Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Eclipse - full transcript

Dorothy and her friends have collected all the magic they need to travel back to Oz through a portal opened by an upcoming eclipse. There's just one problem: Reigh's been captured by Animal...

Previously on Lost in Oz.

There's magic right here in Kansas.

I knew Kansas magic
wasn't strong enough.

If we active the Kansas
magic during an eclipse.

It could boost the magic.

And send us back to Oz.

Axel, didn't you tell me

there's a solar eclipse coming up?

You're getting a plan
from a Tinman comic book.

Based on a true story.

Reigh's been captured!

Quick, grab all the magic.

We have to get him out of there.

Okay, that covers the magic.

Now we just need to get
Reigh out of the, uh,

what did you call it?

Animal prison.

I thought it's called
a creature shelter.

Animal shelter.

I've got it! It's easy.

First we need a rope.


Three sharp sticks.

Sharp ones!

We can get that.

A big chunk of thethosphorous,

and about a dozen dragoils.

Oh, right.

We're not in Oz.

Whatever we're gonna do,
we better do it quickly.

Reigh must be freaking out.

Evelyn, are you in there?

With your out of town guests?

Come in, Axel.

I hope I didn't interrupt any magic.

Man, I love saying that.

But I think I've
pinpointed the exact time

and coordinates for maximum
eclipse effectiveness.

What's he going on about?

To open the interdimensional portal...

I love saying that, too...

we'll need to harness all of the energy

from the total eclipse,

and I've located the exact focal point

for all that celestial energy!

This stranger is full of
very complicated information.

He knows exactly where we need to be

for the eclipse to boost
the magic to get you home.

If my calculations
are correct, and they are,

you need to be right
here in Haber's Woods

in exactly two hours, three
minutes, and 30 seconds.





We got it, dude. Clock's tickin'.

- Dorothy?
- Already on it, Mom.

Two hours, three minutes and counting.

So we have two hours to get Reigh.

Leave it to me.

I freed my share of rebel operatives.

Strong words from an adorable chew toy.

You want to say that to my face?

We've been over this, Toto.

I'm not a chew toy!

A chew toy?

That's it!

You guys, I think I have a plan.

Ready to be a hero, boy?

Okay, just like we practiced.

Loosen up the jaw a bit, will ya, Toto?

Shh! You're not supposed to talk!

I swore I'd never be inanimate again.

Reigh owes me.

You want this lion for your zoo,

you gotta get down here
and pick him up pronto.

- What's a zoo?
- Shh!

Excuse me.

I said I caught a wild lion.

Yes, I am aware I'm in
the American Midwest.

Listen, if you're not
gonna take me seriously,

then this lion is gonna call
the Leavenworth Zoo his home.

Welcome to Forever Pals Rescue,

where every animal
lost is a friend found.

How may I help you?

Uh, well, I found this cool,

cute, greatest dog in the world,

and I don't know who he belongs to.

Well, aren't you a handsome gentleman?

Aww, someone's gotta be lookin' for you.

Give him here, we'll
find his owner faster

than you can say brindle cairn terrier.


Oh, don't forget his doll!

Sorry, no outside contaminants.

Some of my pups have
very sensitive allergies.

You have to take him!

I mean, maybe it'll calm
this poor lost dog down.

Sorry, kid, rules are rules.

But don't worry, it's a regular
chew toy smorgasbord back here.

What if this doesn't work?

I'm sure Dorothy has a backup plan.

The Dorothy I know

doesn't really think about a backup plan

until after she makes a crazy decision.

Yup, that sounds a lot
like the Dorothy I know, too.


Thank you for looking
after Dorothy in Oz.

You and your mom.

I just want you to know
that now, I'm here for you.

I know it's a little mucky...


But the dog is really attached to it!

I mean, I think he is.

I just found him,

so I'm not sure what he
likes and doesn't like,

but I found them together.


You had me at woof.

Have a good day!

I think he likes you.

He's the coolest,
cutest, bestest dog ever!

What should we name him?


Chicken nugget?


I've always liked the name Toto.


What do you think?

Well, Toto, I'm Dorothy,

and you're coming home with me.

Here she comes.

You okay, kiddo?


Oh, uh, yeah.

Toto will be fine.

I'm okay.

Are you sure?


We're on schedule.

Ready to begin phase
two of the operation?

I was born ready.

I know I shouldn't be worried,

my mom's got this, but...


We're gonna make everything right.

As soon as you get back to Oz,

Glinda will fix your mom.

Brenda here.

Leavenworth Zoo, huh?

Well, can you come right away?

Yes, he's sedated.

Of course he's comfortable.

Cat people.

Come on, we need those keys, Toto.

All righty, I'll be waiting.

Oh, you're a talkative little fella.

Shiny coat, expressive eyes,

I just might take you home myself.

Oh, great.

More people.

We have to find Reigh before
they send him to the zoo!

Whatever that is.

Welcome to Forever Pals Rescue,

where every animal
lost is a friend found.

How may I help you?

Oh, no.

Um, I'm not good with, uh,

human emotions?

You have to help me!


You want a treat?

Who wants a treat?

Quite a performance.

Reigh, Reigh!

Where are you?

Roar if you can hear me.

I'm so upset!


That can't be good.

Ma'am if you'll just
tell me what you need,

maybe I can help you.

I can't even say the words.


If I say it, it'll be true!

How 'bout you write it down?

Won't anyone help me find my dog?

Oh, now that I can help you with.

Can you describe him for me?

He's a good listener,

his favorite food
is macaroni and cheese,

he has a great sense of humor!


There's my dog!


There! Hurry!

Okay, I'm coming!

Reigh, come on, lad.

Help us out here!

Good work, Toto.

Come on, Reigh, we're bustin' you out!

Reigh? Reigh?

He's under some type of sleeping spell.

Help me wake him up.

Come on, you big bag of fluff!

Wake up!

But Mom, if I wear those suspenders,

all the big kids will laugh at me.

What's going on in here?

Oh, not much.

Just a wee bit of rough housing.

How're you?

We have to get Reigh out of here now!

The eclipse is in an hour.


Ugh, I didn't see anything, Miss.

Maybe it was just a possum.

Your dog looks like a possum?

How dare you?

Maybe you're just a cat person!

I'll keep an eye out for your dog,

but you and me? We're done here.

Hey, how'd you get out?

Where are my keys?

Come on, Reigh!

We have to go now.

My tummy hurts.

I think I drank too much
Kablooey Louie juice.

What's goin' on back there?


I mean, nothing more
important than finding my dog!

That's it, mate!

Straight ahead!

Come on, Reigh.

If we miss the eclipse,
we're stuck here forever!

The eclipse?

Tumblin' twistin' tornadoes!

The lion escaped!

Everybody get back!

Oh, look! That's my dog.

Well, we'll be on our way then.

Get away from that lion!

Wait, it's you? What're you doing?

The chew toy's alive!

I am no chew toy!

I am so not a cat person!

We did it!

Welcome back, you old lion!

Now let's get to that eclipse.


Not again.


How'd it go?

I had the weirdest dream.

Wait a minute, what time is it?

Is it the eclipse?

Are we stuck in this
terrifying place forever?

What have I done?

What happened to the
brave, confident, new Reigh?

That was a phase. I'm
back to classic Reigh.

Well, classic Reigh, we
haven't missed the eclipse yet...

But we're cutting it awfully close.

You mean, you guys risked

missing our only ride home to save me?

We wouldn't leave you behind, mate.

Emerald City wouldn't
be home without you.

You guys really are

the best friends I ever had.

We're gonna be best friends forever.

You know that being Toto's best friend

comes with responsibilities.

Being a real best friend
means there'll be times

you need to put his
needs before your own.

You understand what I'm saying, kiddo?

I think so.

I'll always be your best friend,

and I'll always take care of you.

The eclipse starts in five minutes!

Haver's Woods is just
a few minutes away.

It's gonna be close!

We'll make it.

When you get your mom back,

tell her I said thank you.

Unless you guys want to go to Oz,
too, you'd better clear out.

I know there's no time,

but I just want to say I love
you guys, and I'll miss you.

And tell everyone in
Emerald City I say hi.

We'll see you again, Dorothy.

I know we will.

Here we go!

Everyone brace yourselves!

Go forth!

Uh, hello?

I said, "Go forth!"

Missing something? Missing what?

Did somebody forget something?

I was locked in a cage.

I was breaking him out of the cage.

I didn't do anything.

Or did I? Was I supposed
to do something?

Something's wrong.

We're missing a magical element.

Well, what're we gonna do?

We can't go back to get it now!

West's magic is all you need.

The magic inside you is
as powerful as any magic

in your world or mine!

You can do it, West!

We believe in you!

But to conjure my magic, I need Dorothy.

- Mom, I have to...
- You're not going back to Oz.

Please hear me out!

You just came home to Kansas.

To me! I can't lose you again.

West needs me by her side.

She needs me to access her magic.

You taught me that sometimes

I need to put my friends'
needs before my own.

This is one of those times.

We're running out of time.

Well, I won't lose you again.

Axel, you're in charge of
the museum until I get back.

Wait, what are you saying?

We're going back to Oz.

You guys gotta go! Now!

It's now or never!

You can do this, West.

We can do this, Dorothy.

It's working!


This is really happening!

Go forth!





No way.



a crop circle!

Emerald City, here we come!

We're goin' home, Mom.