Macy Murdoch (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Seize the Day - full transcript

The trio cracks the case before Zane is kidnapped.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
: Okay, let's do a
rundown of all our evidence.

We have the actual scarf
from Kurt's office,

thank you night-vision
goggles à la Macy.

The real crime scene was the
lab which LeDuc had access to.

We've proved the
padlock was planted

in Murdoch's backyard

with Constable

and found a
mysterious footprint,

which we believe
belongs to Leduc.

So, we just need his shoe

to prove that the
footprint belongs to him!

So, what are we waiting for?

Let's get Higgins-Newsome to
present this to his inspector

and William Murdoch is free!

Hold up, Bills.

Fact one: But what if
it's Kurt's footprint,

not LeDuc's? Then it's for a man
who doesn't exist in this world.

Even if the shoes do.

Fact two: Yes, we have
the scarf and fibres

off of Van Doren's neck,
but that only proves

that Murdoch's scarf
wasn't used in her murder.

The police could still argue
Murdoch strangled Van Doren

with her own scarf.

Since we can't prove he
didn't leave his house

to follow her to the lab...

you're right, Zane. We
haven't cracked the case.

: You're too good
at being devil's advocate.

So, what is oyster,
other than some gross,

slimy appie?

The students didn't
really say much about it.

It sounded like a
place when they said,

"Outside the Oyster."

A restaurant? Store?

They also mentioned arguing.

Restaurants serve alcohol,

alcohol induces arguments.

Whoa, a phonebook.

Maybe the Oyster
store is in here.

Oyster... Oyster...

Try looking under Margarite.

It's an obsolete
term in our times,

but in the 1900s,
it means pearl.


Boom! Margarite Saloon!

People get drunk and
argue outside of pubs,

or take their secret
their lovers there,

so it kinda tracks for
Murdoch and Van Doren.

Let's go check it out.

- Woah!

Saloon-y fo' sho'.

It doesn't make sense.
My Dad said William

and his wife Julia Ogden
were happy and deep in love.

If he was here with Van Doren,

it wasn't because
of some affair.

So, then what's the reason?

When we were stuck in improv,

we usually dive into
some word associations.



Pearl, fight...

Murdoch. Van Doren.

Both knew each
other, maybe friends.

More like both were inventors!

And they weren't the
only ones in here.

There were a bunch
of other people.

You're thinking, academic salon?

- Yes.
- Saloon.

Salon. Like a
1900s social club.

So, they were part
of some secret

inventor's social club?

Great. How do we find
proof of a secret thing?

Inventors. Inventors.


Mikimoto Kokichi.

He invented the
first cultured pearl.

And now I'm really lost.

How do you
low-key know that?

What does he
have to do with this?

My parents are always talking
up famous Asian achievements.

Hey, uh, Billie, Zane,

check this out.

What's a bottle of
sand doing in a bar?

No idea.

But it is a common
irritant for oyster.

Shh. Let me think.

Dang, Zane! What did you do?

1858. The year of
Kokichi's birth.

It opened a secret panel here.

Uh, it's blank.

Zane, you have
your UV flashlight?

Thank you.

Writing in bleach,

the invisible ink
technique. Clever.

Looks like the minutes
to some meeting.

Got it! Murdoch and Van Doren

were here at an
inventor's meeting

the night she died.
This isn't good.

It's a record of
Murdoch and Van Doren's

"loud and heated altercation."

He called her a blight on
the scientific community

and vowed to stop
her with full force.

The last entry states
that Van Doren raced out

after Murdoch when he left.

My Dad said William
was a gentleman.

So for him to say that
to her, in public,

it must have been
for a serious reason.

Well, there are only two
people who can help us.

One has passed and the
other, we can't talk to.

I need some air.
I have to think.

Murdoch's diary...

: I think this
new voice recording device

will allow me to
record my thoughts,

casework, or the odd
philosophical debate

in the quiet of my own home.

This jumping back and forth through
time, the danger we faced...

the repercussions!

We should have pressed

to deliver a message
to Detective Murdoch.

Just because we can't go inside,

doesn't mean we
can't communicate.

They're so in love.

We should hear his version,
work backwards from there.

Billie? Are you
even listening?

I'm just going to say it.


Zane, I like you.

Like, I like you, like you.

And I know we're best friends,

and I don't want to
jeopardize that, but...

we're such a perfect fit, right?

Like, we really get each other.

You love my witty and
hysterical commentary,

and I... I love
your brilliant mind.

And after...

after seeing you flirt
with that hipster girl

at the library...

Well, I've got to seize the day.

And I won't lose
you without a fight.

Really wish I had a
time machine right now.

No jokes.

That was, uh...

No one's ever said
something like that to me.


you've been my best
friend since daycare,

and I can't imagine anyone
else filling those shoes.


I wasn't flirting with
that hipster girl.

I was...

trying to work up the courage
to flirt with her friend.

She didn't have a...


Her guy friend.

I was going to tell you,

and I don't exactly
know if the right time

is in a saloon we
time travelled to,

waiting for our friend
to try to figure out

how to save her

ancestor, but...

I thought you said no jokes.

Then what about a hug?

I know where we need to go next.

My great-great-great
grandpa William's home!

Good thing no one's here!

What exactly are we looking for?


A voice recording
device. He named it.

Got it.

This is Julia.

Her daughter, Susannah, was
my Dad's great-grandmother.

I guess she kept the
Murdoch last name.

Must have been
ahead of her time.

Just like her mother.

Just like you too, Macy.

I found it!

Great job! I hope he
used it that night.

Here goes nothing.

: Gwendolyn,
while a time travel...

That's him! : teleportation
device has its benefits,

you must admit that it could
be extremely dangerous.

What if a nefarious character
were to get ahold of your plans?

Or worse, use your machines?

It would be absolutely

Macy, you're hearing your
actual ancestor speak!

: The
machines are well-hidden.

You must trust me on this,
William... : That's Van Doren!

: I've started
testing the devices with myself.

Yesterday, I teleported
back to the day before,

and then back to today.

Think of the promise!

My invention will end disease,

stop wars, save lives.

I won't stop. My research calls.

: Time is 1:25 AM.

October 20th 1910.

Reasoning with Gwendolyn
has abruptly ended,

as has the night.

So they came here
after the Margarite,

continued their so-called
heated argument,

which was just a
philosophical debate.

They parted as friends!
This is his alibi!

It's an alibi he can't use.

If the police found
out they were talking

about time travel, they'd
know about the time machine.

Which is why he couldn't
give a statement.


We're still missing something.

Zane, you drew a wheelbarrow
in the sketch of the backyard.

Uh, yeah, we saw one there.

Van Doren was
murdered in her lab,

and found in the park.

LeDuc would have had
to move her body.

He would've had to do it quiet
enough for no one to hear,

so he wouldn't use a horse
or a car, he would use a...

: Wheelbarrow!

O-M-G! So, LeDuc
used a wheelbarrow

to move Van Doren's
body out of the lab

onto the university grounds.

And then he ditched
the wheelbarrow

in Murdoch's backyard before
he put the padlock there.

And no one would think
anything of a wheelbarrow.

Which is why the police
didn't think to check it

for fingerprints,
or a strand of hair,

or some DNA to prove that
he murdered Van Doren!

It's our smoking gun!

Zane, can you figure out
how to use the telephone

and tell Higgins-Newsome
to meet us here?

Billie, let's go get
it now from the yard.

: This is Awesome!

: I know. We did it!

Old timey phone... Better
have a touch screen.

: Hello?

Uh, hello!

Uh, Station House No. 4, please.

Constable Higgins-Newsome.

That was fast. Thought
they'd take longer

with the wheelbarrow,
but I guess...