Love (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

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Ask anyone on the streets

if it's possible for a man
to love one woman forever.

{\an8}It's not like I'm Jesus Christ.
I'm no Buddha either!

{\an8}I hear you.

{\an8}I hear you loud and clear.

{\an8}Must you let your children
see you this way?

{\an8}I'm just that desperate.

{\an8}No one knows

{\an8}what I've been through all this time.

{\an8}Coming to this decision
wasn't easy for me.

Don't cry, Dad.

Even I'm trying hard not to cry.

Watch me and remember.

This is who I really am.

Because I was the man of the house,

I couldn't express my agony.

Because I was a father

and because I was a husband,

I endured everything
that was thrown at me.

Endured what?

It was like living in a minefield.

I was tempted on countless occasions.

I managed to fend them all off,
but not this time around.

I had hopes and dreams too, you know.

I wanted to travel around the country
on a motorcycle

and go to a meditation retreat in India.

With just a camera in hand,

I wanted to let my feet
take me wherever they wanted.

Golf isn't a luxurious hobby anymore now,

but even that was out of the question
because I couldn't afford it.

I'm 50 now.

All I'm asking is for you to set me free
and let me meet my partner.

I'll continue to say my piece then.

Dessert shops and cake houses
fill the streets these days.

I often head inside
to have a look and satisfy my craving.

But no matter how much I want them,
I never steal any.

Most people don't consider
stealing diamond rings just to own them.

I understand how another woman
can catch your eye.

It's the same as women
wanting a designer purse.

But falling for her
never should've been an option.

It's easier said than done.

I tried to forget about her and move on,

but my affection for her grew.

Shouldn't the affection for us
be stronger?


A male wolf

grows old with only one female wolf.

Shouldn't a person

be better than a wolf?

That's right.

I'm sorry for being lesser than a wolf.

-Happy now?
-I no longer resent you.

Get a divorce as you want.

Will you be gone

when we wake up tomorrow?


This is so much fun!

The sun is so warm today.

At the amusement park earlier,

I saw your husband and your mother-in-law.

But they could easily be mistaken

as a couple on a date
in the eyes of others.

They appeared too close.

Of course, they are,
since they first met when he was little.

I get that,

but it wasn't a pretty sight.

They seemed too close

and I felt an odd vibe.

What are you trying to say?

Anything can happen
between a man and a woman.

You may don't know yet,
but weird things happen in life.

How were they exactly?

Anyway, they seemed too close
and were having a good time.

It just didn't seem right

when it's been less than a month
since his father passed away.

Father must've felt
that his moment was near

because he told Yu-sin
to take good care of her.

He couldn't possibly disobey that.

He's worried she might get depressed.

From what I heard,
Father and Mother were very much in love.

I'm curious as to how you got better.

All mothers would probably agree to this.

When children finally
go to sleep at night,

you're allowed some time of your own.

I always wake up
after three to four hours.

It's not because
I've had enough sleep though.

After about four hours, I wake up

feeling stifled and suffocated.


Watching TV will only keep you awake.

Right, the day went by quickly today.

I'm glad.

Hye-ryung has an ulcer, right?

I'm not sure.
I'm going to text her tomorrow.

Didn't you visit her earlier?

No, I met with my mother.

Did you give her an earful again?

No, I think she's considering
selling the land she owns.

She asked about a potential buyer.

-In Pyeongchang.

Should I ask around?


Let's go. I'll treat you to a snack.


Can you go home
and bring a scarf for me to wear?

I'll end it.

She's not begging to get married,

so I just need to cut her off.

That means it was you who held on to her.

Why do you like her so much?

Because she has your child?

What else do you need?

I haven't been here at night,
but it's not bad.

I like how it's not crowded.

It's even better than I expected.

A Mi, do you take after your mother?

-She must be stunning then.

I'd like to invite you
to my house next week.

I'm going to Jeju Island that week.

What about the week after that?

Is it for a family event?

I was invited to my brother's
15th wedding anniversary,

and we haven't met in ages.

Why not join me?

Have you been to Jeju?

When my grandmother passed away,
I stayed there for two nights with my mom.

A two-night trip isn't enough.

I still had a great time.

You need at least a week
to enjoy Jeju at its best.

Come with me if you're not too busy.

The house is large enough
to accommodate all of us.

-We should go.
-Let's stay at a hotel, though.

I have a membership
and can get a room at half price.

Is something on your mind?

No, not really.

Can you buy me a new purse?

Get one yourself.
Why must I buy it for you myself?

I'd like to have one
my husband bought for me.

-Do you want me to die early?
-What does it have to do with that?

They say not being your usual self
means you're close to dying.

Don't make me do that.

That's only true
when you do it on your own accord.

Besides, being good to your wife
will grant you good luck and longevity.

Husbands who aren't good
to their kind wives

tend to live short lives.

I guess.

Sun-gil, my friend from elementary school,

moved on from woman to woman

just to die last year.

-He didn't even get to see his son marry.
-See what I mean?

So how much are you willing to spend?
Buy me a decent one.

There are several levels of brands.


Are you that thrilled over a purse?

Women never wish for grand gestures.
It's the little things that count.

I was joking though.

We should buy one for Hye-ryung

and hand it over with some cash.

I know she said she'd get over it,

but it still must be eating her up inside.

We should at least comfort her.

Her voice couldn't have
sounded colder yesterday.

The listeners may not have noticed,
but I did.

Tell me about it.


I need some extra cash.

For what?

To treat my friends to some snacks.

Breakfast is ready.

-Ji-a, why are you here?
-No reason.

As if that's ever the case. Money?

You spend too much for your age.

It's to buy snacks for friends.

She's no vending machine.
They should take turns.

It's better to give than to receive.

Let me see.


It's too much.

I'd like some too.

Here. Take the whole wallet.




How's Ms. Boo doing?

I'm going to visit her later.
I hear it's an acute duodenal ulcer.

Send my regards to her.

Sure. Would you like to come with me?


Mr. Seo.

Is that a yes or a no?

It's a no.

Shouldn't you visit her?

-Because she's your colleague.

My presence won't help her recover anyway.

Mr. Seo.

What's your blood type?

Is it type B, perhaps?


This will suit Dong-mi perfectly.

That one, please.

-What do you think?
-Isn't it too simple for Hye-ryung?

This one's for me.

-But we're buying Hye-ryung's.
-I'm a woman too.

What does your gender
have to do with this?

Can't you just buy me one too?

Why not? How much is it?

Why do you ask?
That's indecent. Just buy it.

Don't people ask?

No, not when it's a gift.

Who cares if I look indecent?

It's natural to know
how much you're spending.

{\an8}I guess you got what you wanted
thanks to your daughter-in-law.

You used her to get one yourself,
didn't you?

That's right. I used my daughter-in-law.

Must the chairman of Signal Country
be this stingy?

I didn't mean it.

Give her a call.

-You don't have to walk me out.
-It's okay.

I'll get going then.

I'll review the case and give you a call.


Hey, Mom.

Hye-ryung's show must be over by now,
but her phone's still off.

Is she hosting a shopping channel today?


She's in the hospital.

In the hospital?


Tell me what's going on.

I made a promise to Hye-ryung.

You don't have to worry.


I knew this would happen.

I just knew it.

-Sangam Hospital, please.
-Yes, ma'am.

Hold on.

Turn the car around.


-Head to Sa-hyeon's office.
-Yes, sir.

To Sa-hyeon?

We need to do what we can

to put Hye-ryung at ease.

He promised to end it with her.

-That's not easy.
-So what's your plan?

Once Sa-hyeon gets in, lock the door.

Yes, sir.

-Hey, Dad.
-Are you with a client?

-Not right now.
-Then meet me downstairs.

-Are you here?

Got it.

What are you going to do?

Here he comes.

Hop in.

-There's a coffee shop around the corner.
-Yes, sir.

Why did you lock the door?

Take us to the woman.

Where is she?

-Tell him the address.

Nonhyeon-dong, right?
Which apartment building?

Dad, don't do this.
I'm still on the clock.

You were just as mean to Hye-ryung.

We need to make sure
that she has nothing to worry about.

How can Hye-ryung possibly
believe your words anymore?


We'll meet the woman,
close the deal, get her promise,

and tell Hye-ryung.

But she did nothing wrong.

She got involved with you.

Now, spill.

You know what I'm like.

I'll have us drive around all night
until I meet her.

Are you willing to put
another woman in the hospital?

She's pregnant.
What if something happens to the baby?

How can you not have faith in your son?
It's driving me crazy as is.

Because you have to break up?


How dare you raise your voice
at your parents?

After what you did?

If not the best scenario,
we go for the second-best.

How you feel doesn't mean matter
in this situation.

Ending it with her is your only option.

Turn the car around.

-To his office?

Just think about what made
Hye-ryung cough up blood.

If Hye-ryung were my daughter,

I would've snapped
my son-in-law's legs in half

or broken all his ribs.

A consultation with you

eases my mind for days.

-Have a good day.
-You too.


-What are you up to?

Just doing some household chores
to get my mind off things.

Aren't you with your patients?

I found a moment to call.

Watching the nurses eat gimbap earlier
reminded me of those you make.

I'll make some for you.

Can I have some for dinner today?

Let's go grocery shopping.

Yes, ma'am.


Please stay in bed.

Something to drink…

We're good.


Please have a seat.

We had no idea this had happened.

I called to deliver the purse
we bought for you, but your phone was off.

Sa-hyeon told us you were here.

You didn't have to visit me twice.

-How are you?
-I'm better now.

Please have a seat, Father.

You should open this later.

What did the doctor say?

I should be hospitalized for a week,

but I'm considering
hosting the show tomorrow.

-Are you sure you can do it?

We have no excuse.


promised us before we came here.

He swears he'll end it with that woman.


relax and don't worry about it.

Thinking about her won't do you any good.

-Yes, Mother.
-Do they have you on a strict diet?


Wouldn't a caregiver
be better than your manager?

It's better to keep her nearby.

I'll meet with your doctor
and ask for special care.

-Let's see who your doctor is.
-That's not necessary.

I'm already in good hands.

100,000 WON

Don't blanch them for too long.
They shouldn't be mushy.

Yes, ma'am.


Mr. Seo's more observant than I thought.

During the show, he said you looked pale.

Did he?

Yes, that's when I also noticed
how pale you were.

Do your in-laws know?

They came by and dropped that off.

They won't bug you
to get pregnant anymore.

That was the cause, right?

That's not the only reason.

The comments too?

They're just jealous, that's all.
Don't be bothered by them.

I'm not.

Has Si-eun come by?

Not yet.

Any texts?

You know how busy she is.

Please understand.
Her situation isn't so good these days.

You'll probably find out anyway, so…

You were right.

Professor Park has been having an affair.

-Did she check his phone?
-No, he told her himself.

He demanded
the termination of their marriage.

-He's shameless, isn't he?

-Who could the woman be?
-Who knows?

He won't tell her
to protect the woman he's seeing.

Si-eun must be a mess right now.

She chose her husband
over her wealthy family

and spent her life providing for him.


That's how he became a professor,

so how would she feel

to be betrayed after decades?

Why not end it sooner
while she was younger?

What should she do? She's 50.

Poor Ms. Lee.

-U-ram's the same age as Ji-a, right?

Men just can't be trusted.

It depends on the man.

Some are highly devoted to their wives,
you know.

That's why women need to try
harder as well.

Marriage isn't the final stop
of a relationship.

Will your husband be here after work?


I can't text Si-eun knowing her situation.

I know.

By the way, don't women seem
less attractive after childbirth?

That all depends on how well you recover.

Our relationship got better
after I had Ji-a.



Besides, you have no idea
how men adore their children.

That's not her case either.

Anyway, Si-eun should've cared more.

She gave up on looking more presentable

and exhausted her life
on her career and household chores.

Have you ever

gone grocery shopping for us?

You never have.

She has prepared countless meals for you

her entire life.

And yet,

you've never done the same for her.

I saw my dad, whom I respected and loved,

getting in a car with some other woman
with my own eyes.

Mom got that car for you on your birthday
with the money she saved up

while she worked her butt off!

Vietnamese spring rolls?

That's right.

Be careful, U-ram. The water's hot.

I guess it has its perks.

What peaks?

Dad doesn't like Vietnamese spring rolls.

He only likes Korean meals.

-Is that why we're having this?

Let's eat.

The water needs to cool first.

From now on, the three of us
will have a good life together.

Got it.

It all depends on how you look at it.

This is better than
your dad dying in a car accident

or passing away from an incurable disease.

You can still see him whenever you want.

I doubt I'll ever want to see him.

That's not true.
No matter what, he's still your father.

Without him,
you wouldn't exist in this world.

Do you know the saying,
"Better live a coward than a dead hero"?

Is there such a phrase?
I've never heard it before.

It's an old proverb.

Our ancestors were never wrong.

Think of all the things
we get to enjoy and experience in life.

We can do anything if we try hard enough.

Don't you agree?


I wish the two of you will be virtuous.

Don't stay angry or be petty

just because someone hurt you.

Be forgiving and generous,
even though it's not easy.


This is where
my journey with your father ends.

I've accepted it, and now I'm at peace.

I truly am.

Be nice to your dad when you see him.

And don't ignore his texts.

I don't think I can for a while.

I know. Take your time.

You should meet someone better.

A boyfriend?

That's also an option,

but I'd like you to meet
someone younger and more competent

and get married again.

-Do you honestly mean that?

Thank you for saying that,

but one shouldn't be too greedy.

I remember what you told us last time
about knowing yourself.

"Know your place, stay within the limits,

and live a peaceful life
within the limits."

Do you think
that Dad is aware of his place?

Who knows?

It's not up to us to judge.

Let's eat.

Gimbap should be eaten with your hands.

That's what I wanted.

You'll choke on it.

Have some soup.

Pi-young's a good cook too,
but her gimbap doesn't compare to yours.

-Aren't you going to eat?
-I ate the end parts as I made them.

What? But the ends are my favorite.

I was going to pack some for you,
but they're not as tasty the next day.

And Pi-young won't eat at night
to watch her weight.

A high school friend of mine

still talks about your gimbap
with fermented kimchi.

-After all those years?

When it comes to food,
people have strong memories.

I guess you're right.
I miss my mother's food too

until this day.

Bring him over sometime.

A few rolls of gimbap
aren't that hard to make.

Once the mourning period is over.

-I'll get going, ma'am.
-Okay. Good night.

Should I peel that?

No. Head home before the traffic piles up.

Yes, ma'am.

The day we first met at the hospital,

you took me to the store
and bought me ice cream.

-Do you remember?

It was the best ice cream ever.

I'm sure you grew up eating fancier food.

Who bought it for me must've meant more.

-Good evening.
-You too.

-Is my husband home?

If I'm being completely honest,

I married your father

because I wanted
to take care of you myself.

Is that so?


If it weren't for you, I…

Food should be enjoyed together.

Your housekeeper let me in.

You should have called.

We could've come together.

The abalones at the supermarket
reminded me of Mother.

I'm glad you're here.

I made gimbap
since Yu-sin wanted it for dinner

and was debating whether to pack you some.

These are huge.

Take half the box home.


You only have one mango.

I can just ask the housekeeper
to get some.

This shouldn't be your concern.

Did you have dinner?

-Then have a seat.

I'll bring chopsticks and a plate.

Join us. Food is always better
when you share it.

It's so good.

You couldn't recreate this.

Your fermented kimchi sure is special.

It's nothing big.

I just use good perilla oil.

-Where's Ji-a?
-At her friend's BP.

"Birthday party"?

The soup is good and refreshing, too.

I heard you went
to the amusement park yesterday.

It changed so much over the years.

Things change so fast in Korea,
don't they?

I bet you did something special
to the rice too.

It doesn't taste of vinegar.

What's your secret?

There are some secrets

you can't even share
to your daughter-in-law.

It must've been hard work.
Making gimbap isn't easy.


helps me take my mind off things.

You probably loathe him at the moment,

but think of it
as being nice to your enemy.

You can give him hell later in old age.

Let it go for now
and don't nag him about it anymore.

Cornering someone never ends well.

Even a worm treads when you step on it.

Don't make him take her side.

-Let it go for now.
-She's right.

I gave him an earful,

and I got his promise.

How are you feeling?



-Did you have a visitor?
-Ms. Sa and your parents.

-Where's your manager?
-At the cafeteria downstairs.

Tell her to go home. I'll stay here.

-That's not necessary.
-I'll stay the night.

Your mom will worry
if you don't get proper sleep.

It's fine.

Then go bring a change of clothes.

What else?

You need a new scarf.

Take that home with you.

Your parents bought it for me.

I'll get it exchanged
if you don't like it.

It's fine.

Your old watch broke,
so I bought a new set.

Will you put this on me?

From now on,
we'll only wear matching items.

Grandma, can't you sleep?

Maybe I'm too excited to have you over.

Should I sing you a lullaby?


When the mother goes to the seashore

To harvest oysters

Her baby stays home alone

Looking after the house

Upon the lullaby

Hummed by the sea

The baby lays its head

And gently drifts off

Refreshing. I feel like I'm flying
every time I put this on.

I bet I'm the only man in the world
who gets this kind of royal treatment.

Ji-a said that U-ram's parents
are getting a divorce. Is that true?

I won't know until Si-eun tells me.

What's with the suitcase?

Take it with you to work tomorrow.

I don't have a business trip.

I asked Mother to stay with us,
but she refused.

And you won't be at ease
unless you visit her every day,


I don't care
if it takes months or even a year.

I told you last time.
My dad made a request.

I'm just saying that
it's exhausting to go back and forth.

Ji-a won't find it weird either.

We should talk.


-Don't get the wrong idea.
-I don't.

She's been your mother
for nearly 30 years now.

Why would I get the wrong idea

when she's your sweet stepmom?

You two are even sweeter
than a real mother and son.

What do you mean?

How many sons feed their mothers gimbap
with their hands?

Young children might,
but not even daughters do so.

Shin Yu-sin who happily fed her

and Kim Dong-mi who ate it happily
are all alike.

"Kim Dong-mi"?

Am I not allowed to say her name?

Hearing how you put it

made me realize
that you had the right to be angry.

Don't bother trying to make me understand.

I'm aware of how much
you care about each other.

I'm not complaining.

Don't waste time and
exhaust yourself driving back and forth.

Just live together for a while,

comforting each other.

I'm sorry.

I haven't been considerate, have I?

I haven't been in my right mind.

My father's sudden death

left a lot to deal with.

A lot of things,
including the inheritance.

-But she's your priority?
-She might get depressed.

That's why you should go.
End of discussion.

You two were exceptionally close
even when Father was alive.


She was like my sister.

She's the only one who had my back.

Always live in gratitude then.

There's no need to be snarky.

Is that how I sound? I mean what I say.


give me a month.


But don't do that in front of my eyes.

Just move in with her.


What on earth did you do that?
You startled Dongmi.

Why did you wake up
in the middle of the night, tearing up?

Can't you go to sleep?


-Pick that up.
-What are you doing every night?

Do you miss the original Dong-mi
that much?

I can't believe this.

I was out here worrying about the kids!

"The kids"?

-Can't I listen to music?
-It depends on the song.

I love Lee Sun-hee's songs.

Since when did you like her songs?

Your favorites are
Kim Chu-ja and Teresa Teng.

Has meeting Dong-mi again
made you miss her more?

Do the lyrics deeply touch your heart?

Don't you dare do this again!

What if I do?

Then we'll go our separate ways.

What if we do? It won't be my loss.

You should watch what you say.

I let it go nine times already.

Test me again if you're curious
and see what happens.

Who else would Sa-hyeon take after?

I never had any illegitimate children.

This is the life
of all married men in Korea.


What about the wives?

Are you asleep?

As you know,
I rarely talk about my late mother.

If I talk about my childhood,

I'm afraid I might speak ill
of the woman who gave birth to me.

Digging up painful memories
isn't ideal anyway.

So I always avoided the topic
when you asked,

saying I hardly remember her.

Mom only doted on my big brother.

Dad was busy with the hospital expansion
and his patients,

so he paid no attention to me.

There's one thing I still can't forget.

One of my mom's close friends

owned a pear orchard in Taereung.

We were invited over for a barbecue party,

but as always,
she only took my big brother with her.

I really wanted to go with them.

After they came back home,

my brother bragged about how they ate

grilled beef ribs in an orchard

with pear blossoms fluttering like snow.

That night, I cried myself to sleep.

That's how she was.

It's not like I did anything wrong,

but when she looked at me,

she always looked emotionless and cold.

But she'd look at my brother

with nothing but love in her eyes.

-Maybe it was all in your head.

You know what they say

about children knowing
if they're loved or not.

Was there a reason?

A reason?

I once heard her
talking to my grandmother.

They were talking about parental love,

and she said she didn't love
her kids equally

even though she gave birth
to both of them.

She said

she just had no affection for me.

Imagine how hurt I must've been
at that age.

As you can see, I'm still not over it.

And now I'm telling my wife on her.

My mom

broke my heart many times

and only took my brother with her
even when she passed away.

Maybe that was my luck though.

If she had loved me just as much,
I would've gone to the beach too.


there's still a chance
I would have survived.

Thanks to Dong-mi,

who doted on me
as if I were her little brother…

If not for her,
I would have spiraled out of control.

Then I would've never met you.

Sometimes, I wondered
if she'd been my mom in my past life.

That's how I feel about her.

A lot has changed since then.

You're not a seven-year-old.

The way I feel about her remains the same.

That's why I was never
against my dad marrying her

after my mother's passing.

In fact, I was thrilled.

I was relieved to have her
as my stepmother, not some stranger.

Apart from briefly hanging out
with bullies in middle school,

I didn't cause trouble.

Ms. Kim cared for me
in the best way possible.

As a result, I was able
to become an ordinary father

and a loving husband.

Regarding our marriage…

My father initially wanted me
to marry the daughter of his friend,

but Ms. Kim took my side.

She argued that I should marry
the woman I love.

I want you to understand.

It won't last long.

Just like how she helped me

get through the rough times as a kid,

I feel like it's my turn to help her.

If this was me with my young stepfather,

would you like it?

What if I looked
after my widowed stepfather,

neglecting you and Ji-a?

and practically went on a date
with him every day?

Being grateful is one thing,

but now my friends are sending me photos

which can be very misleading.

You may not care, but I do.

So go stay with her
until you feel at ease.

Just bear with me for a month.

After that, I won't do anything
that gets on your nerves.

Not even for a month?

-What about swimming?
-I'll quit.

I'll just go to another hotel.

But I should look after her
for at least a month.

We'll then invite her over for meals
once in a while

and call to check on her.

By the way,

don't make my heart sink.

Do you want me to have
a bad heart like my dad did?

Do you?


How dare you turn away from me?

Ji-a takes after you
in terms of her temper, doesn't she?

I'm sorry.

I should've considered your feelings,

but I put my gratitude
towards Ms. Kim first.

Are you saying you owe Ms. Kim a favor,
but owe me nothing?

Don't be ridiculous.

I'll keep my distance bit by bit.

She should learn how to manage on her own.

-On one condition.
-What is it?

If your intentions are innocent--

Of course, they're innocent.

What do you take me for?

if you're really worried about her,

set her up with someone decent.

Has that not crossed your mind?
Are you against it?

Of course not.

Sounds like a good idea.

You mentioned someone before.

He's not the right age for her.

Anyway, I'll keep searching.

Mr. Seo's more observant than I thought.

During the show, he said you looked pale.

Could it be that
Mr. Seo is interested in me as well?

Did you sleep well?

I guess.

Let me check your temperature first.

I'll be stepping out later
to host my radio show.

Does your doctor know?

Yes, I let him know.

You shouldn't walk around alone though.

My manager will be with me.

Are you sure about this?

-I'll cancel the 5 p.m. meeting for you.


"The feelings of loving and yearning
find those who are in love,

but heartbreak and pain are also entailed.

Be aware that love brings you worries

and navigate your life alone
like a rhinoceros."

Today, I bring you a quote
from a Buddhist scripture

as I begin Boo Hye-ryung's
Love, Memories, and Music.

I'm sure some of you
currently live with those you love,

while others live alone
just as Buddha tells you to.

Just like wild plants

that face several rainstorms in life,

we face hardships.

At times like that,
you'll truly appreciate a comforting hand.

If you find yourself all alone,

it might be wise to become
that comforting hand for yourself,

because you are the only person

who can truly look after you.

Today, look into your heart
and see if you're feeling down.

If you're feeling hurt and exhausted,

give yourself the warmest words of comfort
that exist in this world.

"It's all right. Hang in there."

Music will be of some help as well.

A romantic piano piece
will kick off today's show.

With a melody that reminds us
of a gentle breeze on a summer evening,

we'll begin
Boo Hye-ryung's Love, Memories, and Music.


The song sounded sweet in the movie,
but it sounds sad today.

I should try and lift myself
back on my feet

from a dark basement
to a rooftop full of sunshine.

Is it just me, or does the DJ
sound depressed today?

Why are you so downcast today?

All of you.

Hye-ryung isn't feeling well.

So your dad left the house for good?


I won't be going to the academies
starting next month.

Did your mom tell you to?

No, this is my decision.

I don't want to go back to the hospital.
I can hardly read there.

I'll stop by later.

Are you busy today, Ms. Lee?
Are you going straight home?

I need to drop by the bank,
so I'll stop by later.

Do you have time for some tea?

-I have a favor to ask.

Just the two of you?
Is it something we shouldn't hear?

How about we all stop
by the hospital later?

-I'd love that.
-Do we have to?


-I'll meet you downstairs.

First floor.

Does he not care or is he just selfish?

-Both, I guess.
-I like how frank he is.

Men who talk too much are exhausting.

Isn't talkative better than quiet?

You must like the talkative type.

My dad is just like Mr. Seo,

and he's really boring.

-What would you like?
-An Americano.

-No, let me.
-Two Americanos, please.

I should pay. it's my treat.


Do you know any decent guy
who's currently single?

A lot.

It's about my mother-in-law.

She's having a rough time.

But that's more than understandable.

Do you want to set her up with someone?


I think she might get depressed.

She turns 59 next year in Korean age.

-Older or younger?
-A younger guy would be better.

But that would be impossible.

Why would it be impossible?

I saw her at the funeral.
I think she looks younger than her age.

Did you check with her, though?
Is this what she wants?

Not yet.

Then ask her first.
There are plenty of candidates.

Someone around 61 or 62 would be nice.

But if it were you,

would you consider dating another man

only months after becoming a widow?

-Your in-laws were very much in love.
-You know how it is.

Men meet a new woman too
when they try to move on.

Not all men are like that,
just like how not all women are the same.

You mean yourself?

If your mother-in-law's okay with it,
I'll find a good match for her.


-Are there any painkillers?
-Do you have a headache?


That's odd. You rarely get headaches.

-Your first love is single again.

No wonder.

I'm upset and annoyed as it is.

Do you really want to keep nagging me
when our son's marriage

is on the rocks?

I'm stating the truth, not nagging you.


We don't even know

where our grandchild is growing.

Where else but in its mom's womb?


That sarcasm. Don't you get sick of it?

Compared to the man who endured
decades of years living with me,

this is nothing.

I'll never forget the look on your face
when you met Kim Dong-mi at the golf club.

Wouldn't you be happy
to run into a childhood friend?

You've never looked at me that way
even though I gave you two sons

and lived with your parents for ten years.

You're not my childhood friend, woman.

Who's more important to you?
Your childhood friend or your wife?

This isn't about who's more important.

Did you call for me, ma'am?

Can I get some lukewarm water
for my pills?

Yes, ma'am.

It's important to me. Very important.

Why did you sign the divorce papers?
What are you, a saint?

It's not always good to be one.

Hyang-gi insisted.

You should give
that much damage to his life.

It's not that easy. Even Hyang-gi gave up.

Think it over. Don't do him any favors.

But he begged.

Professor Park begged?

I'm more at ease now
both physically and mentally.

For one, there's less laundry to do.

Men require constant care.

You should at least get back at the woman
before you split up.

Aren't you curious?

What good will it do?
It won't change anything.

I'm sure you're devastated, but the kids…

It hurts more to see them
pretending to be okay.

I don't understand you at all.

I wouldn't sign the papers
until I got enough revenge.

Should I go grab her hair
just like they do on soap operas?

You can find her if you hire a PI.

That doesn't always work in your favor.

They ask the husbands for money instead
and make it look like there's no affair.

What? Honor among thieves, is it?

They take money from both sides.

I guess Mr. Seo is not coming.

I'm not sure if he won't or can't, though.

Come in.

You really came.

You told me to come.

You wanted to come though, right?

-Have a seat.
-I'm good.

I'm ruining the good mood.

-So you're leaving?
-I'll leave you to it.

Take care then.

Aren't you going to take a seat?

-See you tomorrow.

Thank you for coming.

At least he knew where to get a good cake.

-I'll put it in the fridge.
-Please have some.

You can't have any.

Just the two of you.
I'll enjoy it with my eyes.

One bite won't kill me.

He knows what women like.

I'm sure he's a player.

It's okay as long as he doesn't
break women's hearts.

A player breaks hearts but never his own.

Why did Yu-sin head for Jeju Island?

His teacher from high school
lives there now,

and he's fallen ill recently.

Is it Mr. Lee Gang-jae?

I think so.

He adored Yu-sin dearly.

Why must people fall ill before they die?

What time is his flight?

He'll board soon. It's the 3 p.m. flight.

-He'll probably spend the night there.

That's good--


Hi, Ung.

What's with the serious face?
What's bothering you?


Is it work-related?

I barely slept last night
due to the excitement.

Mi, do you eat sea urchin noodles?

Why not? It's really good.

I did some research,
and black pig seems famous.

There's a place I go
that grills pork on briquettes.

I love barley shindari.

It's so good.

-Is the food called barley shindari?

Our plane's boarding.

Your ticket's been confirmed.

It's been confirmed.

You may board.

Your ticket's been confirmed.

Dear passengers…

-…who are taking the 3 p.m. flight…
-Here are our seats.

…to Jeju International Airport,
welcome aboard.

It will take…

-Hello, may I help you find your seat?
-…one hour to Jeju International Airport.

-Thank you.
-For a safe flight…

please turn off all electronic devices,
including your smartphones…

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