kidnapped Joel.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
No. No, thanks.

You have it.

Or don't. Whatever.

Is there something wrong
with the ice cream?

Eat the ice cream,
Joel, before it melts.

I said for a cash transfer
this size to be anonymous...

You said... you said
come back in an hour.

I have a plane to catch.

No, no, no, I said
I would call you back

- when the time comes.
- Look, Mr. Padilla.


I'm a certified financial consultant.

- Do you know what that means?
- No.

What we're talking about here
is not very complicated.

You ever done this before?

Well, it is common for
Americans to come down here

to Guatemala for
this kind of transfer.

I don't believe it is
legal in the U.S.

Not true... exactly.

We can do the transfer immediately,

if you're willing to...

What's your commission, one percent?

- 1.75 percent.
- That's like $30,000.

30,625 euros, not including
the .25 percent handling fee.


- Two hours.
- An hour and a half.

Fine, two hours.

Call me at the same number
when you know it's ready.

You think Erica's
really gonna show up?

Before Milo threw it off the boat,

did you see what was in the package?


Did he tell you what was in it?


Here we see an elephant

separated from its herd,
seemingly unaware

that predators may be lurking nearby.

At some point, we'll have to assume

your friends aren't coming.

I hope they don't.

Fuck them both.

You want to die, is that it?

You say it like I have a choice.

They take half the money,
they leave us.

You don't know that.
I mean, they could be trying

to call us right now.
There's no phone service here...

No, I do know that.
I do know...

I've had a really,
really shitty week.

And I literally don't have
the energy to be scared, so...

What did you think of the ice cream?

Rose hip, roses from the garden.

I'm trying to eat local.

You didn't have to call
your friends, you know.

You could've chosen not to.

Whether they come or not,

you'll either kill me or you won't.

Then you'll go
after them or you won't.

I can't control any of it.

You must be curious, though.

Whether they care enough
to come for you.

What do you think, one of them?

All of them?

Some of them?

What happens if they don't come?

I mean, what happens to you

without the package and the money?

Let me guess.

It's out of your control.

* *


Thanks for getting back
to me so quickly.

Where were they seen?


- Gotta go.
- No.



- I love you.
- I love you.

* *

- Looks good. There you go.
- Thank you.

That looks really good.

Yeah. Did you see how
they paid, though?

That wasn't Belizean money.
That was a different color.

We're closer to the border.
Maybe it's Guatemalan.

* *

Can't change that, man.
Too big.

You can keep the whole thing.

We just want some rice and beans
and, you know, whatever else.

There's no banks around here,
so we can't...

We're just really hungry.

Hey, you know...

Me brother, him just
arrived from Belize city.

Yeah, he can give to you Belizean.

Yeah, then take your bill back
up to B.C., make for you change.

Hey, no problem, man.

Okay, well, I have someone who's...

who's coming to pick us up.

And, uh, she's definitely
gonna have cash.

She's from here, but if not,
I'll make change with him.

You'll get your money either way.

- Sit down, man. I'll bring it to you.
- Thank you.

- That a nice guy, man. Good guy.
- Yeah.

- Hey, uh, you know,
where you from, huh?

- The U.S.?
- Chicago.

Chicago? Obama.

Yeah, Obama.

All right, man.

So we're good.

Told him we got someone
coming to pick us up

who has cash.
He said he'll feed us.

Belizean hospitality.

People have been pretty nice.

Really nice apart from
the ones trying to kill us.

Everybody else, though,
is... warm.

Here you go, guys.

- Thank you very much, sir.
- Appreciate that.

See, he didn't have to do that.

Mm, oh, yeah.

You get in touch
with somebody back home

that can look after your dad?

Yeah, it's not something
just anybody can help with.

Gotta be family member
or something, right?

He has trouble remembering people.

Not me yet, but I have no idea
how long that's gonna last.

You could call your girls.

I don't think I'd be able
to hold it together

if I talked to them, and...

it's just not the way that I...

You know what I mean.


Thank you so much.

Where are the others?

It's just us.
Remember Lex?

Thank you.

Hey, this your friend, man?

Oh, she a lovely woman.

How come you no say that first thing?

A lovely and she gonna pay our bill?
What better than that?

- Your brothers in the car?
- Both of them. Let's go.

Excuse us, please.

You know, maybe it better you
leave the bag, then you go.

Then no problem.

Wait for us in the car, please.

We'll meet you outside.

Be careful.

Back your asses up!

Hey, hey, hey.

Nine lives.

These people mine!

- What the hell is this?
- Out!


I barely know them.
I don't...

Shut up!
In the van.

Erica, I am so sorry.

Hey, hey, okay.
We're going, we're going.


Gus, come on.

Drop the bags.



Tie their wrists behind their back!

Now you, in front.


- Get fucking back!
- She's getting back!

Excuse me.

Oh, sorry.

The fruit is amazing down here.

- I can't stop eating it.
- Yeah.

I hear the salami is great, too.

Yeah, you could take, uh,
the boy out of Chicago...

I'm from San Diego.

I'm not sure what that means
you take out of me.

Uh... low humidity.

I'm Tabatha.


I'm Michael.

I don't know. I've just
always wanted to see it.

Yeah, you know, I think I saw
a TV special on that.

I watch a ton of stuff on NatGeo,

which, after a while,
gotta say kind of all

blends together into
one big shark, temple,

monkey, alien show.

Well, if you do go,
you will remember it.

Tikal is like the Angkor Wat
of the Western Hemisphere.

I know, I know.

You know what, maybe I will go.

I should, right?

So what are you doing here, Michael?

- Business.
- Hmm.

A last bit of business,
um, at least for a while.

I'm retiring.

I, uh, sold my company

and, um, just doing some,

like, last banking stuff.

- What's the business?
- Real estate.

You're so young to be retiring.

Yeah, I could be younger.

I could be older, though.

- Either way, it's exciting.
- Yeah, it is. It is.

You know, there were these
friends that, uh, guys

I knew in college, I was
trying to get them involved

in some things down here,
and they wouldn't or couldn't.

I took the risk,

and my life is bigger because of it.

There you go.

Now I can do anything I want.


And what does your wife want to do?

- My wife?
- Um, just...


She passed away

two years ago, almost two years ago.

I don't know why
I still wear it, but...

- I'm so sorry.
- Thanks. Don't be.

It's just... just one
of those things.




- But, uh...
- I should be heading out.


It was nice to...

Enjoy your retirement, Michael.

Thank you.

Would you like some news?

Two of your pals are on their way.

And assuming they have all the money,

you might even get to go home.

What is home for you?
What do we do for a living?

We teach.

Those who can't.

Whatever made you choose
to be a teacher?

What made you choose
to be a drug dealer?

When I was 20,
I backpacked around Lebanon.

I met a girl from the Becca Valley.

Roses grew like weeds
by the roadside,

and so did hashish.

Beginning of a marvelous career.

Took me around the world.

Now you work for Jesús.

No. No, no.

And Milo?

I was an investor in his company.

He was a place to put your money.

He was okay with that?

He saw it for what it was,
an opportunity.

Before I left Lebanon,
the U.S. started something

they called the pro-dairy

They burned the hashish fields

and provided local farmers with cows.

Pennsylvania milking cows.

So I was left with a choice.

Find new suppliers, diversify,
take on more risk

or export cheese.

Is that supposed to impress me?

Well, maybe it fucking should.

Because at the end of the day,
that's the difference

between you and me

and for that matter,
between you and Milo.

You chose cheese.

Lex and Gus are on their way.

Erica, we're not bad people.

We're not.

My problem is I love
the Bee Gees too much.


How many Bee Gees dead?

I'm sorry, how many
Bee Gees are dead?

Robin, yes. Barry?

- Man, fuck your Bee Gees!
- Fuck my Bee Gees?

No, no.
We all love the Bee Gees.

Robin is dead, yes,
and Maurice, I think.

There's a Maurice in the Bee Gees?


What is it?

* *


...What's going on?

- Him going to kill my grandmother.
- What?

She came to the bar with me.
She stayed in the car.

- Come on! Get off me!
- Leave him! Come on!

Lex, come on!


- No!
- Fuck!

- No, stop the car!
- No!

Stop the fucking car!

...Rochelle Baer...

* *

No, no! Turn around!

Are you mad?
Him have a gun!

- We have to, please.
- A knife is under the seat.

Listen, please, we got to go back.

If we go back, he will kill us.

If we don't go back, he kills Lex.

- Please, turn around.
- Look, we're not going back, Gus.

- I'm sorry, but we're not!
- Stop the car! Let me out!

- Gus.
- Stop the fucking car!

I'm sorry.
Thank you for your help!

Thank you.
I am so sorry.

- I'll trade the money for Lex.
- Trade? No.

He'll just kill you
and take the money.

- But I have to try.
- Why?

No! No!

Who was she?

Where are they going?

I don't know.

I-I-I don't know.

Ah, okay.

- Her name is... is Erica.
- Last name?

- I don't know her last name.
- Where are they going?

I don't know.

Where are they going?!

Where are they going?!
Where are they going?!

Where are they going?!

- Where are they going?!
- Okay, okay, okay.

I know where she lives.

Okay, I'll take you there.

* *

You have one new message.

Gus, this is Joel.

I've been... been kidnapped.
I'm not joking.

They, uh... they want
the money, all of it,

or they're gonna kill me.

Please call me back if you get this.

Come on, pound my fucking pussy!

Uh-huh! Uh!

Hello. Are we ready?


It's Gus.


So you're okay.

Good shit, man, I...
I thought that...

Where are you?

Uh, yeah, I'm okay.


- Hold on.

Are you okay?

Joel got kidnapped.

Someone got him.


By who, Jesús?

I don't... I don't know.

I-I just picked up
a message from him.

He said that if we didn't
return the money, all of it,

that they-they...
they were going to kill him.

All the money? But we...

Where the fuck did you guys go?

Oh, well, Joel, uh, he wasn't
there when I got out.

Uh, are you with Lex?

The Cat got Lex.

- The Cat?
- I got away. Lex didn't.

- From the Cat?
- Yeah.

How do you know it's the Cat?

'Cause he's a f...

Listen to me, we have
to link up and deal

with this shit right now
or they're going to kill him!

Now, I am on a road leading
from where we were quarantined.

It can't be more than, like, ten...

Wait a minute, there's a mile marker.


Cobi, can you hear me?

Yeah, yeah, I hear you.

But, look, what do we know for sure?

Cobi, where are you?

Okay. I'm not far.

I'll call you when I'm near.

Just stay where you are.

¿Habla inglés?

The woman from the embassy,

the southern coast road,

uh, there's a-a ruined house
near the Guatemalan border,

about one mile past
the San Pedro turnoff.

Uh, she...

she fell.

Well, the transfer has been executed.

Yes, thank you.
Great work.

But now I need it
transferred back to me now.

I see.

Well, Mr. Franklin, as a
professional accountant...

Financial consultant,
wealth management.

So you understand that this
will also require time

and that we will have
to charge you the standard

1.75 transfer commission.

And the handling fee,
.25 percent.

Don't forget about that.
That's 4,200 euros.

Yes, that as well.

Except I'm not gonna pay it.

The fee or the commission.

Why would the guy
who you just completed

an illegal transfer for...

And by the way, you are
correct, it is highly illegal.

Why is he now threatening
to report your bank

and you personally

to the U.S. Securities
and Exchange Commission,

which, along with the DEA,
is investigating your bank

for anonymous cash transfers?

Now, the SEC,
they only have jurisdiction

in the United States.

The DEA, they're like
the fucking Marines

with accountants.

I'll get your money
right away, no fee.

I need the actual
original cash, euros,

500s and the original commission.

But the commission
comes from the bank.

That part will have
to be wired to you later.

- How long?
- 24 hours.


Only 'cause we're friends.

Well, it shouldn't be long before

at least two of your pals appear.

Isn't that touching?

Yeah, lucky me.

- Oh, so you believe in luck.
- Luck is chance.

Chance is math.

I believe in math.

Don't tell me you're a maths teacher.

I teach teachers.

I teach teaching methods.


What did Milo see in you?

At least he tried
to grab life by the balls.

I guess a shared history
counts for something.

We went back a long way.

Enough to get you
mixed up in all this.

Enough to leave me his villa.


Well, just a quarter share.

I don't think so.

He showed us his will.

That villa's not his to leave anyone.

It's mine.

Well, I saw the title deed,

so I'd have to say

not anymore.

Then I guess if you work
in high-end real estate

in Belize and you're
the type of person

who grabs opportunities by the balls,

you'd know how to do
that kind of thing.

If that's true,
none of you are going home.

I'm sorry.

It was nighttime when we were here.

All these streets look alike.

She lived down a small street?

- An alley, yeah.

This neighborhood is filthy.

These people are dogs.

It's harder to kill a dog
than a person.

But these people are dogs.


Where is it?

Keep looking.

Maybe a different street.

What do you want me to say, huh?

You said you know where she lived.

I was here once,
and it was nighttime.

It was dark.

This isn't the street.

Then we need to be straight

on what we say

or we both die.

There was just him when I got there.


And the money?

- He says it's with the others.
- The other two?

Yeah, we split the money between us.

So where's your share?

My friend took it.

I gave it to him.
I didn't want it.

Another honest man,
who'd have believed it?

The black one has it.

He's probably out of Belize by now.

That's what we were all trying to do.

That's all he knows.

And the fourth?

- Cobi?
- I don't know where he is.

So two of them

with three quarters of
the money are still missing.


Why wouldn't you lot have
just stuck to-fucking-gether?

Lots of reasons.


Jesus Christ.

Are you all right?

Could be worse.


You know...

Gus and Cobi?

Gus got away.

Uh, no clue about Cobi.

Did you, uh, did you wait
for us when you got out?


Where are we?
Who is this guy?

He's a drug dealer.

Says he doesn't work for Jesús

and that Milo was
laundering money for him.

So what now?

If he offers you ice cream, take it.

- Where's your money?
- It's gone.

But you got yours.

Yeah, I got mine.

What do you mean, gone?
You mean Lex has it?

It got stolen.

So your money and his money
are not with you or him?

The Cat came back.

I am lucky that I even got away.

Okay, where did you go?

Gus, we need that money
to get Lex and Joel.

That's what you said,
right, isn't it?

That if we don't bring
the money, all the money,

they're gonna...
they're gonna kill them.

Isn't that what you said?

And so now we only
have half the money

and you didn't even think
about telling me this?

Where did you go?

I'm here now
with the only money we have.

Are you gonna answer
my fucking question or not?

- Fuck!
- Hey!

We have to figure this out.
We have to, right?


Do you know where the money is,

and is it possible to get it back

before we have to go to Plan B?

What is Plan B?

I have no fucking clue.

This is good.

Rose hip.

What's a rose hip?

Assuming they got Joel with
his share plus your quarter,

we're only short half the money.

Only short half.

Dude, we can't show up there
with only half.

Then what are we supposed to do?

If we go there
without all of the money,

all of us are going to be killed.

All of us.

We have to run.


What I'm saying sucks.

I know.

But I'm right about this.

Man, you're a fucking joke.

I am not a joke!

You're a fucking joke!
You better hope we die, man.

Come on.

It's gonna be real awkward,

uncomfortable seeing you
around back home.

Do what you want.
Be who you are, Cobi.

Here, here.
Thank you. Appreciate it.

Um, would you mind
waiting for a few minutes?

Thanks, asshole.

* *

That is not all the money.

- The embassy has it.
- Listen, we-we...

We gave the rest
to a woman at the embassy.

- The U.S. embassy?
- Yeah.

- What's her name?
- Rochelle.

Rochelle. Last name.

Baer. Rochelle Baer.

If she doesn't hear from us
at the top of the hour,

she's gonna come looking
for us and you, here, armed.


We only reported half of the money

because we were gonna keep
the other half ourselves.

Good for you.

So how about this?

Go ahead and keep that
and let all of us go.

We'll tell her that Joel and Lex
found us before we found them.

And they'll say that Jesús did it.

You'll have half the money,
no problems with the embassy.

And you get to stay alive.

That okay with you, Joel?

Hey, come here.

See this pond?

Where do you think
the fish come from?

- Hmm?
- Me, neither.

We'll get you the money.

It was an accident.

It was a mistake!


Where's the rest of the money?

Shoot one of them.

* *

* One, two, three, four *

* Gonna go downtown
Gonna get my gun *

* Gonna dress real sharp
Gonna beat my drum *

* Gonna walk so slick
Gonna talk just right *

* And my diamond ring
Gonna shine so bright *

* 'Cause I got my ears
And I got my eyes *

* And I got my narcs And my alibis *

* You'll pay for the crime *

* 'Cause I tell ya *

* I've got a debt to repay *

* I ain't gonna cry, I said *

* I put a gun in your face *

* You'll pay with your life *

* Oh, I put a gun in your face *

* *

* And you cause me hurt
And you cause me pain *

* And you turned the tap
On my burning rage *

* Oh, please put it out *

* Gonna leave no sign
Gonna leave no trace *

* Gonna leave this town
In a state of grace *

* Give me the power I tell you *

* I got a debt to repay *

* I ain't gonna cry *

* I put a gun in your face *

* You'll pay with your life
I tell you *

* Your tongue lickin'
way out of place *

* I'll rip it out *

* I'll stick a gun in your face *

* You'll pay... *