Macy Murdoch (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Sleuthing Through Time - full transcript

In 1910, the gang makes an important ally, and scout out their first suspect.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
It's just gravity.

It's fine. What isn't
fine, is trespassing.

You shouldn't be in here.

Explain yourselves.


We're... We're the...

We're the new
apprentices, Mrs...

Hart. Mrs. Violet Hart.

I'm the Chief
Coroner, I would know

if there were any apprentices.

What are you juveniles up to?!

Not so fast!

Get to the door! I got this!

Be careful, that's fragile!

That was close. We need
to be more careful.

I don't feel good
about that mess.

Billie, I've seen your bedroom.

I think we should go back in.

Maybe extend a peace offering,

apologize, fix her skeleton.

Mrs. Hart will
help with the case.

Fact: we can't let guilt influence
our interactions in the past.

Time travel's like Jenga.
Pull the wrong block,

everything will collapse.
- But if she reports us

to the police, which
she probably will,

that's definitely gonna
be the wrong block.

Wouldn't reasoning with her
be less of a Jenga tumble?

Macy's right. Also, can I say
I love the Jenga reference.

So is that how we'll operate?
Two against one? Decision made.

We're investigating a murder.
She's the coroner. We need her.

Okay. But no hints
of the future.

The scientific community
was shocked to hear

of the death of the
doctor. Myself included.

So your business here is to
prove that Detective Murdoch

didn't murder Dr. Van Doren?

Exactly! He was framed.

By whom?

How do you know all this?

How old are you?

- We don't know.
- We can't say.


You'll have to come up with a more
compelling argument than that.

This is all very suspicious.

Mrs. Hart. You're
the Chief Coroner.

Do you really believe that
Murdoch is capable of... murder?

There's no love lost between
the detective and myself,

but I must say I was doubtful
when I heard the news.

Will you let your
personal feelings

get in the way of
saving an innocent man?

Of course not. I'll do
whatever I need to to help.

What do we know?

We have three suspects.

Three? This is news to me.

No other suspects?

What about the list we have?

In this re-written history,

Detective Murdoch
is the only suspect.

He must have been arrested
before he was assigned the case.

We believe the suspects
are Dr. Van Doren's fiancé

Grady Robbins, her colleague
Professor Rupert LeDuc,

and PhD student, Iris Craven.

Professor LeDuc I've heard
of, the other persons, no.

In crime shows...
Uh, I mean, in cases

of this nature, it's
usually the boyfriend.

You're not wrong.

Mrs. Hart, what can you

tell us about Dr. Van
Doren's murder?

Follow me.

My initial assessment
suggests the contusions

on her head were superficial
wound, not fatal.

So something else killed her?

The ligature marks around her neck
are consistent with strangulation,

there's also petechial

She was... strangled to death.

These fibers... were
found in the abrasions.

The constables found Detective
Murdoch's scarf near the body.

Is that the evidence
that led to his arrest?

Yes. And the padlock,

which caused the head wound, was
also found near the property.

Oh man, Macy. This doesn't
look good for your...

Favourite detective.

I need to finish the
post-mortem on the victim

and send the results
in to the Inspector.

So the murderer
planted evidence.

What do we do next?

We have to rule out the padlock

while narrowing
down our suspects.

So a double investigation.

I also want to low-key
check out the suspects.

I'll join you. Billie,
you stay and see

what Mrs. Hart comes up
with on the evidence front.

I was thinking of your
list of suspicious persons.

I can steer you to
someone who can help.

Sure, I know people.

I wash a lot of windows,
meet a lot of characters.

Any of the names we
mentioned sound familiar?

Oh, yes. Mr. Robbins.

Works at the ladies' wear shop.

Used to run the
haberdashery down the way.

The haber-whatery?

You know, the notions shop.

Buttons, threads,
zippers. Notions!

Never mind. Juliette's
Ladies' Wear,

that's where you'll find him.
- Ladies' wear, huh?

Any chance they sell scarves?

Sure. Their goods are
quite afternoonified.

Suspect number
one: Grady Robbins.

His arm is in a sling.

I don't think he
is our murderer.

Looks can be deceiving.


Seems painful. What happened?

A fight with a couple of
unruly mannequins last week.

They won.

Look, it's a blue scarf.

These scarves are really pretty.


Yes. That's like
the one my Gwen had.

Had. She lost it?

I'm afraid she's with her
maker now, she just passed.

- Are you okay?
- No. I'm not. I'm not alright.

This is all so sudden and...
- Our condolences.

Mr. Robbins, your beloved
fiancée passes and you're open.

I would have presumed your
grief would be so substantial,

you'd be... home,
devastated, for days.

Who said anything
about "beloved"?

Don't get me wrong, I hoped
we'd still see be married.

But all those
whispered phone calls,

late nights at the lab, I
knew there was someone else.

Oh, uh...

Clever on the handshake.

He instinctively reached,
but was clearly in pain.

I think he's really injured

which means that he couldn't
have strangled Van Doren.

Secret calls, late nights?

Is it one of our other suspects?

Or someone else?

Broken arm, broken
soul, broken theory.

He's not our guy.

I can't imagine how hard it's
been to be without your dad.

You must miss him.

"Miss him" is...
an understatement.

Earl Grollman once said:

"The only cure for
grief is to grieve."

Is that supposed to make me cry?

Uh... No.

When my Yiyi passed
away last year,

I found hope in the words.

My dad used to tell me stories
about our family history.

It's why I signed
up for this course.

I found a notebook with all
the ideas and inventions

of William Murdoch in it.

It's not just the blueprints.

I wanted to feel closer to
him. Them. I don't know.

Was he also
inventive? Your dad?

Yeah. He would tweak things
around the house all the time.

Once he repurposed a
clock to play my favourite

Beyoncé song every hour.

I just... wish I made
more time for his stories.

I was always rushing out.

Maybe if I had, then I'd
know how to figure out

what's happening now
and set it right.

From what I have deduced about you
in the short time I have known you,

you will. And
we're here for you.

Hey, Billie.

So, uh...

Mrs. Hart was asking a
lot of questions about us

and I had to tell her
we just beamed in.


I'm a little offended you didn't
cut me any credit. Hurtful!

I told her this case
matters to my friend,

and what matters to my
friends matters to me.

They say the best lies
lead with the truth.

Smart move, Billie.
- She cleared off this desk

and said we could use this
space as our home base.

Way helpful, no?
- Sure, it's helpful,

or it's a smart way
to keep tabs on us.

Tad cynical. I like it.


Welcome back. If you children
aren't too squeamish,

you may want to see this.

- Gross!
- Gross!

Stomach contents, you say?

Yes. I've analyzed what
the victim last ate.

Dinner consisted
of poached salmon,

roasted potatoes followed
by Victoria sponge cake.

Nothing beats potatoes.

Girl after my own

What? Too soon?

What's of interest is the
digestive degeneration

of the fish versus
the other foods.

I would say there were 3 to
4 hours between each meal.

So, a secret late night dinner?

There's also this.

Is that a burn?

It would appear so,

but I can't tell from what,
until I take a sample.

Mrs. Hart, we've ruled out
Mr. Robbins as a suspect,

but he seems to think
that the victim...

stepped out on him.

It's definitely not
Professor LeDuc.

Him and Dr. Van Doren,
chalk and cheese.

- So, total opposites.
- Well, opposites can attract.

Sasha Baron Cohen
and Isla Fisher.

Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell.


Oh, just some friends.

Maybe we should pause on
the suspect list for now,

and focus our energy on the
evidence we need to dispel.

Which starts with proving
William Murdoch's scarf

was planted at the crime scene

as well as the
padlock in his yard.

Murdoch's scarf would be
valuable to have right now,

to test against the fibres you
found on the deceased, Mrs. Hart.

Won't hurt to see the
police report either.

See what they found on the good
detective that locked him up.

So we need the evidence
the police collected.

And you think the three
of you can just waltz

into the station and they'll
hand over the evidence to you?

No. But you can.

I believe you have
a report to deliver.