Love (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

{\an8}EPISODE 7


Thank you.

-Thank you.

Thank you.

I'm going to take a walk.


Your husband isn't in a rut
due to long years of marriage.

He is cheating on you.

Others can't possibly know
about other couples.

It's harder to know
what's happening under your nose.

Shall we go?


Where are you? Are you there?

Come inside the park.

Where did you spend the night?

At a friend's house.

Female or male?

Why do you ask?

I saw you at Gangnam Mart yesterday.

Who was the woman in your car?

Did you spend the night at her place?


What will you do if Mom finds out?

-She knows.
-She does?

I have no excuse.

I know I don't.

But it can't be helped.

You can't understand love--


How could you, of all people?

This isn't right.

Who is she?

No, I don't need to know.

She's a piece of trash anyway.

Is Dad still asleep?

He spent last night at a friend's.

-Where's Hyang-gi?

Is this your love for me?


I want to eat this again tomorrow.

Sure. Do you like it?

The number you have dialed
cannot be reached…

Why is your phone off?
I was worried about you.

I thought you were Hyang-gi.

She didn't come home?

She went for a walk.

Have some breakfast.

Hi, Dad. You're home early.


I don't think I could ever get sick
of omurice.

I'll make it often then.

You should come eat.

Hyang-gi found out.

About what?

You told her?

Yesterday, I went to Gangnam Mart

to buy some pork belly.

That's when Hyang-gi saw us.

You were grocery shopping with that woman?

No, by myself. She was in the car.

She saw us driving out.

She called earlier in the morning
to ask me to meet her at Banpo Park.

She confronted me.

I told her the truth since she saw us.

She was worried about you,
so I told her that you knew as well.

Was the pork belly delicious?

I'm sure she's fine.
She just doesn't want to see me.

So you want to move out?


Oh, dear.


Aren't you going to eat?


Did you guys fight?

No, we were talking about Hyang-gi.

-I'm worried about her.
-Don't be.

Why aren't you eating?

I was waiting for you.

Ji-a, there's not a single thing
that you lack.

You're polite and--

Grandma, in Korea,
we say "there's not one thing" instead.

That's what we say now.

-"One thing"?


I learned something new again
thanks to you.

Why aren't you eating much?

Well, I'll have some more later.

I don't want to gain weight.

It feels like a dream.

That we're here? Or that I slept over?

This moment.

I can't

come here alone for breakfast
looking all lonely.

You're right. You'd be bored too.

Ji-a, you're not a picky eater, are you?

You brought a variety of food.
Even the potatoes.

I love potato wedges.

Have you been to Hanguk World before?

I went twice with your mom and her sister
when they were young.

The place has become even better.
You'd be in awe.

Is that so?

Why don't we go there?

What about shopping?

We can do that afterward.

I'd like to meet your sister one day.

You will see her soon

once I die.

That's a proper continental breakfast.

You and I would do fine living abroad.

That's true.

Pi-young can't go a single day
without kimchi.

Most Koreans are like that.

Look at those twins.

-Dad, is Hanguk World far?

Gosh. Don't drop your food.

-Focus on eating, okay?

Do you remember how you took me
to Hanguk World when I was little?

-I remember.
-I had a blast.

It wasn't that fun
when our kindergarten class went.

Did you ever go there again?


Let's go today.

-Let's see how much it has changed.

Let's go.

Let's enjoy other people's company
and forget about everything.

Thank you. Let's go.


-This is amazing.


They just got dressed up. It's a costume.

-Why don't we do it too?
-I'm good.

There are many pretty ones too, you know?


Yes. Come on, let's go.

This is it.

They look wonderful.

-Don't they look pretty?

Let's go inside.

Hello, Father.

Are you home?

No, I'm at work for recording.

When will you be done?

I came to Seoul to buy you
some good herbal medicine.

I wanted to see you too.

I don't like herbal medicine.

You should still take them.

Your body needs to stay warm
if you want a baby.

What about in an hour?

No. I'll just take them
when I feel better.

All right, then. Goodbye.

-Mr. Kim.
-Yes, Mr. Chairman?

Don't address me like that.

How's your condition?

I'm always doing great.

It's all thanks to you.

-Are you doing fine in bed?
-I am.

-How about you?
-I'd give myself a B plus.

I have aged, you know?

I see.

I wonder how the original Dong-mi
is doing.

She hasn't contacted me.

Everything has changed.

You're right.

Let's go.

Yes. This is it.

Take your pick.

Can you ride that?

Of course not. But you should.
I'll take photos.


They're screaming.
Will you really be okay?

I always sit in the very back.


We definitely click.
We look great together.

I shouldn't laugh.

It's okay.

Oh, dear. This is driving me crazy.

Let's go.

That's terrifying.

Goodness. It feels like
it's flying toward me.

Doors opening.


Do you have any pets?


Do you not like furry animals?

I do. I just choose not to have one.
I can't.

You must be allergic.

I'd feel sorry

leaving them home all day.

It's not right.

Is Hyang-gi still not home?





Hello, madam.

Don't call me that.
We've known each other for years.

Are you well?

Yes, I am. But…

Did my husband

ask you to concoct some herbal medicine?


He's such a softhearted and nosy man.

He always sends herbal medicine
to people around him if they seem unwell.

I see. That must be why
he's still so successful.

Oh, please. Anyway, all right then.

Okay. Goodbye.


Goodness. Let's go now.

-We should go shopping.

-Did you have fun today?
-Yes. It was terrific.

Thanks to you, I had a blast as well.

Let's take a selfie.

One, two, three.

-Grandma, over there.

-Let's go.

Grandma, she looks terrifying.

"My girlfriend's puppy had died.
She was completely heartbroken.

So I gave her mine.

My dog is an intelligent black poodle.

-Doesn't her face look pallid?
-Thankfully, my girlfriend got over it.

-She does look unwell.
-We fought over something trivial one day,

refused to reconcile,
and broke up instead."


"How do I get my dog back?

I feel heartless doing so

since she just got over the loss
of her puppy.

But I miss my dog terribly.

Please give me some advice."

Doctor, please share your thoughts.

He must be in a serious dilemma.

Do you have a dog?

Yes, I have two.

What's important is determining

whether his dog is happy living with her.

Judging by the story, she seems to be
taking good care of the dog.

So I think it's doing well.

While they were still dating,
his dog was probably doing well

-since he'd visit often.
-What would you do?

I should bring the dog back
and get her a new dog.

-Dogs can get stressed too.

That's what you should do for the dog.
But in the girlfriend's case,

her ex-boyfriend she used to love

is asking for his dog back.

That'll only taint all the good memories
they had together.

She'll think, "Is this
what the man I loved is really like?"

It would be impossible
not to think that way.

You're right.

In my opinion, you should let her
keep your dog.

Also, your ex-girlfriend will think of you

every now and then
while taking care of your dog.


-She may even call you one day.
-That's true.

A breakup is a breakup.

Many couples break up because they refuse
to swallow their pride.

-And refuse to call as well.
-That's right.

She may call him if his dog is sick
or not doing too well.

That could be her excuse.

Exactly. They might be able
to get back together.

I hope we were of help.

"Swing of the Dog" by Caleb.


This is CSB Station in Sangam-dong.
This is an emergency. Please hurry.



-This is Sa Pi-young.


Hye-ryung coughed up blood.


Yes, we're waiting for the ambulance.

We'll probably head to Sangam Hospital.



What if it's stomach cancer?

It can't be.

Then why would she vomit blood?

Shouldn't we go to your hospital?

Let's wait for the result first.

She's getting a checkup.

She vomited a lot of blood.

I've never been to an amusement park
in Korea.


I never got the chance to.

Poor thing. They're really amazing.

Yes, I saw them in dramas.

We should go. Maybe today?

I'd love that.

You've been to Disneyland, right?


I prefer the ones here to Disneyland.

Me too.

When did you move to the States?

When I was four.

Did you not visit Korea sometimes?

Once when my grandmother passed away.


I think of her every now and then.

It doesn't taste non-alcoholic.

It is.

When I was young,

you'd often take me
to museums and exhibitions.

I thought
they'd help you grow emotionally.

And it was emotionally helpful today too.

It was fun.

It took my mind off things.

Not many old women have
a beautiful profile like you.

I know I'm old.
You don't have to remind me of that.

You're just gorgeous
no matter how old you are.

You're the only one who compliments me.

How about me?

I can't pick one since there are
so many things to compliment.

I'll hang in there.

Don't force yourself
to take care of me anymore.

You've done enough.

Do you think I'm forcing myself?
That hurts.

Then did you force yourself

to treat me well?

No, it was genuine and natural.


You and I

are bound to take care
of each other forever.

That's our fate.

Do you believe in a past life?

From what I've experienced,
it's hard to say no.

What kind of relationship
do you think we had?

We could've been lovers

or mother and son
who loved each other dearly.

In any case, I think we were close.

That's how I feel.

If Dad didn't have me,

he wouldn't have been
able to rest in peace.

He wouldn't have been able

to leave you behind.

You need to overcome this

and bid him a good farewell.

They say the dead can't leave in peace
if their family is grieving too much.

I'll be okay. Don't worry about me.

Stop saying that.

To be honest,

I was a bit hungry in Chuncheon,
but I held back.


You would've been drowsy

driving on a full stomach.

Don't be absurd.
I intentionally took us that far.

You would've been drowsy

if you filled your stomach
with carbs such as buckwheat noodles.

Don't worry about me.
Let me worry about you instead.

Answer me.


If Hyang-gi comes home,

call me right away, U-ram. Okay.

Did Hyang-gi leave home?

My husband…

was seeing someone.

And Hyang-gi found out,
so she won't come home.

So that was why?

Yes, that was the reason.

Hye-ryung was right.

I found out on Saturday night.

The kids were having a sleepover.

He came home drunk and came clean.

I lived my life in vain, haven't I?

I can't believe it.

I can't fathom
how you're feeling right now.

I just gave up and accepted everything.

Yes, but you must've felt so betrayed--


loved and respected her dad the most.

I'm sorry to ask this.

But who has he fallen head over heels for?

What kind of woman is she?

Who cares?

Knowing that won't change anything.


-Did she come home?
-Yes, just now.

Put her on the phone.

No. I'll go home right now.


Where have you been all day?
Mom was worried sick.

What if…

Let's say Dad made a huge mistake.

What would you do?

What do you mean?

Would you still love him?

No, could you?

Mom used to tell us

that everyone makes mistakes.

What if it's a big one?

I'm sure you've read news articles

and seen dramas about it.


is seeing another woman.

You know what it means, right?

Will you still love him?

I'm not sure.

So there is a possibility.

-What about you?
-I want to hear your opinion first.

I'm not sure. Does Mom know?

But she seemed completely fine.

It's because of us.

She hid her feelings for our sake.

She didn't want to hurt us.

Imagine how much pain she's in.

If that's true, I feel terrible for her…

I can't believe it.

I wouldn't have either
had I not witnessed it.

Let me ask him myself.

Brace yourself first.

-What if he admits to it?
-What about you?

I don't want to live with him anymore.

Since Mom's married to him,
she may want to turn a blind eye.

You can't live apart from him, right?


A family shouldn't deceive one another.

They should love
and be honest with each other.

He may repent.

Then we should forgive him.

Don't get your hopes up.

You may be able to forgive him,
but I can't.

I think Mom's opinion matters more

than ours.

Let's hear Dad out later. But…

In any case,
I hope you won't get hurt too much,

although it may be inevitable.

Don't worry too much.

She has an acute duodenal ulcer.
Was she very stressed lately?

Yes, a bit.

Stress is the main cause.

Is her job strenuous?

Don't read the hate comments.

I saw quite a bit of them.

There will be a vacant room soon.

How long will she be hospitalized?

We don't cover our patients' faces.

Where's U-ram?

At Gi-ppeum's.

So you know that he's having an affair?

He came clean on Saturday.

What time?

During the sleepover?

-How did you feel?
-I'm not sure.

I hid my feelings because of the kids.

How could he do such a thing?

Him of all people?

Because of you two,

I told him I won't divorce him.

But I'll let him do whatever he wants

and allow him to spend the night out.

Don't worry about us.

How could I not?

Remember what you guys said last time?

This is totally different.

We can overcome any hardship
if we stay levelheaded.

Let's do that.


I know you two can get divorced for good,

but I'm your daughter. I'm a part of you.

I want to hear your honest thoughts.

Do you want him to stay?

Me neither.

I know you're devastated,
but you and I are different.

It's possible for me
to never see him again.

But he is your dad.

But he doesn't seem to care about us.

That's not true.

I don't think you know him that well.

They say

you never know
what someone's true feelings are.

This is exactly that.

How could he

deceive all of us all this time?

I'm sorry.

Why would you be sorry?

I feel like this is all my fault.

Don't be ridiculous.

If that's the case,

what about all the other moms?

It's true I neglected him

because I was too busy with work.

Is that what he said?

That he cheated because of that?

No. I'm just saying I could be to blame.

He's the one to blame then.

He should be forever grateful
for everything you've done.

How dare he betray you?

I guess not everyone thinks the same way.

At times, you can't even control
your own feelings.

Don't defend him

or bottle up your emotions.
They'll eat away at you.

Curse him if you want. He deserves it.

I'm fine.

As long as you and U-ram are okay,

I'll be thankful for that.

Life is full of twists and turns.


if you don't want him to stay,

tell him to leave.

What about you two? U-ram is still a kid.

He'll hit puberty soon.

I told him, and he couldn't believe it.

I understand him.
He wants to hear him out himself.

Why did you tell him?

He has the right to know about this.

And I can't pretend nothing's happened
like you.

We were deceived all along.

I know you've endured it for us,

but I think this is better
than any of us falling ill.

You're right.

Like you said, this kind of thing
can always happen in life.


is more thoughtful than you think.

He'll be okay since you and I
will be by his side.

You're all grown up now,
my sweet daughter.

You and U-ram are all I need.

We feel the same way.


I didn't know you were home.

I just came home.

What is all that?

She bought it for me.

Have a seat, please.

Would you like something?
We probably have some fruit.

It's the holidays, so the helper isn't in.

I'm still full.

She eats little to maintain her figure.

You must've spent a lot today.

Not at all.

-We went to Hanguk World too.
-Hanguk World?

I was there with your grandma as well.

Seriously? I should've called you then.

I know. I had no idea you'd be there.

Me neither.

That's a beautiful dress.

You'll finally look like a princess.

I can't wear this to school.
I'll stand out too much.

Maybe for family gatherings or parties.

Let's have dinner.
There's a good restaurant nearby.

I'm still full.

Stay longer, Grandma.

I should go home and rest.
I've been walking around all day.

Did you do your homework?

-Let me drop you off.

Don't leave Ji-a home alone.

Then I'll call a cab for you.

Thank you.

I had a great day with Ji-a today.

-Yu-sin called a cab for me.
-You should go.

Can we talk for a moment?

I can wait.

I offered to drive her home,
but she turned it down.

She lives nearby anyway.

You're home early.

Hye-ryung vomited blood today.

It must've been an acute ulcer.


Gosh, how pretty.


Your mom must've spent a lot of money.

Did you shop around all day?

We also went to Hanguk World.
Dad was there as well,

but we never crossed paths.

-With your mother?

That's a bit weird.

We just went to reminisce.

It's pretty.

You should've told me

if you had blood in your stool.

When did you come home?

-Did you have dinner at Gi-ppeum's?

Say what you need to say.


I'd like to tell all of you

that I'm sorry and have no excuse.

I don't know how much U-ram knows.

Almost everything.

You must be disappointed.

In any case,
it's true I'm seeing another woman.

But everyone is bound to part ways
one way or another,

like when they die.

As for us,

we'll only be physically apart.

But you'll still love us?

A parent's love for their children
never changes.

You'll know once you become a mom.

But your love for Mom changed.

You're making her look pitiful
in front of her own kids.


I can see you'll be moving out.

What about a divorce?

Tell us.

I caught you grocery shopping
with your mistress,

so what's there to hide now?

Your mom and I should end it.

So you're getting a divorce?

With mom?

Answer him.



What did she do so wrong?

She did nothing wrong.

It's just that I'm inadequate.

Please choose your words carefully.

This isn't about inadequacy.

Being inadequate means you lack skills

or competence.

But this is about you having an affair.

-I'm right.

Are you seriously defending him right now?

After what we found out
and what I witnessed?

Yes. You're right.

To put it elegantly,
you have poor character.

You always made sure
we had good characters.

"You should have good character.

Don't inconvenience others.

Be honest and upright."

Go on.

If you want to pack your bags
and leave right now, be my guest.

Is some random woman

more important to you

than us?

That happened to be the case.


I had never planned for this to happen.

But I couldn't help it.

I'm sorry.

You can resent me all you want.
I deserve it.

Resentment is only

for those who have expectations.

But I have absolutely no expectations
for you now.

Your happiness is just around the corner.

Don't you worry.

We'll take good care of Mom without you

until the day she dies,
so you can leave now.

Are you happy now?

I'm just curious how elated you are
to fall in love with a new woman.

You shouldn't do this to Mom.

You of all people

can't do this to her.

You became a professor thanks to her.

You told us that she'd paid
your tuition many times.

She supported you when you studied abroad.

She even worked part-time while in college
to support you.

Her family turned their backs on her
because of you.

She finally saw her mom again
when I had turned three.

She chose you over her family
knowing that she'd be ousted.

Look at what's become
of a wealthy family's daughter

who used to lead a comfortable life.

She has sacrificed her fingers and wrists.

Like a mother dog who has given
all her milk to her puppies.

Am I wrong?

There's no vitality or youth left in her.

She's an exhausted woman in her 40s.

That's all that she is.

Is that why you don't love her anymore?

You're pretty much telling her
that you no longer see her as a woman.

Even so,

she's been through so much

because of us.

How could you be so ungrateful
and abandon her?

Does that woman make you that happy?

-That's not it.
-Then what is it?

I won't deny it.
Everything you said is true.

I know that I'm a despicable man.


You still don't get it.

You don't mean any of it.
You're not truly sorry.

Did that piece of trash demand
that you divorce Mom?

Don't call her like that.

Let me correct myself.

Did that despicable woman
tenaciously refuse

to remain your mistress?
Does she want to be your legal wife?

Hyang-gi, that's enough.
U-ram needs to go to bed.

He's not a baby.
How can he sleep right now?

Last time, we took your word for it
so naively

and begged you not to leave.

But now, we don't want you here.


I feel the same way.

Why don't you hand in
the divorce papers tomorrow?

There's no need to stall it.

Wash up and go to bed, U-ram.

We're done talking here.
You should go to bed as well.

Have you ever

gone grocery shopping for us?

You never have.

But that day
when you were getting into your car,

you looked so lively.

She has prepared countless meals for you

her entire life.

And yet,

you've never done the same for her.

Imagine being in her shoes.

How would you feel if you were her?

I'm so confused.

After all that you've taught us,

how could you do this to us?

Which one is your true face?

Which character should we learn from?

I really have nothing to say.

While talking about drugs
and gambling last time,

you told us never to go down
the wrong path.

Then did you think

having an affair was right?

Hyang-gi, I'm sure he understands
how you're feeling right now.

Do you?

Do you feel how I feel?

Then despite everything,

are you willing to change your mind?

I thought you understood me.

I saw my dad, who I respected and loved,

getting in a car with some other woman
with my own eyes.

Mom got that car for you

on your birthday
with the money she saved up

while she worked her butt off!

You don't understand.

If you did,

you wouldn't have done this.

I do have one question.

Is she a divorcée or a bachelorette?

The latter.

Then you can have kids with her.

I hope you live a happy life.

I have no desire to get married anymore.

How could I trust men?

We can't guarantee anything.

It might sound like an excuse,

but I didn't see this coming at all.

I don't know about U-ram,

but I'll never forget this.

Me neither.

You taught us that hard work always
pays off. But you should've taught us

that you may be betrayed
instead of being rewarded with gratitude.

If you did,

U-ram and I…

wouldn't be in this much pain now.

I really have no excuse.


I will fulfill my duties as your dad.

Do you mean money?

Forget it.
We'll manage with what Mom makes.

I'll work part-time as well.

What do you say?

You should focus on your studies.

You won't earn much from a part-time job.

I don't want any money from you.

I have no desire to receive money
from my dad who has abandoned his family.

I don't need to go to the academy.

Must you

go this far?

That's what I want to ask you.

You broke Mom's heart twice.

And I'm brokenhearted as your child.

Any last words?

I'm not necessarily saying this to him.

I finally know how it feels

to be heartbroken.

Hang in there. You have Mom and me.

You too.

I'm a man.

Once I grow up, I'll take care of you two.

Can I ask for a favor?

Let's not break her heart no matter what.

If we make life difficult for her too,

her life will be meaningless.

It'll be unbearable for her.

Let's be honest.

You should also get the chance
to meet other men.

Shut up. Don't you dare pretend
to care for me.

It's only human.

You've worked with countless producers
until now.

Were you never interested in anyone?

You've all made me out to be the bad guy.

Fine. I am.

But can't you at least try
to be in my shoes to understand me?

-I've made one mistake

in my lifetime. And yet, did you see
how I was reviled by Hyang-gi?

What about all the hard work I've done
until now as their dad?

Everyone makes mistakes.
I've also worked hard for our family.

Apart from this mistake,
I've lived a righteous, ethical life.

And this wasn't on purpose.

Pack up quietly and leave.

We'll meet in a day or two
and submit the papers.

As if I'm being kicked out?

You are.

You're actually happy, aren't you?
Since we're not being clingy?

I'm grateful.

But we could part ways better.

By wishing each other good luck?

By praying for each other?

Was what Hyang-gi did not enough?

What better goodbye could there be?

Did she say something she shouldn't?
Did she curse you?

She did something worse
that broke my heart.

Do you want Hyang-gi to apologize?

"Console your dad's broken heart"?

Don't you care
about the kids' broken hearts?

You're the one who caused all this.

They're innocent.

Why do our good kids have to be
abandoned and heartbroken?

They may seem
completely fine and rational today,

but the aftereffect will be worse
than that of an accident.

And there's no medicine for broken hearts.

Am I the only one to blame here?

All men are the same.

Don't you watch the news?

Is that all you can see?

Does the news only cover
such nasty stories?

What about those articles
about upright husbands?

That may not be their whole story.

People may seem upright.

But they're like the two sides of a coin,
the sun and the moon,

and black and white.
Everyone has two faces.

Don't justify your actions like that.

Have I ever let you go hungry
or frittered my salary away?

Did I assault our kids or you?

This is the only thing I did wrong.

Do you really think so?

It's just one mistake?

Did you sleep with her just once?

And then ask for a divorce?

Respectable Professor Park,

please pack your belongings.

Don't be sarcastic.

You're upset
because your kids blamed you a little?

Imagine how they must feel.

Their dad chose some other woman
over them.


neither raised her voice
nor glared at you.

You should at least have
an ounce of conscience.

Guys, come on out.

You too, U-ram.

What is it?

Sit down.

If I were you,
I would've felt just as betrayed.

Hyang-gi, everything you said to me
was right.

But could you at least try
to understand me?

It's been 31 years
since your mom and I first met.

I was her first man,

and vice versa.

Forget about the statistics.

How is it possible to be in love
with the same person forever?

It's almost impossible.

The only problem we had
was that we met too soon.

Had we dated other people
before getting married,

this wouldn't have occurred.

Am I wrong?

I truly believed that I'd love your mom
forever, and I've strived to do so.

Unprecedented situations happen.

That's what this is.

My heart was stolen just the same way
your mom had stolen it.

I was helpless.

I admit.

I couldn't think straight.

I'm just an ordinary man before being
a father, a husband, or a professor.

There are things I can't control.

After all, I'm not God.

Is that so wrong of me?

You may not have cursed at me,

but your words ripped my heart.

If I were to exaggerate,

I felt so mortified
that I wanted to jump off the balcony.

Are you threatening us?

I'm just being honest.

Then I should console you.

I apologize for burdening your heart
before you leave.

I didn't mean to.

I wanted to be rational,

but my tongue refused.

Answer this one question.

Would you be able to love one man forever?

Why not?

Mother Teresa loved God and Him only
her entire life.

And there are countless devoted couples
as well.

There was even a documentary
about an old couple. You know about it.

But they're not common.

There are people like them
and others like me.

Then there are worse ones too.

So please understand me.

Must we do that while being abandoned?

Thanks to Mom's sacrifice…

No, I won't use that word.

Thanks to her devotion

and support,

you were able to study abroad
and become a professor as you wished.

With that fancy title,
you met a new woman.

And we let you go
without begging you to stay.

And yet, you're not satisfied?

You want to be at peace too?

Isn't that too selfish?

I'm just asking you to think in my shoes.

I want you guys, of all people,
to understand me.

It breaks my heart to think
that you despise me.

You don't always get
what you want in life.

Mom was the only person
who catered to you at all times.

And there's no one like her.

You won't be happy forever.

Mom was your lottery ticket.

That's enough. It's all over now.

"For everything you gain,
you lose something."

For the new love you just found,

you lost our respect. That's all.

A divorce doesn't sever ties
with one's kids in other countries.

Things may end for your mom and me,

but must you sever ties with me?

We might as well become strangers.

A complete stranger
doesn't stab you in the back.

As your children,

we greatly respected and loved you.

Did any of us let you down?

Was it us

who betrayed you?

Mom woke up early in the morning
every single day

to pack your lunch.

You had it every day,
but you still cheated on her.

You should try for yourself
and see how exhausting it is.

U-Ram and I made gimbap last year
and became dog-tired.

Mom's life has been a waste.

She wasted decades in vain.

It wasn't in vain.

You two grew up so well.
That's meaningful enough.

It's over between us. We get it.
So just stop this.

Stop pestering them.

Explaining yourself repeatedly
won't justify what you did.

Can you blame the lightning
when there's a rainstorm?

In life, you go through
countless ups and downs.

A married couple could get a divorce.

I'm just another human being.
What did I do so wrong?

How could you all bash me like this
for a single mistake I've made?

I was born to a poor family.

Unlike me, my father was irresponsible.

I know how well you've treated me.

You are a perfect wife

and a wonderful mother.

I'm nowhere on par with you.

I'm sorry.

But I'm just not good enough.

That's my limit,

and there's nothing I can do about it.

Just slap me instead.

Must I feel guilty forever?

You reap what you sow.

Must I repeat myself?

For everything you gain,
you lose something.

Ask anyone on the streets

if it's possible for a man
to love one woman forever.

It's not like I'm Jesus Christ.

I'm no Buddha either!

I saw your husband and your mother-in-law.

They seemed too close
and were having a good time.

How's Ms. Boo doing?

Would you like to come with me?
Shouldn't you visit her?

Take us to the woman.

-Where is she?

I'll have us drive around all night
until I meet her.

Ending it with her is your only option.

{\an8}This is where
my journey with your father ends.

{\an8}Be nice to your dad when you see him.

{\an8}I don't think I can for a while.

{\an8}-I'm going to Jeju Island.
-Is it for a family event?

{\an8}-Come with me.
-We should go.

{\an8}What time is his flight?

{\an8}He'll board soon. It's the 3 p.m. flight.

{\an8}If I'm being completely honest,

{\an8}I married your father because I wanted
to take care of you myself.

{\an8}Subtitle translation by: Soo-ji Kim

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