Macy Murdoch (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - A Murder Rewritten - full transcript

Macy and her friends decide to travel back to 1910 to exonerate Detective William Murdoch.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
An actual time machine

is in the university's

Look, all we really
found was 40 tonnes

of mismatched steel that doesn't
even have a proper "on" button.

The blueprint was found in
Detective Murdoch's notebook.

There must be a reason.
- You mean, a man I've never met

before had a blueprint
no one else in the world

knows about hid in a notebook
my dad never showed me?

All I'm saying...
- Yes, Macy Murdoch.

Do tell us.

Where have the
three of you been?

You missed the assignment.

Oh, uh... professor...

Why don't you head
to your next lecture.

I'll catch them up to
speed on what you assigned.

She's usually not so... that.

The assignment is
to solve the crime

using the means and methods

that Detective William
Murdoch used in 1910

once he was assigned the case.

Any chance you
got a cheat-sheet?

Everything you need
is right in there.

Suspect list, crime scene photo.

Oh, she hates
digital submissions.

So use a clear duo-tang.
The library has extra.

- Thanks for the tip.
- Cheers.

So the murderer was
either her colleague,

fiancé or PhD student?

Easy. Fiancé did it.

Nine out of ten CSI
episodes end that way.

So fiancé Grady Robbins is our
answer because CSI says so?

Sorry is that,
like, disrespectful?

I don't think assignments
have feelings.

I mean, you're a Murdoch.

This stuff is probably
important to you.

Honestly, more my dad's jam.

So is he gonna freak that day
one of class features his bae?

Ya. He's totally
gonna eat this up.

I wonder where Zane is
with those duo-tangs?

I think he got distracted.

Wanna grab Zane and head back
to my place and finish this up?

My Mom's ordering
Thai, if you like.

I 100% do and I am 100% down.

Ugh. Forgot my keys.

Hopefully, my
mom's already home.

- Oh. Hello there.
- Hey, Mom.

Is it okay if my friends
stay over for dinner?

I... I think you
have the wrong house.

- Funny, Mom. So can they?

Is this some sort of
neighbourhood prank or something?

Mom. It's me. Macy.

I'm sorry, I'm not your mom.

Are you alright?

Are you alright?

Do you... do you need help?

Should I call someone?
- No. Um...

We must have the wrong house.

My mom doesn't know me!
How can she not know me?

What is happening?

My parents still know me.

"Of course I'm your
Mom, please put a load

in the washer." Yeah, samesies.

So, what the heck is
specifically happening to me?!

It's like I'm a character
in some alternate reality.

Wait. Oh no.

Where are you going?!

: Macy, stop!
- Wait!

Think about it, we
find a time machine,

and suddenly, my mom doesn't
recognize me. It's connected.

It's a broken piece of
junk. You said it yourself.

Hello, not so broken junk.

It's a scientific coup!

Look at the dates, they're
different from what we put in.

Someone used this!
- There's no way.

October 20th 1910?
Why is that familiar?

It's our assignment.

That's the day Dr. Van
Doren was murdered.

That's hella spooky.

Did she use her
machine to escape?

Did the murderer?

We need answers.

Respected detective now
questioned for murder?!

Okay. It's not that bad.

According to this article,

"Van Doren's murderer was
convicted and put away for life.

He was none other than
long-standing member

of Toronto's police force
detective... William Murdoch."

"Evidence found at
the scene of the crime

linked the disgraced
detective to the murder

of one of Toronto's
academic elite."

Is this some sick joke?

Are you two in on
this? This is...

William Murdoch
is not a murderer!

We're not in on any joke, Macy.

As it appears before us,

that article is
journalistic fact.

Journalistic fact from
over 100 years ago.

Macy, if William Murdoch
went to jail for murder,

his whole timeline would
have been affected.

You might not be a
Murdoch right now.

You might not even
be Macy right now.

No. No.

My dad said that William...

William Murdoch's life
changed on October 20th, 1910.

And therefore, so did his
wife's, his daughter's.

It's classic cause and effect.

So, maybe my dad...
was never born?

Okay. Enough with the
Twilight Zone vibes.

This is easy. Macy, just
text your dad, like we did.

I can't. He...

He... he died last year.

Macy, I'm so sorry.

So in this new reality,
my family never existed?

My dad never existed?

But... that's not
true. He's my dad.

He lived. He can't
just... disappear!

Hey, it's okay, we'll
figure this out.

Your dad is your dad. Period.

There has to be
something we can do.

I'm going back.

I'm going to use the
machine and fix this.

Someone is jumping
through time dimensions

and messing with my family.

There is a high
degree of probability

that going back could actually
make the future worse.

Nothing is worse than
my dad never existing.

I have to prove
Murdoch is innocent

and find the real murderer.

You don't have to come.

Non nobis solum nati sumus.

"Not for ourselves
alone are we born."

Life is to help.

Agreed. We're in.

Latin and all.

Thank you.

Really. Thanks.


So, what's the first
step to time travel?

We're ready.

Okay, so I set the date

to October 20th 1910
on the controller.

Why can't we go
back a day earlier,

warn Van Doren and avoid the
murder from happening at all?

Fact: That would cause a
"butterfly effect" in history.

It would be chaos. Our
objective should be

to disrupt as
little as possible.

Right. So, no school
dances with our ancestors.

Got it.
- Ready?

Billie! Zane!


That's rhetorical, right?

It worked!

Did we just... time travel?

Is everyone okay?
Particles intact?

I think so.

Where are we?

Of course.

Twin time machines!

That's what Kurt said
she built in class!

A teleportation device
that enables time travel.


Machine A teleports
you to machine B.

Don't worry about it.
- Okay.

Uh, October 20th, 1910.

Same date we
inputed. We're here.

Let's go save my future.

I was at the CNE this
summer, but this is...

next level.

We should be as
inconspicuous as possible.

Don't draw any atten...
- Woah! Look at these prices!

Maybe we don't act like we've
never been on these streets before.

Ah, Zane, the amount
of sci-fi you read,

you should be all over this!
- Precisely.

I've read enough science fiction

to know the sooner
we get this done...

You're right. Good call, Zane.

We know that Van Doren
was killed in a park

by one of these three suspects.

Now, we just have to prove it.

So we just need to find a
totally generic-looking park.

Sure, that won't
take an eternity.

We don't have to find a park.

We just have to find the...

: City morgue!

I can't believe this.

It's a marvel.

A total Victorian
medical marvel.

There! The body.

It's Van Doren.

The coroner hasn't
finished this yet.

We're too early.

It's just gravity.

It's fine.

What isn't fine is trespassing.