Love (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript


{\an8}Dr. Shin is here, ma'am.

{\an8}I see.

-Is she in bed?

In the bathroom.

What are you doing?

Are you washing up?

I'm coming in.

I'm here.

Wake up. What's wrong?

Is your head spinning?
Did you just pass out?

I don't know.

I can't even lift a finger.

Just give me five more minutes.

Have you had lunch?

Some scorched rice.

That's not enough.
You should have had some meat.

At this time of the day,

your father and I used to listen to music

while drinking tea.

Let's do that.

Do you remember

how you bathed me as a kid?

Of course.

I hated the nanny's touch,

but I didn't mind it
when you helped me shower.

One day,

I saw how dirty
the back of your neck and ears were

because you hadn't washed them properly.

I was seven years old after all.

To be honest, it did embarrass me a bit.

Still, I liked it. Your hands were soft.

My mom usually had my nanny wash me

and rarely washed me herself.

But even when she did,
she'd smack me for fidgeting.

You didn't deserve to be smacked.

That little boy grew up

and is now aging.

And I'm now someone's grandmother.

That's only by name.

Technically, I should call you Mom too.

But I've never done that.

Why not?

No reason.

You're more like a sister
than a mom to me.

A young mom?

I considered you as a sister first.

How can I suddenly refer to you as my mom?

Even Dad understood.

You grew up to be such a fine man.

Both mentally

and physically.

All thanks to you.

I can't forget your love and sacrifice.

I won't.

What sacrifice?

Don't force yourself to be good to me.

I'm forcing myself?

That's upsetting to hear.

Did you force yourself to be good to me?

My life was full of joy thanks to you.

It was worthwhile.


And so was mine.

The water's cold.

It's too late to go to the oriental doctor
and I'm tired.

Give me the number.
I'll go by myself tomorrow.

Don't go there on your own.

Excuse me.

Get out.


The chairman of Signal Country
sent over some medicine.


Herbal medicine.
His assistant dropped it off.

-Did the assistant leave?

What medicine is it?

Your tea got cold,
so I reheated the water.


A noted doctor I know
made this with the best ingredients.

I know how devastated you must be,
but I hope it will pick you back up.

{\an8}I wish you would come by
to play golf with me.

Anyway, call me if you need anything.

I'm here for you as a friend.

I see you still have feelings for me.

Do I seem easy now that I'm a widow?

Not all widows are alike, though.

I'll buy dinner today
to thank you for last time.

-Maybe next time.
-Do you have other plans?


{\an8}I was going to take you here.

-Take this first and…

Never mind. I should give him a call.

-Hello, Doctor.

Yes, hello.

Didn't you say
you were moving to a new clinic?


Anyway, I called to ask
about Chairman Pan Mun-ho.

Yes, of Signal Country.

He sent us herbal medicine
from your clinic.

{\an8}So that's where he sent it.

That's right.

I wasn't sure if it's safe to take

since she wasn't examined.

Oh, I see.


Actually, I was thinking about
visiting your clinic with my mother too.

If you're worried,

get her constitution checked
before she takes it.

The tonic is fit for anyone though.

Sure. Anytime.

So how are things?


I didn't know.

Wasn't there an obituary?

Don't stop me from drinking today.

I'm stressed out.

They say that day drinking
makes you a dog.

It's early in the evening
and way past noon.

I'm good.

Have a sip.

She's right. Have a sip.

People drink wine even during Mass.

To your hard work.
A death in the family is no joke.

Especially when it's sudden.

It's good.

I hardly know my wine,
but I know what's good.

-That's all there is to it.
-Did you study wine?

My first boyfriend imported wine.
I learned a bit then.

-How old were you?
-I was a sophomore in university.

Marrying your first love
makes you miss out on many things.

You were right not to marry him.

I tell my daughter to date
at least five men before getting married.

Your first love being your last?

I say from experience
that it's not worth it.

I was quite naive.

No, you were innocent.

Wives as devoted and innocent as you
are a rare species now.

My husband loves gnocchi, you know.

Going down.

Ms. Lee.

How long did it take
for you to fall into a rut?

I was too busy to notice
that it was happening.

Does your heart still skip a beat
at the sight of your husband?

Of course not.

-And you, Ms. Sa?
-I do still find him sexy at times.

When exactly?

He looks great from behind.

I'm so jealous.

But you're still in your honeymoon phase.

Ms. Lee, Ms. Sa,

what do you think of me
from an objective standpoint?

Am I attractive or not?

-Be honest.
-Very charming.

You have a stunning face,
a phenomenal body,

a sweet career as a DJ,
a big fat paycheck,

and a lawyer husband
who's younger than you.

You have everything.

I wouldn't say it was a country,

but you must have saved the capital,

and Hye-ryung must have saved
a metropolitan city.

What about you?

-You have a daughter and a son.

You can count on U-ram,
since he's mature for his age.

You know…

You see, Ms. Lee,

your husband isn't in a rut
due to long years of marriage.

He is cheating on you.

Others can't possibly know
about other couples.

It's harder to know
what's happening under your nose.

I guess I can't know what he does outside.

Don't trust men too much.

You too, Ms. Sa.

I guess you're stressed out today.

And this isn't something
a newlywed should say.

Are your in-laws
still pressing for a baby?

I'm going to have one.

Good thinking.

Even the great Boo Hye-ryung
can't possibly disobey her rich in-laws.

She could at least text me
to let me know she received the tonic.

Don't you find Mr. Seo admirable?

Any other man would have grabbed
the opportunity excitedly.

-Don't you agree?
-He said he had other plans.

That's just what he said.
Dinner plans, my foot.

He's quite noble.

He doesn't flirt with women

or say silly things.

And he's bold and manly.

There's this one flaw, though.

He never changes his clothes.

He's always wearing that black sweater.

It's not his only one.

He owns several similar sweaters.

The textures are different.


You have an eye for detail.

-Are you waiting for a text?

Then what's the reason
behind the disappointment?

Don't be ridiculous.
The alarm just startled me.

I've never seen you
getting startled by that.

You and Hye-ryung.

Sometimes I feel like
you two might be blood-related.

Are you kidding me?

She nags me endlessly, just like you.

It must be tiring for our youngest.

He dug his own grave though.

Are you saying you did too by marrying me?

I didn't dig my own grave.

You dug it for me, woman.

-You are one, aren't you?

Fine. We'll call each other
"woman" and "man" from now on.

Woman, get me a glass of honey tea.

Get it yourself, man.

The thirsty one digs his own well,
so get your own honey water, you jerk.


You know
what's the equivalent of that, right?

Should I call you that word too?

Why on earth is Dongmi
barking her head off at this hour?

You never used such language.

There's something sly
about Dongmi, you know.

Sly, my foot.

That's more of who you are, woman.

Don't be mean to the poor dog.

You take pity on everyone
except for me, right?

You feel bad for everyone else,
whether it be a dog or a person.

Are you telling me to pity you?

If the wife of Signal Country's chairman
should be pitied,

then what about all other women?

Don't you dare say
anything like that in public.

There's a good chance
you'll be pummeled to death.

I'm only saying it to you.

You never show me an ounce of affection.

Because you never show me any first.

No affection. Nothing but nagging.

You took the words right out of my mouth!

You saw me. Why didn't you wait?

I was tired. I had few glasses of wine.

It was still mean.

How was Mother today?
You dropped by her place, right?

-Did she eat anything?

By force. Without me, she'd starve.

Cutting back on food for a few days
might be better for her.

Tell me. You must be taking it
because you're sick.

An oriental clinic caught my eye one day.

I've never visited one to be examined,
so I went in to ask about my constitution.

But the doctor recommended
some herbal tonic.

He says I'm lacking energy.

What about this?

It's a pajama party.

I won't be wearing one all day.

I love it.

Ji-a's coming, but she'll leave at nine.

-She won't stay over?

Be grateful she's coming.
If I were her, I wouldn't come.

-Help with the food before you leave.
-Got it.

-Give me that.
-No way.

-That's wrong.
-What do you mean?

They're giving me a headache.

How did moms raise
six to seven kids back in the day?

You find a way.

Our power to adjust is incredible.

Kids, it's time for dinner.


-All that laughing made me hungry.
-Me too.

That looks delicious.

This is what you're applying?

My heels were cracked.

How could you apply this on your feet?
This is eye cream!

Eye cream, nose cream, lip cream.
What's the difference?

They're all for the skin.

Where I apply it is my choice.

You've got to be kidding me.

Are you upset over some cream?

Imagine how I feel all the time.

I mean,

you could have asked me first.

There's this and also this.

-Can't you tell which one's expensive?

Even I use them in tiny amounts.

It's not just your kids
that squeeze money out of you.

You also spend my hard-earned money
buying this and that

for your body and your face.

If I don't take care of my skin,
you'll compare me to other wives.

Putting lipstick on a pig
doesn't change anything.

Goodness. Thank you.


I'm Ji-a's father. Sa Pi-young's husband.


I'm here to pick Ji-a up.

I've had one too many drinks.

I see. Go home safely.

When your father passed away,

I wasn't able to attend the funeral.
U-ram's mother--

Right. She stayed with us until the end.


Sit down.

Where's Hyang-gi?

At Jae-in's.
She said the noise keeps her up.

Honey tea?

Plain water?

Iced coffee?

I doubt you drank on your own.

I did.


Because I don't think this is right.

What do you mean?

Only being with one person
for your entire life.

Like us.

This again?


I'm seeing someone.

This isn't because
we've been together for so long.

It's because that someone else,

another woman,

captured my heart.

For how long?

For a while now.

Who is she?

I'd rather just talk about us.

Your student?

That would be ridiculous.

Is this situation not ridiculous, then?

I tried to let her go,

but I realized that it was impossible.

Please let me go.

And our kids?

Don't you care about them?

I can't help it.

Park Hae-ryun.
Are you really stooping this low?

You're a professor who lectures students.

But an affair on top of the betrayal?

How I feel is one thing,

but what about the life we built?

I deserve to be beaten to death.

-Do you want me to?
-I can't…

I just can't live like this anymore.

Now I'm curious about

what kind of woman she is.

I'm sorry.

I have no excuse.

Don't you dare apologize
to sneak your way out of this.

You used my sore wrists as an excuse.

"I'm sick of the smell of your patches"?


let's just end our relationship.

So it's in a form of notification now?

Did you decide
without discussing it with me?

Does our encounter, dating,

and living through hardships for decades

mean nothing to you?

We're not the only ones
going through this.

It's common among married couples.


Hyang-gi and U-ram
may never want to see me again,

but I still can't help it.

Mom, we're hungry!

Are you asleep?

Midnight snacks, please!



-Don't ruin his party today.
-So sweet

You can't carry a tune.

U-ram, you're next.

-After the snacks.
-You were hilarious.

Shouldn't you go to bed now?
Aren't you tired?

-Not at all.
-We couldn't be more awake.

Please don't jump around.

We won't.


This seems better though.

I'm out of my mind.
I was going to make cold spicy noodles.

I'll get you some medicine tomorrow.
You'll fall asleep in no time.

It's organic, so it's not addictive.

Don't worry about me. Got it.

Good night.

Ji-a and I are just as devastated.

You must be devastated as well.

Why is only one person
receiving the comforting?

You know how good she was to my father.

We only saw him once in a while,

so the level of shock is incomparable.

She could easily become
listless and depressed.

I'll take my comfort in you.

You're my organic sleeping pill.

Shouldn't I be your stimulant?

For your sake,

I desperately try my best to fall asleep.

I wouldn't say desperately.

Did she really provide
enough emergency care?

She used to be a nurse, remember?

The death was too sudden though,

even with his pre-existing
heart condition.

Spicy cold noodles.

That looks delicious!

Thank you.

-Thank you.
-Thank you.

No problem.

It's way better than my mom's.

Who finishes it first?

I'll agree that it's over for us.

One's heart?


Many people fall out of love.

There aren't many couples
that stay in love until they grow old.

You hear these lines on dramas.

"How can you do this to me
after all I did for you?"

You can because you're human.

But it's also true

that you're worse than an animal.

I know I'm a terrible person.


You can go, but only physically.

On paper, we must remain married.

My heart can be crushed,

and it's okay if my marriage gets severed.

But I won't upset our kids.

Keep your affairs secret,

no matter how many you date.


Don't say my name.

Don't call me by my name from now on.

Sleep out all you want.

I'll come up with excuses
to tell our kids.

We were two unrelated people
who started a family,

so you can betray me all you want.

But not our kids.

Even in death, they'll be our children.

That will never change.

It was our decision
to bring them into this world,

so they're our responsibility.

We didn't have them
only to break their hearts.

I don't know who this woman is,

but does she insist
you get a divorce and marry her?

She's not that kind of woman.


You're free to do whatever you want
as long as the kids don't find out.

All I ask is to keep being
the devoted father you've been.

I'm sure you know that fatherhood
doesn't end with paying their tuition.

You're a university professor after all.

When Hyang-gi and U-ram
begged us in tears last time,

I realized we should never get divorced.

I was aware of that,

but I guess that wasn't the case for you.

In my point of view,

my children are more precious
than you or myself.

Not ruining their lives
and saving them from pain is my priority.

You should feel the same.

Your priority isn't me or her.

Your children must be your priority.

Don't you want to see me perform?


Get out.

Don't let it show
and enjoy his performance.

-Are you going to dance too?

-Are you going to dance too?
-They're here.

-Good luck.
-Good luck.

-Get ready.
-Here I go.

-That was a little groovy.


The robot dance.

What's with the puppy?

Is it a gift?

Here you go.

Let's go to Sa-hyeon's after breakfast.

-What for?
-You saw how mean she was to our son.

He'll have to live with the guilt
for the rest of his life.

Sa-hyeon called me the other night.

She's getting scarier by the minute.

He's too scared to live with her now.

You saw how she is.

Do you want to kick her out of the house?

-Someone needs to persuade her.

You, of course.

Say you'll be generous with the alimony.

She's not desperate for the money.

Yes, she is.

Her family's living abroad.

To buy an apartment in Gangnam,

she'll need to save up for several years.

Tell her she can take
their current apartment.

It will be easier for her to start over
if she's single again sooner,

when she's still young and pretty.

Everyone will be talking about it
since she's a celebrity.

She's not a top celebrity though.

Besides, the gossip will last
only three days.

People will move on
once another topic surfaces.

Don't you dare treat the kids
like you treated me.

If you hurt them
just so you can be happy with her,

I'll never forgive you.

Bring tears to their eyes
only when you're ready to shed blood.

And if you do,

I'll do anything to get revenge.

Tell me. What will you do?


Don't you ever

make the kids ask,
"What's been wrong with you lately?"


Hyang-gi's home.

They must have had fun all night.

They were up until past midnight.

A Mi, strike your most confident pose.

Looking good. Yes, just like that.

Flash me a bigger smile.

You're doing great.

Yes, keep that smile
for a few more frames.

I'm erased for being me

In this clean and clear world

I leave a dark stain

-He's taking a shower.
-I see.

You guys must have slept in
and woken up just now.

I woke up earlier. Did you have lunch?

Are you hungry?

Why do you think I'm not hungry?

You grabbed a late breakfast
and it's still early for lunch.

I'd like a fried egg.


What was that?


-The "sunny…"
-"Sunny-side up"?

Yes, that's the one.


Just say "half-cooked."

Stop correcting my words.

You don't look like
you're in your fifties.

I have no other comfortable black outfits.

You look good in everything
thanks to your slender figure.

We're going somewhere far today.



I've been thinking.

From his perspective

and from yours.


I'll let it go.
I won't make an issue of it anymore.

And I'll have a baby
as you've always wanted.

Just like you said, Mother,

I'll consider it as a passing storm.

It's the only way
I can cope with the pain.

You'll also need to try harder.

We're way past the point
where trying harder can solve anything.

If there's an issue, we solve it together.
That's my solution.

We said our vows in front of those people.

Must we let them
gossip about us over this?

What would they say?

They made time to come over
and congratulate us on our wedding.

Mother, Father,

everyone in my family is in Canada,

and I'm all alone in Korea.

You are my in-laws,

but I consider you my parents here.

That's how much I relied on you both.

Must I be kicked to the curb
because a random woman

got pregnant with your son's child?

What if I were your daughter

and not your daughter-in-law?

I'll comply with whatever you decide.

Should I do as he wants

and sign the divorce papers?

Of course not.

I've made up my mind to accept everything

and even try for a baby.

I won't take it back.


I'm proud of you.

Don't cry, darling.

Life always throws you curve balls.
Sometimes, it's worse than this.


Break up with her.

-If you can't, we'll step in and meet her.

No, you can't.

Why not?

She's in the early stages,
so she shouldn't be stressed out.

We'll discuss the baby
when the time comes.

First, you go make it clear
that you're ending with her.


-It's not that simple.
-This is your mess.

It's your mess.
Clean it up, whether good or bad.

Don't hurt Hye-ryung


Whether you live a double or triple life,

it will only exhaust your body and soul.

You're punishing the baby for no reason.

You made the baby, not us.

You and the mom are responsible.

That's what I'm trying to do.

Take responsibility without ruining us.

-Answer the phone.
-Yes, Father.

-Mom, this is wrong.
-What else would we say? Think about us.

A man should never make
his devoted wife cry.

Hye-ryung's not that devoted to me.

She didn't even fix my meals.

We'll get going,

so have your lunch, I mean, brunch.

Let's go.

See you.

Go inside. You'll catch a cold.
You don't want a sore throat.

Go home safely.

Go inside.

The doors are closing.

You can never stop worrying
about your children.

-What's going on?
-Just drive.

-What was all that?
-We had no other choice.

Go straight,
and turn right at the alleyway.

There's a café.

What would you like?

-You need to order at least one drink.

I'll take a hot Americano,
and order him black tea.

Order some cake if you must.

It'd be a shame not to eat one
at a café, right?

I didn't expect that from Hye-ryung.

Tell me about it.

That's what marriage is like.

The wedding ceremony is the best part.

They're already fighting
and giving us a headache.

It's only been three years.

-It's their honeymoon phase.
-It was over a long time ago.

How long does it last then?


six months.

So you got sick of me after six months.

Do you hate the years we spent together?

That's just how life is.

Your words are always the problem.

Would it kill you
to tell white lies sometimes?

I can't tell you white lies. No way.

-Isn't that why you fell for me?
-Who says I fell for you?

I only agreed to date you
because you kept clinging to me.


Am I chewing gum? I didn't cling to you.

Just wait until we get older.
I'll pay you back in spades.

Your grandchild is growing as we speak.

It shouldn't have to suffer.
The adults should instead.

Hye-ryung doesn't have to either.

She's an adult,
so she can take care of herself.

It's just a moment of pain and agony.

After what you saw earlier?

The agony won't be brief.
Her life's on the line.

But the baby has
at least 80 years to live.

We've had enough fun in life, right?

So let's take a step back
for the baby's sake.

What can you do
when Hye-ryung's that determined?

You should have persuaded her,
not let her persuade you.

She was very persuasive.

Do you have the nerve to eat that cake?

For me, every day has been…

Mom, please.

Begging us won't change anything.

We're just as upset as you.

You're a terrible son.

What if it's a boy?

A grandson.
How's that for fulfilling my duties?


What exactly does she want?

Nothing. She's even prepared
to raise the baby alone.

What does she do for a living?

Is she capable?

Hye-ryung's willing to have a baby now,

so it will be best
if she hands over the baby.

You may not think so now,
but it's hard to raise a stranger's child.

How is it a stranger's child?

It's her husband's child.


it's not easy to keep your temper
even in front of your biological children.

But she's the one I want to live with.

Get a grip on yourself.

That love won't last forever.

It seems you'll leave
many broken hearts in your wake.

Never, Mom. I like kindhearted women.

I know that for sure now.

Rather than someone who's pretty,
I want an affectionate woman

who caters to me.

People only show
their sweetest sides when dating.

-Do you still not know?
-She's right.

You'll be punished for this,
so break up with her.

Don't let tears fall
from Hye-ryung's eyes again.

My love for her is gone now.

Will she be happy with me?


she turns into a monster
when we're on our own.

She has 12 personalities.

Just imagine
she's having an affair with someone

and pregnant with his baby.

You'll want to skin her alive as well.


Why are you agreeing with him?

Think about it this way.

Let's say your mom and I manage
to convince her to divorce you.

Imagine how she'll feel.

Everyone online will talk
about your divorce for a while.

How will she feel?

She'll shed tears of blood
and resent us all.

It won't do you any good.

Your sweet life with your mistress

might turn into shambles.

A freak accident could
paralyze you from the neck down

or put you in a coma.

You never know what will happen.

He's right.
It will come right back at you.

Your kids won't stick around
to nurse you back to health.

Only your devoted wife will.

Who else?

If you don't stay grateful
for what you have now

and get greedier,

everything will be taken away.

What good will a beautiful woman do

if you're bedridden and disabled?

Hye-ryung's willing to forgive you,

so just be grateful

and beg her forgiveness.

This is your last chance to be forgiven.

We couldn't see it properly
having been persuaded by you.

We'll deal with the baby in due time.

You never go wrong
by listening to your parents.

Remember how we didn't approve
of Hye-ryung being a year older than you?

Look what happened.

Anyway, fate led you
to become husband and wife.

Don't go against it by swapping trains.

You'll pay for it. Come to your senses.

I'm terrified of her now.

It's all up to you now.
Be nice to her, and she'll forget.

That's right. They say women are BBs.

As in "birdbrains"?
If that's the case, men are IBs.

-Insect brains.

Dad's grabbing dinner outside.

He says your phone's turned off.

Blue crabs?

Are they for crab stew or steamed crabs?

I prefer steamed crabs.

Your dad's eating out,
so let's have it next time.

But what about me?

I'll steam some.

My phone must have died.
Can you charge it?


Have a seat.

How about you go for an early swim
with your dad in the mornings?

How early?

You'll need to get up at six.

I can't wake up that early.
Besides, I'm a good swimmer.

Swimming will give you a nice figure.

You have no idea.
Your buttocks will be toned.

Mine already are. They're good enough.

Next time.

Waking up at six is impossible.

Don't ask too much of your daughter.

Anyway, I truly admire Dad.

Did Grandma quit swimming
after Grandpa passed away?

Do you want me to keep him company?

It's good for you too.

Mom, I want to see Grandma Mo.

I feel bad for her, you know.

-Why's that?
-I just…

feel that way.

Her eyes were brimming
with tears that day.

You should have brought me here
when I was a kid.

You're right.
I just didn't know it was this good.

Besides, I was busy

with all the housework.

I had a great time here
when I came here back in university.

Pi-young must be upset
you're not taking a break on the weekends.

Hardly. She's very thoughtful
and considerate.

Is that why you married her?

I loved her.

Women like her are quite rare.

When I was young,

you were the only woman of my dreams.


We haven't eaten anything.
Aren't you hungry?

-Not really.
-Me neither.

The walk has definitely energized me.

Walking helps your ankles stay slim.

You're slender everywhere though.

I may not hold a candle to my dad,
but aren't I good enough?

I guess you are.

How about a piggyback ride?

Did Dad ever give you one?

No. he could hurt his back,

so it never crossed our minds.

Come on.

Let your son carry you.
I am technically your son, aren't I?

Save it. You're already

more than good enough.

I wonder if there's a place
that sells your favorite gelato.

It's good.

Everyone likes ice cream
regardless of age or gender.

I don't know anyone who doesn't.

We were able to buy happiness
for 4,500 won.

You finally perked up a little.

All right.

-Come on.

I'll take just one. Hold still.

All right. Look this way.

Over here. Nice.

You look so young.

Okay. One, two…

I can't go in with you
since your dad will be back soon.

Call your grandma
and tell her to come down.

Her number's under "Mom," right?


My little puppy.

Our family photo?

I took one myself and had it developed.

Why didn't you call me sooner?
I would have prepared a feast.

Do we have milk?



I need some time to think.


It's me. What did you do today?

I'll be busy for a while.

There's a lot to take care of
when someone passes away.

I need to comfort my family too.

I know.

Stay safe. I'll be in touch.

When should I pick you up tomorrow?

Don't know.
But Grandma said she'd take me home.

Don't bother her too much.

Don't worry.

Good night, my princess.

{\an8}You too, Dad.

It will help you relax.

This is good.

-Is it Chianti?

We had steamed blue crabs for dinner.

What about you?

Pork cutlet and sausage skewers
at the rest area.

"The rest area"?

-We went to Chuncheon.

You know, to get some air.

Can't I get some of that air too?

We'll go tomorrow.

Two days in a row?
I have a recording tomorrow.

Right. We'll most likely
get stuck in traffic anyway.

Why didn't you try Chuncheon food
like buckwheat noodles or spicy chicken?

Ms. Kim doesn't have
her appetite back yet.

Address her properly now.

It's inappropriate
for Ji-a and others to hear.

She doesn't seem to mind.

-She's never one to nag.
-Learn that from her.

Who sent you this?

It was taken from a nice angle.

I had someone tail you.

My high school friend saw you
when she was there with her sister.

Life must be boring for her.

Does she think I'm seeing an older woman?

She came to our wedding,
so she knows who she is.

But those who don't know her
might get the wrong idea.

Let them misunderstand.

She could be my sister or my aunt.

Having tea with an older woman
shouldn't mean anything.

Think about your patients.
Even my friend recognized you.

It would be better to play it safe.

Should I stop looking after my family
because of what others may think?

Besides, it's inevitable

that people misunderstand you
or even get jealous of you.

Once Ms. Kim is back
to her cheerful self again,

my heart will solely be yours.

I made a promise to my father.

What did he ask of you?

I think he had a hunch.

The day before he passed away,

he said at lunch after the weekly briefing

that he wanted me to look after her
after he was gone.

As always.

She's all alone now,
so how can I sever contact with her?

Why aren't you drinking?

I'd hate for this night to go to waste

only if we weren't mourning.

What if we weren't?

Holding back the urges will pay off.

What would you like to do tomorrow?

Take your pick.

Going to the movies together
would be nice.

-What about you?

I have so many things
I wish to do with you.

-Like what?
-First, eating a hotel breakfast together.

I'm in! I love hotel breakfasts too.

Can you wake up early then,
at around seven?

Seven o'clock, no sweat.

The early bird catches the worm.

-Then go to sleep now.
-Got it.

When Mom was young,

did you sing her lullabies?

Of course.

Which ones?

The one I sang her the most
was "Baby on the Island."

-The one about oysters?

How many more times

will I be able to see my Ji-a?

Were you up all night
or did you wake up early?

I woke up early.
Where did Dad sleep last night?

He went to a friend's house-warming party.

He gets drunk more easily as he ages.

He falls asleep when drunk now.
He should really drink less.

Warm it up.
Cold milk is bad for your stomach.


-Where are you, Dad?
-Why do you ask?

What time can you arrive at Banpo Park?

What's the matter?

Mom's cooking breakfast.

I'll see you there.



I thought it was Hyang-gi.

She didn't come home?

She went for a walk.

-You took me to Hanguk World.
-I remember.

I know we're still mourning for Dad,
but let's have fun for today.

My husband was seeing someone.

And Hyang-gi found out,
so she won't come home.

Thank you.

{\an8}I had a great day with you today.

{\an8}-You look great.
-Can we talk for a moment?

{\an8}Not many old women have
a beautiful profile like you.

{\an8}Do you want Hyang-gi to apologize?

{\an8}Have I ever let you go hungry
or frittered my salary away?

{\an8}-This is the only thing I did wrong.
-Do you really think so?

{\an8}This is Sa Pi-young.
Hye-ryung coughed up blood.


{\an8}Subtitle translation by: Hye-lim Park